Siculo Arabic family of Hellul.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed. Nobile Helluc bin Hasan Samsam, (1260-), married with issue. Nobile Luca Helluc, (1300-), married with issue. Nobile Perri Hellul, (1330-), married with issue. Nobile Luca Hellul, (1370-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420., married with issue. Nobile Perri Hellul, (1400-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Luca Hellul, (1430-), married with issue. Nobile Manfredo Hellul, (1450-), married with issue. Nobile Nicola Hellul, (1475-), married (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Nobile Maddalena Cafor, with issue. Mro. Mario Hellul, married to Caterina Cutajar., with issue. Vincenzo Hellul, ‘Muratore of Balzan‘, married 1585 Birkirkara to Grazia Debono, with issue. Don Gio Maria Hellul, ‘Priest, dunm. Dr. Marco Antonio Hellul JUD, married (1) 1621 Valletta to Lorenza Tolopenti, married (2) 1627 Vittoriosa to Elena Ghimez, married (3) 1640 Valletta to Antonia Cardona dei Signori dila Guardia,. with issue. (Second Marriage) Dr. Pietro Paolo Hellul Cardona JUD, married 1660 to Maddalena d’Amico Castelletti, with issue Don Saverio Hellul Cardona. Don Francesco Hellul Cardona. Giuseppina Anna Hellul Cardona. , married 1716 to Dr Fabrizio Grech JUD. Navazza Hellul Cardona., married 1711 to Filippo Giacomo Gauci-Vassallo. Rafaele Hellul Cardona, ‘died in Corfu’. Marcello Hellul Cardona, married 1716 to Anna Bonafue, with issue. Giuseppina Hellul Cardona. Maria Hellul Cardona. Salvatore Hellul Cardona. Paola Hellul Cardona. Lorenzo Hellul Cardona, married 1770 Valletta to Anna Mallia Lo Duca, with issue. Marcello Ellul Cardona, married 1805 Valletta to Marchesa Rosa Chicaci. Aloisia Ellul Cardona, married 1814 Valletta to Dr Albino Borg JUD. Notary. Gio Paolo Hellul, married 1638 Birkirkara to Caterina Grech, with issue. Notary. Vincenzo Hellul, married 1663 Qormi to Maruzza Farrugia, with issue. Chco. Gio Carlo Hellul, married 1699 Qrendi to Imperia Barbara., with issue. Pietro Ellul., married 1738 Zurrieq to Catherine Sammut., with issue. Michael Angelo Ellul.,  (Division 1802 by Notary Cristoforo Frendo), married 1785 to Contessa Maria Teresa Preziosi., with issue. Elena Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1801 to Don Vincenzo Marchesi dei Conti di Meimun. Caterina Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (died 1862), married 1805 Valletta/Atatrd to Chco Felice Gauci. Marianna Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married Guglielmo Franz, with issue. Teresa Maria Franz dei Conti Preziosi., married with issue. Pietro Paolo Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1802 Qrendi to Caterina Cachia, with issue. Raimondo Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (1803-1846), married to Maria Zammit, with issue. Angelo Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Rosa Bonello, with issue. Antonia Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (d. 1970), married to Carmelo Ellul, (see below). Concetta Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Giuseppe Camilleri. Giovanna Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Michele Spiteri. Carmela Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Giuseppe Cassar. Maria Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Pietro Cassar. Giuseppa Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Luigi Falzon. Michelina Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1891 Qrendi to Filippo Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppe Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Francesco Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Michele Angelo Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi, (1893 Qrendi – 1964 Aliena), married 1924 Detroit, MI, USA to Florence Evelyn Johnson, with issue. Philip Aloysius Buhagiar Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (died 2016 USA), Sentence to Death for the Murder of Scarface in the UK, served 11 years then left for the USA, unm. Raymond Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Mary Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi, d.inf 1925. Maria Rosa Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Concetta Lunza Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Golla Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Raymond Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi. Maria Lourdes Buhagiar dei Conti Preziosi, married to Giuseppe Ellul. Raimondo Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Modesta N. Pietro Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1882 Qrendi to Rosa Vassallo. Rosa Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1883 Qrendi to Pietro Spiteri. Giuseppa Nozzi Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1879 Qrendi to Matteo Vassallo. Salvatore Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Antonia Zammit, with issue. Carmelo Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Antonia Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (See above), with issue. Giuseppe Saverio Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married to Caterina Cachia. Saviour Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (1929-1976). Giuseppa Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (1916-2000), married to Carmelo