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1. Conte Alfredo Chapelle Paleologo, (1877-1937) and his descendants.

2. Conte Alexander Chapelle Paleologo, and his descendants.

3. Contessa Carmela Chapelle Paleologo and her husband, N. Heraghty and descendants.

4. Nobile Edward Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni (d. 1957) and his descendants.

5. Gollcher descendants of Malta, other then what is published.

6. Nobile Giulio Attard, de Jure Barone di Ginelfar and Migulup who married 1845 to Carmela Attard. Looking for descendants, if any.

7. Dr Aloisio Luigi Agius MD, married 1781 to Nobile Caterina Azopardi, (list online of some descendants), looking for more details (Spiteri-Agius, amongst others).

8. Dr Francesco Buhagiar, (1876-1934), Prime Minister of Malta 1923-1924) and his wife, Enrichetta Said, (their descendants).

9. (Found !).

10. Dr Guido (Guy) Mario de Vella Clary LLD, Conte Vella Clary, 1919, (his descendants).

11. Borg Olivier descendants, which isn’t already online.

12. Ellul Bonici descendants, which isn’t already online.

13. Rev Henry George Bonavia Hunt, (1847-1917), (his descendants and his siblings).

15. Tagliaferro descendants.

16. Baron Carl Enrico Maempel of Sax Gotha, German Consul in Malta, married 1839 to Jane Calleja, (their descendants).

18. Teodoro Attard de Boullion, married to Marchesa Laura Testaferrata de Noto (descendants).

19. Preca descendants.

20. Sir Giuseppe Calcedonio Debono GCMG, (1756-1837), his descendants.

21. Andrea Debono, Explorer of the Nile, (1821-1871), his descendants.

22. Paolo de Ciantar Paleologo, married 1815 Valletta to Carolina Teresa They, (descendants).

23. Franco Pulis, married to Maria Ciantar Preziosi, had a son called Ugolino Pulis, (looking for any marriages and descendants).



1. Giuseppe Manduca dei Conti di Mont’Alto married 1877 to Anna Gauci-Bonici, (had female descendants ?).

2. Conte Gerolamo Dingli, married 1872 to Maria Dolores Attard, with issue. (other descendants).

3. Nobile Giusto Barbaro, married 1919 Zejtun to Angela Mifsud, (looking for descendants and relatives).

4. Marchesa Eugenia Azzopardi Alessi, married 1835 Cospicua to Francesco Sultana, (descendants ?).

5. Marchese Paolo Alessi, married 1838 Valletta to Anna Saveria Fenech, (descendants ? potential and rightful heirs to the Marquisate of Taflia).

6. Marchesa Brigitte Alessi, married 1858 Birkirkara to Amabile Nuzzo,  (descendants).

7. Marchesa Marianna Alessi, married 1812 Valletta to Freiherr Benedict Muller de Friedburg, (had a daughter, unsure if daughter married and had descendants and if other children existed).

8. Frendo Azzopardi descendants.

9. Gauci Azopardi descendants.

10. Gauci Forno descendants.

11. Marchesa Georgina Crispo Barbaro, (1902-1971), married to N. Schembri, (details and descendants).

12. Marchesa Mary Georgina Crispo Barbaro, (1881-), married 1914 to Richard Vassallo la Rosa, (descendants).

13. Michele Azzopardi, married 1884 Qrendi to Angela Cassar, (descendants).

14. Marchesa Aloisea Barbaro Sant, (1866-), married 1889 to E. Laferla, with issue, (descendants).

15. Marchese Ramiro Barbaro Sant, (1861-), married to Louisa Rossi, (descendants).

16. Marchesa Maria Oliva Barbaro, (died 1867), married to Cavalier L. Apicella, (descendants).

17. Marchesa Maria Eleanora Barbaro, married to Cavalier Ferdinando Rosso dei Conti di San Secondo, (descendants).

18. Feiherr Giorgio von Leo, married 1716 Valletta to Speranza Oliva, (descendants).

19. Natalizia Barbara, married 1674 Cospicua to Giovanni Gucciardi, (descendants).

20. Giuseppe dArmenia, married 1785 Zurrieq to Caterina Zammit, (descendants).

21. Contessa Mary Sant Fournier, married to Capt Francis Lawson, (descendants).

22. Conte Dr Giorgio Sant Fournier LLD, (1817-), married to Marchesa Paolina Apap dei Marchesi di Gnien is-Sultan, (descendants).

23. Contessa Gwendoleon Sant Fournier, (1863-), married to Edward Farcononth, (descendants).

24. Contessa Mary Sant Fournier, (1874-), married to William England, (descendants).

25. Contessa Maria Sant Manduca, (1870-1956), married to Giovanni Bugeja Caruana, (descendants).

26. Don Francesco Paolo Palermo Navarra, (1895-1962), 7th Conte di Bahria, 9th Conte di Casandola, married to Jeanette Scicluna, (had four daughters, all married, looking for their descendants).

27. Don Salvatore Consoli, (1962-), 8th Conte di Bahria, (looking for any marriages and descendants and same for his sister, Gabriella).

