Imperial House of Paleologo


Emperors of the Byzantine Empire.
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Alexios PalaiologosMegas Dux, married to Irene Komnene Kantakouzenos, with issue.
1.1. Michael VIII Paleologo, (1224-82), Emperor of the Byzantine Empire (r. 1259-82), married to Princess Theodora Dukas who was the daughter of Emperor John III Dukas Vatatzes., with issue.
1.1.1. Prince Manuel Paleologo, (1254-59), d.inf.
1.1.2. Andronicus II Paleologo, (1259-1332), Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1282-1328), married (1) 1273 to Princess Anna of Hungary, married (2) 1285  to Yolanda di Montferrat, with issue. Michael IX Paleologo, (1277-1320), Co-Emperior of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1295-1320), married 1295 to Princess Rita of Armenia, with issue. Andronicus III Paleologo, (1296-1341), Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1328-41), married (1) 1318 to Adelaide von Brunschweig, married (2) 1326 to Joanna Anna di Savoie, Regent of Byzantium (r. 1341-47), with issue. John V Paleologo, (1332-91), Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r 1341-91), married 1347 to Princess Helene Kantkouzene of the Byzantium, with issue. Andronicus IV Paleologo, (1348-85), Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1376-79), married 1365 to Princess Maria of Bulgaria, with issue. John VII Paleologo, (1370-1408), Co– Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1390, 1398-1402), married 1397 to Eirene Gattilusa of Lesbos (see on this page), with issue. Andronicus V Paleologo, (d. 1408), Co-Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (1402-1408)dunm, aged 7. Manuel II Paleologo, (1350-1425), Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1391-1425), married 1392 to Jelena Dragas, with issue. John VIII Paleologo, (1392-1448), Co-Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r. 1421-25), Emperor of the Byzantine, (r. 1425-48), married (1) 1409 to Princess Anna of Moscow, married (2) 1421 to Sophia di Montferrat, married (3) 1427 to Princess Maria Komnene of Trapezunt, dsp. Prince Constantine Paleologo, (1393-1405), dunm. Prince Theodore Paleologo, (1394-1448), Despot of Achaia, (Cr 1407) Despot of Mistra , (Cr 1443 Principe di Selimbria), married 1421 to Cleofa Malatesta di Pesaro e Fano, with issue. Princess Helena Paleologo, (1428-58), married 1441 to John III de Lusignan, King of Cyprus. (illegitimate from Wet Nurse)(*1) Prince Thomas Emanuele Peter de Paleologo, (1425-75), (Migrated with Helena to Cyprus). Titular 2nd Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaChamberlain of the State in Cyprus,  married at Messina 1447 to Isabella di Lotto, with issue. Prince Michele Theodore Paleologo, (1449-84), Titular 3rd Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria. Married 1465 to Contessa Marietta Spadafora, with issue. Prince Giovanni Theodore Paleologo, (1468-1518), Titular 4th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria, married 1494 to Princess Eleanora de Lusignan, with issue. Prince Giovanni Giorgio Paleologo, (1499-71), Titular 5th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1543-71), married 1523 Messina to Bianca Giustiniani, with issue. Prince Demetrio Paleologo, (1527-95), Titular 6th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1571-95), married 1552 to Caterina Sommaripa, with issue. Prince Gerolamo Paleologo, (1553-1608), Titular 7th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1595-1608), married 1578 to N. Barozzi de la Roche, with issue. Prince Gerolamo Paleologo, (1582-1624), Titular 8th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1608-24)Recognised by Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor in 1576., married 1608 with issue. Prince Gio Andrea Paleologo, (1610-61), Titular 9th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1624-61), Recognized by Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor in 1630. married 1632 with issue. Prince Gerolamo Paleologo, (1633-64), Titular 10th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1661-64), “Priest”, dunm. Prince Roderico Paleologo, (1635-69), Titular 11th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1664-69), married 1657 with issue. Prince Gio Andrea Paleologo, (1658-72), Titular 12th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria, Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1669-72), dunm. Prince Gerolamo Paleologo, (1659-70), dunm. Prince Francesco Paleologo, (1661-1708), Titular 13th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1672-1708), married 1675 with issue. Prince Pietro Giuseppe Paleologo, (1673-1706), married 1702 with issue. Prince Gio Antonio Paleologo, (1704-60), Titular 15th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1739-60), married 1749 with issue. Prince Antonio Paleologo, (1751-89), Titular 16th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1760-89), dunm. Prince Gio Antonio Paleologo, (1759-1826), Titular 17th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1789-1826), married with issue. Prince Gio Antonio Paleologo, (1816-74), Titular 18th Despot of Mystra and Prince of SelimbriaTitular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1826-74), dunm. (In his