Key to the Titles of Nobility of the Maltese islands.

Last update: 26-12-2023. 

* The Maltese Nobility yearly review: 2021; 2022; 2023;

* The Maltese nobility – General information, Assessment of private interpretations, Official documents, Courts’ application of rules, General principles, General Principles on Foreign titles, Application of General Principles, Particular Maltese Fiefs, Particular Maltese Titles, Particular Hybrid titles, Particular Foreign Titles, Satire, International Criticisms of Maltese Nobility. 

FIRST CATEGORY – Includes those titles created by the Grand Masters (1530-1798). 

SECOND CATEGORY – Includes those fiefs created by Sovereigns of Malta (before 1530) 

* THIRD CATEGORY – Includes those foreign titles of Maltese citizens.