The family of Zimech sives Dimech sives Dymoke of Scrivelsby.

This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647).

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Note: Not a complete list of descendants.

1. Henry Dymoke, Usher of the Exchequer, married to Dionisia Placates, (daughter of Sir Hugh Placatis of Codlington, Warton and Nook Norton), with issue.

1.1. Sir John Dymoke, de jury 11th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, MP, Kings Championinherited through his wife family, (d. 1381), [Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire c. 1373; in 1377 after a prolonged contest before the Court of Claims he established in right of his wife the claim to be King’s Champion against the counterclaim of Sir Baldwin de Freville; Champion of England jure uxoris at the Coronation of King Richard II 1377], married 1373 to Margaret de Ludlow, 11th Lady of the Manor of Scrivelsby, daughter of Thomas de Ludlow, Kings Champion, [2]; with issue.

1.1.1. Sir Thomas Dymoke, 12th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (d. 1422), Kings Champion, [a Knight of the Bath before the Coronation of King Henry IV 1399; acted as Champion of England on behalf of his mother at the Coronations of King Henry IV 1399 and King Henry V 1413], married to Elizabeth Hebden, with issue.  Sir Philip Dymoke, 13th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1400-1455), Kings Champion, [Champion of England at the Coronation of  King Henry VI 1429], married 1431 to Joan Conyers, daughter of Sir Christopher Conners of Sockburn, with issue. Sir Thomas Dymoke, 14th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1427-1470), Kings Champion, [Champion of England at the Coronation of King Edward IV 1461; he changed allegiance from the House of York to the House of Lancaster and joined with his brother-in-law, Sir Richard Welles, jure uxoris 7th Baron Willoughby de Eresby, in supporting the Kingmaker’s plot, which resulted in the brief restoration of King Henry VI in 1469; after King Edward IV had recovered his throne he arrested Lord Willoughby and Sir Thomas at Huntingdon, 9 Mar 1470/1, and took them with him to Stamford, where he caused them both to be beheaded 12 Mar 1470, as Lord Willoughby’s son, Sir Robert Welles, was trying to rescue them], married to Hon. Margaret Welles, daughter of Sir Lionel de Welles, 6th Lord, with issue. Sir Robert Dymoke. 15th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1461-1544), Kings Champion, [knighted 1481; Champion of England at the Coronations of King Richard III 1483, King Henry VII 1485 and King Henry VIII 1509; Sheriff of Lincoln 1485, 1503 and 1509; Knight of the Body to King Henry VIII; Commander at the Siege of Tournay; Treasurer of Tournay 1515], married (1) to Ann/Jane Cresmore, married (2) to Jane/Anne Sparrow, with issue. (Hereditary Champion to the Monarch of England, Great Britain and later United Kingdom). (Second marriage) Sir Edward Dymoke, MP, 16th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1508-1566), [a Knight Banneret 1562; Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire; Sheriff of Lincoln 1536, 1548 and 1554; Champion of England at the Coronations of King Edward VI 1547, Queen Mary I 1553, and Queen Elizabeth I 1559], married to Anne Tailsboys, with issue. Sir Robert Dymoke, 17th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1537-1580 in Prison), [he was imprisoned as a recusant in Lincoln Gaol by Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Lincoln, and died there; he is often styled “The Martyr Champion], married to Lady Bridget Clinton, with issue. Sir Edward Dymoke, 18th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1558-1624), [Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1584; Champion of England at the Coronation of King James I 1603], married (1) to Katherine Harrington, married (2) to Anne Manson, married (3) to Mary Poultney, with issue. (Third marriage) Charles Dymoke, 19th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1613-1644), dunm. Nicholas Dymoke, (d. 1619), married 1593 to Elizabeth Danvers, with issue. Sir Edward Dymoke, 20th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (d. 1663), [signed the Visitation Pedigree 1634; fined under the Commonwealth for “malignancy” and for bearing “a lewd and malicious title”; knighted 1661; Champion of England at the Coronation of King Charles II 1661; Sheriff of Lincoln 1662], married 1624 to Jane Cressy, with issue. Sir Charles Dymoke, 21st Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1626-1688), [Deputy Lieutenant for Lincolnshire 1680; Champion of England at the Coronation of King James II 1685], married to Hon Eleanor Watson, with issue. Charles Dymoke, MP, 22nd Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (d. 1702), [Champion of England at the Coronations of King William III and Queen Mary II 1689 and Queen Anne 1702; Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire 1698-1701], married to Jane Snoden, dsp. Lewis Dymoke, 23rd Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1669-1760), MP, [Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire 1702-05 and 1710-13; Champion of England at the Coronations of King George I 1714 and King George II 1727], dunm. John Dymoke, (d. 1668), married to Elizabeth Welcome, with issue. Charles Dymoke, (1664-1723), married to Mary Needham, with issue. Edward Dymoke, 24th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (d. 1760), married to Elizabeth Coward, with issue. John Dymoke, 25th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1730-1784), married 1761 to Martha Holmes, with issue. Lewis Dymoke, 25th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1763-1820), [Champion of England at the Coronation of King George III 1761 ,when he rode the horse the late King had ridden at the Battle of Dettingen; while he was in attendance as Champion at the Coronation], claimed the Barony of Marmion but failed, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Maria, eduque par Paolo Dimech, married 1829 Qormi to Lorenzo Mallia. Rev John Dymoke, 27th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1764-1828), [Rector of Scrivelsby 1788-1828 and Prebendary of Lincoln; Champion of England by Deputy at the Coronation of King George IV 1821], married 1799 to Amelia Elphinstone, with issue. Sir Henry Dymoke, 28th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, 1st Baronet cr 1841, (1801-1865), [Champion of England at the Coronation of King George IV 1821 as Deputy to his father (a ceremony witnessed and described by Sir Walter Scott, when the Champion rode a horse from Astley’s Circus); as the Whig administration ruled that there should be no banquets after the Coronations of King William IV 1831, or of Queen Victoria 1838, he was not called upon to act as Champion in virtue of his own tenure of Scrivelsby; Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1833; Vice-Lieutenant of Lincolnshire; on his death the 1841 Baronetcy became extinct], married 1823 to Emma Pearce, with issue. Emma