Muscat family.
"Title of Conte della Bahria granted to Ignazio Moscati (1743) and his successors of the land known as Bahria; also including the titles of Conte Casandola (1685) and Patrician of Messina (date of creation unknown) enjoyed by the Stagno family; also including the title of Marchese di Xrobb il-Ghagin granted in 1776 to Moscati’s collateral, Claudio"
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Milite Beringerius Muscati or Moscati, (c. 1320), Soldier from Catania, Sicily in Curmi, Malta, married with issue.
1. Milite Laurencius Muscati, (c. 1350), married with issue.
1.1. Milite Beringerius Muscati, (c. 1372), witness to his father in-law obtainment of the fiefdom of Musebi, (Cancelleria 6, F, 191, Malta), (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 in Lija), married c.1370 to Nobile Vertura Fanato dei Baroni di Musebi, with issue.
1.1.1. Milite Peri Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 in Mitarxem), married c.1400 with issue. Milite Beringerius Moscati, (moved to Calabria), married c. 1430, with issue. Milite Perrius Moscati, married c. 1460, with issue. Giulio Moscati, (A Pirate who settled in Malta (c.1505) from Calabria - according to legend, his grand father was Maltese), married 1480 to N. de Caopena, with issue. Domenico Moscati, married (1) 1515 to Petruccia Baglio, Married (2) 1520 to Peruna Bava, with issues. (First Marriage) Giuliano Moscati, married (1) Imperia Axisa.. Married (2) Scolastica Xerri, with issues. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Moscati, married 1556 to Francesca Fava, with issue. Dr. Nicol' Antonio Moscati JUD, married 1588 to Isabella Bonici, with issue Antonia Moscati, married 1607 to Pasquale Testaferrata, with issue Imperia Moscati, married 1583 to Pietro Moscati. (See Below) Lucrezia Moscati, married Giovanni Zrenzo. (Second Marriage) Vittoria Moscati, died 1583. Caterina Moscati, married Pietro Sillato, with issue. Giacomo Sillato, married 1582 Birgu to Agata Scicluna. Agata Sillato, married 1584 Mdina to Domenico Borg. Imperia Sillato, married 1587 Mdina to Sebastiano Bonnici. Margareta Sillato, marreid 1587 Mdina to Luca Mizzi. Paola Sillato, married 1571 to Bernardo Camenzuli. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Moscati Mariano Moscati. Angelo Moscat, maried 1588 Cospicua to Nobile Giovanna Burle (d/o Salvatore), with issue. Salvatore Moscati, married 1632 Senglea to Nobile Grazia de Bourchier of France, (d/o Pierre, Seigneur of ..), with issue. Giulio Moscati, married (1) 1657 Cospicua to Maria Moneta, married (2) 1659 Naxxar to Margherita Cauchi, with issue. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Muscat, married 1681 Attard to Paola Faienza, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1725 Mdina to Maria Zghendo, with sisue. Giorgio Muscat, married 1749 Mdina to Anna Borg, with issue. Emmanuele Muscat, married 1778 Mdina to Anna Zerafa, with issue. Giorgio Muscat, married 1822 Valletta to Fortunata Calleja de Olivier, with issue. Emmanuele Muscat, married (1) to Maria Baldacchino, married (2) 1868 Cospicua to Mary Micallef, with issue. (Second Marriage) Josephine Muscat, married 1893 Cospicua to William Charles Marlow, with issue. Mary Adelaide Josephine Marlow, married to Carmelo Vella. Teresa Muscat, married (1) 1851 Valletta to Fortunato Calleja, married (2) 1851 Valletta to Paolo Camilleri. Maria Anna Muscat, married 1854 Valletta to Giuseppe Micallef. Carmela Muscat, married 1854 Valletta to Carmelo Zammit. Giovanna Muscat, married 1709 Mdina to Gio Maria Camilleri.. Maria Muscat, married 1726 Mdina to Gio Maria Zerafa. Caterina Muscat, married 1722 Mdina to Don Andrea Sayd. Anna Muscat, married 1716 Mdina to Michele Zerafa. Grazia Muscat, married 1720 Mdina to Matteo Vassallo. Salvatore Muscat, married 1681 Mdina to Lucia Xuereb. Evangelista Muscat, married 1696 Mdina to Lorenzo Cassar. Imperia Muscat, married 1699 Attard to Salvatore Gristi. Giovannella Moscati, married (1) 1658 Cospicua to Giocchino Taliana, married (2) 1674 Cospicua to Gasparo Mallia. Speranza Moscati, married 1662 Cospicua to Agostino Chetcuti. Maria Moscati, married 1606 Cospicua to Pietro Bonnici. Angelica Moscati, married 1608 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Pace. Clemenza Moscati, married 1616 Senglea to Giorgio Mallia. Raffaele Moscati, married Anna.., with issue Pietro Moscati of Casal Lia, married 1522 Lia to Giovanna Zerafa, with issue Leonardo Moscati, married 1556 Attard to Antonia Mangion, with issue Paolo Moscati, married 1571 Attard to Caterina von Skembri, with issue Lorenzo Moscati, married 1591 Attard to Domenica Borg, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1625 to Giovanella Buhagiar, with issue Gio Maria Moscati, married 1650 to Maria Moscati (See Below), with issue Gio Paolo Moscati, married 1677 to Domenica Buhagiar, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married 1717 to Evangelista Fenech, with issue Gio Paolo Moscati, married 1739 to Teresa Vella, with issue Giacobo Moscati, married (1) 1760 to Anna Deguara, married (2) 1777 to Agada Galea Ricardo, (see on this page),  with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Paolo Muscat, married 1781 Naxxar to Grazia Gauci, with issue. Vittoria Muscat, married 1805 Naxxar to Giuseppe Camilleri. Maria Muscat, married (1) 1786 Mosta to Giovanni Muscat, married (2) 1794 Mosta to Salvatore Borg. Evangelista Muscat, married (1) 1793 Mosta to Lazzaro Camilleri, married (2) 1806 Mosta to Nobile Ambroglio Bugeja dei Baroni di Ghajn Rihani. Giovanni Muscat, married 1784 Naxxar to Anna Camilleri. Nicola Muscat, married 1792 Naxxar to Grazia Bezzina. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Moscati, married 1804 to Rosa Moscati Galea, (See Below), with issue. Giacobo Moscati ( 1805-68), married firstly to Anna Vella in 1832, she died in 1848, had several issues. He later married secondly to Victoria Somerville with further issue. Angelo Moscati ( 1807-72) married to Maria Galea, with issue. Rosalea Moscati ( 1809-81), married to Francesco Sant Carmelo Moscati ( 1811-46), married to Isabella Caruana Antonia Moscati ( 1814-57), married Francesco Xerri Josephine Moscati ( 1816-1900), married Mario Cassar Salvatore Moscati (Muscat), married 1806 to Grazia Mifsud, with issue Giacomo Muscat, married 1830 to Giovanna Grech, with issue Giuseppe Muscat, married 1857 to Alessandra Frendo, with issue Giacomo Muscat, married 1893 to Maria Galea, with issue Giovanna Muscat, married 1934 to Giuseppe Maria Falzon. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1839 Mosta to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Giacomo Muscat, married 1873 Mosta to Maria Vassallo, with issue. Carmela Muscat, married 1907 Mgarr to Gio Maria Camilleri. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1812 Mosta to Paola Fenech. Antonio Muscat, married 1818 Mosta to Guiditta Grech. Teresa Muscat, married 1811 Mosta to Giuseppe Galea. (adopted by Giacomo Muscat, illegitimate daughter of Alexandre Moscati and Maria Teresa Testaferrata, lived in a Convent for her initial years) Anna Muscat, married 1810 Mosta to Michele Gauci.  Maria Muscat., married 1745 to Alberto Saliba. Domenica Muscat., married 1749 to Lazzaro Chetcuti. Grazia Muscat., married 1751 to Giuseppe Deguara. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1720  Mosta to Alessandra Chetcuti, with issue Evangelista Moscati, married 1750 to Alberto Gatt. Domenica Muscat, married 1742 Mosta to Salvatore Deguara. Paolo Muscat, married 1761 Mosta to Grazia Schembri. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1763 Mosta to Vittoria Schembri, with issue. Alessandra Muscat, married 1797 Mosta to Chco Giuseppe Micallef. Carmelo Muscat, married 1810 Naxxar to Evangelista Ciappara. Francesco Muscat, married 1789 Mosta to Teresa Schembri, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1815 Mosta to Elizabetta Azzopardi. Grazia Muscat, married 1820 Mosta to Francesco Sayd. Antonio Muscat., married 1712 to Caterina Vassallo., with issue. Pietro Muscat., married 1740 to Caterina Grima. Maruzzo Muscat., married 1723 Mosta  to Grazia Camilleri., with issue. Domenica Muscat., married 1751 Mosta  to Andrea Deguara. Paolo Muscat, married 1761 Mosta to Maria Sant, with issue. Francesco Muscat, married 1789 Mosta to Nobile Domenica Vassallo, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1813 Mosta to Giovanni Galea. Anna Muscat, married 1818 Mosta to Salvatore Abela. Calcedonia Muscat, married 1793 Mosta to Michele Vella. Teresa Muscat, married 1794 Mosta to Paolo Vella. Grazia Muscat, married 1784 mosta to Vincenzo Schembri. Maria Muscat, married 1755 Mosta to Giuseppe Grech. Rosa Muscat, married 1766 Mosta to Pietro Vella. Giovanna Muscat, married 1769 Mosta to Francesco Abela. Grazia Muscat., married 1716 to Gio Maria Chetcuti.    Gio Maria Muscat., married 1672 Naxxar to Caterina Mifsud, with issue.      Clerica Muscat., married 1715 to Francesco Borg.      Domenico Muscat., married 1703 Mosta to Rosa Zammut., with issue. Andrea Muscat, married 1739 Lija to Grazia Gatt, with issue. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1765 Lija to Maria Deguara, with issue. Saverio Muscat, married 1794 Lija to Rosa de Borg Platamone, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1813 Balzan to Michele Bonett. Maria Muscat., married 1734 to Giuseppe Portelli. Gio Maria Muscat., married 1725 to Rosa Zammut., with issue. Scolastica Muscat., married 1747 to Francesco Sayd. Gio Batta Muscat., married 1732 to Maria Debono, with issue. Caterina Muscat, married 1757 Naxxar to Francesco Deguara. Angela Muscat, married 1766 Naxxar to Filippo Callus.  Maria Muscat., married 1703 to Giuseppe Galea. Giovanni Muscat., married (1) 1704 Mosta to Caterina Galea., Married (2) 1728 Mosta to Angelica Xiriha., married (3) 1729 Mosta  to Geronima Borg, with issue. (Third marriage) Maria Muscat, married (1) 1755 Mosta to Paolo Sammut, married (2) 1759 Mosta to Giuseppe Barbara. Evangelista Muscat, married 1761 Mosta to Andrea Zammit. Maddalena Muscat, married 1767 Mosta to Gio Maria Borg, married (2) 1785 Naxxar to Andrea Frendo. Giovanni Muscat., married 1667 Birkirkara to Imperia Pullicino,  with issue. Maria Muscat., married (1) 1707 Naxxar to Martino Grech, married (2) 1722 to Gio Domenico Fenech. Pietro Muscat., married (1) 1696 Mosta to Antonia Portelli, married (2) 1702 to Caterina Tonna., with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Muscat., married 1747 to Giovanni Debrincat. Giovanni Muscat, married 1734 Attard to Giovanna Debono. Grazia Muscat, married 1707 Naxxar to Salvatore Muscat. Pietro Muscat, married 1650 Lija to Antonia Mifsud, with issue. Clemente Muscat, married 1675 Rabat Gozo to Domenica Conti, with issue. Michele Muscat, married 1695 Nadur Gozo to Isabella Bugeja, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1716 Nadur Gozo to Margarita Grima, with issue. Salvatore Muscat, married 1742 Xewkija, Gozo to Rosa Galea, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1775 Xewkija, Gozo to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1802 Sannat, Gozo to Angela Calleja. Graziella Muscat, married 1776 Xewkija, Gozo to Andrea Xicluna. Maria Muscat, married 1787 Xewkija, Gozo to Paolo Mizzi, married (2) 1764 Xewkija to Carlo Farrugia. Margarita Muscat, married 1773 Xewkija, Gozo to Giuseppe Muscat (s/o Aloisio and Domenico). Gio Maria Muscat, married 1745 Nadur Gozo to Maria Xuereb. Michele Muscat, married 1748 Nadur Gozo to Felicitate Portelli, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1779 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Buttigieg, with issue. Michele Muscat, married 1807 Matrice Gozo to Maria Busuttul. Angela Muscat, married 1806 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Maria Muscat, married 1806 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Grech. Rosa Muscat, married 1767 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Domenico Muscat, married 1754 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1780 Nadur Gozo to Michele Azzopardi. Maria Muscat, married 1746 Nadur Gozo to Rafaele Tabone. Pietro Muscat, married (1) 1724 Nadur Gozo to Giacobina Camilleri, married (2) 1738 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Pace, with issue. (First marriage) Angelo Muscat, married (1) 1752 Matrice Gozo to Aloisetta di Giovanni, married (2) 1756 Xaghra Gozo to Angela Sultana, with issue. (First marriage) Michele Muscat, married 1779 Xaghra Gozo to Margherita Sultana, with issue. Francesco Muscat, married 1827 Matrice Gozo to Maria Grech, with issue. Saverio Muscat, married 1860 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Sayd, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1892 Nadur Gozo to Maria Tabone, with issue. Angela Muscat, married 1924 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Formosa, with issue. Maria Formosa, married 1951 Nadur Gozo to Nobilis Alfred Pace. Publio Muscat, married 1815 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Hili, with issue. Margherita Muscat, married 1896 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Tabone. Andrea Muscat, married 1768 Nadur Gozo to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Antonio Muscat, married 1816 Nadur Gozo to Maria Meilach, with issue. Anna Muscat, married 1837 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sayd. Angela Muscat, married 1796 Nadur Gozo to Alessandro Portelli. Francesco Muscat, married 1765 Nadur Gozo to Maria Meilach, with issue. Angela Muscat, married 1796 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Tabone. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1758 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Lucrezia Grech, with issue. Salvatore Muscat, married 1836 Nadur Gozo to Anna Falzon, with issue. Gio Maria Muscat, (1826 -1880 Bone, Algeria), married 1858 Constantine, Algeria to Viriginie Gianinazzi, with issue. Auguste Marius Muscat, (1873 Bone, Algeria -1950 Bone, Algeria), married 1896 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Elisa Eugenie Dubourdeaux, with issue. Yvonne Muscat, (1897-1900), d.inf. Gaston Marius Muscat, (1899 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1974 Marseille, France), married to Candide Alice Grassi. William Edouard Muscat, (1904 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1980 Nantes, France), married 1933 Bone, Algeria to Marthe Antonia Camilleri. Roger Muscat, (1908 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1993 Montpellier, France), married 1937 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Suzanne Gabrielle Silvestre. Maria Anne Muscat, (1875 Bone, Algeria -), married 1894 Bone, Algeria to Henru Auguste Rime, with issue. Georges Marius Rime, (1901 Bone, Algeria -), married 1924 Saint-Arnaud, Algeria to Aimee Lea Crochet. Francesco Muscat, (1832 -1885 Philippeville, Algeria), married 1866 Philippeville, Algeria to Anna Francoise Taboni, with issue. Albertine Stella Muscat, (1875 Philippeville, Algeria -, married 1894 Philippeville, Algeria to Paul Zarb. Joseph Muscat, (1882 Philippeville, Algeria -), married (1) 1908 