last will and testament dated 6th August 1874 his hereditary rights to be successed by his cousins – Byzantine to his Aunts son and the titles of Selimbria and Mistra to his next male heir). Princess Caterina Paleologo (1760-), married to Nicola de Paleologo (former slave of Prince Gio Antonio), with issue. Giuseppe de Paleologo, (1790-1860), married to Maria Bertani, with issue. Gerolamo de Paleologo, (1823-1901), succeeded as Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1874-1901), married to Luisa Casaccia, with issue. Prince Enrico Paleologo, (1857-1931), Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1901-31), married to Bianca Gazzo-Scialero, with issue. Prince Cesare Paleologo, (1890-1951), Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1931-51), married to Adalgesia Evangelisti-Paci, with issue. Prince Enrico Costantino de Vigo Aleramico Lascaris Paleologo, (1918-2012)., Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1951-2012), married with issue. Prince Giovanni Paleologo, (Migrated to Malta), married 1830 Senglea to Paola Schembri, with issue. Princess Annette Paleologo, married 1861 Senglea to Salvatore Camilleri. Prince Gio Antonio Paleologo, (1678-1739),  Titular 14th Despot of Mystra and Prince of Selimbria, Titular Emperor of the Byzantium, (r. 1708-39)    Recognised by Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor on the 5th April 1720.dunm. Prince Giovanni Giorgio Paleologo, (1556-96) Settled in Messina, married 1580 to N. Barozzo de la Roche, with issue. Prince Giorgio Paleologo, (1531-1628),  married 1552 to Lucia Sayd, with issue. Princessa Maria Paleologo, married 1582 to Nobile Filippo Staffragi. Papas Emanuele Paleologo, (Greek Priest of Our Lady of Damascus in Valletta from 1668-1691), dunm. Sr Lucia Paleologo, Nun, dunm. Maria Antonia Paleologo, d.inf. Gio Giorgio Paleologo, (d. 1634), dunm. Fra Giovanni Paleologo, Greek Priest in Messina, dunm. Sr Maria Eleanora Paleologo, Nun(Mistress to Iacobus Heraclides, Prince of Moldavia). Princess Margherita Paleologo, married 1512 Crete to Nicola Pisani. Prince Andronikos Paleologo, (1400-28), Despot of Thessalonica, married to Nobile Theodora Notarasdsp. Constantine XI Paleologo,  (1405-53), Last Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (r 1448-53), married (1) 1428 to Maddalena Theodora Tocco del Zante, married (2) 1441 Aikatherina Gattilusa of Lesbos, (see below), married (3) 1443 to Caterina Notaras, with issue. (Third marriage) Princess Theodora Paleologo, married to Isaac Flavius Comnenos, Prince of Trebizond. Prince Demetrios Paleologo, (1407-70), Despot of Mistra, married (1) 1436 to Zoe Paraspondylina, married 1441 to Theodora Asanina, with issue. (Second Marriage) Princess Helena Paleologo, (1442-70), married to Sultan Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire. Prince Tomaso Paleologo, (1409-65), Despot of MoreaTitular Emperor of the Byzantine (r. 1453-65)., married 1430 to Caterina Zaccaria, (See below)., with issue. Prince Andreas Paleologo, (1453-1502), Titular Emperor of the Byzantine, (r. 1465-1502 sold rights to King Louis XII then to Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand V of Spain)Titular Despot of Morea, married in Rome to Maria Caterina Gattilusio, (see below), with issue. Prince Constantine Paleologo, Commander of the Papal Guard,. dspl. (illegitimate) Domitilla Paleologo, mistress to Conte Evandro Conti. Princess Marie Paleologo, married to Prince Vassili Mikhailovich of Moscow, Prince of Lubeck, with issue. Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Mozhaiskaya. Princess Anastasia Mikhailovich Mozhaiskaya. Prince Vasili Mikhaiovich Mozhaiskaya. Prince Manuel Paleologo, (1455-1516), married Princess Malkhatoun Zulkadr of Cappadocia, with issue. Prince John Paleologo., married to Maria Phocas de Colneat, died in Turkey. 1558., with issue. Prince Theodore Paleologo, (1504-40)., with issue. Prince Prospero Paleologo of Pesaro, with issue. Prince Camillo Paleologo, with issue. Prince Theodore Paleologo, (d. 1636) of Landulph Castle Cornwall, England, married to Mary Balls of Suffolk, with issue. Prince John Paleologo, died in the battle of Naseby 1645. Prince Theodore Paleologo, Captain in the Parliamentary Army in England, (buried at Westminister Abbey London), dsp 1644. Prince Ferdinando Paleologo, (d. 1671), buried in Barbados Is., married to Rebecca Pomfret, with issue. Prince Theodore Paleologos of Wrapping Kent, England, died at Corunna Spain 1693, married but dsp. Prince Riccardo Paleologo of Strettle, Isle of Wight, England, (1506-51), married to Joanne Dauntsey, with issue. Prince William Paleologo, (1525-96), married to Frances Turges, with issue. Prince Barnabas Paleologo, (1556-1606), married to Elzabeth Myll, with issue. Prince John Paleologo, (1602-83), married to Joanna Meux, with issue. Prince James Paleologo, (1640-1705), married to Sarah Dillington, (d/o Sir Robert Dillington Bt), with issue. Prince Abraham Paleologo, (1674-1753), married to Elzabeth Cooke, with issue. Prince Abraham Paleologo, (1707-73), married to Mary Oglander-Smythe, with issue. Capt. Prince James Paleologo RN., (1741-1822), married to Jenny Urry-Jacobs, with issue. Prince John Paleologo, (1769-1835), married to Elizabeth Stevens, with