Pisano/Pisani, Patrizio of Venice.

 Sometime Duke/Doge of Crete.

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Giovanni Pisani of Venice,  Patrican of Venice, Elected Duke/Doge de Candie (Crete) (r 1480)., married to Maria Barozzi, with issue..

1. Domenico Pisani, Signor de Santorini 1479-1480, married (1) 1479 to Florenza Crispo, married (2) 1489 to NN Buono, with issue.

1.1. (First marriage) Jacopo Pisani, dunm.

1.2. Francesco Pisani, dunm.

1.3. (Second marriage) Ottavio Pisani., (d. 1553), married with issue.

1.3.1. Jacopo Pisani.

1.3.2. Domenico Pisani, died. 1553.

1.3.3. Michele Pisani. (c. 1559)

2. Bernardo Pisani, married to N. Barozzi, with issue.

2.1. Gian Luigi Pisani, Signor di Zia, (r. 1541-66), married to Catherine Crispo, heiress of Zia, with issue.

2.1.1. Magnico Giovanni Michele Pisani of Crete., settled in Malta (c. 1520), married to Argentina Giustiniani, with issue. Nicola Pisano, (c. 1520 came with father to Malta), married 1512 Crete to Princess Margarita Paleologo, with issue. Romana Pisani, married to Giuseppe Dingli. Agostino Pisani, (Arrived with family to Malta c. 1520), married to Caterina Giustiniani., with issue. Margaret Pisani, married (1) to Demetri Xerri., married (2) 1545 to Geronimo Catania, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Paolo Xerri, married 1606 Lija to Imperia Agius, with issue. Gioannella Xerri, married 1638 Lija to Angelo Debono, with issue. Maruzza Debono, married 1672 Lija to Paolo Borg. Giovanni Maria Angelo Carlo Pisani, married 1598 Vittoriosa to Margherita Ghimez., with issue. Gioannella Pisani, married 1627 to Domenico Attard. Bernarda Pisani, married 1636 Zebbug to Nobile Salvatore d’Amato, with issue. Gio Battista d’Amato, married 1668 Zebbug to Evangelista Vassallo, with issue. Pietro d’Amato sives Amato, married 1707 Zebbug to Maria Psaila, with issue. Notary Filippo Amato, married (1) 1749 Zebbug to Anna Debono, married (2) 1774 Senglea to Francesca Magro, with issue. Notary Pietro Paolo Amato, (1782-1844), married 1804 Naxxar to Rosa Borg Zimech, with issue. Dr Salvatore Patrizio Amato JUD, MD, (1811-1876), married 1843 Naxxar to Rosa Zammit, with issue. Annetta Amato, married 1875 Naxxar to Nobile Giuseppe Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar. Dr Pietro Paolo Amato JUD, married to Annette Pace, with issue. Dr Edoardo Amato LLD, married to Nobile Mary dei Marchesi Mompalao de Piro, with issue. Victor Amato, married to Arminia Arrigo, with issue. Edward Amato. Helen Amato, married to Colin Tabone. Maddalene Amato. George Amato. Mary Amato, married to Jonathan Muscat. Ethel Amato, married to Cmdr Alec Whitworth RN. George Amato, d.inf. Charles Amato, d.inf. Sr Lilian Amato, Nun, dunm. Rosa Amato, married 1897 to Olivier Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo (1866-1939), Titular 21st Prince of Selimbria. Ermina Amato, married 1909 Sliema to Vincenzo Sammut, with issue. Dr Edward Sammut, married to Phyllis Sciortino. Mary Sammut, married to Frank Aquilina, dsp. Lilian Sammut, married to Brigadier A. Samut Tagliaferro, MBE, with issue. Mark Samut Tagliaferro, married to Carol Gatt, with issue. Nicola Samut Tagliaferro, married to Paul Busuttil, with issue. Justin Busuttil. Sophia Busuttil. Dr John Samut Tagliaferro, D.M.R.D,F.R.C.R, married 1980 to Mary Cremona Barbaro. Dr Joseph Sammut, married to Moira N, with issue. George Sammut, married to Lola Mizzi, with issue. Dr Austin Sammut LLD. Julian Sammut. Chicky Sammut. Charles Sammut, married to Josephine Azzopardi, with issue. Jillian Sammut, married to N. Bartolo. Mary Sammut, married to N. Camilleri. Jacqui Sammut, married to N. Magri. Peter Sammut. Giuseppe Amato, married 1907 Westminister Abbey, London, UK to Alice Stomquist, with issue. Melita Amato, married to Nobile Col Roger Strickland dei Conti della Catena. Stanley Amato, married 1949 London, UK to Elvira van Moorter, with issue. Elizabeth Amato Stromquist, married to Leonard Pascone. Philip Stanley Amato Stromquist, married 1982 Belgium to Corinne Waterschoot, with issue. Sarah Amato Stromquist, (1985-). Ellen Amato Stromquist, (1987-). Michael Amato Stromquist, (1989-). Spencer Amato Stromquist, (1992-). Salvatore Amato, (1880-1943), married to Lucy Standage, with issue. Ian Amato, (1916-1990), married (1) to Lydia Railton, married (2) to Kay Knight, with issue. (First marriage) Susan Amato, (1941-), married to Bryan Franklin, with issue. Ritchie Franklin, (1964-). Steven Franklin, (1967-). (Second marriage) Timothy Amato, married to Victoria Kay, with issue. Olivia Amato. Phoebe Amato. Nicole Amato, married to Jeffrey Martin. Emanuele Amato, married 1874 to Nobile Maria Teresa Gauci Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben, with issue. Joseph Amato Gauci, (1909-1995), married to Marchesa Beatrice Testaferrata Bonici dei Marchesi di San Vincenzo Ferreri e Baroni di Qlejjgha, with issue. Attilio Amato Gauci, married to Isabella dei Conti Bernard, with issue. Gerald Amato Gauci, (1909-), married to Donna Ethel Stagno Navarra dei Conti di Bahria e Casandola, with issue. Claude Amato Gauci. Paul Amato Gauci. Andrew Amato Gauci. Catherine Amato Gauci. Stephanie Amato Gauci. Bernard Francis Amato Gauci, (1915-), married to Lina Bonnici, with issue. Trevor Amato Gauci. Veronique Amato Gauci. Charmaine Amato Gauci. Frederick Edgar Amato Gauci, (1917-), married to Jesurea Mallia Pulvirenti, with issue. Adrian Amato Gauci. Hina Amato Gauci. Queenie Amato Gauci, married to Richard Scicluna. Mons Dr Don Filippo Amato, Vicar General of Malta, (Nominated to be Bishop of Malta, but the British refused his nomination). Alessandro Damato, migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Baron DAMATOV and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Baroness Vittoria Brunnow., with issue. Rosa d’Amato, married 1698 Zebbug to Giovanni Attard. Eugenia d’Amato, married 1706 Zebbug to Paoluccio Pace. Michele d’Amato, married 1676 Zebbug to Evangelista Camilleri, with issue. Ubaldesco d’Amato, married 1712 Senglea to Anna Maria Buhagiar, with issue. Lorenzo d’Amato, married 1765 Cospicua to Caterina Mizzi. Saverio d’Amato, married 1755 Cospicua to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Caterina Amato, married 1783 Zurrieq to Silvestro Farrugia. Teresa Amato, married 1789 Cospicua to Salvatore Azzopardi. Maria Amato, married 1778 Zurrieq to Ludovico de Martino. Arcangelo Amato, married 1781 Senglea to Caterina Cassar, with issue. Pietro d’Amato, married 1802 Zurrieq to Anna Camilleri, with issue. Michele d’Amato, married (1) 1824 Zurrieq to Giuseppa Fenech, married (2) 1862 Zurrieq to Caterina Zammit, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni d’Amato, married 1857 Qrendi to Teresa Vella, with issue. Giuseppe d’Amato, married 1892 Zurrieq to Angela Cutajar. Giuseppa d’Amato, married 1893 Zurrieq to Rocco Camilleri. Maria Anna d’Amato, married 1852 Zurrieq to Francesco Saliba. Salvatore d’Amato, married 1841 Valletta to Maria Grech. Giuseppe d’Amato, married 1848 Zabbar to Felicana Spiteri. Francesco d’Amato, married (1) 1849 Zurrieq to Caterina Agius, married (2) 1851 Zurrieq to Carmela Camilleri, with issue. (Second marriage) Pietro Paolo d’Amato, married 1885 Zurrieq to Maria Zammit. Angela d’Amato, married 1885 Zurrieq to Saverio d’Amato, (s/o Francesco and Maria Cutajar). Michele Angelo d’Amato, married 1857 Zurrieq to Maria Anna Muscat, with issue. Pietro Paolo d’Amato, married 1885 Zurrieq to Modesta Caruana. Vincenzo d’Amato, married 1886 Zurrieq to Paola Zammit. Carmelo d’Amato, married 1892 Zurrieq to Antonia Caruana. Vincenza d’Amato, married 1879 Zurrieq to Carmelo Vella. Paolo d’Amato, married 1857 Zurrieq to Rosa Falzon. Anna d’Amato, married 1807 Senglea to Nicola Tortora. Maria d’Amato, married 1808 Senglea to Antonio Debono. Rosa Maria d’Amato, married 1816 Senglea to Salvatore Abela. Maria Teresa d’Amato, married 1826 Senglea to Paolo di Joanne. Salvatore d’Amato, married 1777 Zurrieq to Maria Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe d’Amato, married 1802 Zurrieq to Maria Farrugia. Arcangelo d’Amato, married 1804 Zurrieq to Eugenia Cachia. Francesco d’Amato, married 1806 Zurrieq to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Michele Angelo d’Amato, married 1847 Zurrieq to Teresa Farrugia. Aloisio d’Amato, married 1847 Zurrieq to Maria Cassar. Saverio d’Amato, married 1846 Qrendi to Anna Farrugia. Salvatore d’Amato, married 1843 Zurrieq to Grazia Tonna. Dianora d’Amato, married 1836 Zurrieq to Giuseppe German. Maria d’Amato, married 1840 Zurrieq to Nicola Vassallo. Alessandro d’Amato, Deputy Lieutenant of Zurrieq, 1815-1839,  married 1784 Zurrieq to Anna Maria Baldacchino, with issue. Giuseppe d’Amato, married 1811 Zurrieq to Angela Mallia, with issue. Antonio d’Amato, married 1845 Zurrieq to Francesca Cachia, with issue. Angelo d’Amato, married 1879 Zurrieq to Caterina Callus. Paolo d’Amato, married 1880 Zurrieq to Paola Farrugia. Giuseppe d’Amato, married 1881 Zurrieq to Giuseppa Camilleri. Alessandro d’Amato, married 1886 Zurrieq to Concetta Mallia. Paolo d’Amato, married 1825 Valletta to Marcella Formosa, with issue. Carmelo d’Amato, married 1858 Valletta to Giovanna Genovese. Gio Battista d’Amato, married 1788 Zurrieq to Caterina Mizzi. Francesco d’Amato, married (1) 1774 Zurrieq to Maria Mangion, married (2) 1799 Zurrieq to Maria Cutajar, with issue. (Second marriage) Saveria