“Balbi family of Genoa and Malta”

Stemma nobiliare dei Balbi of Genova.

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1. Allegrino Balbi, of Genoa, married to Cepolina, with issue.

1.1. Maria Balbi, (c. 1465).

1.2. Antonio Balbi, (d. 1480), married to Battina Porco, with issue.

1.2.1. Maria Balbi, (c 1478), married to Cristoforo Marchelli di Rossiglione.

1.2.2. Benedetta Balbi, (c 1479), married to Battista Piaggio.

1.2.3. Bernardo Balbi, (c. 1479).

1.2.4. Pantaleo Balbi, (c 1479).

1.2.5. Gio Battista Balbi, (c 1479), married to Sebastiana de Castronovo, with issue. Chiara Balbi, (c. 1570), married to Niccolo de Aragona. Antonio Balbi, (c. 1506), married to Battina Spinola. Bartolomeo Balbi, (c. 1475).

1.3. Niccolo Balbi, (c. 1479), married to Ginevra de Loco, with issue.

1.3.1. Mariola Balbi.

1.3.2. Pantaleo Balbi.

1.3.3. Pellegra Balbi, (c. 1482), married to Giovanni Quaquaro.

1.3.4. Gironima Balbi, (1484 – 1499), married to Bernardo de Zuccotti.

1.3.5. Bartolomeo Balbi, (c.1500 -1519), married to Filippa Zenoglio, with issue. Francesco Balbi. Maria Balbi, (c 1519), married to Agostino Bonavia. Niccolo I Balbi, (1506-1549), married to Bettina Mousia, with issue. Girolamo Balbi, (1574), married to Girolama Giustiniani, with issue. Battina Balbi, (c. 1627), married (1) to Giovanni Durazzo, married (2) to Ippolito Invrea. Caterina Balbi, married to Marcello Durazzo. Bartolomeo Balbi, (c. 1628), married to Ottavia Balbi, with issue. Ottavia Balbi, married to Pier Francesco Durazzo. Gio Girolamo Balbi, (c 1658). Carlo Balbi, married to Tommasina Invrea, with issue. Bartolomeo Balbi, (1690). Gio Agostino Balbi, (1698), married to Maddalena Chiavari, with issue. Carlo Balbi, (c 1743), married to Bianca Imperiale. Tommasina Balbi, married to Gio Battista Cambiaso. Bianca Balbi, married to Gio Battista Raggio. Gironima Balbi, married to Francesco Morando. Anna Balbi, married to Goffredo Zoegli. Angela Balbi, married to Lorenzo Pareto. Girolamo Balbi. Caterina Balbi, married to Domenico Garbarino. Ottavia Balbi, married to Gio Antonio Dongo. Gio Agostino Balbi. Gio Paolo Balbi. Francisca Balbi, married to Gio Battista de Franchi. Pantaleo Balbi, (c. 1574), married to Lucrezia Durazzo, with issue. Maddalena Balbi, (c 1591), married to Pier Francesco Saluzzo. Livia Balbi, (c 1580), married to Francesco Pallavicino. Giacomo Balbi, (1585), married to Battina Senarega, with issue. Caterina Balbi, married to Gio Battista de Marini. Francesco Balbi, (1630), married to Barbara Airoli, with issue. Anna Maria Balbi, married to Egidio Durazzo. Battina Balbi, married to Gio Antonio Raggio. Maddalena Balbi, married to Stefano de Franchi. Giacomo Balbi, (c 1666), married to Olimpia Pinelli, with issue. Francesco Maria Balbi, Doge of Genoa (r 1730 – 1732), married to Clarice Durazzo, with issue. Maria Anna Balbi, married to Gio Giacomo Brignole Sale, 6th Marchese di Groppoli, 158 Doge of Genoa, Last King of Corsica, dsp, married (2) to Giuseppe Brignole Sale, 7th Marchese di Groppoli, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Caterina Brignole Sale, (1737-1813), married (1) 1757 to Honore III, Prince of Monaco, (r. 1731-1793), married (2) 1798 to HSH, Prince Louis Joseph de Bourbon, Prince of Conde, with issue. (First marriage) Honore IV, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, (r. 1814 – 1819), married 1777 (Div 1798) to Louise d’Aumont, with issue. Honore V, Sovereign Prince of Monaco (r. 1819-1841), dunm.l. (Issue from Felicite de Gamaches) Louis Gabriele Oscar Grimaldi, (1814-1894), Marquis de Baux, dunm. Florestan, Sovreign Prince of Monaco, (r. 1841- 1856), married 1816 to Maria Caroline Gibert de Lametz, with issue (Royal Family of