The  Family of Bianco.

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Note: Not a complete list of descendants.


Giuseppe Biancho, married 1595 Cospicua to Filippa Sagona. with issue.
1. Gio Domenico Bianco, married 1651 Luqa to Giuseppa Bezzina, with issue.
1.1. Maria Bianco, married 1676 to Filippo Mallia, with issue.
1.1.1. Grazia Mallia, married 1707 to Gerolamo Buhagiar, with issue. Rosa Buhagiar. Anna Buhagiar, (1709-). Lorenza Buhagiar, married 1742 to Fabrizio Bezzina, with issue. Rosa Bezzina, married 1774 to Salvatore Debono, with issue. Vittoria Debono, (1776-). Fabrizio Debono. Giovanni Debono. Maria Debono, married 1822 Valletta to Felice Decelis, with issue. Vincenzo Debono. Maria Bezzina, married Giuseppe Galea. Teresa Bezzina, married Salvatore Mizzi, with issue. Vincenza Mizzi, married 1811 Zebbug to Filippo Vassallo.
1.2. Giuseppe Bianco, married to Prudenza Mifsud, with issue.
1.2.1. Maria Bianco, “Nun”, Founder of a Legacy 1742, dunm.
1.2.2. Domenica Bianco, married 1709 Zeitun to Michele Azzopardi, with issue. Antonio Azzopardi, married 1743 Gudia to Maria Dalli, with issue. Rosa Azzopardi, married 1770 Zeitun to Antonio Attard.
1.3. Mro Pietro Bianco, married 1687 Senglea to Vittoria Cassar, with issue.
1.3.1. Alessio Lucio Bianco, married 1710 Kirkop to Evangelista Farrugia, with issue. Francesco Bianco, married 1734 Kirkop to Anna Muscat, with issue. Carmino Bianco, married 1793 Dingli to Maria Bartolo, with issue. Annunziata Bianco, married 1827 Mdina to Giuseppe Dimech.
2. Andrea Bianco, married 1647 to Giacoma Caterina Stafragi, with issue.
2.1. Giuseppe Bianco, married 1680 to Generosa Schembri, with issue.
2.1.1. Anna Bianco, married Francesco Agius.
2.1.2. Alonso Bianco, married 1712 to Maria Bonavia, with issue. Giuseppe Bianco, married 1727 to Mattiola Caruana, with issue. Maria Bianco, married 1768 to Gio Maria Calleja, with issue. Antonio Calleja. Caterina Calleja.
2.1.3. Eufemia Bianco, married Salvatore de Brincat, with issue.
2.1.4. Leonardo Bianco, married 1758 Zabbar to Maria Schembri, with issue. Georgio Bianco, married 1781 Zabbar to Margherita Lia, with issue. Paolo Bianco, married 1814 Zabbar to Domenica Zerafa, with issue. Antonia Bianco, married 1849 Zabbar to Angelo Gafa.
2.1.5. Andrea Bianco, married 1709 Tarxiem to Giuseppa Mallia, with issue. Caterina Bianco, married 1725 Tarxiem to Lorenzo Galea, with issue. Maria Anna Galea, married 1747 Cospicua to Francesco Ciangura.
2.2. Angelo Bianco, married 1681 to Domenica Falzon, with issue.
2.2.1. Veronica Bianco, married 1731 to Giovanni Azzopardi, with issue. Domenica Azzopardi, married 1757 to Batta Mizzi, with issue. M’Grazia Mizzi, married 1777 to Fabrizio d’Alfonso.