Hussien Dey, Algeria to Anna Torres, married (2) 1953 Blida, Algeria to Irma Adele Brousse. M'Angelo Muscat, married 1738 Nadur Gozo to Noblis Rosa Pace, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1762 Nadur Gozo to Caterina Busuttil, with issue. Angelo Muscat, married 1797 Matrice Gozo to Maria Teuma. Rosa Muscat, married 1786 Nadur Gozo to Gio Maria Cauchi. Maria Muscat, married 1796 Nadur Gozo to Calogero Teuma. Maria Muscat, married 1769 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Camilleri. Michele Muscat, married 1772 Nadur Gozo to Maria Bigeni, with issue. Francesco Muscat, married 1794 Nadur Gozo to Modesta Meilach, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1826 Nadur Gozo to Maria Sultana (Spuria), with issue. Francesco Muscat, married 1853 Lija to Angela Galea, with issue. Carmelo Muscat, married 1886 Lija to Anna Camilleri, with issue. Salvatore Muscat, married 1912 Lija to Teresa Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1944 Qrendi, Malta to Maria Lourdes Falzon, with issue. Saviour Muscat, married 1973 Burmarrad, Malta to Grace Borg, with issue. Dr Joseph Muscat, Ph.D, (1974 -., Prime Minister of Malta, (2013 -2020)., married to Michelle Tanti, with issue. Etoile Ella Muscat. Soleil Sophie Muscat. Rosa Muscat, married 1857 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Camilleri. Margherita Muscat, married 1863 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Pisano. Angelo Muscat, married 1835 Xaghra Gozo to Antonia Azzopardi. Rosa Muscat, married 1817 Nadur Gozo to Mario Vella. Maria Muscat, married 1818 Nadur Gozo to Vincenzo Camilleri. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1810 Nadur Gozo to Angela Camilleri, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1832 Nadur Gozo to Pietro Paolo Tabone. Lorenzo Muscat, married 1803 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Vella, with issue. Angela Muscat, married 1837 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Sultana. Angelo Muscat, married (1) 1803 Nadur Gozo to Maria Sayd, married (2) 1814 Nadur Gozo to Anna Cauchi, with issue. (First marriage) Michele Muscat, married 1830 Nadur Gozo to Angela Vella, with issue. Salvatore Muscat, married 1862 Nadur Gozo to Maria Cauchi. Francesco Muscat, married 1874 Nadur Gozo to Angela Bartolo, with issue. Vittoria Muscat, married 1903 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Camilleri. Maria Muscat, married 1907 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Pisano. Carmela Muscat, married 1908 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Tabone. Maria Muscat, married 1858 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Mizzi. (Second marriage) Salvatore Muscat, married 1838 Nadur Gozo to Maria Tabone. Giovanni Muscat, married 1848 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Angelo Muscat, married 1873 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Portelli, with issue. Emmanuele Muscat, married 1917 Ghajnsielem, Gozo to Loreta Xuereb. Antonio Muscat, married 1878 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Grima, with issue. Salvatore Muscat, married 1930 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppa Buttigieg. Carmelo Muscat, married 1923 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Buttigieg. Giovanni Muscat, married 1913 Nadur Gozo to Lorenza Buttigieg. Poalo Muscat, married 1922 Nadur Gozo to Paola Sultana. Giuseppe Muscat, married (1) 1879 Nadur Gozo to Maria Attard, married (2) 1902 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Muscat, (d/o Pietro and Maria Portelli), with issue. (Second marriage) Pietro Muscat, married 1923 Nadur Gozo to Maria Assunata Buttigieg. Coronato Muscat, married 1927 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Buttigieg. Francesco Muscat, married 1930 Nadur Gozo to Maria Assunata Muscat, (d/o Paolo and Margherita Tabone). Paolo Muscat, married 1881 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Attard, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1901 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Azzopardi. Salvatore Muscat, married 1906 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Azzopardi. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1908 Nadur Gozo to Caterina Muscat, (d/o Salvatore and Maria Said). Michele Muscat, married 1908 Nadur Gozo to Concetta Said. Salvatore Muscat, married 1893 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Cassar, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1921 Qala, Gozo to Rosina Buttigieg. Carmelo Muscat, married 1926 Nadur Gozo to Maria Buttigieg. Maria Muscat, married 1866 Nadur Gozo to Michele Azzopardi. Carmela Muscat, married 1878 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Rosa Muscat, married 1883 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Buttigieg. Anna Muscat, married (1) 1884 Nadur Gozo to Michele Buttigieg, married (2) 1909 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Azzopardi. Vincenza Muscat, married 1890 Nadur Gozo to Angela Azzopardi. Maria Muscat, married 1833 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Azzopardi. Martino Muscat, married 1798 Nadur Gozo to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Michele Muscat, married 1827 Nadur Gozo to Angela Attard, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1857 Cospicua to Aloisio Busuttil. Annuziata Muscat, married 1856 Cospicua to Giuseppe Ferriggi. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1835 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1838 Valletta to Rosa Vella. Orsola Muscat, married 1828 Nadur Gozo to Paolo Chetcuti. Angelica Muscat, married 1837 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Portelli. Grazia Muscat, married 1844 Nadur Gozo to Francesco Borg. Giovanni Muscat, married 1815 Nadur Gozo to Rosaria Tabone, with issue. Michele Muscat, married 1857 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Camilleri., with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1886 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Grima, with issue. Michele Muscat, married 1919 Nadur Gozo to Carmela Sultana. Francesco Muscat, married 1928 Nadur Gozo to Angela Vella. Maria Muscat, married 1892 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Sultana. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1866 Nadur Gozo to Angela Meilach. Maria Muscat, married 1837 Nadur Gozo to Ftancesco de Manuele. Grazia Muscat, married 1841 Nadur Gozo to Salvatore Farrugia. Rosa Muscat, married 1848 Nadur Gozo to Angelo Xerri. Orsola  Muscat, married 1852 Nadur Gozo to Antonio Portelli. Caterina Muscat, married (1) 1732 Nadur Gozo to Michele Portelli, married (2) 1767 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni Bartolo. Graziella Muscat, married 1749 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Galea. Angelo Muscat, married 1707 Lija to Maria Borg, with issue. Anna Muscat, married 1741 Lija to Giuseppe Fenech. Grazio Muscat, married 1709 Naxxar to Veneranda Cauchi, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1739 Mosta to Domenica Frendo, with issue. Clemente Muscat, married 1778 Mosta to Grazia Agius, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married (1) 1800 Dingli to Maria Farrugia, married (2) 1805 Dingli to Teresa Tanti, with issue. (First marriage) Clemente Muscat, married 1820 to Teresa Galea, with issue. Matteo Muscat, married 1853 Dingli to Grazia Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1902 Dingli to Teresa Saliba, with issue. Matteo Muscat, married 1939 Rabat Malta to Michelina Gatt, with issue. Giuseppe (Joseph) Muscat, married 1987 Detroit, USA to Nobilis Angelina Pace, with issue. Matthew Muscat, married 2013 Florida, USA to Stephanie Buckley, with issue. Aston Muscat. Joseph Muscat. Anna Muscat, married 1830 Siggiewi to Nicola Pulis. Salvatore Muscat, married 1803 Dingli to Anna Farrugia. Matteo Muscat, married 1812 Dingli to Caterina Galea. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1757 Zebbug to Imperia Gatt. Gio Domenico Muscat, married 1760 Lija to Caterina Vassallo. Grazio Muscat, married 1763 Naxxar to Anna Cassia, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1791 Mosta to Carmina Grech, with issue. Antonio Muscat, married 1819 Mosta to Caterina Ebejer, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1843 Naxxar to Anna Fenech. Teresa Muscat, married (1) 1775 Mosta to Giuseppe Cassar, married (2) 1787 Mosta to Giuseppe Busuttil. Veneranda Muscat, married 1777 Mosta to Francesco Mifsud. Maria Muscat, married (1) 1755 Mdina to Nicola Camilleri, married (2) 1758 Zebbug to Giuseppe Cachia, married (3) 1786 Mosta to Felice Debono. Antonio Muscat, married 1691 Attard to Natala Vella. Domenico Muscat, married 1694 Naxxar to Margherita Buhagiar. Clemente Muscat, married 1738 Zebbug to Maria Mamo. Caterina Muscat, married 1740 Attard to Salvatore Bonnici. Maria Muscat, married 1747 Attard to Giuseppe Pisano. Rosa Muscat, married 1747 Attard to Andrea Galea. Brigida Muscat, married 1670 Cospicua to Emmanuele Abrahamo. Mattiolo sives Martino Muscat, married 1653 Birkirkara to Isabella Micallef, with issue. Carlo Muscat, married 1682 Lija to Grazia Fenech, with issue. Alberto Muscat, married 1716 Mosta to Caterina Dingli, with issue. Pietro Muscat, married 1750 Naxxar to Lucrezia Zarb, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1780 Naxxar to Anna Magro, with issue. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1632 Zebbug to Giovanna Azzopardi, with issue Maria Moscati, married 1650 to Gio Maria Moscati. (See Above). Mariano Moscati, married 1608 to Caterina Ciantar, with issue Dr. Claudio Moscati JUD,  married 1642 to Teresa Xara, with issue Fra. Pietro Moscati. Domenico Moscati. Filippo Moscati, 'Jesuit'. Fra. Alfonso Moscati. Dr. Diego Moscati JUD married (1) 1688 to Polidora Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem. Married (2) 1712 to Geltrude Sceberras., with issue. (Second marriage) Dr. Claudio Moscati, JUD, (Died 1781), (Cr: 1776; Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghagin in Malta- See below), married 1723 to Saveria Testaferrata dei Baroni di Gomerino, with issue. Dr. Diegio Moscati JUD2nd Marchese di Xrobb-il-Ghagin, married 1760 to Elizabetta Dorel, with issue. Nobile Angela Moscati, married (1) 1778 to Conte Francesco Bianchi, Married (2) Don Dr. Carlo dei Principi Filomarino., dsp (Natural issue by Rosalea MompalaoSaveria Moscati, De-Jure Baroness di Frigenuni ( 1760-97), grew up with her mother in Valletta, MaltaHad two lovers with had children from. They were Marquis Antonio de Piro and the Lord Archibald Douglas-Hamilton. She is also noted as a Lover to one of the Bourbon Princes of Sicily. [her descendants are here] Natural issue by Rosalea Mompalao Pietro Moscati ( 1762-1819 London, UK),  married 1784 Vittoriosa to Stefania Alunna di Sacco, (d. 1785 died in child birth), with issue. Diego Muscat, (1784 -), c. 1800 moved to London, UK, married 1808 London UK to Giorgiana Muscat, with issue. Natural issue by Rosalea Mompalao Edoardo Moscati ( 1763-1855), married 1786 to Nobile Elizabetta Dodsworth, with issue. Enrico Muscat, (1788-1832), Abbott, dunm. Giorgiana Muscat, (1790-), married 1808 London, UK to Diego Muscat, (see above). Valentino Muscat, (1791-), Abbott, dunm. Tommasina Muscat, (1793-), Nun, dunm. Eufemia Moscati, died an Infant. Teresa Moscati, (d. 1781), married 1753 to Barone Stanisao Xara. Efemia Moscati, married (1) 1678 to Dr. Ludovico Mamo, Married Secondly to Gio Batta Gauci. Matteolo Moscati, married 1625 to Claruccia Pisano. Giovanna Moscati, married 1602 to Leone Schembri. Dr. Pietro Moscati JUD , married (1) 1583 to Imperia Moscati, married (2) 1598 Valletta to Marietta Enziona Giustiniani, with issue. (Second marriage) Francesco Moscati, married 1628 Mdina to Angelica Cachia, with issue. Gio Maria Moscati, married 1656 Dingli to Paolina Dingli, with issue. Pietro Muscat, married 1695 Mdina to Onorata Calleja, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1723 Mdina toi Anna Galea, with issue. Domenica Muscat, married 1756 Attard to Ludovico Zarb, with issue. Notary Francescao Saverio Zarb, Deputy Lieutenant of Attard, (1815 -1839), married 1784 Attard to Veneranda Azzopardi, with issue. Ludovico Zarb, married 1824 Attard to Marianna Grech. Grazio Muscat, married 1690 Valletta to Maria Portelli, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1717 Valletta to Clara Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1753 Valletta to Clara Caia. Nicasio Muscat, married 1760 Valletta to Scolastica Sammut. Anna Muscat, married (1) 1706 Mdina to Bartolomeo de Spiteri, Alunno Trove, married (2) 1715 Kirkop to Orazio Grima, with issue. (Second marriage) Rosa Grima, married 1748 Kirkop to Carlo Farrugia. Paola Grima, married 1751 Kirkop to Giuseppe Abela. (Second Marriage) Giusepope Moscati (Muscat), married 1623 Vittoriosa to Mundia Falzon, with issue. Filippo Muscat, married 1647 Zebbug to Petronilla Pisano, with issue. Maddalena Muscat, married 1674 Zebbug to Gabriele Mangion. Grazia Muscat, married 1695 Zebbug to Nobile Simone Vassallo. Angela Muscat, maried 1623 Dingli to Don Pietro Vella. Vincenzo Moscati, married 1596 to Caterina d'Anastasio, with issue Dr. Gio Leonardo Moscati JUD, married 1624 to Giovanella Abela, with issue Dr. Giacomo Moscati JUD, married 1667 to Teresa Mangion Abela dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue Ignazio Moscati. Anna Moscati, married 1692 to Martino Antonio Perdicomati Bologna. Angela Moscati, married 1665 to Antonio Abela. Isabella Moscati. Lorenza Moscati, married Andreotto Cumbo Navarra. Petronilla Moscati, married 1615 to Dr Diegio Antonio Feriol JUD. Dr. Giacomo Moscati JUD Isabella Moscati, married Constantino Mirteglisen. Giovanella Moscati, married Gabrielle Vella. Paola Moscati, married Giacomo Bonici. Vincenza Moscati, married Dr. Domenico Mangion. Raimondo Moscati, married with issue. Marietta Moscati, married 1584 Qormi to Michele de Mamo, (s/o Alfonso, Manumesso de Mamo), with issue. Caterina de Mamo, married 1611 Qormi to Agostino Abdilla Abela, with issue. Agostino Abdilla Abela, married 1690 Cospicua to Caterina de Robert, with issue. Aloisio Abdilla Abela, married 1732 Cospicua to Caterina Xuereb, with issue. Michele Abdilla Abela, married 1776 Cospicua to Maria Cassar, with issue. Anna Abdilla Abela, married 1796 Cospicua to Francesco Fava, with issue. Caterina Fava, married 1835 Cospicua to Salvatore Zammit. Michele Fava, married 1830 Cospicua to Maria Concepta Petroni. Filippa Fava, married 1825 Cospicua to Giuseppe Parnis. Giovanna Fava, married 1830 Cospicua to Lorenzo Petroni. Grazia Fava, married 1838 Cospicua to Giuseppe Tonna. Fortunata Abdilla Abela, married 1729 Cospicua to Giacomo Sarutti of Vercelli, Italy, with issue. Margherita Sarutti, married 1761 Cospicua to Silvestro Buhagiar. Paolina de Mamo, married 1602 Qormi to Nobile Silvestro Seichel. Nicola Moscati, married 1585 Gudja to Valenza Azzopardi, with issue. Giacomo Moscati, married 1635 Naxxar to Grazia Azzopardi, with issue. Dianora Moscati, married 1661 Lija to Giacomo Muscat, (see below). Giovanni