d’Amato, married 1834 Zurrieq to Antonio Bugeja. Sapienza d’Amato, married 1664 Zebbug to Domenico Pace. Grazia d’Amato, married 1672 Zebbug to Domenico Farrugia. Scolastica Pisani, married 1620 to Francesco (VII) de Giorgio, Marquis of Bodonitza. Agata Pisani, married 1586  (Notary Ferdinando Ciapparai) to Pietro Xiberras, with issue. Geronimo Xiberras, married 1615 (Notary Mario Attard) to Matteola Bellia, with issue. Grazia Xiberras, married 1617 Zebbug to Giorgio Mifsud. Giovanna Pisani, married 1559 to Andrea Vella. Domenico Pisani, married 1600 to Marietta Mifsud., with issue. Antonio Pisani, married 1640 to Imperia Grima, with issue. Domenico Pisani, married 1672 to Caterina Agius., with issue. Imperia Pisani, married 1692 to Bartolomeo Gilestri. Agata Pisani, married 1703 to Giovanni Camilleri. Demetrio Pisani, married (1) 1568 to Paola Zarb, married (2) 1580 to Paola Dingli, with issue. (First Marriage) Vincenza Pisani, married to Antonio Cilia. Giacoma Pisani, married 1603 Valletta to Nobile Salvatore d’Amato. (First Marriage) Nicola Pisani, married to Caterina NN, with issue. Gio Paolo Pisani, married 1638 to Isabella Vella. Domenico Pisani, married 1630 to Argentina Zimech. Gioannella Pisani, married (1) 1636 to Michele d’Argumento, married (2) 1646 to Crispino N. Grazia Pisani, married 1629 to Niccolo Cachia. Francesco Pisani., married to Maria N., with issue. Domenica Pisani, married 1714 to Lutio Cortis. (Second Marriage) Giovanni Pisani. (First Marriage) Lazzaro Pisani, married 1588 to Domenica Frendo, with issue. Domenico Pisani of Attard., married 1638 to Angelica Micallef, with issue. Alessio Pisani., married 1679 at Valletta to Barbara Mamo, with issue. Benedetto Pisani, married 1711 to Teresa Magri., with issue. Gaetano Pisani, cr 1773 Malta; Barone di Frigenuini, (d. 1815), married 1770 Valletta to Elisabetta Mamo Mompalao, with issue. Benedetto Pisani, 2nd Barone di Frigenuni, (d. 1834), married 1805 Valletta to Vincenza Carano of Italy, with issue. Blessed Suor Maria Adeodata Pisani, Baronessina di Frigenuini, dunm 1855. (illegitimate from Housemaid) Gaetano Alunno enfant de l’Hosptial eleve par Antonio Attard et Anna Muscat, married 1811 Siggiewi to Veneranda Attard. (illegitimate from Housemaid) Fortunata Alunna enfant de l’Hospital, married 1814 Siggiewi to Salvatore Pace, with issue. Teresa Pace, married 1835 Siggiewi to Antonio Borg. (illegitimate from Housemaid) Giovanni de Pisani (adopted by Gioacchino and Giuseppa Cilia), married 1827 Valletta to Lucia Grech. (illegitimate from Housemaid) Petra Spiteri, married 1781 Valletta to Salvatore Darmanin. Mgr. Carl Alessi Pisani, (1711 – 1770), dunm. Laura Pisani, married 1750 Valletta to Antonio Poussiesque Anna Maria Pisani., married 1711 to Gasparo Agius, with issue. Maddalena Agius, married 1744 Valletta to Saverio Montanaro. Emerianzara Agius, married 1746 Valletta to Felice Farrugia, with issue. Mro Stefano Farrugia, married 1771 Rabat Gozo to Anna Sapiano, with issue. Notary Giuseppe Farrugia, married (1) 1798 Valletta to Maria Teresa Debono, married (2) 1816 Naxxar to Maria Antonia Borg. Rosalia Farrugia, married (1) 1788 Valletta to Francesco Cachia, married (2) 1797 Valletta to Giuseppe Gatt. Angela Farrugia, maried 1800 Valletta to Giuseppe Micallef Fabri. Pasqualina Farrugia, married (1) 1804 Valletta to Gioacchino Grima, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Giuseppe Cachia. Alessio Agius, married 1743 Valletta to Carmina Azzopardi, with issue. Anna Agius, married 1762 Valletta to Vincenzo Rapinett. Bengina Agius, married 1780 Valletta to Vincenzo Portelli. Vincenzo Agius, married 1748 Valletta to Maria Portelli. Angelica Pisani, married 1711 to Fabrizio Grima, with issue. Barbara Grima, married 1735 Valletta to Barone Alessandro Forreggiani Magco Giuseppe Pisani, married 1727 to Caterina Cesal., with issue. Domenica Pisani. Teodora Pisani, married 1778 Valletta to Giorgio Caruana. Anna Maria Pisani. Alessio Pisani, married (1) 1757 Valletta to Caterina Agius, married (2)1760 to Contessa Laura de Ribera., married (3)1791 Valletta to Domitilla Bezzina, with issue. (Second Marriage) Benedetto Pisani (1763-), married to Nobile Giuseppa Bonici Gualteri. Christo Pisani, (1765-), married to Nobile Francesca Ciantar Paleologo. Edgar Pisani, (1769-), married Grazuilla Azopardi. Eleanora Pisani, (1772-). (Third Marriage) Lorenzo Pisani, married 1825 Valletta to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1848 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppina Meilach. Dr Salvatore Pisani JUD, married 1830 Valletta to Maria Carmela Caruana. Maria Antonia Pisani, married (1) 1809 Valletta to Tomaso Comb, married (2) 1821 Valletta to Francesco dei Baroni Gauci-Ducoss. Paolo Pisani, married 1862 Valletta to Vittoria Schembri. Benedetto Pisani, married 1764 Valletta to Maria Xuereb-Alessi, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1792 Valletta to Salvatore Lapira, with issue. Giorgio Lapira, married 1827 Valletta to Marianna Zahra. Francesco Pisani, married 1807 Valletta to Caterina Muscat. (illegitimate with Nobile Anna de Testaferrata) Elisabetta de Pisano de Testaferrata, married 1709 Valletta to Lutio Farrugia, with issue. Maria Farrugia de Pisano, married 1738 Cospicua to Gio Maria Galea. Teresa Farrugia de Pisano, married (1) 1740 Cospicua to Giovanni Spiteri, married (2) 1747 Cospicua to Antonio Schembri, with issue. (First marriage) Andrea Spiteri, married 1755 Naxxar to Agnese Liparott. Giovanni Spiteri, married 1777 Naxxar to Maria Xerri. Vincenzo Spiteri, married 1811 Naxxar to Anna Grech. Salvatore Pisani, married 1702 to Barbara de Guiliana. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1712 Matrice Gozo to Anna Galea., with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1739 Matrice Gozo to Carlo Xeberras. Francesco Pisani, married 1745 Gharb Gozo to Angelica Cassar, with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Vittoria Attard, with issue. Regina Pisani, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Xicluna. Rosa Pisani, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppa Buhagiar, married 1851 Rabat Gozo to Michelangelo Grech. Ludovica Pisani, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Buhagiar, with issue. Giorgio Buhagiar, married 1843 Matrice Gozo to Antonia Mizzi, with issue. Caterina Buhagiar, married 1886 Kercem, Gozo to Giorgio Grech. Michele Pisani, married 1751 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1800 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Tabone, with issue. Rosa Pisano, married 1826 Cospicua to Nicola Xiberras. Barbara Pisani, married to Francesco Busuttil. Pasquale Pisani, married to Maria N, with issue. Carmelo Pisano, married (1) 1739 to Margherita dei Conti Fournier, married (2) 1748 Valletta to Maria Xerri, with issue. (First marriage) Grazio Pisano, married 1766 Valletta to Teresa Borg. (Second Marriage) Natale Pisani, married 1773 Rabat Gozo to Francesca Vincenza Cassar, with issue. Beatrice Pisani, married 1802 Valletta to Baron Wenceslao Fieldech of Bohemia. Maria Saveria Pisani, married 1802 Valletta to Francesco Xaverio Xerri of Gozo. Giuseppa Pisani, married 1811 Valletta to Carmelo Fabre. Giovanna Pisani, married 1810 Valletta to Didaco Casanova of Geneva. Lorenzo Pisani, married 1824 Valletta to Loreta Gatt. Paolo Pisani, married 1823 Valletta to Orsola Bartolo. Teresa Pisani, married 1826 Valletta to Aloiseo Lanfranco. Veronica Pisani, married 1827 Valletta to Grazio Buttigieg. Isabella Pisano, married 1672 Vittoriosa to Gio Paolo Grech, with issue. Anna Grech, maried 1695 Vittoriosa and Xewkija Gozo to Don Gio Domenico Vella. (Second marriage) Margareta Pisani, married 1622 to Domenico Galdies. Paola Pisani, married 1545 to Andrea Greco Ferraro of Gozo. Simone Pisani, married 1538 to Paola Zammit. Imperia Pisani, married 1532 to Francesco Axisa. Giovanni Pisani, married 1538 to Giovanna Mangion, with issue. Salvatore Pisani, married (1) 1556 Zebbug to Nobile Isabella de Bordino, married (2) 1563 Siggiewi to Giovanna Tabone, married (3) 1572 to Giovanna Seichel, with issue. (First marriage) Angelo Pisani, married 1575 Vittoriosa to Aloisea Riccard, with issue. Sancto Pisani, married 1600 Vittoriosa to Angelica Moniglia. Angela Pisani, married 1616 Vitttoriosa to Gio Battista Battaglia. (Second marriage) Demetrio Pisani, married 1576 Mdina to Marietta Calavrese, with issue. Gioannella Pisani, married 1601 Valletta to Giacomo Busuttil. (Third marriage) Francesca Pisani, married 1600 to Domenico Buttigieg. Paolina Pisani, married 1603 to Giovanna Bonnici. Agata Pisani, married 1614 to Gio Martino Agius of Gozo. Alonsica Pisani, married 1616 to Gregorio NN. Matteolo Pisani, married 1565 to Agata de Hachum. Giovanni Pisani, Arbitante of Virtu, married to Caterina.., with issue. Maddalena Pisani, married 1576 to Pasquale Tanti. Giovannella Pisani, married 1590 to Giovanni Cachia. (illegitimate) Giuseppe Pisani, Arbitante of Virtu. (Testo: 1600). Pietro Pisani, married 1549 to Nobile Caterina Vassallo,  with issue. Marietta Pisani, married 1572 (Notary Matteo de Brincat) to Giorgio Bonnici, with issue. Alessandro Bonnici, married 1596 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Francesca Buttigieg, with issue. Gregorio Giorgio Bonnici, married 1638 Zebbug (1637 Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Maddalena Buttigieg, with