Monaco) [Descendants link]. HSH, Prince Joseph of Monaco, (1763-1816), married (1) to Francoise de Choiseul, married (2) 1782 to Frances Rainford, with issue. (Second  marriage) HSH, Princess Mare Camille of Monaco, (1784-1879), married to Rene, Marquis de la Tour du Pin. HSH, Princess Athenais of Monaco, (1786-1860), married to Auguste Le Tellier de Souvre, Marquis de Louvois, dsp. HSH, Princess Delphine of Monaco, (1788-), d.inf. Giacomo Balbi, (1724), married to Leila Durazzo, with issue. Francesco Balbi, (c 1757),. married to Tommasina Spinola, with issue. Maria Balbi, (c 1825), married to Giuseppe Negrone. Giacomo Balbi, (1786 – 1825), married to Luigia de Santi Agnese, married (2) to Marta Operon. Teresa Balbi, married to Gio Battista Morando. Pantaleo Balbi, (1724). Costantino Balbi. Tomaso Balbi, (1724), married to Violante Brignole, with issue. Maddaleba Balbi, married to Giuseppe Cattaneo. Giacomo Balbi., (1779). Francesco Balbi, (1779 – 1825), married to Francesca Canevari, with issue. Gio Carlo Balbi, (1824), married to Marsia Fieschi. Niccolo Balbi, (d. 1819). Gio Tommaso Balbi, (1814), married to Maria Brignole. Benedetto Balbi, (c 1825). Gio Carlo Balbi, (1779-1825). Girolamo Balbi. Felice Balbi. Agostino Balbi. Gio Luca Balbi. Pantaleo Balbi, ‘Jesuita’. Barbara Balbi, married to Giacomo Filippo Durazzo. Costantino Balbi, Doge of Genoa (r 1738 – 1740), married to Maria de Mari, with issue. Camillo Balbi, ‘Jesuita’. Giacomo Balbi, married to Violante Durazzo, with issue. Eletta Balbi, ‘Nun’. Battina Balbi, (d. 1825), married to Giovanni Torriglia. Olimpia Balbi, married to Ippolito Invrea. Costantino Balbi, (1776 – 1823), married to Giovanetta Cambiano, with issue. Violante Balbi, (1802 – 1825), married to Giacomo Spinola. Tommasina Balbi, (1813-), married to Agostino Adorno. Domenico Balbi, (d. 1819), married to Maria de Negro. Aurelia Balbi, married to Enrico del Carretto. Francesco Maria Balbi, married to Marianna Spinola. Giulia Balbi, ‘Nun’. Gio Tommaso Balbi. Agostino Balbi, ‘Jesuita’. Teresa Balbi, married to Gio Battista Daste. Livia Balbi, married to Luca Giustiniani. Francisca Balbi, married to Giuseppe Maria Durazzo. Giovanna Balbi, ‘Nun’. Felicina Balbi, (c 1580), married to Giulio Pallavicino. Pantaleo Balbi, (c 1591), maried to Francisca Loniellini. Ginevra Balbi, (c 1574), married to Niccolo Gambacuria. Caterina Desiata Balbi, (1574), married to Bartolomeo Nicola Moneglia, with issue. Bonaventura Moneglia, married 1626 Valletta to Domenica Ventura, with issue. Teresa Moneglia, married 1654 Valletta, Malta to Claudio Gilibert, with issue. Antonino Gilibert, married 1684 Birkirkara to Domenichina Pace, with issue. Mario Gilibert, married 1706 Birkirkara to Maria Pace, with issue. Giovanna Paolina Gilibert, married 1735 Valletta to Giovanni Bugeja. Anna Gilibert, married 1732 Valletta to Gio Battista de Fenech. Pietro Gilibert, married 1693 Cospicua to Caterina Carlett, with issue. Margherita Gilibert, married 1721 Cospicua to Antonino Bonello. Giovanna Gilibert, married 1680 Vittoriosa to Mro Geronimo Fabri, with issue. Giuseppe Fabri, married 1743 Valletta to Agata Gadiman, with issue. Maria Fabri, married 1776 Valletta to Notary Giuseppe Gaetano Micallef. Antonio Fabri, married 1707 Vittoriosa to Rosalia Traina, with issue. Lorenzo Fabri, married 1740 Valletta to Angela Sammut, with issue. Antonio Fabri, married 1759 Mdina to Francesca Agius, with issue. Lorenzo Fabri, married 1784 Cospicua to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Fabri, married 1810 Valletta to Maria Anna Dimech, with issue. Vincenzo Fabri, married 1851 Birkirkara to Giuseppa Magri, with issue. Maria Fabri, married 1887 Mellieha to Amabile Zammit. Ignazio