Moscati of Casal Lia, married to Nobile Agnese Cassia, with issue Simone Moscati, married 1564 to Margarita Agius, with issue Sebastiano Moscati, 'Dominican Abbott'. Dr. Salvatore Moscati JUDPrelat at Mosta. Giorgio Moscati, married 1611 to Marietta Pace, with issue. Dr. Filippo Moscati JUD, married 1623 to Caterina Gauci, with issue Dr. Gio Domenico Moscati JUD, married 1649 to Eufemia Tonna Pontremoli, with issue. Filippo Moscati, 'Canon'. Carlo Moscati, 'Canon'. Fra. Perino Moscati. Emanuele Moscati, married 1692 to Margarita Sceberras, with issue. Lorenzo Moscati, married (1) 1754 to Perna Xara Cassia dei Baroni di Ghariexem, Married (2) to Costanza Leocata. Married (2) Generosa Apap., with issue. (First Marriage) Emmanuele Moscati, (1755-1841), married (1) to Paola Gatto, Baroness di Benwarrad, with issue. Married (2) to Vernandra dei Marchesi e Baroni de Piro. Paolo Moscati, married 1735 to Caterina Bonici, with issue. Anna Moscati, (d. 1797), married Cav. Domenico Pariso of Reggio Calabria, Sicily. Antonio Moscati, Capitano della Verga of Malta, married 1711 to Scolastica Falsone, with issue. Ignazio Moscati Falsoni Navarra, created Count of Bahria, 1743 in Malta, married 1732 to Nobile Teodora Bonnici, with issue. Maria Teresa Moscati Falsoni Navarra, 2nd Countess of Bahria, Married (1) 1754 to Fra. Zoccolante Samuele, and were given a Papal dispensation. Married (2) 1757 to Don Antonio Stagno, Patrizio Messina, Conte di Casandola (Sicilian title). Nobile Elisabetta Moscati Falsoni Navarra, married 1759 Valletta to Don Giuseppe Agras, 2nd Duca di Castelluccio of Sicily, with issue Don Francesco Emanuele Agras, 3rd Duca di Castelluccio., (1760-1837), married 10-1784 Donna Giuseppa Marassi e Cottone dei Duchi di Pietratagliata, (daughter of Gian Girolamo Duke of Pietratagliata and Maria Cirillo Alliata e Cottone), with issue. Don Giuseppe Emanuele Agras (25-5-1787 + 25-12-1793), 4th Duca di Castelluccio., dunm. Don Emanuele Agras, (1790-). d.inf Don Ignazio Agras 5th Duca di Castelluccio (1770-1851), married 1813 Palermo, Sicily  to Nobile Maddalena Termine, ( daughter of Gerolamo Termine and Giuseppa Serafina Sgadari), with issue Don Giuseppe Francesco Agras ( 4-1814  - 27-4-1860), 6th Duke of Castelluccio (senza investitura), dunm. Donna Elisabetta Agras, (1820-). Donna Maddalena Agras., (1816-), married to Antoine Fontani dei Conti di Senia., with issue. Donna Agata Agras, (1769-1836), married to Don Giuseppe Notarbartolo. Don Emanuele Agras, (1772-), married (1) Marianna Muzio, married (2) 1851 Palermo, Sicily to Angela Adelfio. Donna Rosalia Agras, (1774-1854), married 1802 Palermo, Sicily to Don Bernardo di Napoli, 5th Marchese di Melia (Val di Mazzara). Don Luigi Agras, (1777-1844), married 1839 Palermo, Sicily to Donna Rosalia Ardizzone, with issue. Donna Elisabetta Agras, (1835-, married 1858 Palermo, Sicily to Francesco Bagnasco., Barone di Binco in Sicily., with issue. Noble Laura Bagnasco, (1871-), married to Felice Viglianti. Noble Rosina Bagnasco, (1861 -), married 1883 Palermo, Sicily to Placido Campisi. Noble Salvatore Bagnasco, (1866 -)., Duca di Castelluccio e Barone di Binco in Sicily., married to Donna Elvira Stagno Navarra, with issue. Nobile Luigia Bagnasco (1859-1942 Messina Sicily)., Duchessa di Castelluccio e Barone di Binco, married Dott.Gaetano Marsala. (d.1936), with issue. Nobile Salvatore Marsala., Duca di Castelluccio e Barone di Binco, married to Francia di Bella., with issue. Nobile Santi Marsala, (1937 Messina Sicily -), Duca di Castelluccio e Barone di Binco, married to Maria Sorrenti, with issue. Nobile Salvatore Marsala, (1967 Messina Sicily- ), married 1987 to Giovanna Rizzo, with issue. Nobile Santino Marsala, (1987 Messina, Sicily -). Nobile Franca Marsala, (1970 Messina Sicily -). Nobile Carmelina Marsala, (1973 Messina Sicily -). Nobile Luigia Marsala. Nobile Gaetana Marsala. Nobile Carmelo Marsala, (1896-1966), married 1937 to Dott. Enza Toscano., with issue. Nobile Dott. Vittorio Marsala, married to Carmela Calabro., with issue. Nobile Dott. Patrizio Marsala, (1967-. Nobile Dott. Danilo Marsala, (1969-. Nobile Dott. Serenella Marsala, (1969-, married to Antonio Latella., with issue. Carlotta Latella, (2005-. Nobile Barbara Marsala, (1971-. Nobile Enrichetta Marsala, (1971-. Nobile Dott. Marcello Marsala., married to Angela Porcasi., with issue. Nobile Cap. Sergio Marsala, married (1) 1993 to Gabriella di Blasi, married (2) 2005 Cuba to Kattia Dominguez, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Marcello Marsala, (1994 Messina, Sicily -. (Second marriage) Nobile Alejandra Marsala, (2008 Messina, Sicily -. Nobile Daniele Marsala, (2011 Messina, Italy -. Nobile Dott. Daniela Marsala, married 2015 to Pasquale Gerace. Nobile Luisa Marsala. Nobile Massimo Marsala, (1966 Brescia, Italy -. (Issue from Cettina Salvato) Marco Marsala, (2014 Messina, Italy -. Nobile Dott. Renato Marsala, (1945-, married 1971 to Liliana Micali, with issue. Nobile Dott. Roberto Marsala, (1972-. Nobile Stil. Vera Marsala, (1975-, married to Graziano Ciraci, with issue. Alberto Ciraci, (2004-. Nobile Umberto Marsala., married to Carmela Carnabuci., with issue. Nobile Gaetano Marsala., married to Amelia Peverelli, with issue. Nobile Dott Alberto Marsala. Nobile Mario Marsala. Nobile Rosalia Marsala., married to Emilio Parisi., with issue. Antonio Parisi. Nobile Biagio Marsala., married to Maria Concetta Carnabuci., with issue. Nobile Luigia Marsala, married to Carlo Cimino, with issue. Alessandro Cimino. Cristiano Cimino. Nobile Giuseppina Marsala, married to Antonio Sailis, with issue. Nobile Anna Marie Marsala. Noble Luigia Bagnasco, (1868-), married 1888 Palermo, Sicily to Gaetano Marsala. Noble Giovanna Bagnasco, (1860-), married 1883 Palermo, Sicily to Domenico Carello. Nobile Olga Bagnasco, (1873-). Nobile Vittorio Bagnasco, (1875-). Geronima Moscati, married 1730 to Ignazio Costanzo, 1st Duke (Duca) di Paganica. Rosalea Moscati, married 1716 to Claudio d'Amico Castelletti Elizabetta Moscati. Teresa Moscati. Anna Moscati, Suor, dunm.l. (illegitimate with Nobile Gio Battista Testaferrata) Geronima de Muscat Testaferrata, married 1716 Safi to Filippo Calajeo. Fra. Tomaso Moscati. Chierico. Vincenzo Moscati. Elena Moscati, married 1672 to Giovanni Gourgion. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1624 Valletta to Prudenza Teuma, with issue. Mro Angelo Muscat, married 1649 Zebbug to Flaminea Mifsud, with issue. Raimondo Maddalena Muscat, married 1681 Zebbug to Giuseppe Camenzuli, Capitano of Fort Manoel. Giovanella Moscati, married Domenico Mangion. Margarita Moscati, married 1624 to Dr. Fabrizio Torrensi JUD. Aloisea Moscati, married 1612 to Leonardo Vella. Giovanella Moscati, married Giovanni Camilleri. Giovanni Moscati, married 1625 Mqabba to Caterina Zammit, with issue. Maria Moscat sives Muscat, married (1) to Simone Dimech sives Zimech, married (2) 1677 Zurrieq to Mro Nicola Barbara. Domenico Moscati, married N, with issue. Giorgio Moscati, married 1616 Qormi to Margherita Psaila, with issue. Petruccio Moscati, married (1) 1658 Qormi to Barbara Casha, marreid (2) 1672 Qormi to Maria Vassallo, with issue. (First marriage) Giueppe Muscat, married 1680 Qormi to Anna Agius. Poalo Muscat, married 1683 Qormi to Grazia Zarb. (Second marriage) Salvatore Moscati, married 1695 Qormi to Maddalena Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Moscati, married 1720 Qormi to Grazia Debono, with issue. Paolo Moscati, married 1746 Qormi to Anna Debono, with issue. Andrea Muscat, married 1768 Valletta to Maria Vella, with issue. Ignazio Muscat, married 1814 Senglea to Contessa Vittoria Lanzon-Mattei, with issue. Conte Carlo Maria Muscat, married 1847 Valletta to Josephine Giuseppa Coen, with issue. Nicola Muscat, married 1841 Gharghur to Francesca Mifsud. Giuseppe Muscat, married (1) 1794 Valletta to Anna Borg, married (2) 1819 Gharghur to Giovanna Mula, with issue. (Second marriage) Andrea Muscat, married 1851 Birkirkara to Crucifessa Xerri. Paolo Muscat, married 1810 Valletta to Rosa Maria Portelli, with issue. Anna Muscat, married 1832 Cospicua to Michele Bugeja. Tomaso Muscat, married 1826 Gharghur to Anna Mifsud, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1864 Birkirkara to Giuseppa Goven. Anna Muscat, married 1849 Gharghur to Paolo Micallef. Felice Muscat, married 1762 Valletta to Giovanna d'Onofrio. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1763 Valletta to Maria Lia. Antonio Muscat, married 1775 Valletta to Maria Pace. Giorgio Muscat, married 1775 Qormi to Margherita Baldacchino. Salvatore Muscat, married 1779 Valletta to Orsola Baldacchino. Polixema Muscat, married 1765 Valletta to Carlo Sayd. Antonia Muscat, married 1745 Qormi to Gio Pietro Camilleri. Carmelina Muscat, married 1758 Qormi to Alberto Agius. Giovanni Muscat, married 1748 Qormi to Caterina de Celi. Tomaso Muscat, married 1760 Mosta to Evangelista Camilleri. Nicola Muscat, married (1) 1762 Valletta to Teresa Galea, married (2) 1780 Valletta to Anna Micallef. Paolo Muscat, married 1765 Valletta to Maria Busuttil. Agostino Muscat, married 1779 Valletta to Grazia Mallia. Grazio Muscat, married 1742 Birkirkara to Teodora Caponetto, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1782 Birkirkara to Felicita, Alunna della Spedale di Fra Don Giulio Filippo Pinto y Mendoza dei Principi d'Ischitella, s/o Don Francesco Pinto y Mendoza, 2nd Principe d'Eschitella and Donna Beatrice Castromediano di Limburg dei Duchi di Morciano), with issue. Orazio Muscat, married 1806 Birkirkara to Elena Spiteri, Orpheline d'Hospital, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1826 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Zammit. Maria Muscat, married 1716 Qormi to Clemente Schembri. Grazia Muscat, married 1695 Qormi to Grazio Cachia. Giacomo Muscat, married (1) 1654 Gharghur to Maria Zarb, married (2) 1661 Lija to Leonora Muscat (see above), with issue. (Second marriage) Grazio Muscat, married 1682 to Maria Dalli, with issue. Leonardo Muscat, married 1717 Zurrieq to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Andrea Muscat, married 1737 Zurrieq to Rosa Callus, with issue. Arcangelo Mucat, married (1) 1772 Zurrieq to Caterina Vella, married (2) 1776 Zurrieq to Rosa Caruana, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Muscat. (Second marriage) Francesco Muscat, married 1802 Zurrieq to Maria Baldacchino, with issue. Michele Muscat, married 1833 Zurrieq to Maria Caruana, with issue. Annunziata Muscat, married 1856 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Axiaq. Rocco Muscat, married 1857 Zurrieq to Lorenza Chetcuti. Rosa Muscat, married 1865 Zurrieq to Michele Farrugia. Francesco Muscat, married 1870 Zurrieq to Rosa Schembri, with issue. Maddalena Muscat, married 1892 Zurrieq to Aloisio Magro. Antonia Muscat, married 1876 Zurrieq to Santo Sammut. Grazia Muscat. Andrea Muscat, married 1825 Zurrieq to Caterina Darmanin, with issue. Psola Muscat, married 1844 Zurrieq to Vincenzo Coppini. Giuseppe Muscat. Maria Muscat. Giuseppe Muscat, mmarried 1828 Zurrieq to Paola Darmanin, with issue. Giovanni Muscat. Caterina Muscat, married 1829 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Galea. Concetta Muscat, married 1833 Zurrieq to Gaetano Grixti. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1836 Zurrieq to Grazia Camilleri. Marianna Muscat, married 1849 Zurrieq to Aloisio Abdilla. Andrea Muscat, married 1803 Qormi to Teresa Grixti, with issue. Giovanni Muscat, married 1812 Zurrieq to Anna Cutajar, with issue. Francesca Muscat, married 1851 Zurrieq to Angelo Darmanin. Gaetano Muscat, married 1824 Zurrieq to Clementina Zammit, with issue. Giuseppa Muscat, married 1849 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Cassar. Maria Muscat, married 1764 Zurrieq to Paolo Xuereb. Giuseppe Muscat. Teresa Muscat. Anna Muscat, married 1768 Don Giuseppe Inguanez. Cristina Muscat. Pietro Muscat. Anna Muscat, married 1741 Zurrieq to Arcangelo Callus. Michele Muscat, married (1) 1747 Zurrieq to Maria Caruana, married (2) 1755 Zurrieq to Cristina Falzon, with issue. (First marriage) Anna Muscat, married 1769 Zurrieq to Gio Maria Saliba. marriage) Francesco Muscat, married 1784 Zurrieq to Evangelista Mangion, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat. Pietro Muscat, married 1790 Zurrieq to Giuseppa Casha, with issue. Maddalena Muscat, married 1810 Zurrieq to Giovanni Abdilla, with issue. Concetta Abdilla, married 1834 Zurrieq to Andrea Briffa. Maria Muscat, married 1819 Zurrieq to Paolo Cutajar. Cristina Muscat, married 1821 Zurrieq to Francesco Saliba. Caterina Muscat, married 1822 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Mangion. Michele Muscat, married 1828 Zurrieq to Maria Mangion. Pietro Muscat, married 1880 Zurrieq to Paola Zammit. Gisueppe Muscat, married 1837 Zurrieq to Giovanna Abdilla, with issue. Pietro Muscat, married 1865 Zurrieq to Anna Saliba. Carmelo Muscat, married 1887 Zurrieq to Lorenza Farrugia. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1869 Zurrieq to Filippo Pace. Salvatore Muscat, married 1880 Zurrieq to Carmela Grixti. Maria Muscat, married 1887 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Grixti. Francesco Muscat, married 1844 Zurrieq to Rosaria Camilleri, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1874 Zurrieq to Angelo Farrugia. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1889 Zurrieq to Angela Defelici. Leonardo Muscat, married 1791 Zurrieq to Maria Magro. Pietro Muscat, married 1749 Zurrieq to Francesca Farrugia. Antonio Muscat, married 1749 Zurrieq to Maria Abdilla. Giuseppe Muscat, (d. 1756), married 1755 Zurrieq to Anna Bugeja. Arcangelo Muscat, married 1763 Zurrieq to Maria Casha. Giorgio Muscat, married (1) 1758 Zurrieq to Margarita Bugeja, married (2) 1782 Zurrieq to Maria Bonnici. Anna Muscat, married 1715 Kirkop to Grazio Grima. Teresa Muscat, married 1716 Kirkop to Rocco Darmanin. Bartolomeo Muscat, married 1659 Valletta to Angelica Borg. Caterina Muscat, married 1647 Qormi to Agostino Pisano. Domenica Muscat, married 1650 Qormi to Matteolo Curmi. Costanza Muscat, married (1) 1656 Qormi to Pietro Galdes, married (2) 1657 Qormi to Gio Maria Zarb. Maria Muscat, married 1656 Qormi to Giovanni Portelli. Giovanni Moscati, married 1606 Zebbug to Agostina Agius, with issue. Maria Moscati, married 1628 Attard to Pasquale Fenech, with issue. Giovanni Fenech, married 1664 Zebbug to Domenica Vella, with issue. Gio Maria Fenech, married 1681 Attard to Anna Buttigieg, with issue. Antonio Fenech, married 1707 Zebbug to Scolastica Xerri, with issue. Gaetano Fenech, married 1745 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Maria Fenech, married 1772 Valletta to Silvestro Bonello, with issue. Antonia Bonello, married 1807 Valletta to Salvatore Borg, with issue. Silvestro Borg, married 1834 Valletta to Lorenza Borg (First Cousins), with issue. Maria Borg, married 1868 Valletta to Vincenzo Meli. Giovanni Moscati, married 1626 Valletta to Noblis Angelica Pace, with issue. Giulio Moscati, married 1676 Matrice Gozo to Imperia Mercieca, with issue. Paolo Moscati, married 1708 Xewkija Gozo to Grazia