issue. Grazia Bonnici, married 1661 Zebbug to Angelo Cachia, with issue. Nobile Grazio Cachia, married 1704 Naxxar to Maddalena Mifsud, with issue. Nobile Maria Cachia, married 1734 Valletta to Don Andrea Delicata. Michele Pisani, married 1589 to Marietta Cumbo, (d/o Paolo and Agnese)., with issue. Caterina Pisani, married 1642 to Mro Alonso Bonnici. Valenzia Pisani, married 1639 to Stefano Attard. Angelica Pisani, married 1626 to Mro Domenico Mangion. Anna Pisani, married 1619 to Michele Catania. Ambrosio Pisani, married 1623 to Grazia Sammut, with issue. Petronilla Pisani, married 1647 to Filippo Muscat. Michele Pisani, married 1660 to Petronilla Idoneo., with issue. Ambrosio Pisani, married 1704 to Cristina Alunna de Fra Carlo Antonio da Pozza dei Principi di Cisterna, (1675-1712), with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1732 Mdina to Angela Bartolo, with issue. Sapienza Pisani, married 1760 Zebbug to Saveria Brincat. Grazia Pisani, married 1755 Mdina to Felice Zerafa, with issue. Maria Zerafa, married 1770 Mosta to Antonio Portelli. Vittoria Zerafa, married 1770 Valletta to Salvatore Vassallo. Gaspare Pisani, married 1707 to Cesarea Borg, with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1731 to Evangelista Mifsud. Maria Pisani, married 1741 to Giovanni Grech. Caterina Pisani, married 1730 to Giuseppe Mifsud. Vittorio Pisani, married 1702 Tarxiem to Maria Farrugia., with issue. Petronilla Pisani, married 1740 Zebbug to Salvatore Borg. Filippo Pisani, married 1726 to Rosa Zammut. Margherita Pisani, married 1746 Zebbug to Niccolo Callus. Gio Maria Pisani, married (1) 1738 Zebbug to Maria Camilleri, married (2) 1777 Zebbug to Rosa Agius, with issue. (Second marriage) Giovanna Pisani sives Pisano, married 1805 Valletta to Michele Cachia. Salvatore Pisani, married 1735 Cospicua to Angelica Pampinella. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1731 Valletta to Antonia Farrugia. Maddalena Pisani, married (1) to Domenico Sammut., married (2) 1714 to Bartolomeo Barbara. Antonio Pisani, migrated to Crete, married with issue. Elisabetta Pisani, married to Giovanni della Crutta. Domenico Pisani, married 1693 to Victoria Bianchi, with issue. Niccolo Pisani, Drogoman of Russia for Austria, married (1) 1771 to Therese Fonton, married (2) 1773 to Euphrosyne Gara, with issue. (First Marriage) Antoine Pisani, Dragoman of England for Austria, married 1800 to Helene N, with issue. Basile Pisani, Officer in the Russian Army, married 1840 to Countess Leopldine von Adelburg, with issue. Marie Pisani. Lucie Pisani, (d.1889), married 1888 to Baron Albert von Grossthal. Charlotte Pisani. Matteo Pisani, married to Adele de Serey, with issue. Felix-Stephane Pisani, married with issue. Irene Pisani. (Second marriage) Catherine Pisani, married 1794 to Joseph Anton von Raab, Councillor in the Austrian Empire. Anna Pisani, married 1801 to Franz Klezl, Imperial Dragoman for Austria. Maria Pisani, married 1800 to Andreas Stockl. Pierre Pisani. Andreas Pisani. Elizabetha Pisani, married to Constantin Deval. Paul Pisani, (1786-1873), Director of the Chamber of Commerce in Russia, married to Eulalie Fonton, with issue. Alexandre Nicolas Pisani, (1814-1885), Counsillor in Russia, dunm. Caroline Pisani, d.inf. Emmanuele Pisani, (1822-1881 Paris), married 1851 to Mathilde Carlier, with issue. Paul Pisani, (1852-1933), Historian and Canon of Notre Dame of Paris., dunm. Nathalie Pisani, (1834-1870), married 1852 to Emilie, Comte le Camus. Victoria Pisani, married to Thomas de Herbert-Rathkeal. Caterina Pisani, married (1) to Luca Navoni, married (2) 1771 to Nicola Bratis. Stefano Pisani, Dragoman of England, married 1767 to Marie Hubsch, with issue. Anne-Elizabeth Pisani, (d.1832), dunm. Catherine Pisani, (d.1849), dunm. Antoine Pisani, (1774-), married to Maria Alexio, with issue. Stephane-Thomas Pisani, (1801-1882), Agent and Dragoman to England, married 1842 to Helene Timoni, with issue. Ida Pisani, (1845-1928), married 1867 to Edward Merkle. Marguerite Natalie Pisani, married 1870 to Emile Crespin. Marie Pisani, (1847-., married 1874 to Alexandre Fara, Consul-General of Romania.. Alexandre-Bartolomeo Pisani, (1802-1886), Secretaire de ambassade d’Angelterre., dunm. Constantinignace Pisani, (1804-), married to Agnese Vartaliti, with issue. Jean-Cosme Pisani, (1820-. Adelaide Pisani, married 1842 to Charalambe Troianos. Felix-Antoine Pisani, (1805-. Stephane-Antoine Pisani, (1806-. Nicolas Pisani, (1807-., married to Therese Marchand, with issue. Marie Pisani, married 1880 to Aloisio Asquarone, Diplomat from Italy. Richard Pisani, (1845-1873), dunm. Edouard Pisani, (1847-1873), dunm. Malvina Pisani, (1844-., d.inf. Honorine Pisani, (1849-. Antoine Pisani, (1853-1925), married to Marie Kalpakcoglu., dsp. Helen Pisani, (1811- 1888), dunm. Beatrix Pisani, (d.1895), married to Henry Adrian Churchill, Consul of England to Algers, Zanzibar and Teheran. Marie-Elizabeth Pisani, (1818-1906), ‘Nun’, dunm. Carlo Pisani, (1819-1869), married to Barbara Iakszynsky, with issue. Eugene Pisani, married (1) 1883 to Sophie Callerghi, married (2) to Chrysseis Dayanda, dsp. Nicolas Pisani. Matteo Pisani. Marie Pisani, married to Gaspar Delenda. Therese Pisani. Bartolomeo-Marie Pisani. Frederic Pisani, (1781-1871), Dragoman of England for Austria, married to Therese Alleon, with issue. Marie Pisani, (1824-1903), dunm. Bartolomeo Pisani, (1829-1893), married to Margaret Turner, with issue. Faustin Pisani, (1850-), married 1888 to Anna Franchi, with issue. Victor Pisani., (1879-. Marie Pisani, (1880-. Amelie Pisani, (1883-. Frederic Pisani, (1847-1922), married 1883 to Marie-Angele Mussat, with issue. Herbert Pisani, (1885-. Edoardo Pisani, (1854-), married 1887 to Maria Christides, with issue. Edmond Pisani, (1891-. Henri Pisani, (1893-. Caroline Pisani, (1901-. Adele Pisani, (1830-1898), married 1848 to Hippolyte de Testa. Victor Pisani, (1832-1878), married to Sophie Custet, with issue. Beatrix Pisani, (d. 1848), married (1) to Francois Chabert, Dragoman of Poland and England., married (2) to Wenzel Fellner von Feldegg. Andre Pisani, (1766-1856), dunm. N. Pisani, married to Recques de Neuchatel, Captain de Navire. Bartolomeo Pisani, (d.1826), Dragoman for England in Austria, married 1780 to Cecilie Choch of Holland, with issue. Aloysia Pisani, (d.1851), married 1814 to Franz von Summerer, Dragoman of Sardinia for Austria, married (2) to Alvise, Conte Filippi. Angela Pisani, (d.1843), married to Angelo Timoni, Vice Chancellor to the Ambassindor in Russia for Austria. Beatrix Pisani, (d. 1849), married to Francois Chabert. Caterina Pisani, (1699-1720)., dunm. Lucia Pisani, dunm. Angelo Pisani., (d. 1764). Onofrio Pisani, (d.1709). Bernardina Pisani, married 1635 to Salvo de Amato. Giovanni Pisani, married 1577 to Paoluccia Attard, with issue. Pasquale Pisani, married 1600 to Grazia Ross-Burlo, with issue. Gio Batta Pisani, married 1641 to Caterina Piantanida. Claruccia Pisani, married 1625 Valletta to Matteolo Muscat (Moscati). Simeone Pisani, married 1624 Valletta to Clara Manuso, with issue. Anna Pisani, married 1648 Valletta to Pietro Bontempo, with issue. Baldassare Bontempo, married 1686 Cospicua to Caterina Mercieca, with issue Andrea Bontempo, married 1713 Tarxiem to Rosa Gasan, with issue. Francesca Bontempo, married 1733 Tarxiem to Ignazio Farrugia, with issue. Giovanna Farrugia, married 1770 Tarxiem to Nobile Giuseppe Giacomo Diacono. Isabella Pisani, married 1611 to Benedetto Mangion. Paolo Pisani, married (1) to Antonia Burlo, married (2) to Antonella Tabone, with issue. (Second marriage) Giorgio Pisani, married 1577 to Caterina Vella. Caterina Pisani, married 1605 to Pietro Xuereb. Pasquale Pisani, married 1603 Zebbug to Gioannella Debono, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1642 to Giovanni Dalli, with issue. Maria Dalli, married 1674 Zebbug to Giuseppe Magro. Angelo Dalli, married 1663 Zebbug to Evangelista Curmi, with issue. Anna Dalli, married 1684 Zebbug to Domenico Zammit. Mario Pisani, married 1630 to Nobile Laurea Vassallo, with issue. Domenica Pisani, married 1680 to Mro Mario Dimech. Giovanna Pisani, married 1661 to Paolo Pisci, with issue. Carlo Pisci, married 1695 Zebbug to Anna Dimech, with issue. Giovanni Pisci of Floriana, married 1732 Qrendi to Grazia Barbara, with issue. Anna Pisci, married 1770 Valletta to Salvatore Mallia. Michele Pisci, married (1) 1762 Qormi to Orsola Aquilina, married (2) 1800 Qormi to Vittoria Calleja, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Pisci, married 1785 Qormi to Giuseppe Ellul. Tomaso Pisci, married 1747 Luqa to Isabella Azzopardi, with issue. Carlo Pisci, married 1771 Senglea to Maria Bonnici, with issue. Vincenzo Pisci, married 1800 Qormi to Maria Cassar. Tomaso Pisci, married (1) 1807 Cospicua to Evangelista Farrugia, married (2) 1838 Cospicua to Rosolea Musu. Lorenzo Pisci, married 1812 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Damato. Giuseppa Pisci, married (1) 1809 Valletta to Antoinio Dicesa of Naples, married (2) 1817 Senglea to Giovanni Moretti. Maria Pisci, married 1720 Zebbug to Simone Cassar., married (2) 1745 Cospicua to Francesco Filippone. Margherita Pisci, married 1737 Zebbug to Maruzzo Cachia, with issue. Cristina Cachia, married 1750 Zabbar to Salvatore Bugeja. Caterina Pisci, married 1682 Mdina to Tomaso Debono. Antonia Pisci, married 1698 Siggiewi to Antonio Callus. Rosa Pisci, married 1705 Luzio Farrugia. Andrea Pisani, married 1663 to Mattia Zammit., with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married (1) 1695 to Paolina Catania, married (2) 1723 to Margherita Seichel. Generosa Pisani, married 1690 to Gaetano Debono. Giovanni Pisani, married 1650 Messina Sicily to Maria di San Severino dei Marchesi di Caiazzo., with issue. Tomaso Pisani, married (1) 1657 Mosta to Gioannella Cauchi, married (2) 1678 Mosta to Caterina Busuttil, with issue. (First marriage) Domenico Pisani, married 1684 Mosta to Speranza Vella, with issue. Salvatore Pisani, married (1) 1712 Mosta to Carmena Agius, married (2) 1714 Mosta to Margherita Sammut, with issue. (Second marriage) Agata Pisani, married 1743 Mosta to Giuseppe Mifsud. (Second marriage) Giovanni Maria Pisani, married 1706 Lia to Maria Muscat, with issue. Domenica Pisani, married 1731 Mdina to Giovanni Borg. Michele Pisani, married (1) 1732 Mdina to Grazia Attard, married (2) 1756 Mdina to Maria Portelli, with issue. (Second Marriage) Felice Pisani, married 1783 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. Anna Pisano, married 1812 Birkirkara to Giorgio Pulis, with issue. Rosaria Pulis, married 1850 Qormi to Vincenzo Galea, with issue. Anna Galea Pulis, married 1894 Senglea to Giovanni Grech. Giovanni Pisani, married 1688 Mosta to Caterina Grima, with issue. Giovanna Pisani, married 1723 to Ignazio Debono. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1719 to Lorenza Fenech, with issue. Caterina Pisani, married 1746 to Domenico Fenech. Giovanni Maria Pisani, married 1717 Mdina to Anna Grech (d/o Gio Batta and Domenica of Naxxar)., with issue. Giovanni Pisani, (1717-), married 1742 Naxxar to Maria Saliba, with issue. Rosa Pisani, married 1792 Mosta to Gio Domenico Galea. Grazia Pisani, married (1) 1781 Naxxar to Salvatore Farrugia, married (2) 1813 Mosta to Giuseppe Zarb, with issue. (First marriage) Andrea Farrugia, married 1810 Attard to Angela Xerri, with issue. Felice Farrugia, married 1834 Attard to Caterina Chetcuti, with issue. Michele Farrugia, married 1880 Attard to Francesca Attard, with issue. Emmanuele Farrugia, married 1917 Valletta to Maria Cilia, with issue. Giuseppe Farrugia, married 1944 Gzira to Teodora Teuma, with issue. Orsola Farrugia, married 1847 Attard to Vincenzo Attard. Maria Farrugia, married 1812 Mosta to Bartolomeo Zarb. Luca Pisani, (1717-, married 1753 Naxxar to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Antonio Pisani, (1754-). Maria Anna Pisani, (1757-). Antonio Pisani, (1760-). Giovanni Maria Pisani, (1765-). Maria Pridenza Pisani, (1765-. Giuseppe Pisani, (1769-), married 1793 Cospicua to Rosa Cauchi, with issue. Salvatore Pisani, married 1845 Cospicua to Carmela Barbara, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, (1846-. Felice Pisani, (1847-., married 1847-., married 1875 to Giovanna Maria Rickard, with issue. Caterina Pisani, (1875-. Maria Carmela Pisani, (1877-. Salvatore Pisani, (1879-. Filippo Pisani, (1882-. Maria Pisani, (1885-. Giuseppe Pisani, (1887-., married with issue. Carmela Pisani, (1916-. Dolores Pisani, (1917-. Lorenzo Pisani, (1919-. Giovanna Pisani, (1922-. Giuseppe Pisani, (1922-, married 1945 St Venera to Maria Dolores Farrugia. Concepta Pisani, (1923-. Concepta Pisani, (1890-. Michele Pisani, (1849-. Paolo Pisani, (1852-. Lorenzo Pisani, (1853-1908), married 1882 Alexandria Egypt to Giovanna Aquilina (sister to Concetta Aquilina, who is married to Giuseppe Gonzi, parents are Vincenzo and Giuseppa Micallef), with issue. Carmena Pisani, (d. 1963), married to Giuseppe Farrugia. Lisa Pisani, (1886-1973). Egizzia Pisani, (d. 1967). Giuseppe Pisani, (d. 1982), married to Giuseppe Vella. Salvatore Pisani, (1891-1960), married to Emma Arco, with issue. Jeanne Pisani, married to Fredu Psaila. Aurora Pisani, married 1946 to Ernesto Ashworth. Liliana Pisani, (1929-., married to Aldo Marchesi. Mary Pisani, (1893-1948), married to Anthony Tonna. Giovanni Pisani, (1895-1968), married 1916 Alexandria Egypt to Marika Curzi, with issue. Lorenzo Pisani, (1916-61), married 1942 Alexandria Egypt to Amelia Zammit, with issue. Joselyn Pisani, (1943-., married London UK to Ronald Crawley. John Pisani, (1945-, married London UK to Carol Smith, with issue. Amanda Pisani, (1973-, married to Phil Bartlett. Andrea Pisani, (1975-. Joseph Pisani, (1954-78), married 1974 London UK to Philomena White, with issue Laurence Pisani, (1974 London Uk -)., married 2006 Pretoria South Africa to Dawn Ross, with issue. Amelia Pisani, (2008 London UK -. Vanessa Pisani, (1976-, married 2001 Perth Scotland to Lee Dingwell, with issue. Marilyn Pisani, (1954-2001), married Melbourne Australia to Geoff Swallow, with issue. Ricardo Pisani, (1919-, married Alexandria Egypt to Anetta Coutroneo, with issue Mirella Pisani, married London UK to Peter Pincott. Antonia Pisani, (1897-1983), married 1935 to Joseph Morello, with issue. Rosa Pisani, (1899 – 1998), married to Augusto Calogero. Clotilde Pisani, (d. 1955), married to Ronald Houri. Rosa Pisani, (1865-). Michele Pisani, (1722-. Salvatore Pisani, (1724-25), d.inf. Maria Pisani, (1725-). Paolo Pisani, (1727-), d.inf. Salvatore Pisani, (1729-), married 1788 Mosta to Speranza Fenech, with issue. Rosa Pisani, married 1802 Mosta to Giuseppe Fenech. Pacifico Pisani, married 1805 Mosta to Maria dei Principe Sayd, with issue. Rosa Pisani, married 1826 Mosta to Giuseppe Borg. Giovanni Pisani, married 1812 Mosta to Grazia Vassallo. Agata Pisani, married 1814 Mosta to Giuseppe Xiberras. Maria Rosa Pisani, (1732-34), d.inf. Maria Margherita Pisani, (1734-), d.inf. Tommaso Felice Pisani, (1735-), married 1755 Mdina to Fiorenza Cortis, with issue. Teresa Pisani, married 1789 Lija to Giuseppe Bonett. Domenica Pisani, married 1715 Mosta to Giuseppe Mallia.. Salvatore Pisani, married 1690 to Maruzza Mifsud., with issue. Graziulla Pisani, married 1726 to Leonardo Attard. Giovannella Pisani, married 1721 to Michele Zammit. Maria Pisani, married 1739 Mosta to Marino Zammit. Domenica Pisani, married 1743 Mosta to Giuseppe Mifsud. Gio Maria Pisani, married 1749 Mosta to Rosa Bezzina. Giovanni Maria Pisani, married 1683 to Paolina Zahra. Agostino Pisani, married 1683 to Valenza Micallef., with issue. Domenica Pisani, married 1699 to Giacomo Cauchi. Maria Pisani, married 1691 to Gio Poalo Sammut. Pietro Pisani, married (1) 1688 Zebbug to Anna Cauchi, married (2) 1703 to Prudenza Debono., with issue. (First Marriage) Agostino Pisani, married 1720 Valletta to Donna Rosa Monreale, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1739 Valletta to Giuseppe Grech, with issue. Lucia Grech, married 1764 Valletta to Filippo Giacomo Camilleri, Alunno, with issue. Giuseppe de Camilleri, married 1805 Valletta to Maria Rosalia Vassallo, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri, married 1831 Valletta to Marianna Vella, with issue. Maria Camilleri, married 1886 Mdina to Michele Agius. Antonia de Camilleri, married 1787 Valletta to Nicola Tanti. Maria de Camilleri, married 1790 Valletta to Giovanni Xicluna, with issue. Andrea Xicluna, married 1833 Cospicua to Vincenza Farrugia. (Second Marriage) Maria Pisani, married 1736 to Giuseppe Muscat. Giovanni Pisani, married 1691 Attard to Caterina Debono, with issue. Giovanna Pisano, married 1723 Mdina to Ignazio Debono. Placido Pisano, married 1719 Attard to Anna Fenech, with issue. Giovanni Pisani, married 1761 Mosta to Maria Fenech, with issue. Pacifico Pisani, married 1803 Mosta to Maria dei Principi Said, with issue. Rosa Pisani, married 1826 Mosta to Giuseppe Borg. Paolina Pisani, married 1633 to Tomaso Chircop. Alessandro Pisani, married 1633 Zebbug to Nobile Domenica Vassallo, with issue. Alonso Pisani, married 1672 Zebbug to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Caterina Pisani, married 1705 Zebbug to Giuseppe Giovanni Bonavia, with issue. Matteo Bonavia, married 1738 Valletta to Scolastica Evangelista La Faucia, with issue. Teresa Bonavia, married to Giuseppe Borda. Caterina Bonavia, married 1760 Valletta to Carlo Critien, with issue. Anna Critien, married 1792 Valletta to Aloisio Scarpello. Ludovico Giuseppe Pietro Michele Carlo Chretien, (1761 Valletta -). Enrico Chretien. Maria Anna Teresa Margarita Tomasa Chretien, (1772 Valletta -), married 1765 to Stefano Medini, with issue. Nicola Medini, (1790 – 1855 Senglea), married (1) 1810 Valletta to Margarita Regina Rosa Margherita Spiteri, married (2) to Thomasia N, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Carmela Vincenza Fiorenza Medini, (1811 Senglea – 1854 Senglea), married 1833 Valletta to Giuseppe Antonio Casingena, with issue. Maria Bianca Pasca Casingena, (1833 -. Anna Maria Carmela Casingena, (1834 -. Giacobo Casingena, (1835 -1839), d.inf. Pascale Natale Giovanni Casingena, (1836 -. Natale Pascale Stefano Casingena, (1837 -1890), married 1865 to Caterina Filomena Pullicino, with issue. Carmela Casingena, (1865 -, married to Giuseppe Vella. Annetta Casingena, (d. 1948 Alexandria, Egypt), married to Giovanni Tanti Giuseppina Casingena, (1880 – 1918 Alexandria, Egypt), married 1896 to Fortunato Ruggier. Pascale Alfonso Antonio Casingena, (1838 -1870). Rosa Maria Anna Casingena, (1839 – 1844), d.inf. Carmela Maria Carolina Casingena, (1840 – 1842), d.inf. Regina Carmela Francesca Casingena, (1842 -. Carmela Sapienza Maria Casingena, (1842 -. Emmanuele Carmelo Nicolo Casingena, (1845 -. Margarita Matta Seraphina Casingena, (1847 – 1917). Maria Caterina Rosa Medini, (1812 -1814), d.inf. Stefano Pietro Natale Gaspare Medini, (1814 – 1829), dunm. Maria Forenza Paola Medini, (1816 -, maried 1835 to Giovanni Battista Casingena, with issue. Pasquale Amato Natale Casingena, (1836 -. Emmanuele Casingena, (1837 -. Pasquale Alfonso Antonio Casingena, (1838 -. Natale Aloisio Emmanuele Medini, (1818 -. Maria Regina Margarita Medini, (1823 – 1824), d.inf. Giovanni Michele Gabriele Medini, (1824 -, married 1848 to Carmela Vella. Giovanni Pietro Matteo Antonio Medini, (1827 -. Stefano Giovanni Paolo Antonio Medini, (1829 – 1829), d.inf. Anna Carmela Maria Medini, (1831 – 1832), d.inf. Giuseppe Stefano Pascale Giovanni Medini, (1833 -. Giuseppe Medini. Grazia Antoninia Francesca Chretien, (1774 -. Maria Benventua Chretien, (1777 -. Aloisio Gaetano Giuseppe Vincenzo Fidelio Chretien, (1778 -. Marta Pisano, married 1680 Zebbug to Domenico Seichel, with issue. Rosa Seichel, married 1722 Zebbug to Nobile Antonio Zammit. Gio Paolo Pisano, married 1646 Mdina to Domenica Zahra, with issue. Lorenzo Pisano, married (1) 1689 Mqabba to Maria Farrugia, married (2) 1730 Mdina to Caterina Galea, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Paolo Pisano, married 1726 Zejtun to Lorenza Abela, with issue. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1771 Siggiewi to Caterina Cutajar, with issue. Paolo Pisani, married 1808 Zebbug to Grazia Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1846 Mdina to Maria Deguara, with issue. Giovanni Pisani, married 1893 Mdina to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Joseph Pisani, married 1915 Rabat, Malta to Carmela Caruana, with issue. Paul Pisani, married to Maria Stella Portelli. Giovanni Pisani, married 1795 Siggiewi to Anna Bonello, with issue. Angelo Pisani, (1812-1882 Tunis), married 1835 Siggiewi to Liberata Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Nicola Giovanni Lorenzo Pisani, (1836 Siggiewi – 1914 Tunis), married 1859 Ste Croix, Tunis to Giuseppa Carmela Maria Vella, with issue. Michelina Pisani, (1860 Tunis – 1929 Tunis), married 1881 Ste Croix, Tunis to Marcello Francesco Camilleri. Giovanni Pisani, (1862 Tunis – 1862 Tunis), d.inf. Paolo Giovanni Nicola Pisani, (1863 Tunis – 1897 Tunis), married 1888 Tunis Cathedral to Paule Vincente Muscat, with issue. Joseph Gaston Pisani, (1891 Tunis -). Maria Pisani, (1894 Tunis -). Lorenzo Maria Pisani, (1865 Tunis – 1941 Tunis), married 1891 Tunis Cathedral to Joseph Ciappara, with issue. Paolo Ciappara, (1892 Tunis-). Giuseppe Carmelo Ciappara, (1893 Tunis -), married 1920 Tunis Cathedral to Emma Carmele Xiberras, with issue. Reine Laurence Ciappara, (1927 Tunis -). Eliane Paule Ciappara, (1928 Le Kram, Tunis -, married to Albert Sauveur Saliba. Christiane Nicole Ciappara, (1937 Hammam, Tunis -). Virginia Teresa Ciappara, (1895 Tunis -), married to Arthur Michel Busuttil, with issue. Carmel Gaetan Busuttil, (1926 Tunis -). Marie Theresa Busuttil, (1933 Tunis -). Carmela Luisa Pisani, (1867 Tunis – 1904 Tunis), dunm. Rosaria Pisani, (1869 Tunis – 1952 Tunis), married 1892 Tunis Cathedral to Joseph Sauveur Buhagiar, with issue. Maria (Marietta) Buhagiar, (1893 Tunis -), married to Jean-Marie Vella, with issue. William Vella, (1918 Tunis -). Francois Georges Vella, (1920 Tunis -). Paulette Angele Vella, (1921 Tunis -), Soeur de St Vincent de Paul. Madeleine Vella, (1927 Tunis -). Aloisio (Louis) Giuseppe Buhagiar, (1895 Tunis -). Carmela Salvatrice Buhagiar, (1897 Tunis -). Liberata Pisani, (1871 Tunis – 1952 Tunis), dunm. Joseph Pisani, (1873 Tunis – 1957 Tunis), married 1897 La Goulette, Tunisia to Teresa Sacco, with issue. Nicolas Pisani, (1898 Tunisia – 1994 France), married 1929 La Calle, Algeria to Vincente Teuma, with issue. Marie Therese Pisani, (1930 Tunis -2011 France), married 1964 to Pierre Agrech. Alain Pisani, (1933 Tunis -), married 1964 to Josette Chretien. Nicole Pisani, (1937 Tunis -), married 1957 to Jean-Marie Salez. Genevieve Pisani, (1941 Tunis -), married 1963 to Jacques Bernardin. Elvire Pisani, (1902 Tunis – 1994 France), married 1926 Tunis to Jules Laurent Paul Borg, with issue. Marie Josephine Jacqueline Borg, (1931 Tunis -), married (1) to Rene Davy, married (2) to Jack Zamgotchian. Claude Borg, (1936 Tunis -), married 1963 to Monique Demore. Jean-Pierre Borg, (1941 Tunis -), married 1966 Tunis to Verena Bock. Valerie Pisani, (1908 Tunis -1975 Toulouse, France), married 1937 Tunis to Vincent Borg, with issue. Danielle Borg, (1938 Tunis -)., married 1966 France to Jean-Rene Barriere. Erik Borg, (1940 Tunis -), married 1966 France to Catherine Mongies. Jean-Luc Borg, (1944 Tunis-), married 1973 Toulouse, France to Marie-Christine Legros. Paule Pisani, (1912 Tunis -2002 Toulouse, France), , married 1976 Toulouse, France to Vincent Borg, dsp. Angela Pisani, (1876 Tunis – 1951 Tunis), married 1897 Tunis Cathedral to Joseph Camilleri, with issue. Nicolas Camilleri, (1898 Tunis – 1984), married 1942 Sousse to Juliette Venturini, with issue. Jean-Claude Camilleri, (1943-). Marie-France Camilleri, (1945-). Chantel Marie Camilleri, (1951-). Laetitia Camilleri, (1957 -). Michel Ange Camilleri, (1899 Tunis -), married 1941 to Helene Marie Pandolfo. Virginie Camilleri, (1902 Tunis -). Emilio Maria Camilleri, (1908 Tunis -)., married to Yvonne Fournillon. Helene Camilleri, (1915 Tunis -). Maria Pisani, (1880 Tunis -1888 Tunis), dunm. Luigia Pisani, (1880 Tunis – 1917 Tunis), married 1915 Tunis to Annunziato Bonnici, with issue. Josephine Francoise Bonnici, (1916 Tunis -). Jeanne Marie Bonnici, (1917-), d.inf. Giovanni Angelo (Jean) Pisani, (1883 Tunis – 1966 Tunis), married 1913 Tunis to Marie Laurence Farrugia, with issue. Sigfried Pisani, (1914 Tunis – 1954), dunm. Fanny Pisani, (1915 Tunis -2010), married to Jean Roy, with issue. Laurence Roy, (1945 Paris, France -). Edith Pisani, (1916 Tunis – 2010 Bordeaux, France), married 1940 Tunis to Robert Sordes, with issue. Martine Sordes, married to Bernard Chretien. Isabelle Sordes. Jean-Francois Sordes. Wilfrid Pisani, (1918 Tunis -), married 1952 Algiers to Edith Delauzun, with issue. Marie-Christine Pisani, (1953 Tunis -). Florence Pisani Ph.D. Jean Wilfrid Pisani, (1954 Tunis -). Norbert Pisani, (1924 Tunis-), married 1955 to Claude Petin, with issue. Anna Pisani. Chantal Pisani, (1959 Tunis -), married 1981 to Christian Muchembled. Veronique Pisani. Monique Pisani, (1929 Tunis -), married 1952 to Bernard Nottin, with issue. Bruno Nottin. Sabine Nottin. Antoine Pisani, (1886 Tunis – 1952 Tunis), dunm. Anna Maria Costanza Giovanna Pisani, (1842 Siggiewi, Malta – ), married 1858 Ste Croix, Tunis to Francesco Angelo Fedele Vittorio Ciappara, with issue. Giovanna Liberata Carmela Ciappara, (1859 Tunis -). Carmela Gisueppa Marianna Ciappara, (1861 Tunis -). Liberata Lucia Teresa Ciappara, (1863 Tunis -). Luigi Antonio Michele Ciappara, (1865 Tunis – 1866), d.inf. Giuseppa Ciappara, (1867 Tunis -). Marianne Ciappara, (1870 Tunis -). Vittoria Ciappara, (1872 Tunis -). Lorenzo Ciappara, (1874 Tunis -). Antonio Ciappara. Angelo Ciappara. Antonia Aloysia Ciappara. Joseph Ciappara. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1827 Siggiewi to Rosa Spiteri. Salvatore Pisani, married 1835 Siggiewi to Maria Camilleri. Nicola Pisani, married to Giovanna Gauci. Carlo Pisani, married 1756 Zebbug to Giulia Micallef, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1791 Valletta to Salvatore Suda. Eufemia Pisani, married 1807 Valletta to Paolo Axiach. Margherita Pisani, married 1724 Siggiewi to Matteo Mallia. Pasquale Pisano, married 1689 Zebbug to Lucrezia Bugeja, with issue. Paolo Pisano, married 1709 Birkirkara to Andreanna Pace. Pietro Pisano, married 1712 Birkirkara to Domenica Sammut, with issue. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1744 Birkirkara to Anna Camilleri, with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1772 Valletta to Rosa Zammit, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1805 Birkirkara to Caterina Aquilina, with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1837 Valletta to Victoria Gauci, with issue. Filomena Pisani, married 1867 Valletta to Guglielmo Said. Anna Pisani, married 1806 Birkirkara to Filippo di Micoli. Vincenzo Pisano, married 1802 Birkirkara to Elena Sammut, with issue. Croce Francesco Pisano, married 1826 Birkirkara to Maria Falzon, with issue. Carmelo Giuseppe Paolo Pisani, (1845-, married 1869 Sainte Croix, Tunisia to Lorenza Farrugia, with issue. Marie Carmele Pisani, (1870-). Angelo Pisani, (1871-). Pauline Pisani, (1873-). Crocifisso Pisani, (1875-). Benigno Pisani, (1879-). Anna Agatha Pisani, (1880-). Francois Pisani, (1884 Tunisia -1956 Tunisia), married 1912 Sainte Croix, Tunisia to Zaina Maria Dionisya Zoe Nani, with issue. William Carmel Elconide Pisani, (1913 Sainte-Croix, Tunisia -2000 Aubagne, Bouches-du-Rhone, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France). Marie Laurence Pisani, (1916 Cathedrale, Tunisia -1996 Alpes-Martimes, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France). Edgard Edouard Marie Victor Pisani, (1918 Tunisia -2016 Paris, France), married (1) to Isola Chazereau, married (2) to Carmen Bernot, married (3) 1950 to Fresnette Ferry, married (4) to Colette le Troquet, with issue. (Second marriage) Benoit Pisani. (Third marriage) Jean Pisani-Ferry, married to Madeleine Caillard, with issue. Clara Pisani. Isaure Pisani. Edouard Pisani-Ferry. (Fourth marriage) Francis Pisani. Herve Pisani. Isabelle Pisani. Eric Pisani. Anne Marie Pisani. Eliane Anne Marie Pisani. Jules Pisani, married 1905 Cathedrale, Tunisia to Gracia Strazzero, with issue. Wanda Elisabeth Pisani, (1908 Tunisia -2008 Seine-et-Marne, Ile-de-France, France). Antonio Pisani, (1853-). Giovanni Pisano, married 1753 Birkirkara to Grazia Micallef. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1735 Birkirkara to Maria Borg. Natalizia Pisano, married 1690 Mdina to Benedetto Bonnici . Geronima Pisani, married 1605 to Domenico Zimech. Domenico Pisani, married 1609 Attard Malta to Imperia Zammit, with issue. Paolina Pisani, married to Gioacchino Pcich of France. Giovanella Pisani., married (1) Pietro Surtori., married (2) 1646 to Geronimo Mifsud. Girolamo Pisani, married 1634 to Barbara Portelli, with issue. Claudio Pisani, married to Laura Falzone, with issue. Imperia Pisani, married to Antonio Bonello. Vincenza Pisani, amrried 1696 Nadur Gozo to Simone Grech. Publio Pisano, married 1694 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Xerri, with issue. Laura Pisano, married 1729 Xaghra Gozo to Don Salvatore Vella. Caterina Pisano, married 1722 Xaghra Gozo to Luca Cifai. Mco. Simone Pisani, married 1642 Matrice Gozo to Barbara Gambino, with issue. Filippo Pisano, married (1) 1668 Matrice Gozo to Natalizia Galea, married (2) 1684 Mosta to Maria Gilestri, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Domenico Pisano, married 1698 Luqa to Rosa Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1729 Qormi to Rosa Magro, with issue. Maria Pisano, married 1755 Qormi to Giuseppe Cilia, with issue. Antonio Cilia, married 1786 Valletta to Grazia Attard, with issue. Filippo Cilia, married 1818 Valletta to Maddalena Alunna inconnus Alunna di Antonia de Creni and Emperor Napoleon, with issue. Salvatore Cilia, married 1851 Valletta to Michelina Farrugia. (Second marriage) Gio Maria Pisano, married 1707 Xaghra to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Michelangelo Pisano, married 1740 to Caterina Scati, with issue. Dr Gaetano Pisano JUD, married 1772 Cospicua to Natalizia Vella, with issue. Dr Salvatore Pisano JUD, married 1804 Vittoriosa to Francesca Camilleri, with issue. Luigi Pisani, married 1827 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Inglott, with issue. Cav. Prof. Salvatore Luigi Pisani CMG, 1895, dunm. Felicita Pisani, married 1846 Cospicua to Giuseppe Sayd. Maria Pisani, married 1807 Lija to Chco. Giuseppe Micallef. Maddalena Pisani, married 1813 Vittoriosa to Notary Antonio Mifsud Bonnici. Saverio Pisano, married 1788 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Re, with issue. Aloisio Pisano, married 1821 Cospicua to Concetta Chircop, with issue. Felicita Pisano, married 1846 Cospicua to Giuseppe Said. Graziulla Pisani, married 1739 Cospicua to Angelo Fiteni. Caterina Pisani, married 1738 Cospicua to Gio Maria Grima. Maria Pisani, married 1771 Mosta to Paolo Grech, dsp. Maria Pisani, married 1680 Xewkija Gozo to Ignazio Galea. Domenico Pisano, married 1673 Matrice Gozo to Angelica Mercieca, with issue. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1712 Matrice Gozo to Anna Galea-Cumbo, with issue. Francesco Pisano, married 1745 Gharb Gozo to Angelica Cassar, with issue. Michele Pisano, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Vittoria Attard, with issue. Francesco Pisano, married 1804 Rabat Gozo to Maria Buhagiar, with issue. Rosa Pisano, married (1) 1825 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Grech, married (2) 1827 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Gatt. Nicola Pisano, married 1810 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Magro, with issue. Rosanna Pisano, married 1833 Rabat Gozo to Fortunato Grech. Rosa Pisano, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Buhagiar. Regina Pisano, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Xicluna. Rosina Pisano, married 1812 Rabat Gozo to Angelo Gatt. Dorina Pisano, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Buhagiar. Antonia Pisano, married 1825 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Grech. Appollania Pisano, married 1807 Valletta to Antonio Mercieca. Giuseppa Pisano, married 1823 Valletta to Giuseppe de Martino. Salvatore Pisano, married (1) 1744 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Grima, married (2) 1752 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Agius, with issue. (Second Marriage) Maria Pisano, married 1780 Matrice Gozo to Agostino Azzopardi. Evangelista Pisano, married 1783 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Mintoff. Anna Pisano, married 1777 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Stellini. Grazia Pisano, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Madiona. Gio Maria Pisano, married 1746 Matrice Gozo to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Pisano, married 1784 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Cini. Alessandro Pisano, married 1785 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Portelli. Angelica Pisano, married 1772 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Michele Pisano, married 1751 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Teresa Pisano, married 1783 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Galea. Maria Pisano, married 1780 Matrice Gozo to Michele Gauci. Giuseppe Pisano, married (1) 1778 Rabat Gozo to Maria Farrugia, married (2) 1801 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Zammit. Francesco Pisano, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Grazia Galea. Angelo Pisano, married 1780 Nadur Gozo to Francesca Mizzi. Giovanni Pisano, married 1780 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli, married (2) 1787 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Grech. Lorenzo Pisano, married 1786 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Portelli. Pasquale Pisano, married 1795 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Formosa. Giovanni Pisano, married 1753 Gharb Gozo to Maria Spiteri. Andrea Pisani, married 1683 at Matrice Gozo to Domenica NN, with issue. Barbara Pisani, married 1706 Matrice Gozo to Paolo Bonici. Maria Pisani, married 1680 Xeuchia Gozo to Ignazio Galea. Gio Maria Pisani, married 1674 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Grazia Pisani, married 1706 at Xeuchia Gozo to Gio Maria Bezzina. Francesco Pisani, married (1) 1714 Nadur Gozo to Orsola Magro, married (2) 1743 Nadur Gozo to Maria Cremona, with issue. (First marriage) Bartolomeo Pisani, married 1743 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Attard, with issue. Francesco Pisani, married 1782 Xaghra Gozo to Domenica Vella, with issue. Teresa Pisani, married 1803 Xaghra Gozo to Andrea Bartolo. Publio Pisani, married 1781 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Sultana, with issue. Giovanni Pisani, married 1833 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1869 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Paolo Pisani, married (1) 1894 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppa Meilach, married (2) 1900 Xewkija Gozo to Teresa Calleja, with issue. Georg Pisani, (1909-1999), Patriot, Poet and Author. Josephine Pisani, (1901-), married 1923 Rabat Gozo to Dr Paul Borg Grech LLD. Anton Pisani, (1904-1993), married to Ines Spiteri, with issue. Paul Pisani, (1950-2014), married 1977 Matrice Gozo to Giorgina Ina Zammit, with issue. Derrick Pisani, (1978-, married at Åbo Domkyrkan, Åbo, Finland to Monica Fredrika Maria Westerén, with issue. Alba Ines Elisabeth Pisani, (2014 Uccle, Belgium -. Raphaël Karl Francis Pisani, (2017 Uccle, Belgium -. Trudy Pisani, (1983-, married Michele Cerulli, with issue. Gabriele Cerulli, (2014-. Gaia Cerulli, (2015-. John Pisani, d.inf. Rosa Pisani, married 1901 Xewkija Gozo to Gaetano Borg Ruggier. Angela Giuseppa Pisani, married 1928 Senglea to Raffaele Raggio. Paolo Pisani, married 1870 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Muscat, with issue. Paola Pisani, married 1898 Nadur Gozo to Aurelio Camilleri. Carmela Pisani, married 1874 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Debrincat. Orsola Pisani, married 1811 Nadur Gozo to Matteo Camilleri. Teresa Pisani, married 1815 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Falzon. Angela Pisani, married 1841 Nadur Gozo to Geremia Buttigieg. Francesco Pisani, married (1) 1817 Xaghra Gozo to Rosanna Buttigieg, married (2) 1819 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Buttigieg, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Pisani, married 1846 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Debono. Michele Pisani, married 1817 Valletta to Maria Debono, with issue. Francesco Pisani, married 1866 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Meilach. Giovanni Pisani, married 1847 Cospicua to Maria Teresa Abela. Carmela Pisani, married 1840 Cospicua to Aloisio Portelli. Bartolomeo Pisani, married 1820 Nadur Gozo to Maria Sayd, with issue. Angelo Pisani, married 1864 Valletta to Carmela Borg. Anna Pisani, married 1843 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Buttigieg. Giovanna Pisani, married 1844 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Borg. Michele Angelo Pisani, (1829-1896 La Calle, Algeria), married to Antonina Azzopardi, married (2) 1878 