The Family of Caruana – E
This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647). 
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1. Antonio Caruana, former Sephardi Jew, married 1567 Zebbug to Margherita Chircop, with issue.
1.1. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1605 to Grazia/Imperia Azzopardi, with issue. 
1.1.1. Salvatore Caruana, married (1) 1638 Matrice to Isabella Grech, married (2) 1670 Matrice to Natalizia Cauchi, with issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Caruana, married 1670 Matrice Gozo to Aloisea Bigeni, (d/o Gio Maria and Angelina), with issue. Grazio Caruana, married 1696 Garbo Gozo to Caterina Formosa, (daughter of Alessandro and Sapienza), with issue. Bernardo Caruana., married 1731 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Cassar (daughter of Andrea and Anna)., with issue. Grezio Caruana., married 1765 at Xaghra, Gozo to Antonia Azzopardi. (Daughter of Pietro and Grazia Bigeni), with issue. Salvatore Caruana., married 1791 at Gharb, Gozo to Rosa Stivala., with issue. Gio Maria Caruana, married 1820 at Gharb, Gozo to Rosa Micallef, with issue.  Dr. Annetto A. Caruana D.D., Th.D, Director of Education and Archaeologist, (1830-1905), [Times of Malta]; married 1861 Valletta to Maria Metropoli, with issue.  Professor Giovanni Caruana, (1866-1923), married Valletta to Giovanna Galizia, with issue. Dr Anton Caruana Galizia, dunm. Dr John Caruana Galizia LL.D, married Marcelle Mamo, with issue. Peter Caruana Galizia, married 1985 to Daphne Anne Vella, Maltese Blogger, assassinated in a car bomb attack in 2017, with issue. Matthew Caruana Galizia. Andrew Caruana Galizia, married to Lucie N.  Paul Caruana Galizia. Antonia Caruana Galizia, married to Matthew N. Dr Charles Caruana Galizia MD, married Mary Lupi, with issue. Theresa Caruana Galizia. Anton Caruana Galizia, married Edwina.., with issue. John-Paul Caruana Galizia, married to Paula Selvagi, with issue. Ben Caruana Galizia. Alex Caruana Galizia, (2014-. Nicholas Caruana Galizia, (2017-. Sarah Caruana Galizia. Cecilia Caruana Galizia. Evelyn Caruana Galizia, married David Learmount, with issue. Charles Learmount. Franchesca Learmount. Cathy Learmount. Chev. Dr. Alfred Caruana Galizia MD, KM, Formerly President of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta., married Caroline Maltby, with issue. Elizabeth Caruana Galizia. Anton Caruana Galizia. Louise Caruana Galizia. Marguerite Caruana Galizia. Maria Caruana Galizia. Edward Caruana Galizia.  Francis Caruana Galizia, married Margaret Camilleri, with issue. Edward Caruana Galizia John Caruana Galizia. Professor. Dr. Victor Caruana Galizia, (1898-1968), married May Asphar, with issue. Marie Claire Caruana Galizia. Anna Caruana Galizia. Helen Caruana Galizia. Lily Caruana Galizia, married to Tancred Arrigo, with issue. Louise Caruana Galizia, dunm. Teresa Caruana Galizia, (1920 – 2012), married (1) to Tancred Gatt-Rutter., married (2) to William Swan, with issue. John Gatt-Rutter. Joseph Gatt-Rutter. Angela Gatt-Rutter, married to N. Flintoft. Rosa Caruana Galizia, (2014 – 2013), married Louis Darmanin, with issue. Mary Darmanin, married to Dr. Alfred Sant Ph.D, Prime Minister of Malta. Francis Xavier Darmanin, married to Johanna N. Michael Darmanin, married to Rosemary N. Mary Caruana Galizia, Nun, dunm. Rosanna Caruana, married to Enrico Magro, Rector of University of Malta, with issue. Mary Magro, married to Jack Talbot Harvey, with issue. William (Bill) Talbot Harvey, (Jesuit Seminary), dunm 1942. Elizabeth Kathlyn Talbot Harvey Magro, (1926-1994), married to William Said Dudley Ward. Gwendolyn Talbot Harvey, married to Edward Aquilina. Ethelm Gaston Vincot Talbot Harvey. Lucia Caruana, married to Giovanni Curmi Vella Creni. Maria Caruana, married 1815 Garbo Gozo to Gio Maria Spiteri. Pietro Caruana, married 1808 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. Angelo Caruana, married 1836 Xaghra Gozo to Rosaria Xerri, with issue. Tomaso Caruana, married 1856 Qormi to Generosa Pace, with issue. Concetta Caruana, married 1896 Hamrun to Giuseppe Briffa. Caterina Caruana, married 1758 Garbo Gozo to Angelo Sultana. Anna Caruana, married 1762 Garbo Gozo to Notary Franco Cauchi. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1768 Rabat Gozo to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Coronata Caruana, married 1809 Gharb Gozo to Gio Maria Zammit. Lorenza Caruana, married 1700 Garbo Gozo to Domenico Formosa. Michele Caruana, married 1701 Garbo Gozo to Natalizia N., with issue. Rosa Caruana, married 1729 Garbo Gozo to Pietro Paolo Debrincat, with issue. Maria Debrincat, married 1748 Gharb Gozo to Antonio Camilleri. Clemenza Caruana, married 1734 Garbo Gozo to Giuseppe Camilleri. Salvatore Caruana, married 1714 Garbo Gozo to Anna Asciach., with issue. Lucrezia Caruana, married 1768 Garbo Gozo to Angelo Gauci. Rosaria Caruana, married 1784 Garbo Gozo to Michele Vella.