Vassallo, with issue. Gio Maria Muscat, married 1735 Xewkija Gozo to Lucrezia Mercieca, with issue. Teresa Muscat, married 1754 Xewkija Gozo to Michele Spiteri. Salvatore Moscati,  married 1691 Sannat Gozo to Ubaldesca Falzon, with issue. Giorgio Muscat, married 1730 Xewkija Gozo to Caterina Magro, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, Deputy Lieutenant of Sannat, Gozo (1815 -1839), married 1797 Valletta to Anna (Modesta) Apap, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1802 Sannat Gozo to Angelica Calleja. Mario Muscat, married to Domenica N, with issue. Giovanni Maria Muscat, married 1631 Zurrieq to Margherita Baldacchino, with issue. Mattio Muscat, married 1668 Zebbug to Evangelista Schembri, with issue. Ignazio Muscat, married 1697 Siggiewi to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Pietro Muscat, married (1) 1716 Valletta to Margherita, Alunna, married (2) 1718 Zebbug to Maddalena Formosa, married (3) 1724 Zebbug to Maruzza Cauchi, with issue. (Third marriage) Francesco Muscat, married 1769 Valletta to Maria Teresa Morales, with issue. Dr. Antonio Muscat JUD, married 1801 Valletta to Nobile Regina Sammut, with issue. Rev. Rosario Muscat, dunm. Fedele Muscat, (1801-56). Maria Concetta Muscat, (1804-60), married 1829 Cospicua to Francesco Ciappara, with issue. Antonia Ciappara, (1830-). Dr Vincenzo Muscat LLD, (1822-79), married 1840 to Emanuela Fenech, with issue. Josephine Muscat-Fenech, (1859-1940), married Alexander Palmier. Regina Muscat-Fenech, (1856-1924), married 1879 Mdina to Alfonso Maria Naudi, with issue. Maria Naudi, (1880-1953), married to Alfredo Galea, with issue. Giuseppina Galea Naudi, (1909-55), married 1928 to Henry Filletti, with issue. Victor Filletti, (1929-, married 1953 to Censina Attard, with issue. Fr. Vittorio Filletti, (1954-. Pierre Filletti, (1957-, married Ruth Boardman, with issue. Rebecca Filletti. Alexandra Filletti. Stephanie Filletti. Ivan Filletti, (1969-. Maronna Filletti, (1960-. Henrietta Filletti, (1932-, married (1) 1955 to Wilfred Scicluna, married (2) 1998 to Joseph Aquilina, with issue. (First Marriage) Corinne Scicluna, (1956-, married 1977 to Roger La Ferla, with issue. Giselle La Ferla. Mylene La Ferla. Henri Scicluna, (1959- married 1982 to Leonita Borg, with issue. Deborah Scicluna. Kurt Scicluna. Bernard Scicluna, (1962-, married Alison Zammit, with issue. Nicolas Scicluna. Tina Scicluna. Andrew Scicluna. James Scicluna. Marion Filletti, married George La Rosa, with issue. Stephen La Rosa, ((1963 -2012), married 1989 to Louise Pace-Ross, with issue. Daniel La Rosa. Joanna La Rosa. Henry Galea Naudi, married Lucy Zammit Bonett, with issue. Monica Galea Naudi, (1946-., married Austin Agius, with issue. Stephen Agius. Lana Agius. Alan Agius. Nicola Agius. Peter Galea Naudi, married Maxine Owen-Rodriques, with issue. Matthew Galea Naudi. Luke Galea Naudi. Katherine Galea Naudi. Alfred Galea Naudi, married 1991 to Rosa Debono, with issue. Emma Galea Naudi. Marika Galea Naudi, married to Don Stephen dei Conti Stagno Navarra. John Galeas Naudi, married Giusa Sciortino, with issue. Chev. Juanito Galea Naudi, married 1982 to Anna Marie Xuereb, with issue. Lisa Marie Galea Naudi. Tara Anna Galea Naudi. Mariella Galea Naudi, married 1981 to Simon Cosby, with issue. Marguerita Cosby. Michaela Cosby. Greta Cosby. Luke Simon Cosby. Alfio Galea Naudi. John Naudi, married Adelina Rizzo, with issue. Lilian Naudi, (1921-49), married Oscar Agius, with issue. Austin Agius, married Monica Galea, with issue. Stephen Agius. Lana Agius. Alan Agius. Nicole Agius. Marcella Agius, married Peter Nicholson, with issue. Adam Nicholson. Petra Nicholson. Mary Rosa Agius, married John Gardner, with issue. Sean Gardner. Austin Gardner. Marlene Agius, married Michael Kozak, with issue. Jason Kozak. Lorraine Kozak. Michelle Kozak. Mary Naudi, (1923-86), married John Micallef, with issue. Raymond Micallef, married Molly Caruana, with issue. John Micallef. Donna Micallef. Violet Naudi, married 1947 to John Pace, married (2) to Adolf Musztyfaga, with issue. (First Marriage) John Pace, married Judy Hornsby, with issue. Nicole Pace. John Pace. Aaron Pace. Joseph Pace, married Diane Russell, with issue. Daniel Pace. Samantha Pace. Shirley Naudi, married Ronnie Said, with issue. Elizabeth Said. Ronnie Said, married Denise Aquilina. Joyce Naudi, (1928-96), married (1) Reuben Mifsud-Bonici, Married (2) Joseph Giosserano, with issue. (First Marriage) Liliana Mifsud-Bonici, married Graeme Mortimor, with issue. Simone Mortimer. Godwin Mifsud-Bonici, married Jacqueline Smith, with issue. Corinne Mifsud-Bonici. Roberto Mifsud-Bonici, married Tanya Honeyset, with issue. Chloe Mifsud-Bonici. Edwin Mifsud-Bonici, married (1) Lydia Turenko, married (2) Teresa Kindras, with issue. (Second Marriage) Monique Mifsud-Bonici. Joseph Naudi, (1932-, married Lina Delia, with issue. Diane Naudi, (1959-, married (1) Dimitri Sher, married (2) Scott Christiansen, with issue. (Second Marriage) Joshua Christiansen. Karen Naudi, (1964-, married Christopher Brazier, with issue. Luke Brazier. Ashley Anne Brazier. Sharon Naudi, (1965-, married (1) Glenn Thompson, Married (2) Adrian Hillier, with issue. (Second Marriage) Zachary Hillier. Cassandra Hillier. Jade Courtney Hillier. Giuseppe Naudi, (1882-1952), married 1913 to Juliet Fenech, with issue. Lucy Naudi, (1914-, married (1) Carol Peralta, married (2) 1988 to Roy Fleri. Hector Naudi, (1915-93), married Carmen Frendo, with issue. Magda Naudi, (1948-, married 1976 to Sandro Magri, with issue. Anne Marie Magri. Sylvie Magri. Hector Naudi, (1949-, married 1976 to Marika Hili, with issue. Karl Naudi. Josette Naudi, (1953-, married 1980 to Francis Vassallo La Rosa, with issue. Pierre Vassallo La Rosa, (1983-. Emily Naudi, (1917-, married George Turner, with issue. Valerie Turner, (1941-, married Vanni Cremona, with issue. Juliette Cremona, (1966-, married 1995 to George Attard, with issue. Oliver George Attard. Felix Cremona, (1967-, married 1990 to Susan Meteyard. Robert Cremona, (1972-. Edward Naudi, (1919-89), married Marion Caruana Montaldo, with issue. Mariella Naudi, (1956-, married 1978 to Peter Degiorgio, with issue. Mark Degiorgio. Rachel Degiorgio. Lisa Degiorgio. Claire Degiorgio. Marcelline Naudi, (1958-, married 1989 to Trevor Corcoran. Joseph Naudi, (1961-, married 1987 to Victoria Mifsud, with issue. Edward Naudi. Paula Naudi. Louis Naudi-Montaldo, (1965-, married 1990 to Anne Camilleri, with issue. Matthew Naudi-Montaldo. Peter Naudi-Montaldo. Michael Naudi-Montaldo. Nelli Naudi, 'Nun'. Blanche Naudi, (1923-, married to Marchese Francis Sammut-Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia. Louis Naudi, (1925-. Giorgina Naudi, (1884-1965), married Joseph Rizzo, with issue. Vincenza Naudi, (1887-). Olga Naudi, (1887-1957), married Paul Cassar, with issue. Stella Naudi, married 1920 to Vincenzo Rizzo. Giuseppina Naudi, (1894-1987), married 1923 to Carmelo Rizzo, (1894-1985), with issue. Hon Dr John Rizzo Naudi, MP, MD, MRCP, [Bio], (1925-2022), married 1953 to Noblis Lisette Pace, with issue. John Rizzo Naudi. Joseph Rizzo Naudi. Maria Rizzo Naudi. Arturo Naudi, marrried Giovanna Manche. Chev. Antonio Muscat-Fenech, Vice-Consul of Austria in Malta, (1854-1910), married Filomena Naudi, with issue. John Muscat-Fenech, (1893-), married 1923 Valletta to Mary Psaila-Manche, with issue. Maurice Muscat-Fenech, (1924-83), married 1947 to Evelyn Zammit, with issue. Denise Muscat-Fenech, (1948-, married Michael Simcik, with issue. Annette Muscat-Fenech, (1951-. Alexandra