issue. Princess Phoebe Paleologo, dunm. Prince Isaac Paleologo, (1806-76), married to Marie de Meulan, with issue. Prince Samuel Paleologo, (1842-92), Officer of the French Army, married to Mary de Comyns, with issue. Princess Robina Paleologo, (1880-1976), married to Francis Miles. Prince Abraham Paleologo, (1812-92), married to Anne Wells, with issue. Prince James Paleologo, (1848-86), married to Louise Wheder, with issue. Princess Nellie Louise Paleologo, married to John Edward Wright. Princess Elizabeth Paleologo, married to Ivan Dolgorouky. Princess Sarah Paleologo, married 1801 to Fedor Jaloweicki. Princess Maria Paleologo, married to Sergei Dolgorouky. Prince Andrea Paleologo, Nobile of Messina Sicily, married (1) N, married (2) N, married (3) 1576 to Nobile Caterina Crispo de Sira, with issue. (Third marriage) Prince Demetrios Paleologo, (d. 1662), married to Donna Giovanna della Re-Paleologo.,  with issue. Prince Andrea Paleologo, (1626-64), married to Lucrezia Bonanno, with issue. Prince Antonio Paleologo, (1658-83), dsp. Prince Gaetano Paleologo, married to Margherita Magretti, with issue. Prince Andreas Pietro Paleologo, married to Anna Nobili, with issue. Prince Gaetano Antonio Paleologo, (1711-), married to Benedetta Cullura, with issue. Prince Giuseppe Raffaele Paleologo, (1777-), married to Maria Corica, with issue. Prince Gaetano Salvatore Paleologo, (1817-1909), married to Paola Busacca, with issue. Prince Giuseppe Paleologo, (1837-1929), married to Concetta Alessandro, with issue. Prince Gaetano Paleologo, (1874-1962), married to Maria Fegino, with issue. Prince Giuseppe Paleologo, (1925-., married to Anna Grasso, with issue. Prince Costantino Paleologo, (1959-1962), d.inf. Prince Giovanni Paleologo, (1879-1937), married to Teresa Forzano, with issue. Prince Gius Gaetano Paleologo, (1901-64), married to Angela Mannino, with issue. Prince Dr. Giovanni Paleologo, (1930-., married to Mary Fisher-Rowe, sp. Prince Gian Giorgio Paleologo, (1937-., married to Maria Grazia Cortoggiani, with issue. Prince Gius Andrea Paleologo, (1967-. Prince Antonio Paleologo, (1886-), married with issue. Prince Giuseppe Paleologo, (1911-). Princess Irene Paleologo married 1667 to Vincenzo Inellas de Clazomene. Prince Gaetano Paleologo, (1660-), dsp. Princess Marietta Paleologo, married 1651 Valletta Malta to Lazzaro Veneziano, 7th Barone of Fiddien. Prince Andronicus Paleologo, married to Theodora Zamblaco, became a Muslin. died 1544., with issue. Prince Andreas Paleologo, (1530-1605), married to Sophia de Movila, with issue. Prince Johannes Paleologo, (1577-1633), married to Anna Krivez de Rhedio, with issue. Prince Manuel Paleologo, (1622-73), married to “Princess” Anna Cantacuzena, with issue. Prince Tomaso Paleologo, (1652-1743), married to Giovanna Ghika, with issue. Prince Andronicus Paleologo, (1690-1743), married with issue.  Prince Rodokan Paleologo, (1735-80), married to Helena Juliani, with issue. Princess Zoe Paleologo, (1762-1867), married to Barbo Vacaresco of Cracova. Princess Maria Paleologo, (1722-47), married to Giovanni Maria Ghika, “Assumed the surname of Paleologo“. Tomaso Ghika-Paleologo, (1745-79), married to Caterina Paleologo di Monferrato (see below)., with issue. Theodore Ghika Paleologo, (1770-1826), married to Helene Comnena, with issue. Matteo Ghika Paleologo, (1793-1825), married 1816 to (Distant cousin) Elisa Vacaresco, with issue. John Ghika Paleologo, (1819-1875), married 1838 to Helene Gradisteano, with issue. Gregory Ghika Paleologo, (1843-1902), married to Alexandrine Boutcoulesco, dsp. (Adopted two sons, one being Prince Paul Theodore Paleologue-Crivez dsp. 1984 and Alexander, Prince of Morea, dsp 1976). Barbo Ghika Paleologo, (1845-92), Proposed in 1876 as an alternative King of the Hellenes. Alexandre Ghika Paleologo, (1822-95), married to Fredicka Ridder, with issue. Maurice “Ghika” Paleologue, (d. 1944), married without issue., Ambassador to Russia. Prince Constantine Paleologo, married and dsp 1606. Prince Tomaso Paleologo, married to Theodora of the Turkomans., with issue. Prince Eugenios Paleologo, (d. 1520), married to Seidah Schirwan, with issue. Prince Andronicus Paleologo, (d. 1583), married to Princess Fatmah Bagration, with issue. Prince Constantine Paleologo, (d. 1606), married to Sophyie Osman Said, with issue. Princess Zoe Paleologo, (d. 1619), married to Prince Iskander Abu Mohammed el-Ghazi. Princess Sophyie Paleologo, (d. 1607), married to Iskander el-Malik. Princess Helena Paleologo, (d. 1473), married 1446 to Lazar Brankovic, Ban of Serbia, with issue. Princess Irene Brankovich of Serbia, married to Giovanni Castriota, (d. 1514), Cr: 1485. Duca di San Pietro in Galatina, Conte di Soleto. Princess Helene Maria Brankovich of Serbia, married to King Stephen Tomasevic of Bosnia, Last King of Bosnia. Princess Milica Brankovich of Serbia, married to Leonardo III Tocco, Duke of Epirus. Princess Zoe Sofia Paleologo, (1448-1503), married 1472 to Ivan III, Great Prince of Moscow. Prince John Gidos Paleologo, became a Muslin and married with issue. Prince Mesih Pasha, (d. 1501), 21st Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire 1499-1501), married with issue. Prince Ali Bey. Prince Mahmud Celebi. Prince Bali Bey, Sanjak Bey