“Grimaldi di Genoa”

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Otto Canella, Consul of Genoa 1162, 1170, 1184

1. Grimaldo Grimaldi (c. 1162, 1184), Consul of Genoa, with issue.

1.1. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1188, 1210, d. 1232), married to Corrardina Spinola, d/o Oberto, with issue.

1.1.1. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1235, 1258),  married to Sibilla N, with issue. Dominica Grimaldi, (c. 1251). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1253). Taddeo Grimaldi, (c. 1257, 1277, 1288), married (1) to Simona Fieschi, married (2) to Gioffredina Becchignone, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1264, 1292), married to Aidela N, with issue. Roberto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1312). Margherita Grimaldi, (c. 1302), married to Conte di Verrina. Simona Grimaldi, (c. 1302), married to Raffo Lercari. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1293), married to Leonardo de Vedereto. Obertino Grimaldi,. (c. 1287, 1310), married to Clarisa N, with issue. Baldoino Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married with issue. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1355). Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1355), married to Teodora Lercari, with issue. Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1407), married to Franca Grimaldi, d/o Francesco. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1350), married to Giovanni Vento. Brancaleone Grimaldi, (c. 1316). Taddeo Grimaldi, (c. 1330), Signore di Gattieres, Conte di Nizza. Saraceno Grimaldi, (c. 1322, 1333), married to Clarissa Perrone, with issue. Clarisia Grimaldi, (c. 1348). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1379), married to Eliana N, with issue. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1405), married to Benedetto Grimaldi s/o Francesco. Niccolosia Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1412), married to Simone Malocello. Cristofaro Grimaldi, (c. 1395). Pometta Grimaldi, (c. 1398), amrried to Ambaldo Lomellino. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1379), married to Francesco Cattaneo. Alaona Grimaldi, (c. 1348, 1400), married to Luca de Carli. Isabella Grimaldi, married to Niccolo II de la Porte. Grimalda Grimaldi, (c. 1343), married to Benedetto Anfosso. Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1308), married to Aiguina N, with issue. Francoilina Grimaldi, (c. 1348), married to Domenico Rocca. Barbara Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1308), married to Andrea Raistroppo. N. Grimaldi, ‘Nun’, (c. 1348). Alda Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1348), married to Palamede Salvago. Sobrana Grimaldi, (c. 1348). Agnese Grimaldi, (c. 1287, 1306), married to Simone Malocello. Pambello Grimaldi, (c. 1287, 1313), married (1) to Damiana de Cassine, married (2) to Cara N,. with issue. (First Marriage) Ambrogio Grimaldi, (c. 1331, 1351), married (1) to Cattarina N, married (2) to Pietra Grimaldi d/o Cristano., with issue. (First marriage) Carlotto Grimaldi, (c. 1352), married to Teodora Pansano, with issue. Franca alim Teodora Grimaldi, married to Paolo Grillo. Pietrino Grimaldi, (c. 1352). Dario Grimaldi, (c. 1352). Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1313). Dario Grimaldi, (c. 1308), with issue. Pambello Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Segurano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Filippone Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1322). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1272), married to Giacomo Vento. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1257).

1.1.2. Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1210, 1257), married with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (d. 1259), with issue. Guglielmo Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1272), married to Giaobina N, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1293, 1302). Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1268). Lucchetto Grimaldi, (c. 1250, 1263), with issue. Verdina Grimaldi, (c. 1255, married to Manfredo Marchese di Gavi. Borgognino Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1232, 1306), married to Giacoba N, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1308), with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1329). Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1329), married to Pietra N, with issue. Richerio Grimaldi, (c. 1330, 1333, 1352), with issue. Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1371), married to Antonio Cattaneo. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1328, 1333), married to Clarisia Squarcia, with issue. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1348), married to Francesco Grimaldi, s/o Ansaldo. Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1348, 1351), ‘Nun’. Zaccaria Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Borgognino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1340, 1346), married to Aiguina Becchignone. Guglielmo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Canuto Grimaldi, (c. 1332). Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1350). Abramo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Alerame Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1346, 1348). Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1348, 1352), married to Corrardo di Negro. Margherita Grimaldi, (c. 1259), married to Francesco Nepitelli. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1279, 1306), married to Pietro Fiesco, married (2) to Giuseppe, Marchese di Ceva. Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1269). Pietrino Grimaldi, (c. 1253, 1263). Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1288, 1316), married to Tiburgia N, with issue. Bartolommeo Grimaldi, (c. 1358). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1332, 1358). Mileto Grimaldi, (c. 1306), with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Margarita Grimaldi, (c. 1358). Montano Grimaldi, (c. 1316, 1332), with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Andalo Grimaldi, married to Astruga di Boglio, with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1354), Signore di Boglio, married to Beatrice de Glandevez-Cuers, with issue. Louis Grimaldi, Signore de la Vallee de Massoins, (d. 1435), dunm.l. Gaspard Grimaldi, legitime par le Conte di Savoie. Louise Grimaldi, married to Guillaume Medullioni. Jean Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil, Senechal de Provence 1388, married 1381 to Bigotte Grimaldi, (see on this page), with issue. Pierre Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil, married to Catherine Guttalusio dei Signore de Lesbos, with issue. Jacques Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil, Governor of Nice 1462, married 1487 to Catherine de Caretto de Finale, with issue, Georges Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil, married (1) to Marguerite Cossa, married (2) to Marie de Simiane-Gordes, dsp. Honore I Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil 1581, married (10 to Batista Fregose, married (2) to Barthelemie de Ceve, with issue. Rene Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil, married to Thomassine Lascaris de la Brigue, with issue. Honore II Grimaldi, Comte de Beuil, Governor of the County of Nice, (d. 1591), married to Julie Picamilli, with issue. Annibal Grimaldi, (d. 1621), Comte de Beuil, married (1) 1575 to Anna Francoise de Provana, married (2) 1606 to Catherine Madruzzi de Chalant, with issue. (First marriage) Andre Grimaldi, Baron de Massouins, married (1) 1619 to Anne de Saulx, married (2) to Marthe de Grasse, with issue. (First marriage) Melchior Grimaldi, dunm. Anne Grimaldi. Gabrielle Grimaldi. Henrietta Grimaldi. Aurelie Grimaldi. (Second marriage) Honorat Grimaldi, Baron de Laval, de Massouins et Beuil, dunm. Gaspard Grimaldi, dunm. Antoine Grimaldi, dunm. Maurice Grimaldi, (d. 1698), dunm. Claire Grimaldi. Anne Grimaldi. Marthe Grimaldi. Francoise Grimaldi. Marianne Grimaldi. Henriette Grimaldi. Louis Grimaldi. Benedicte Grimaldi. Jeanne Grimaldi. Beatrice Grimaldi. Eleanore Grimaldi, married 1602 to Madelon de Marseille-Vintimille. Julie Grimaldi, married to Jean Antoine Malabail de Canale. Catherine Grimaldi, married to Philippe Lucerne. Marguerite Grimaldi, married to Charles Gasse. Marguerite Grimaldi, married 1581 to Jean de Louvet. Victoire Grimaldi, married to Joachim de Simiane. Francois Grimaldi. Alexandre Grimaldi, Ecuyer. Fr Louis Grimaldi, (d. 1608), Bishop of Gandeves. Jean-Francois Grimaldi, (d. 1580), Baron de Beuil, married to Sybille de Renaud, with issue. Scipion Grimaldi, Ecuyer. Honore Grimaldi, Baron de Beuil, married to Madeleine Etiennette, with issue. Annibal Grimaldi, married to Michelle d’Albaville de Montaler. Pierre Grimaldi, Signore de Mirabel. Charles Grimaldi. Francoise Grimaldi. Cesar Grimaldi. Pierre Grimaldi. Blanche Grimaldi. Cassandre Grimaldi. Pierre Grimaldi. Jacques Grimaldi. Claudine Grimaldi, married to Boniface Trucchietti. Anna Grimaldi, married to Pierre Lascaris de Bussone. Honoree Grimaldi, married to Honore de Castellane. Georgette Grimaldi, married to Jean de Cays. Jean-Baptiste Grimaldi, married to Francoise de la Baume, with issue. Octavien Grimaldi. Frederic Grimaldi. Francois Grimaldi. Jacques Grimaldi. Catherine Grimaldi. Anne Grimaldi. Madeleine Grimaldi. Francoise Grimaldi. Marguerite Grimaldi, married to Louis de Forbin. Louis Grimaldi, Signore de Levens, married to Marguerite de Brancas-Villars, with issue. Jean I Grimaldi, Signore de Levens et Autres, married 1504 to Marguerite de Forbin, with issue. Jean II Grimaldi, Signore de Levens, (d. 1603), married to Francoise de la Baume, with issue. Cesar Grimaldi, Signore de Levens, married 1582 to Philippe de Grasse-Cabri, with issue. Jean Grimaldi, dunm. Honore Grimaldi, Signore di Levens et de Rimplas, married 1626 to Suzanne de Gouse, with issue. Cesar Grimaldi, dunm. Raymond Grimaldi, dunm. Felice Grimaldi, dunm. Philippe-Emmanuele Grimaldi, Signore de Levens et de Rimplas, 1st Consul of Nice, 1682, 1692, married 1660 to Dorothee Bonfiglio, with issue. Jean-Francois Grimaldi, Chevalier Grimaldi, married 1737 to Anne-Marie Guilbert, dsp. Honore Grimaldi, Signore de Levens, Comte de Rimplas, married (1) 1696 to Victoire Leotardi, married (2) Lucrece Tondut, with issue. Marie-Agnes Grimaldi, married 1722 to Jean Augustin Peyre de Nice, Comte de la Costa, Co-Seigneur de Chateauneuf. Jean-Baptiste Philippe Francois Grimaldi, Signore de Levens, Comte de Rimplas, Baron de Ste Agnes, married to Anne Marie Rosa Caissotti, with issue. Jean-Baptiste Joseph Marie Grimaldi, (d. 1776), Signore de Levens, Comte de Rimplas, dunm. Marie Claire Victoire Grimaldi, married 1774 to Cesar-Joseph Grimaldi, Marquis de Boves et Peveragno. Fra Benoit Grimaldi, (d. 1750), Prieur d’Aspremont. Marguerite Grimaldi, married to Jean-Baptiste Gallean. Anne-Francois Grimaldi, married to Honore de Grasse. Catherine Grimaldi, married to Dominique Constantin de Chateauneuf. Marthe Grimaldi, married to Jean-Francoiss Fabri. Lucrece Grimaldi, married to Honore de Barcillon. Isabella Grimaldi, married to Honore de Blacas. Claire Grimaldi, married to Francois Oger. Georgina Grimaldi, married to Jean de Cays. Fr Jacques Grimaldi, Canon. Claude Grimaldi, Conte Palatine Grimaldi. Guillaume Grimaldi. Jean Grimaldi. Valence Grimaldi, married to Astoaud du Comtat. Yolande Grimaldi. Marguerite Grimaldi. Bonne Grimaldi. Jeanne Grimaldi. Barnabe Grimaldi. Angle Grimaldi. Catherine Grimaldi. Guglielmo olim Guirestagio Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1358). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1270). Lanfranco Grimaldi, (c. 1253, d. 1291)., married to Aurelia del Carretto, with issue. Bertone Grimaldi, (c. 1293), married to Filippa N, with issue. Bertone Grimaldi, (c. 1326, 1253), married to Bigottas Camilla. Guigno Grimaldi, (c. 1316), with issue. Greppo Grimaldi, (d. 1333), with issue. Teramo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Lanzarotto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Lombardo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Lorenzo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Martino Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1395), married to Bianca N, with issue. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1367), married to Giuliano Grimaldo, s/o Giuliano. Martino Grimaldi, (c. 1367, 1382, 1395), married to Bianca Perrone, with issue. Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1395, 1402), married to Battista Ricci Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1374). Goffredo Grimaldi, (c. 1374, 1384, 1400). Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1361, 1374, 1385), married to Lotto Gambacorta di Pisa, married (2) to Brasco Salvago. Agamennone Grimaldi, (c. 1333)., married with issue. Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1345), married to Lucano Gentile. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Iglesia N, with issue. Gherardo Grimaldi, (c. 1378, 1383, 1398), married to Fiamenga N, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1394). Lucchina Grimaldi, (c. 1383). Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1382). Costanza Grimaldi, (c. 1382). Gianotto Grimaldi, (c. 1440). Bigotta Grimaldi, (c. 1383), married to Gio Grimaldi, Signore di Boglio. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1382), married to Tommaso Falletto. Perrone Grimaldi, (c. 1383). Napoleone Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1397), married to Isabella Cybo, dsp. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1392), married to Selvaggia Usodimare, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1448), married to Prospero Ravaschiero. Demetrio Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1448, 1488), married to Bianca Grimaldi d/o Francesco, with issue. Selvaggia Grimaldi, (c. 1462), married to Lodisio Spinola. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1485, 1499), marired to Tommasina Doria, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1554). Demetrio Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1522, 1554), married to N. Ausilia di Savona., with issue.. (Descendants in Cineo in Piemonte). Bianca Grimaldi. Ginevra Grimaldi,  ‘nun’. Agostino Grimaldi, ‘Priest’. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1485). Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1485). Novella Grimaldi, (c. 1420). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1420). Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Colombo Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Borgognina Grimaldi, (c. 1259), married to Andreolo Malocello. Christino Grimaldi, (c. 1250). Sorleone Grimaldi, (c. 1257, 1282, 1285), married (1) NN, married (2) to Giacoba N, with issue. (First Marriage) Valentino Grimaldi, (c. 1310), married to Ginevra Frandina. Christiano Grimaldi, (c. 1310, 1330, 1333), with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1377). Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1377). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1358). Peretta Grimaldi, (c. 1352), married to Ambrogio Grimaldi s/o Pambello. Leona Grimaldi, (d. 1330), married to Dr Gabriele di Sori. Cugino Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1293), with issue. Galvano Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1293), married to Francolina Embrianco. Rainero I Grimaldi, (c. 1287, 1291), Signore di Monaco, married (1) to Salvatica del Carretto, married (2) to Andriola Grillo, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo I Grimaldi, (c. 1306, d. 1363), Signore di Monaco, married to Lucchina Spinola, with issue. Carlo Grimaldi, Signore di Mentone, (Descendants in Sicily). Rainero II Grimaldi, (c. 1378, d. 1407),  Signore di Monaco, married (1) to Maria del Caretto, married (2) to Isabella Asinari, with issue. Ambrogio Grimaldi, (d. 1421), Signore di Monaco, (1419-1427), dunm. Giovanni I Grimaldi, (c. 1424, 1448, d. 1458), Signore di Monaco, married to Pomellina Fregoso, with issue. Catalan Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco, married to Blanche del Carretto, with issue. Rainero Grimaldi, d.inf. Claudia Grimaldi, Signora di Monaco, (1457-1458), married to Lamberto Grimaldi s/o Niccolo, (see on this page). Giovanni Grimaldi, d.inf. Grifetta Grimaldi, (c. 1421), married to Lodivico Lascaris dei Conti di Ventimiglia, with issue. Nobile Jacoba Lascaris dei Conti di Ventimiglia, married to Giovanni Grima, (See above). Giacomo Grimaldi. Giovanna Grimaldi. Gaspare Grimaldi. Maria Grimaldi. Enrico Grimaldi. Antoine Grimaldi, (d. 1427), Signore di Monaco, (1419-1427). Louis Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco, 1395-1402. Gabriele Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco 1352-1357. Francesco Grimaldi. Lancelot Grimaldi. Ruffo Grimaldi. Anastasia Grimaldi. Vinciguerra Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Nobile Costanza Ruffo, with issue. Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1336), married to Nobile Andreola Grillo with issue. Johannes Grimaldi sives Grima, (mentioned in the Milita List 1418-1419), married with issue. Andrea Grimaldi, sives Grima, (mentioned in the Milita List 1418-1419 in Qormi), married (c. 1410), with issue. Giovanni Grima, (c. 1415-1470), married to Nobile Jacoba Lascaris dei Conti di Ventimiglia, with issue. Ranieri Grima, (c. 1445-1490), married with issue. Federico Grima, (c. 1475 -1530), married with issue Tomaso Grima, (c. 1505 -1565), married (c. 1520) to Gioannella N, with issue. Geronimo sives Cataldo Grima, married 1545 Notary Don Brandino Caxaro to Nobile Caterina Bartolomea de la Barba, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1535 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Caterina Dimech, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1562 Notary Angelo Bartolo to Margherita Attard, with issue. Mro Pietro Grima, married 1600 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Nobile Vincenza Bonnici, with issue. Vittorio Grima, married 1635 Zebbug to Anna Bartolo, with issue. Giacobina Grima, married 1659 Zebbug to Pasquale Cila. Pietro Grima, married (1) 1664 Zebbug to Nobile Grazia Bonnici, married (2) 1688 Zebbug to Domenica Sammut, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Grima, married 1700 Valletta to Angela Sammut, with issue. Raimondo Grima, married 1728 Valletta to Giovanna Micallef, with issue. Angela Grima, married 1760 Valletta to Nobile Francesco Montaldo. Giovanni Grima, married 1780 Ghaxaq to Veneranda Zahra, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1803 Zejtun to Veronica Barbara, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1861 Ghaxaq to Sofia Giordano. Anna Grima, married 1831 Ghaxaq to Antonio Decelis. Clementina Grima, married 1834 Ghaxaq to Pietro Bonnici. Giovanna Grima, married 1840 Ghaxaq to Michele Angelo Spiteri. Saveria Grima, married 1843 Ghaxaq to Antonio Galea. Maria Anna Grima, married 1801 Ghaxaq to Nobile Felice Drago. Saveria Grima, married 1777 Valletta to Felice Sagona. Gaetano Grima, married 1751 Cospicua to Margherita Attard. Maria Grima, married 1688 Zebbug to Antonio Tanti. (Second marriage) Maria Grima, married 1710 Zebbug to Francesco Calleja. Maria Grima, married (1) 1665 Valletta to Claude Colomber of France, married (2) 1681 Valletta to Ambroglio Dimech. Marietta Grima, married (1) 1631 Zebbug to Matteo Vella, married (2) 1631 Zebbug to Matteo Vassallo, with issue. (First marriage) Consalvo Vella, married (1) 1660 Valletta to Domenica Muscat, married (2) 1690 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppa Xiberras, with issue. (First marriage) Lorenzo Vella, married 1680 Valletta to Maria Grima, (see on this page), with issue. Giuseppe Vella, married 1696 Rabat Gozo to Francesca Cachia, with issue. Paolina Vella, married 1732 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Mercieca. Orazio Vella, married 1711 Gharb Gozo to Maria Cassar, with issue. Francesco Vella, married (1) 1729 Rabat Gozo to Anna Borg, married (2) 1737 Gharb Gozo to Angela Galea, with issue. (Second marriage) Saverio Vella, married 1768 Xaghra Gozo to Orsola Xerri, with issue. Anna Vella, married 1807 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Mizzi. Agostino Vella, married 1698 Matrice Gozo to Maria Zammit, with issue. Giuseppe Vella, married 1718 Gharb Gozo to Anna Cassar, with issue. Gio Battista Vella, married 1758 Xewkija, Gozo to Rosa Busuttil, with issue. Giuseppe Vella, married 1780 Xewkija, Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Rosa Vella, married 1804 Xewkija, Gozo to Francesco Cini. Caterina Grima, married 1637 Zebbug to Giacomo Muscat, married (2) 1665 Valletta to Francesco Calleja. Mario Grima, married 1599 Qormi to Margherita Azzopardi, with issue. Crispino Grima, married 1635 Qormi to Vennera Balzan. Martino Grima, married 1634 Valletta to Paulica Mifsud. Domenico Grima, married 1620 Qormi to Domenica Martines, with issue. Teodora Grima, married 1681 Mdina to Bartolomeo Vassallo. Matteo Grima, married 1620 Zejtun to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1661 Ghaxaq to Caterina Baldacchino, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married 1683 Tarxiem to Paolina Scolastica Attard, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1713 Tarxiem to Salvatore Eugenio de Schembri, Manumesso, with issue. Alessandra de Schembri, married 1753 Mosta to Simone Schembri. Battista Valerio Grima, married 1604 Gharghur to Enziona Micallef, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1658 Birkirkara to Maruzza Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1697 Valletta to Vittoria Borg, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married 1729 Birkirkara to Giovanna Mallia, with issue. Saverio Grima, married 1771 Birkirkara to Maddalena Micallef, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1801 Gharghur to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married 1838 Cospicua to Concetta Abela, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1856 Cospicua to Nobile Carmelo Abela. Marietta Grima, married 1599 Qormi to Marco de Natolia, an Armenian, with issue. Geronimo de Natal, married 1634 Vittoriosa to Clemenza Bugeja, with issue. Natale de Natal, married 1677 Senglea to Olimpia Servillo, with issue. Geronimo de Natal, married 1709 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Portelli, with issue. Maddalena de Natal, married 1732 Valletta to Carlo di Rocco, with issue. Lorenzo di Rocco, married 1800 Valletta to Nobile Giovanna Peralta, with issue. Margherita di Rocco, married 1768 Valletta to Antonio Damanio. N. di Rocco, married 1775 Valletta to Francesco Borg. Giovanna di Rocco, married 1757 Valletta to Gio Battista Agius, with issue. Margherita Agius, married 1780 Balzan to Nobilis Felice Pace. Francesco de Natal, married 1710 Senglea to Maria Psaila. Antonio de Natal, married 1710 Valletta to Filippina Conti. Rosa de Natal, married 1696 Senglea to Giuseppe Dimech. Anna Maria de Natal, married 1707 Vittoriosa to Serafino Piccinino, with issue. Andrea Piccinino, married 1758 Valletta to Vincenza Xicluna, with issue. Claudia Piccinino, married 1798 Valletta to Paolo Axiach. Nicola Piccinino, married to Maria Anna Alunna, with issue. Vincenzo Piccinino, married 1819 Valletta to Barbara Cremona. Carmela Piccinino, married 1830 Valletta to Giuseppe Cutajar. Claudio Piccinino, married 1760 Valletta to Orsola Alunna di Fra Louis Antoine Davy, Marquis d’Amfreville. Rosa Maria de Natal, married 1657 Vittoriosa to Giacinto Galea. Margherita de Natal, married 1662 Vittoriosa to Nicola Rizzo. Grazia de Natal, married 1629 Vittoriosa to Paulo Gandolfo. Vennera Grima, married 1601 Valletta to Simone Zifo, of Spain, with issue. Angelo Zifo, married 1646 Valletta to Margherita Azzopardi. Olivia Zifo sives Xifo, married 1633 Valletta to Gio Maria Agius, with issue. Domenica Agius, married 1654 Valletta to Blasio Sant. Geronima Grima, married 1604 Cospicua to Salvatore Matteola, an Armenian, with issue. Argentina Matteola, married 1620 Cospicua to Antonio Psaila. Domenica Grima, married 1604 Zebbug to Giuseppe Schiavone, with issue. Valenza Schiavone, married 1631 Zebbug to Giuseppe Grima, (s/o Giacomo and Margherita). Biagio sives Bartolomeo Grima, married 1564 Qormi (Notary Vincenzo Cagege 1567) to Gioannella Camenzuli, with issue. Benedetto Grima, married 1604 Attard to Nobile Grazia Debono, with issue. Antonio Grima of Casal Lia., married (1) 1641 Mosta to Domenica Vella, married (2) 1650 Attard to Domenica Muscat, married (3) 1683 Mosta to Maria Frendo, with issue. (First Marriage) Geronimo Grima, married 1678 Naxxar to Maria Borg. (Second Marriage) Matteolo Grima, married 1680 Mosta to Imperia Vella, with issue. Paolina Grima, married 1752 Mosta to Saverio Cortis. Evangelista Grima, married 1738 Mosta to Poalo Busuttil. Caterina Grima, married 1740 Mosta to Pietro Muscat. Maria Grima, married 1742 Mosta to Maruzzo Deguara. Gio Maria Grima, married 1717 Mosta to Rosa Chetcuti, with issue. Michele Grima, married 1745 Nadur Gozo to Graziulla Mercieca, with issue. Rosa Grima, married 1781 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Giuseppe Grima, married 1777 Xaghra Gozo to Margherita Sultana, with issue. Grazia Grima, married 1810 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Xuereb. Giorgio Grima, married 1781 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Attard. Francesco Grima, married 1790 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Galea, with issue. Antonio Grima, married 1813 Rabat Gozo to Angliolina Calleja. Grazia Grima, married 1829 Valletta to Giovanni Farrugia. Gio Maria Grima, married 1788 Nadur Gozo to Maria Cremona, with issue. Michele Grima, married 1818 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Xicluna, with issue. Salvatore Grima, (Founder of Salvo Grima & Sons in 1860, Malta), married 1860 Valletta to Michelina Borg, with issue. Michael Grima, (CEO of Salvo Grima & Sons, Malta), married 1893 Valletta to Maria Calleja Schembri, with issue. Victor L. Grima, (CEO of Salvo Grima & Sons, Malta), married 1918 Valletta to Edwige Critien, with issue. Vera Grima, married to Major Stanley Aquilina Clews MBE, with issue. Lauren Aquilina Clews, (1946-), married to Narcy Calamatta. Michael Aquilina Clews, (1951-), married to Antoinette Griscti, with issue. Sarah Aquilina Clews, (1976-. Michael Aquilina Clews. Mona Grima, married to N. Aquilina. Vida Grima, married 1944 to Louis Naudi. Enid Mary Sunie Grima, married 1952 to Conte Dr Josef Franz Preziosi. Joseph Jojo Peter Grima, (1935-2019), married to Maryann Preca, with issue. Karen Grima. Gisel Grima. Darcy Grima. Annunziata Grima, married 1861 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Grazio Grima, married 1747 Nadur Gozo to Maria Graziulla Bugeja, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1771 Valletta to Giovanni Borg. Rosa Grima, married 1780 Valletta to Michele Fenech. Giovanni Grima, married (1) 1779 Valletta to Caterina Azzopardi, married (2) 1801 Valletta to Teresa Grima (d/o Grazio and Maria Spiteri), with issue (First Marriage) Paola Grima, married 1812 Valletta to Salvatore Agius. (Second Marriage) Grazia Grima, married 1831 Valletta to Paolo Camilleri. Lorenzo Grima, married 1787 Sannat Gozo to Maria Saliba, with issue. Margherita Grima, married 1817 Sannut Gozo to Michele Angelo Mercieca. Paola Grima, married 1836 Sannat Gozo to Battista Attard. Salvatore Grima, married 1822 Sannat Gozo to Maria Cassar. Felice Grima, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Vella, with issue. Antonia Grima, married 1815 Valletta to Francesco Bugeja. Francesco Grima, married 1806 Cospicua to Teresa Formosa. Lazzaro Grima, married 1760 Mdina to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1784 Mosta to Liberata Vella, with issue. Anna Grima, married 1808 Mosta to Gio Maria Borg. Maria Grima, married 1806 Mosta to Andrea Zammit. Lazzaro Grima, married 1815 Mosta to Paola Muscat, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1839 Mosta to Maria Galea, with issue. Lazzaro Grima, married 1875 Balzan to Annunziata Grixti, with issue. Giuseppa Grima, married 1905 Mosta to Giuseppe Vella. Rosa Grima, married 1777 Mosta to Don Publio dei Principi Sayd. Laurica Grima, married 1788 Mosta to Francesco Mifsud. Grazia Grima, married 1799 Mosta to Paolo Galea. Francesco Grima, (1773 Mosta – 1855 Valletta), married 1819 Mosta to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Salvatore Grima, (1821 -1891 Mosta), married 1843 Mosta to Grazia Muscat, with issue. Antonio Grima, (1846 Mosta -1921 Souk-Ahras, Algeria), married 1871 Bone, Algeria to Caterina Portelli, with issue. Salvatore Grima, (1881-1938), married (1) 1913 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Marie Carmelle Cremona, married (2) 1920 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Anna Cremona, with issue. (Second marriage) Georgette Marie Grima, (1920 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1980 Vernon), married 1936 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Auguste Cremona. Augustin Grima, (1882-1959 Souk-Ahras, Algeria), married 1911 Bone, Algeria to Jeanne Camilleri. Grazia Grima, (1884-1959 Constantine, Algeria), married 1901 Bone, Algeria to Pierre Francois Sayd. Jean Grima, (1886-1968 Dijon, France), married 1919 Bone, Algeria to Pauline Vella, with issue. Charlotte Therese Grima, (1920 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1936 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Salvatore Michel Cremona. Michele Grima, (1897-), married 1915 Bone, Algeria to Carmele Camilleri. Michele Antonio Grima, (1834-1898 Bone, Algeria), married 1867 Bone, Algeria to Clara Zammit, with issue. Marie Grima, (1868-), married 1887 Barral, Algeria to Jean Nicolas Falzon. Carmena Grima, (1870-), married 1894 Bone, Algeria to Eugene Doniat, with issue. Delphine Claire Doniat, (1897-1901), d.inf. Claire Doniat, (1899-), married 1921 Le Tarf, Algeria to Henri Camille Mene. Joseph Doniat, (1903-, married to Maria Grima. Salvator Grima, (1872-1874), d.inf. Augustine Grima, (1874-1909 Barral, Algeria), married 1893 Barral, Algeria to Casimir Jacques Mertzinger, with issue. Michel Mertzinger, (1894-. Charles Jacques Mertizinger, (1897 Barral, Algeria -), married 1927 Mondovi, Algeria to Anna Louise Demma. Joseph Grima, (1875-. Louise Grima, (1878-. Francois Grima, (1880-. Salvator Grima, (1884-1889), d.inf. Alessandra Grima, married 1762 Mdina to Salvatore Bartolo. Gio Paolo Grima., married (1) 1686 Naxxar to Aloisea Mifsud, married (2) 1693 Lija to Grazia Vella, married (3) 1694 Casal Lia to Caterina Bondin., with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Grima, married 1716 Lija to Gregorio Mifsud. (Third marriage) Michele Grima., married (1) 1737 Mosta to Teresa Bonnici of Mosta, married (2) 1764 Mosta to Alessandra Bezzina, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Maria Grima, married 1773 Mosta/Mdina to Contessa Maria dei Conti Fenech-Bonnici, with issue. Angelo Grima., married (1) 1810 Mosta to Anne Deguara., married (2) 1824 Mosta to Modesta Debono., with issue. (First Marriage) Teresa Grima, married 1831 Mosta to Gio Maria Vella. Domenica Grima, married 1852 Mosta to Michele Vella. Gio Maria Grima, married 1843 Mosta to Maria Borg. Giuseppa Grima, married 1846 Mosta to Francesco Muscat. Maria Grima, married 1846 Mosta to Antonio Borg. (Second Marriage) Giovanni Grima, married 1856 Mosta to Rosa Muscat. Filomena Grima, married 1878 Mosta to Gio Maria Galea Giuseppe Grima, married (1) 1848 Qormi to Margherita Xuereb, married (2) 1859 Qormi to Maria Saliba, married (3) 1881 Mosta to Maria Frendo.  Michele Grima (d.1831), Created 1799 Hereditary Knight of the Russian Empire and of St John of Malta in Russia married 1799 to Princess Marie Czartoryski, with issue. Chevalier Angelo Grimov, 2nd Knight, (1801-69), married 1822 St Petersburg to Anastasia Zerafov, with issue. Chevalier Michele II Grimov, 3rd Knight, (1824-84), married 1845 to Georgina Borgski, with issue. Chevalier Angelo II Grimov4th Knight, (1849-1907), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier Alexis Grimov5th Knight, (1853-1927), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia. Chevalier Anton I Grimov, 6th Knight, (1860-1943), married 1890 to Baroness Nathalie Balkisky, with issue. Chevalier Angelo III Grimov, 7th Knight, (1891-1954), married 1925 to Baroness Marie Balksiky, with issue. Chevalier Carlo I Grimov , 8th Knight, (1927-99), 41st President of the Chamber of Nobility in Exile 1979 -1984., married 1952 to Princess Tatiana Axacov, with issue. Tatiana Grimov, (1953 -, married 1972 to Baron Ugolino Callejasky. Ursula Grimov, (1954-., married 1987 to Baron Andrea Mielov. Octavia Grimov, (1957-. married 1988 to Baron Enrico Callejasky. Natalia Grimov, (1960-, married 1985 to Aurelio Bresson, with issue. Karl Bresson, (1988-., married 2010 Paris to Aurelia de Yves, with issue. Isabella Bresson, (2011-. Henri Bresson, (1991-, married 2023 to Lauren van der Linden Fontani. Chevalier Anton II Grimov9th Hereditary Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, (1934- 2012)., married 1964 to Baroness Vincenza Callejasky, with issue. Chevalier Angelo IV Grimov, (1965-, 10th Hereditary Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, 50th President of the Chamber of Nobility in Russia 2018- Current, married 2008 to Louise Broch (Younger daughter of Simone Broch and Nathalie Grimaov), with issue. Nathalie Grimaov, (2009-. Tamara Grimaov, (2011-. Alexandria Grimaov, (2013 -. Chevalier Carlo Grimov, (1973-, Heir, married 2006 to Baroness Michele Mielov, with issue. Louise Grimaov, ( 2008-. Chevalier Michele Grimaov, (2010-. Chevalier Anton Grimaov, (2012-. Chevalier Michele Grimov, (1899-1971), married 1923 to Baroness Marie Saidov, with issue Nathalie Grimov, (1925-2009)., married 1952 to Simone Broch. Antonella Grimov, (1929-2011), married 1955 to Alexandre le Graverend. Natalia Grimov, (1851-1899), married 1894 to Count Cornelius O’Rouke, dsp. Leonora Grimov, (1857-1915), married 1896 to Baron Nicholas Korn, dsp. Elizabetta Grimov, (1862- 1924), married 1893 to Dimitry Buturlin, with issue. Michael Buturlin, (1895 – 1962), married with issue. Chevalier Carlo Grimov, (1826-91), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Marie Grimov, (1827-), married 1846 to Chev. Baldassare Borgski. Chevalier Tommaso Grimov., (1802-99), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia., dunm. Catherine Grimov., (1804-), married 1822 to Chevalier Gregori Speranov. Tatiana Grimov., (1805-)., married 1824 to Chevalier Giovanni Portughesky. Anastasia Grimov., (1808-)., married 1828 to Chevalier Igor Scivolisky Giovanni Grima, married 1765 Mosta to Nobile Grazia Cappello. Gio Paolo Grima, married 1768 Naxxar to Margherita Cassia, with issue. Angelo Grima, married 1791 Naxxar to Teresa Mallia, with issue. Margherita Grima, married 1816 Naxxar to Nobile Vincenzo Xuereb. Paolo Grima, married 1831 Naxxar to Grazia Farrugia. Anna Grima, married 1814 Naxxar to Andrea Borg. Maria Grima, married 1838 Naxxar to Giuseppe Curmi. Maria Grima, married 1796 Naxxar to Salvatore Galdes. Teresa Grima, married 1802 Naxxar to Andrea Camilleri. (Second Marriage) Maria Grima, married 1785 Mosta to Gio Maria Galea. Antonio Grima., married 1733 Mosta to Barbara Galea. Filippo Grima, married (1) 1727 Lija to Margherita Oliva, married (2) 1732 Mosta to Paolina Bezzina. Clara Grima, married 1726 Lija to Ignazio Vassallo. Grazia Grima, married 1734 Lija to Arcangelo Muscat. Serafina Grima, married 1738 Lija to Gio Maria Chetcuti. Teodora Grima, married 1738 Lija to Antonio Chetcuti. Gio Maria Grima, married 1693 Mosta to Alonsa ‘sives Anna’ Chetcuti, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1736 Gharghur to Anna Mula, with issue. Evangelista Grima, married 1784 Gharghur to Filippo Fenech. Antonio Grima, married 1738 Mdina to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married 1755 Mdina to Maria Grima (d/o Gregorio and Anna). Gio Maria Grima, married 1764 Mdina to Giovanna Gauci. Giuseppa Grima, married 1765 Mdina to Antonio Gauci. Giovanni Grima, married 1692 to Anna Fenech, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1720 Mosta to Maria Galea, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1741 Mosta to Annunziata Attard, with issue. Angelo Grima, married 1776 Siggiewi to Anna Borg, with issue Grazia Grima, married 1814 Mosta to Niccolo Grech-Testaferrata. Paola Grima, married 1819 Mosta to Giorgio Bezzina. Annunziata Grima, married 1806 Mosta to Giuseppe Mangion. Gio Maria Grima, married 1767 Naxxar to Bernarda Chetcuti, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1796 Mosta to Antonio Vassallo. Paolo Grima, married 1724 Mosta to Paolina Bezzina, with issue. Clemenzia Grima, married 1754 Mdina to Giovanni Calleja. Maria Grima, married 1742 Mosta to Lazzaro Chetcuti. Giuseppe Grima, married 1725 Mosta to Domenichella Fenech, with issue. Michele Grima, married 1769 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Debono, with issue. Teresa Grima, married 1802 Nadur Gozo to Nobile Giuseppe Debono. Alessandra Grima, married 1744 Mosta to Ludovico Camilleri. Giovanni Grima, married 1752 Mdina to Maria Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1782 Mdina to Monica Grima, (see on this