Gilibert, married 1692 Senglea to Anna Psaila, with issue. Silvia Gilibert, married 1716 Senglea to Gio Battista Gregorio Benedetti. Lorenzo Gilibert, married 1688 Senglea to Caterina Gristi, with issue. Giovanni Gilibert, married 1709 Senglea to Anna Imbrol, with issue. Francesco Gilibert, married 1735 Senglea to Anna Maria Baldacchino, with issue. Giovanni Gilibert, married 1770 Senglea to Teresa Portelli, with issue. Fortunato Gilibert, married 1813 Valletta to Teresa Micallef, with issue. Maddalena Gilibert, married 1840 Senglea to George Liunet Buckingham of Plymouth, England, with issue. Fortunata Buckingham, married 1874 Birkirkara to Antonio Serra. Liberata Gilibert, married 1850 Senglea to Giuseppe Borg. Giovanni Gilibert, married 1850 Senglea to Carmela Genius. Carlo Gilibert, married 1843 Senglea to Anna Cipriott. Giuseppe Gilibert, married 1725 Senglea to Maddalena Zammit, with issue. Lorenzo Gilibert, married 1757 Senglea to Giovanna Cini, with issue. Maddalena Gilibert, married 1794 Senglea to Michele Angelo Madiona. Carlo Moneglia, Commander of Fort Sant Angelo, married 1665 Senglea to Domenichella Curmi, with issue. Sancto Moneglia, married 1707 Senglea to Domitilla Cavaccelli, with issue. Francesco Moneglia sives Muniglia, married 1744 Zejtun to Margherita Xicluna, with issue. Giuseppe Muniglia, married 1771 Senglea to Margherita Camenzuli, with issue. Elizabetta Muniglia, married 1801 Senglea to Giuseppe Ruggier. Giuseppa Moneglia, married 1814 Senglea to Giovanni Gilio. Maria Moneglia, married 1792 Senglea to Giuseppe Psaila. Maddalena Moneglia, married 1820 Senglea to Michele Cassar. Carmela Moneglia, married 1811 Senglea to Giuseppe Camilleri. Sancto Moneglia, married 1768 Senglea to Maddalena de Bertis, with issue. Giacomo Moneglia, married (1) 1807 Senglea to Maria Vella Agius, married (2) 1828 Senglea to Rosaria Agius, with issue. Sancto Moneglia, married 1836 Senglea to Rosa Zammit. Teresa Moneglia, married 1774 Senglea to Giovanni Brignone. Maria Moneglia, married (1) 1768 Senglea to Francesco Lampo, married (2) 1790 Senglea to Domenico de Marchis of Venice. Maria Balbi, (c. 1601), married to Gregorio Moggiolo. Gio Francesco I Balbi, (1537-1604), Senator of the Republic of Genoa, married to Battina Durazzo, (daughter of Giacomo Durazzo, Doge of Genoa and Maria Maggiolo)., with issue. Gio Batta Balbi, (c 1592), married to Caterina Centurione Cantelli, with issue. Tommasina Balbi. Barbara Balbi, ‘Nun’. Niccolo III Balbi, (1576-1620), married to Giovannetta Maria Spinola, (do Giulio Spinola and Ottavia Spinola), with issue. Gio Battista Francesco II Balbi, (1617-1650), Conte di Villalvilla e Patrizio Genovese, Cavaliere dell’Ordine di Alcantara, married to Maddalena dei Marchesi Invrea, with issue. Gio Francesco III Balbi, (1651-1707), Patrizio Genovese, 2nd Conte di Villalvilla. Antonio Balbi, (1651-), Patrizio Genovese, Merchant based in Malta from Roncho, Genoa, Italy, married 1715 Valletta to Modesta Tramblett., with issue. Enrico Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1751 Valletta to Maria Teresa Farrugia., with issue. Liberta Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1780 Valletta to Notary Magco Giuseppe Xuereb., with issue. Benedetto Xuereb., married 1822 Valletta to Maria Eugenia Bonello Naudi., with issue. Liberta Xuereb., married Niccolo Ullo. Carmela Xuereb, married Judge Ignazio Schembri. Dr Guiseppe Xuereb JUD, married to Caterina Corbino, with issue. Benedetto Xuereb. Gustavo Xuereb. Emma Xuereb. Teresa Xuereb, dunm. Enrichitta Xuereb, dunm. Ettore Xuereb, dunm. Gustavo Xuereb, dunm. Spiridone Xuereb, dunm. Filippo Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married 1784 Valletta to Vincenza Ullo., with