of Vulcitrin 1503. Prince Hass Murad Pasha. (illegitimate) Isabella Paleologo, married 1392 to Don Hiarion Doria. Prince Theodoro Paleologo, (1382-1407), Despot of the Peloponnese, married to Bartolomea Acciajuoli of Corinth., dsp. (illegitimate) NN Paleologo, married 1404 to Emir Suleiman. Prince Michael Paleologo, married to Princess N of Varna. Princess Eirene Paleologo, (1349-63), married Prince Hali of Bithynia., Prince of the Ottoman. (illegitimate) Manuel Paleologo, (d. 1422), married to Giacobina N. N. Paleologos, married to Ilario Doria, Patrican of Genoa. Prince Michael Paleologo, (1337-70), dunm. Prince Theodore Paleologo, (d. 1405), Governor of Lemnos. Princess Eirene Paleologo, (1327-56), married 1336 to Michael Asen, Tsar of Bulgaria. Princess Maria Paleologo, (d. 1401), married 1355 to Francesco Gattilusio, Seigneur des Lesbos, with issue. Andronico Gattilusio, +6.8.1384. Domenico Gattilusio, +6.8.1384. Jacopo Gattilusio, Lord of Lesbos (1384-1404) as Francesco II, +26.10.1404; m. NN, with issue. Jacopo Gattilusio, Lord of Lesbos, +1428; m.Valentina Doria, with issue. “Daughter” Gattilusio, 1418 to Niccolo Crispo, Lord of Santorini. Dorino I Gattilusio, Lord of Lesbos, +30.6.1455; married to Orietta Doria, with issue. Francesco III Gattilusio, Lord of Thasos; m.N Gattilusio, dau.of his cousin Palamede, (see below), dsp. Domenico Gattilusio, Lord of Lesbos (1455-58); m. Maria-Giustiniana Longo. Niccolo Gattilusio, Lord of Lesbos (1458-62), +Constantinople 1462, married to Maria Adorno, with issue. Dorino III Gattilusio, Lord in Exile of Lesbos (1462 – 88), married to Bianchina de’Franchi de Paolo, with issue. Anna Gattilusio, (d.1532 Malta), married to Emmanuele di Cristoforo, (see on this page). Ginevra Gattilusio; m.1444 Jacopo II Crispo Duke of Archipelago (*1426 +1447) . Caterina Gattilusio, +VII.1442; m.27.7.1441 Emperor Konstantinos XI of Byzantium, Despot of Morea (*1405 +1453), (see above). Maria Gattilusio; m Alexandros Komnenos, Emperor of Trebizond. Palamede Gattilusio, (d. 1455), Signore di Ainos, married with issue. Giorgio Gattilusio, (d. 1449), married 1444 to to Helena Notaras, with issue. Palamede Gattilusio, (exiled to Rhodes Island). Maria Caterina Gattilusio, married to  Prince Andreas Paleologo, (see above). Dorino II Gattilusio, Signore di Ainos, (exiled to Naxos 1456), married to Elisabetta Crispo dei Duchi di Naxos. Caterina Gattilusio, married to Marino Doria. Ginevra Gattilusio, married to Lodovico Campofregoso, Doge of Genoa. Costanza Gattilusio, married to Gian Galeazzo Campofregoso of Genoa. N. Gattilusio, married to Francesco Gattilusio, Signore di Thassos, (see above). Valentina Gattilusio, married 1455 to Giorgio del Carreto. Eugenia Gattilusio, +1440; m.before 1397 Emperor Ioannes VII of Byzantium (*1370 +1408). Helene Gattilusio; m.1405 Stjepan Lazarevich, Despot of Serbia (+1427). Caterina Gattilusio; m.Pietro Grimaldi, Baron de Bueil. (illegitimate) Giorgio Gattilusio 1396-1411, married to Francesca Ghizolfi, with issue. Giambattista Gattilusio, married to Caterina N, with issue. Bianca Gattilusio, 1457-98, married to Cipriano Pallavicini. Giuliano Gattilusio 1457 -., descendants in Naxos till 17th Century. Meliano Gattilusio, married to Oreitta N. Princess Theodora Paleologo, (d. 1376), married N. Philanthropenos. (illegitimate) Eirene Paleologo, (d. 1341), married 1335 to Basil I Comneus, Emperor of Trapezunt. Married (2) to Giacomo di Cristoforo, (d. 1350), created Hereditary Count of the Byzantine Empire., with issue. Conte Michele di Cristoforo, married (c. 1350), with issue. Conte Demetrio di Cristoforo, married (c. 1380), with issue. Conte Demetrio II di Cristoforo, married (c., 1430), married to Anna Giustiniani, with issue. Conte Emanuele di Cristoforo, (arrived in Malta 1530), married (c. 1500) to Anna Gattilusio dei Signors di Lesbos (see above), with issue. Conte Giorgio di Cristoforo, married (c.1539) to Nobile Paolina Navarra, with issue. Conte Michele di Cristoforo, married c.1564 to Nobile Antonia Xara, with issue. Conte Giorgio Demetrio di Cristoforo, married (1) 1602 Tarxien to Domenica Burlo, married (2) 1604 Tarxien to Marietta, former wife of Valentino Veneziano, married (3) 1622 Vittoriosa to Giovannella Ciantar, with issue. (Second marriage) Contessa Vittoria di Cristoforo, married 1648 Valletta to Giorgio Clichicas of Greece. (Third marriage) Contessa Eugenia di Cristoforo, married 1649 Vittoriosa (Notary Gio Domenico Pace) to Notary Giacinto Cauchi, with issue. Nobile Cornelia Cauchi di Cristoforo, married 1671 Valletta to Dr Lorenzo Ubaldesco de Piro JUD. Nobile Isabella Cauchi di Cristoforo, married 1707 Valletta to Ignazio Murgentia. Conte Michele di Cristoforo, married to Maria Anna Pellegrino, with issue. Conte Fabrizio di Cristoforo, married 1651 Senglea to Clelia Carbott, with issue. Conte Giacomo di Cristoforo, married 1673 Valletta to Sinforese Bernardi, with issue. Conte Fabio di Cristoforo, married (1) 1706 Valletta to Diana Petralita, married (2) 1722 Valletta to Anna Troisi, with issue. (First marriage) Conte Claudio di Cristoforo, married 1740 Valletta to Rosa Alos, with issue. Conte Mro Giovanni di Cristoforo, married 1769 Valletta to Rosa Dimech, with issue. Conte Felice di Cristoforo d’Avolas, Private