Muscat-Fenech, (1956-. George Muscat-Fenech, (1927-, married Terry Martin, with issue. Marcelle Muscat-Fenech. Dr. Claire Muscat-Fenech, Ph.D, married 1991 to Robert de Marco. Esther Muscat-Fenech, married Giuseppe Mizzi, with issue. John Anthony Mizzi, (1925-. Victor Mizzi, married Kirsten.. Lucy Muscat-Fenech, married 1923 to Joseph Manduca, Baron of Buleben. Marietta Muscat-Fenech, married Professor Joseph Hyzler MD. Giuseppina Muscat-Fenech, married 1946 to Conte Joseph Sant-Cassia. Giovanni Muscat-Fenech, married Alfonsa Borg, with issue. Margot Muscat-Fenech, married NN. Demiglio. Dr Emmanuele Muscat-Fenech, (1861-90). Concetta Muscat-Fenech, married to Michele Calleja, with issue. Emmanuele Calleja MBE, (1900-52), married Nina Portelli, with issue. Brig Maurice Calleja, (1935 - 2022), married to Muriel Savona, with issue. Meinrad Calleja, (1961-, married to Roberta Buttigieg. Patrick Calleja, (1963-, married to Catherine Camilleri, with issue. Thomas Calleja. Lucia Calleja. Anna Calleja. Clarissa Calleja, (1969-, married 1987 Sliema to Kurt Cachia, with issue. Mark Cachia. Benjamin Cachia. Jasmine Cachia. Giuseppe (Joe) Calleja, married to Noyla Debono, with issue. Tessa Calleja, married to Dorian Vassallo. Johanna Calleja. Michael Calleja, married to Joy Pisani, with issue. Jean Paul Calleja. Stephanie Calleja, married 1979 to Edward Sullivan, with issue. Nicholas Sullivan. Felicity Sullivan. Dolores Calleja. Edward Calleja. Esther Calleja. Giuseppina Calleja. Rosa Muscat-Fenech, married Lorenzo Goulder, with issue. Giuseppina Gouder, married Giuseppe Bartolo, with issue. Luisa Gouder, married Giuseppe Attard, with issue. Alfredo Gouder, married Molly.. Dr. Filiberto Gouder, married Mary Caruana, with issue. France Gouder, married Mary Carbonara, with issue. Pauline Gouder. Philibert Gouder. Patrick Gouder. Margaret Gouder, married Joseph Sultana. Maria Gouder, married William Muscat. Helen Gouder, married Mario Gatt. Rosa Gouder. Giuseppe Gouder, died 1996. Miram Gouder, married William Scicluna, with issue. Renzo Gouder, married Margarita .., with issue. Robert Gouder. Emma Gouder. Nazzema Gouder, 'Nun'. Dr Giuseppe Muscat, (1811-59). Bartolomeo Muscat, (1813-73). Maria Antonia Muscat, (1815-83). Rosa Muscat, (1817-32). Calcedonia Muscat, (1820-47). Dr Giovanni Muscat, (1837-). Francesco Muscat, (1824-75), married Caroline Grima, with issue. Regina Muscat, (1856-). Vincenza Muscat, (1859-). Antonio Muscat, (1861-). Giuseppe Muscat, (1869-). Caterina Muscat, married 1769 Valletta to Giovanni Mifsud. Paoluccio Muscat, married 1584 Mdina to Maricata Farrugia, with issue. Angelo Muscat, married 1622 Mdina to Marietta Portelli, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1658 Mdina to Speranza Macnuch, with issue. Gaetano Muscat, maried 1687 Mdina to Grazia Zghendo, with issue. Maria Muscat Zghendo, married 1717 Mdina to Giuseppe Agius. Francesco Muscat, married 1589 Qormi to Appollonia Bonavia, with issue. Giuseppe Muscat, married 1632 Zebbug to Giovannella Azzopardi, with issue. Francesco Muscat, married 1664 Qormi to Maria Borg, with issue. Andrea Muscat, married 1689 (Notary Tomaso Cauchi) to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Maria Muscat, married 1708 Naxxar to Francesco Grech. Lorenzo Muscat, married 1575 Qormi to Giovanna Ciantar, with issue. Paolo Muscat, married 1604 Qormi to Caterina Axisa, with issue. Angelo Muscat, married 1629 Qormi to Grazia Axisa, with issue. Salvatore Muscat, married 1663 Qormi to Rosa Ciarlett, with issue. Blasio Muscat, married 1693 Valletta to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Giovanna Muscat, married 1730 Valletta to Salvatore Chetcuti.
1.1.2. Milite Andrea Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 in Mitarxem), married c. 1400, with issue. Milite Bernardu Muscat, (c. 1430), married with issue. Milite Manfredus Muscati, (c. 1460), married with issue. Fra Petrus Muscati, (c.1465).
1.1.3. Milite Mariu Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 in Mitarxem), married c. 1400, with issue.
1.2. Milite Masi Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 of Zebugi), married c. 1380, with issue.
1.2.1. Milite Nardu Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 of Zebugi), married c.1400, with issue.
1.2.2. Milite Antoni Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 of Zebugi), married c. 1400, with issue.
1.2.3. Milite Cola Muscati, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 of Zebugi), married c. 1400, with issue. Milite Licterius Muscat, of Zurrieq, (c.1430), married with issue. Milite Johannes Licteri Muscat, (c. 1486), married with issue.
2. Milite Cola Muscati, (c. 1360), married with issue.
2.1. Milite Franu Muscati, (c. 1390), (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 of Lamann), married with issue.
2.1.1. Milite Cola Muscati, (c. 1430), married with issue. Milite Constancius Muscati, (leased land 1487 called il’Masserija and il-Qbiela for a number of years with his brother), married with issue. Milite Laurencius Muscati, (leased land 1487, with his brother, and also 1486 leased land at Hemsija called Bita l’Idward), married with issue.
2.2. Milite Carnivali Muscati, (1395), Cavello, (Listed in the Militia List 1419-1420 of Curmi), married with issue.
2.2.1. Milite Caluccius Muscati, (c. 1425), married with issue. Milite Carmelius Muscati, (1450), married with issue. Milite Thomeus Muscati, (c. 1485), married with issue. 

Footnote: The title of Marchese di Sciorp il-Hagin was granted by Grand Master Rohan to Claudio Muscati Xiberras on the 8 March 1776. It appears that at the time of the 1878 Commission, nobody made any claim to that title. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) . Consequently, it is assumed that that title fell was already extinct some time prior to 1878. 
Footnote#1: The title of Conte della Bahria was conferred by Grand Master Emmanuel Pinto de Foncesca by a diploma of the 16th May 1743 upon Don Ignazio Muscati Falsone Navarra. This is the first title of count which appears to have ever been granted by the Grand Masters, the former patents containing only grants of baronies. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) 
Footnote#2: The terms of the diploma differ from those of the other titles granted by the Grand Masters. In fact, the title of Conte della Bahria was annexed to the lands of the same name, situated in Malta, and which were erected by the said patent into a noble feud. Moreover, the title is inheritable not only by one of the grantee’s descendents, but by his sons and successors, whether relations or strangers, and it is annexed to the possession of those lands. The following is an extract from the diploma: Te Dnum Igantium Muscati Falsone Navarra tuosque filios, haeredes, et successores etiam extraneos, comitem et comites Territorii seu Tenutae della Bahria positae in hac Nostra Insula a Te et antecessoribus tuis jure pleni dominii et proprietatis possessae constitumus et in perpetuum creamus, dictamque tenutam seu territorum, illusque membra et districtum in feudum nobilem sub titulo comitis erigimus atque extollimus. 
Footnote#3: Specifically, the 1878 Commissioners observed that Moscati’s diploma differs from the six titles previously considered by them in order of antiquity, namely Gomerino (Testaferrata et Cassia - 1710), Budack (De Piro- 1716), San Marciano (Galea Feriolo - 1726), Tabria (Viani - 1728), Culeja (Bonnici) - 1737 and Benuarrat (Gatto- 1737) . See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.)  

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