1.1.2. Caterina Caruana, married 1654 Matrice Gozo to Mariano Spiteri.
1.1.3. Tomaso Caruana, married 1665 Matrice Gozo to Margherita Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1693 Xewkija Gozo to Maddalena Attard, with issue. Gio Maria Caruana, married 1718 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Tabone, with issue. Lorenzo Caruana, married 1743 Matrice Gozo to Rose Debono, with issue. Paolo Caruana, married 1790 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Bonello, with issue. Angelo Caruana, married 1842 to Concetta Zammit. Andrea Caruana, married 1775 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Seichel, with issue. Lorenzo Caruana, married (1) 1812 Nadur Gozo to Caterina dei Principi Sayd, married (2) 1853 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni dei Prinipi Sayd, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Caruana, married 1838 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Bartolo. Giovanni Caruana, married 1715 Xewkija, Gozo to Maria Attard, with issue. Nicola Caruana, married 1740 Nadur Gozo to Orsola Portelli, with issue. Lucrezia Caruana, married 1770 Nadur Gozo to Gio Andrea Apap. Matteo Caruana, married to Orsola N, with issue. Bernarda Caruana, married 1713 Zebbug Gozo to Gio Maria Portelli, with issue. Lazzaro Portelli, married 1740 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Antonio Portelli, married 1788 Xaghra Gozo to Ursola Galea, with issue. Francesco Portelli, married 1817 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppe Portelli, married 1849 Sannat Gozo to Evangelista Farrugia, with issue. Paolo Portelli, married 1872 Matrice Gozo to Margarita Gatt. Andrea Caruana, married 1713 Mqabba to Maria Mallia, with issue. Giovanni Caruana, married 1739 Valletta to Rosa Micallef, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1776 Valletta to Maria Teresa Marchett Griglett of Marseille, France, with issue. Salvatore Caruana, married 1806 Valletta to Geronima Gemma, with issue. Paolo Caruana, married 1832 Cospicua to Rosa Frendo, with issue. Carmela Caruana, married 1852 Senglea to Giuseppe Scopinich. Calcedonio Caruana, married 1833 Cospicua to Giovanna Cauchi, with issue. Concetta Caruana, married 1852 Cospicua to Giuseppe Pampanella. Concetta Caruana, married 1838 Cospicua to Antonio Cassar. Pietro Paolo CaruanaPainter and Lithographer, (1793-1852), married (1) to Orsola N, married (2) 1832 to Maria Madiona, with issue. (First marriage)  Raffaele CaruanaPainter, (1820 Rome, Italy -1886). Salvatore Caruana. Fortunata Maria Anna Caruana, (1828 Floriana -). (Second marriage) Francesco Caruana, (1836 -), married 1863 Alexandria, Egypt to Enrica Bastogi, with issue. Giulio Caruana, (1874 Alexandria, Egypt – 1950-1952), married to Cleopatra Markakios, with issue. Edwin Caruana, (1901 – 1993 London, England), married to Maria Stylianoudis, with issue.  Guido Guy Caruana, (1932 Athens, Greece -), married 1962 London, England to Claudia Jean Towers, nee Austin. Emmanuele Caruana, married 1816 Valletta to Gaetana Aquilina, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1856 Valletta to Maria Rosina Gellel, with issue. Carmela Caruana, married 1889 Hamrun to Francesco Cassar. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1810 Valletta to Benuventa Micallef, with issue. Maria Caruana, married 1831 Valletta to Giovanni Ellul. Carmela Caruana, married 1831 Valletta to Vincenzo Ellul. Francesca Caruana, married 1809 Valletta to Fortunato Schembri. Maria Caruana, married 1803 Valletta to Jerome Gemma. Antonia Caruana, married 1806 Valletta to Salvatore Manse sives Manche. Carlo Caruana,. married 1773 Valletta to Vincenza Galdes, with issue. Rosa Caruana, married 1798 Valletta to Giacomo Mizzi. Publio Caruana, married 1776 Valletta to Giovanna Schembri. Salvatore Caruana, married 1786 Valletta to Felicita Ricci, with issue. Maria Caruana, married 1817 Valletta to Agostino Lo Freda. Teodoro Caruana, married 1769 Valletta to Maria Vella. Paolo Caruana, married (1) 1768 Valletta to Nobile Teresa Cumbo, married (2) 1768 Valletta to Antonia Fajenza, with issue. Anna Caruana, married 1825 Valletta to Salvatore Camilleri. Grazia Caruana, married 1778 Valletta to Salvatore Abela. Beatrice Caruana, married 1765 Valletta to Nobile Michele Angelo Cumbo. Anna Caruana, married 1792 Valletta to Salvatore Xiberras.
1.2. Maria Caruana, married 1632 Matrice Gozo to Mario Xuereb.
1.3. Mattiola Caruana, married 1642 Matrice Gozo to Pasquale Camilleri.
1.4. Nicolo Antonio Caruana, married 1638 Rabat Gozo to Gioannella Mangion, with issue.
1.4.1. Maria Caruana, married 1676 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Pace.
1.5.   Domenico Caruana, married 1644 Matrice Gozo to Lazzarina Vella, with issue.
1.5.1. Alessandro Caruana, married 1682 Matrice Gozo to Domenichella Vella, with issue. Tomasa Caruana, married 1712 Valletta to Giuseppe Cachia.
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