secretary to HRH, Duke of Sussex in Great Britain, dsp. Contessa Maria di Cristoforo d’Avolas, married 1815 Valletta to Antonio Attard de Boullion. Contessa Marcella di Cristoforo, married 1685 Valletta to Gio Battista Majoli. Contessa Maruzza di Cristoforo, married 1700 Valletta to Enrico Debono, with issue. Nobile Antonia Debono di Cristoforo, married 1729 Valletta to Francesco Corogna. Contessa Caterina di Cristoforo, married 1677 Valletta to Gaetano Egidio, with issue. Nobile Maddalena Egidio di Cristoforo, married 1697 Valletta to Lorenzo Zarb. Conte Pietro Antonio di Cristoforo, married (1) 1649 to Graziulla Amatucci, married (2) 1657 Valletta to Francesca Grazia Abela, with issue. (First marriage) Conte Francesco di Cristoforo, married 1677 Vittoriosa to Maria Vella, with issue. Conte Pietro Salvatore di Cristoforo, married (1) 1704 Vittoriosa to Lucrezia Scopiglotto, married (2) 1725 Vittoriosa to Clara Brunet, with issue. (Second marriage) Conte Gio Antonio di Cristoforo, married 1755 Vittoriosa to Teresa Antignolo, with issue. Contessa Caterina di Cristoforo, married 1789 Vittoriosa to Chirugo Antonio Abela. Conte Annetto di Cristoforo, married 1782 Vittoriosa to Eugenia Namura. Conte Vittorio di Cristoforo, married 1726 Valletta to Giovanna Pullicino. Contessa Caterina di Cristoforo, married 1715 Zejtun to Domenico Rizzo. Conte Vincenzo di Cristoforo, married 1676 Vittoriosa to Anna Giambert. Conte Natale di Cristoforo, married 1677 Vittoriosa to Maria Attard, with issue. Contessa Lorenza di Cristoforo, married 1701 Vittoriosa to Giacinto Moneta. Contessa Rosa di Cristoforo, married 1705 Vittoriosa to Antonio Varzin. (Second marriage) Contessa Antonia Maria di Cristoforo, married 1672 Vittoriosa to Jacopo Stefano de Giorgio. Conte Constantino Natale di Cristoforo, married 1656 Senglea to Vittoria di Scapolo, with issue. Contessa Nathalie di Cristoforo, Nun, dunm.l. (illegitimate with Fra Giambattista de Taxis, (1594-1637) dei Marchesi di Paullo) Armellina di Cristoforo, married 1671 Valletta to Mro Giovanni Zia. (illegitimate Fra Giambattista de Taxis, (1594-1637) dei Marchesi di Paullo) Aloisio Christoforo, married 1669 Valletta to Maria Ferrari. Contessa Orsola di Cristoforo, married 1661 Vittoriosa to Francesco Manno. Conte Giorgio di Cristoforo, Abbott, dunm. Conte Carlo di Cristoforo, Abbott, dunm. Conte Francesco di Cristoforo, married 1594 Senglea to Lucia Oliva. Conte Emanuele di Cristoforo, dsp. Contessa Anna di Cristoforo, Nun, dunm.. Contessa Leonora di Cristoforo. Contessa Maria Eleanora di Cristoforo, nun, dunm. Conte Michele di Cristoforo, Priest, dunm. Conte Domenico di Cristoforo, (c. 1542), married with issue. Conte Emanuele di Cristoforo, (c. 1578). Contessa Eleanora di Cristoforo, married 1563 to Giovanni Cauchi. Conte Giacomo di Cristoforo, Abbott, dunm. Contessa Anna Giovanna di Cristoforo, married to Sig Gio Tomaso d’Orlandes de Rinaldo. (illegitimate) N. Paleologo, married 1330 to Uzbeck Khan, Khan of the Golden Horde. Prince Manuel Paleologo, (d. 1319). Princess Anna Despina Paleologo, (d. 1321), married (1) 1313 to Thomas Angelos, Despot of Epirus e Aetolia, married (2) 1318 to Nickolaos Orsini, Conte di Cephalenia. Princess Theodora Paleologo, married (1) 1320 to Tsar Todor Swetoslav of Bulgaria, married 1324 to Michael III, Tsar of Bulgaria. Prince Constantine Paleologo, (d. 1329), Despot of Thessalonica, married (1) 1295 to Theodora Muzalon, married (2) to Eudokia Neokaisareitissa., dspl. Michael Paleologo Katharos. Prince John Paleologo, (1286-1307), Despot of Thessalonica, married 1303 to Eirene Chumnaina. Prince Theodore Paleologo, (1291-1338), Marquis of Montferrat, Italy, married 1307 to Argentina Spinola of Genoa, with issue. Prince Giovanni II Paleologo, (d. 1372), Marchese di Montferrat, married (1) 1221 to Cecile de Comminges d’Astarac, married (2) 1358 to Infanta dona Isabel de Majorica, with issue. (Second marriage) Prince Secondotto Paleologo, (1361-murdered 1378), Marchese di Montferrat, married (1) 1377 to Violante Visconti, Duchess of Clarence, dsp. Prince Giovanni III Paleologo, (killed in battle 1381), Marchese di Montferrat. Prince Teodoro II Paleologo, (1364-1418), Marchese di Montferrat, married (1) to Argentina Malaspina, married (2) 1393 to Jeanne de Bar, married (3) 1403 to Marguerite de Savoie, married with issue. (Second marriage) Prince Gian Giacomo Paleologo, (1395-1445), Marchese di Montferrat, married 1411 to Jeanne de Savoie, with issue. Princess Isabella Paleologo, married 1436 to Lodovico I, Marchese di Saluzzo. Prince Giovanni IV Paleologo, (d. 1464), Marchese di Montferrat, married 1458 to Marguerite de Savoie, with issue. Princess Margherita Paleologo, (1456-1496), maried (1) to Pierre de Luxembourg, Comte de Brienne, married (2) 1480 to Viktoryn Podiebrad, Duke of Munsterberg and Troppau. (illegitimate) Sara Paleologo, married 1453 to Niccolo Piccinimo. (illegitimate) Scipone Paleologo, (murdered 1485), married to N. Piccinimo, with issue. Niccolo Paleologo di Montferrato, (c. 1566), married with issue. Matteo Paleologo di Montferrato, (c. 1570), married with issue. Gerolamo Paleologo di Montferrato, (1610-), married with issue. Giam Paolo Paleologo di Montferrato, (1601-), married with issue. Francesco