Jane Dymoke, (1826-1922), married 1861 to Sir Francis Houlton Hartwell, 3rd Baronet. Rev John Dymoke, 29th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1804-1873), married 1830 to Mary Ann Madeley, with issue. Capt Henry Lionel Dymoke, JP, DL, 30th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, (1833-1875), married 1873 to Annie Louisa Gilmore, dsp. Capt Edward Dymoke of Grebby Hall, (d.1690), married 1654 to Abigail Snoden, with issue. John Dymoke, (d. 1701), married to Elizabeth Dymoke, with issue. John Dymoke, 3rd Lord of the Manor of Tetford, (1732-1819), married to Rebecca Raynor, with issue. Thomas Dymoke, 4th Lord of the Manor of Tetford, (1761-1837), married 1791 to Ann Frances Capp, with issue. John Dymoke, 5th Lord of the Manor of Tetford, (1798-1864), married 1819 to Margaret Scanman, with issue. Francis Seaman Dymoke, 6th Lord of the Manor of Tetford, later 31st of Scrivelsby, (1829-1893), married 1861 to mary Ann Pollexfen, with issue. Francis Scaman Dymoke, JP, DL, 7th Lord of the Manor of Tefford, 32nd of Scrivelsby, (1862-1946), [King’s Champion and Standard Bearer of England at the Coronations of King Edward VII 1902, King George V 1911 and King George VI 1937]. married 1893 to Francesc Ann Bell, with issue. Capt Lionel Marmion Dymoke, (1894-1963), married 1925 to Rachel Isabel Lindley, with issue. Lt Col John Lindley Marmion Dymoke, MBE, (1926-2015), 8th Lord of the Manor of Tetford, 33rd of Scrivelsby, married 1953 to Susan Cicley Fane, with issue. Francis John Fane Marmion Dymoke, 34th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, 9th of Tetford, (1955-2023), [King’s Champion and Standard Bearer of England at the Coronations of King Charles III 2023], [1]; married (1) 1982 (Div 2003) to Rosalie Mary Goldingham, married (2) 2009 to Gail Humphries, with issue. (First marriage) Henry Francis Marmion Dymoke, 35th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, 10th of Tetford, (1984-. Thomas Anthony Marmion Dymoke, (1989-. Emily Rachel Marmion Dymoke, (1984-. Philip Henry Marmion Dymoke, (1957-. Charles Edward Marmion Dymoke, (1961-. William Dymoke, Merchant in the Mediterranean, and settled in Malta and known as Lemu Zimech, Listed in the Militia List 1418-19, married to Elena Musachi di Gora, with issue. Giorgio Zimech, married c.1460 to Paola Franco, with issue.  Mro Mario sives Michele Zimech sives Dimech, [Donation 1539 by Notary Giorgio Buttigieg), married c.1495 to Nobile Zuna Preziosa Gueraldi, with issue. Giovanna Zimech, married 1541 to Aurelio Azzopardi. Giovanni Zimech, (Donation 1582), married to Gioannella Pace, with issue. Gioannella Zimech, married 1571 Siggiewi to Pietro Mamo. Silvestro Zimech, married c.1540 to Agatuccia Maniuni, with issue. Domenico Zimech, married 1570 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Giovanna Tanti, with issue. Gio Maria Dimech, married (1) 1632 Attard to Angelica Buttigieg, married (2) 1636 Attard (Notary Mario Attard) to Maria Debono, with issue. (Second marriage) Imperia Dimech, married 1655 Mdina to Giuseppe Vella. Domenico Vincenzo Dimech, married (1) 1601 Siggiewi to Gioannella Mamo, married (2) 1602 Siggiewi to Gioannella Bonello, with issue. (First marriage) Matteo Dimech, married 1625 Siggiewi to Gioannella Mamo, with issue. (Second marriage) Tomaso Dimech, married 1630 Zebbug to Domenica Pantallaris. Giovanna Zimech sives Dimech, married 1568 to Gio Paolo Buttigieg. Mariano Zimech, married 1541 to Caterina Gatto, with issue. Giuliano Zimech, married (c. 1570) to Margherita Clusano, (first cousin), with issue. Michele Dimech, married 1599 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Argenta Vassallo, with issue. Bartolomeo Dimech, married 1616 Zebbug to Caterina Buttigieg, with issue. Michele Dimech, married 1672 Matrice Gozo to Vittoria Calleja, with issue. Clara Dimech, married 1705 Sannat Gozo to Antonio Buttigieg. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1711 Sannat Gozo to Teresa Busuttil, with issue. Felice Dimech, married 1747 Cospicua to Anna Zerafa, with issue. Veronica Dimech, married 1778 Cospicua to Gasparo Cassar. Maria Dimech, married 1785 Cospicua to Ludovico de Gabriele. Caterina Dimech, married 1789 Cospicua to Carlo Schembri. Caterina Dimech, married 1699 Sannat, Gozo to Antonio Buttigieg. Maria Dimech, married 1696 Sannat, Gozo to Andrea Stellini. Alberto Dimech, married 1713 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Grima, with issue. Ignazio Dimech, married 1738 Xewkija Gozo to Caterina Attard, with issue. Paolo Dimech, married 1770 Gharb Gozo to Lucrezia de Brincat. Maria Dimech, married 1773 Sannat Gozo to Ignazio Spiteri. Francesco Dimech, married 1752 Xaghra Gozo to Sapienza Buhagiar, with issue. Gio Maria Dimech, married 1796 Sannat, Gozo to Teresa Zerafa, with issue. Caterina Dimech, married 1822 Matrice Gozo to Angelo Schembri. Alberto Dimech, married (1) 1779 Matrice Gozo to Orsola Gatt, married (2) 1824 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanna Buttigieg, with issue. (First marriage) Grazia Dimech, married 1804 Xaghra Gozo to Battista Pace. Margherita Dimech, married 1816 Xaghra Gozo to Carlo Bigeni. Petronilla Dimech, married 1776 Sannat, Gozo to Paolo Mercieca. Maria Dimech, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Gio Maria Gatt. Anna Dimech, married 1778 Sannat Gozo to Felice Camilleri. Margherita Dimech, married 1784 Sannat, Gozo to Maruzzo Attard. Rosaria Dimech, married 1787 Sannat Gozo to Paolo Buttigieg. Benigno Dimech, married 1756 Sannat Gozo to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Alberto Dimech, married 1783 Sannat Gozo to Caterina Bugeja, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1786 Sannat Gozo to Maria Agius, with issue. Angela Dimech, married 1817 Sannat Gozo to Angelo Grima. Grazia Dimech, married 1820 Sannat, Gozo to Giuseppe Grech. Nicola Dimech, married 1786 Rabat Gozo to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Annunziata Dimech, married 1819 Rabat Gozo to Alfonso Xiberras. Paola Dimech, married 1827 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Borg. Rosa Dimech, married (1) 1828 Rabat Gozo to Tomaso Xiberras, married (2) 1840 Valletta to Michele Camenzuli. Flaminea Dimech, married 1833 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Mercieca. Michele Dimech, married 1787 Sannat Gozo to Rosa Cassar, with issue. Maria Dimech, married 1809 Sannat Gozo to Francesco Cini. Paolo Dimech, married 1805 Sannat Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Rosa Dimech, married 1842 Sannat Gozo to Salvatore Mizzi. Caterina Dimech, married 1843 Sannat Gozo to Antonio Azzopardi. Grazia Dimech, married 1779 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Maria Dimech, married 1788 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Grima. Margherita Dimech, married 1791 Sannat Gozo to Michele Xiberras. Maria Dimech, married 1737 Sannat Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Angelo Dimech, married 1653 Matrice Gozo to Angelica Mizzi, with issue. Domenico Dimech, married 1671 Matrice