Pallavicini and Giorgio family
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Niccolo Pallavicino, (c. 1154), married with issue.
1. Marchese Guaracco Pallavicini, Marchese di Massa, Corsica, Parodi, Lupi, e Gava, (c. 1202, 1213), with issue.
1.1. Marchese Guido (Pipero) Pallavicini, (c. 1229, d. 1237) created Marchese of Boudonitza , married to Sibyille of Burgundy, with issue.
1.1.1.Marchese Ubertino Pallavinici, Cr: Marchese of Boudonitza 1257, died 1264.
1.1.2. Marchesa Isabella PallaviniciMarchesa of Boudonitza, dunm.
1.1.3. Marchesa Mabila Pallavicini, (d. 1264), married 1238 to Azzo VII, Marchese d’Este. 
1.2. Marchese Rubino (Ansaldo) Pallavicini, (c. 1233, 1246), married to Sofia N, with issue.
1.2.1. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (c. 1305) married with issue. Marchese Tomaso Pallavicini, Marchese of Boudonitza 1290, married with issue. Marchese Alberto Pallavinici, (killed 1311), Marchese of Boudonitza 1309, Triarch of Euboea, married to Maria dalle Carceri, with issue. Marchesa Guglielma Pallavinici, (d. 1358), Marchese of Boudonitza, married (1) Bartolomeo Zaccari, Marchese di Boudonitza., married (2) 1335 to Giorgio Zorzi  “sives Niccolo I Giorgio” of Venice, with issue. (First Marriage) Marulla Zaccaria, (d. 1358), married 1350 to Don Juan Fadrique d’Aragona, Lord of Salona. (Second Marriage) Francesco I Giorgio, Marquis of Bodonitza 1358-82, died 1388, married Eufrosina Sommaripa, with issue. Jacopo I Giorgio, Marquis of Bodonitza 1388-1410, married to Franceschina N, with issue. Niccolo III GiorgioTitular Marquis of Bodonitza 1433-40. N. Giorgio, married 1433 to Andronicos Phcarinos of Constantinople. N. Giorgio, married to Etienne Ducas, Prince of Pharsalos. Niccolo II GiorgioSignore di Carystos 1406-36, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza 1410, died 1436, married 1402 to Benventua Protimo (Adopted daughter of Antoine I, Duc d’Athens), with issue. Jacopo II Giorgio, Signore di Carystos, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza 1436-47, married 1431 N Moro, with issue. Antonio Giorgio, Signore di Carystos, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza 1447-70, married (1) N Zeno, married (2) 1469 to Franceschina Venier, married N Amadi. Jacopo Giorgio (c 1486). Chiara Giorgio, married 1434 to Nerio II Acciajuoli, Duc d’Athens., married (2) 1453 to Bartolomeo Contarini, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco II Acciajuoli, Duc d’Athens, (1440- ), dunm. Maria Giorgio, married (1) 1434 Antonio II Acciajuoli, Duc d’Athens, died 1441, married (2) 1446 to Giovanni Malipero, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco III Acciajuoli, Duc d’Athens, (1430-1460), married to N. Asane di Corinth, with issue. Gabriele Acciajuoli, Condotto nel 1460 Constantinople. Matteo Acciajuoli, Condotto nel 1460 Constantinople. Jacopo Acciajuoli, Condotto nel 1460 Constantinople. Bernardo de Giorgio (1429), married to Maria Contarini, with issue. Nicolo de Giorgio (1454). Francesco II de Giorgio, Signore en Negropont 1436-48, married 1446 to Angela Zeno, with issue. Nicolo de Giorgio, (1469), Signore en Negropont, married 1477 to N Nadal, with issue. Francesco (III) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos, “migrated with the Knights of St John to Malta“, died 1535 Birgu, married 1502 to Mattia Sommaripa, with issue. Niccolo (III) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos, (died 1556 Birgu), married (c. 1520) to Guglielma Crispo, with issue Francesco (IV) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos., (died 1593 Cospicua), Conte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, created 1555 to his brother and heirs of their father, married (c. 1540) to Ceclia Sommaripa, with issue. Niccolo IV de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, (died 1594 Scapoli), dsp. Francesco (V) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos., Conte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, (died 1635 Scapoli), married (c.1560) to Giulia Barozzi de la Roche,  with issue. Nicolo (V) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos., Conte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, (died 1655 Scapoli), married (c.1580)  to Marchesa Tomasa Pallavicini, (see below), with issue. Francesco (VI) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  (died 1659 Scapoli), dunm. Giuseppe (I) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  (died 1663 Scapoli), (c. 1600) to Tomasina Barozzi de la Roche, with issue. Niccolo (VI) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos., Conte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, (died 1665 Scapoli), dunm. Francesco (VII) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  (died 1689 Scapoli), married (c. 1620) to Scolastica Pisani, with issue. Giuseppe (II) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  (died 1691 Scapoli), dunm. Francesco (VIII) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, (died 1693 Scapoli), dunm. Niccolo (VIII) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  (died 1684 Scapoli), dunm. Giorgio (1) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  married 1649 to Maria Appolonia d’Argenta, with issue. Giovanni (1) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire,  married (1) 1680 Qormi to Margherita Xiberras, married (2) 1694 Ghaxaq to Nobile Angelica Stafrach, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. (Second marriage) Giorgio (II) de Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, married (1) 1726 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Verriggio, married (2) 1747 Vittoriosa to Caterina Xiberras, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Batta (I) Degiorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, married (1) 1763 Valletta to Rosalba Poujla, married (2) 1769 Cospicua to Teresa Borg Medini., with issue. (First marriage) Francesco (VIII) Degiorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di CarystosConte Palatine of Holy Roman Empire, married 1791 Vittoriosa to Beatrice Spataro. (Second marriage) Benigno Degiorgio, married 1789 Vittoriosa to Maria Gambin, with issue. Emmanuele Degiorgio, married 1817 Valletta to Nobile Maria Rosa Busuttil, with issue. Pietro Paolo Degiorgio, married 1864 Valletta to Caterina Farr, with issue. Emmanuela Degiorgio, (1870-1944), married to Raffaele Bonello dei Conti Preziosi. Teresa Degiorgio, married 1842 Valletta to Carlo Beck of Ireland, with issue. Emmanuele Thomas Beck, married (1) 1866 Vittoriosa to Rosa Sapiano, married (2) 1880 Vittoriosa to Maria Sapiano, with issue. (First marriage) Teresa Beck, married 1892 Vittoriosa to Michele Fleri Soler. Emilia Beck, married 1902 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Gustavo Fleri Soler. Antoine Enrico Degiorgio, married 1850 Valletta to Clothilde Busuttil, with issue. Carmela Degiorgio, married Luigi Pace, with issue. Dr Michele Degiorgio LLD, married 1850 Valletta to Caroline Dimech (First Cousin). , with issue. Caterina Degiorgio, married 1892 Valletta to Dr Vincenzo Frendo-Azzopardi LLD. Emmanuele Degiorgio, married 1890 to Philomena Nuzzo, with issue. Carlo Degiorgio sives de Giorgio, married 1920 Sliema to Nobile Giorgina Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue. Marianna Degiorgio, married 1815 Valletta to Gaspare Gusin. Caterina Degiorgio, married 1806 Valletta to Giuseppe Dimech, with issue. Caroline Dimech, married 1850 to Michele Degiorgio (As Above). Antonia Dimech, married 1839 Valletta to Giuseppe Gatt Regnaud. Teresa Degiorgio, married 1807 Valletta to Vincenzo Zammit. Giuseppe Degiorgio, married 1806 Valletta to Giovanna Rosa Gusin. Giorgio de Giorgio, married 1800 Valletta to Maddalena Pace. Anna de Giorgio, married 1795 Valletta to Giuseppe Sayd. Rosa de Giorgio, married 1792 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Darmemia. Maria de Giorgio, married 1793 Vittoriosa to Carlo Borg. Anna Degiorgio, married 1768 Cospicua to Chco. Giovanni Vella. Rosa Degiorgio, married 1752 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Muscat. Benigna Degiorgio, married 1747 Vittoriosa to Carmelo Calamatta. Ciriaco de Giorgio, married 1722 Vittoriosa to Cassandra Bonello, with issue. Anna de Giorgio, married 1757 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Azzopardi. Nicola de Giorgio, married 1735 Valletta to Maddalena Quenci, with issue. Caterina di Giorgio, married 1757 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo di Modici, (s/o