Updating and correcting data online is highly essential to Maltagenealogy.com as we reply on much of the modern genealogies to be corrected by our readers. The following aspects are highly essential when updating to ensure accurate information is placed online.  

1. Correct name.

2. Year of Birth and Town or City and Country (if outside Malta).

3. Year of Marriage and Town or City and Country (if outside Malta).

4. Year of Death and City and Country noted.

5. If a child or children are born out of wedlock, please ensure that spouses approval with their name noted.

When updating data, please copy the URL (WEB PAGE) and the genealogy in question. If the genealogy is quite large, then please copy a few generations and always start from what is online, so the Author can follow the update or correction.   If a person would like to have their name and descendants taken out, please refer to our disclaimers page (found on the Main page) for instructions. Example: (In bold is the existing data). Tomaso Farrugia, (1905 Zebbug Malta –  1992 New York City USA), married 1929 Zebbug Malta to Antonia Chetcuti, with issue. Anthony Farrugia, (1933 Zebbug Malta -), married 1965 NYC USA to Aloise Cunningham, with issue. George Farrugia, (1968 NYC, USA -), married 1995 Vermont USA to Linda Thonpson, with issue. Tom Farrugia, (1996 Vermont USA -). Janet Farrugia, (1999 Vermont USA -). Veronica Farrugia, ( 1970 NYC USA -)., married 1994 NYC USA to Christopher Strongli, with issue. Chad Strongli, (1996 NYC USA -). Paul Strongli, (1998 NYC, USA -). Ursula Farrugia, (1972 NYC USA -), ‘Sister of the Holy Conception”. Vincent Farrugia, (1974 NYC, USA -). Nancy Farrugia, (1935 Zebbug Malta -), Sister of St Dominian Order”. Henry Farrugia, (1937- Zebbug Malta – 2009 Las Vegas USA), married 1971 NYC USA to Fanny Westwood, with issue. John Farrugia, (1973 Las Vegas USA -). (Issue from Wendy Zuckerman) Katie Farrugia, (2005 Las Vegas USA -. (Issue from Bianca Charters) Logan Farrugia-Charters, (2009 Las Vegas USA -). Larry Farrugia, (1978 Las Vegas USA -).