Gozo to Paolina Bartolo, with issue. Angelo Dimech, married 1698 Rabat Gozo to Teodora Imbroglio, with issue. Caterina Dimech, married (1) 1717 Valletta to Carlo Ciappara, married (2) 1718 Valletta to Angelo Borg, married (3) 1736 Valletta to Giovanni Zerafa. Anna Dimech, married (1) 1718 Valletta to Giuseppe Azzopardi, married 1728 Vittoriosa to Giorgio Muscat. Imperia Dimech, married 1728 Valletta to Michele Cauchi. Domenico Dimech, married 1702 Matrice Gozo to Agnese Vella, with issue. Michele Angelo Dimech, married 1732 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Cini, with issue. Francesco Dimech, married 1790 Gharb Gozo to Girolama Spiteri, with issue. Antonio Dimech, married (1) 1825 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Cassar, married (2) 1866 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Grima, married (3) 1867 Zebbug Gozo to Giovanni Spiteri, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Dimech, married 1856 Matrice Gozo to Maria Cordina, with issue. Aloisio Luigi Dimech, married 1891 Zebbug Gozo to Caterina Cini, with issue. Giorgio Dimech, married 1931 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Giuseppa Vella. Giuseppa Dimech, married 1913 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Vella. Carmela Dimech, married 1915 Zebbug Gozo to Antonio Cini. Gesuarda Dimech, married 1924 Zebbug Gozo to Francesco Saverio Farrugia. Maria Dimech, married 1931 Sannat Gozo to Celestino Cini. Giorgio Dimech, married 1900 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppa Abela, with issue. Maria Dimech, married 1920 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Cassar. Giorgia Dimech, married 1924 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Sultana. Antonio Dimech, married 1908 Zebbug Gozo to Orsola Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1934 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Dimech, (see below). Rosa Dimech, married 1887 Zebbug Gozo to Salvatore Xuereb. Francesco Dimech, married (1) 1849 Sannat Gozo to Annunziata Grima, married (2) 1891 Zebbug Gozo to Caterina Mallia, with issue. (First marriage) Antonio Dimech, married 1882 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppa Cifai, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1925 Xewkija Gozo to Angelina Azzopardi. Annunziata Dimech, married 1907 Zebbug Gozo to Publio Cini. Giorgia Dimech, married 1913 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Micallef. Michele Dimech, married 1881 Zebbug Gozo to Carmela Xerri, with issue. Aloisio Dimech, married 1876 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Rosa Axach, with issue. Maria Giovanna Dimech, married 1900 Zebbug Gozo to Carmelo Saliba. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1872 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppa Vella, with issue. Francesco Dimech, married 1910 Rabat Gozo to Maria Dolores Grech. Marianna Dimech, married 1892 Zebbug Gozo to Michele Angelo Saliba. Carmela Dimech, married 1896 Zebbug Gozo to Michele Angelo Buttigieg. Angelica Dimech, married 1902 Zebbug Gozo to Aloisio Cassar.  Maria Dimech, married 1881 Zebbug Gozo to Carmelo Mangion. Anna Dimech, married 1862 Zebbug Gozo to Michele Angelo Attard. Michele Angelo Dimech, married (1) 1836 Xaghra Gozo to Antonia Sultana, married (2) 1841 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Dimech, married (1) 1873 Zebbug Gozo to Caterina Zerafa, married (2) 1906 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Michele Angelo Dimech, married 1901 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1926 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Zammit. Rosa Dimech, married 1934 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Dimech, (see above). Caterina Dimech, married 1925 Zebbug Gozo to Vittorio Zammit. Maria Dimech, married 1905 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Cini. Concetta Dimech, married 1906 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Vella. Antonia Dimech, married 1921 Zebbug Gozo to Salvatore Cini. Giuseppa Dimech, married 1865 Zebbug Gozo to Francesco Cini. (Second marriage) Teresa Dimech, married 1902 Gharb Gozo to Giuseppe Attard. Carlo Dimech, married 1832 Zebbug Gozo to Teresa Galea, with issue. Francesco Dimech, married 1860 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Cifai, with issue. Carlo Dimech, married 1885 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Cutajar, with issue. Maria Dimech, married 1906 Zebbug Gozo to Carmelo Farrugia. Giuseppa Dimech, married 1916 Zebbug Gozo to Maruzzo Saliba. Gesualda Dimech, married 1922 Zebbug Gozo to Luigi Zahra. Michele Dimech, married 1875 Xewkija Gozo to Carmela Xerri, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1900 Birkirkara to Maria Anna Pirotta. Maria Dimech, married 1863 Zebbug Gozo to Carmelo Cassar. Anna Dimech, married 1865 Zebbug Gozo to Giovanni Galea. Rosa Dimech, married (1) 1866 Zebbug Gozo to Antonio Muscat, married (2) 1883 Zebbug Gozo to Michele Galea. Antonio Dimech, married (1) 1866 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Grima, married 1867 Zebbug Gozo to Giovanna Spiteri. Maria Dimech, married 1814 Zebbug Gozo to Felice Camilleri. Cecilia Dimech, married 1817 Zebbug Gozo to Francesco Farrugia. Rosa Dimech, married 1778 Zebbug Gozo to Gioacchino Gatt., married (2) 1796 Zebbug Gozo to Salvatore Cini. Paolo Dimech, married (1) 1732 Zebbug to Vittoria Abdilla, married (2) 1780 Zebbug Gozo to Agata Pace, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Dimech, married 1761 Zebbug Gozo to Giuseppe Mangion. Modesta Dimech, married 1769 Zebbug Gozo to Michele Vella. Francesco Dimech, married (1) 1739 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Saliba, married (20 1744 Matrice Gozo to Natalizia Azzopardi, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Dimech, married 1759 Matrice Gozot o Giuseppe Attard. (Second marriage) Angela Dimech, married (1) 1773 Rabat Gozo to Michele Bonnici, married (2) 1801 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Ciappisa. Maria Dimech, married 1692 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Fenech. Maria Dimech, married 1676 Zebbug to Mario Cassar. Domenica Dimech, married (1) 1643 Zebbug to Clemenzio Tabone, married (2) 1656 Matrice Gozo to Mario Zammit. Grazia Dimech, married 1654 Zebbug to Ferdinando Laurina. Margherita Dimech, married 1652 Zebbug to Gio Maria Cassar. Innocenza Dimech, married 1651 Matrice Gozo to Paolo Farrugia. Caterina Dimech, married 1648 Zebbug to Valerio de Brincat. Giuliano Dimech, married (1) 1627 Siggiewi to Lorenza Zammit, married (2) 1637 Zebbug to Maria Buttigieg, married (3) 1641 Zebbug to Geronima Sayd, with issue. (First marriage) Grazia Dimech, married 1647 Zebbug to Gio Maria Haber., married (2) 1655 Zebbug to Antonio Buttigieg, married (3) 1656 Zebbug to Gio Maria Sant. (Second marriage) Domenico Dimech, married (1) 1663 Naxxar to Flaminea Grech, married (2) 1699 Naxxar to Maruzza Muscat, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Dimech, married 1701 Valletta