Antonino and Maria of Sicily), with issue. Anna di Modici, married 1796 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Borg. Pancotta Degiorgio, married (1) 1689 Cospicua to Caterina Bugeja, married (2) 1695 Senglea to Eufemia Pace, with issue. (First marriage) Rosa Degiorgio, married 1708 Vittoriosa to Pietro Raimondo, (Neofito). Jacopo Stefano de Giorgio, (died 1685), married 1672 Vittoriosa to Contessa Antonia Maria di Cristoforo, with issue. Giovanni de Giorgio, married 1735 Valletta to Rosa Tedesco, with issue. Maddalena de Giorgio, married 1756 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Farrugia, with issue. Giovanni Farrugia de Giorgio, married 1773 Cospicua to Maria Cutajar, with issue. Giuseppe Farrugia, married 1802 Valletta to Paola Cassar, with issue. Generosa Farrugia, married 1835 Valletta to Nobilus Carmelo Pace. Vincenzo de Giorgio, married 1754 Rabat, Gozo to Anna Buttigieg, with issue. Giovanni de Giorgio, married 1776 Valletta to Maria de AquilinaAlunna di Principe Don Carlo Albani, Knight of Malta, Bali of Armenia, with issue.,1, Antonio de Giorgio, married 1801 Cospicua to Teresa Curmi, with issue. Giuseppe de Giorgio, married 1839 Cospicua to Teresa Pace, with issue. Antonio Degiorgio, married 1871 Cospicua to Benvenuta de Ferres, Alunna di Lord Amelius Beauclerk e Elevee par Giuseppe Ferres and Rosa Galea, with issue. Teresa Degiorgio, married 1895 Cospicua to Riccardo Parasandolo. Antonia Degiorgio, married 1864 Cospicua to Nicola Zammit. Maria Concetta Degiorgio, married 1865 Cospicua to Giacomo Cavasietti of Parma. Giovanni Degiorgio, married 1842 Ghaxaq to Veneranda Zahra, with issue. Teresa Degiorgio, married 1862 Ghaxaq to Giuseppe Gatt. Antonia Degiorgio, married 1865 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Caruana. Maria Degiorgio, married 1826 valletta to Lorenzo Bonello. Maria Concetta Degiorgio, married 1832 Senglea to Timothy Charles Thurley of England. Nicola Degiorgio,  (died 1709), married (1) 1668 Cospicua to Marguerite Xuereb, married (2) 1679 Cospicua to Dominchella Spiteri, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Degiorgio, married 1699 Cospicua to Anna Azzopardi, with issue. Giorgio “sives Giovanni” Degiorgio, married (2 ) 1763 Valletta to Rosalba Psaila, married (1) 1730 Cospicua to Maddalena Cachia, with issue. Giovanni Degiorgio, married 1730 Cospicua to Marguerita Vassallo . Teresa Degiorgio, married 1726 Cospicua to Giovanni Merli. Margherita Degiorgio, married 1718 Cospicua to Giorgio Roman. Nicola Degiorgio, married 1735 Valletta to Maddalena Queries, with issue. Polixena Degiorgio, married 1755 to Felice De Giovanni, with issue. Rosa Degiorgio, married (1) to Ignazio Grech, married (2) 1759 Cospicua to Grazio de Candia, (s/o Giovanni Pietro de Candia Manumessa and Elisabetta Testaferrata Manumessa), with issue. Marriage) Niccolo de Candia, married 1787 Cospicua to Rosalea Francia, with issue. Vincenzo de Candia, married (1) 1810 Lija to Caterina Micallef, married (2) 1817 Vittoriosa to Carmela Briffa, with issue. Giovanni de Candia, married 1787 Cospicua to Caterina Giugle, married 1797 Cospicua to Caterina Gufre. Giovanni d’Auria Greco Degiorgio, married 1680 Cospicua to Lorenza Ros., with issue. Giovanni Degiorgio, married 1715 Cospicua to Veneranda Farrugia, with issue. Onorato Degiorgio, married 1670 Vittoriosa to Felicita Pace, with issue. Caterina de Giorgio, married 1697 Vittoriosa to Aloisio Gemma, with issue. Antonia Gemma, married 1740 Vittoriosa to Felice Mercieca, with issue. Anna Mercieca, married 1761 Vittoriosa to Leonardo Fighiera, with issue. Maria Fighiera, married 1803 Valletta to Nobile Giuseppe Galea Feriol. Claudia Fighiera, married 1777 Valletta to Mariano Gauci. Lorenzo Gemma, married 1727 Valletta to Adeodata Libreri, with issue. Michelangelo Gemma, married 1755 Valletta to Domenica de Guido, with issue. Rosaria Gemma, married 1812 Zejtun to Vincenzo Caruana. Felice Gemma, married 1762 Cospicua to Benedetta Pampinella, with issue. Vincenzo Gemma, married 1785 Cospicua to Teresa Grech, with issue. Salvatore Gemma, married 1809 Cospicua to Caterina Xerri, with issue. Elizabetta Gemma, married 1845 Valletta to Giuseppe de Marco. Nicola de Giorgio, married 1711 Vittoriosa to Palma Cabre. Silvestro de Giorgio, married 1706 Vittoriosa to Elizabetta Cabre, with issue. Maruzzo Sebastiano de Giorgio, married 1726 Zebbug to Grazia Farrugia, with issue. Antonio de Giorgio, married 1766 Cospicua to Anna Maria Zammit, with issue. Giovanni de Giorgio, married 1780 Cospicua to Anna Condorato, with issue. Giuseppe de Giorgio, married (1) 1813 Cospicua to Grazia Rosa Camilleri, married (2) 1845 Cospicua to Maria Rosa Spataro, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanna de Giorgio, married 1842 Cospicua to Giuseppe Bartolo. Teresa de Giorgio, married 1837 Cospicua to Gregorio Schembri. Maria Anna de Giorgio, married 1840 Cospicua to Teodoro Arnaud. Anna de Giorgio, married 1846 Cospicua to Nicola Bonello. Antonio de Giorgio, married 1807 Cospicua to Maria Gatt, with issue. Anna de Giorgio, married 1829 Cospicua to Michele Darmanin. Angelo de Giorgio, married 1819 Cospicua to Giovanna Bonello Felice de Giorgio, married 1788 Senglea to Maria Cassar. Giuseppe de Giorgio, married (1) 1783 Tarxiem to Maria Camliti, married (2) 1788 Valletta to Grazia, Alunna di Lorenzo Moscati, with issue. (Second marriage) Giacomo de Giorgio, married (1) 1808 Cospicua to Maria Bugeja, married (2) 1811 Cospicua to Maria Cassar. Antonio de Giorgio, married 1804 Matrice Gozo to Saveria Calleja, with issue. Francesco de Giorgio, married 1847 Cospicua to Maria Tabone, with issue. Salvatore de Giorgio, married 1894 Cospicua to Giovanna Seichel. Maria Degiorgio, married 1701 Vittoriosa to Bartolomeo Bregarett sives Billardelli of England, with issue Aloisia Billardelli, married 1741 Cospicua to Giuseppe Brignone. Domenica de Giorgio, married 1584 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Ricardo, with issue. Aloisia Ricardo, married 1614 Cospicua to Antonio Germano of Piedmont, Italy, with issue. Gio Battista Germano, married 1642 Cospicua to Leonora Azzopardi, with issue. Paolo Germano, married 1685 Cospicua to Gabriella Grech, with issue. Teresa German, married 1709 Cospicua to Francesco Borg Francesco German, married 1713 Cospicua to Argenta de Candia, with issue. Ignazio German, married 1748 Cospicua to Rosa Diamantin, with issue. Matteo German, married 1783 Valletta to Francesca Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe German, married (1) 1808 Cospicua to Carmela la Rosa, married (2) 1836 Zurreiq to Eleanora Damato, with issue. (First marriage) Salvatore German, married 1844 Valletta to Josephine Gasan, with issue. Matteo German, (1847-1929), married 1873 Valletta to Teresa Spiteri, with issue. Augusto German, (1880-1943), married to Amelia Mifsud, with issue. Josephine German, (1904-1996), married to Francis J. Mifsud, with issue. Mary Rosa Mifsud, (1930-), married to Paul Calvagna. Francis German, married to Magdalena Cesareo, with issue. Anthony German, (1935-), married to Helen Grech. Mary German, (d. 1943). Matilde German, married to Dr Giuseppe Mizzi LLD. Amilcare German, (1882-1944), married to Concetta Messina, with issue. Carmelo German, married (1) to Giovanna Zammit, married (2) to Antoinette Fenech, with issue. Dr Lino German, (d. 2005). Gosette German. Grace German. Anthony German. Giovanna German, married to Edward Mifsud, dsp. Joseph German, dunm. Mary German, married to Francis St Angelo. Gemma German, married 1916 Sliema to Dr Giuseppe Mizzi LLD. Sofia German, married to John Soler, with issue. Joseph Soler, married to Teresa Magro. May Soler, married to Andrea Ellul. Victor Soler, married to Antoinette Bugeja. Lina Soler. Emmanuele German, (1890-1938), married to Catherina Barter, dsp. (Second marriage) Giuseppa German, married 1864 Zebbug to Salvatore Galea. Antonia German, married 1861 Zebbug to Carmelo Galea. Basilico de Giorgiolater known as Iacobus Heraclides, (1527 Birkirkara -1563 Suceava, Moldavia), created in the Holy Roman Empire, Count Palatine 1555, styled as Despot of Samos, Marquis of Paros, succeeded as Prince of Moldavia (r. 1561-1563), married 1554 to Gilette d’Andre, dsp. (illegitimate from Princess Eleanora Paleologo de Mystra) Prince Giovanni Heraclides, (d. 1563). (illegitimate from Princess Eleanora Paleologo de MystraPrincess Helena Heraclides, secretly left Moldavia for Malta, Despota di Samos, Marchesa di Paros, married 1565 Vittoriosa to Stamati Metaxi.