2.2.2. Rosa Bianco, married 1727 Tarxiem to Giovanni Mercieca, with issue. Francesco Mercieca, married 1752 Tarxiem to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Elizabetta Mercieca, married 1789 Valletta to Feliciano Agius, with issue. Rosario Agius, married 1818 Naxxar to Grazia Galea, with issue. Margherita Agius, married (1) 1857 Naxxar to Angelo Ciangura, married (2) 1871 Mdina to Paolo Azzopardi, with issue. (Second marriage) Anna Azzopardi, married 1891 Mdina to Innocenzo Calleja. Marianna Agius, married 1857 Naxxar to Giovanni Mifsud. Felice Agius, married 1843 Cospicua to Carmela Farrugia. Giuseppe Agius, married 1857 Qormi to Paola Gauci. Michele Agius, married 1811 Naxxar to Anna Fenech, with issue. Salvatore Agius, married 1857 Naxxar to Angela Sammut, with issue. Michele Agius, married 1885 Naxxar to Teresa Attard. Felice Agius, married 1853 Naxxar to Grazia Deguara.  Elizabetta Agius, married 1836 Naxxar to Vittorio Psaila. Maria Agius, married 1840 Naxxar to Vittorio Psaila, with issue. Maria Carmela Psaila, married 1876 Naxxar to Spiridione Chetcuti. Annunizata Agius, married 1842 Naxxar to Michele Agius, (s/o Francesco and Teresa Vella). Teresa Agius, married 1816 Naxxar to Giovanni Frendo. Generosa Mercieca, married 1783 Tarxiem to Francesco Xerri. Veneranda Mercieca, married 1758 Tarxiem to Nicola Bonnici. Benigno Mercieca, married 1752 Tarxiem to Flavia Camliti. Lorenzo Mercieca, married (1) 1767 Tarxiem to Petronilla Ellul, married (2) 1779 Lija to Rosa Muscat, with issue. (First marriage) Anna Mercieca, married 1790 Tarxiem to Vincenzo Pulis. 
2.3. Pasquale Bianco, Merchant di Vino of Senglea, Malta, married 1685 Senglea to Teresa Casha, with issue.
2.3.1. Giovanna Bianco, married 1704 Senglea to Gio Battista d’Alberi, with issue. Lazzarino d’Alberi, married 1742 Cospicua to Maddalena Ros. Teresa d’Alberi, married (1) 1731 Valletta to Giuseppe Mifsud., married (2) 1746 Valletta to Pietro Micallef.
2.3.2. Alessandra Bianco, married 1722 Senglea to Giuseppe Dingli.
2.4. Gio Maria Bianco, married 1699 Gudja to Vittoria Azzopardi, with issue.
2.4.1. Giuseppe Bianco, married 1728 Ghaxaq to Maria Abela, with issue. Maddalena Bianco, married 1768 Ghaxaq to Angelo Azzopardi. Anna Bianco, married 1766 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Mizzi.
3. Angelo Bianco, married 1646 Luqa to Domenica Muscat, with issue.
3.1. Mgr. Alessandro Bianco, ‘Prelat of the Court of Rome. Created 1728, Conte in the Papal Stateswith permission to have his brother able to use such title., died 1768 in Rome and buried in the Church of San Luigi de Francesi
3.2. Ludovico Bianco, Conte 1728. (Created “Most Ilustrious and Noble”), (died 1775 in Ancona, Italy), married Ubaldesca Dingli, (Daughter of Salvatore Dingli), with issue.
3.2.1. Conte Gaetano Bianchi, ‘Secreto to Grand Master of Malta‘., dunm.l 1777. (illegitimate) Giuseppe Francesco de Bianco, married 1768 Valletta to Teodora Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Bianco, married 1807 Valletta to Carmela Borg, with issue. Francesco Bianco, married 1844 Qormi to Caterina Zarb. Paola Bianco, married 1806 Valletta to Giorgio Borg. Antonio Bianco, married 1792 Valletta to Giuseppa Spiteri, with issue. Teodora Bianco, married 1810 Valletta to Stefano Vella. Teresa Bianco, married 1818 Valletta to Gio Maria Buttigieg. Ludovico Bianco, married 1801 Valletta to Grazia Zarb. Vincenzo Bianco, married 1806 Valletta to Maria Borg.
3.2.2. Conte Francesco Bianchi, married Angelica Moscati dei Marchesi di Xrobb-il-Ghagin., dsp.l. (illegitimate) Ubaldesca Bianchi, (1780-), married 1799 to Giuseppe Preziosi.
3.3. Salvatore Bianco (died in Malta unm 1776).
3.4. Chiara Bianco, ‘Nun’.
3.5. Pelazia Bianco, ‘Nun’.