The Kingdom of Great Britain and Hannover. 

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Coat of Arms of King George III of United Kingdom.
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1. King George I of Great Britain and Ireland, (1660-1727), r.1714-1727Elector of Hannover and Duke of Braunschweig-Luneburg, married 1682 (Sep 1694) to Duchess Sophia Dorothea of Braunschweig-Luneburg, with issue.
1.1. King George II of Great Britain and Ireland, (1683-1760), Elector of Hannover, Duke of Braunschweig-Luneburg, r.1727-1760, married 1705 to Margravine Caroline of Brandenburg-Ansbach, with issue.
1.1.1. HRH, Prince Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales, (1707-1751), married 1736 to Princess Auguste of Saxe-Gotha, with issue King George III of Great Britain, Ireland and Hannover, Duke of Braunschweig-Luneburg, (1738-1820), r.1760-1820, married 1761 to Duchess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, with issue. King William IV of Great Britain, Ireland and Hannover, (1765-1837), r.1830-1837, married 1818 to Princess Adellheid of Saxe-Meiningen. (illegitimate with Dorothy Bland) Rear Admiral Lord Adolphus FitzClarence, (1802-1856), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Maria Antonia Xerri) Annunziata de Xerri, married 1842 Cospicua to Angelo Cutajar, with issue. Emmanuele Cutajar, married 1886 Cospicua to Vittoria Zammit. Carmela Cutajar, married 1876 Vittoriosa to Guglielmo Dear. Marianna Cutajar, married 1860 Cospicua to Giacomo Dear, with issue. Giuseppe Dear, married 1883 Cospicua to Ignazia Zahra. (illegitimate with Marchesa Christina TestaferrataCostanza de Vassallo, married 1842 Mdina to Paolo Debattista. (illegitimate with Marchesa Antonia Cassar Desain) Antonio de Ellul, married 1840 Cospicua to Maria Mieli. (illegitimate with Fortunata GambinCarmela de Gambin, married 1840 Valletta to Paolo Farrugia, with issue. Paola Farrugia, married 1877 Birkirkara to Filippo de Salvo. (illegitimate with Marchesa Marianna Testaferrata de Noto) Carmelo de Spiteri, married 1841 Cospicua to Concetta Failla. (illegitimate with Marchesa Anna Maria Testaferrata) Giuseppe de Spiteri, married 1842 Cospicua to Antonia Lorienti. HRH, Prince Edward Augustus of United Kingdom and Hannover, (1767-1820), Duke of Kent and Strathearn, married 1818 to HH, Princess Viktoria of Saxe-Coburg and Saalfeld, with issue. Queen Victoria of United Kingdom, (1819-1901), r.1837-1901Empress of India, r.1877-1901, married 1840 to HH, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, with issue. King Edward VIII of United KingdomEmperor of India, (1841-1910), r.1901-1910, married 1863 to HRH, Princess Alexandra of Denmark, with issue. HRH, Prince Albert Victor of United Kingdom, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, (1864-1892). King George V of United Kingdom, Emperor of India, (1865-1936), married 1893 to HH, Princess Mary von Teck, with issue. (illegitimate with Mary Culme-Seymour) Virginia Alunna, married 1918 Cospicua to Antonio Giuseppe Michele Angelo Mizzi. (illegitimate with Marie Henrietta Celine Anne Martin) Giuseppe Diego Publio de Mangion, Adopted by Giorgio Mangion and Fortunata Tabone, married 1894 Qormi to Gloria Agius. HRH, Prince Alfred of United Kingdom and Ireland, (1844-1900), Reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gothar.1893-1900, married 1874 to HIH, Grand Duchess Marie of Russia, with issue. HRH, Prince Alfred of United Kingdom and Ireland, (1874-1899), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Lutgarda Maria Rosaria Apap Bologna) Giorgio de Apap, (1900 Floriana -), married 1923 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Micallef. (illegitimate with Orsola Grech Delicata) Giovanni de Grech, married 1934 Xewkija, Gozo to Maria Cassar. HRH, Princess Beatrice of United Kingdom, (1857-1944), married 1885 to HH, Prince Heinrich von Battenberg, with issue. HSH, Prince Leopold of Battenberg, (1889-1922), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Margarita Dodd) Alfredo de Dodd, married 1925 Vittoriosa to Maria Zahra. (illegitimate with Giulia Gueviso) Enzo de Gueviso, married 1934 Hamrun to Nicolina Giuseppa Camilleri. HSH, Prince Maurice of Battenberg, (1891-1914), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Maria Turner) Giacomo de Turner, married 1933 Nadur Gozo to Maria Assunta Borg. HRH, Prince Augustus Frederick of United Kingdom and Hannover, (1773-1843), Duke of Sussex, married 1793 to Lady Augusta Murray, married (2) 1831 to Lady Cecilia Gore, Duchess of Inverness, with issue. (First marriage) Sir Augustus Frederick d’Este, (1794-1848), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Contessa Maria Sant) Calcedonio de Spiteri, married 1841 Valletta to Caterina Bellutti, with issue. Carmela Spiteri, married 1860 Valletta to Nicola Zammit. Maria Spiteri, married 1867 Valletta to Carmelo Pisano. Antonia Spiteri, married 1872 Valletta to Vincenzo Bartolo. Teresa Spiteri, married 1873 Valletta to Matteo German. Vincenza Spiteri, married 1886 Valletta to Augusto Calleja. (illegitimate with Contessa Maria Sant) Paolo di Lanzon, married 1845 Senglea to Maria Rapa. (illegitimate with Contessa Maria Sant) Giovanni de Zammit, married 1845 Zurrieq to Petronilla Abdilla, with issue. Giuseppe Zammit, married 1870 Gudja to Maddalena Ellul, with issue. Andrea Zammit, married 1901 Zurrieq to Carmela Bugeja, with issue. Salvina Zammit, married 1930 Luqa to Amabile Mamo. Maria Carmela Zammit, married (1) 1893 Luqa to Gio Maria Camilleri, married (2) 1896 Luqa to Andrea Vella. Maria Zammit, married 1870 Gudja to Carmelo Cassar. Paolo Zammit, married 1870 Gudja to Salvatore Ellul. Giovanna Zammit, married 1875 Gudja to Carmelo Barbara. with Contessa Maria Sant) Battistino de Chetcuti, adopted by Gaetano Chetcuti and Carmela Borg, married 1845 Qormi to Anna Grech. Augusta Emma d’Este, (1801-1866), married 1845 to Thomas Wilde, Lord Truro. HRH, Prince Adolphus of United Kingdom and Hannover, (1774-1850), Duke of Cambridge, married 1818 to HH, Landgravine Auguste of Hesse-Kassel, with issue. HRH, Princess Mary Adelaide of United Kingdom and Hannover, (1833-1897), married 1866 to HH, Franz, Duke of Teck, later Prince von Teck, with issue. HH, Princess Mary of Teck, (1867-1953), married to King George V of United Kingdom, (See above). HH, Prince Francis of Teck, (1870-1910), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Francesca Littlejohn) Giorgio de Littlejohn, married 1918 Floriana to Caterina Debono. HRH, Princess Sophia of United Kingdom and Hannover, (1777-1848), dunm.l. (illegitimate with General Thomas Garth) Thomas Garth, 15th Hussars, (1800-1873), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Teresa TaboneGiuseppina de Tabone, married 1837 Valletta to Francesco Decelis.