Paleologo di Montferrato, (1629-), married with issue. Nicoletto Paleologo di Montferrato, (1676-), married to Dona Gerolama Carafa, with issue. Spiridione Paleologo di Montferrato, (1740-), married with issue. Nicolo Paleologo, (1765-1831), married to Eugenia Assani, with issue. Giuseppe Paleologo, (1816-1888), married with issue. Nicolo Paleologo, (1864-). Andrea Paleologo, (1818-1907), married with issue. Andrea-Oreste Paleologo, (1891-). Focion Paleologo, (1892-). Alessandro Paleologo, (1863-1903). Timoleon Paleologo, (1865-), married with issue. Andrea Paleologo. Calliope Paleologo. Giovanni Paleologo, (1768-, married to Caterina Migliaressi, with issue. Demetrio Paleologo, (1775-, married to Caterina N, with issue. Caterina Paleologo di Monferrato, married to Tomaso Ghika-Paleologo, (see above). Prince Guglielmo X Paleologos, (1420-1483), Marchese di Montferrat, married (1) 1465 to Marie de Foix, married (2) 1469 to Elisabetta Sforza of Milan, with issue. (Second marriage) Princess Bianca Paleologo, (1472-1519), married 1485 to Charles I, Duke of Savoy. Princess Giovanna Paleologo, (1473-1490), married 1481 to Lodovico II, Marchese di Saluzzo. (illegitimate) Lucrezia Paleologo, Signorina di Bistagno, Monastero, Cassinasco e San Giorgio 1464, married (1) 1464 to Giambartolomeo, Marchese di Carretto, married (2) 1472 to Rinaldo d’Este. (illegitimate) Margherita Paleologo, married 1487 to Hector Aynard, Seigneur de Montfort et de Chalencon. Prince Bonifacio IV Paleologo, (1424-1494), Marchese di Monferrat, married (1) to Orvietana Fregoso of Genoa, married (2) 1483 to Helene de Bretagne de Bosse, married (2) 1485 to Princess Marija Brankovic of Serbia, with issue. (Third marriage) Prince Guglielmo XI Paleologo, (1486-1518), Marchese di Montferrat, married 1508 to Anne d’Alencon, with issue. Princess Maria Paleologo, (1509-1531), dunm. Princess Margherita Paleologo, (1510-1566), married 1531 to Federigo II, Duke of Mantua. Prince Bonifazio V Paleologo, (1512-1530), Marchese di Montferrat. Prince Gian Giorgio Sebastiano Paleologo, (1488-1533), Marchese di Montferrat, married 1533 to Princess Giulia of Naples, dsp.l. (illegitimate) Flaminio Paleologo, (d. 1571), Signor de San Giorgio e Caluso 1532, Governor of Casal, Pretender to Montferrat, married to Lucia Fanzini, with issue. Giovanni Paleologo, (d. 1540). Laura Paleologo, married 1589 to N. Margherita Paleologo, married 1589 to N. Scazzoso. Teodoro Paleologo, Ambassador of Mantua 1536, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, (died in Spain), married to Lorenza Castiglioni, with issue. Flaminio Paleologo, (1562-1624), married to Margherita Monaldi, with issue. Pietro Paleologo, (1582), married to Rosanna Mariani d’Aquilor, with issue. Biagio Paleologo, (1622-1697), married to Francesca Pex, with issue. Isabella Paleologo, (1666-1712), married to Nicola Pallavicini. Pietro Paleologo, (1667-1704), married to Francesca Santucci, with issue. Biagio Paleologo Oriundi, (d. 1753), married to Margherita Mariani, with issue. Pietro Oriundi, (1719-), married to Teodora Morelli, with issue. Michele Oriundi, (1755-1816), married to Cecilia Russolini, with issue. Giuseppe Oriundi, (1792-1861), married to Maddalena Grassini, with issue. Luciano Oriundi, (1826-1904), married with issue. Ida Oriundi, (1854-1927), married to Achille Quintini. Andrea Oriundi, (1805-1867), married (1) to Sofia Osmani, married (2) to Cleofe Duranti, with issue. Federico Oriundi, (1858-1920), married to Itala Battaglici, with issue. Arnaldo Paleologo Oriundi, (1888-1939), (1930 Successful Court battle in Venice to add Paleologo to surname), married to Contessa Maria Angelica Porro, with issue. Teodoro Paleologo Oriundi, (1920-. Gabriella Paleologo Oriundi, (1922-. Carlo Paleologo Oriundi, (1924-, married with issue. Andrea Paleologo Oriundi, (1952-. Maurizio Paleologo Oriundi, (1956-. Flaminio Paleologo, married with issue. (Paleologo-Oriundi). Isabelle Paleologo, (d. 1589). Eleanora Paleologo, (d. 1589). Ferdinando Paleologo, (served the Gonzaga family), married with issue. Bernardino Paleologo, (d. 163), married with issue. Bonifacio Paleologo, (1583-1630), married with issue. Bonfacio Paleologo, (d. 1679), (Court Surgeon at Casale), married to N. Bobina, with issue. Giambattista Paleologo, (c. 1687), (Court Surgeon at Casale), married with issue. (illegitimate) Francesca Paleologo, (d. 1561), married (1) 1495 to Konstadini Comnino Arianti, Titular Prince of Macedonia and Duke of Achaia, married (2) 1535 to N. Caracciolo. Princess Sofia Paleologo, (d. 1434), married 1421 to Prince Ioannes VIII Paleologo, Emperor of the Byzantine Empire, (see above). Prince Guglielmo Paleologo, (d. 1400). Princess Margherita Paleologo, (d. 1420), married to Don Pedro of Aragon, Conte de Urgel. (illegitimate) Giovanni Paleologo, Podesta di Casale 1367, Signore di Occimiani 1375, Podesta of Acqui 1385. Princess Violanta Paleologo, (1318-1342), married 1330 to Aimon, Conte of Savoie. Prince Demetrio Paleologo, (d. 1343). Princess Simonis Paleologo, (1292-1336), married 1300 to Stepan Uros II, King of Serbia. (illegitimate) Maria Paleologo, married Tochtu Khan, of the Golden Horde. (illegitimate) Eirene Paleologo, married 1315 to John Dukas Angelos, Despot of Neiapatrai.