page), with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1814 Mdina to Giuseppa Ciantar, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1838 Mdina to Teresa Cachia, with issue. Paolo Grima, married 1879 Mdina to Laura Falzon, with issue. Maria Concetta Grima, married 1920 Balzan to Giorgio Abdilla, with issue. Carmela Grima, married to Gio Maria de Marco. Pietro Grima, married (1) 1640 Lija to Maria Seichel., married (2) 1664 Lija to Domenica Micallef, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Grima, married 1674 Ghaxaq to Tomaso Farrugia. (Second Marriage) Alvaro Grima, married 1698 Rabat Gozo to Anna Maria Cutajar, with issue. Michel Angelo Grima, married 1724 Valletta to Maria Farrugia. Lutio Grima, married 1732 Mdina to Maria d’Orlando. Caterina Grima, married (1) 1656 Attard to Giulio Sammut of Gozo, married (2) 1658 Attard to Carlo Mifsud. Margherita Grima, married 1631 Attard to Domenico Galea. Maria Grima, married 1647 Attard to Leonardo Xiberras. Marietta Grima, married 1655 Attard to Antonio Barberi. Giuseppe Grima, married 1598 Lija to Nobile Imperia Attard, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married (1) 1621 Lija to Agata Ciantar, married (2) 1636 Lija to Margherita Xerri, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Grima, married 1654 Lija to Maria Agius, with issue. Gio Battista Grima, married 1683 Lija to Antonia Bugeja. Tomaso Grima, married (1) 1689 Mdina to Giovannella Vella, married (2) 1711 Zebbug to Sapienza Cilia, with issue. (First Marriage) Filippo Grima, married 1717 Mdina to Speranza Mifsud, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1754 Valletta to Diana Randon, with issue. Orsola Grima, married 1775 Valletta to Francesco Aquilina. Maria Grima, married 1775 Valletta to Giuseppe Portelli. Vincenza Grima, married 1783 Valletta to Vincenzo Portelli. Silvestro Grima, married 1724 Attard to Rosa Mifsud, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1757 Mdina to Elizabetta de Lorenzo. Natalzia Grima, married 1730 Cospicua to Giovanni Borg. Angelica Grima, married 1747 Attard to Giovanni Pisano. Domenica Grima, married 1754 Attard to Pasquale Sammut. Valenzia Grima, married 1683 Lija to Antonio Pisano. Marietta Grima, married 1661 Lija to Pietro Sant. Caterina Grima, married 1666 Lija to Pasquale Agius. Lorenzo Grima, married 1630 Lija to Maria Grech, with issue. Pasquale Grima, married 1656 Siggiewi and Rabat Gozo to Caterina Calleja, with issue. Grazio Grima, married 1680 Gharb Gozo to Grazia Spiteri, with issue. Tommaso Grima, married 1719 Gharb Gozo to Rosa Gatt, with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married 1745 Gharb Gozo to Maria Mercieca, with issue. Paolo Grima, married 1776 Gharb Gozo to Angelica Micallef, with issue. Tommaso Grima, (1781-1861), married (1) 1812 Gharb Gozo to Grazia Agius, married (2) 1826 Rabat Gozo to Antonia Apap, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Angelica Francesca Grima, (1827-1860), dunm. Giuseppa Angelica Giovanna Grima, (1828-1989), dunm. Giuseppe Michel Angelo Nicola Grima, (1831-1913), dunm. Michele Angelo Paolo Grima, (1832-1918), dunm. Giovanna Giuliana Margherita Grima, (1834-1899), dunm. Michele Angelo Publio Dionisio Grima, (1835-1899), dunm. Carmela Grazia Giuseppa Karmni Grima, (1838-1922), Saw the vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary on June 22, 1883, led to opening of Ta’Pinu Sanctuary in Gozo,  dunm. Andrea Aloysius Vincenzo Grima, (1840-), d.inf. Giuseppe Grima, married (1) 1815 Gharb Gozo to Rosa Camenzuli, married (2) 1848 Gharb Gozo to Giovanna Grima, (d.o Michele Angelo and Maria Farrugia). Lorenzo Grima, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Anna Micallef, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1845 Gharb Gozo to Michele Angelo Cauchi. Vincenza Grima, married 1816 Gharb Gozo to Michele Camilleri. Giuseppe Grima, married 1772 Gharb Gozo to Bernarda Mizzi, with issue. Paolo Grima, married 1800 Gharb Gozo to Paola Saliba. Felice Grima, married 1804 Gharb Gozo to Concetta de Manueli, with issue. Gio Maria Girolamo Grima, married 1838 Floriana to Giovanna Spiteri, with issue. Carmela Grima, married 1880 Floriana to Carmelo Spiteri. Michele Angelo Grima, married 1806 Gharb Gozo to Petronilla Agius, with issue. Giovanna Grima, married 1846 Gharb Gozo to Giuseppe Cauchi. Margherita Grima, married 1769 Gharb Gozo to Maruzzo Formosa. Paolo Grima, married 1765 Gharb Gozo to Maria Xiberras, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1808 Zejtun to Gaetana Caruana. Rosaria Grima, married 1793 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Mizzi. Grazio Grima, married (1) 1750 Matrice Gozo to Maria Vella, married (2) 1763 Gharb Gozo to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Vella, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1806 Cospicua to Teresa Formosa, with issue. Michele Grima, married (1) in Cospicua to Maria Cassar, married (2) 1834 Zejtun to Anna Mifsud, with issue. (First marriage) Salvatore Grima, married 1855 Cospicua to Rosa Camilleri. Benedetta Grima, married 1844 Cospicua to Giovanni Pace. Carmela Grima, married 1853 Cospicua to Giuseppe Azzopardi. Salvatore Grima, married 1841 Cospicua to Maddalena Canso. Maria Grima, married 1832 Cospicua to Giuseppe Fenech. Antonia Grima, married 1815 Valletta to Francesco Bugeja. Lorenzo Grima, married 1787 Sannat Gozo to Maria Saliba, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married 1822 Sannat Gozo to Maria Cassar. Paola Grima, married 1834 Sannat Gozo to Battista Attard. Margherita Grima, married 1817 Sannat Gozo to Michele Angelo Mercieca. Caterina Grima, married (1) 1772 Gharb Gozo to Ludovico Calleja, married (2) 1774 Gharb Gozo to Michele Micallef. Orsola Grima, married 1773 Gharb Gozo to Lorenzo Cauchi. Lucrezia Grima, married 1791 Gharb Gozo to Giuseppe Cordina. Giuseppe Grima, married 1755 Gharb Gozo to Modesta Cassar. Caterina Grima, married 1708 Gharb Gozo to Paolo Gatt. Clemenza Grima, married 1721 Gharb Gozo to Francesco Formosa. Anna Grima, married 1729 Gharb Gozo to Paolo Cuschieri. Lazzaro Grima, married 1695 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Gatt, with issue. Michel Angelo Grima, married 1738 Gharb Gozo to Anna Cauchi, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1769 Gharb Gozo to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Teresa Grima, married 1797 Gharb Gozo to Francesco Cassar. Salvatore Grima, married 1769 Rabat Gozo to Vittoria Xerri, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1784 Zejtun to Angela Xuereb, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 18198 Zejtun to Marianna Farrugia. Margherita Grima, married 1806 Zejtun to Vincenzo Tabone. Giuseppe Grima, married 1785 Zejtun to Caterina Bonnici. Grazia Grima, married 1797 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Attard. Antonio Grima, married 1772 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1800 Gharb Gozo to Alfonsa Vella. Felice Grima, married (1) 1825 Sannut Gozo to Graziulla Grima (d/o Publio and Maria Attard), married (2) 1835 Sannat Gozo to Maria Debono. Michel Angelo Grima, married 1811 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Manueli. Maria Grima, married 1794 Gharb Gozo to Francesco Frendo. Maria Grima, married 1765 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Pace. Gio Maria Grima, married 1741 Xewkija Gozo to Lorenza Celestri. Francesca Grima, married 1741 Matrice Gozo to Carlo Busuttil. Maria Grima, married 1737 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Teuma. Rosa Grima, married 1729 Rabat Gozo to Saverio Dimech. Graziulla Grima, married 1716 Rabat Gozo to Agostino Teuma. Teresa Grima, married 1738 Rabat Gozo to Angelo Zahra. Domenico Grima, married 1696 Rabat Gozo to Geronima Gatt, with issue. Marcello Grima, married 1730 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Vella, with issue. Rosa Grima, married 1784 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Falzon. Michele Grima, married 1766 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Spiteri, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1789 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Haber, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Maria Mizzi. Salvatore Grima, married 1738 Gharb Gozo to Anna Formosa, with issue. Clemenzia Grima, married 1765 Gharb Gozo to Giuseppe Caruana. Michele Grima, married 1773 Gharb Gozo to Maria Cauchi, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1814 Sannat Gozo to Graziulla Bajada. Francesco Grima, married 1815 Sannat Gozo to Maria Xiberras. Francesco Grima, married 1739 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Bonnici, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1763 Xewkija Gozo to Lucrezia Azzopardi, with issue. Regina Grima, married 1811 Xewkija Gozo to Adeodata Azzopardi. Giovanna Grima, married 1800 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Galea. Teresa Grima, married 1794 Xewkija Gozo to Alessandro Cassar. Giuseppe Grima, married 1789 Xewkija Gozo to Graziulla Cassar. Michele Grima, married 1788 Xewkija Gozo to Orsola Debono. Orsola Grima, married 1692 Rabat Gozo to Lorenzo Tabone. Vincenzo Grima, married (1) 1682 Gharb Gozo to Natalizia Cassar, married (2) 1707 Nadur Gozo to Maria Cortis, with issue. (First marriage) Salvatore Grima, married (1) 1707 Matrice Gozo to Tomasa Gatt, married (2) 1720 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Maddalena Dandalona, with issue. (Second marriage) Michele Grima Dandalona, married 1740 Rabat Gozo to Alonza Agius, with issue. Giuseppe Grima Dandalona, married 1747 Matrice Gozo to Maria Cini, (see on this page),  with issue. Angelo Grima, married 1789 Nadur Gozo to Maria Brincat, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1826 Valletta to Antonia Cachia, with issue. Margherita Grima, married 1858 Valletta to Nobile Antonio Xuereb. Lorenzo Grima, married 1710 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Aquilina, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1741 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Formosa, with issue. Andrea Grima, married 1763 Xaghra Gozo to Rosa Pace, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1807 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanna Galea, with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married 1845 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Bonello, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married 1885 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppa Bajada, with issue. Lorenza Grima, married 1912 Xaghra Gozo to Carmelo Galea. Alberto Grima., married 1660 Lija to Margherita Sammut, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1696 Mdina to Salvatore Spiteri. Silvestra Grima, married 1664 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Portelli. Giovanni Grima, married 1635 Mdina to Giovannella Agius, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1655 Matrice Gozo to Maria Agius, with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married 1693 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Bezzina, with issue. Paolo Grima, married 1727 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1758 Xewkija Gozo to Anna Busuttil, with issue. Michele Grima, married 1782 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1811 Rabat Gozo to Maria Cassar, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1842 Rabat Gozo to Elisabetta Schembri, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1885 Rabat Gozo to Maria Vella, with issue. Vincenzo Grima, married 1931 Rabat Malta to Maria A. Debono. Andrea Grima, married 1800 Xewkija Gozo to Appolonia Farrugia, with issue. Geronima Grima, married 1826 Senglea to Stefano Randich, with issue. Regina Randich, married 1849 Senglea to Michele Mitrovich. Francesco Grima, married 1848 Cospicua to Camilla Tabone. Giuseppa Grima, married 1829 Senglea to Giacobo Fenelli. Francesco Grima, married 1665 Mdina to Viva Xerri. Maria Grima, married 1670 Lija to Lorenzo Gauci. Gio Paolo Grima, married 1594 Zejtun to Ciara Cassar, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1633 Tarxiem to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Domenico Grima, married (1) 1663 Tarxiem to Nobile Antonia Barbara, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married (2) 1682 Mdina to Maria Griscti, with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Maria Grima, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1696 Mdina to Arcangelo Librat. (Second Marriage) Dorotea Grima, married 1718 Tarxiem to Pietro Mifsud. Tomaso Grima, married 1658 Senglea to Grazia Psinga. Pasquale Grima, married 1618 Zjetun to Argentina Farrugia, with issue. Luca Grima, married 1635 Bikirkara to Francesca Borg, with issue. Bernardo Grima, married 1661 Birkirkara to Domenichella N, with issue. Matteo Grima, married 1682 Birkirkara to Caterina Micallef, with issue. Leonardo Grima, married 1724 Birkirkara to Anna Liperetto, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1761 Birkirkara to Grazio Calleja. Dulcia Grima, married 1573 Mdina to Nobile Michele Sillato, (Testamento 1579). Mariano Grima, married 1583 Zebbug to Caterina Seichel, with issue. Giulio Giacomo Grima, married 1617 Attard to Maria Portelli, with issu. Francesco Grima, married 1660 Rabat Gozo to Beatrice Calleja, with issue. Eugenia Grima, married 1689 Rabat Gozo to Mro Alessandro Cini, with issue. Mro Leonardo Cini, married 1727 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Cassar, with issue. Maria Cini, married 1766 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Grima, (see above). Francesco Cini, married 1739 Nadur Gozo to Maria Portelli, with issue. Alessandro Cini, married 1776 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Cordina, with issue. Orsola Cini, married 1814 Qormi to Francesco Galea. Mro Geronimo Grima, married 1639 Zebbug to Isabella Attard, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1669 Zebbug to Petronilla Buttigieg, with issue. Angelo Paolo Grima, married 1697 Valletta to Anna Andreanna Cassini, with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married 1727 Valletta to Rosa d’Anna, with issue. Dr Michele Angelo Grima MD, (1729-1798), dunm. Maria Maddalena Grima, (1733-, married 1754 Valletta to Baldassare Sammut Forreggiani. Paola Francesca Grima, (1736-. Domenico Antonio Grima, (1737-. Carlo Raimondo Grima, (1739-. Maddalena Regina Grima, (1741-, married 1778 Valletta to Surg Francesco Buttigieg. Gio Vincenzo Grima, (1743-. Caterina Grima, (1746-. Matteo Grima, married 1720 Valletta to Rosa Micallef. Maria Grima, married 1708 Valletta to Salvatore Ciantar. Pasquale Grima, married 1689 Valletta to Grazia Canciur, with issue. Gio Battista Grima, married 1715 Valletta to Anna Maria Cursu. Fortunato Grima, married 1736 Valletta to Marchesa Antonelli. Giuseppe Grima, married 1747 Valletta to Pasqua Caffera. Domenico Grima, married 1714 Valletta to Imperia Marmara. Flaminea Grima, married (1) 1673 Zebbug to Giuseppe Casha, married (2) 1683 Zebbug to Giovanni Aquilina. Caterina Grima, married 1680 Mdina to Gio Maria Pace. Geronima Grima, married 1687 Zebbug to Gio Maria Mizzi. Giovanni Grima, married 1643 Matrice Gozo to Paulica Vella. Gio Maria Grima, married (1) 1652 Luqa to Vittoria Attard, married (2) 1684 Kirkop to Grazia Cutajar. Caterina Grima, married (1) 1647 Zebbug to Stefano Bonnici, married (2) 1663 Zebbug to Andrea Rapa. Maruzza Grima, married 1657 Matrice Gozo to Michele Teuma. Paolucca Grima, married 1663 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Decace. Teresa Grima, married 1668 Rabat Gozo to Gio Maria Buttigieg. Mariano Grima, married 1613 Mosta to Caterina Sammut, with issue. Antonio Grima, married (1) 1642 Cospicua to Caterina Camilleri, married (2) 1668 Vittoriosa to Caterina Axiach, with issue. (Second marriage) Carlo Grima, married 1698 Qormi to Veneranda Mamo, with issue. Anna Grima, married 1714 Qormi to Nobile Giuseppe Micallef Yusupov. Domenico Grima, married (c. 1565) to Imperia Grimaldi, (see on this page), with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married (1) 1598 (Notary Francesco Falzon) to Donna Caterina Inguanez, married (2) 1604 Zebbug to Domenica Grima, (see on this page), with issue.  (First marriage) Margherita Grima, married 1617 Mdina to Mario Mifsud, with issue. Domenico Mifsud, married 1633 Qormi to Grazia de Lorenzo, with issue. Maruzzo Mifsud, married 1665 Birkirkara to Grazia Borg, with issue. Maria Mifsud, married 1684 Birkirkara to Pietro Azzopardi. Domenica Mifsud, married 1640 Mosta to Nicola Chetcuti. Giovanni Mifsud, married 1661 Valletta to Raimonda Xerri. Gio Paolo Mifsud, married 1651 Zebbug to Grazia Zammit. Grazia Mifsud, married (1) 1640 Mdina to Simone de Brincat, married (2) 1644 Mosta to Giacinto Cauchi, with issue. (First marriage) Geronima de Brincat, married 1664 Mdina to Vincenzo Calleja, married (2) 1680 Mdina to Giovanni Farrugia. Domenico de Brincat, married 1661 Mdina to Barbarica Axisa, with issue. Antonio de Brincat, married 1707 Valletta to Paola Caruana. Anna de Brincat, married 1695 Mdina to Giuseppe Muscat. Pietro de Brincat, married 1677 Zebbug to Grazia Chircop, with issue. Salvatore de Brincat, married 1719 Valletta to Agostina Farrugia. Caterina de Brincat, married 1669 Mdina to Francesco Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Domenica Cauchi, married 1678 Mosta to Geronimo Grima. Rosa Cauchi, married 1715 Valletta to Sig. Giuseppe Astone. Marietta Mifsud, married 1652 Mdina to Stefano Caruana, with issue. Paolo Caruana, married 1673 Valletta to Laurica Mifsud, with issue. