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1. Erik Johansson, (murdered at Stockholm 1520), married 1492 to Cecilia Magnusdotter, with issue.

1.1. Gustaf I. Eriksson, (1495-1560), King of Sweden r.1523-1560), married (1) 1531 to Duchess Katharina von Sale Lauenburg, married (2) 1536 to Margareta Eriksdotter, married (3) 1552 to Katharina Olafsson, with issue.

1.1.1. (First marriage) Erik XIV, King of Sweden, r.1560-1569, (1533- poisoned 1577), married 1568 to Katharina Maansdotter, with issue. Prince Gustaf of Sweden, (1568-1607 Russia). Prince Henrik of Sweden, (1570-1574), d.inf. Prince Arnold of Sweden, (1572-), d.inf. Princess Sigrid of Sweden, (1566-1633), married (1) 1597 to Henrik Tott, married (2) 1609 to Nils Nilsson. (illegitimate) Virigina de Vasa, (1559-1633), married 1585 to Hakon Knutsson Hand. (illegitimate) Constantia de Vasa, (1560-1649), married 1594 to Henrik Frankelin. (illegitimate) Lucretia de Vasa, (1564-). (illegitimate) Margareta de Vasa, (d. 1618), married 1592 to Olavius Simonis.

1.1.2. Johan III, King of Finland, r.1569-1592, (1537-1592), married (1) 1562 to Princess Katharina of Poland, married (2) 1585 to Gunilla Bjelke, with issue. (First marriage)  Sigismund III, King of Poland r.1587-1632, King of Sweden r.1592-1599, (1566-1632), married 1592 to Archduchess Anna of Austria, married (2) 1605 to Archduchess Constantia of Austria, with issue. (First marriage) Wladislaw IV Zygmunt, King of Poland, r.1632-1648, (1595-1648), married (1) 1637 to Archduchess Cecilia Renate of Austria, married (2) 1646 to Princess Louisa Maria Gonzaga, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Zygmunt Kazimierz of Poland, (1640-1647), dunm. Princess Maria Anna Isabella of Poland, (1642-), d.inf. (illegitimate with Jadwiga Luskowska) Ladislaus Konstantin dei Vasa, Graf Wasenau, (1635-1698 Rome, Italy), spent time in Malta under the privilege of the Grand Master of Malta, Captain of the Guards to Queen Christina of Sweden in Rome, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Costanzo Zimegh, Alunno, married 1677 Senglea to Rosa Sayd. (illegitimate) Rosa de Psaila, married 1720 Valletta to Petruzzo de Psaila, (See on this page). (illegitimate with Maria Grech) Santo de Grech, married 1704 Valletta to Rosa Zahra, with issue. Margherita Grech, married 1726 Valletta to Nobile Nicola Pace. Michele Grech, married 1741 Zabbar to Rosa Cassar, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1776 Valletta to Angelica Falzon. Maria Grech, married 1809 Xewkija, Gozo to Antonio Debrincat. Orsola Grech, married 1762 Valletta to Antonio Buhagiar. Alessandro Grech, married 1743 Valletta to Rosa Mizzi. Angela Grech, married 1721 Valletta to Giovanni Azzopardi. Teodora Grech, married 1730 Valletta to Francesco Briffa. Diana Grech, married (1) 1732 Valletta to Gio Maria Frendo, married (2) 1743 Valletta to Michele Corsal. Vittoria Grech, married 1735 Valletta to Francesco Bugeja (illegitimate with Veneranda Fardella) Giacomo de Fardella, married 1678 Valletta to Nobile Caterina di Milo Maldonado, 8th Dejure Baroness di Pietra Longa, with issue. (illegitimate) Luca de Portelli, married 1706 Valletta to Maria Pace. (illegitimate) Andrea de Delicata, married 1713 Qormi to Teresa Portelli, with issue. (illegitimate) Antonio de Dimech, married 1716 Siggiewi to Clara Ellul. (illegitimate) Caterina de Xiberras, married 1718 Valletta to Nobile Giuseppe Axiach. (illegitimate) Petruzzo de Psaila, married 1720 Valletta to Rosa de Psaila, (See on this page). (illegitimate) Nicola de Vella, married 1723 Mdina to Grazia Grima, with issue. Vincenzo de Vella, married 1752 Mdina to Francesca Paola Stivala, with issue. Gaetano Vella, married 1776 Valletta to Maria Anna Mallia, with issue. Gio Battista Vella, married (1) 1821 Vittoriosa to Giuseppa Pace, married (2) 1823 Vittoriosa to Ignazia Busuttil, with issue. (Second marriage) Carmelo Vella, married 1857 Vittoriosa to Teresa Baldacchino, with issue. Francesco Vella, married 1900 Vittoriosa to Giorgia Azzopardi, with issue. Emmanuele Vella, married 1936 Zejtun to Maria Vella, with issue. Dr George Vella MD, KUOM, KCMG, (1942 Zejtun -, President of Malta, (r 2019-, married 1968 Zejtun to Miriam Grima. Tomaso Vella, married 1890 Vittoriosa to Rosa Cioffi. Giovanni Vella, married 1907 Vittoriosa to Caterina Bugeja. Elizabetta Vella, married 1888 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Brincat. Lorenza Vella, married 1847 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Casha. Marianna Vella, married 1857 Vittoriosa to Pietro Baldacchino. Caterina Vella, married 1803 Vittoriosa to Gioacchino Bellia. Angela Vella, married 1798 Mdina to Giuseppe Gambin. Paola Vella, married 1787 Mdina to Alessandro Agius. Maria Vella, married 1790 Mdina to Salvatore Casha. Maria de Vella, married 1756 Valletta to Giovanni Zarb. Anna de Vella, married 1743 Mdina to Giuseppe Bugeja. (illegitimate with Melana Maddalena Paulucci) Francesco de Paulucci, married 1717 Senglea to Giulia de Domenici, with issue. Anna Maria Paulucci, married 1763 Valletta to Giuseppe Magri. Maddalena Paulucci, married 1758 Valletta to Notary Aloisio Cachia. Francesca Paulucci, married (1) 1764 Vittoriosa to Francesco Saverio Azzopardi, married (2) 1778 Mdina to Don Bernardo dei Conti Manduca. (illegitimate) Battista de Muscat, Alunno e eduque par Rocco e Filippa Muscat, married 1691 Mdina to Maria Curmi. (illegitimate with Maddalena Oliva) Gio Battista de Bellia sives Auliva, married 1710 Valletta to Francesca Crispo dei Duchi di Naxos Islands, with issue. Prince Aleksander Karol of Poland, (1614-1634), dunm. Prince Jan Kazimierz of Poland, (1609-1672), Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 1646, King of Poland, r.1648-1668, married 1649 to Princess Louisa Maria Gonzaga, dsp. Prince Karol Ferdinand of Poland, (1613-1655), Duke of Oppeln and Ratibor 1648, Bishop of Breslau 1625 and of Plock 1645, dunm. Princess Anna Katharina Konstantin of Poland, (1619-1651), married 1642 to Philipp Wilhelm, Duke von Neuburg. Prince Johan of Sweden, (1589-1618), Duke of Ostergotland, married 1612 to Princess Marie Elisabeth of Sweden, (see below), dsp.l. (illegitimate with Kerstin Mansdotter) Hans Johansson, dunm in Germany. Princess Anna of Sweden, (1568-1625), dunm. (illegitimate with Karin Hansdotter) Julius Gylienhielm, (1559-1581). (illegitimate with Karin Hansdotter) Augustus, (d. 1560). (illegitimate with Karin Hansdotter) Sofia (d. 1583), married 1580 to Pontus, Barone de la Gardie. (illegitimate with Karin Hansdotter) Lucretia, (d. 1585).