issue. Ursola Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married Salvatore Naudi. Giuseppe Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married 1810 Valletta  to Vincenza Satariano., with issue. Matilda Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married (1) 1846 to Octavius Peter Lowe Watson., married (2) Attilio dei Baroni Sceberras, with issue. (First marriage) Mary Josephine Watson, married 1879 Malta to William Henry Martin. Maria Antonia Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  dunm Teresa Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, (d. 1843), married 1837 to Shuttleworth Myers Watson., with issue (2 c). Carmela Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married 1852 to Antonio dei Conti Preziosi Giovanna Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married 1847 to John Boon Stocker. Raffaele Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married Rosina Pavia., with issue. Elise Balbi, Patrizio Genovese,  married 1888 to Gustavo Gollcher. Major Enrico Alessandro Balbi. RMA., MBE (1867-1938), Patrizio Genovese, married 1895 to Elena Macdermott., with issue. Brien Macintosh Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married Mary Neukirk Clark.., with issue. Elizabeth Eileen Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Bonita Claire Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Rosemary Balbi., Patrizio Genovese,  married Bernard Davy., with issue. Filippo Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married Antonia Bellizzi. Giorgio Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married in Messina Sicily to Flavia Tagliaferro, with issue. Vincenza Balbi, (1861 Messina Sicily), Patrizio Genovese, d.inf. Giuseppe Balbi, (1864 Messina), Patrizio Genovese. Vincenza Balbi, (1872 Messina-), Patrizio Genovese, married 1894 Valletta to Josef Heinrich Wagner, with issue. Charles Wagner, (1895 Valletta – 1922 Valletta). Katie Nightingale Wagner, (1899 Valletta – 1991 Montreux Switzerland). Rose Wagner, (1901 Valletta -1983 Leysin Switzerland), married without issue. Thomas Wagner, (1902 Valletta – 2001 Bern Switzerland), married without issue. Eleanor Wagnor, (1903 Valletta – died in Neuchatel Switzerland), married without issue. Edward Bellamy Wagner, (1907 Valletta -), married 1935 Bern Switzerland to Frieda Rosa Schmocker, with issue. Peter Wagner, (1936-. married with issue. Christiania Wagner, married with issue. Gabriela Wagner. Heinrich Christoph Wagner, married in Riggsiberg, with issue. Andre Christoph Wagner, married with issue. Djonathan Wagner. Christopher Wagner. Franziska Henrietta Wagner, married with issue. Daniel Wagner, married with issue. Ocean Wagner. Manon Wagner. Alexis Wagner. Edgar Wagner, married with issue. Andreas Wagner, married with issue. Joshua Wagner. Christiane Wagner. Thomas Wagner. Florence Wagner, (dunm 1985 Montreux Switzerland). Giuseppe Balbi, (1864-), Patrizio Genovese. Emanuele Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Elena Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married 1853 Valletta  to Guiseppe Pullicino., with issue. Chco Emmuale Pullicino. Lorenzo Pullicino. Antonia Balbi., Patrizia Genovese, married 1830 Valletta to Amabale Sammut. Marianna Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, dunm. Emmanuele Benedetto Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married (1) to Rosina Giammalva, married (2) 1856 Valletta to Angela Sammut, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1877 Birkirkara to Concetta Cumbo. Alessandro Balbi, died 1867 in Queensland Australia. (Reference Malta Observer 10 Oct 1867)., Patrizio Genovese, dunm. Enrico Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1809 Valletta to Maria Teresa Fenech, with issue. Salvatore Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1841 Carmela Camilleri. Filippo Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married 1845 to Emmanula Calleja. Orsola Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married 1836 to Salvatore Naudi. Roberto Vincenzo Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1876 Valletta to Emilia Eliza Caruana, with issue. Giulia Balbi, Patrizia Genovese, married 1900 Valletta to Federico Borg Olivier.  