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1714 Valletta to Anna Grech. Anna Mifsud, married 1695 Valletta to Gio Battista Chetcuti. Caterina Mifsud, married 1659 Attard to Filippo Debono, with issue. Margherita Debono, married 1682 Attard to Matteolo Camilleri, with issue. Maria Camilleri, married 1711 Attard to Gio Maria Pace, with issue. Anna Giuseppa Pace, married 1743 Attard to Dr Onorato Caruana JUD, with issue. Liberta Caruana, married 1775 Vittoriosa to Francesco de Majo. Maria Caruana, married 1770 Luqa to Omobono Cilia. Giuseppa Grima, married 1624 Mdina to Matteo Cumbo. (Second marriage) Domenico Grima, married 1633 Zebbug to Agostina Agata Mamo, with issue. Vincenzo Grima, married 1657 Zebbug to Angelica Farrugia, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1693 Zebbug to Palma Galea, with issue. Caterina Grima, married 1716 Zebbug to Pietro Azzopardi. Mro Lorenzo Grima, married 1660 Mdina to Cornelia Vella, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1691 Mdina to Grazia Gilestri, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1722 Valletta to Maria Agius, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1753 Mdina to Scolastica Quattromani, with issue. Monica Grima, married 1782 Mdina to Giuseppe Grima, (See on this page). Salvatore Grimaldi, sives Grima, (mentioned in the Milita listing 1418-1419), married with issue. Jacobinu Grima, (mentioned in the Milita Listing 1418-1419), married with issue. Rabella Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa 1277-1310, with issue. Dorino Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa 1333-1350, with issue. Rabella Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa, 1360-1414, with issue. Oberto Grimaldi, Noble of Genoa, 1425, Governor of Thasos under Gattilusio, Chios, died 1451, married to Nobile Caterina Gentile, with issue. Grimalda Grimaldi, 1451-88, married to Luca Grimaldi. Bertina Grimaldi, 1451-70, married to Filippo Usodimare. Argenta Grimaldi, 1481. Obertino Grimaldi, 1477-88, with issue. Rabellino Grimaldi, 1488. Battina Grimaldi, 1477, married to Gregorio Centurione. Maria Grimaldi, 1481, married to Giovanni Squarciafico. Jacopo Grimaldi. Giovanni Grimaldi, living in Chios, with issue. Battista Grimaldi, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, 1634, married to Caterina N, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, living in Chios 1634-47. Bernardo Grimaldi, living in Chios 1634 -47, with issue. Giulio Grimaldi, 1647, migrated to London. Antonio Grimaldi, married 1652 Senglea to Teresa Seichel, with issue. Giovanna Grimau sives Grimaldi, married 1676 Senglea to Claudio de Gabriele of Italy, with issue. Giacomo de Gabriele, married 1708 Cospicua to Paola Allegritto, with issue. de Gabriele, maried 1761 Vittoriosa to Gio Battista Portelli. Jacopo Grimaldi, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi, living in Andros 1560, with issue. Lucrezia Grimaldi. Antonio Grimaldi, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi 1603-40, living in Naxos, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, 1603-63, married 1622 to Andrianetta Barozzi, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi, 1621-., Signore d’Evriakies, Chaladra, et Amelathiou 1652-70., married 1643 to Caterina Sommaripa, with issue. Domenico Grimaldi, with issue. Adriana Grimaldi, 1719-52, married 1738 to Germano Sommaripa. Filippo Grimaldi, 1744-49, married to Canciana de Modene, with issue. Violante Grimaldi, married 1768 to Francesco Sommaripa. Caterina Grimaldi. Basilio Grimaldi, 1747-48, d.inf. Giuseppe Grimaldi, d.inf. Jacopo Grimaldi, married 1763 to Caterina Coronello, with issue. Caterina Grimaldi 1794-1807. Filippo Pietro Grimaldi 1788-1809,. married (1) 1824 to Adriana Sommaripa, married (2) 1849 to Carolina Emilia Bayer, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Antonia Grimaldi, 1825-., d.inf Fiorenza Grimaldi, died 1861, married to Girolamo Barozzi. Antonio Grimaldi, dunm. Domenico Carlo Grimaldi, married 1769 to Comtesse Antonina de Rumpff, with issue. Filippo Grimaldi, dunm. Caterina Grimaldi, died 1817. Jacopo Grimaldi. Geneveva Grimaldi, married 1669 to Giambattista Coronello. Fiorenza Grimaldi, married 1670 to Germano Sommaripa. Antonio Grimaldi, Signore di Lakos 1670, married with issue. Filippo Grimaldi. Margherita Grimaldi, 1678 – 1743.., dunm. Angelica Grimaldi, died 1748. Maria Grimaldi, dunm. Marietta Grimaldi, 1626-, married 1651 to Cruisino Coronello. Francesco Grimaldi, 1627-, d.inf. Lorenzo Grimaldi, 1629-., d.inf. Francesco Grimaldi, 1631-. Marina Grimaldi, 1633-. Jacopo Grimaldi, Signore di Fotodoti, Kermotti, et Xerocambos, 1643 -70, married (1) 1648 to Domenica Sforza, married (2) 1653 to Caterina Castri. Mro Giovanni Antonio Simone  Grimaldi, Living in Naxos 1628, married 1623 Valletta to Giovanna Carbone, with issue. Mro Lorenzo Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1658 Birkirkara to Matteola Domenica Borg, with issue. Maruzzo Grima, married 1695 Cospicua to Ubaldesca Azzopardi. Lazzaro Grima, married (1) 1702 Cospicua to Modesta Allegritto, married (2) 1729 Vittoriosa to Teresa Magri. Gio Domenico Grima, married (1) 1705 Vittoriosa to Grazia de Milo, married (2) 1711 Vittoriosa to Anna Allegritto, married (3) 1729 Vittoriosa to Maria Debono, with issue. (First marriage) Angela Grima, married (1) 1730 Valletta to Filippo Vella, married (2) 1738 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Dimech. (Third marriage) Dr Lorenzo Grima JUD, married 1771 Valletta to Maria Assenza, with issue. Maria Antonia Grima, married 1802 Valletta to Vincenzo Trionfi, with issue. Salvatore Vincenzo Trionfi, married 1859 Naxxar to Vincenza Falzon, with issue. Maria Antonia Trionfi, married 1903 Birkirkara to Daniel Kennedy of Ireland. Rosa Grima, married 1757 Vittoriosa to Geronimo Dodrin. Caterina Grima, married 1678 Zabbar to Giuseppe Saliba. Paolina Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1641 Valletta to Mro Domenico Tabone. Domenica Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1643 Luqa to Salvatore Xicluna. Vincenzo Grimaldi sives Grima, settled in Malta, married to Marietta N, with issue. Bernardo Blasco Grima, married 1617 Dingli to Francesca Cares, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1652 Dingli to Cornelia Cortis, with issue. Grazio Grima, married 1680 Dingli to Caterina Sammut, with issue. Pasquale Grima, married 1718 Mdina to Laurica Galea, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1741 Mdina to Orsola Bajada, with issue. Laurica Grima, married 1766 Mdina to Giovanni Bugeja. Pietro Grima, married 1697 Mdina to Margherita Spiteri, with issue. Grazia Grima, married 1723 Mdina to Nicola de Vella, enfant illegitimate de Giacomo Fardella,  Alunno di Wladyslaw Konstanty Vasa, Count of Wasenau, Captain of the guards to Queen Christina of Sweden in exile in Rome, Papal Chamerlain to Pope Alexander VIII,  illegitimate son of Wladyslaw IV Vasa, King of Poland r. 1632-1648 and Jadwiga Luskowska,  (educata and adopted by Ignazio and Angela Vella of Rabat, Malta), with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1667 Senglea to Diana Meballo, with issue. Gio Batta Grima, married 1694 Senglea to Gaetana Mirabita, with issue. Mro Gabriele Grimaldi, settled in Malta c. 1530, married to Damna N, with issue. Geronimo Grimaldi, married 1549 Zebbug to Agata Bonanno, with issue. Paolina Grimaldi, married 1574 to Luca Mifsud. Mro Angelo Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1577 to Angelica Bonello, with issue. Paolo Grima, married (1) 1605 Senglea to Laurica Marietta Abbate, married (2) 1624 Zejtun to Bernardina Tabone, with issue. (First marriage) Mario Grima Abbatte, married 1649 Ghaxaq to Evangelista Busuttil, with issue. Gio Domenico Grima, married (1) 1690 Zejtun to Graziella Cassar, married (2) 1694 Zejtun to Anna Maria Zammit, married (3) 1702 Zejtun to Grazia Borg, with issue. (First marriage) Domenica Grima, married 1714 Birkirkara to Don Fra Francesco Cutelli dei Conti di Bellarosata of Sicily, [Nephew of Conte Mario Cutelli, renowed in Sicily], with issue. Don Felice Cutelli dei Conti di Bellarosata, married 1732 Senglea to Teresa Buda. (Second marriage) Carlo Grima, married 1712 Valletta to Graziella Camilleri, with issue. Angelica Grima, married 1739 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Cavalier of Brignone, Aix. Maria Grima, married 1752 Valletta to Giuseppe Leone. Nicola Grima, married 1718 Cospicua to Caterina Falzon, with issue. Michele Grima, married 1743 Mdina to Andreanna Bartolo. Benigno Grima, married (1) 1747 Zejtun to Caterina Abela, married (2) 1763 Zejtun to Maddalena Bonello, married (3) 1768 Zejtun to Anna Cassar. Pietro Grima, married 1748 Zejtun to Maria d’Armenia. Salvatore Grima, married 1748 Zejtun to Vittoria d’Armenia, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1784 Zejtun to Angela Xuereb, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1819 Zejtun to Marianna Farrugia, with issue. Angelo Grima, married 1846 Zejtun to Giovanna Caruana. Francesco Grima, married 1818 Zejtun to Caterina de Gabriele, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1844 Zejtun to Caterina Galea. Angelo Grima, married 1820 Luqa to Maria Mallia, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1845 Luqa to Maria Xicluna, with issue. Architect Andrea Grima, (1853 Luqa – 1918 Senglea), married 1879 Senglea to Francesca Cassar, with issue. Giovanni John Grima, (1891 Senglea – 1945 England), Lace-making organisation in Malta and in Europe, married 1920 Rome to Nobile Leopoldina Farnese, (d/o Nobile Dr Alessandro and Agnese), with issue. Andrew Peter Grima, (1921 Rome – 2007 Switzerland), World Renowned jeweller, married (1) 1947 (Div 1977) to Helen Haller, married (2) 1977 to Jojo Maughan-Brown, with issue. (Second marriage) Francesca Grima. George Grima. Frank Victor Grima, (1923-1986). Charles Grima. Godfrey Grima. Mary Grima, (1922-2017), married to Dr Eric Amoroso Centeno Ph.D, with issue. Anne Amoroso Centeno. Pia Amoroso Centeno. Giulia Amoroso Centeno. Christina Mary Amoroso Centeno, married to Major Stephen Strutt, with issue. Catherina Strutt, (1983-. Edward Strutt, (1985-. Grazia Grima, married 1818 Cospicua to Antonio Zahra. Giuseppe Grima, married 1844 Zejtun to Angela Desira. Margherita Grima, married 1806 Zejtun to Vincenzo Tabone. Giuseppe Grima, married (1) 1785 Zejtun to Caterina Bonnici, married (2) 1800 Ghaxaq to Teresa Magro. Giuseppe Grima, married 1776 Tarxiem to Caterina Fenech. (Second marriage) Grazio Grima., married 1651 at Matrice Gozo to Natalia Cini., with issue. Pietro Paolo Grima., married 1697 to Caterina Mizzi., with issue. Giuseppe Grima., married 1739 to Teresa Zerafa., with issue. Pietro Paolo Grima., (1744-)., married to Maria …, with issue. Giuseppe Grima., married 1792 to Giuseppina Mensville. Caterina Grima.., married 1797 to Massimiliano Debono. Rosa Lucia Grima., (1745-), married 1779 to Antonio de Buceris. Carlo Andrea Grima., (1748-). Salvo Antonio Grima., (1752-). Antonia Grima., (1753-), married 1786 Matrice Gozo to Felice Cremona Margherita Grazia Grima., (1756-). Domenica Grima., married 1752 to Giuseppe Debattista. Beneigno Grima., married 1758 to Francesca Gatt. Basilio Grima., married (1) 1692 to Natalizia Cassar., married (2) 1747 to Maria Busuttil., with issue. (First Marriage) Pasquale Grima., married 1720 to Caterina Abejer. Ignazio Grima., married 1720 to Maria Mizzi., with issue. Felice Grima., married 1778 to Caterina Vella. Benigno Grima., married 1752 to Rosa Vella., with issue. Anna Grima., married 1774 to Paolo Mercieca. Maddalena Grima., married 1774 to Mario Xuereb. Salvatore Grima., married 1783 to Anna Tabone. Franco Grima., married 1788 to Modesta Camilleri., with issue. Rosa Grima., married 1814 to Michele Muscat. Salvatore Grima., married 1814 to Rosa Muscat. Nicola Grima., married 1817 to Maria Zerafa. Giovanni Grima., married 1832 to Caterina Mizzi. Alessandro Grima., married 1791 to Grazia Valletta., with issue. Isabella Grima., married 1820 to Lorenzo Sultana. Benegno Grima., married 1837 to Maria Pace. Giuseppe Grima., married 1760 to Rosa Farrugia., with issue. Alessandro Grima., married (1) 1783 to Rosa Grech., married (2) 1786 to Maria Tabone., married (3) 1800 to Maria Falzon., with issue. (Second Marriage) Caterina Grima., married (1) to Marziano Vella., married (2) 1803 to Giuseppe Baldacchino. Giuseppe Grima., married 1808 to Maria Bugeja. (Third Marriage) Tomasica Grima., married 1829 to Vincenzo Bugeja. Antonio Grima., married 1825 to Maria Bonello. Maria Grima., married 1785 to Giuseppe Formosa. Michele Grima., married 1740 to Anna Spiteri., with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1766 to Maria Cini. Orsola Grima., married 1773 to Alfonso Portelli. Felice Grima., married (1) Maria Spiteri., married 1782 to Margherita Xuereb. Maria Grima., married 1730 to Felice Grech. Paola Grima., married 1736 to Giovanni Pace. Franco Grima., married 1693 to Francia Cachia., with issue. Raimondo Grima., married 1713 to Orazia Curmi., with issue. Maria Grima., married 1736 to Agostino Teuma. Margherita Grima., married 1747 to Stefano Cassar. Felice Grima., married 1747 to Maria Calleja., with issue. Giuseppe Grima., married 1810 to Teodora Farrugia. Michele Grima., married 1814 to Maria Pace. Angelica Grima., married 1760 to Francesco Montalto. Antonio Grima., married 1752 to Anna Maria Xicluna., with issue. Giuseppe Grima., married 1786 to Angela Formosa. Margherita Grima., married 1694 to Clemente Grech. Gio Pietro Grima., married 1696 to Grazia Galea., with issue. Paolo Grima., married 1724 to Caterina Bugeja. Giovanni Maria Grima., married 1718 to Orazia Grech., with issue. Giovanni Grima., married 1743 to Maruzza Formosa. Gioannella Grima., married 1721 to Michele Mizzi. Alessandro Grima., married 1719 to Anna Grech., with issue. Franco Grima., married 1744 to Grazia Grech. Anna Grima., married 1734 to Domenico Spiteri. Domenico Grima., married 1625 to Franca Teuma., with issue. Giovanni Grima., married 1643 to Poalina Vella, with issue. Domenca Grima., married 1667 to Paolo Camilleri. Giuseppe Grima., married 1676 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Muscat, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1690 Nadur Gozo to Caterina Mifsud, with issue. Margarita Grima, married 1716 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Muscat Gio Angelo Grima., married 1629 to Margarita Madiona. Gio Filippo Grima, married 1604 Zurrieq to Angelica Abdilla, with issue. Caterina Grima, married (1) 1596 Valletta to Rocco Demetrio Cuppardi sives Azzopardi, married (2) 1632 Tarxiem to Vincenzo Montebello. Giacomo Grimaldi, married 1547 to Nobile Margherita Micallef, with issue. Matteo Grima, married 1588 Gudja to Angela Barbara, with issue. Bartolomea Grima, married 1620 Tarxiem to Mro Valerio Greco, with issue. Mro Luca Greco sives Grech, married 1661 Vittoriosa to Maria Busuttil, with issue. Antonio Grech, married 1697 Ghaxaq to Anna Orlando, with issue. Luca Grech, married 1730 Ghaxaq to Grazia Bartolo, with issue. Gio Maria Grech, married 1771 Ghaxaq to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1756 Cospicua to Caterina Orfu. Lorenza Grech, married (1) 1769 Ghaxaq to Michele Xicluna, married (2) 1782 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Cassar. Giuseppe Grech, married (1) 1735 Ghaxaq to Teresa Caruana, married (2) 1783 Cospicua to Veronica Farrugia. Pietro Grech, married 1740 Ghaxaq to Anna Gatt. Michele Angelo Grech, married 1744 Ghaxaq to Caterina Vella. Giuseppe Grech, married 1695 Tarxiem to Caterina Mallia. Antonio Grech, married 1700 Tarxiem to Margherita Bonnici. Domenica Grech, married 1684 Tarxiem to Gio Maria Bonnici. Pietro Grech, married 1657 Tarxiem to Veornica Scotto. Leonora Grech, married 1645 Tarxiem to Giorgio Fiteni. Domenica Grech, married 1656 Tarxiem to Don Mario lo Piccolo. Vittoria Grech, married 1663 Tarxiem to Domenico Xicluna. Michele Grima, married 1632 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. Battista Grima, married 1653 Gharghur to Orsola Bezzina, with issue. Grazio Grima, married 1687 Zabbar to Anna Gafa, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1717 Zabbar to Rosa Gerada, with issue. Veneranda Grima, married 1754 Zabbar to Pietro Carabellis. Mariano Grimaldi, later Grima, married 1611 Mdina to Caterina Barbara, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1654 Vittoriosa to Caterina Seychel, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married 1683 Tarxien to Pasqua Scolastica Attard, with issue. Giovanna Maria Grima, married 1715 Tarxien to Salvatore Eugenio de Schembri, Manumesso, with issue. Giuseppe Schembri, married 1745 Cospicua to Palma Bezzina, with issue. Felice Schembri, married 1779 Cospicua to Eufemia Garoffolo, with issue. Francesca Schembri, married 1807 Cospicua to Francesco Xicluna. Mariano Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1562 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Zammit, with issue. Domenica Grima, married 1604 Zebbug to Lorenzo Grima, (see on this page). Salvaggia Grimaldi, married to Gabriele Vento. Luca Grimaldi, Signori di Villafranche, married (1) to Tedise Cybo, married (2) to Caterina Caracciolo, with issue. Sorleone Grimaldi, (c. 1256, 1263, 1284), married (1) to Cattarina Marcone, married (2) to Alasia N, with issue. (First Marriage) Alaone Grimaldi, (c. 1291), married to Manfreda N, with issue. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1298, 1323), married to Galeotto Spinola. (Second Marriage) Simone Grimaldiu, (c. 1292, 1318), with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1306), married to Percivale de Orto. Antonia Grimaldi, (c. 1306, 1318), married to Beltrame Ferrario.

1.1.3. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1250, 1257, d. 1258), married to Barbara N., with issue. Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1269), with issue. Leonardo Grimaldi, (d. 1308), with issue. Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1308), dunm. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1270). Salado Grimaldi, (d. 1333), with issue. Giano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1332). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1259, 1264). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1255, 1277), married to Giacoba de Volta, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (d. 1277), dunm. Bonifacio Grimaldi, (c. 1251, 1258, d. 1264), with issue. Franchino Grimaldi, (c. 1281, 1326), see No 5. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1292, 1333), married to Moisia N, with issue. Meliano Grimaldi, (d. 1326), with issue. Ettore Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1364). Lodisio Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Argone Grimaldi, (c. 1329, 1333, 1353), married to Maria N, with issue. Limbania Grimaldi, (c. 1371), married to Meliano Vento. Carlotto Grimaldi, (c. 1371, 1398). Carlotto Grimaldi, (d. 1326). Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1297), married to Bertolina Embriaco, dsp. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1250). Giovanna Grimaldi, (c. 1258), married to Giuliano Rossi. Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1276). Beatrice Grimaldi, (c. 1253), married to Bonfacio Pevere. Magnone Grimaldi, (c. 1295, 1312), married to Alasia N, with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1300), married to Gabriele Cybo. N. Grimaldi, (c. 1331), ‘Nun’. Adriano Grimaldi, (c. 1316, 1333, 1346), (d. in Nizza), with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1326), dunm. Olivierio Grimaldi, (c. 1316, 1318), with issue. Brasco Grimaldi, (c. 1344). Bonifacio Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1316), with issue. Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1323, 1333). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1317).