1.1.3. Prince Constantine Dukas Paleologo, (1261-1306), married to Eirene Raulaina, with issue. Prince John Komnenos Paleologo, (1291-1327), Despot of Macedonia, married to Eirene Metochitissa, with issue. Princess Maria Paleologo, (1313-55), married 1325 to Stepan Uros III, King of Serbia.
1.1.4. Prince Theodore Paleologo, (d. 1310), married N Libadarios.
1.1.5. Princess Eirene Paleologo, married 1278 to Ivan Asen III, Tsar of Bulgaria.
1.1.6. Princess Anna Paleologo, (1260-1300), married 1278 to Demetrios Michael Angelos.
1.1.7. Princess Eudokia Paleologo, (d. 1302), married 1282 to John II Comneus, Emperor of Trapezunt.
1.1.8. Princess Theodora Paleologo, married 1254 to David VI, King of Georgia.
1.1.9. (illegitimate)  Euphrosyne Paleologo, married 1266 to Nogaj Chan of the Golden Horne.
1.1.10. (illegitimate) Maria Paleologo, married 1265 to Abaka, Ilchan of Iran, married (2) Prince Charbanden in the Ottoman Empire.
1.2. Prince John Paleologo (d.1274), married with issue.
1.3. Prince Constantine Paleologo, (d. 1271), married with issue.
1.4. Princess Maria Paleologo, (1216-), married 1237 to Nikephoros Tarchaneiotes.
1.5. Princess Eirene Paleologo, (1218-84), married 1240 to Ioannes Kantakuzenos.
1.6. Princess N. Paleologo, married to Benedetto Zaccaria, Lord of Phocea, with issue.
1.6.1. Paleologo Zaccaria, (d. 1314), Lord of Phocea and Chios, married to Giacoma Spinola, with issue. Benedetto Zaccaria, (d. 1330), Lord of Chios, married to Ginevra Doria, with issue. Anna Zaccaria Paleologina, married 1325 to Nobile Riccardo de Vassallo. Martino Zaccaria, (killed 1345)Lord of Chios, married (1) to N. Ghisi, Lady of Chalandritza, married (2) to Guglielma Pallavicini, Marchesa di Boudonitza, with issue (second marriage click spouse). (First marriage). Centurione I Zaccaria, (d. 1382), Prince of Achaea, married to N. Asanes, with issue. Andronicus Asanes Zaccaria, Barone di Chalandritza, Prince of Achaea, (d. 1401), married to N. le Maure, with issue. Centurione II Zaccaria, (d. 1432), Prince of Achaea 1404-1430, married to Creusa Tocco dei Conti di Cefalonia, with issue. Catarina Zaccaria, (d. 1462), married to Prince Thomaso Paleologo, Despot of Morea, (see above). (illegitimate) John Asen Zaccaria, (dying in Rome 1469). Erard IV Zaccaria. Benedict Zaccaria. Stephen Zaccaria, Archbishop of Patras 1404-1424. N. Zaccaria, married 1418 to Olivierio Franco. Martino Zaccaria, (c. 1375). Maria Zaccaria, married to Pedro de San Superano, Prince of Achaea, 1396-1402. Giovanni Zaccaria, (d. 1359), married with issue. Manuele Zaccaria, (d. 1330).
1.6.2. Eliana Zaccaria, married to Andriolo Cattaneo.
1.6.3. Manuel Zaccaria.
(*1) : Ladies of Medieval Cyprus and Caterina Cornaro by Leto Severis, Nicosia 1995; ISBN 9963-8102-1-7.
        Page 100: Elena (sives Helena) although she grew up a fanatic Orthodox, was persudaded for political reasons to marry King John II of Cprus. The chronicler Leontios Machairas says that Elena Paleologina arrived at Xeros on the North Coast of Cyprus with a large retinue including her wet-nurse, who brought her up and whom Elena almost thought of as her mother. In this retinue was Thomas, the son of Elena’s wet-nurse whom Eleni loved as a brother. 
       Page 107: The son of Paleologina’s wet-nurse, Thomas, had now reached the high position of Chamberlain of the State in Cyprus, He was hated by everyone, as he had the absolute support of Queen Eleni. He was arrogant and cruel, because he knew that the Queen was protecting him.

[1]: The Papal title of Wzzini Paleologo.

Footnote: The title of Conte enjoyed by the family Wzzini Paleologo” (sic.) is remarkable as not only did the Royal Commissioners accord it precedence based on a direct recognition from a Grand Master, but they did so in full knowledge that the claimant could not produce any document purporting to testify how, when and in whose favour this title first originated. Other titles were subjected to a more punctilious examination. 