to Maria Felice. Maria Dimech, married 1698 Naxxar to Gio Maria Borg. Gioannella Dimech, married 1630 Zebbug to Giovanni Camilleri. Angelica Dimech, married 1640 Zebbug to Giovanni Felice. Mro Mariano Dimech, married 1604 Lija to Imperia Isabella Bezzina, with issue. Silvia Dimech, married 1631 Valletta to Vincenzo Picciotto of Miliano, Italy, with issue. Maddalena Picciotto, married 1650 Valletta to Alessandro Cutajar. Leonardo Dimech, married 1621 Mdina to Angelica de Brancato, with issue. Francesco Dimech, married 1657 Zebbug to Sapienza Mamo, with issue. Salvatore Dimech, married (1) 1687 Valletta to Anna Micallef, married (2) 1734 Valletta to Baroness Eugenia Fardella de Milo, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo Dimech, married 1732 Valletta to Margherita Mamo, with issue. Maria Dimech, married 1753 Valletta to Nicola Camilleri. Palma Dimech, married 1767 Valletta to Antonio Caruana. Maria Dimech, married 1714 Valletta to Grazio Bezzina. Palma Dimech, married 1723 Valletta to Gaetano Fenech. Bartolomea Dimech, married 1729 Valletta to Pietro Paolo Xicluna. Veronica Dimech, married 1646 Zebbug to Nobile Michele Cumbo. Cornelia Dimech, married 1655 Zebbug to Simone Aquilina. Domenica Dimech, married 1661 Mdina to Mario Farrugia. Caterina Zimech, married 1546 Francesco Clusano, with issue. Margherita Clusano, married (c. 1570) to Giuliano Zimech, (see above). Matteo Zimech, married 1547 Zebbug to Agata Ebejer. Luca Zimech, married 1550 Zebbug (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Agata Camilleri, with issue. Matteo Dimech, married 1604 Zebbug (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Giovanna Briffa., with issue. Domenico Dimech, married 1660 Zebbug to Caterina Curmi., with issue. Giovanni Dimech., married 1704 Zebbug to Speranza Vassallo., with issue. Giovanni Dimech., married 1739 Birkirkara to Caterina Farrugia. , with issue. Filippo Dimech., married 1789 Zebbug to Margherita Gatt., with issue. Salvatore Filippo Dimech, (1806 Valletta – 1895), married 1853 Floriana to Angela Preca., with issue. Filippo Maria Dimech, (1858-1942), married 1897 Floriana to Maria Carmela Buhagiar, with issue. Eduardo Maria Dimech, (1898 Floriana -1983), married 1929 Floriana to Mary Eastop., with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, (1931-2010), married 1959 Valletta to Mary Debattista, with issue. Robert Dimech, (1960-., married 1988 Birkirkara to Monica Josephine Scerri, with issue. Petra Angelica Dimech, (1990-. Dr Martha Ann Dimech, MD, (1992-. Notary Dr Marc Edward Dimech, (1996-. Edith May Dimech, (1962-., married 1986 Balzan to Christopher Gera., with issue. Trudy Anne Gera, (1989-), married 2015 Balzan to Dennis Vella, with issue. Michele Vella Gera, (2017-). Beppe Vella Gera, (2020-). Ingrid Gera, (1992-), married 2018 Siggiewi to Donovan Aquilina, with issue. Alex Aquilina Gera, (2020-). Arthur Edward Dimech, (1963-., married 1986 Gwardamangia to Dorren Monsignor, with issue. Desiree Dimech, (1988-, married 2023 San Gwann to Timothy Alan Mitcham. Joelle Dimech, (1996-). Jean Carl Dimech, (1996-), married 2022 Marsa to Beverly Abela. Maria Dimech, (1932-), married to Joseph Camilleri., with issue. Tommy Dimech, (1933-), married to Mary Sammut., with issue. Doreen Dimech. Cettina Dimech, (1934-2023), dunm. Maria Dolores sives Doris Dimech, (1938-), married to John Balzan., with issue. Emmanuel Dimech, (1944-2020), married to Edwige Galea., with issue. Maria Dimech, (1975-), married to Sinclaire Cassar, with issue. Celine Cassar, (1998-). Adam Cassar, (2009-). Rebecca Dimech, (1984-). (Not known Father) Jade Dimech, (2003-). Olga Dimech, (1902-1935)., dunm. Roberto Dimech, (1901-), married to Giovanna sives Josephine Saliba, with issue. Maria Dimech, (1928-1996). Dolores Dimech, (1930-2020). Carmelina Dimech., (1906-), married to John Mifsud., with issue. Roberto Mifsud, (1932-). Spiridione Mifsud, (1933-). Giovanni Mifsud, (1938-). Alfred Mifsud, (1937-), married to Maria Fenech. Antonio Mifsud, (1938-). Paul Mifsud, (1941-). Philip Mary Mifsud, (1943-). Carmel sives Charles Mifsud, (1945-). Ermelinda Dimech, (1907-1993), dunm. Giuseppa Dimech, (1914-1994), dunm. Salvatore Dimech, married 1888 Floriana to Giovanna Tabone, with issue. Maria Assunata Dimech, (1889-1947), married to Publio Calleja., with issue. Salvatore Dimech, (1892-1963), married to Maria Anna Coreschi, with issue. Guido Dimech, (1924-1993), married to Mary N. Carmelo Dimech, (1925-). Lewis Dimech, (1927-., married to Carmela Bartolo. with issue. Vincent Dimech, (1955-), married to Kathy N. Raymond Dimech, (1957-), married 1977 Lija to Rita Pirotta. Joseph Dimech, (1960-). Saviour Dimech. Carmelo sives Charles Dimech, (1936-2016)., married to Louise Buttigieg, with issue. Anna Marie Dimech. Giuseppa Dimech, (1903-1932). Giovanni Dimech, (1890- 1957). Maria Carmela Dimech., (1898-1977). Helen Dimech, (1900-1966). Alfredo Dimech, (1904-1968). Agnes Dimech, (1907-1971). Maria Ester Dimech, (1864-). Damaso Amabile Dimech, (1865-1943 England), married to Mary Anne Wallace, with issue. Samuel G Dimech, (1891-1957), married to Alice Martin, with issue. George Dimech, (1923-., married to Terry Flynn, with issue. Jennifer Dimech, (1950-., married (1) Phil Leahy, married (2) to Harvey McFadden, with issue. Paula Dimech, (1951-., married to Bill Lee., with issue. Patricia Dimech, (1953-., married to John Chantry, with issue. Christine Dimech, (1958-75), dunm. Philip Dimech, (1960-, married to Kim Kool, with issue. Danielle Therese Dimech. Andrew Philip George Dimech. John Dimech, (1963-., married to Annette Boettcher. Helene Dimech, (1965-., married to Peter Webb., with issue. Stephen Dimech, (1970-. Carmen Maria Dimech, (1929-. Patricia Dimech, (1929-, married (1) to Richard Youngs, married (2) to Joe Brady., with issue. Sam Dimech, (1933-., married to Barbara Fox, with issue. Gerard Dimech, (1957-, married to Brenda N, with issue. Michaela Dimech. Garry Dimech, (1960-, married to Rachel.., with issue. Georgina Dimech. Olivia Dimech. Julie Dimech, (1962-, married to Alec Farqharson., with issue. Gregory Dimech, (1966-., married to Yvonne N. Tony Dimech, (1936-., married to Brenda Carr, with issue. Jacqueline Dimech. Christopher Dimech. Maria Dimech. Karen Dimech. Philip William Dimech, (1893-. Angela Marie Dimech, (1896-97), d.inf. Damaso Amabile Dimech. Maria Carmelia Dimech, (1901-., married to John McGregor., with issue. Angelica Maria Dimech, (1904-, married to Bernard Higgins., [1], with issue. Francis Higgins, married to Dorothy N, with issue. Mark Higgins, maried to Julie N, with issue. Matthew Higgins. Joseph Higgins. Alex Higgins. Neil Higgins. Clare Higgins, married to Gerard Mulligan, with issue. Robert Mulligan. Helen Mulligan. Kathleen Higgins, married to Sylvester Vic Duncliffe, with issue. Joan Duncliffe, married to Gordan N. Anna Duncliffe, married to Paul Gwinnett. Paul Duncliffe, married to N, with issue. Alex Duncliffe-Vines. Josephine Higgins, married to Robert Rule, with issue. Philip Stephen Rule, married to Pauline Riley. Anne