1.1.4. Ingone Grimaldi, (c. 1210, 1225, 1235), with issue. Luca Grimaldi, (c 1234, 1255, 1263), with issue. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1271, 1270, 1277), with issue. Aimerio Grimaldi, (c. 1306, 1323), married to Duchessa N, with issue. Inghetto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Eliano Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1343). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1344, 1351), married to Ginevra de Mari, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1376), married to Bartolomeo Imperiale Tartaro. Eliano Grimaldi, (c. 1343). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1398). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1364, 1385), married to Bianca Imperiale Mongiovacche. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1400). Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1363). Manfreda Grimaldi, (c. 1344), married to Emmanuele Busso. Giacoba Grimaldi, (d. 1340), married to Giacomo Calvi. Simone Grimaldi, (c. 1306, 1332), married (1) to Agnese Ghisolfi, married (2) to Spagnuola de Gualtieri., with issue. (First Marriage) Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1380), married (1) to N. De Loco, married (2) to Bianca Vento, with issue. (First Marriage) Simone Grimaldi, married to Franca Oltramarini. Andalo Grimaldi, (c. 1372, 1406), married to Chiara Scotti, with issue. Cobradina Grimaldi, (c. 1421), married to Vincigerra Lercari. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1398, 1405), married to Franca de Carli, with issue. Brigida Grimaldi, (c. 1447), married to Federico Xabba. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1443), married to Urbano di Negro. Isolta Grimaldi, (c. 1389), married to Eliano Cattaneo de Volta. (Second Marriage) Napoleone Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1356). Brancaleone Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1343), with issue. Luccino Grimaldi, (c. 1416, 1421), married to Argenta Vivaldi., with issue. Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Giovanni Sauli. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Violante Fieschi, with issue. Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1433). Lucano Grimaldi, (c. 1433). Pomella Grimaldi, (c. 1434), married to Marco Calvi. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1406, 1432), married to Anndreolo Fiesco. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1416), married to Bianca di Negro, with issue. Brancaleone Grimaldi, (d. 1442). Selvaggia Grimaldi, (c. 1442), ‘Nun’. Pietra Grimaldi, (c. 1430, 1442), married to Lucano di Negro. Bigotta Grimaldi, (c. 1429, 1440), married (1) to Niccolo de Diano, married (2) to Bartolomeo di Benedetti di Alenga. Briabante Grimaldi, (c. 1332). Giacoba Grimaldi, (d. 1308). Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1269, 1271), married to Cattarina Zaccaria, with issue. Riccardo Grimaldi, (c. 1282, 1319), married to Argenta N, with issue. Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1354), married (1) to Dominica David, married (2) to Luchina N. Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1319, 1333), with issue. Cattaneo Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1350). Angela Grimaldi, (c. 1344, d. 1350), married (1) to Ottobono Scotto, married (2) to Federico Ghizolfi. Quilico Grimaldi, (c. 1333)., married to Manfreda di Negro. Meliaduce Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1356), married to Orietta Oltramarini, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1345). Riccardo Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1352), married to Teodora N, with issue. Damiano Grimaldi, (c. 1367). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1319). Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1319). Moruele Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Raffaele Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1284), married to Simona Lercari, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1309). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1309., 1316), married Isabella de Mari, with issue. Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1346), with issue. Pietra Grimaldi, (c. 1396), married Eliano Ghizofi. Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1309). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1309). Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1277, 1309),  with issue. Percivale Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1333, 1346, d. 1352), married to Cattarina N., with issue. Aimone Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1352, 1274), married (1) to Teodora di Negro, married (2) to Aiguina Doria. (First Marriage) Aitone alias Grimaldi, (c. 1364), with issue. Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1410). Andrea Grimaldi, (c. 1384), married to Pietra Scotti, with issue. Teramo Grimaldi, (c. 1399). Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1399). (Second Marriage) Percivale Grimaldi, (c 1402), married to Pietra Pellegrini, with issue. Aimone Grimaldi, (c. 1417, 1434, 1457), with issue. Ottobono Grimaldi, (c. 1457), married to Moisa Spinola, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1499), married to Pier Antonio Fabiani di San Remo. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1393), married to Ansaldo Grimaldi s/o Luca. Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1417, 1468, 1478), married (1) to Teodora N, married (2) Selvaggia de Marini, with issue. (First Marriage) Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1468, d. 1475), married to Teodora Vivaldo, with issue. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1528), married to Battina Centurione Becchignone, with issue. Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1524), married to Gaspare Bracelli. Francisca Grimaldi, (d. 1524), married to Batta Spinola. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1525, 1569), married to Giulia Cybo, with issue. Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1569). Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1569). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1569), married to Sinibaldo Doria. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1535, 1569), married (1) Eliana Cybo, married (2) to Isabella Frangipani de’Duchi della Tolfa, with issue. Anna Maria Grimaldi, ‘Nun’, (c. 1647). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1639), dunm. Orsola Grimaldi, (c. 1647), ‘Nun’. Polissena Grimaldi, (c. 1585), married to Filippo Spinola. Lucrezia Grimaldi, (c. 1595), married to Antoiniotto Pallavicino. Aurelia Grimaldi, (c. 1579), married to Niccolo Doria. Lazzaro Grimaldi, (c. 1569). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1548), married (1) to Raffaele Giustiniani, married (2) to Niccolo Salvago. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1486), married to Agostino Giustiniani. Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1486), married to Paolo Spinola. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1476). Percivale Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1495). Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1480, d. 1486). Battista Grimaldi, (c. 1478, d. 1486). Lazzaro Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1525), with issue. Michele Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1522), married to Griolamo Interiano. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1525). Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1394, 1399), married to Bartolomeo Lercari. Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1408), with issue. Giacoba Grimaldi, (c. 1434, 1478), married to Giacomo Vivaldo. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1413), dunm. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1328, 1332, 1352), married to Argenta Malaspina, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1375). Zaccaria Grimaldi, married to Aiguina Usodimare, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1380, 1408), married to Cattarina Lercari, with issue. Goffredo Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1417, d. 1420). Gregorio Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1417, d. 1420). Pietro Grimaldi, (d. 1425). Zaccaria Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1417, 1420), married to Maria lomellini, dsp. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1385), married (1) to Leonardo Doria, married (2) to Antonio Grimaldo. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1371, 1383), married to Cattarina  N, with issue. Pietro Grimaldi, (c. 1410, 1413), married to Selvaggia Lomellini, with issue. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1449), married to Grimalda Grimaldi d/o Oberto, with issue. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1514), married to Ansaldo Grimaldi s/o Gio Batta. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1449). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1398, 1402), married to Violante Spinola, with issue. Lucchina Grimaldi, (d. 1436). Giovanni Grimaldi, (d. 1436). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1409, 1436, 1438),  married to Franca Cicala, with issue. Gianettino Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1452), with issue. Lodovico Grimaldi, (c. 1489), (Testamente 1583 Notary Enrico Zarb), married to Giovanna N, with issue. Carlo Grimaldi sives Grima, (Testamente 1591 Notary Gio Luca Gauci), married to Antonella Caruana, with issue. Notary Lorenzo Grima, married (1) 1597 (Notary Giovanni Tholossenti) to Vittoria Farrugia, married (2) 1635 Valletta to Isabellica Fava, with issue. (First marriage) Giusto Grima, married 1641 Valletta to Agnese Fava, with issue. Salvatore Grima, married (1) 1666 Valletta to Margherita de Fiore, married (2) 1681 Vittoriosa to Autilia Camenzuli, with issue. (First marriage) Lorenzo Grima, married 1696 Valletta to Mattiola Giovanna Maria Carbone. Candida Grima, married 1696 Vittoriosa to Thomas Long, with issue. Francesco Long, married 1724 Vittoriosa to Aurelia Grima, (d/o Lorenzo). Caterina Long, married 1718 Valletta to Antonino Sammut. Sevastulla Grima, married 1700 Valletta to Gio Francesco Rebull. Domenichella Grima, married 1706 Matrice Gozo to Santo Paci. (Second marriage) Nicola Grima, married 1719 Valletta to Maria Mamo. Marietta Grima, married 1589 Senglea to Andrea Madiona. Argenta Grima, married 1590 Senglea to Mro Paolo Dalli. Domenica Grima, married 1600 Senglea to Pailuccio Magri. Anna Grima, married (1) 1626 Valletta to Alessandro Casanova, married (2) 1630 Valletta to Marlo lo Dilla of Syracusa, Sicily. Elizabetta Grima, married 1644 Valletta to Notary Mario Saliba. (Second marriage) Giuliano Grima, married 1671 Valletta to Antonia Muxi. Livia Grimaldi, (c. 1489). Agata Grimaldi sives Grima, married 1533 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Giovanni Caruana. Corrado Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Agostino Grimaldi, sives Angelo, (c. 1452), with issue. Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1452). Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Ambrogio Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1419, 1430, 1434), married to Margherita Lercari, dsp. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1419, 1430, 1434), married to Sescarina Doria, with issue. Lamberto Grimaldi, (c. 1463, d. 1493), Signore di Monaco, married to Claudia Grimaldi d/o Catalano., Signora di Monaco., (See on this page), with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, married to Onorato de Villeneuve de la Tourette. Isabella Grimaldi, married to Carlo di Chateauneuf Randon. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1516), married to Luca Doria. Caracosa Grimaldi, married to Carlo, Marchese di Ceva e di Garessio. Luciano Grimaldi, (c. 1506, d. 1523), Signore di Monaco, married to Anna di Pontdeveze., with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, d.inf. Onorato I Grimaldi, (c. 1520, 1545), Signore di Monaco, married to Isabella Grimaldi d/o Gio Batta., with issue. Ippolita Grimaldi, d.inf. Claudia Grimaldi, d.inf Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1594), married to Stefano Grillo. Ercole Grimaldi, (c. 1595, d. 1614), Signore di Monaco, married to Maria Landi dei principi di Valdettaro, with issue. Devota Grimaldi, (d. 1631). ‘Nun’. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1647), ‘Nun’. Onorato II Grimaldi, (c. 1601, 1641, 1647), Principe di Monaco, married to Ippolita Trivulzi, with issue. Ercole Grimaldi, (c. 1642, d. 1643), Marchese di Baux, married to Maria Aurelia Spinola, with issue. Carlo II Luca Grimaldi, (d. 1651), Principe di Monaco. Giovanna Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1642), married (1) to Andrea Imperiale, Marchese di Francavilla, married (2) to Ambrogio Doria. Ippolita Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Lodovico I Grimaldi, (c. 1642, 1662, d. 1701), Principe di Monaco, married to Cattarina Carlotta de Grammot, with issue. Anna Ippolita Grimaldi, (c. 1696), married to Gio Carlo di Crussol. Giovanna Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1728), ‘Nun’. Antonio I Grimaldi, Principe di Monaco, (c. 1683, 1728), married to Maria di Lorrena Armagnac, with issue. Maria Devota Grimaldi, d.inf. Elisabetta Grimaldi, (c. 1698), d.inf. Luigia Ippolita Grimaldi, (c. 1697, 1715, 1728), Principessa di Monaco, married to Giacomo Francesco, Comte  di Goyon Matignon, reign as Jacques I, Prince of Monaco, (descendants still reign over Monaco today). Caterina Carlotta Grimaldi, (c. 1690, d. 1696), d.inf. Maria Camilla Grimaldi, (c. 1700, 1720), marired to Lodovico de Gande, Principe d’Isenghien. (illegitimate from Elisabeth Durfort, a Dancer) Antoine Grimaldi, (1697-1784), Governor of Monaco, (1732-1784). (illegitimate from Victoire Vertu, a Dancer from Paris) Antoinette Grimaldi, Mademoiselle de Sant-Remy. (illegitimate from unknown motheri) Louise Marie Therese Grimaldi, (1705-1723). Aurela Grimaldi, (c. 1728). Onorato Grimaldi, (c. 1669, 1728), Archbishop of Besanzone. Devota Grimaldi, (c. 1646), ‘Nun’. Eleonora Grimaldi, married to Carlo Emmanuele di Simiana. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1648, 1671), married to Sigismondo d’Este, Marchese di S. Martino. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1647), ‘Nun’. Giovanna Grimaldi, (d. 1620), married to Teodoro Trivulzi, Later Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Virginia Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Orazio Grimaldi, (c. 1523, d. 1524), with issue. Onorato Grimaldi, (c. 1623, d. 1639). Aurelia Grimaldi, married to Agostino de Franchi. Francesco Grimaldi, (d. 1587). Gio Batta Grimaldi, d.inf. Fabrizio Grimaldi, d.inf. Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1589, d. 1589), dunm. Rainero Grimaldi, d.inf. Lamberto Grimaldi, d.inf. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1529), Bishop of Grasse, Regent of Monaco. Carlo Grimaldi, (d. 1504), ‘Priest’. Filiberto Grimaldi, ‘Prevosto in Nizza’. Lodovico Grimaldi, Knight of St John of Malta. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1500), married to Antonia di Savoja, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1505), married to Rinaldo di Villeneuve. Gaspare Grimaldi, Signore di Antibes e di Cages, Corbon, (d. 1466), married 1450 to Marguerite Lascaris de Tende, with issue. Nicolas Grimaldi II, (1450-1519), Signore di Antibes e Cagnes, Corbon, married to Charlotte de Villeneuve-Trans, with issue. Fra Honore Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Fra Claude Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Fr Jean Grimaldi, Canon. Honoree Grimaldi, married to Balthazar de Sade. Gaspard II Grimaldi, (d. 1578), Signore di Antibes e Cagnes e Corbon, married 1521 to Jeanne de Quinqueran, with issue. Rene Grimaldi, (d. 1594), Signore di Antibes e Cagnes e Corbon, married 1560 to Yolande de Villeneuve Trans, with issue. Alexandre Grimaldi, Signore di Antibes e Cagnes, (d. 1630), married to Julie de la Rovere, with issue. Marguerite Grimaldi, married to Melchior Puget, Signore de San Marc. Honore I Grimaldi, (d. 1618), Signore di Corbon, married to Blance de Thomas, with issue. Fra Alexander Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Fra Francois Frederic Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, (d. 1614). Fra Pierre Grimaldi, Signore de St Vincent, Knight of the Order of St John, (d. 1664). Jean-Henri Grimaldi, (1604-1651), Signore di Cagnes 1630, Baron de Cagnes 1646, Marquis de Corbons 1646, Marshall de Camp, Lieutenant of Monaco, married 1625 to Anne de Grasse du Bar, with issue. Marthe Grimaldi, d.inf. Gabrielle Grimaldi, married 1654 to Francois de Lombard, Signore de Gourdon. Hercule Grimaldi, d.inf. Fra Scipion Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Ignazio de Dimech, Alunna Orphelin de l’Hospitale, married 1721 Vittoriosa to Anna Cauchi. Honore II Grimaldi, Marquis de Corbons, Barone de Cagnes, married 1646 to Francoise de Grimaldi de Regusse, with issue. Charles Grimaldi, (d. 1708), Marquis de Corbons e Cagnes, married 1673 to Francoise de Covet de Marignane, with issue. Fra Charles Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Aloisio de Borg, Alunno, married 1727 Naxxar to Maria Gauci. Fra Gaspard Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Claudio de Giovanni, Alunno, married 1731 Valletta to Antonia de Habela, Enfant Abandonne, (See below). (illegitimate) Antonio de Buttigieg, Alunno, married 1746 Valletta to Benigna Alunna, (See below). Fra Camille Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Maddalena Alunna, married 1733 Valletta to Ignazio Fregosi. Fra Alexandre Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Caterina Alunna, married 1733 Vittoriosa to Michele Angelo Baldacchino. Honore III Grimaldi, (1675-), Marqquis de Corbons e Cagnes, married 1700 to Marguerite de Villeneuve Trans, with issue. Honore IV Grimaldi, (1701-1743), Marquis de Corbons e Cagnes, married 1730 to Helene d’Orcel, with issue. Louis-Camille Grimaldi, (1733-1758), Marquis de Corbon e Cagnes, dunm. Sauveur-Gaspard Grimaldi, (1734-1816), Marquis de Cordon e Cagnes, married 1760 to Jeanne de Mark de Tripoli de Panisse, with issue. Honore-Henri Grimaldi, dunm. Felicite Grimaldi, (1780-1835). Fr Louis-Andre Grimaldi, (1736-1808), Bishop of Mans. Charles Grimaldi, married to Marie-Genevieve de Grimaldi d’Antibes, dsp. Fr Jean-Charles Grimaldi, Canon. Elisabeth-Roseline Grimaldi, married 1755 to Louis Commendaire, Signore de Taradeau. Marie-Marthe Grimaldi, married to Jean de Gombert, Signore de St Genies. Charles Grimaldi, Lieutenant de Galere 1746, married 1746 to Jeanne de Grimaldi, (see on this page), with issue. Charles Balthard Grimaldi, (1747-1795), Comte de Grimaldi, married 1773 to Marie-Victoire de Mine de Quinson, with issue. Charles-Philippe Auguste Grimaldi, (1775-1846), Comte de Grimaldi, Marquis de Corbon e Cagnes, married to Marie-Simplicie de la Belinaye, with issue. Charles-Louis-Henri-Maxence Grimaldi, (1818-1880), Marquis de Cagnes, married 1852 to Isaure de Geloes, dsp. Charles-Louis-Raoul Grimaldi, (1822-1895), Marquis de Cagnes, married to Louise Pauline Minion de Bois-Rose, with issue. Henri-Charles-Raoul Grimaldi, (1860-1940), Marquis de Cagnes, married three times, dsp. Blanche Marie Pauline Grimaldi, (1856-1921), married 1879 to Pierre Paul Francois de Viggiani. Henri-Ferdinand Grimaldi, (1822-1850), dunm. Captaine Fr Joseph-Marie Grimaldi, Canon. Anne-Marthe Grimaldi, married 1709 to Antoine Francois de Cays, Comte de Gilette. Marthe Elisabeth Grimaldi, married 1711 to Charles Olivari, Signore di Campredon. Charlotte Grimaldi, married 1718 to Jean Andre de Vacher. Fra Pierre Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John  of Malta. Fra Charles Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Fr Aleazar Grimaldi, Canon. Lucrece Grimaldi, married to Sipion de Villeneuve-Vence. Fra Claude Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Arnaud Grimaldi, d.inf. Fra Claude Grimaldi, (d. 1632), Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Claude Grimaldi, Signore de Malijay, dunm. Camille Grimaldi, married 1586 to Annibal de Forbin, Signore de la Roque. Julie Grimaldi, married 1602 to Allemand de Glandeves, Signore de Greoux. Lucrece Grimaldi, married to Gaspare de Castellane de Grignan. Julia Grimaldi, married to N. de Rosset. Hippolite Grimaldi, married to Jacques Faret de St-Privat. Cassandre Grimaldi, married 1564 to Giulio Doria Dolce-Acqua. Francois Grimaldi, married 1561 to Claude de Villeneuve-Venice. Camille Grimaldi, married 1563 to Jean Brancas-Cereste. Claude Grimaldi, married 1510 to Marguerite Bressons, with issue. Gaspard Grimaldi. Anna Grimaldi, married to Antoine d’Arlatan. Jean-Antoine Grimaldi, Marquis de Trans, (1516-1526), married to Andronique Flotte., with issue. Claude Grimaldi, (d. 1571), Marquis de Trans, married to Claudine Cairaschi dei Signori de Chateauneuf et St Andre de Nice, with issue. Gaspard Grimaldi, Marquis de Trans, married to Octavie Doria dei Signori di Dolceacqua, with issue. Fra Claude