Maria Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Carmela Balbi, Patrizio Genovese Francesco Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married 1813 Valletta to Benvenuta Camilleri., with issue. Filippo Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1843 at Vittoriosa to Carmela Darmanin, with issue. Giovanni Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1872 at Porto Salvo Valletta to Angela Role, with issue. Antonio Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1905 at Porto Salvo Valletta to Giuseppina Taliana, with issue.  Carmelo Balbi (1912- 46), Patrizio Genovese, married 19-4-1936 to Rosaria Aquilina Grech, with issue. Sister Paolina Balbi, “Dominican Sister”, (1938-2021), Patrizio Genovese,  dunm. Leon Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, (1939-. Tony Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, (1941-., married Violet Schembri. Carmen Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, (1946-, married to Lino Schembri. Salvina Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1931 Floriana to Paul Vella. Paul Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, (1914-., married to Dolores Mifsud., with issue. Anthony Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Catherine Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Yvonne Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Joseph Balbi, (1916-., Patrizio Genovese, married to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Nathalie Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. John Balbi, (1918-., Patrizio Genovese, married to Concetta NN., with issue. Anthony Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Vivien Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Frank Balbi, (1922-., Patrizio Genovese, married to Alice Storey, with issue. (Adopted) Robert Balbi, (1954-, married 1977 to Joanna Morgan, with issue. Kelly Elizabeth Balbi, (1977-. Mark Anthony Balbi, (1983-.. Julian Balbi, (1924-., Patrizio Genovese, married to Mary Calleja, with issue. Richard Balbi, (1955-, Patrizio Genovese. Susan Balbi, (1957-, Patrizio Genovese. Michael Balbi, (1968-, Patrizio Genovese. Vertano Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Marietta Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Lorenzo Balbi., “Philantropist – Paid for a Church and a Convent to be built at Marsa” (1844-1922), Patrizio Genovese, [Times of Malta article]; married Maria Ozzini, dsp. Maria Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Cesare Balbi, Patrizio Genovese. Vincenza Balbi. Pietro Balbi,. Patrizio Genovese, married 1783 to Teresa Lanfranco., with issue. Giovanni Balbi, (1785-1862), Patrizio Genovese, migrated to Imperia Russia and Created BARON BALBISKI  and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1805 to Baroness Maria von Nieroth., with issue. Baron Mario Balbiski, 2nd Baron, (1809-91), married 1826 to Baroness Catherine Assenzaov, with issue. Baron Giovanni II Balbisky, 3rd Baron, (1828-93), married 1850 to Duchess Marianna Bonnicisky., with issue. Baron Giovanni Balkisky, (1829-72), married 1854 to Ingrid Borgski, with issue. Baron Giovanni III Balkisky, 4th Baron (1857-1919)Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Baron Edoardo Balkisky, (1863-1919), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Baroness Marianna Balkisky, (1855-, married 1884 to Chev Cesare Lavanzinov. Baroness Christine Balkisky, (1860-, married 1886 to Chev Anton Borgsky. Baroness Nathalie Balkisky, (1866-., married 1890 to Chev Anton Grimaov. Baron Edoardo Balkisky, (1832-69), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Baroness Stafana Balkisky, (1835-), married 1852 to Baron Knopka. Baron Giorgio Balbisky, (1830-85), married to Baroness Sophia Callejasky., with issue. Baron Mario Balbisky, (1860-1929), married 1889 to Countess Leonora Mniszek, with issue. Baron Grigor Balkisky, 5th and Last Baron, (1895-1949), married 1920 to Princess Aloisea Sceberrasky, with issue. Baron Mario Balkisky, (1923-45), dunm. Baroness Sophia Balkisky, (1924-2011), married 1958 to Baron Pietro Damatov. Baroness Anastasia Balkisky, (1928-2009), married 1950 to Prince Stefan Xuerebsky. Baroness Marie Balbisky, (1899-1953), married 1925 to Chev Angelo Grimaov. Baroness Marie Balbisky, (1862-), married 1885 to Baron Rastawiecki. Baron Michael Balkisky, (1866-1906), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Baroness Adelaide Balkisky, (1867-), married 1889 to Count Poletylo. Baron Antonio Balbisky, (1811-68), married 1835 to Baroness Marie Alflang, with issue. Baroness Marie Balbisky, (1837-), married 1855 to Prince Franco Xuerebsky. Baron Peter Balkisky, (1813-77), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia , dunm. Dr Ludovico Balbi JUD, Patrizio Genovese, married 1795 Vittoriosa to Brittistma Camilleri, with issue. Maria Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married to Conte Vincenzo Teuma Castelletti. Giuseppe Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, dunm. Orade Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1842 Vittoriosa to Saverio Sammut. Antonia Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1837 Mdina to Giovanni Azzopardi. Antonio Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married 1785 to Anna Gafa, with issue. Teresa Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1809 Valletta to Domenico Geysler. Onorato Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1810 Mdina to Maria Cachia, with issue. Beatrice Balbi, Patrizia Genovese, married 1832 Mdina to Salvatore Pisani. Lorenzo Balbi, Patrizio Genovesedunm in Rome. Pauline Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1852 Vittoriosa to Salvatore Ruggier. Maria Balbi., Patrizio Genovese, married 1738 to Giuseppe Maurin of Languadoca, France. Vincenzo Balbi, Patrizio Genovese, married 1748 to Gabriella Cuschieri.  Eugenia Balbi, (1621-1690), married to Agostino Moneglia. Maria Balbi, (c. 1593). Eugenia Balbi, (1593), married to Agostino Moneglia. Paolo Balbi, (c. 1621), ‘Jesuita’. Stefano Balbi, (1604), married to Clelia Invrea, with issue. Paola Balbi, (1621), married to Carlo Emmanuele Durazzo. Gio Batta Balbi, married to Battina Durazzo, with issue. Clelia Balbi, married to Marcello Durazzo. Silvestrino Balbi, (1611). Eugenio Balbi., (1621). Gio Agostino Balbi. Pellegra Balbi. Bartolomeo Balbi, (c. 1574), married to Lucrezia Santfor, with issue. Ottaviano Balbi. Gio Agostino Balbi, married with issue. Ottavia Balbi, married to Bartolomeo Balbi. Gaspare Balbi.

1.3.6. Ginevra Balbi, (c. 1465).

1.3.7. Chiara Balbi.

1.3.8. Susanna Balbi, (c 1495), married to Cristoforo Carozzino di Voltaggio.

1.3.9. Gio Battista Balbi.

1.4. Giovanna Balbi, (c. 1465).

1.5. Pietro Balbi, married to Luchina Conte, with issue.

1.5.1. Perettta Balbi.

1.5.2. Brigida Balbi.

1.5.3. Gironima Balbi.

  Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.