It will be recalled that at Maltese Law, a title not founded in Malta is only a foreign title and, as such, it can be considered for the purposes of precedence only if registration or Magistral recognition has been achieved. inaccordance with the rules of 1739 and 1795 as enacted by Grand Masters Despuig and Rohan.
In this case, no grant relative to the title of “Conte” enjoyed by the family Wzzini Paleologo  appears to have been registered in the Cancelleria of the Order. This title was examined as one of many other titles described in the Section of the report headed “Titles granted by foreign sovereigns during the Government of the Order of the Knights of Malta” (See:- “Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility”, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 192-198).
Published sources show this title of “Conte” as having been granted by Pope Clement XI on the 8 November 1711 and enjoying precedence in Malta with effect from 1722. This is not the case and does no justice to the conjectural exercise carried out by the Commissioners.
Moreover, the Commissioners arriving at their decision allowing this claim, attested that there was no proof of the title existing at any time before 1722.  
In view of the fact that the earliest reference of this title is found in a letter dated 1722 of Grand Master Zondadari to Ignazio Wzzini, it follows that this title was for all intents considered as one that originated in Malta, even though it was considered by the Commissioners under the section dedicated to foreign titles.
In regard to remainder of this title, it would appear on the basis of the Commissioners observations, that the title may be transmitted to male descendants descending through a female line by regular primogeniture. In fact the report observed that the title originally made out in favour of Wzzini was eventually succeeded to by the Ciantar Paleologo family whilst that cadets of that family are only entitled to the designation dei Conti (ex Comitibus).
The actual report reads as follows:
The gentleman who asserts a claim to the above title, Serafino Ciantar, has laid before the Commission no document showing when, on whom, and on what condition that title was conferred. He has, however, produced sufficient evidence that his family has constantly and unquestionably been in possession of that title, which was, moreover, on different occasions, recognized in several public Acts, by the Grand Masters, by whom some of the former holders of it were directly styled “Conte”. The said title having, as already noticed, passed to several persons, and having been also enjoyed by the male descendants of daughters, with the knowledge and approbation of the sovereigns of these islands, we have no hesitation in declaring that the present title is to be considered as still existing.
Among the documents exhibited by the claimant, we find three letters, bearing date respectively the 10th January, the 8th February and the 30th March 1722, addressed by Grand Master Zondadari to Ignazio Wzzini, who was then at Rome. The first of these letters contains the following superscription: Mag. Fideli Nobis dilecto Comiti Wzzini: the second is addressed thus, “Mag. Fideli Nobis dilecto Comiti Ignatio Wzzini”, and the third “Mag. Fideli Nobis dilectoCo. Ignatio Wzzini J.U.D.
The same Grand Master Zondadari, on the 22nd January 1722, in three different letters addressed respectively to Cardinal d’Althama, to Cardinal Cieufuegos, and to Bali Spinola, prefixed the title of Conte to the name of the said Ignazio Wzzini. Grand Master Manoel, by a letter dated the 4th November 1722, strongly recommended to the Vice Roy of Sicily, the Conte Ignazio Wzzini and Antonio Ciantar his son-in-law. Grand Master Pinto, appointing, on the 1st June 1750, Giorgio Serafino Ciantar, another of the claimant’s ancestors, and grandson ex filia of the said Conte Ignazio, to a lieutenancy in a company of the regiment of Citta Pinto, styles him Comiti et baroni St. Joannes MilitiDon Georgio Seraphino Ciantar Pallologo, Equiti Professo Sacri Militaris Ordinis S. Benedicti de Avis, in Lusitania, Fideli Vasallo nro Nobis in Christo Dilecto Salutem And Grand Master de Rohan, on the 17th May 1783, conferring upon a cadet of the family the commission of captain in a company of a regiment of chasseurs (cacciatore  The Cacciatori or Talconiere, were during the Government of the Order, a body of volunteers) addressed him thus: NobiliJosepho ex Comitibus Ciantar, fideli Vassallo uro Nobis in xto Dilecto Salutem.
Another proof of the existence of this title is desumed by the claimant from two patents issued on the 11th September 1738, by John, King of Portugal, appointing the Conte Fr. Ignazio Wzzini, Knight of the Order of St. Benedict de Avis, and containing the necessary direction for his investiture. In those two patents the said Ignazio Wzzini is styled Conte.
It is proper to remark, in order to remove any difficulty that may arise from the adoption of the different surnames of Wzzini and Ciantar that Count the Conte Ignazio Wzzini had no other children but one daughter named Teodora, who married Giovanni Antonio Ciantar. Of Teodora Conte Serafino was born, who left on his death the Conte Gio Battista, father of the present claimant Serafino, who became the first-born son of the family, by the decease, without issue, of his eldest brother the Conte Giovanni Antonio Ciantar. 
It is unnecessary for us to offer any remarks on the other papers produced by the claimant, inasmuch as we think that Serafino Ciantar has fully established his claim to the title of “Conte”, although we cannot point out the date of the creation of that title, as we have been able to discover nothing with respect to that point in the documents we have inspected. 
We cannot, however, omit to state that there is nothing to show that the ancestors of Count Ignazio Wzzini were also in possession of the title. In no place of published histories of Malta, the Wzzini family, before the Conte Ignazio, is referred to as a titled family: and in a certificate relating to the baptism of the above-named Conte Serafino Ciantar, senior, son of the said Contessa Teodora Ciantar Wzzini, daughter, as already stated, of Conte Ignazio Francesco Wzzini, the last-mentioned person, who stood as godfather, is not described as son of the Conte Paolo, but simply Filius quondam Dni Pauli, ejusdem civitatis Vallettae , although it must be presumed that such designation was written down in the certificate in question as dictated by the father of the christened child, or by the godfather himself. In allowing the present claim, we think, however, ourselves justified in adding that the claimant has not shown that his family was in possession of the title of “Conte” prior to the year 1722.