1.2.2. Marchese Iterio Pallavicini, (c. 1313).
1.2.3. Marchese Odoardo Pallavicini, (c. 1317).
1.2.4. Marchese Percivale Pallavicini, (c. 1297), married with issue. Marchese Ireto Pallavicini, (c. 1317), married to Ginevra N. Marchese Cristofaro Pallavicini, (c. 1310), married to Maria Mari, with issue. Marchesa Saracina Pallavicini, (c. 1396), married to Battista de Mari, married (2) to Giuliano Cibo. Marchese Gabriele Pallavicini, (c. 1359), married (1) to Franca N, married (2) to Peretta Lomellini, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Cristofaro Pallavicini, (1393, 1395), married with issue. Marchese Gabriele Pallavicini, (1437). Marchese Sisto Pallavicini, (1427). Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini, (1388, 1391), married with issue. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (d. 1457). Marchesa Mariola Pallavicini, (1457). Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1391), married to Luchina Ghisolfi. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1409). Marchese Alaone Pallavicini, (1391, 1392), married (1) to Violante Catteneo Bustarino, married (2) to Luchina Ghisolfi, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Cristofaro Pallavicini, (1427), married to Saracina Spinola, with issue. Marchese Paride Pallavicini. Marchese Sisto Pallavicini. Marchese Alaone Pallavicini, (1469, d. 1490), married to Nicolosia Gentile, with issue. Marchesa Salvagina Pallavicini, (1490), married to Benedetto Usodimare. Marchese Christofaro Pallavicini, (1490), married with issue. Marchese Christofaro Pallavicini, (1527), married to Clemenza Grimaldi, with issue. Marchesa Gironima Pallavicini, (1557), married to Francesco Tagliacarne. Marchese Scipione Pallavicini, (1537), married to Cornelia Doria. Marchesa Nicoletta Pallavicini, married to Giacomo Santo de Mari. Marchesa P eretta Pallavicini, (1537), married to Giorgio Doria. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini. Marchesa Mariola Pallavicini, (1464), married to Giovanni Bellogio. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1498), married to Argentina Giustiniani, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1476). Marchese Battista Pallavicini. Marchese Percivale Pallavicini, (1490), married (1) to Maria Fiesca, married (2) to Battina Centurione, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Peretta Pallavicini, married to Nicolo Spinola. Marchesa Argenta Pallavicini, (1464), married (1) to Antonio Grimaldi Ceba, married (2) Francesco Cattaneo. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (d. 1490), married (1) to Maria Gentile, married (2) to Teodora Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1498), married with issue. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1530), married to Gio Battista Grimaldi. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1530). Marchese Gianettino Pallavicini, Priest (1498). (Second marriage) Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1498). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1498). Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1498). Marchesa Argenta Pallavicini, (1484). Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1468), married to Cattarina Salvago, with issue. Marchese Cipriano Pallavicini, (d. 1510), married to Bianca Gattilusio, with issue. Marchese Cardinal Gio Battista Pallavicini, (1510). Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1535), married to Francesco Fiesco. Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1510), married to Brigida Fiesco, with issue. Marchese Cipriano Pallavicini, (d. 1510), married to Bianca Gattilusio, with issue. Marchese Cardinal Gio Battista Pallavicini, (1510). Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1535), married to Francesco Fiesco. Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1510), married to Brigida Fiesco, with issue. Marchesa Antonia Pallavicini, (1520). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (d. 1524), Protonotario Apolstolico. Marchesa Niccoletta Pallavicini, (1532), married to Simone Cattaneo. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1533), married (1) to Banina Doria, married (2) Pellina Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Prassede Pallavicini, (1562), married to Giacomo Doria. Marchesa Ottavia Pallavicinio. (Second marriage) Marchesa Brigida Pallavicini, (1586), married to Cristofaro Invrea. Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1585), married to Giovanetta Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Pellina Pallavicini, married to Gio Battista de Mari. Marchesa Isabella Pallavicini. Marchese Cipriano Pallavicini, (1637), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1662), married to Anna Pinello. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, Abbott. Marchesa Mariola Pallavicini, married to Damiano Lomellino. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini. Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, (1546), Priest. Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini, married to Pasquale Spinola. Marchesa Banetta Pallavicini, married to Urbano Fiesco. (Second marriage) Marchese Gio Battista Pallavicino, Abbott. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (d. 1524). Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini, (1532), married to Niccolo Spinola. Marchese Cipriano Pallavicini, (1529, 1535), Archbishop of Genoa. Marchese Ottaviano Pallavicini, (1534), married to Niccoletta Grimaldi, with issue. Marchesa Nicoletta Pallavicini, (1558), married to Fabrizio Spinola. Marchese Ettore Pallavicini, (1528), married to Eliana Spinola, with issue. Marchese Antoniotto Pallavicini, (1532, d. 1582), married to Lucrezia Grimaldi, with issue. Marchesa Emilia Pallavicini, (1584), married to Agostino Pallavicino. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1586). Marchesa Antonia Pallavicini, (1574), married to Francesco Lercaro. Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, (1574), married to Conte Cesi. Marchese Davide Pallavicini, (1576). Marchesa Vittoria Pallavicini, (1574), married to Giacomo Spinola. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Girolamo Lercaro. Marchese Ettore Pallavicini, (1584). Marchesa Mariola Pallavicini, (1488), married to Daniele Lomellino. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1494), Bishop of Ventimiglia, later Cardinaldunm.l. Filippo Pallavicini, (1510), Bishop of Ajaccio, Corsica. Raffaele Pallavicini, (1510, 1515), married to Isabella Piccamiglio, with issue. Livia Pallavicini, (1511). Giacomo Pallavicini, (1535), Bishop. Catterina Pallavicini, (1515), married to Paolo Spinola. Tommaso Pallavicini, (d. 1524), married with issue. Francisca Pallavicini, (1524), married to Clemente Vivaldo. Battina Pallavicini, married to Paolo Becchignone. Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1510), Bishop d’Aleriadunm.l. Isolta Pallavicini, (1518). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1510), married to Speranza Piccamiglio, with issue. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1510, 1550), Protonotario Apostolico. Marchese Marc’Antonio Pallavicini, (1510, 1550, 1562), married (1) to Geronima Grimaldi, married (2) to Cattarina Pansano, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Raffaele Pallavicini, (1562). Marchesa Virginia Pallavicini. Marchesa Niccoletta Pallavicini, married to Ambrogio Carmagnola. MarchesaSperanza Pallavicini, (1570), married to Vincenzo Bondenaro. Marchesa Paola Pallavicini, married to Niccolo Grimaldo Ceba. Marchesa Geronima Pallavicini, (1570), married to Giacomo Salinero. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1570), married to Bernardo Granello. Marchesa Brigida Pallavicini, (1570), married to Gaspare Gentile. Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1570). Marchesa Prassede Pallavicini, (1570), married to Gaspare Negrone. Marchesa Isolta Pallavicini, (1475). Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1464)., married to Maria Vivialdi, with issue. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1491, 1514), married (1) to Geronima Centurione, married (2) Luigia Salvago, married (3) to Luigia Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1542), married (1) to Antonia Pallavicini (d/o Babilano), married (2) to catterina Gentile, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Cornelio Pallavicini, (1585), married to Camilla Lavezzoli, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1608), married to Gio Francesco Cechinelli. Marchese Onorato Pallavicini, (1608, 1634), married with issue. Marchesa Barbara Pallavicini, (1666), married to Gio Batta Bergagli, married (2) to Francesco Centurione. Marchesa Catterina Pallavicini, married to Bartolomeo Grillo. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1628), married to Gio Batta Mattia. Marchesa Vittoria Pallavicini, (1635), married to Gio Antonio Rocca. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1571). Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1567), married to Minetta Gentile, with issue. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1585). Marchese Pietro Pallavicini. Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1521). (Second marriage) Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1513). Marchese Simone Pallavicini, (1513, 1534), married (1) to Bartolomea Doria, married (2) to Catterina Doria, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Lazzaro Pallavicini, (1561). Marchesa Pellegra Pallavicini, (1561), Nun. Marchese Niccoletta Pallavicini, (1561). Marchesa Maria Barbara Pallavicini, (1561), Nun. Marchesa Barbara Pallavicini, (1561). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1561). Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1561), married to Maddalena Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Simone Pallavicini, (1621), married to Violante Giustiniani Longhi, with issue. Marchesa Anna Maria Pallavicini, (1624), married to Niccolo Cattaneo. Marchese Gio Stefano Pallavicini, (1621, 1634), married to Anna Spinola, with issue. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1669), married to Maddalena Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1715), married to Marcello Serra. Marchesa Anna Pallavicini, (1720), married (1) to Gio Giacomo Imperiale, married (2) to Gio Luca Pallavicini. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1680), married (1) to Antonio Gentile, married (2) to Giorgio Centurione. Marchese Francesco Maria Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchese Simone Pallavicini, (1658), married to Maddalena Pallavicini (d/o Carlo), with issue. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1685), married to Settimia Gentile. Marchese Lazzaro Pallavicini, (1685). Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini. Marchesa Tomasa Pallavicini, married to Nicola (V) di Giorgio, Titular Marquis of Bodonitza e Signore di Carystos (see above). Marchese Gio Stefano Pallavicini, (1607). Marchese Carlo Pallavicini. Marchese Giame Pallavicini, (1607). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1617), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1636). Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1645), married to Cristofaro Spinola. Marchese Angelo Pallavicini, (1636, 1645). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1621, 1636). Marchese Lazzaro Pallavicini, (1621, 1636). Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1621, 1636), married to Salvagina Centurione, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1671), married to Flaminia Pamfili. Marchese Niccolo Maria Pallavicini. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1671), married to Agostino Lomellini. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1671), married to Simone Pallavicini. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1617), married to Niccolo Lomellini. Marchesa Giovanna Maria Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Maria Barbara Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1621, 1636), married to Geronima Doria, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Gio Batta Rospigliosi, Duca di Zagarolo. Marchesa Maria Camilla Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Giacinta Caterina Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini, Carmelitano. Marchesa Anna Maria Pallavicini. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1626, 1636), Canonico. Marchese Gio Battista Pallavicini. Marchese Giacomo Filippo Pallavicini, (1606). Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, Doge of Genoa, (1637), married (1) to Veronica Lomellini, married (2) to Eugenia Grimaldi Oliva, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Dorotea Pallavicini, (1624), married to Tommaso Grimaldi. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Felice Pallavicini. Marchese Ansaldo Pallavicini, (1636, 1648), married to Maria Teresa Lomellini, with issue. Marchesa Veronica Pallavicini. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1682). Marchesa Anna Maria Pallavicini, (1670), married to Girolamo Doria. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, married to Girolamo Doria. Marchese Felice Pallavicini, (1606, 1612), married to Paola Centurione, with issue. Marchese Felice Pallavicini, (1621, 1636), married to Maria Pallavicini (d/o Agostino). Marchese Felice Pallavicini, (1561), married to Settima Grimaldi. Marchesa Ginevra Pallavicini, (1514). Marchesa Catetta Pallavicini, (d. 1542), married to Francesco Fiesco. (Second marriage) Marchese Lazzaro Pallavicini, (1513, 1534), married to Geronima Cattaneo, with issue. Marchesa Luigia Pallavicini, (1542). Marchese Luigi Pallavicini. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (d. 1505), married to Pellegrina Salvago, with issue. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1514), married (1) to Battina Usodimare, married (2) to Maria Doria, with issue. (Second marriage) Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1560). Marchesa Tommasina Pallavicini, (1514), married to Stefano Ferro di Varazze. Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini, (1488, 1514), married to Gio Battista di Negro. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1488). Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (1514, d. 1529), married to Violante Falamonica, with issue. Marchese Luca Pallavicini, (1539), with issue. Marchesa Pallegrina Pallavicini, (1590), married to Teramo Saluzzo. Marchesa Salvagina Pallavicini, (1520). Marchesa Marietta Pallavicini, (1520), married (1) to Pietro Francesco Cattaneo, married (2) to Gio Francesco Benegassi. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (1574), married to Maria Catteneo. Marchese Sebastiano Pallavicini, (1529), married to Minetta Pallavicini (d/o Cristofaro), with issue. Marchese Pompeo Pallavicini. Marchese Lucchino Pallavicini, (1488). Marchese Gregorio Pallavicini, (1491), married to Violante Lercari, with issue. Marchesa Geronima Pallavicini, (1520). Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1520, 1524). Marchese Gregorio Pallavicini, (1520, 1552). Marchese Luciano Pallavicini, (1520, d. 1552), with issue. Marchesa Luciano Pallavicini, (d. 1552). Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1514, 1520). Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1528). Marchesa Michelina Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Sobrana Pallavicini, (1420), married to Domenico Falamonica. Marchese Desiderio Pallavicini, (d. 1510), married to Nicolasina Magnerri, with issue. Marchesa Violante Pallavicini, (d. 1514), married to Goffredo Imperiale. Marchese Bernardo Pallavicini, (1510, 1514), married to Argenta Pallavicini (d/o Girolamo), with issue. Marchese Desiderio Pallavicini, (1521, 1530), married to Orietta Spinola. Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1521, 1533, d. 1548). Marchesa Niccolosia Pallavicini, married to Niccolo Lomellini. Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini. Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1470), with issue. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini. Marchese Gabriele Pallavicini, (d. 1494), with issue. Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini, (d. 1548), with issue. Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini. Marchese Argone Pallavicini, (1391). Marchesa Orietta Pallavicini, (1414, 1420), married to Andreolo de Mari. Marchese Galeazzo Pallavicini, (1391), with issue. Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini, (1420). Marchese Percivale Pallavicini, (1391, 1400), with issue. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1411). Marchesa Eliana Pallavicini, (1397). Marchese Alaone Pallavicini, (1319).