La Calle, Algeria to Virigina Maria Buonomano, with issue. (First marriage) Modesta Pisani, (1850-), married 1873 La Calle, Algeria to Louis Bonici, with issue. Francoise Bonnici, (1874-1883), dunm. Jean Bonici, (1876-1951), married 1901 Bone, Algeria to Marie Grffin, (see below). Louise Bonici, (1878-), married 1903 Bone, Algeria to Joseph Georges Antoine Teuma. Antoine Bonici, (1881-1902). Anna Pisani, (1867-), married 1883 La Calle, Algeria to Bernard Gaffin, with issue. Marie Gaffin, (1884 Bone, Algeria -), married 1901 Bone, Algeria to Jean Bonici, (see above). Maria Pisani, married 1772 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Sayd. Angela Pisani, married 1780 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Grech. Michele Pisani, married 1739 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1766 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Mizzi, with issue. Teresa Pisani, married 1795 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Camilleri. Orsola Pisani, married 1800 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Curmi. Anna Pisani, married 1804 Nadur Gozo to Michele Spiteri. Lorenzo Pisani, married 1786 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Mizzi, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1838 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Debono, with issue. Francesco Pisani, married 1867 Nadur Gozo to Maria Meilach, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1892 Nadur Gozo to Maria Grech. Carmelo Pisani, married 1914 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Grech. Margherita Pisani, married 1901 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Buttigieg. Rosa Pisani, married 1900 Qala, Gozo to Michele Cutajar. Rosa Pisani, married 1805 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Falzon. Anna Pisani, married 1808 Nadur Gozo to Coronato Buttigieg. Angela Pisani, married 1820 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Azzopardi. Giovanni Pisani, married 1787 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Grech. Maria Pisani, married 1780 Matrice Gozo to Michele Gauci. Teresa Pisani, married 1783 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Galea. Gio Maria Pisani, married (1) 1748 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppa Mercieca, married (2) 1765 Nadur Gozo to Maria Mifsud, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco Pisani, married 1773 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Xicluna, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1793 Nadur Gozo to Orazio Debono. Giuseppa Pisani, married 1799 Nadur Gozo to Paolo Costa. Angela Pisani, married 1804 Nadur Gozo to Giorgio Galea. Teresa Pisani, married 1807 Nadur Gozo to Michele Debono. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1802 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Muscat, with issue. Antonio Pisani, married 1842 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1890 Floriana to Felicita Borg, with issue. Paul Pisani, married 1933 Floriana to Giuseppa Miggiani, with issue. Chevalier Alfred Pisani, MOM, KM,  Founder of the Corinthia Group of Companies, (1939-, married (1) 1961 Sliema to Audrey Crockford, married (2) to Maria N, with issue. (First marriage) Keyth Pisani. Dr Enyd Pisani, BA, LLD, married to Nobile Daniele Gera Testaferrata dei Baroni di Qlejjgha. (Second marriage) Marcus Pisani. Alexandria Pisani. Rebecca Pisani. Joseph Pisani, married 1959 Helen Butler, with issue. May Anne Pisani, married to Alex N. Joseph Pisani, married to Tess N. Michele Pisani, married to Frank N. Desiree Pisani, married to Charles N. Rachel Pisani, maried to Stefan N. George Pisani. Victor Pisani, married 1966 to Claire Penelope Hughes, with issue. Shawn Pisani. Natasha Pisani, engaged to Philippe Fabre., Carmelo Pisani, married 1875 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Camilleri, with issue. Antonio Pisani, married 1907 Nadur Gozo to Maria Falzon. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1907 Nadur Gozo to Maria Muscat. Salvatore Pisani, married 1918 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Muscat. Maria Pisani, married 1897 Nadur Gozo to Michele Said. Rosaria Pisani, married 1902 Nadur Gozo to Carmelo Debono. Angelo Pisani, married 1885 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli. Francesco Pisani, married 1832 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Xerri, with issue. Giovanna Pisani, married 1855 Nadur Gozo to Gio Maria Debono. Maria Pisani, married 1859 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Cassar. Salvatore Pisani, married 1844 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Camilleri, with issue. Giovanna Pisani, married 1867 Nadur Gozo to Vincenzo Busuttil. Orsola Pisani, married 1846 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Xuereb. Rosaria Pisani, married (1) 1831 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Camilleri, married (2) 1837 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Cassar. Maria Pisani, married 1820 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Vella. Salvatore Pisani, married 1807 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli, with issue. Francesco Pisani, married 1863 Nadur Gozo to Margherita Muscat, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1887 Nadur Gozo to Carmelo Portelli. Angela Pisani, married 1894 Valletta to Nicola Montanaro. Rosina Pisani, married 1899 Nadur Gozo to Niclla Montanaro, (brother in-law) Bernardo Pisani, married 1814 Nadur Gozo to Angelica Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Pisani, maried 1841 Valletta to Maria Bonavia, with issue. Paola Pisani, married 1861 Valletta to Salvatore Bonnici. Francesco Pisani, married 1848 Valletta to Rosa Bonavia, with issue. Maria Anna Pisani, married 1859 Valletta to Cristoforo Buglion (Billion). Francesca Pisani, married 1859 Valletta to Francesco Buglion (Billion). Giovanna Pisani, married 1869 Valletta to Francesco Bonello. Salvatore Pisani, married 1853 Cospicua to Maria Aquilina. Maria Pisani, married 1770 Nadur Gozo to Vincenzo Buttigieg. (Second marriage) Alessandro Pisani, married 1785 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Portelli, with issue. Gio Maria Pisani, married 1815 Nadur Gozo to Maria Buttigieg. Maria Pisani, married 1811 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Micallef. Angela Pisani, married 1814 Nadur Gozo to Michele Camilleri. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1784 Nadur Gozo to Anna Cini, with issue. Michele Pisani, married 1815 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Spiteri, with issue. Carmelo Pisani, married 1858 Birkirkara to Rosaria Mizzi, with issue. Rosaina Pisani, married 1881 Birkirkara to Carmelo Borg. Teresa Pisani, married 1843 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Saliba. Francesco Pisani, married (1) 1827 Matrice Gozo to Maria Galea, married (2) 1831 Rabat Gozo to Vittoria Azzopardi. Anna Pisani, married 1787 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Portelli. Regina Pisani, married 1798 Nadur Gozo to Andrea Borg. Giovanna Pisani, married 1800 Nadur Gozo to Felice Grech. Giovanni Pisani, married 1748 Nadur Gozo to Caterina Grech, with issue. Orsola Pisani, married 1769 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Spiteri. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1754 Nadur Gozo to Anna Busuttil, with issue. Anna Maria Pisani, married 1793 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Muscat. Caterina Pisani, married 1745 Nadur Gozo to Chco Angelo Buhagiar. Paolo Pisani, married 1715 Matrice Gozo to Clemenza Spiteri, with issue. Antonio Pisani, married 1753 Nadur Gozo to Anna Pace. Maruzzo Pisani, married 1757 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Bonello, with issue. Francesco Pisani, married 1791 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Busuttil. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1800 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Grech, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1836 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Buttigieg. Evangelista Pisani, married 1746 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Schembri. Rosa Pisani, married 1752 Xewkija Gozo to Francesco Cifai. Margherita Pisani, married 1754 Xewkija Gozo to Pietro Cini. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1718 Xewkija Gozo to Caterina Agius. Giovanni Pisani, married 1721 Xewkija Gozo to Evangelista Galea, with issue. Maria Pisani, married 1747 Xewkija Gozo to Michele Busuttil. Caterina Pisani, married 1748 Xewkija Gozo to Michele Buttigieg. Lucrezia Pisani, married 1758 Xewkija Gozo to Andrea Muscat. Maddalena Pisani, married 1765 Xewkija Gozo to Giovanni Saliba. Grazia Pisani, married (1) 1705 Xewkija Gozo to Domenico Spiteri, married (2) 1706 Xewkija Gozo to Gio Maria Bezzina. Giuseppe Pisani, married 1677 Valletta to Anna Maria Russiotta, with issue. Alticunda Maria Pisani, married 1707 Valletta to Paolo Marcoviz. Francesco Pisani, married 1703 Valletta to Maria de Luca of Matinanion, Otrente, with issue. Giovanni Pisani, married 1727 Valletta to Angela Borg, with issue. Bartolomea Pisani, married 1759 Vittoriosa to Nobile Antonio Caruana. Alonsica Pisani, married 1689 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Mercieca. Agnese Pisani, married 1570 to Mariano Vella.