Marie Rule, married to Len Wilcox, with issue. Peter Wilcox, married to Linda Major, with issue. Sophia Wilcox. Jennifer Wilcox, married to Russell Hall, with issue. Magda Hall. Anna Hall. Emma Wilcox, married to Robert Ellis, with issue. Lucille Ellis. Janet Christine Rule, married to Christopher Mark Fennell, with issue. Rachel Fennell. Rebecca Fennell. (issue from Mark Bodle) Samuel Bodle-Fennell. Marie Collette Rule, married to John Hampson, with issue. Matthew Hampson. James Hampson. Robert Joseph Rule, married to Susan Clare Bull, with issue. George Robert William Rule. Ella Sarah Melita Rule. Bernard Higgins, married to Florence Patricia Boyce, (1936-2020), with issue. Stephen Higgins, (1959-2020), married to Yvonne Treanor, with issue. Neil Higgins. Michael Higgins. Bernard Higgins, married to Donna N, with issue. Stacey Higgins. Thomas Higgins. Conor Higgins. Patricia Higgins, married to Mark Whitmore, with issue. Jess Whitmore. Gemma Whitmore. James Higgins, married to Joan Shanley, with issue. Jo Higgins. James Higgins, married to Viktoria Levay. Kevin Higgins. Patrick Higgins, married (1) 1960 to Elizabeth Betty Johnson, married (2) 1968 to Maureen Hankinson, with issue. (First marriage) David Higgins, (1965-. John Higgins, (1967-. (Second marriage) Patrick Higgins, married to Maureen N. Marie Higgins, married to Douglas Smith, with issue. Michael Smith, married to Anne N, with issue. Ellie Smith. Helen Smith, married to Carl Brown, with issue. Myles Brown. Robert Brown. Filippo Maria Dimech, (1906-87), married to Gladys Dillon, with issue. Frances Dimech, married to John Hannifa., with issue. Gerard Dimech, (1937-, married to Bernadette.., with issue. Stephen Dimech, (1970-. Philip Dimech, married to Kathleen N, with issue. Sharon Dimech, (1971-, married to Shaun Maddocks. Maria Dimech, (1975-. Clare Dimech, (1979-. Vincent Dimech, married to Maureen Keegan, with issue. Mark Dimech. Nicola Dimech, (1971-. Paul Dimech, married to Pauline.., with issue. Paula Dimech, (1966-, married to Gerry Ashworth., with issue. Stephen Dimech, (1968-. Tony Dimech, (1969-. Bernard Dimech, married to Anne N, with issue. Kate Dimech, (1975-. Helen Dimech, (1978-. Elizabeth Rachel Dimech, (1988-. Tony Dimech, married (1) (div) to Joan N, married (2) to Marie N., with issue. Tony Dimech, (1971-. Lisa Dimech, (1975-. Josephine Maria Dimech, (1908-, married (1) to William Mahoney, married (2) to Les Calvit., with issue. Anita Maria Dimech, (1909-. Gerard Dimech, (1911-. Giorgio Amabile Dimech, (1912-, married to Cissie Weatherall, with issue. George Dimech, (1935-., married (1) to Joan Nan Stuart, married (2) to Stella Wright, with issue. Paul Dimech, (1968-. Bernard Dimech, (1940-., married to Paula…, with issue. Mark Dimech, (1963-. Nicholas Dimech, (1968-. Carol Dimech, (1947-., married to Bernard Jones., with issue. Giovanni Dimech, married to Maria Camilleri Fenech, with issue. Salvatore Dimech. Emmanuela Dimech. Carmela Dimech. Giusa Dimech. Franz Dimech. Giuseppe Dimech, (1869-). Maria Dolores Dimech, (1871-). William George Dimech, (1872-), married to Evelyn Muscat, with issue. Josephine Dimech, (1907-76), married to Josie Manduca dei Conti di Montalto, with issue. Mary Dimech, (1908-91), married to Marchese Anthony Barbaro Sant di San Giorgio. Carmelina Dimech, (1909-11). John Dimech, (1911-88), married to Geraldine Briffa, with issue. Victoria Dimech, (1942-, married to Tony Busuttil, with issue. William Dimech, (1944-, married to Marika Cushieri, with issue. Julian Dimech, (1971-. Nikola Dimech, (1973-., married (1) (div) to Christopher Buck., married (2) to David Guthrie., with issue. Philip Dimech, (1979-., married to Maria Day. Peter Dimech, (1952-., married to Simone Debono, with issue. Simon Dimech, (1982-, married to Louisa Anastasi, with issue. Ella Louise Dimech, (2016-). Mia Dimech, (2018-). Carla Dimech, (1983-. Christine Dimech, (1956-., married to Noel Debono., with issue. Tess Dimech, (1913-81), married to Ron Newcombe., with issue. Albert Dimech, (1916-77), married to Helen Xuereb, dsp. Winnie Dimech, (1921-., married to Gavin Ralston., with issue. Annemarie Dimech., with issue. Luigi Dimech, (1874-). Francesco Saverio Dimech, (1881-), married to Carmelina Vella, with issue. Salvu Dimech, married to Adelina Grech., with issue. Edwin Dimech, (1924-2024), married to Rose Borg, with issue. Joseph Dimech, married to Maria.. Anthony Dimech, married to Sandra… Josephine Dimech, married to Albert Riggs., with issue. Victor Dimech, (1918-87), married to Jane.., with issue. Doreen Dimech, (1942-., married (div) to Philip Norman., with issue. Hector Dimech, (1943-, married to Rina Vella, with issue. James Dimech. David Dimech. Carmen Dimech, married (div) to Eddie Schembri., with issue. Maria Dimech, (1945-, married to Kenneth George Logan, with issue. Josephine Dimech, (1948-, married to John Vella., with issue. Irene Dimech, (1951-, married to Manfred Licht., with issue. Francis William Dimech, married to Jennifer Panetta, with issue. Jacob Francis Dimech, (1975-). Fiona Dimech. Angela Dimech. John Dimech. Josephine Dimech. Connie Dimech. Giovanni Dimech, married 1813 Cospicua to Flaminea Flavia Diacono, with issue. Antonio Dimech, married 1845 Valletta to Concetta Calamatta. Pietro Paolo Dimech, married 1826 Valletta to Anna Grech. Vincenzo Dimech, married 1826 Cospicua to Maria Zammit, with issue. Adelaide Dimech, married 1851 Cospicua to Angelo Zammit. Caterina Dimech, married 1815 Valletta to Giovanni Pullicino. Maria Dimech, married 1840 Valletta to Lorenzo Rocco. Benedetto Dimech., married 1792 at Valletta to Eufemia Mifsud., with issue. Don. Giovanni Dimech., dunm. Don. Pietro Paolo Dimech., dunm. Fr. Giuseppe Dimech., dunm. Antonio Dimech., married 1831 at Valletta to Angelica Grech. Marianna Dimech. Saverio Dimech. Vincenzo Dimech., married Teresa Mifsud. Francesco Dimech, married 1792 Attard to Maria Debono. Giuseppe Dimech., married 1691 at Valletta to Domenica Ciantar., with issue. Maria Dimech., married 1724 to Vittorio Azzopardi. Paolina Dimech., married 1636 to Matteo Attard. Pasquale Dimech,. Married 1629 to Giovanna Calleja., with issue Caterina Dimech., married 1653 to Flamineo Bonello. Maria Dimech., married 1659 to Gio Paolo Aquilina.  Francesco Dimech., married to Grazia de Licata., with issue Gio Paolo Dimech., married 1657 to Marguerite Dimech., with issue. Pasquale Dimech., married 1697 to Maria Muscat., with issue.  Paolo Dimech., married 1728 to Teresa Camilleri., with issue. Angelo Dimech., married 1766 Mosta to Maria Debono., with issue. Paulo Dimech., married 1787 to Anna Casha-Testaferrata., with issue. Maria Dimech., married 1815 to Principe Salvatore Said.  Elena Dimech, married 1818 Mosta to Michele Azzopardi. Angelo Dimech, married 1814 Mdina to Angela Formosa. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1826 Naxxar to Vincenza Fenech, with issue. Teresa Dimech, married 1877 Naxxar to Antonio Zammit Caravale. Anna Dimech., married 1801 to Grazio Camilleri. Philippo Dimech., (Executed by the French in 1799)., married 1793 to Maria Sammut., with issue. Theresia Dimech., married 1816 to Giuseppe dei Baroni Abela-Testaferrata. Giovanni Dimech, married 1828 Mosta to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Francesco Dimech, married (1) 1854 Naxxar to Giuseppa Mamo, married (2) 1861 Naxxar to Giuseppa Ellul, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Carmela Dimech, married 1881 Naxxar to Giovanni Fenech. (Second marriage) Maria Annunziata Dimech, married 1897 Naxxar to Carmelo Gauci. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1884 Naxxar to Maria Vittoria Fenech, with issue. Vittoria Dimech, married 1919 Naxxar to Angelo Zammit. Filippo Dimech, married 1862 Naxxar to Paola Deguara, with issue. Maria Giuseppa Dimech, married 1895 mdina to Carlo Grech. Giuseppa Dimech, married 1897 Mdina to Carmelo Formosa. Paolo Dimech, married 1876 Mdina to Anna Galea. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1837 Mosta to Rosa Bezzina. Margherita Dimech, married 1824 Mosta to Giuseppe Bartolo. Francesco Dimech, married 1793 Mosta to Maria Sammut. Tomaso Dimech, married 1764 Mosta to Teresa Frendo, with issue. Orazio Dimech, married 1764 Mosta to Maria Sant, with issue. Giovanni Dimech, married 1819 Mosta to Alessandra Vella, with issue. Angelo Dimech, married 1865 Mosta to Vincenza Xiriha, with issue. Alessandra Dimech, married 1885 Mosta to Nicola Caruana Desain Testaferrata. Teresa Dimech, married 1814 Mosta to Bonaventura Grima. Paolo Dimech, married 1796 Mosta to Maria Bartolo. Salvatore Dimech, married 1799 Mosta to Maria Grima. Giuseppe Dimech, married (1) 1800 Mosta to Maria Grech, married (2) 1803 Mosta to Paola Grima. Giovanni Dimech, married 1805 Mosta to Margherita Chetcuti. Maria Dimech, married 1791 Mosta to Vittorio Chetcuti. Pasquale Dimech, married 1768 Mosta to Paola Fenech. Salvatore Dimech, married (1) 1768 Mosta to Maria Chetcuti, married (2) 1812 Mosta to Evangelista Vella. Francesco Dimech, married 1771 Mosta to Giovannella Frendo, with issue. Anna Dimech, married 1812 Mosta to Paolo Mifsud. Margherita Dimech, married 1719 Mosta to Gio Maria Chetcuti. Domenica Dimech, married 1711 Birkirkara to Geronimo Xuereb. Lucrezia Dimech, married 1702 Birkirkara to Mario Mallia. Maria Dimech, married 1663 Birkirkara to Simone N. Giovanni Dimech, married 1753 Mosta to Teresa Borg. Rafaele Dimech, married 1701 Zejtun to Sapienza Vella. Francesco Dimech, married 1718 Valletta to Anna Muscat. Grazia Dimech, married 1692 Zebbug to Giuseppe Grech. Rosa Dimech, married 1709 Zebbug to Gio Maria Bonanno. Filippo Dimech., married 1660 Zebbug to Grazia Mifsud., with issue. Domenico Dimech., married 1682 Zebbug to Domenica Zammit., with issue. Rosa Dimech., married 1706 Zebbug to Giuseppe Farrugia. Salvatore Dimech, married 1713 Mdina to Anna Gilestri, with issue. Ignazio Dimech, married 1749 Mdina to Maria Xerri, with issue. Paolo Dimech, married 1780 Mdina to Vincenza Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1827 Mdina to Annunziata Bianco, with issue. Paolo Dimech, married 1841 Mdina to Angelica Vella, with issue. Pietro Dimech, married 1871 Mdina to Giuseppa Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1910 Paola to Lorenza Cilia la Corte, with issue. Carmelo Domenico Gaetano Dimech, (1915-, married to Giorgia Mizzi, with issue. Antonio Dimech, migrated to Victoria, Australia, married 1958 Coburg, Victoria, Australia to Nellie Agnes Taggart. Grace Dimech. Richard Dimech, (1924-2003), married to Margaret Azzilla. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1866 Valletta to Carmela Zarb. Vincenzo Dimech, married 1877 Mdina to Caterina Vella. Paolo Dimech, married 1844 Mdina to Maria Carmela Mangani, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Gio Battista Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1880 Mdina to Maria Carmela Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, (1895-1948), married to Marianna Tabone, with issue. Carmela Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1940 Valletta to Carmelo Attard. Paul Anthony Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, (1928-1993). Giuseppe Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1887 Mdina to Francesca Saverio Grech. Marianna Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1867 Mdina to Giuseppe Agius. Felicita Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1871 Mdina to Angelo Schembri. Angela Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1873 Mdina to Michele Mifsud. Vincenza Dimech, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1884 Mdina to Giuseppe Brincat. Pietro Dimech, married 1805 Mdina to Margarita Vella, with issue. Paolo Dimech. Modesta Dimech. Annunziato Dimech. Maria Anna Dimech. Maria Orsola Dimech, married 1840 Mdina to Mro Giuseppe Xuereb. Virginia Dimech, married 1628 Zebbug to Francesco di Mattiolo. Maruzza Dimech, married 1634 Zebbug to Filippo Vella. Domenica Dimech, married 1640 Zebbug to Salvo Formosa. Agata Dimech, married 1647 Zebbug to Mro Domenico Azzopardi.  Gio Pietro Dimech., married 1639 to Grazia Attard., with issue. Dimech., married 1693 to Caterina Camilleri., with issue. Sigismondo Dimech., married 1729 to Emilea Bartolomea de Lorenzo., with issue. Caterina Dimech., married 1763 to Melchiore Pace. Francesco Dimech., married 1765 Valletta to Sinforosa Pace., with issue. Gio Batta Dimech., married (1) 1808 Vittoriosa to Rosa Mallia, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Saveria Borg. Vincenzo Dimech, 1768-1831), married 1802 Vittoriosa to Marguerita Mallia, with issue. Professor Sigismondo Dimech LLD., (1803-1880), married 1827 Valletta to Giovanna Grech., with issue. Professor Gaetano Dimech LLD, (1828- married 1851 Valletta  to Ermilia Vella., with issue. Elvira Dimech., (1854-), married 1897 Valletta to Raphael Azzopardi. Virginia Dimech., (1855-), married 1893 Sliema to Giuseppe Agius. Ethelburga Dimech., (1857-), married 1888 Valletta to Pietro Paolo Ellul. Gaetano Dimech., (1860-), married 1887 to Ariadine Agius., with issue. Armando Dimech., married 1910 to Giuseppina Adalgisa Ellul., with issue. Mary Dimech., married George Zarb, with issue. (Zarb Dimech family). Anna Guzi Dimech, married George Zammit, with issue. (Zammit Dimech family). Ramiro Dimech. Longino Dimech. Stella Dimech. Bice Dimech., Nun. Gogi Dimech. Concetta Dimech., married Guzi Delicata. Vincenzo Dimech., married 1776 Valletta to Rosa Psaila, formerly widowed to Angelo Spagnol., with issue Sigismondo Raimondo Dimech., married (1) 1790 Vittoriosa to Antonia Savona., married (2) 1807 Valletta to Barbara dei Baroni Guelfi of Sicily, with issue. (First marriage) Ferdinando Dimech., married 1818 Valletta to Paola Portelli., with issue. Carmelo Dimech., (1836-1874), married 1855 Valletta to Vangiela Evangelista Zammit., with issue. Manwel Dimech, (1860-1921 Egypt),  Socialist, Philisopher, Journalist, writer and poet, married 1872 Sliema to Virginia Agius, with issue. Manuel Dimech, (1902-), d.inf. Attilio Dimech, (1903-1918), dunm. Ulissis Dimech, (1904-1906), d.inf. Sylvia