Grimaldi, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Andre Grimaldi, Marquis de Trans, married (1) 1621 to Benoite Malbiqui, married (2) 1652 to Madeleine Richelmi, with issue. (First marriage) Marcel Grimaldi, Marquis de Trans, Croix de Chevalier de St Maurice et Lazare 1645, Ecuyer du Prince de Monaco, with issue. Honore Grimaldi, Marquis de Trans, (1658-1744), married 1677 to Marie-Louise Trinchieri, with issue. Marie-Catherine Barbe Grimaldi, married 1730 to Francois de Beaujeu-Quinqueran. Fra Ignace-Felice Grimaldi, Commander and Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegtimate) Rosa de Mamo, enfant abandonnee Alunna, married 1729 Valletta to Georgio Tabone. (illegitimate) Rosa de Psaila, Alunna, married 1728 Valletta to Clemenzo Borg. Francois-Xavier Grimaldi, Marquis de Trans, married 1713 to Anne-Francoise-Catherine Ferrero-Thaon de Sauze Vve Rossignoli, with issue. Anne-Marie-Baptiste Grimaldi, married to Jean-Francois de la Tour-Roumoules. Joseph-Marie-Pierre-Jean Grimaldi, Baron de Sauze 1772, 1st Consul of Nice, 1761, 1768, 1777, married (1) 1749 to Marie Constance Lascaris-Vintimille, married (2) 1791 to Marie-Antoinette Bouret, with issue. (First marriage) Louis Grimaldi, dunm. Marcellin Grimaldi, 2nd Baron de Sauze, (d. 1802 Turin), married 1776 to Rose Capello dei Signori di Chateauneuf, with issue. Sylvie Grimaldi, married 1803 to Marquis Auguste de Constantin de Chateauneuf. Helene Grimaldi, married 1804 to Francois Ricca de Chateauvieux, Vice Admiral of Sardinia. Francois-Andre Grimaldi, (d. 1818 Paris), dunm. Fra Ange Grimaldi, Comte d’Asspremont, Contre-Amiral of the Order of St John of Malta. Louis Grimaldi, (1660-1715 Moorselle), dunm. Fra Felix Grimaldi, Grand Pieur de St Gilles, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. (Second marriage) Louis Grimaldi, (1704), Hagueneau au Service du King Louis XIV, married to Jeanne Alexandrine de Thielelaine, with issue. Jean-Louis Alberic Grimaldi, dunm. Jacques-Alexandre Grimaldi, dunm. Francois-Joseph Grimaldi, dunm. Jean-Baptiste Grimaldi. Jean-Francois Grimaldi, d.inf. Pierre-Antoine Grimaldi, d.inf. Annibal Grimaldi, d.inf. Julie Grimaldi. Francoise Grimaldi. Lucrece Grimaldi. Jean Andrea Grimaldi. Renee Grimaldi, married to Jean Solara de la Moretta. Silvestro-Antonio Grimaldi, (d. 1529), married with issue. Gaspard-Josue Grimaldi, (c. 1500), married with issue. Captiano Jean-Sylvestre Grimaldi, (d. 1540), married with issue. Josue II Grimaldi, (d. 1645), Commandant de la Forteresse de Pignerol, with issue. Colonel Octave Grimaldi, married with issue. Lucrece Grimaldi, married to Biago Alfassio, Comte de Bellino. Nicolas Grimaldi, Comte de Puget, (1633-1721), married with issue. Captiane Josue III Grimaldi, (1659-), Comte de Puget, married with issue. Ignace Grimaldi, (1708-1788), Comte de Puget, married with issue. Louis Grimaldi, (1741-1771), Comte de Puget, married with issue. Philippe Grimaldi, (1767-1817), Comte de Puget, Governor of the future King Charles Albert of Savoie-Carignan, with issue. Emile Grimaldi, (1791-1871), Comte de Puget, Colonel de Cavalerie, married with issue. Constance Grimaldi, (1823-1878), married to Gustave Scati. Stanistas Grimaldi, (1825-1903). Eustache Grimaldi, (1810-1889), Officer de Cavalerie, married with issue. Louis-Pilippe Grimaldi, (1855-1931), married with issue. Fernand Grimaldi, (1888-1952), married with issue. Jean Grimaldi, married with issue. Henri Grimaldi. Dominique Grimaldi. Marie Claude Grimaldi. Bernard Grimaldi. Cesare Grimaldi, (1925-), married with issue. Philippe Grimaldi. Stanislas Grimaldi, (d. 1960). Vincent Grimaldi. Carlo Grimaldi. Jean Andre Grimaldi, Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. Louis Grimaldi, dunm. Yolanda Grimaldi. Marie Grimaldi. Brigitte Grimaldi. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1419), married to Bianca Doria, with issue. Costanza Grimaldi, (c. 1434), married (1) to Antonio del Caretto, married (2) to Benedetto Vivaldi. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Francesco Doria. Raffaele Grimaldi, (c. 1377), with issue. Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1385, 1408), married to Nicoleta Dardella, with issue. Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1402). Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1392), married to Antonio Camilla. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1381), married to Ceva Doria. Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1391). Gabriele Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1333, 1356), married to Giacoba Ghizolfi, with issue. Margherita Grimaldi, 9c. 1317, 1348), married to Matteo Ghizolfi. Gianotto Grimaldi, (c. 1317), with issue. N. Grimaldi, (c. 1376), married to Antonio Gentile Pignolo. Agnese Grimaldi, (c. 1376), married to Stefano Mallone. Alterisia Grimaldi, (c. 1317), married to Lucchino Malocello. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1317, 1324, 1333), married to Damina Goano, with issue. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1338, 1352, 1366), married to Argenta Grimaldi d/o Rainero. Valerano Grimaldi, (c. 1317, 1333). Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1317). Raffaele Grimaldi, (c. 1317, 1333, 1352), married to Margherita N, with issue. Ugolino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1348). Marchione Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1370, 1380), married to Imperiale Embriaco, with issue. Battista Grimaldi, (c. 1380, 1401). Raffaele Grimaldi, with issue. (Descendants of the Grimaldi of Bologna). Primafiore Grimaldi, (c. 1344), married to Benedetto Gentile Avogario. Ugolino Grimaldi, (c. 1308), married to Aiguina N, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Lucano Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Napoleone Grimaldi, (c. 1324). Alterisia Grimaldi, (c. 1323), married to Federico Clavesana. Enrico Grimaldi, (c. 1268, 1277, 1289), married to Simona Spinola, with issue. Bigotta Grimaldi, (c. 1297, 1319), married to Sorleone Piccamiglio. Rainaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1292, 1319), married (1) to Benedetta Ghizolfi, married (2) to Cattarina de Mari, married (3) to Lina di Negro, with issue. (First Marriage) Alterisia Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1321), married to Giovanni Gentile Avogario. (Second Marriage) Manfredo Grimaldi, (c. 1319, 1350), married to Teodora N. (Third Marriage) Orietta Grimaldi, (c. 1313, 1319). Rabella elim Bonifcio Grimaldi, (c. 1277, 1310), married to Lina Doria, with issue. Lionetta Grimaldi, (c. 1347), married to Antonio Lomellino. Percivale Grimaldi, (c. 1321). Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1347). Dorino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1343, 1350), married (1) to Aiguina Oltramarini, married (2) to Eliana Fieschi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1360, 1405), married (1) to Margherita Adorno, married (2) to Chiara Cicala, with issue. (First Marriage) Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1434, 1451), married to Cattarina Gentile, with issue. Grimalda Grimaldi, (c. 1451, 1488), married to Luca Grimaldi s/o Pietro. Bertina Grimaldi, (c. 1451, 1470), married to Filippo Usodimare. Obertino Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1488), with issue. Rabellino Grimaldi, (c. 1488). Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1417), married to Gregorio Centurione. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1481), married to Giovanni Francesco Squarciafico. Angelo Grimaldi, (c. 1431, 1452), married (1) to Rabella N, married (2) to Eliana Garre, with issue. (First Marriage) Teramo Grimaldi, (d. 1477), dunm. Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1488), married (1) to Isabella Grimaldi, married (2) to Isabella Fieschi, married (3) to Lucchina Gentile, with issue. (First Marriage) Luigia Grimaldi, (c. 1531), married (1) to Niccolo Spinola, married (2) to Lodovico Spinola. Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1535), married to Bartolomeo di Negro. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1518, 1531, 1534), married to Maddalena Pallavicini, with issue. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1579), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1587), married to Gio Vincenzo Imperiale. Maria Grimaldi, married to Francesco Spinola. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1581), married to Niccolo Giustiniani. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1576, 1587), married to Leila Pallavicini, with issue. Gironima Grimaldi, married to Silvestro Grimaldo s/o Alessandro. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1630), married to Gio Batta Cattaneo. Gio Agostino Grimaldi. Tommaso Grimaldi, (c. 1609, 1633), married to Dorotea Pallavicini, with issue. Veronica Grimaldi. Lelia Grimaldi. Ignazio Grimaldi. Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1665, 1674), married to Gironima Cuniquez, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, married to Filippo Cattaneo. Tommaso Grimaldi, d.inf. Francesco Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1694), married to Giovanna Pallavicini, with issue. Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1730), married (1) to Maria Clavesana, married (2) to Maria Rosolea Spinola, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanna Grimaldi, married to Doge Gio Carlo Pallavicini. (Second Marriage) Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1769), married to Laura Spinola, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Alessandro Pallavicini. Maria Rosa Grimaldi, d.inf. Anna Grimaldi, married to Gio Lanfranco Grimaldi Ceva s/o Niccolo. Girolamo Grimaldi, Create Duca. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1676), ‘Nun’. Girolamo Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1694). Gio Batta Grimaldi. Domenico Grimaldi. Francesco Grimaldi. Filippo Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1665). Maria Grimaldi, married to Gio Antonio Sauli. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1609). Livia Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Anna Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1545), married to Onorato Grimaldi, Signore di Monaco. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1581, 1598), maried to Gironima de Mari, with issue. Gianettino Grimaldi, (c. 1630), married to Niccoletta Rapallo, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1556), married to Fabrizio Imperiale Tartaro. Veronica Grimaldi, married to Niccolo Doria. Angelo Grimaldi, ‘Priest’. Giulio Cesare Grimaldi, (c. 1645). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1645). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1596). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1596). Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1596, 1633, 1637), married to Paola de Franchi, with issue. Giovanna Grimaldi. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1633). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1596, 1637), married to Maddelana Spinola, with issue. Battina Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Carlo Grimaldi, ‘Knight of St John of Malta’. Domenico Grimaldi, ‘Priest’. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1639)., Veronica Grimaldi. Cecilia Grimaldi. Violante Grimaldi, married to Carlo Francesco Panigarola. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1639), married to Pietro da Dieci. Settinima Grimaldi, ‘Nun’. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Maria Doria, with issue. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1594). Giovanna Grimaldi, (c. 1594), married to Stefano de Marini. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1594, 1635), married to Paola Spinola, with issue. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Angelo Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1635), married to Marcello Raimondo. Gio Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1635), with issue. Giulia Grimaldi, married to Marchese Landolina di Cattania. Franco Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Giulio Grimaldi, ‘Jesuite’. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1635). Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1581, 1594), married to Luca Pallavicino. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1581, 1594, 1627), married to Gio Batta Doria. Giovanna Grimaldi, married to Torello Daste. Veronica Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Stefan de Mari. Paola Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Stefano Lercari. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1577). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1577, 1581), married to Gironima Centurione, with issue. Peretta Grimaldi. Battista Grimaldi. Maria Grimaldi. Stefano Grimaldi, (d. 1561). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1505, 1534), married to Gironima Cattaneo, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1477), married to Adamo Salvago. Aloisea Grimaldi, married to Federico Cuzkeri, Barone di Frigenuini. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1432, 1452), married to Orietta Grimaldi d/o Corrado, with issue. Novella Grimaldi, (c. 1470), married to Clement Ghizolfi. Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1470, 1490, 1515), married (1) to Ginevra di Negro, married (2) to Luigia Negrone, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1515), married to Maria de Mari, with issue. Giorgio Grimaldi, (c. 1525), dunm. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1515), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Marco Grimaldi, (c. 1540), (lived in Malta for a time), married to Anna Maddalena Grimaldi, (See below), with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1560). Speranza Grimaldi, married 1586 Qormi to Angelo Farrugia, with issue. Gio Maria Farrugia, married 1622 Zurrieq to Domenica Barbara, with issue. Domenico Farrugia, married 1641 Qormi to Maria Condulli, with issue. Pietro Farrugia, married 1667 Qormi to Evangelista Pace, with issue. Pietro Paolo Farrugia, married 1695 Zurrieq to Anna Calleja, with issue. Giuseppe Farrugia, married 1720 Luqa to Geronima Dalli, with issue. Rosa Farrugia, married 1759 Vittoriosa to Angelo Dimech. Orietta Grimaldi, married to Adamo Centurione Oltramarino. (Second Marriage) Gaspare Grimaldi, (c. 1515, 1536, 1568), married (1) to Margherita Cattaneo, married 920 to Battina di Negro, with issue. (First Marriage) Lucchina Grimaldi, (c. 1533). (Second Marriage) Virginia Grimaldi, (c. 1568). Imperia Grimaldi, (c. 1568), married (c. 1565) to to Domenico Grima, (see on this page). Tommasina Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1509), married to Luca Spinola. Galeotto Grimaldi, (c. 1432, 1454), married to Teodora Oliva, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1446), married to Paolo Serra. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1479), married to Francisca Grimaldi d/o Luca, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1518, 1526), married (1) to Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi, married (2) to Paride Gentile. Niccolosia Grimaldi, 9c. 1517, 1526), married to Stefano Salinero. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1505), dunm, Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1505). Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1508), ‘Nun’. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1499), married with issue. Gregorio Grimaldi, (1480-), married with issue. Agostino Grimaldi, (1505-1596), married to Nobile Leandra Leonora Crispo, with issue. Lucrezia Grimaldi, married to Carlo Celestri, with issue. Bianca Celestri, married to Giovanni Bellomo, 9th Barone di Santo Cosimano. Anna Celestri, married to Ferdinando de Caro, Duca di Palma, Principe di Lampedusa. Vincenzo Celestri, married to Donna Antonia Arezzo, with issue. Carlo Celestri, cr 1628 Barone di Plani, married (1) 1616 Scicli, Sicily to Livia Melfi, married (2) to Margherita Celestri, with issue. Nobile Antonia Celestri, married 1643 Scicli, Sicily to Giuseppe Celestri, with issue. Nobile Luigi Celestri, married 1671 Scicli, Sicily to Anna Crescimanno dei Baroni di Bubutello e Cametrici, with issue. Nobile Michele Celestri, (1671-), married 1710 Scicli, Sicily to Antonia Papaleo, with issue. Nobile Anna Antonia Celestri, (1700-), married to Filippo la Rocca. Giuseppe Celestri. Guglielmo Celestri, married (1) 1618 Scicli, Sicily to Givoanna Cicero, married (2) to Ignazia Campisi, with issue. (First marriage) Rosalia Celestri, married (1) to Don Giovanni Settimo, 7th Marchese di Giarratana, married (2) to Nobile Giulio Grimaldi, 2nd Principe di Santa Caterina. (Second marriage) Carlo Celestri. Vincenzo Celestri. Adriana Celestri, married to Don Diego Gennaro Mirabella. Cassandra Celestri, married to Don  Diego Arezzo. Francesco Celestri. Cassandra Celestri, married 1613 Scicli, Sicily to Giovanni Battista Melfi. Margherita Celestri, married to Gio Andrea Manenti. Agostino Celestri, married to Antonia Rosa N, with issue. Carlo Celestri, married (2) 1605 Scicli, Sicily to Giovanna Ricciardo, married (2) 1626 to Anna Alfieri. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (1564-1632). Bartolomea Grimaldi, married (1) to Francesco Sedegno, married (2) to Giuseppe Peralta. Fortuna Grimaldi, (1573-). Maria Grimaldi. Gaetana Grimaldi. Francesca Grimaldi, married 1582 to Camillo I. Sieripepoli, 12th Signore di Culcasi, 8th Signore della Gabella della Pescaria, married (2) to Vincenzo Strada, married (3) to Francesco Poly. Erasma Grimaldi, married to Giovanni Rizzo. Giuseppe Grimaldi, 1609 1st Signore di Randello e San Giovanni, married 1606 Modica, Sicily (Niece) to Antonia Lorefice, (See below), married to Aloisia de Sosa, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Grimaldi, (1612-1672), 2nd Signore di Randello e San Giovanni, married 1628 to Nobile Girolama Rosso, 18th Baroness di Xirumi, with issue. Carlo Grimaldi, (1632-1693), 1687 19th Barone di Xirumi, 1674 3rd Barone di Randello e San Giovanni, married 1667 Modica to Antonia Clavario, dsp. Enrico Grimaldi, (1636-1728), created 1693 Principe Grimaldi, 1694 3rd Barone del Bosco, 1693, 20th Barone di Xirumi, married to Nobile Agnese Scalambro, with issue. Donna Girolama Grimaldi, (1681-1762), married (1) to Giacinto Lorefice, married (2) to Blasco Castillet. Don Francesco Grimaldi, (1685-1756), 2nd Principe Grimaldi, dunm. Don Giovanni Battista Grimaldi, (1690-1755), 3rd Principe Grimaldi,. married (1) 1703 Ragusa, Sicily to Donna Grazia la Restia, married (2) 1745 Scicli, Sicily to Donna Luigia Palermo, with issue. (First marriage) Donna Battistina Grimaldi, (1708-), married 1726 Scicli, Sicily to Don Francesco Paterno Castello dei Baroni della Baglia e Dogana di Milazzo e Pozzo di Gotto. Don Enrico Maria Grimaldi, (1710-1760), 4th Principe Grimaldi, married to Nobile Agnese Scalambro, with issue. (Second marriage) Don Emanuele Grimaldi, (1750-). Don Giuseppe Agostino Grimaldi, (1692-1759). Don Grimaldo Grimaldi, (1694-), married to Anna Maria Vassallo dei Conti di Bauvso. Vincenzo Grimaldi, (1637-). Francesco Grimaldi, (1638-), married (1) to Donna Agnese Arezzo, married (2) to Donna Luigia Palermo, with issue. Blandano Grimaldi, (1700-1784), 6th Barone di Calamenzana, married with issue. Agostino Grimaldi, (1639-1660). Giuseppe Grimaldi, (1640-1693). Girolamo Grimaldi, (1640-), married 1682 to Francesca Beneventano. Rosalia Grimaldi, (1670-1761), married to Giuseppe Celestri, 6th Marchese di Santa Croce, with issue. Donna Concetta Celestri, (1706-1779), married to Don Pietro Ardoino, 5th Principe di Alcontres, 6th Marchese della Floresta e Roccalumera. Anna Grimaldi, (1614-). Adriana Grimaldi, married to Notary Bartolomeo Grungo, 5th and Last Barone di Pietra Longa. Giovanni Grimaldi, (1498-). Vincenza Grimaldi, married to Nobile Niccolo Lorefice, with issue. Antonia Lorefice, married 1606 Modica (Niece) to Giuseppe Grimaldi, 1st Signore di Randello e San Giovanni, (See above). Melchiore Lorefice, 1601 Modica to Dorotea Ferraro, with issue. Pietro Lorefice, (1602-). Giacinto Lorefice, (1604-), cr 1647 Barone del Piano del Pozzo o Poggio Diamante con l’Acqua di Gulli, married to Battistina Ascenso, with issue. Pietro Lorefice, (1638-). Anna Lorefice, (1640-1690), married 1679 Modica to Giuseppe Sirugo. Ignazio Lorefice, (1640-), cr 1665 – 5th Barone del Piano del Pozzo o Poggio Diamante con l’Acqua di Gulli, married 1665 Ragusa to Antonia Nicita, with issue. Romualdo Lorefice, (1660-), 6th Barone del Piano del Pozzo o Poggio Diamante con l’Acqua di Gulli, married with issue. Don Francesco di Paola Lorefice, (1680-), 6th Barone del Piano del Pozzo o Poggio Diamante con l’Acqua di Gulli, married to Donna Girolama Grimaldi, (See on this page), with issue. Don Benedetto Mattia Lorefice, (1722-), 8th Barone del Piano del Pozzo o Poggio Diamante con l’Acqua di Gulli, married to Donna Ignazia Platamaone, with issue. Don Francesco di Paola Lorefice, (1740-), 9th Barone del Piano del Pozzo o Poggio Diamante con l’Acqua di Gulli. Don Vincenzo