The Friggeri family.
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Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Giovanni Frigeri of Tuscany, married to Geronima N, with issue.
1. Bartolomeo Friggeri, (migrated to Malta) married (1) 1664 Vittoriosa to Caterina Azzopardi, married (2) 1679 Zabbar to Angelica Fiteni, with issue.
1.1. Francesco Friggeri, married 1701 Zabbar to Caterina Vella, with issue.
1.1.1. Lorenzo Friggeri, married 1727 Vittoriosa to Nobile Domenica Testa d’Arcuri, Patrizia Messina, with issue. Francesca Friggeri, married 1747 Vittoriosa to Andrea Dimech. Publio Friggeri, married 1771 Valletta to Maddalena Fenech Bonici, with issue. Concepta Friggeri, married 1801 Vittoriosa to Nicola Grima. Lorenza Friggeri, married 1792 Vittoriosa to Nicola Farrugia. Salvatore Friggeri, married 1809 Valletta to Maria Borg, with issue. Lorenzo Friggieri, married 1836 Valletta to Margherita Brincat, with issue. Vincenzo Friggieri, married 1872 Floriana to Rosina Tonna, with issue. Alfredo Friggieri, married 1904 Floriana to Carmela Bianco. Raffaele Friggieri, married 1904 Floriana to Carmela Zammit. Maria Anna Friggieri, married 1902 Floriana to Carmelo Xicluna. Filomena Friggieri, married 1911 Floriana to Antonio Muscat. Dolores Friggieri, married 1916 Floriana to Alfonso Darmanin. Filippo Friggieri, married 1838 Valletta to Paola Manzoni, with issue. Maria Friggieri, married 1882 Cospicua to Tomaso Burke, with issue. Bernardina Burke, (1893-1962), married 1915 Floriana to Salvatore Sultana, with issue. Emanuele Edgar Sultana, (1922-, married 1943 to Maria Valentina Ciancio, with issue Carmela Sultana, (1916-. Salvina Sultana, (1920-1947). Jessie Sultana, (1921-1972). Alfred Sultana, (1925-. Violet Sultana, (1928-. Mary Sultana. Paola Burke, married 1919 Floriana to Tomaso Xuereb. Karmenu Burke. Emmanuel Burke, married 1916 Floriana to Nicolina Belizzi. Antonia Burke, married 1905 Floriana to Willie Sydney. Giovanna Burke, married 1903 Floriana to Alfonso de Leone Giuseppe Burke, married 1906 Floriana to Vincenza de Farrugia Vincenzo Friggieri, married 1873 Floriana to Anna Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Friggieri, married 1897 Floriana to Maria Spiteri. Publio Friggieri, married 1902 Floriana to Lorenza Spiteri. Antonio Friggieri, married 1916 Floriana to Maria Lazana Carlo Friggeri, married 1816 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Chetcuti, with issue. Antonio Friggeri, married 1856 Attard to Francesca Calleja. Graziulla Friggeri, married 1846 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Callus. Margarita Friggeri, married 1855 Vittoriosa to John Overend of England, with issue. Rachelle Overend, (1860 Vittoriosa -), married 1883 Valletta to Giovanni Magri, with issue. Carmela Magri Overend, married to Oreste Diacono, with issue. Eveline Diacono, (1918-1986), married to Victor Miller. Ermina Magri Overend, married to Emanuele Portainier. Marietta Magri Overend, (d. 1964), married to Arthur Bonello, with issue. Edwin Bonello, (1921-, married 1949 to Mary Margaret Mamo. Rosy Bonello, (1923-, married 1948 to Carmelo Zammit La Rosa. Margot Bonello, (1925-. Durante Magri Overend, (1890 Valletta – 1951 Cairo, Egypt), married 1915 to to Nobile Melita Evelina Frendo Mannarino dei Conti di San Paolino d’Aquilejo, (see on this page), with issue. Ivan Magri Overend, (1916 Cairo, Egypt – , President of the Assocation of the Maltese communities of Egypt, married (1) 1938 Cairo, Egypt to Ermina Bonello, married (2) 1945 Port Said, Egypt to Maria Cuccovillo. Harold Magri Overend, (1917 Cairo, Egypt – 1975 Tooting, England). Nelly Clelia Rachelle Magri Overend, (1927 Cairo, Egypt – , married 1954 Cairo, Egypt to Victor Ragi. Joseph Magri Overend, (1892 -1981), married to Amelia Bartolo, with issue. Reginald Magri Overend, (1938-1976), married 1960 to Lilian Vella. Maria Overend, married 1884 Valletta to Alfredo Magri, with issue. John Magri Overend, married to Melita Gatt, with issue. Wilfred Magri Overend, married to Valerie Bonello. Edwin Magri Overend, married to Yvonne Bonello. Gustav Magri Overend, (1883 -1971 Salisbury, Rhodesia), married 1913 Sliema to Stella Ripard, with issue. Violet Magri Overend, (1914 Cairo, Egypt), married to Joseph Seisun. Ethel Magri Overend, (d in Johnannesburg, South Africa), married to Albert Debono. Mabel Magri Overend, married to Harry Miller. Edith Magri Overend, (d. in Durban, South Africa), married to Wallace Murray. Lily Magri Overend, (1926 Cairo, Egypt – 1986 Durban, South Africa), married 1956 to John South Addison. Edmea Magri Overend, married 1920 to William Galea. Elizabeth Overend, (1866-1932), married 1932 Gzira to Nobile Giuseppe Abela. Carlo Overend, married to Giuseppa d’Armenia, with issue. Salvino Overend, married to Marietta Zammit Marmara, with issue. John John Overend. Edwin Overend, (d. 1974), married to Vincenza Rigillo. Yvonne Overend, married to Joseph Muscat. Charles Overend, married to Agnese N, with issue. Charles Vincent Overend, (d. 1973), married to Adele N. Agnes Overend, married 1972 to Oscar Ladner. Oreste Overened, (1900-1973), maried to Edna N, with issue. Jun Overend, married to Benjamin Peters. Edward Overend, married to Carmen Cachia, with issue. Walter Overend, married to Lily Gusman. Iris Overend, married to Edwin Gatt. Violet Overend, married to Henry Piccinino. Arthur Overend, married to Stella Vella. Maurice Overend, (1938-2024), married to Vivian Mallia, with issue. Fiona Overend, married to Aldo Cassar. Ivan Overend, married to Michelle N. Joyce Overend, married to Gaetano Piccinino. Charles Overend, married to Carmen Spiteri. Francesco Friggeri, married (1) 1824 Valletta to Francesca Camenzuli, married (2) 1836 Vittoriosa to Lorenza Calleja. Teresa Friggeri, married 1767 Vittoriosa to Michele Gatt. Paola Friggeri, married 1755 Vittoriosa to Gaetano Costa. Maria Friggeri, married (1) 1758 Vittoriosa to Gio Antonio Bonnici, married (2) 1765 Vittoriosa to Davide Mughales. Saverio Friggeri sives Frigeri, married 1766 Zabbar to Margarita Federini, with issue. Maria Frigeri, married 1795 Zabbar to Antonio Agius.
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