28. Donna Carlotta Palermo, (1902-), married to Umberto Ferrera, (had two sons, looking for descendants).

29. Donna Elisa Palermo, (1904-), married to Anthony Aquilina, (had a son and daughter, looking for descendants).

30. Don Antonio Palermo, (1859-), married 1885 Messina to Donna Maria Giovanna Palermo, (descendants, if any).

31. Donna Gerolama Stagno Navarra, (1840-1882), married to Dott Carmelo de Gregorio, (had a son, any descendants).

32. Donna Concetta Stagno Navarra, (1846-1909), married to Gio Battistina Biasini, (any descendants)..

33. Marchesa Elena Crinquant Fontani, (1869-1946), married 1898 to George J. Turnbull, (listed children, but looking for all descendants).

34. Nobile Elvira Testaferrata Moroni Viani, married to Meme Scicluna, (looking for all descendants and Ancestor of Meme Scicluna).

35. Nobile Laura Testaferrata Moroni Viani, married to George Bryon, (looking for all descendants).

36. Nobile Maria Testaferrata Abela Viani, married 1816 to Aloisio Lazzarini, (looking for all descendants).

37. Nobile Beatrice Testaferrata Abela, (d. 1891), married 1878 to Colonel R.C. Goff, (looking for all descendants).

38. Nobile Hector Testaferrata Abela, (d. 1904), married to Joan Sammut, (looking for all descendants).

39. Marchese Publio Testaferrata, (1821-), married to Regina Galizia, (looking for all descendants – Note: heir to the Marquisates di San Vincenzo Ferreri and Testaferrata).

40. Marchese Raffaele Testaferrata, married to Maria Spiteri, (looking for all descendants).

41. Mikiel Anton Vassalli, the Father of the Maltese language, (1764-1829), (looking for his descendants).

42. Conte Roberto Teuma Castelletti, (1915-1969), married to Frances Higgins, (looking for his descendants).

43. Contessa Carmela Teuma Castelletti, married to Capt Paolo Azzopardi, (descendants).

44. Conte Giuseppe Teuma Castelletti, married 1806 Mdina to Elisabetta Casha, (descendants).

45. Rosa Teuma Castelletti, married 1714 Birkirkara to Conte Stefano Raccomichio, (descendants).

46. Sceberras of Piazza Armerina, Sicily, (all descendants – potential heir to several Sicilian Baronies).

47. Alfredo Schembri Bugeja, married 1886 Vittoriosa to Carmela Galea, (descendants).

48. Nobile Federico Sceberras, (d. 1877), married 1860 to Giorgiana Caruana, (descendants).

49. Nobile Virginia Sceberras, (1823-), married 1856 to Henry Carol Harvey, (descendants).

50. Saverio Scicluna, married 1829 Valletta to Paola Galea, (descendants).

51. Lorenzo Scicluna, married 1798 Valletta to Concetta Imbroll, (descendants).

52. Dr Francis Alexander Zamit LLD, Deputy Lieutenant of Crendi, (1815-1839), (marriage and any descendants).

53. Rosaria Mifsud, married 1830 Valletta to Michele Angelo Buhagiar, (descendant).



1.  Frank Borg, married to Marie Theresa Micallef, (1949-2019), (looking for ancestry for both to add to website).



1. Darrin Camilleri, (Maltese lineage).

2. Jason Bateman, (Maltese lineage).



1. Warrington of Malta (Maltese lineage).

2. Colombo of Malta (Maltese lineage).



1. Nicholas (Niccolo) de Ataliottis, Merchant and Agent for the Anglo Grecian Insurance, married to Lucie N, with issue.

1.1. Maria de Ataliottis, married 1836 Valletta to Conte Rosario Messina.

Looking for Niccolo de Ataliottis wife name.



1. Alessandro Styles, married to Marianna N, (Looking for more information).

1.1. Alessandro Styles, married 1863 Cospicua to Concetta Curmi, with issue.



Giorgio du Puis, married 1891 Zabbar to Maria Carmela Licari. Looking for his parents and their descendants, including below.

George Bonello du Puis MP, KOM, Malta High Commissioner to the UK 1999-2004, married to Iris Gauci Maistre, with issue.

  1. Etienne Bonello du Puis.
  2. Georges Bonello du Puis.
  3. Solange Bonello du Puis.


* Vittorio Camilletti, married to Elvira Camilleri, with issue. (Looking for ancestry).
 1. Alfred Camilletti, (1899 Milan – 1990 Rome), married to Nobile Anna Maria Bernardini, with issue.
1.1. Donatella Camilletti, (1935 Rome-2019 Rome), married 1963 Rome to Don Stefanello Cenci-Bolognetti, 11th Principe di Vicovaro, with issue.
1.1.1. Don Mario Valerio Cenci-Bolognetti, (1963 Rome -, married to Paola Casagrande, with issue. Don Tommaso Cenci-Bolognetti. Don Anna Cenci-Bolognetti.
* Emmanuele Scerri/Xerri, married to Maria Mamo, with issue.
1. Henrietta Scerri, BEM, (1901-1973), Played a crucial role in Rome, helping 4000 persons avoiding capture by the Nazi Gestapo., married to Thomas Chevalier, with issue.
1.1. Paul Chevalier, (1925-2014).
2. Antoinette Scerri, married to George Montalto.
3. Arturo Scerri, (1889-1961), Genealogist in Malta.
4. Carmela Scerri, (1875-1959), married to Louis Tabone.
5. Doris Scerri, (1921-2017), Genealogist.