1.2.5. Giovanna Pallavicini, (c. 1255), married to Marchesio Calvi.
1.3. Marchesa Adelasia Pallavicini, (1233).
1.4. Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1233).
2. Marchese Ogerio Pallavicini, (1224), with issue.
2.1. Marchese Martino Pallavicini, with issue.
2.1.1. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Eliano Pallavicini, (1325, 1333), with issue. Marchese Andalo Pallavicini, (1371). Marchese Baliano Pallavicini, (1333).
2.1.2. Marchese Gregorio Pallavicini, (1308).
2.2. Marchese Leonino Pallavicini, (1270), with issue.
2.2.1. Marchese Reie Pallavicini, (1312), with issue. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1330, 1337), with issue. Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1372). Marchese Ludovico Pallavicini, (1403). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1465). Marchese Cristofaro Pallavicini, (1360). Marchese Martino Pallavicini, (1360).
2.3. Marchese Corrardo Pallavicini, (1250), with issue.
2.3.1. Marchese Pallavicinio Pallavicini, (1308).
2.3.2. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1305).
2.4. Marchese Bonifacio Pallavicini, (1263), with issue.
2.4.1. Marchese Ireto Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1343).
2.4.2. Marchese Guglielmo Pallavicini, (1312).
2.5. Marchese Oberto Pallavicini, (1223).
2.6. Marchese Valetto Pallavicini, (1250), with issue.
2.6.1. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1308).
2.6.2. Marchese Ireto Pallavicini, (1308).
2.6.3. Marchese Iterio Pallavicini, (1317, 1338), with issue. Marchese Eliano Pallavicini, (1338). Marchese Tebaldo Pallavicini, (1338), married to Petrina di Negro, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1368), married (1) to Pietro Pallavicini, married (2) to Cosmo Pallavicini. Marchesa Catterina Pallavicini, (1400), married to Giano Riccio. Marchesa Ginevra Pallavicini, (1353). Marchese Abraino Pallavicini, (1360, 1368, 1400), married to Francisca Riccio. Marchesa Franca Pallavicini, (1368), married to Bartolomeo Grillo. Marchese Pantaleo Pallavicini, (1350).
2.6.4. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1317).
2.6.5. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1317).
2.7. Marchese Franchino Pallavicini, (1257).
3. Marchese Ansaldo Pallavicini, (1212), with issue.
3.1. Marchese Luca Pallavicini, (1259).
3.2. Marchese Andreolo Pallavicini, (1252), with issue.
3.2.1. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (1312).
3.2.2. Marchese Artusio Pallavicini, (1312), with issue. Marchese Irio Pallavicini, (1352).
3.2.3. Marchese Enrico Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Eustachio Pallavicini, (1338). Marchese Oberto Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Gianone Pallavicini, (1360).
3.3. Marchese Guaraco Pallavicini, (1233, 1258).
3.4. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1233, 1240), with issue.
3.4.1. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1267).
3.5. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1233, 1259), with issue.
3.5.1. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1280), with issue. Marchese Andalo Pallavicini, (1313), with issue. Marchese Leone Pallavicini, (1332). Marchese Obertino Pallavicini, (1316).
3.6. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1248), with issue.
3.6.1. Marchese Lanfranco Pallavicini, (1317).
3.6.2. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1299), with issue. Marchese Raffaele Pallavicini, (1367). Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1372, d. 1413), with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1413).
3.7. Marchese Pipero Pallavicini, (1233, 1259), married to Giacoba N, with issue.
3.7.1. Marchese Emmanuele Pallavicini, (1308).
3.7.2. Marchese Leone Pallavicini, (1284), with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1331). Marchese Andalo Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (1330). Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1339), with issue. Marchese Leonello Pallavicini, (1348). Marchese Retilusio Pallavicini, (1387).
4. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1200, 1202), with issue.
4.1. Marchese Enrico Pallavicini, (1258), with issue.
4.1.1. Marchese Oberto Pallavicini, (1317).
4.2. Marchese Abraino Pallavicini, (1265, 1268), with issue.
4.2.1. Marchese Cristofaro Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1350), with issue. Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1402). Marchese Boarello Pallavicini, (1350).
4.2.2. Marchese Manuele Pallavicini, (1313).
4.2.3. Marchese Lanfranco Pallavicini, (1292).
4.2.4. Marchese Pallavicino Pallavicini, (1278, 1313, d. 1343), with issue. Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini, (1333), married to Cipriana Bianchi. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1329), with issue. Marchese Martino Pallavicini, (1366), with issue. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1393, 1433, 1471), married to Violante Spinola, with issue. Marchese Martino Pallavicini, (1408). Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1387). Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1414, 1421, 1436), married to Argenta Grillo, with issue. Marchesa Brigida Pallavicini, (1436, 1450). Marchesa Luigia Pallavicini, (1450, 1465), married to Cristofaro Guisolfo. Marchese Pallavicino Pallavicini, (1361), married to Lucchina de Canulla, with issue. Marchesa Innocente Pallavicini, (1433), married to Lodisio de Ovida. Marchese Goffredo Pallavicini, (1337). Marchese Riccardo Pallavicini, (1343), with issue. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1353). Marchese Gianotto Pallavicini, (1343), married to Ponzia N, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1348). Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1348), with issue. Marchese Corrado Pallavicini, (1366). Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini, (1343), married to Manfredo de Marq. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1386, 1392), married to Clarissa Promontorio, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1392). Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini, (1410). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1427). Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1373), married to Teodora Pinelli, with issue. Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini, (1463). Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1463). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, married to Isabella de Columnis, with issue. Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1469), married to Selvaggia Lercari, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchesa Niccoletta Pallavicini, married to Bernardo Salvago. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, Bishop d’Aleria. Marchese Vincenzo Pallavicini, (1542), married to Bartolomea Cattaneo, with issue. Marchese Pier Francesco Pallavicini, (1567), Bishop d’Aleriadunm.l. Fabrizio Pallavicini, (1569). Marchesa Giulia Pallavicini, (1566), married to Gio Pietro Vivaldo. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1558), married to Camilla Fiesco, with issue. Marchesa Alessandra Pallavicini, married to Stefano Doria. Marchese Vincenzo Pallavicini. Marchese Carlo Francesco Pallavicini. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1567), married to Pietro Spinola. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1590, 1604), married (1) to Nicoletta Spinola, married (2) Maria Doria, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1604), married to Giulio Cesare Grimaldi. Marchese Pier Francesco Pallavicini. Marchese Vincenzo Pallavicini. (Second Marriage) Geronima Pallavicini, married to Cristoffaro Spinola. Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1552). Marchesa Teodora Pallavicini, (1501), Nun. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1463, 1486), married to Mariola N, with issue. Marchesa Battina Pallavicini, (1486). Marchesa Benedetta Pallavicini, (1486). MarchesaTommasina Pallavicini, (1486). MarchesaFrancisca Pallavicini, (1486). Marchesa Pellegra Pallavicini, (1486). Marchese Antoniotto Pallavicini, (1486). Marchesa Violante Pallavicini, (1486). Marchesa Catocchia Pallavicini, (1486). Marchesa Chiara Pallavicini, (1486). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1508), married to Speranza Lecavello. Marchesa Angela Pallavicini, (1486), married to Pasquale Spinola. Marchesa Clarisia Pallavicini, (1486). Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1486). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1445). Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1471). Marchesa Lucchina Pallavicini, (1455), married to Niccolo Lecarvello. Marchesa Tommaso Pallavicini, (1393), Bishop of Chio. Marchese Gianotto Pallavicini, (1393). Marchese Cristiano Pallavicini, (1317), with issue. Marchese Riccardo Pallavicini, (1443), with issue. Marchese Lanfranco Pallavicini, (1400). Marchese Lanfranco Pallavicini, married to Despina N, with issue. Marchesa Andreola Pallavicini, married to Daniele Pallavicini. Marchesa Ginevra Pallavicini, married to Tedisio Cybo. Marchese Lucchino Pallavicini, (1346). Marchese Pallavicino Pallavicini, (1350). Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1340). Marchese Iterio Pallavicini, (1340), with issue. Marchese Corrardo Pallavicini, (1363). Marchese Abraino Pallavicini, (1373), married to Francisca Ricci, with issue. Marchese Eligio Pallavicini, (1393). Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini, (1400). Marchesa Isabella Pallavicini, married to Lanfranco Cybo. Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini, (1349).