2.1.2. Antonino Pisani, married 1575 Vittoriosa to Giulia Riccard of France, with issue. Valenza Pisani, married 1630 Attard to Pietro Cassar.

2.2. Tomaso Michele Pisani, married to Antonia Imperia Manfredi, with issue.

2.2.1. Agata Pisani, married 1522 (Notary Giulio Cumbo) to Michele Xerri, married (2) 1539 (Notary Graziano Vassallo) to Giovanni Briffa.

2.2.2. Graziella Pisani, married to N. Bacciomei of Venice, Italy, with issue. Graziella Baccionei Pisani, married 1656 Valletta to Giuseppe La Ferla., with issue. Pietro La Ferla, married 1692 Valletta to Rosa Borg, with issue. Paolo La Ferla, married 1718 to Donna Maria Mazzara, with issue. Massmiliano La Ferla., married 1752 Valletta to Elena di Madiona with issue. Desiderio La Ferla, married 1773 Valletta to Margherita Farrugia, with issue. Vincenzo Laferla, married 1819 to Marianna Garzin, with issue. Raimondo Guglielmo Laferla, married to Carolina Arrigo, with issue. William Laferla. Josephine Laferla, married Victor Bugeja. Blanche Laferla, married Wilfred Posta. Edwige Laferla, married Tancredi Aquilina. Humberti Laferla, married Elizabeth Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Laferla, (1923-2018), married 1950 to Noble Doris Caruana Dingli dei Marchesi di Fiddien., with issue. Mary Laferla. Caroline Laferla, married 1910 to Alexander Aloiseo. William Laferla. John Laferla. Guglielmo Laferla, married 1826 to Rosalia Sapiano, with issue. Emmanuele Laferla, married Marianna Sammut, with issue. Amabile Laferla, married 1886 to Mary Laferla, with issue. William Laferla, married Carmen Cefai, with issue. Josephine Laferla, married Paul Vella. Emmanuele Laferla. Mary Laferla. Frances Laferla. Emmanuele Laferla, married Mary Whaling. Victor Laferla. Giulia Laferla, married Adolphe Parnis. Charles Laferla. Lulu Laferla. Henry Laferla. Marianna Laferla, married 1870 Birkirkara to Benjamin Martin. Marianna Laferla., married 1797 to Saverio Farrugia., married (2) 1807 to Giovanni Schembri. Aloiseo Laferla, married 1828 Valletta to Vincenza Lanfranco, with issue. Carmelo Laferla, married 1858 Birkirkara to Carmela Regnaud, with issue. Salvatore Laferla, married 1906 Birkirkara to Elena Ciantar. Giuseppe Laferla, married 1896 Birkirkara to Maria Antonia Mifsud. Antonio Laferla, married 1914 Birkirkara to Maria Cassar. Rosa Laferla., married 1769 Valletta to Chco. Filippo Perini., with issue. Massilimiliano Perini., married 1814 Valletta to Maria Rosa Benedetta Casha, with issue. Filippo Perini, married 1844 Rabat Gozo to Marianna Mizzi, with issue. Benedetta Perini, married 1876 Birkirkara to Ignazio Sammut, Chemist. Francesco Perini., married 1819 Valletta to Marianna Pace, with issue. Loretta Perini, married 1856 Birkirkara to Antonio Agius. Adelaide Perini, married 1857 Birkirkara to Francesco Casha. Emilia Perini, married 1859 Birkirkara to Paolo Formosa. Giovanna Perini, married 1864 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Muscat. Filomena Perini, married 1867 Birkirkara to Francesco Vassallo. Carmelo Perini, married 1854 Cospicua to Caterina Agius. Elena Perini., married 1826 to Emmanuele Vella. Rosa Perini, married to Major Francesco Busietta. Paolo Perini, married 1838 Valletta to Carmela Vidal, with issue. Elena Perini, married (1) 1855 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Schembri, married (2) 1868 to Dr Tancred Pace JUD. Publio Perini, married 1839 Valletta to Carmela Cordina Giuseppa Laferla., married 1771 to Francesco Zimelli. Paolo Laferla., married 1775 Valletta to Maria Pulis. Gio Batta Laferla., married 1778 Qormi to Grazia Debono. Pietro Laferla., married 1748 to Maria di Madiona.. , with issue. Clothide Laferla. Caterina Laferla, married 1781 to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. Carmelo Camilleri, married 1802 to Innocenza Gatto, with issue. Elena Laferla, married to Placido Nuzzo, with issue. Giuseppe Nuzzo, married 1820 Valletta to Anna Ullo, with issue. Antonia Nuzzo, married 1847 St Croix, Tunisia to Gioacchino Luigi Fenech. Domenica Maria Nuzzo, married 1838 Valletta to Domenico Giovanni Fenech. Paolo Laferla, married 1768 Valletta to Gioannella Caloriti, with issue. Salvatore Laferla, married 1790 Valletta to Maria Anna Fenech, with issue. Emmanuela Laferla, married 1817 Valletta to Pietro Vittorio Clary. Maria Rosa Laferla, married 1817 Valletta to Giuseppe Sammut. Calcedonia Laferla, married 1813 Valletta to Francesco Borg. Antonia Laferla, married 1814 Valletta to Francesco Gianni. Carmela Laferla, married 1825 Valletta to Lorenzo Xicluna. Gaetano Laferla, married 1801 Senglea to Rosa Amaira. Pietro Laferla, married 1801 Valletta to Vincenza Grech. Vincenzo Laferla, married 1805 Valletta to Maria Concetta Sorbellon. Giuseppe Laferla, married 1781 Valletta to Teodora Aquilina, with issue. Pietro Laferla, married 1806 Valletta to Maria Anna de Battista, with issue. Emmanuela Laferla, married 1827 Valletta to Nicola Pace. Carmela Laferla, married 1829 Valletta to Pasqua Camenzuli, with issue. Vincenzo Laferla, married 1850 Valletta to Anna Calleja. Calcedonio Laferla, married 1821 Valletta to Rosa Psaila, with issue. Lorenza Laferla, married 1848 Birkirkara to Domenico Magri, with issue. Rosa Magri, married 1865 Birkirkara to Gabriele Azzopardi. Giovanna Laferla, married 1852 Birkirkara to Antonio Mangion. Giovanna Laferla., married 1756 to Carlo Cauchi., with issue. Ignazio Cauchi, married 1813 to Maria Fournier. Regina Laferla., married 1753 to Gabriele Zammit. Felicitia Laferla., married 1747 to Filippo Schembri. Gaetana Laferla., married 1747 to Francesco Zammit. Maddalena Laferla., married 1762 to Domenico Bartolo. Felice La Ferla., married 1745 to Rosa Dingli., with issue. Pietro Paolo La Ferla Dingli., married 1769 to Maria Formosa de Fremaux., with issue. Rosa Laferla., married (1) 1796 to Gio Batta Sammut., married (2) 1801 to Not. Geronimo Nani. Giuseppe Laferla., married 1781 to Teodora Aquilina., with issue. Rosa Laferla., married 1813 to Alessandro Manni. Caterina Laferla., married 1781 to Dr. Giuseppe Camilleri JUD., with issue. Carmelo Laferla., married 1802 to Innocenza Debono. Francesco Laferla., married Maria Grech. Modesta La Ferla., married 1735 to Giuseppe Attard. Giuseppe La Ferla., married 1729 to Maddalena Francesco., with issue. Concetta La Ferla, married to Conte Luigi Gaetani, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Concetta La Ferla, married Conte Cesare Gaetani, Capitano e Senatore di Siracusa. Anna La Ferla, married 1747 Valletta to Michele Borg. Maria La Ferla, married 1742 Valletta to Giuseppe Andre. Modesta La Ferla, married 1735 Valletta to Giuseppe Attard. Eufemia La Ferla, married 1678 Valletta to Francesco Aquilina. Matteola La Ferla, married 1681 Valletta to Gaetano Camilleri, with issue. Aloisio Camilleri, married 1719 Valletta to Rosa Portelli, with issue. Francesco Camilleri, married 1743 Valletta to Leopolda Ippolita Bardon, with issue. Vincenza Camilleri, married 1777 Valletta to Michel Angelo Nuzzo, with issue. Pasquale Nuzzo, married 1831 Valletta to Caterina Cavarra, with issue. Amabile Nuzzo, married 1858 Birkirkara to Marchesa Birgitte Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia, with issue. Nobile Elena Nuzzo Alessi, married to Notary Vincenzo Giojoso. Emilia Nuzzo, married 1860 Birkirkara to Guglielmo Biancardi. Maria La Ferla, married 1688 Valletta to Giuseppe Pullicino.

3. Nicolas Pisani, married with issue.

3.1. Alexandre Pisani, Signor d’Antiparos, married 1508 to Adriana Barozzi, with issue.

3.1.1. N. Pisani, married to Andrea XIII Barozzi.

  • Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869..