Lorefice, (1742-). Donna Margherita Lorefice, (1758-), married 1774 Modica to Guglielmo Polara. Don Romualdo Lorefice, (1759-1829), cr 1814 Marchese Lorefice, married to Cristina Schinina. Dorotea Lorefice, (1641-), married to Don Francesco Tomasi. Silvio Lorefice, (1642-), 1684 – 3rd Barone di Corulla, married to Francesca Sirugo, with issue. Don Mario Lorefice, (1680-), 4th Barone di Corulla, married 1732 Scicli to Girolama Papaleo, with issue. Silvio Giovanni Battista Lorefice, (1734-1814), 5th Barone di Corulla, married to Agnese Crimini, with issue. Donna Girolama Lorefice, (1774-1854). Don Raffaele Francesco Lorefice, (1779-), married 1841 Modica to Teresa Maria de Gregorio, married (2) to Margherita Rubbino. Don Mario Lorefice, (1786-), 6th Barone di Corulla, married to Donna Giuseppa Guttadauro, with issue. Don Silvio Lorefice, (1811-1877), married 1830 Modica to Donna Concetta Maria Lorefice, (See below), with issue. Don Mario Lorefice, (1831-). Donna Irene Lorefice, (1833-). Don Ferdinando Lorefice, (1836-), d.inf. Don Emanuele Lorefice, (1840-1911), 8th Barone di Corulla, married to Emanuela Cappello, with issue. Donna Concetta Lorefice, (1872-), married to Carlo Papa. Don Silvio Antonio Giorgio Lorefice, (1877-, 9th Barone di Corulla, married 1904 Modica to Isabella Marietta dei Baroni Pluchinotta, with issue. Donna Giulietta Lorefice, (1905-), married to Giorgio Turla. Don Fortunato Mario Lorefice, (1906-), 10th Barone di Corulla. Don Mario Lorefice, (1910-). Don Romualdo Lorefice, (1842-). Donna Agnese Lorefice, (1843-), married to Pietro Scolari. Donna Maria Carolina Lorefice, (1844-1911). Don Fortunato Lorefice, (1845-1900). Donna Virgina Lorefice, (1848-), married 1876 Modica to Romualdo Trombadore. Donna Giulietta Lorefice, (1851-). Don Carmelo Lorefice, (1852-), married 1877 Modica to Maria Trombadore, with issue. Donna Matilde Concetta Lorefice, (1882-1971), married 1910 Modica to Pietro Vernuccio. Geltrude Lorefice, (1736-), married to Vincenzo Maria Interlandi dei Principi di Bellaprima. Don Vincenzo Lorefice, (1740-), married 1779 Anna Ferraro, with issue. Don Mario Lorefice, (1779-1842), married 1808 to Anna Rubino, with issue. Donna Concetta Maria Lorefice, (1810-1879), married 1830 Modica to Don Silvo Lorefice, (See above). Don Vincenzo Lorefice, (1813-1867), married 1838 Modica to Maria Cristina Cannata, with issue. Don Romualdo Lorefice, (1839-), d.inf. Don Romualdo Lorefice, (1840-1882). Donna Giuseppa Lorefice, (1842-). Don Ignazio Lorefice, (1844-). Don Mario Lorefice, (1846-), married 1879 Modica to Alessandra Ascenso, with issue. Don Vincenzo Pietro Tommaso Lorefice, (1882-, married 1909 Modica to Donna Francesca Girolama Bellomo. Don Luigi Lorefice, (1847-). Donna Agata Lorefice, (1848-), married 1877 Syracuse to Raffaele Floridia. Donna Maria Lorefice, (1818-1882), married to Guglielmo Zacco. Francesco Lorefice, (1644-), married to Vittoria Francesca Indovina, with issue. Antonio Lorefice, (1670-), cr 1699 – 17th Barone di Passanitello, married to Alessandro Giurato, 18th Baroness di Passanitello, with issue. Gio Battista Lorefice, (1690-1717), dunm. Caterina Lorefice, (1691-1777), 19th Baroness di Passanitello, married 1711 Comiso to Michele Ferreri, with issue. Francesca Lorefice, (1645-), married to N. Bonanno. Antonia Lorefice, (1650-), married 1669 Modica to Don Guglielmo Bellomo. Zaccaria Lorefice, (1608-), married to Antonina Scifo dei Baroni di San Michele, with issue. Antonio Lorefice, (1642-, married 1663 Scicli to Angela Carpinteri, with issue. Zaccaria Lorefice, (1665-, married 1697 Ragusa to Benedetta Mazza, with issue. Pietro Lorefice, (1700-), married (1) to 1768 Scicli to Bartolomea Giovatto, married (2) 1784 to Marianna Betto. Geltrude Lorefice, (1720-, married 1756 Scicli to Pietro Zisa. Giacinto Lorefice, (1680-, married 1725 Scicli to Isabella Cassarino, with issue. Antonio Lorefice, (1726-, married 1751 Scicli to Margherita Carpinteri, with issue. Angela Lorefice, (1752-, married 1771 Scicli to Giuseppe Mainardi. Giovanni Lorefice, (1740-, married 1771 Scicli to Battista Zisa. Melchiorre Lorefice, (1650-, married with issue. Pietro Lorefice, (1670-), married with issue. Anna Lorefice, (1700-), married to Giuseppe Mainardi. Antonia Lorefice, (1702-), married to N. Bonanno. Elisabetta Lorefice, (1610-), 2nd Baroness di Corulla, married to Blasco de Gasping, created 1648 at Ragusa – Barone di Corulla win Ragusa, dsp. Margherita Lorefice, (1612-), married to N. Zacco. Anna Lorefice, (1620-), married to Don Giuseppe Arezzo, with issue. Don Raimondo Arezzo, married to Teresa Zacco, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1405), married to Perretta Spinola. Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1432, 1451). (Second Marriage) Dorino Grimaldi, (c. 1415, 1444), married to Maddalena Leccavello, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1486), married to Girolamo Grimaldi Oliva. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Morvello Grimaldi, (c. 1436). Raffo Grimaldi, (c. 1436). (First Marriage) Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1454), married to Francesco Grimaldi s/o Odoardo. (First Marriage) Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1432), married to Giacoba N, with issue. Rabella Grimaldi, (c. 1460), married to Argenta Spinola, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1473). Violante Grimaldi, (c. 1473). Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1462), married to Demetrio Grimaldi s/o Matteo. Giannone Grimaldi, (c. 1322). Gregorio Grimaldi, (c. 1322). Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1322, 1333, 1347), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Gentile Grimaldi, (c. 1383, 1396), married to Ginevra de Draperi, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1397). Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1396, 1400, 1434), married (1) to Cattarina de Marini, married (2) to Lucchina Adorno, with issue. (First Marriage) Gentile Grimaldi, (d. 1418), married to Violante Cebu, dsp. Olivierio Grimaldi, (c. 1418), married to Bianca Doria, with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1498), married to Benedetto Doria. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1478), married to Franco Cybo. (Second Marriage) Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1417, 1478), married to Matteo de Marini, dsp. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1397, 1400), married to Isabella Lercari, with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1413, d. 1447), dunm. Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1383). Gentile Grimaldi, (c. 1333), with issue. Babilano Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1333). Federico Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Teodora Usodimare, dsp. Boarello Grimaldi, (c. 1278), with issue. Sobrana Grimaldi, (c. 1308). Giannone Grimaldi, (c. 1308). Beatrice Grimaldi, (c. 1310), married to Anfreone di Negro. Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1319), ‘Priest’. Lucchino Grimaldi, (c. 1277, 1319), with issue. Galeotto Grimaldi, (c. 1323). Babilano Grimaldi, (c. 1312, 1321, d. 1323), with issue. Moruele Grimaldi, (c. 1323, 1359). Marcoaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1277), with issue. Stellino Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1334), married (1) to Benedetta N, married (2) to Cattarina Cybo, with issue. (First Marriage) Benedetto Grimaldi, (c. 1356, 1376, 1389). Ire Grimaldi, (c. 1333). (Second Marriage) Visconte Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1350), married to Ginevra Cybo, dsp. Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1346), married to Teodora Lomellini, with issue. Visconte Grimaldi, (c. 1397). Andreola Grimaldi, (d. 1397). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1397), married to Bianca Salvago, with issue. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1499), married to Battina Usodimare, with issue. Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1530), ‘Nun’. Bernardo Grimaldi, (c. 1530), married to Bernarda Doria, with issue. Niccoletta Grimaldi, (c. 1530), married to Francesco Spinola. Paolo Grimaldi, (c. 1530, 1539). Anna Maddalena Grimaldi, married to Marco Grimaldi, (see above). Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1535), married to Girolamo Doria. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1530, 1551), married to Nobile Chiara Imperia Centurione, with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1551), married to Niccolo Spinola. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1551), married to Battista Spinola. Giacomo Grimaldi, married 1573 Mdina to Bernardina de Caruana, with issue. Geronimo Grimaldi, married 1622 Rabat Gozo to Nobile Andrianna de Chiaramonte of Sicily, with issue. Pietro Grima sives Grimaldi, married 1658 Matrice Gozo to Lazzarina Mercieca, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1701 Cospicua and Xaghra Gozo to Maria Grech, with issue. Geronimo Grima, married 1726 Senglea to Rosa Schiavone, with issue. Gaetano Gioacchino Grima, married 1750 Cospicua to Giovanna Xicluna, with issue. Giuseppa Grima, married 1784 Valletta to Federico Wismayer, with issue. Antonia Wismayer, married 1813 Mdina to Gio Maria Vella. Giuseppe Wismayer, married 1813 Valletta to Donna Carmela Monreale. Federica Wismayer, married 1811 Valletta to Felice Bonici, married (2) 1817 Valletta to Bernardo Caprisi. Salvatore Grima, married 1802 Valletta to Concetta Giovanna Tonna. Paola Grima, married 1801 Valletta to Salvatore Casha. Vincenza Grima, married 1791 Valletta Arpa. Catterina Grimaldi, (d. 1397). Lucchina Grimaldi, (d. 1397). Lodisio Grimaldi, (c. 1335). Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1346, 1349). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1346). Acellino Grimaldi, (d. 1330). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1312, 1333, 1343), married to Eliana N, with issue. Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1347, 1357), married to Cattarina N. Violante Grimaldi, (c. 1347, 1380), married to Colombo Bestagno. Doriotto Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1347, 1353), married to Chiara Marabotto, with issue. Ettore Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1433), married to Francesco Ermerigo di Albenga. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1379), amrried to Manfredo Cybo. Paride Grimaldi, (c. 1356, 1374), married to Selvaggia di Negro, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1420, 1433), married to Francesco Ermerigo di Albenga. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1420), married to Dario Ardimenti. Bartolomeo Grimaldi, (c. 1356). Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1333, 1356). Carante Grimaldi, (c. 1333), married to Corradina Usodimare. Alasia Grimaldi, (c. 1253), married to Pasqualotto Usodimare. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1221, 1223, 1263). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1263, 1277). Meroaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1278). Boarello Grimaldi, (c. 1249, 1260), married to Agnese N, with issue. Corrado Grimaldi, (c. 1291, 1306, d. 1324), with issue. Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1324), dunm. Boarello Grimaldi, (c. 1308, 1327, d. 1343), married to Ginevra Salvago, with  issue. Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1327). Corrado Grimaldi, (c. 1327, 1343, 1364), Signore di Stella, married to Isabella Doria, with issue. Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1384), married to Andreola Doria, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1412, 1420, 1431), married to Ginevra Gentile, with issue. Pellegro Grimaldi, (c. 1448). Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1448). Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1448). Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1448), married to Ginevra Doria, with issue. Giovanni  Grimaldi, ‘Abbott’, (c. 1445). Luigia Grimaldi, (c. 1445). Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1438). Luigia Grimaldi, (d. 1438), married to Pietro Lomellino. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1431), married to Corrardo Grimaldi s/o Filippo. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1438, 1448, 1470), married to Eliana Grimaldi d/o Rabella, with issue. Bartolomeo Grimaldi, (c. 1470), married to Bartolomea Patero, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1498). Peretta Grimaldi, (c. 1498). Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1498, 1512, 1536), married to Tommasina Cattaneo, with issue. Stefano Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1588), with issue. Gio Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Gio Stefano Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Pasquale Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1546, d. 1558), with issue. Antoniotto Grimaldi, (c. 1558). Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1558). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1558), with issue. Gio Lorenzo Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Lelio Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1573), (Descendants in Spain). Laura Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Scipione Grimaldi, (c. 1573). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1536). Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1536). Stefano Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1546), married to Maria Doria, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1558, 1564, 1573), dunm. Virginia Grimaldi, (c. 1558), married to Paolo Antonio, Marchese di Clavesana. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1558, 1564, 1570). Domenico Grimaldi, (c. 1498, d. 1512). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1498, 1512). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1507, d. 1512). Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1372, 1388), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Imperiale Grimaldi, (c. 1398), with issue. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1479), married to Violante Cicala, with issue. Vincenzo Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Imperiale Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Giorgietta Grimaldi, (c. 1479), married (1) to N. Grimaldi, married (2) to Meliaduce Spinola. Matteo Grimaldi, (c. 1400). Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1393, 1417), married to Isabella Grimaldi, d/o Giano., with issue. Bartolomea Grimaldi, (c. 1442, 1462), married to Raffaele Negroni. Cristofaro Grimaldi, (c. 1442). Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1442, 1467), married to Teodora Giustiniani, with issue. Giuliano Grimaldi, (c. 1477), married to Lina Leccavello, with issue. Barnaba Grimaldi, (c. 1511, 1522, 1536), amrried to Moisia Centurione, with issue. Ottaviano Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1522, 1547), married to Gio Antonio Lomellino. Teodora Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Battista Grimaldi, (c. 1522). Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1477). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1477, 1484), married to Giorgio Grimaldi. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1477), married to Cattarina Gentile, with issue. Oberto Grimaldi, (c. 1534), married to Simona de Marini, with issue. Giacomo Grimaldi, (d. 1534), dunm. Pometta Grimaldi, (d. 1442), married to Dr Antonio de Dragoni. Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1442), married to Antonia Ghizolfi, dsp. Sisto Grimaldi, (c. 1398). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1373, 1409), married to Argenta Grimaldi d/o Percivale, with issue. Eliana Grimaldi, (c. 1439)., married to Agostino Scotti. Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1458), married to Saracina N, with issue. Taddeo Grimaldi, (c. 1487, 1508), married to Clarisia Promontorio, with issue. Susanna Grimaldi, (c. 1508). Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1508), married to Onorata Paola Grimaldi (d/o Ingo), with issue. Alessandra Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Leonardo Grimaldi, (c. 1534). Bartolomeo Mariano Grimaldi, (c. 1534), migrated to Malta,. married 1542 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Nobile Isolda Baglio, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, marrled 1596 Lija to Antonia Cilia, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married (1) 1633 Mdina to Margherita Cauchi, married (2) 1638 Lija to Caterina Galea, married (3) 1659 Mdina to Maruzza Stivala, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Paolo Grima, married 1652 Mosta to Grazia Bartolo, with issue. Domenico Grima, married 1688 Qormi to Domenica Baldacchino, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1708 Qormi to Pietro Mizzi. Caterina Grima, married 1676 Mosta to Gio Paolo Agius. Maria Grima, married 1680 Valletta to Lorenzo Vella, (see on this page). (Second marriage) Giuseppe Grima, married (1) Mosta to Speranza Greco, married (2) 1665 Mosta to Grazia Borg, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Maria Grima, married 1684 Zebbug to Anna Callus. (Second marriage) Domenico Grima, married 1690 Mdina to Maruzza Agius. Giovanni Grima, married 1677 Lija to Maria Farrugia. Grazia Grima, married 1670 Mdina to Gregorio Buhagiar., married (2) 1674 Lija to Bastiano Zarb. (Third marriage) Maria Grima, married 1678 Mdina to Giuseppe Lanelo. Domenica Grima, married 1709 Lija to Domenico Galea. Domenico Grima, married 1699 Balzan to Maddalena Vella, with issue. Grazia Grima, married 1735 Lija to Pietro Muscat. Pietro Grima, married 1645 Lija to Vincenza Seichel, with issue. Caterina Grima, married 1665 Valletta to Francesco Calleja. Maria Grima, married (1) 1665 Valletta to Claude Colombes of France, married (2) 1681 Valletta to Ambrogio Dimech. Paolo Grima, married 1680 Zebbug to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1643 Lija to Mro Antonio Agius. Elizabetta Grima, married 1575 Vittoriosa to Andrea Santoro. Francesco Grima, married 1586 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Ventura Camenzuli, with issue. Bernardo Grima, married 1613 Birkirkara to Grazia Borg, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1646 Matrice Gozo to Margherita Portelli, with issue. Salvatore Grima., married 1696 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Portelli, with issue. Giovanni Maria Grima, married to Nobile Caterina Montalto, with issue. Francesco Alberto Saverio Grima, (1743 Cospicua – 1814 Louisanna, USA), migrated to New Orleans c. 1770, married to Marie Anna Filoea of New Orleans, USA, with issue. Judge Felix Grima, (1798 New Orleans, USA – 1887 New Orleans, USA), [Link 1; [Link 2], married 1831 to Marie Sophie Adelaide Montegut, with issue. Felix Etieen Grima Jr, (1835-1896). Victor Grima, (1937-1877). Louis Alfred Grima, (1839-1891), married 1882 New Orleans, USA to Emma Cameron Pugh, with issue. Walter Grima, (1883-1907). Alfred Louis Grima, (1885-1945), married to Clarisse Claiborne. Emma Marie Grima, (1887-1934), married 1911 New Orleans, USA to Bradish III Gaillard Jonhson, with issue. Bradish IV Jonhson, (1911-1947). Adelaide Jonhson, (1917-2005), married 1949 to Alain Eudes d’Eudeville. Alfred Grima Jonhson, (1919-2008), married to Francine Buffet. Paul Albert Grima, (1840-1887). Louise Grima, (1842-1914), married 1874 New Orleans, USA to Leon le Gardeur de Tilly. Marie Grima, (1846-1919). Edgard Grima, (1847-1939). Georges Grima, (1853-1942), married to Louise Marie Durruty., with issue. Marcelle Louise Grima, (1896-), married 1920 New Orleans, USA to Joseph Georges Bernard. Alice Grima, (1905-), married 1934 to Frank Burton Ellis Adelaide Grima, (1856-1920). Giuseppe Grima, married 1730 Zejtun to Serafina Cassar, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1766 Cospicua to Anna Camilleri, with issue. Vincenzo Grima, married 1820 Zejtun to Teresa Abela, with issue. Maria Giuseppa Grima, married 1841 Zejtun to Isidore Cassar. Rosaria Grima, married 1794 Cospicua to Stefano Falzon, with issue. Giovanni Falzon, married 1855 Cospicua to Rosa Mifsud. Giuseppe Falzon, married 1855 Cospicua to Modesta Xerri. Maria Falzon, married 1855 Cospicua to Felice Cachia. Imperia Grima, married 1724 Cospicua to Tomaso Pace. Margherita Grima, married 1736 Cospicua to Antonio Seichel. Teresa Grima, married 1739 Cospicua to Paolo Dingli. Martino Grima, married 1659 Birkirkara to Margherita Micallef. Maddalena Grima, married 1640 Birkirkara to Gio Paolo Abdilla. Domenichella Grima, married (1) 1658 Birkirkara to Salvatore Micallef, married (2) 1678 Birkirkara to Domenico Mifsud, married (3) 1689 Birkirkara to Carlo Zarb. Evangelista Grima, married 1660 Birkirkara to Tomaso Caruana, married (2) 1675 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Tabone. Nicolina Grima, married 1616 Birkirkara to Tomaso Pace. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1518), married to Francesco Imperiale. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1438), married (1) to Lucrezia Italiano Lavaggi, married (2) to Isabella Salvago, with issue. (First Marriage) Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1475), married to Francisca Cicala, with issue. Lodovico Grimaldi, (c. 1518). Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1513), married to Agostino Vivaldo. (Second Marriage) Peretta Grimaldi, (c. 1475), amrried to Francesco Centurione. Argenta Grimaldi, (c. 1468), married to Aleramo Salvago. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1526), married to Agostino Grimaldi s/o Girolamo. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1478, 1514), married (1) to Pellegra Pinelli, married (2) to Pellegra N, with issue. (First Marriage) Settimia Grimaldi, married to Negrone di Negro. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1514, 1539), married to Benedetta Grimaldi, d/o Luca, with issue. Pellegra Grimaldi, (d. 1520), dunm. Tommasina Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1539), married toi Giuliano Centurione Cantelli. Luigia Grimaldi, (c. 1524), married to Tommasoi Salvago. Lucchesia Grimaldi, (c. 1518), married to Leonardo Doria. Benedetto Grimaldi, married to Pellegra Sauli, with issue. Bendinelli Grimaldi, (c. 1505, d. 1518). Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1505, d. 1514). Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1505, 1518), later Cardinial of the Roman Catholic Church, married to Francisca Cattaneo, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1563, 1599), married to Maria Negroni, with issue. Settimia Grimaldi, married to Felice Pallavicino. Lavinia Grimaldi, (c. 1553). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1533, 1599), married to Elena Silvia Citarella, with issue. Emilia Grimaldi, (c. 1607, 1631), married to Imperiale Doria di Dolceacqua. Gio Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1607), married 1627 Valletta to Maria Coleiro. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1603, 1607), married to Placidia Grimaldi Ceba d/o Antonio, with issue. Brigida Grimaldi, (c. 1598, 1612),. married to Carlo Doria dei Signori di Dolceacqua. Lavinia Grimaldi, (c. 1601, 1619), married to Gio Batta Franco di Napoli. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1591), married to Settimia Grimaldi d/o Silvestro, with issue. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1664). Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1666), married to Teresa Cattaneo, with issue. Settimia Grimaldi, married to Carlo Spinola. Camilla Grimaldi, married to Carlo Lomellino. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1666). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1666), married to Teresa Mignanelli, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, married to Ginevra Centurione Oltramarini, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1748, 1793), married to Gironima Doria, dsp. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1748), married to Isabella Morello, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, dsp. Luigi Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Laura Olivelli, with issue. Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Gio Francesco Spinola. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1826). Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Ottavio Lomellino. Teresa Grimaldi, married to Niccolo Giuseppe Spinola. Silvestro Grimaldi, (c. 1666). Gio Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1665). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1598). Gio Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1598), d.inf. Ansaldo Grimaldi, d.inf. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1553, 1561), married to Stefano Pallavicino. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1553). Veronica Grimaldi, (c. 1567, 1616), ‘Nun’. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1567, 1616), ‘Nun’. Alessandro Grimaldi, (d. 1597), married to Maria Cattaneo, with issue. Silvestro Grimaldi, (c. 1599), married to Gironima Grimaldi d/o Francesco, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, Knight of St John of Malta. Ansaldo Grimaldi. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1651, 1682),. married to Isabella Spinola, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1682). Silvestro Grimaldi, (c. 1682), married to Anna Sauli, with issue. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (1725), Knight of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Antonia de Habela, Abandonnee enfant, married 1731 to Claudio di Giovanni, Alunno, (see on this page). (illegitimate) Benigna Alunna, married 1746 Valletta to Antonio Alunno, (See on this page). (illegitimate) Antonio de Minuta Alunno Abandonnee enfant, married 1761 Valletta to Caterina Costa, with issue. Maria Minuta, married 1779 Cospicua to Lorenzo Mercieca. Ansaldo Grimaldi, Knight of St John of Malta, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Vittoria Alunna enfant Abandonnee, married 1754 Valletta to Paolo Solano. (illegitimate) Rosa Alunna, married 1764 Valletta to Antonio Gentile. (illegitimate) Domitilla Alunna, married 1764 Valletta to Agostino Bajada. (illegitimate) Modesta Alunna, married 1753 Valletta to Silvestro Camilleri, married (2) 1764 Valletta to Ambrosio Cardona. (illegitimate) Margarita Alunna, married 1765 Valletta to Giovanni Borg.  Ottavio Grimaldi, (c. 1719), married to Cattarina Doria, with issue. Gironima Grimaldi, married (1) to Carlo Pallavicino, married (2) to Luca Giustiniani. Anna Grimaldi, married to Carlo Lomellino. Agostino Giovanni Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1706), married 1673 Valletta to Maria Anna Fiore, with issue. Mro Michele Angelo Grimaldi, married 1726 Cospicua to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Angelica Grimaldi, married 1752 Cospicua to Michele Cutajar. Salvatore Grimaldi, married 1753 Cospicua to Anna Grima. Margherita Grimaldi, married 1762 Cospicua to Angelo Bonello, with issue. Rosa Bonello, married 1812 Senglea to Sig Gio Battista Nesso of Venice. Gio Antonio Grimaldi, married 1757 Tarxiem to Maria Barbara. Paolo Grimaldi, married 1760 Cospicua to Teodora Galea. Anna Grimaldi, married 1756 Cospicua to Giovanni Barbara. Gio Battista Grimaldi, married 1752 Cospicua to Rosa Casanova. Florinda Grimaldi, married 1735 Cospicua to Giacinto Machinuc. Francesca Grimaldi, married (1) 1743 Cospicua to Salvatore Battaglia, married (2) 1756 Cospicua to Simone Guaruccio. Gio Batta Vincenzo Grimaldi, married to Anna N, with issue. Ubaldesca Grimaldi, married 1711 Cospicua to Carlo Curmi. Elizabetta Grimaldi, married 1715 Cospicua to Gio Battista Belin. Domitilla Grimaldi, married 1717 Cospicua to Baldassare Cassia, with issue. Teresa Cassia, married 1737 Cospicua to Giovanni Schembri. Elena Cassia, married 1741 Valletta to Pietro Mamo. Paola Cassia, married 1744 Cospicua to Mario Attard. Settimo Grimaldi, married to Francesco Grimaldi s/o Agostino. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1590), married to Vincenzo Centurione Oltramarino. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1599), married to Maddalena Serra. Pier Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1599, 1616), married to Aurelia Lomellini, with issue. Brigida Grimaldi, married to Michele Imperiale. Alessandro Grimaldi, Doge of Genoa, (c. 1659, 1671), married (1) to Silvia Lomellini, married (2) to Maddalena Grillo di Signori di Francavilla, with issue. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1659), married to Giovanna Sauli, with issue. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1675, 1697), married to Maria de Mari, with issue. Gio Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1727, 1756), Doge of Genoa. Silvia Grimaldi, married to Carlo Spinola. Gio Batta Grimaldi. Pier Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1659, 1662), married to Maddalena Imperiale, with issue. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1698). Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1698, 1752), Doge of Genoa, married to Angela Lomellini, with issue. Franco Grimaldi, (c. 1735). Pier Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1735), Doge of Genoa, married to Giulia Durazzo, with issue. Lilla Grimaldi, (c. 1751), married to Giorgio Doria. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (c. 1760), married to Ciclia Durazzo, dsp. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1752), married to Lilla Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Cesare Gentile. Teresa Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married (1) to Gio Batta Lomellini, married (2) to Gio Carlo Serra. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Paolo Girolamo Pallavicino. Angela Grimaldi, (c. 1826), married to Marchese Ferdinando Landi di Piacenza. Teresa Grimaldi, married (1) to Giacomo Spinola, married (2) to Cavaliere Falconieri di Firenze. Maddalena Grimaldi, (c. 1725), married to Girolamo Serra. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1684), married to Ciela Centurione, dsp. Camilla Grimaldi, married to Filippo Lomellino. Silvia Grimaldi, (c. 1648), ‘Nun’. Tommasina Grimaldi, (c. 1524), married to Paolo Doria. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1524). Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1548, 1579, d. 1580), Created Marchese Grimaldi, 1554., married to Pellina Spinola, Signorina di Beaufort, with issue. Vittoria Grimaldi, (c. 1577), married to Gio Batta Pallavicino. Teresa Anna Grimaldi, married to Principe Pietro Sayd. Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1579, 1599, 1613), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Pellegra Imperiale, with issue. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Bianca Rapello, with issue. Marc’Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Maddalena di Negro, with issue. Bianca Grimaldi, married to Girolamo Chiavari. Girolamo Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi. Gio Pietro Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Selvaggia Lomellini, with issue. Teresa Grimaldi, married to Pier Andrea Sauli. Francesco Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Settimia Carmagnola. Luigi Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1662), Marchese Grimaldi. Giulio Maria Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi. Antonio Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1647), ‘Monk’. Gio Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Battina Calvi, with issue. Maria Pellina Grimaldi, married to Andrea Sauli. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Marchese Grimaldi. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1599, 1613, d. 1643), Marchese Grimaldi,married to Battina Lomellini, with issue. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1648, d. 1634),  married to Francisca Clerque, with issue. Giuseppe Grimaldi, (c. 1640, d. 1683),  Marchese Grimaldi, married to Artemisia Spinola, with issue. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1650), married to Gio Lanfranco Grimaldi  Ceva, s/o Niccolo. Alessandro Grimaldi, (c. 1697, d. 1732), Marchese Grimaldi, (Migrated to England), married (1) to Selvaggia Lomellini, married (2) 1705 to Dorcas Anderson,with issue. Giuseppe Grimaldi, d.inf. Elizabeth Grimaldi, (1706-), married to N. Carter. Alexander Grimaldi, (1707 -1708), d.inf. Arabella Grimaldi, (1709-), married to Thomas Worlidge Mary Grimaldi, (1710 -1711), d.inf. John Grimaldi, (1713-1714), d.inf. Alexander Grimaldi, (1714 – 1800), 6th Marchese Grimaldi, married (1) to Mary Barton, married (2) to Esther Barton, with issue. (First Marriage) Anne Grimaldi, (1738-1811), married to John Earl Swift. John Grimaldi, (1740-1788), 7th Marchese Grimaldi. Sarah Grimaldi, (1741 -). Alexander Grimaldi, (1742 – 1780), 8th Marchese Grimaldi, married to Elizabeth Ward, with issue. George Grimaldi, (1771 – 1841), 9th Marchese Grimaldi, married to Cordelia Elizabeth Hodge, with issue. Frederick Grimaldi, (1804-1862), 10th Marchese Grimaldi, with issue. Alfred Grimaldi, (1833-1885), 11th Marchese Grimaldi, with issue. George Frederick Grimaldi, (1857-1924), 12th Marchese Grimaldi, married (1) 1883 Lavina Sarah Thomas, (d. 1887), married (2) 1890 to Elozabeth Devine, with issue. (First marriage) Ernest George Grimaldi, (1885-1953), 13th Marchese Grimaldi, married 1907 to Mabel Joss Gray, with issue. George Frederick Grimaldi, (1908-1979), 14th Marchese Grimaldi, married 1937 to Kathleen Elizabeth Cordon, with issue. Vanessa Grimaldi, (1944-, married 1965 to Barry Spooner. Anne Serena Grimaldi, (1946-, married 1967 to Anthony Hill. John Derek Grimaldi, (1914-1992), 15th Marchese Grimaldi, married (1) 1942 to Frances Margaret Grundy, (d. 1946), married (2) 1947 to Thelma Louise Diffley, (d. 1988), with issue. John Patrick Grimaldi, (1955-1983), member of the Rock band, “Argent”. Geoffrey Brian Grimaldi, (1915-1942). Henry Grimaldi, (1795 – 1796), Marchese Grimaldi. Mary Grimaldi, (1795-1796). William Henry Grimaldi, (1802 -), d.inf Frederick Grimaldi, (1804 – 1862), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Elizabeth Cobcroft, married (2) to Mary Ann Bissmire, dsp. Joseph Grimaldi, (1806 – 1874), Marchese Grimaldi, married (1) to Sarah Twyman, married (2) to Eliza Amelia Lawrence, dsp. Philip Grimaldi, 1807 -), d.inf. Mary Grimaldi, (1773-). Esther Grimaldi, (1775-), d.inf. Sophia Martha Elizabeth Grimaldi, (1776 – 1824). Alexander Grimaldi, (1778 – 1824) Marchese Grimaldi. Charles Barton Grimaldi, (1780 -1793), Marchese Grimaldi. Elizabeth Grimaldi, (1744 – 1821), married to John Goodridge. (Second Marriage) Esther Grimaldi, (1746 -), d.inf. Charles Grimaldi, (1746 -), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Anne Collicultt. Esther Grimaldi, (1747 – 1823), married to Thomas Dainton. Letitia Grimaldi, (1749 – 1825), married to John Hodsdon. William Grimaldi, (1751 – 1830), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Frances Barker, with issue. Louisa Frances Grimaldi, (1785 – 1873), married to Rev. John Edmeads. William Grimaldi, (1786 – 1835), Marchese Grimaldi. Stacey Grimaldi, (1790 – 1863), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Mary Ann Knapp, with issue. Stacey Beaufort Grimaldi, (1826 – 1866 Otago, NZ), Marchese Grimaldi William Beaufort Grimaldi, (1828 – 1900 Nice, France), Marchese Grimaldi. Mary Beaufort Grimaldi, (1830 – 1902). Henry Beaufort Grimaldi, (1831 – 1907 Devon, England), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Sarah Sophia Rogers, with issue. Mary Beaufort Grimaldi, (1865-1962). Louisa Janet Grimaldi, (1866-1951). Henry Wynford Grimaldi, (1870 -1907), Marchese Grimaldi. Gertude Frances Grimaldi, (1874-1961), married 1912 to Oliver Eaton. Rev Ernest Craven Grimaldi, (1876-1947), Marchese Grimaldi, married 1911 to Evelyn Lauder Dyke, with issue. Philip Ranier Beaufort Grimaldi, (1912-1983), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Phyllis Anne Twigg, with issue. Dr Peter Martin Gort Beaufort Grimaldi, FFCS, 16th Marchese GrimaldiLord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight 2007-, (1944-, married 1978 to Sylvia Davina Gay Wilkinson, with issue. Alicia Grimaldi, (1979-. Carina Grimaldi, (1981-. Sophia Grimaldi, (1987-. Christopher Beaufort Grimaldi, (1916-. Antony Beaufort Grimaldi, (1918-. Martin Cyril Beaufort Grimaldi, (1920-1943), dunm Killed in Action during WWII.. Arthur James Grimaldi, (1877-), Marchese Grimaldi. Doria Grimaldi, (1879-). Wynford Beaufort Grimaldi, (1832 -1922). Marchese Grimaldi, married 1881 to Louisa Kolle Soames. Louisa Beaufort Grimaldi, (1834 -1914). Blanche Beaufort Grimaldi, (1835 -1931). Charles Beaufort Grimaldi, (1837 -1925), .Marchese Grimaldi, married 1874 to Fiora Longley. Alexander Beaufort Grimaldi, (1839-1925), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Alice Brown. Henry Grimaldi, (1792 – 1807), Marchese Grimaldi. Priscilla Grimaldi, (1753 – 1802). Phoebe Grimaldi, (1754 -), married to Thomas Worlidge. Martha Grimaldi, (1755 -), married to William Stewart. Thomas Grimaldi, (1758 – 1822), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Elizabeth Ord, with issue. Thomas Isaac Ord Grimaldi, (1807 – 1873), married to Clarissa Baker, with issue. Thomas William Edwin Grimaldi, (1836-, Marchese Grimaldi, married to a Eliza N. Walter Henry Oscar Grimaldi, (1840 -, Marchese Grimaldi, married to Mary Chapman. Oscar Henry Pearce Grimaldi, (1853 -.Marchese Grimaldi. George Grimaldi, (1760 -1763), Marchese Grimaldi. Susanna Grimaldi, (1762 – 1854), married to Ralph Walker. Charles Grimaldi, (1716-). Marchese Grimaldi. Anna Grimaldi, married to Antonio Negroni. Francesco Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi. Filippo Grimaldi, (c. 1640), Marchese Grimaldi. Battina Grimaldi. Gironima Grimaldi. Maria Grimaldi. Gironima Grimaldi, (c. 1627, 1648), amrried to Benedetto Centurione Oltramarino. Ottavio Grimaldi, (c. 1646), Marchese Grimaldi. Eugenia Grimaldi, (c. 1648), married to Gio Batta Pichenotti. Gio Batta Grimaldi, (c. 1627, 1648), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Battina de Marini, with issue. Emilia Grimaldi. Giovanna Grimaldi. Francesco Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1648, 1663), Marchese Grimaldi. Ansaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1648), dunm. Bianca Grimaldi, (c. 1613), married to Leonardo Lomellino. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1611), married to Goffredo Spinola. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1613), Doge of Genoa, married (1) to Maria Spinola, married (2) to Teodora Giustiniani, with issue. (First Marriage) Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1632), Marchese Grimaldi, married 1652 Messina, Sicily to Evangelista Sayd, with issue. Bernardo Giovanni Maria Grimaldi, Marchese Grimaldi, married 1691 Senglea to Franceschitta Anna Maria Attard, with issue. Maria Grimaldi, married 1722 Cospicua to Gioacchino Giacomo Camilleri, with issue. Giovanni Camilleri Grimaldi, married 1742 Valletta to Felicita Lafaccia, with issue. Vincenzo Camilleri Grimaldi, married 1761 Naxxar to Caterina Bezzina, with issue. Giovanni Camilleri Grimaldi, married 1790 Valletta to Giacobina Attard. (Second Marriage) Placidia Grimaldi, (c. 1632), married to Girolamo de Marini. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1632), Marchese Grimaldi, married to Leila Sanvitali, with issue. Lucrezia Grimaldi, (c. 1688), married to Cesare de Franchi. Luca Grimaldi, (c. 1695, 1728), Doge of GenoaMarchese Grimaldi, married to Selvaggia Lomellini, with issue. Lilla Grimaldi, married to Marc’Antonio Doria. Giacomo Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1695), Marchese Grimaldi. (First Marriage) Vittoria Grimaldi, (c. 1632). Carlo Grimaldi, (c. 1632), Marchese Grimaldi. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1536, 1606), married to Benedetta de Pastine, with issue. Aurelia Grimaldi, (c 1606), married to Giuseppe Arnaldi di Finale. Delia Grimaldi, (c. 1606), married to Pier Batta Levanto. Ottavio Grimaldi, (c. 1605, 1635), married to Livia Grimaldi d/o Agostino, with issue. Antonio Grimaldi, d.inf. Agostino Grimaldi, (c. 1635), married to Beatrice Doria, dsp. Gio Batta Girolamo Grimaldi, (c. 1598), married to Contessa Margherita Cardona, with issue. Cattarina Grimaldi, (c. 1500), married to Selvaggio Negroni. (Second Marriage) Battina Grimaldi, married to Vincenzo Sauli. (First Marriage) Violante Grimaldi, (c. 1524) married to Francesco Pallavicino. Brigida Grimaldi, (c. 1524, 1539), married to Battista Spinola. Franca Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1525), married to Girolamo Centurione. Lucchina Grimaldi, (c. 1475, 1525), married to Bartolomeo Giustiniani. Niccolo Grimaldi. Battina Grimaldi, (c. 1475), married to Giorgio Cicala. Bernardo Grimaldi, (c. 1473, 1486), married to Violante Cicala, with issue. Niccolo Grimaldi, (c. 1480), dunm. Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1537), married to Girolamo Gentile. Francisca Grimaldi, (c. 1528), married to Girolamo Grimaldi Oliva. Benedetta Grimaldi, (c. 1499). Pellegra Grimaldi, (c. 1480). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1455), married to Antonio Bianchi. Antonio Grimaldi, (c. 1384), ‘Priest’. Grimaldo Grimaldi, (c. 1384), married to Moisia Cattaneo, with issue. Stefano Grimaldi, (d. 1420), married to Ginevra Centurione, with issue. Andreola Grimaldi, (c. 1437), married to Boruele Grimaldi s/o Ingo. Ginevra Grimaldi, (c. 1437). Selvaggia Grimaldi, (c. 1327). Maria Grimaldi, (c. 1327). Isabella Grimaldi, (c. 1262), married to N. de Castro. Emmanuele Grimaldi, (c. 1290). Giacomo Grimaldi, (c. 1271), married to Cattarina Fieschi, with issue. Giovanni Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1280). Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1278, 1283, 1302), married to Isabella Grimaldi, with issue. Agamennone Grimaldi, (c. 1302). Odoardo Grimaldi, (c. 1302), married to Lina Spinola. Caracosa Grimaldi, (c. 1284, 1346), married to Sorleone Cicala.

1.2. Ingo Grimaldi.

1.3. Oberto Grimaldi.

1.4. Nicolas Grimaldi.

Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.