Dimech, (1906-1993), married 1931 St Julians to Joseph Dimech, with issue. Anthony Dimech, married to Emmanuela Pandolfino, with issue. Tania May Dimech, married to Dean Steer, with issue. Leighta Steer, (2001-. Kieana Steer, (2004-. Nathalie Louise Dimech, (1961-, married to Samuel Beckett, with issue. Courtlen Dimech Beckett, (1988 Canada -. Samantha Beckett, (1989 Canada -. Evelyn Dimech, (1908-1996), married 1935 St Julians to Robert Magri Grech. Ulissis Dimech, (1912-1913), d.inf. Antonia Dimech, (1857-1921), married 1877 Birkirkara to Spiridione de Bonell, de Parents inconnus, Alunno di Philippe de Rohan Chabot, Comte de Jarnac, (1815-1875), eduque par Pasquale Bonello e Evangelista, with issue. Carmelo Bonello, (1876-. Maria Concetta Bonello, (1878-1879), d.inf., Maria Concetta Bonello, (1879-1881), d.inf. Rosa Dimech, (1858-), married 1878 Birkirkara to Vincenzo Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Borg, (1879-. Concetta Borg, (1886-. Spiridione Dimech, (1863-), dunm. Enrico Dimech, (1865-1909), married 1884 Qormi to Maria Vincenza Debono, with issue. Carmelo Dimech, (1885-), married 1904 Qormi to Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Manwel Dimech, (1905-1960), married 1938 Gzira to Maria Stella Formosa. Maria Dolores Dimech, (1906-1907), d.inf. Giorgia Dimech, (1908-), married 1930 Qormi to Carmelo Formosa. Maria Carmela Dimech, (1906-1907), d.inf. Filomena Dimech, (1910-1980), dunm. Annunziata Dimech, (1911-). Nerike Dimech, (1912-1971), married 1952 Luqa to Rita Mangion, with issue. Charles Dimech, (1953-, married 1982 London, UK to Pauline Tabone, with issue. Marco Dimech, (1984-. Luke Dimech, (1987-. Martha Maria Dimech, (1992-. Sara Dimech, (1997-. Rosa Dimech, (1955-, married at Marsa to Francesco Nicosia, with issue. Enrico Nicosia, (1981-. Guisy Nicosia. Alex Nicosia. Anthony Dimech, (1956-, married to Marica Abela, with issue. Shaun Dimech, (1982-. Kylie Dimech, (1985-. Cameron Dwayne Dimech, (1990-. Maria Assunata Dimech, (1957-, married to Pawlu Camilleri, with issue. Frank Camilleri, (1990-. Christine Camilleri, (1984-. Josephine Dimech, (1960-, (born out of wedlock, unknown father) Henry Dimech, (1981-. Annetto Dimech, (1914-1956), dunm. Anthony Dimech. Giovanni Dimech. Emanuela Dimech, married to Nazareno Seisun, with issue. Dr Saviour Seisun. Annunzuata Dimech, (1886-), d.inf. Evangelista Dimech, (1887-1943), married 1916 Qormi to Gioacchino Mallia, with issue. Giorgio Mallia, (1919-1974), married 1951 Msida to Emmanuela Pace. Giorgio Dimech, (1889-), married 1917 Valletta to Rosaria Bondin. Giuseppa Dimech, (1891-1893), d.inf. Salvatore Dimech, (1896-1897), d.inf. Giovanni Dimech, (1898-1955), dunm. Ettore Dimech, (1870-1936), married 1895 Floriana to Viriginia Qyattromani, with issue. Carmela Dimech, (1896-1975), married to Tonio Scicluna, with issue. Giuseppe Scicluna. Maria Scicluna. Francesco Scicluna. Giovanna Scicluna. Antonio Scicluna. Arturo Scicluna. Virginia Scicluna. Emanuele Scicluna. Maria Anna Dimech, (1900-1947), married 1920 St Vennera to Gusto Debono, with issue. Mary Debono. Carmelina Debono., (d. 1969). Guza Debono. Antonio Debono. Teresa Debono. Giuseppe Dimech, (1899-1903), d.inf. Giuseppe Dimech, (1902-), d.inf. Antonia Dimech, (1904-1905), d.inf. Manwel Dimech, (1905-1906), d.inf. Giuseppe Dimech, (1907-1983), married 1927 Msida to Stella Cordina, with issue. Mary Dimech, (1927-1969), m,arried to N. Buhagiar. Arthur Dimech, (1929-1991), married to Mary Scerri, with issue. Catherine Dimech. Stephen Dimech. Joseph Dimech, (d. 2007). Charles Dimech, (1932-1990). Tonino Dimech, (1911-1983), married to Matilda Sapiano, with issue. Antonio Dimech, d.inf. Marthese Dimech, (d. 1995). Violet Dimech. Manwel Dimech, (1912-1928), dunm. Concetta Maria Dimech, (1917-), married 1937 Msida to Joseph Azzopardi, with issue. Maria Carmela Azzopardi, (1938-), married 1960 to Austin Pughlisevich, with issue. Rosanne Puglisevich, (1961-. Sharon Puglisevich, (1972-. Iris Azzopardi, (1940-), married 1962 to Anthony Parnis, with issue. Paul Parnis, (1963-. Tania Parnis, (1964-. Shirley Parnis, (1970-. Patrick Parnis, (1971-. Dorothy Azzopardi, (1942-2010), married 1967 to Anthony Zammit, with issue. Paul Zammit, (1969-. Silvana Zammit, (1977-. Joseph Azzopardi, (1947-, married 1974 to Mary Rosa  Lucy Nuner, with issue. Claire Azzopardi, (1973-. Ruth Azzopardi, (1980-. Joseph Azzopardi, (1988-. Marcelle Azzopardi, (1950-, married 1974 to Henry Mifsud, with issue. Reuben Mifsud, (1975-. Aaron Mifsud, (1978-. Rebecca Mifsud, (1984-. Helen Azzopardi, (1956-, married 1977 to Joseph Fenech Laudi, with issue. Daniela Fenech Laudi, (1981-. Rachel Fenech Laudi, (1983-. Silvana Azzopardi, (1960-, married 1990 to Joseph James Mahri, with issue. Julian Magri, (1992-. Judy Magri, (1997-. Vincenza Dimech, married 1845 Valletta to Giuseppe Wolgenchaffen Malfiggiani, Composer, (born 1828 Valletta – 1893 Gzira, Malta), with issue. Amilcaro Malfiggiani, (1855 Valletta – 1928 India), married to Lucy Mary Morris. Eduardo Malfiggiani, married to Katerina N, with issue. William Malfiggiani. Elvira Malfiggiani. Ginevra Malfiggiani, married to Antonio Portanier. Achilles Malfiggiani, Mastro di Cappella, married to Emilea N. Giulia Malfiggiani, married to Rafaele Gasan. Amelia Malfiggiani. Clela Malfiggiani, married to Salvatore Frendo de Mannarino. Enrichetta Malfiggiani, married to Gustavo Sciortino. Federico Dimech, married 1845 Cospicua to Beatrice Farrugia, with issue. Antonia Dimech, married 1865 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Montibello. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Dimech, married 1818 Valletta to Caterina Messina, with issue. Pietro Dimech, (Migrated to Constantinople, Ottoman Empire), married 1842 Constantinople, Ottoman Empire to Concetta Attard, with issue. Angelo Joseph Dimek, (1845 Constantinople -1896), married to Teresa Ricci, with issue. Joseph Nicola Rosario Dimek, (1869-1897), married 1896 Constantinople to Carolina Ghisi. Romolo Pietro Dimek, (1871-1932), married 1904 Constantinople to Maria Giovanna Maina. Antonio Giovanni Dimek, (1877-1878), d.inf. Angelo Nicola Antonio Dimek, (1878-1880), d.inf. Rosa Theresa Mathilda Dimek, (1874 -1918), married to Andrea Moravia, with issue. Isabella Elisabeth Moravia, (1907-), d.inf. Maria Soravia, (1911-1912), d.inf. Concetta Dimek, (1893 Constantinople – 1963 Istanbul, Turkey), married 1911 Constantinople to Rodolfo Tancredo Baldi. Maria Anna Dimech, mmarried 1810 Valletta to Giuseppe Fabri. Aurelia Dimech, married 1752 Valletta to Clemenzo Imbroll. Giuseppe Dimech, married 1763 Vittoriosa to Filippa Mugliett. Florenza Dimech, married 1716 Vittoriosa to Augustino Orlando of Genea, Italy. Anna Maria Dimech, married 1717 Vittoriosa to Bartolomeo Ciano of Lurba, Genea, Italy. Raffaele Dimech, married 1627 Zebbug to Antonia Mangion, with issue. 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[1]: – Obit in Daily Telegraph 23 Dec 2023 –  Francis Dymoke, King’s Champion who carried the Royal Standard at the Coronation in May – obituary (