1.1.3. Prince Magnus of Sweden, (1542-1595), Duke of Ostergotland, dunm.

1.2. Karl IX, King of Sweden, r.1604-1611, (1550-1611), married (1) 1579 to Anna von Simmern, married (2) 1592 to Duchess Christine von Holstein-Gottorp, with issue.

1.2.1. Gustaf II Adolf, King of Sweden, r.1611-1632, married 1620 to Duchess Marie Eleonore of Brandenburg, with issue. Christine, Queen of Sweden, r.1632-1654, (1626-1689), dunm. (illegitimate with Margareta Slotsdotter) Gustaf Gustafsson, Count af Wasaborg, (1616-1653), married to Anna Sophie zu Wied, with issue.

1.2.2. Prince Karl Filip of Sweden, (1601-1622), Duke of Sodermanland, dunm.

1.2.3. Princess Margareta Elisabeth of Sweden, (1580-1585), dunm.

1.2.4. Princess Elisabeth Sabina of Sweden, (1582-1585), d.inf.

1.2.5. Princess Katharina of Sweden, (1584-1638), married 1615 to Johann Kasimir, Duke von Zeibruken.

1.2.6. Princess Marie Elizabeth of Sweden, (1596-1618), married 1612 to Prince Johan of Sweden, (See above).

1.2.7. (illegitimate with KarinNilsdotter) Karl Karlsson, Barone Gyllenhielm, (1574-1650), married 1615 to Kristina Ribbing, with issue.

1.3. Princess Katherina of Sweden, (1539-1610), married 1559 to Edward II, Count of Ostfriesland.

1.4. Princess Cecilia of Sweden, (1540-1627), married 1564 to Christoph, Margrave of Baden.

1.5. Princess Anna of Sweden, (1545-1610), married 1562 to Georg Johann, Duke of Veldenz.

1.6. Princess Sophie of Sweden, (1547-1611), married 1568 to Magnus II, Duke of Saxe-Lauenburg.

1.7. Princess Elisabeth of Sweden, (1549-1597), married 1581 to Duke Christoph von Mecklenburg.