4.2.5. Marchese Illione Pallavicini, (1300), with issue. Marchese Oreto Pallavicini, with issue. Marchese Biaggio Pallavicini, (1345). Marchese Leone Pallavicini, (1322).
4.2.6. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1309).
4.2.7. Marchese Genesio Pallavicini, (1309).
4.2.8. Marchese Artusio Pallavicini, (1309).
4.2.9. Marchese Federico Pallavicini, (1310), with issue. Marchese Galeotto Pallavicini, (1356).
4.2.10. Marchese Raffaele Pallavicini, (1309).
4.2.11. Marchese Iterio Pallavicini, (1300).
4.3. Marchese Ogerio Pallavicini, (1268, 1324), married to Angela N, with issue.
4.3.1. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1302), with issue. Marchese Brancaleone Pallavicini, (1317). Marchese Eliano Pallavicini, with issue. Marchese Gabriele Pallavicini, (1393, 1398), with issue. Marchese Martino Pallavicini, (1420). Marchese Gaspare Pallavicini, (1419), with issue. Marchese Quilico Pallavicini, (1435, 1485), with issue. Marchese Gaspare Pallavicini, (1467). Marchese Alaone Pallavicini, (1467). Marchese Meliaduce Pallavicini, (1418), with issue. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, married to Giacomo Spinola.
4.3.2. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1339, 1352), with issue. Marchese Leonardo Pallavicini, (1358). Marchese Ambrosio Pallavicini, (1375), with issue. Marchese Leonardo Pallavicini, (1417). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1372, 1385).
4.3.3. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1309, d. 1352).
4.3.4. Marchese Guglielmo Pallavicini, (1288, 1313), with issue. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1289), with issue. Marchese Guglielmo Pallavicini, (1329). Marchese Artemio Pallavicini, (1332). Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1310), married to Giovanetta N, with issue. Marchese Eustachio Pallavicini, (1329, 1330). Marchese Leonardo Pallavicini, (1329, 1330). Marchese Raffo Pallavicini, (1310), with issue. Marchese Goffredo Pallavicini, (1339), with issue. Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini, (1366). Marchese Raffaele Pallavicini, (1339, 1353). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1301, 1305), with issue. Marchese Eustachio Pallavicini, (1342). Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1348). Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1335). Marchese Baliano Pallavicini, (1310). Marchese Ariano Pallavicini, (1348). Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1305). Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, (1339, d. 1352), married to Alaona Lercari, with issue. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1352, 1348). Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, (1348, 1352). Marchese Meliaduce Pallavicini, (1386, 1390), married to Benedetta N, with issue. Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, (1408, 1411, 1433), married to Violante Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1470), married to Bartolomea N, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1511, d. 1515), married to Giacoba Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1516), married to Martino Spinola. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1515). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1515, 1531, 1535). Marchese Pantaleo Pallavicini, (1515, d. 1532), married to Peretta Lomellini. Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini, (1515, d.1531). Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini, (1515, d. 1531), married to Catetta Lomellino, married (2) to Selvaggia Spinola, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1561), married to Giulia di Negro, with issue. Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, (1577). Marchesa Catterina Pallavicini, (1577). Marchesa Chiara Pallavicini, married to Filippo Cattaneo. Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini, (1577). Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1577). Marchesa Artemisia Pallavicini, (1577). Marchese Cipriano Pallavicini. Marchese Oberto Pallavicini, (d. 1527). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1511, d. 1521), married to Peretta Vivaldi, married (2) to Battina Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Gaspare Pallavicini, (d. 1515), with issue. Marchesa Pietra Pallavicini, married to Eliano Gentile. Marchese Melchior Pallavicini, (d. 1515). Marchese Bernardo Pallavicini, (1515), with issue. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1550). Marchese Gaspare Pallavicini, (1550) Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1550). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1550). Marchese Baldassare Pallavicini, (d. 1515). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1515). Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1514, 1523), married to Girolamo Spinola. (Second marriage) Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1511, 1514, 1560), married to Lucietta N, with issue. Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, (1543). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1543). Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, (1560, 1543), married to Lavinia Centurione, with issue. Marchese Gio Paolo Pallavicini. Marchesa Placida Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Leonora Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Mario Pallavicini, (1586), married to Livia Gentile, with issue. Marchese Cattaneo Pallavicini, (1603). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini. Marchesa Leilia Pallavicini, (1613), married to Paolo Francesco de Casati. Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, (1592), married to Maria Albora, with issue. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, married to Carlo Maria Gianino, married (2) to Angelo Isola. Marchese Mario Pallavicini, (1666), married to Anna Maria Galeano, with issue. Marchesa Vittoria Pallavicini, married to Gio Giacomo Lavagna. Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, Benedittino. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Francesco Spirito. Marchesa Cattarina Pallavicini. Marchesa Costanza Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini. Marchesa Ottavia Pallavicini, (1591), married to Aurelio Pallavicini. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchesa Camilla Pallavicini, (1560). Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1521). (First marriage) Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1498). (Second marriage) Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1514)., with issue. Marchese Luca Pallavicini. Marchesa Argenta Pallavicini, (1514), married to Gregorio Grimaldi Oliva. Marchesa Aranetta Pallavicini, married to Anfrano Spinola. Marchese Tobia Pallavicini, (1454, 1470), married to Maria Salavgo, with issue. Marchese Alerame Pallavicini, (1482, 1515), married (1) to Costanza Lomellini, married (2) Luigia Cattaneo, married (3) to Franca di Negro, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Catterina Pallavicini, (1543), married to Agostino Calvi Piccamiglio. Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1494, 1517), married to Violante Spinola, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1517, d. 1528), with issue. Marchese Innocenzo Pallavicini, (1525, 1592), married to Giacobina Amandola, with issue. Marchese Simone Pallavicini, (1589, 1592), married to Placidia Recco, with issue. Marchesa Aurelia Pallavicini, (1621), married to Gio Benedetto Carmagnola. Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1589). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1589), married to Angela Garattone, with issue. Marchese Innocenzo Pallavicini, (1637, 1674), married to Bianca Sperone, with issue. Marchese Lelio Pallavicini, (1678). Marchese Francesco Maria Pallavicini, (1678). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1674, d. 1738), married to Elena Asserto, with issue. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1701), married to Maria Elena N, with issue. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1762), married to Maria Luigia Giustiniani Arangi, with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1762), married (1) to Maria Giuliani, married (2) to Lilla Angeli. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1762), married to Orsola Maria Ordiardi, with issue. Marchesa Maria Luigia Pallavicini, (1796, 1814), married to Marchese Gio Saverio Carossa di Messina. Marchese Giulio Cesare Pallavicini, (1819). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1781, 1819). Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1781, 1819). Marchese Giulio Cesare Pallavicini, (1762). Marchese Sebastiano Pallavicini, (1762), Priest. Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1762), married to Maria Felice Ferdinandi, with issue. Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, (1819), married to N. Gentile di Nonza. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1819). Marchesa Anna Pallavicini, (1819), married to Boncristiano Bonavita di Ersa. Marchesa Elena Pallavicini, (1819), married to N. Peretti di Cervioni. Marchesa Veronica Pallavicini, (1802, 1829), married to Vincenzo Valdettaro. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (d. 1804), Priest. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, married to Anna Sansone, with issue. Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, (1819). Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini, (1705), married to Ambrogio Niccolo Giustianiano Garibaldi. Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini, (1701), married (1) to Maria Giustiniani Garibaldi, married (2) to Battina Giustiniani Reccanelli, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Anna Pallavicini, (1745), married to Gio Gregorio Quaglia. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1740), married to Clemente Maresca. Marchese Ignazio Pallavicini, (1751), married to Virginia Speroni, with issue. Marchesa Maria Domenica Pallavicini, (1772), married to Marchese Filippo Fontana. Marchese Angelo Pallavicini, (1777). Marchesa Marianna Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Gio Carlo Pallavicini, (1777), married (1) to Benedetta Spinola, married (2) to Teresa Saporiti, with issue. (Second marriage) Marchese Enrico Pallavicini, married to Anna Foglietta, with issue. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1812). Marchesa Carlotta Pallavicini, (1802), married to Giovanni Centurione. Marchesa Virigina Pallavicini. Marchesa Domenica Pallavicini. Marchese Niccolo Pallaviicni, (1723). Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1732). (Second marriage) Marchesa Bianca Benedetta Pallavicini. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini. Marchesa Giacomo Pallavicini, (1701, d. 1757), married to Geronima Giannini, with issue. Marchese Innocenzo Pallavicini, (1731, d. 1792), married to Maddalena de Franchi Bogaro, with issue. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1759), Capitano di Vascello. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1759), Somasco. Marchese Luca Pallavicini, (1759). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1759), Somasco. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1759), married (1) Nicoletta Lagomarsino, married (2) to Luigia Ferrari di Varese, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Innocenzo Pallavicini, (1785), d.inf. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1787), .d.inf. (Second marriage) Marchesa Angela Pallavicini, (1819), married to Comnte Agazzi di Varesi. Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, (1759). Marchesa Gironima Pallavicini, (1765), married to Conte Salvatore Calderoni di Baucina. Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, married to Marchese Francesco Saverio Carossa di Messina. Marchesa Barbara Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1678). Marchese Lelio Pallavicini, (1589). Marchese Giulio Pallavicini. Marchesa Brigida Pallavicini. Marchese Battista Pallavicini, (1517), married to Benedetta Spinola, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1561, 1570), married to Giula Gentile, with issue. Marchesa Cornelia Pallavicini, (1624), Nun. Marchese Ottavio Pallavicini, (1624), married to Barbara Rivarola. Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, (1624), Priest. Marchesa Clemenza Pallavicini, (1624), Nun. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1616, 1621, 1624), married to Maria Giacinta da Passano. Marchesa Clelia Pallavicini, (1596), married to Filippo Cattaneo. Marchesa Barbara Pallavicini, (1561), married to Benedetto Lomellino. Marchesa Violante Pallavicini, (1561). Marchese Alerame Pallavicini, (1561), married to Faustina Raggo, with issue. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, dunm.l. Geronima Pallavicini, (1611), married to Giulio Cesare Bosio. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, married to Girolamo Biassa. MarcheseTobia Pallavicini, (1640), married to Francisca Ceresola, with issue. Marchesa Madalena Pallavicini, (1656), married (1) to Paolo Battista Ferrari, married (2) to Ippolito de Franchi. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1645), married to Leila Durazzo, with issue. Marchese Gregorio Pallavicini, (1680). Marchese Alerame Pallavicini, (1680), married to Geronima Sopranis, with issue. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1721), married to Cav Serra Tarlotti Popoli di Bologna. Marchese Alerame Pallavicini, (1752), Doge of Genea, married to Maria Adorno, with issue. Marchese Sebastiano Pallavicini, d.inf. Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, d.inf. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1790, 1829), married (1) to Margherita Spinola, married (2) to Maria Spinola, married (3) to Teopista Rusca, married (4) to Maria Pratolongo, married (5) to Margherita Passano, with issue. (Second marriage) Marchese Alerame Pallavicini, (1828). (Third marriage) Marchesa Talia Pallavicini. (Fourth marriage) Marchesa Maria Pallavicini. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini. Marchese Sebastian Luigi Pallavicini. (Fifth marriage) Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini. Marchese Giuseppe Gio Battista Pallavicini. Marchesa Francisca Maria Pallavicini. Marchesa Carolina Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Bernardo Pallavicini, (1752). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1752). Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Margherita Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Benedetta Pallavicini, (1685), married to Domenico Rivarola. Marchesa Barbara Pallavicini, (1640), married to Carlo Annibale Rodino. Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1654), Nun. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Luigi Pallavicini, married to Tommasina Ricci, with issue. Marchese Paolo Catt Pallavicini, (1629). Marchesa Ersilia Pallavicini, (1629), married to Pietro Porro. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1621), married to Pietro Carpano. Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, (1634), married to Fabio Antonio Guasco di Gavi. Marchesa Angela Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Luigi Pallavicini, (1557, 1564, 1570), married to Argenta Grillo. Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1561), married to Sofonista Cyba, with issue. Marchesa Paola Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1615), married to Benedetto Gentile. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini. Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1626), married to Vittoria Gentile, with issue. Marchese Paolo Francesco Pallavicini, (1615). Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1557, 1589), married to Niccoletta Lomellini, with issue. Marchese Orazio Pallavicini, (1565), married to Nicoletta Mottini. MarchesaVirginia Pallavicini, married to Bartolomeo Casereto. Marchese Aurelio Pallavicini, (1565), married to Ottavia Pallavicini (d/o Cesare), with issue. Marchese Cesare Pallavicini. Marchesa Costanza Pallavicini, (1597), married to Francesco Spinola. Marchese Ascanio Pallavicini, (1638), married (1) to Camilla Biassa, married (2) to Benedetta de Ferrari, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1640, 1643). Marchesa Maria Giovanna Pallavicini, (1617). Marchese Galeotto Pallavicini, (1640, 1643), married to Antonia Zerbi, with issue. Marchesa Benedetta Pallavicini. Marchese Damiano Pallavicini. Marchese Felice Pallavicini, (1681). Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1681). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini. Marchesa Anna Felice Pallavicini. Marchesa Paola Francesca Pallavicini. Marchese Ascanio Pallavicini, (1681), married to Paola Negrone, with issue. Marchesa Paola Felice Pallavicini, Nun in Albaro. Marchese Galeotto Pallavicini, (1730), married to Catterina Carrega, with issue. Marchesa Antonia Pallavicini, (1757), married to Niccolo Chiesa. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Felice Pallavicini, (1757). Marchesa Benedetta Pallavicini, (1775), married to Achille Gatti. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1775), married to Stefano Roverisio. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1681), married to Paolo Ambrogio Gherardo del Portomaurizio. Marchesa Rosa Pallavicini, (1695), married to Emmanuele Riccio. Marchesa Paola Pallavicini, (1699), married to Gianettino Doria. Marchese Gio Agostino Pallavicini, (1622). Marchese Gio Carlo Pallavicini, (1624). Marchese Giulio Pallavicini, (1591). Marchesa Claudia Pallavicini, (1697), married to Cristoffaro de Fornari. Marchese Gio Carlo Pallavicini. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchesa Cassandra Pallavicini, (1615), married to Ambrogio Viale Ferraro. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1625, 1630, 1640), married to Giovanna Oliveri, with issue. Marchesa Maria Ottavia Pallavicini, (1640, 1652), married (1) to Pietro Paolo Gherardi di Savona, married (2) to Antonio de Fornari, married (3) to Gio Batta Campostano. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1654), married to Salvatore Varese. Marchese Aurelio Pallavicini, (1658), Canonico. Marchesa Isabella Pallavicini, (1666), married to Gio Batta di Negro Croce. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1627). Marchese Gio Carlo Pallavicini, (1662), with issue. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1686), married to Maria Antonia Gallo, with issue. Marchese Aurelio Pallavicini, (1711). Marchesa Claudia Pallavicini, (1655), married to Carlo Varese. Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1593). Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, (1595). Marchese Oberto Pallavicini. Marchese Giulio Cesare Pallavicini, (1565). Marchesa Costanza Pallavicini, (1494), Nun. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1493), Nun. Marchesa Eufrasina Pallavicini. Marchese Franesco Pallavicini, (1482, 1525), married to Violante Grimaldi, with issue. Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1525), married to Lorenzo Vivaldo. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1525, 1534), married to Maddalena Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, (1582), married to Francesco Grimaldi. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1590, d. 1614), married to Battina Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Polissena Pallavicini, married to Agostino Fiesco. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1606). Marchese Marcello Pallavicini. Marchese Giulio Pallavicini. Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, (1618), married (1) to Maria Ferreri, married (2) to Maria Francisca N, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Franesco Pallavicini, (1619, 1643). Marchesa Maria Battina Pallavicini, (1626). Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1641), married to Vittoria de Marini, with issue. Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, (1680), married to Eliana Brignole. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1670), married (1) to Giulio Imperiale, married (2) to Agostino Spinola. Marchese Geronimo Pallavicini, (1682), Abate. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1626, d. 1643). Marchesa Maria Teresa Pallavicini, (1624). Marchesa Placidia Pallavicini, (1582), married to Battista Spinola. Marchesa Violante Pallavicini, (1582), married to Luca Spinola. Marchese Gio Cesare Pallavicini, (1590), married to Geronima Doria, with issue. Marchese Giulio Cesare Pallavicini, (1589, 1616), Knight of St John. Marchesa Porzia Pallavicini, (1589). Marchesa Paola Maddalena Pallavicini. Marchesa Angela Maria Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, Dominicano. Marchese Marcello Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchese Giulio Pallavicini, (1590, 1624), married to Camilla Doria, with issue. Marchesa Maria Giacinta Pallavicini, (1608), Nun. Marchesa Cornelia Pallavicini, (1580), married to Gio Agostino Centurione. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1590), married to Maria Serra, with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1616, 1628), married to Bianca Serra, with issue. Marchese Ludovico Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchese Geronimo Pallavicini, (1640). Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini. Marchesa Bartolomea Pallavicini, (1605). Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1604). Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1626), married to Pietro Maria Gentile. Marchese Ambrogio Pallavicini, (1525). Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini. Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, (1525, 1534), married to Niccoletta Gentile, with issue. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1573), married to Vittoria Grimaldi, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1593), married to Carlo Fiesco. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1606), married to Barbara Spinola, with issue. Marchese Scipone Pallavicini, (d. 1614), married to Cornelia Doria. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1620), married to Maria Giacinta da Passano. Marchese Ottavio Pallavicini, (1580). Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, (1580). Marchese Giulio Pallavicini, (1626, d. 1647), married (1) to Felice Balbi, married (2) to Pellegrina Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Anna Maria Pallavicini, (1633). Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1633, 1636). Marchese Ottavio Pallavicini, (1630), married to Giovanetta Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1654), married to Niccolo Cegale. Marchese Felice Pallavicini, (1660), married to Isabella Doria, with issue. Marchese Ottavio Pallavicini, married (1) N, married (2) to N. Lomellini. Marchese Ignazio Pallavicini. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, married with issue. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, married to N. Ghiglini. Marchesa N. Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, married to Giulio Dugnani. Marchese Gaetano Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini. Marchesa Vittoria Pallavicini, married to Girolamo Pallavicini. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini. Marchese Bartolomeo Pallavicini, (1633, 1636). Marchese Giulio Pallavicini. Marchesa Giulia Pallavicini, (1659), married to Agostino Viale. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini. Marchesa Giulia Pallavicini, (1571, 1626), married to Tominaso Pinello. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1580). Marchese Luca Pallavicini, married to Benedetta Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1630, 1636). Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, (1630, 1636), married to Pellina N, with issue. Marchese Gio Luca Pallavicini, (1666, 1674), married to Giovanetta Lomellini, with issue. Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1690), married to Maddalena Spinola, with issue. Marchese Gio Luca Pallavicini, (1724), married to Giovanetta Spinola, with issue. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1755, 1760), married to Geronima Grimaldi. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1757), married to Giacomo Filippo Durazzo. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1675), married to Margherita Burini. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1690). Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1630). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini. Marchesa Lelia Pallavicini, (1571), married to Francesco de Mari. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1573, d. 1597), married to Pellini Lomellini, with issue. Marchesa Viriginia Pallavicini, (1571, 1592), married to Gio Batta Lomellini. Marchesa Emilia Pallavicini, (1571). Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, (1565), married to Geronima de Marini, with issue. Marchesa Beatrice Pallavicini, (1614). Marchese Domenico Pallavicini. Marchese Vincenzo Pallavicini, (1645). Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1639), married to Giacomo Spinola. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1639, 1645). Marchesa Faustina Pallavicini, (1636), married to Niccolo d’Aste. Marchesa Viriginia Pallavicini. Marchese Giacomo Maria Pallavicini, (1609). Marchesa Faustina Pallavicini, (1597, 1609), married to Stefano di Negro. Marchesa Costanza Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1621), married to Niccoletta Cicala, with issue. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1634). Marchesa Viriginia Pallavicini, (1609, 1627), married to Gio Agostino Pinello. Marchesa Geronima Pallavicini, married to Francesco Promontorio, married (2) to Niccolo Costa. Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1561, d. 1571), married to Maria Ricci, with issue. Marchese Luca Pallavicini, (1603), married to Francisca Sivori, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Benedetto Spinola. Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1615, 1637), married to Vittoria Pallavicini, (d/o Giulio). Marchese Tabia Pallavicini, (1605, 1615). Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini, (1615). Marchesa Giulia Pallavicini, married to Niccolo Gabella. Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini, (1603), married to Livia Balbi, with issue. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1628)., married to Francesco Lomellini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, Priest. Marchese Pietro Antonio Pallaviicni, Carmelitano. Marchese Paolo Girolamo Pallavicini, (1615, 1631), married to Maddalena Spinola, with issue. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, Gesuita. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1661), married to Aurelia Spinola, with issue. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1694), married to Felice Spinola. Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1700), married to Francesco Grimaldi. Marchese Lazzaro Pallavicini. Marchese Paolo Girolamo Pallavicini, (1699), married to Giovanna Serra, with issue. Marchese Gio Carlo Pallavicini, (1730), Doge of Genoa, married to Giovanetta Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Paolo Girolamo Pallavicini, (1778, 1828), married (1) to Giovanetta Durazzo, married (2) to Maddalena Grimaldi, with issue. (Second marriage) Marchese Ignazio Pallavicini, (1819, 1828), married to Eugenia Raggi, with issue. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1829). Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1828), d.inf. Marchese Rainero Pallavicini, (1785). Marchese Lazzaro Opizio Pallavicini, (1730), Cardinal. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1689), married to Gio Agostino Centurione. Marchesa Felice Maddalena Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Maria Eletta Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Opizio Pallavicini, Cardinal, (1661). Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1658), married to Stefano Spinola. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1662), married to Gio Luca Durazzo. Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini, (1661), married to Placidia Fieschi, with issue. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, (1694), married (1) to Filippo Spinola, married (2) to Filippo Spinola. Marchese Paolo Girolamo Pallavicini, (1697), married to Catterina Imperia Lercari, with issue. Marchesa Placidia Pallavicini, (1739), married to Gio Battista Centurione. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1735), married (1) to Geronima Centurione, married (2) to Gabriella Negroni, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Paolo Girolamo Pallavicini, (1766), married to Placidia Cattanea, with issue. Marchese Domenico Pallaviicni, d.inf. Marchese Giuseppe Palavicini, (1735). Marchese Angelo Pallavicini, (1615, 1660), married to Anna Raggi, with issue. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1665), married to Marcello Durazzo. MarchesaLivia Pallavicini, (1652, 1660), married to Giorgio Spinola. Marchesa Serafina Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Gio Luca Pallavicini, (1661), married to Faustina di Negro, with issue. Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini, (1694), married to Marina Centurione, with issue. Marchesa Faustina Pallavicini, (1717), married to Stefano Lomellini. Marchese Gio Luca Pallavicini, (1721), married (1) to Anna Pallavicini (d/o Domenico), married (2) to Catterina Fava, with issue. (Second marriage) Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini, (1766), married to N. Fibbia. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1661). Marchesa Cecilia Allegra Pallavicini, married to Camillio Tagliaferro, Merchant. Marchesa Lucrezia Pallavicini, (1658), married to Gio Giacomo Brignole. Marchesa Anna Pallavicini, married to Marcello Durazzo. Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, (1605), Nun. Marchese Luca Pallavicini, Priest. Marchesa Costanza Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Girolamo Pallavicini, (1605, 1624), married to Geronima Bosio, with issue. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Francesco Pallavicini, (1648), married with issue. Marchesa Vittoria Pallavicini. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (1603), married to Battina Arnaldi. Marchese Luca Pallavicini, (d. 1561). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1557). Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1557), married to Geronimo Doria, with issue. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, married to Clemente Vivaldo. Marchesa Battina Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Domenico Pallavicini, (1597, 1654), married to Emilia della Rovere, with issue. Marchese Giulio Pallavicini, (1654, 1643), married to Cornelia Chiavari, with issue. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1681, 1705), married to Teresa Fieschi, with issue. Marchesa Teresa Pallavicini, (1725), married to Agostino Spinola. Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1690, 1705), married to Maria Benedetta Saccomanno, with issue. Marchese Giulio Pallavicini, (1729), married to Teresa Gropallo, with issue. Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1755), dunm. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1681). Marchesa Emilia Pallavicini, (1675, 1701), married (1) to Giuseppe Spinola, married (2) to Gio Luca Pinello. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1681, 1701), married to Argenta Imperiale, with issue. Marchesa Cornelia Pallavicini, (1718), married to Giulio Imperiale. Marchesa Emilia Pallavicini, (1721), married (1) to Gio Domenico Lomellini, married (2) to Domenico Orero. Marchesa Geronima Pallavicini, (1701), married to Marc’Antonio Orero. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1643, 1654). Marchesa Clemenza Pallavicini, (1654), Nun. Marchese Tommaso Pallavicini, (1643, 1654). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, Priest, (1624, 1654). Marchesa Niccoletta Pallavicini, (1597, 1610), married to Gio Cesare Spinola. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, Generale delle galee del Papa. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1597, 1622), married to Chiara Lomellini, with issue. Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, (1636), Priest. Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, (1636). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1636), married (1) to Maria Elena Montebruno, married (2) to Costanza Squarciafico, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Antonia Pallavicini, (1692), married to Lucio di Negro. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1636), Priest. Marchesa Marianna Pallavicini, (1654, 1659), married to Gio Battista di Negro. Marchesa Giovanna Pallavicini, married to Pier Giuseppe Giustiniani. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Agostino Lomellini. Marchese Daniele Pallavicini. Marchese Tobia Pallavicini, (1525, 1534, 1567), married to Battina Spinola, with issue. Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, (1564), Gesuita. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1561), married to Camilla Spinola, dsp. Marchese Fabrizio Pallavicini, (1561), married (1) to Cassandra Grimaldi, married (2) to Geronima de Mari, married (3) to Lucia Fieschi, with issue. (First marriage) Marchesa Chiara Pallavicini, married to Gio Vincenzo Lomellini. (Second marriage) Marchesa Maria Pallavicini. (Third marriage) Marchese Tobia Pallavicini, married to Geronima Squarciafico, with issue. Marchesa Chiara Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Ignazio Pallavicini, (1683). Marchese Fabrizio Pallavicini, (1674), married to Paola Maria Stefanini, with issue. Marchese Carlo Tabia Pallavicini, (1626). Marchesa Battina Pallavicini, (1619). Marchesa Livia Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, Priest. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1679), married to Giusepp Maria Ricci. Marchese Giuseppe Pallavicini, Barnabita. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Geronino Spinola. Marchese Orazio Pallavicini, dunm.l. Odoardo Pallavicini. Enrico Pallavicini. Tobia Pallavicini. Lucrezia Pallavicini, married to Bartolomeo Riccio. Marchesa Giulia Pallavicini, (1564), married to Cristofaro Spinola. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1564, 1594), married to Dorotea Negroni, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1606). Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, (1623, 1629), married to Gironoma di Negro. Marchesa Maria Benedetta Pallavicini, (1606). Marchese Francesco Pallavicini. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1622), married to Antonia Invrea, with issue. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1667). Marchese Bendinelli Pallavicini, (1667). Marchese Michele Camillo Pallavicini, (1667), married to Geronima Grimaldi Ceba, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Emmanuele Pallavicini, married to Maria Grillo, dsp.. Marchese Bendinelli Pallavicini, (1698). Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, Guesita. Marchese Bernardo Pallavicini, (1698). Marchesa Paola Pallavicini, (1721), married to Filippo Gentile. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1698), married (1) to Maria Spinola, married (2) Lilla de Mari, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Michele Camillo Pallavicini, (1749)., married to Laura Negroni, dsp. Marchese Stefano Lodovico Pallavicini, (1749), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1828). Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1828), married to Luigia Corsi, with issue. Marchesa Maria Maddalena Pallavicini. Marchese Stefano Lodovico Pallavicini. Marchese Giuseppe Camillo Pallavicini. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini. Marchesa Maria Eleonora Pallavicini, (1749, 1828), married to Domenico Lomellini. Marchese Gio Bendinelli Pallavicini, (1749), married to Teresa Fieschi, with issue. Marchese Ettore Pallavicini, d.inf. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1795, 1829). Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1749), married to Teresa Lomellini, with issue. Marchese Fabio Alessandro Pallavicini, (1828), married to Marina Doria, with issue. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1828). Marchese Cesare Pallavicini, (1828). Marchese Gio Carlo Pallavicini, (1749), married to Leopoldina Zichy, with issue. Marchese Odoardo Pallavicini, married to Giuseppina Hardegh, with issue. Marchesa Irene Pallavicini. Marchese Alfonso Pallavicini. Marchese Leonzio Pallavicini. Marchese Arturo Alessandro Pallavicini. Marchese Ippolito Pallavicini. Marchese Alfredo Pallavicini. Marchese Osvate Pallavicini. Marchesa Maria Geronima Pallavicini, (1780), married to Domenico Sauli. Marchese Niccolo Ignazio Pallavicini, (1749), married to Francisca Brignole, with issue. Marchese Marchesa Lilla Pallavicini, (1798, 1829), married to Andrea de Ferrari. Marchese Alessandro Pallavicini, (1819, 1817), married to Teresa Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Ignazio Pallavicini. Marchese Giuseppe Camillo Pallavicini. Marchese Luigi Francesco Pallavicini. Marchese Francesco Camillo Pallavicini. Marchesa Laura Pallavicini. Marchesa Pellina Pallavicini, (1829), married to Ambrogio Doria. Marchesa Emilia Pallavicini, (1803), married to Alessandro Carrega. Marchese Rifolfo Pallavicini, (1829), married to Barbara Gavotti, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Ignazio Pallavicini, (1829). Marchesa Anna Pallavicini, (1829). Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1829). Marchese Giulio Camillo Pallavicini, d.inf. Marchese Camillo Pallavicini, Guesita. Marchesa Maria Paola Pallavicini, (1828), married to Giacomo de Franchi. Marchese Dionisio Pallavicini, Somasco. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini, (1698). Marchesa Dorotea Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Veronica Pallavicini, Nun. Marchesa Maria Benedetta Pallavicini, Nun. Marchese Gio Andrea Pallavicini. Marchese Bartolomeo Bendetto Pallavicini, Cavailier di Malta. Marchesa Catetta Pallavicini, married to Gio Stefano Spinola. Marchesa Battina Pallavicini, (1603). Marchese Carlo Pallavicini, Somasco. Marchese Ottavio Pallavicini, (1644), married to Maria di Negro, with issue. Marchese Bonifacio Pallavicini, (1641, 1644). Marchese Tobia Pallavicini. Marchesa Battina Pallavicini, (1641), married to Simone Bracelli. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini. Marchesa Brigida Pallavicini, married to Ambrogio Negrone. Marchesa Niccoletta Pallavicini, married to Federico Centrione. Marchesa Battina Pallavicini, (1504)., married to Giorgio Gimaldi. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1474). Marchese Paolo Pallavicini, (1480). Marchese Pantaleo Pallavicini, (1502). Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1482, d. 1525), married (1) to Batting Doria, married (2) to Catterina Doria, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Tobia Pallavicini, (1505), married to Battina Spinola. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1515). Marchesa Luigia Pallavicini, (1505). Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1525). Marchesa Tommasina Pallavicini, (1505). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1525). Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1525, 1515), married to Maria Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1528, 1595), married (1) to Maria Lercaro, married (2) to Geronima Illice, with issue. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1580), married to Cornelia Grimaldi, with issue. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1585). Marchesa Bianca Maria Pallavicini, (d. 1585). Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, (1580, 1585), married to Maria Interiano, with issue. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1630), married to Diana da Dieci, with issue. Marchese Lodovico Pallavicini. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1656), married (1) to Vincenzo Spinola, married (2) to Cristofaro Spinola. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini. Marchese Stefano Pallavicini, Priest. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, married to Vittoria Ferreri, with issue. Marchese Cristoffaro Pallavicini, (1686, 1713), married to Gironima Serra. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1686), married to Eugenia Doria, with issue. Marchese Cristoffaro Pallavicini, (1716). Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1716). Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1716). Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1716), married to Maria Lomellini, with issue Marchesa Eugenia Pallavicini, (1775, 1829), married to Francesco Maria Spinola. Marchese Francesco Pallavicini, (1716), Somasco. Marchesa Vittoria Pallavicini, (1726), married to Gio Carlo Serra. Marchese Bernardo Pallavicini. Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1528). Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1505), married to Gio Batta Federici. Marchesa Marta Pallavicini, (1528), Nun. Marchesa Serafina Pallavicini, (1520)., Nun. Marchesa Michaela Pallavicini, (1520). Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, (1515, 1525, 1554), married to Isabella Centurione, with issue. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1572). Marchese Agostino Pallavicini, (1554), married to Emilia Pallavicini, (d/o Antoniotto), with issue. Marchesa Eleanora Pallavicini, (1595). Marchese Gio Filippo Pallavicini, (1595), married to Maria Serra, with issue. Marchese Gio Agostino Pallavicini, (1641). Marchesa Giustina Pallavicini. (Second marriage) Marchesa Meriola Pallavicini, (1525). Marchesa Brigida Pallavicini, (1504), married to Ambrogio Negrone. Marchesa Bannina Pallavicini, (1504), married to Gianotto Spinola. Marchesa Limbania Pallavicini. Marchesa Pellegrina Pallavicini, (1504), married to Lorenzo Vivaldi. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1489), married to Pantaleo de Marini. Marchese Damiano Pallavicini, with issue. Cosmo Pallavicini. Marchesa Batestina Pallavicini, (1457). Marchesa Violante Pallavicini, (1457). Marchesa Limbania Pallavicini, (1433), married to Stefano de Marini. Marchese Babilano Pallavicini, (1420). Marchese Ambrosio Pallavicini, (1400). Marchesa Argenta Pallavicini, (1434), married to Girolamo Gentile Falamonica. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1414, 1415, 1433), married to Maria di Negro, with issue. Marchese Matteo Pallavicini, (1459), Monk. Marchese Meliaduce Pallavicini, (1453, d. 1459). Marchese Gironimo Pallavicini, (1462, 1465), married to Francisca Vivaldi, with issue. Marchese Andrea Pallavicini, (1476, 1515), with issue. Paolo Pallavicini. Marchese Vincenzo Pallavicini, (1476). Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, (1515), married to Gio Batta Chiavari. Marchese Meliaduce Pallavicini, (1504, 1516), married to Maria Spinola, with issue. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1539), married (1) to Antonio Spinola, married (2) to Giuliano Salvago. Marchesa Mariola Pallavicini, (1549). Marchesa Benedetta Pallavicini, (1549). Marchesa Argenta Pallavicini, (1515), married to Bernardo Pallavicini. Marchesa Francisca Pallavicini, (1515), married to Visconte Platone. Marchesa Battina Pallavicini, (1459), married to Marino Cicala. Marchesa Teodora Pallavicini, (1433), married to Antonio Cicala. Marchesa Maddalena Pallavicini, (1433), married to Giacomo Spinola. Marchesa Moisia Pallavicini, married to Caroccio Spinola. Marchese Andalo Pallavicini, (1355, 1393). Marchese Teodoro Pallavicini, (1374).
4.5. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1250, 1259), with issue.
4.5.1. Marchese Leone Pallavicini, (1280), with issue. Marchese Domenico Pallavicini, (1335, 1344), married to Maria N, with issue. Marchesa Eliana Pallavicini, (1388), married to Alberto Lercari. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1348, 1351), with issue. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1392). Marchesa Selvaggia Pallavicini, (1360, 1380), married to Percivale Lercari. Marchese Antonino Pallavicini, (1314).
4.5.2. Marchese Giacomo Pallavicini, (1280), with issue. Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini, (1336), with issue. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1386), married to Maria Pallavicini, (d/o Tebaldo), with issue. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1400, 1401), with issue. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1464). Marchese Gregorio Pallavicini, (1464). Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1468). Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1390), married to Maria Imperiale, with issue. Marchesa Maria Pallavicini, married to Ambrogio Rebuffo. Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1448, 1450). Marchesa Catterina Pallavicini, (1459), married to Michele Calvi. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1457, d. 1512), married (1) to Airguina Spinola, married (2) to Maria Spinola, with issue. (First marriage) Marchese Pietro Pallavicini, (1495). Marchesa Mariola Pallavicini. Marchese Gio Batta Pallavicini, (1512), married to Chiara de Campionibus, with issue. Marchesa Bendetta Pallavicini, (1549), married to Girolamo Fiesco. Marchese Cosmo Pallavicini, (1532, 1549). Marchese Giuliano Pallavicini, (1529, 1536), married to Geronima Lomellini, with issue. Marchesa Chiara Pallavicini, (1557), married to Edoardo di Negro. Marchese Giorgio Pallavicini, (1529, 1532). Marchesa Bianca Pallavicini. Marchese Filippo Pallavicini, (1529), with issue. Marchesa Giustina Pallavicini, (1532). Marchese Abraino Pallavicini, (1532). Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1448, 1450). Marchesa Serafina Pallavicini, (1463), Nun. Marchesa Pietra Pallavicini, married to Odoardo de Mari.
4.5.3. Marchese Davide Pallavicini, (1288, 1289).
4.5.4. Marchese Daniele Pallavicini, (1284, 1342), married to Isolta N, with issue. Marchese Eliano Pallavicini, (1345), married to Isolta Bestagno, with issue. Marchese Alaone Pallavicini, (1371), married to Benedetta Adorno, with issue. Marchese Benedetto Pallavicini, (1409, 1406), with issue. Marchesa Bendetta Pallavicini, married to Antonio Grillo. Marchesa Catterina Pallavicini, married to Tommaso Lengueglia. Marchese Gaspare Pallavicini, (1375, 1406), with issue. Marchese Quilico Pallavicini, married to Maria de Fornari, with issue. Marchesa Peretta Pallavicini, (1476), married (1) to Pietro de Saulo, married (2) to Raffaele Savignone. Marchese Galeotto Pallavicini, (1326, 1324, 1342), married to Andreola Cantelli, with issue. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1385, 1386). Marchese Barnaba Pallavicini, (1371). Marchese Daniele Pallavicini, (1371, d. 1393), married to Andreola Pallavicini, (d/o Lanfranco), with issue. Marchesa Argenta Pallavicini, (1413), married to Battista de Alegro. Marchese Daniele Pallavicini, (1396, 1420). Marchesa Ginevra Pallavicini, (1406, d. 1424).
4.5.5. Marchese Giovanni Pallavicini, (1284, d. 1324), married to Lionetta N, with issue. Marchese Antonio Pallavicini, (1312). Marchesa Lino Pallavicini, (1341), married to Galeazzo Marchese di Ceva.
4.5.6. Marchese Niccolo Pallavicini, (1280), with issue. Marchese Artusio Pallavicini, (1317).

Reference:  Karl Hoff, Dissertazione documentata sulla storia dell’isola di Andros e dei suoi signori dall’anno 1207 al 1566, Venice 1859.