Francis Dymoke, King’s Champion who carried the Royal Standard at the Coronation in May – obituary

He described the coronation as ‘the most meaningful day’ of his life, but noted that his wife ‘might disagree’

Francis Dymoke, who has died aged 68, was a former accountant and Lincolnshire farmer who, at the Coronation of King Charles III on May 6 this year, was seen by millions of television viewers around the world leading the royal couple into Westminster Abbey carrying the Royal Standard as the King’s Champion – a ceremonial role that had been performed by members of his family since the reign of William the Conqueror.

Francis Dymoke’s 34th great-grandfather, Robert de Marmion, had been William of Normandy’s right-hand man in France. William was famously crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1066, but it was only at the state banquet after the coronation of his wife Matilda, on May 11 1068, that the first King’s Champion donned his armour, rode into the banquet on his charger, threw down his gauntlet and challenged anyone who denied that William and Matilda were the rightful king and queen to trial by combat.

The family was given an estate in Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire, and in 1350 a granddaughter of Robert de Marmion married Sir John Dymoke, bringing the Scrivelsby estate with her. For many centuries, the Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby was called upon to don the family armour and take up the role of champion at coronation banquets.

The role continued into the 19th century. At the coronation of George III in 1761, John Dymoke rode the horse ridden by George II at the Battle of Dettingen. But at the coronation of George IV in 1821, the then champion, 20-year-old Henry Dymoke, did not own a suitable horse, so one had to be hired from Astley’s Circus.

Thereafter, perhaps understandably, the business of having a Dymoke ride in on a charger was abandoned. It was only in 1902, at the coronation of Edward VII, that the King’s Champion was again given an active role – though now as a standard bearer. In 1953 Francis Dymoke’s father, Lt-Col John Dymoke, acted as Standard-Bearer of the Union Flag at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

But an invitation to perform the role of Champion is no longer guaranteed; as Francis Dymoke acknowledged, he and his wife Gail did not “move in smart circles” and he had only met the new king, briefly, on two occasions. So while the first champion earned his role through long service to the king, Francis Dymoke, 34th Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby, had to apply online to the Coronation Claims Office.

“I wrote along the lines that my family has done it since William the Conqueror,” he told the Telegraph in January, “and though I appreciate it’s not a right any more, it would be a good thing to be involved.”

There followed a nervous wait before his application was formally accepted in late April. But he was immensely proud when his invitation arrived, and conscious of the weight of history and family tradition: “When my father marched into [Queen Elizabeth’s] coronation carrying the Union Standard, Richard Dimbleby said: ‘This is Captain John Dymoke, whose family have been doing this nigh on 1,000 years’.”

After the ceremony he told The Daily Telegraph: “I was disappointed my part was over and done with so quickly, while also relieved I had managed it without tripping up. Relieved and immensely proud.”

The Coronation, he said,  had been “the most meaningful day of my life, although my wife might disagree”.

Francis John Fane Marmion Dymoke was born on January 19 1955, the eldest of three sons of then Captain (later Lt-Col) John Dymoke, and Susan, née Fane. John Dymoke served with the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment in Sumatra during the Indonesian nationalist uprising, in Malaya during the “Emergency” and as commander of 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment in Aden during the final stages of the British administration.

Most family possessions had been sold off after the family almost went bust in the 1870s, and by the time John Dymoke inherited Scrivelsby Court after the Second World War, most of the estate was tenanted, and the main building, which dated from the 16th century and was rebuilt in 1805, had deteriorated badly. It was demolished in 1956…..

Francis Dymoke was a popular member of the rural Lincolnshire community and supported many local good causes. He served as chairman of the Lincolnshire branch of the Prince’s Trust, for which he had volunteered for many years. He served on the board of  the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire and as chairman of the Lincolnshire branch of the Country Landowners’ Association. An honorary Colonel of the county Cadet Force, he served as High Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1999  and was a Deputy Lieutenant of the county.

He is survived by his wife Gail and by two sons and a daughter from a previous marriage, to Rosie. In an interview after the Coronation he expressed the hope that his eldest son, Henry would be invited to perform the honours as King’s Champion at Prince William’s coronation, “so our family can proudly say we’ve stood as the King’s Champion for 1,000 years”.

Francis Dymoke, born January 19 1955, died December 18 2023.

[2]: – Champion of England origin.

Roger de Marmion of Fontenary le Marmion, Normany, came with William the Conqueror in 1066, married with issue.

1.Robert Marmion, cr 1110 in England, Baron Marmion of Tamworth, (d. 1144), married to Contessa Elizabeth de Rethel, with issue.

1.1. Robert Marmion, (d. 1181), 2nd Baron Marmion of Tamworth, married with issue.

1.1.1. Robert Marmion, (d.1218), 3rd Baron Marmion of Tamworth, Chief Judiciary of England, Sheriff of Worcestershire, Rebel in the First Barons’ war, married (1) to Matilda de Beauchamp of Elmley, married (2) to Philippa N, with issue. (First marriage) Robert Marmion, (d. 1248), 4th Baron Marmion of Tamworth, married to Juliana de Vassy, with issue. Philip Marmion, (d.1291), 5th Baron Marmion of Tamworth, Royalist in the Second Baron’s war), King’s Champion 1241-1291, married (1) to Joan de Kilpec, married (2) to Mary Cantilupe, with issue. (First marriage) Hon Mazera Marmion, married to Ralph de Cromwell, with issue. Joan de Cromwell, married to Alexander de Freville, with issue. Sir Baldwin de Freville, Lord of the Manor of Tamworth, claimed the title of Kings Champion but was rejected. Hon Joan Marmion, married to William de Morteyn, dsp. Hon Maud Marmion, married to Ralph le Botiller of Wemme. (Second marriage) Hon Joan Marmion, married (1) to Thomas de Ludlow, married (2) to Henry Hilary, with issue. (First marriage) Margaret Ludlow, Lady of the Manor of Scrivelsby, married to Sir John Dymoke, (See above). (illegitimate) Robert de Marmion, married to Isabela FitzRalph. with issue. Alice Marmion, married (1) to Eustace de Hardreshull, married (2) to John de Whitacre. Hon Mabel Marmion, married to Hugh de Say of Richards Castle. Hon. N. Marmion, married to William de Lizures. (Second marriage) Hon Robert the Younger Marmion, Lord of the Manor of Winteringham, Coningsby and Tanfield, (1200-1241). married to Alicia FitzHugh, with issue. William Marmion, (d. 1276), married to Lorette FitzRoy, with issue. Hon William Marmion, Lord of the Manor of Torrington and Normandy, (1200-1265). Hon Geoffrey Marmion. Hon Philip Marmion, (d. 1276). Hon Manasser Marmion.