Magri. Maria Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (1916-1983), married to Giuseppe Cachia. Mary Rosa Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, (1914-), (Immigrated to USA), married 1933 Qrendi to Nicolas Aquilina. Giuseppe Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, Monk, dunm. Anna Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1865 Qrendi to Agostino Magro. Maria Teresa Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1833 Qrendi to Nicola Caruana, with issue. Pietro Caruana dei Conti Preziosi, married 1866 Qrendi to Grazia Spiteri. Taumaturga Ellul dei Conti Preziosi,  married 1834 Qrendi to Vincenzo Xiberras, with issue. Concetta Xiberras, married 1874 Qrendi to Michele Angelo Camilleri. Silvestro Xiberras, married 1878 Qrendi to Rosa Azzopardi. Pietro Xiberras, married 1878 Qrendi to Maria Anna Tabone. Chco Michele Angelo Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1845 Zurrieq to Rosa Abdilla, with issue. Salvatore Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1876 Qrendi to Michelina Fenech, with issue. Philip Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1905 Luqa to Maria Anna Cassar, with issue. Maria Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1931 Luqa to Carmelo Brincat, with issue. John Saviour Michael Brincat dei Conti Preziosi, married 1960 Luqa to Helen Maria Saliba. Salvatore Brincat dei Conti Preziosi. Maria Lourdes Brincat dei Conti Preziosi. Michele Brincat dei Conti Preziosi. Maria Dolores Felicia Andrea Brincat dei Conti Preziosi. Lawrence Brincat dei Conti Preziosi. Josephine Jessie Brincat dei Conti Preziosi. Caterina Ellul dei Conti Preziosi, married 1870 Qrendi to Michele Angelo Cassar. Rosa Ellul married 1748 Crendi to Domenico Bonanno (s/o Gio Batta and Lorenza of Valletta) Don Salvatore Ellul. Don Bernardo Ellul. Don Marco Hellul. Matteo Hellul, married 1609 (Notary Ambrosio Xiberras) to Orsola Risto. Margherita Hellul, married 1568 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) to Tommaso Inguanez, Signor di Mugiarro. Giovanni Hellul., married 1561 Gudja to Giovanna Bonnici, with issue. Salvatore Hellul, sives Ellul., married 1612 to Paolina Micallef., with issue. Valerio Ellul., married 1645 to Laura Busuttil., with issue. Gio Domenico Ellul., married 1672 to Francesca Pace., with issue. Grazia Ellul., married 1709 to Salvatore Gauci. Catarina Ellul married 2/11/1713 Tarxien Giuseppe Bugeja (s/o Domenico and Maria) Antonio Ellul married 10/8/1706 Tarxien Anna Bonnici (d/o Gio Batta and Domenica) Flaminia sive Eufemia Ellul married (1) to 30/8/1705 Tarxien Angelo Gerada (s/o Antonio and Maria) married (2) 3/2/1711 Tarxien Pasquale Veneziano. Giovanni Giuseppe Ellul, married 1701 Valletta to Eufemia Fenech, with issue. Teresa Ellul, married 1730 Valletta to Francesco Agius. Giovanni Ellul married 22/11/1643 Tarxien Agata Lombardo (d/o Luca and Catarinella) Gio Domenico Hellul, married 1616 Valletta to Geronima d’Armenia, with issue. Valenza Hellul, sives Ellul, married 1649 Qormi to Vittorio Rubino, with issue. Domenica Rubino, married 1671 Qormi to Agostino Barbara. Agata Hellul, married 1593 Kirkop to Arrigo Busuttil. Speranza Hellul sives Ellul, married 1620 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Farrugia, with issue. Elena Farrugia, married 1656 Vittoriosa to Pietro Clemeo sives Calalejo of France. Angeluzza Farrugia, married 1644 Vittoriosa to Carlo Bregien of Holland. Lazzaro Hellul, married 1608 Mqabba to Imperia Zammit, with issue. Matteolo Hellul, married 1642 Luca to Domitella Caruana, of Vittoriosa, widow of Andrea,  with issue. Stefano Hellul, married 1672 Luca to Paolica Farrugia, with issue. Gio Domenico Hellul, married 1698 to Teodora Farrugia, with issue. M’Angelo Hellul, married to Angelica N, with issue. Gio Domenico Hellul, married to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Clemenzia Hellul, married 1776 Cospicua to Giuseppe Desira. Caterina Hellul, married 1773 Luca to Francesco N. Maria Hellul. Maria Hellul, married 1727 Chercop to N. Caruana, with issue. Rosa Caruana, married 1748 Chercop to Giovanni Magro. Rosa Hellul, married to Salvatore Bonnici. Caterina Hellul. Lucrezia Hellul. Margherita Hellul. Anna Evangelista Hellul, married to Arcangelo Brincat. Paolica Hellul, married 1735 Chercop to Mario Vella, with issue. Caterina Vella, married to Giuseppe Balzan. Maria Vella, married 1755 Chercop to Chco. Giuseppe Pace, with issue. Teresa Pace. Anna Pace, married 1789 Chercop to Giuseppe di Giovanni. Francesco Pace, married 1782 Chercop to Maria Psaila, with issue. Paolo Pace, married 1820 Safi to Anna Zammit, with issue. Giuseppa Pace. Caterina Pace, married 1792 Chercop to Salvatore Fortini, with issue. Vincenza Fortini. Leonardo Pace, married to Angela N, with issue. Giuseppa Pace. Giovanni Hellul, married 1745 Gudia to Maria Bonnici. Rosa Hellul, married 1724 Chercop to Salvatore Zammit, with issue. Don M’Angelo Zammit, dunm. Caterina Zammit, married 1765 Chercop to Giuseppe Xerri. Paolica Zammit, married to Celestrino Mallia, with issue. Gaetano Mallia. Crufissa Mallia, married to Dr Pietro Pietro Vitale. Maddalena Mallia, married to Dr N. Falzon JUD. Luca Leonardo Hellul, married (1) 1707 Zurrico to Nobile Polixemia Vassallo, married (2) 1716 Zabbar to Speranza Canzuh, with issue. (First marriage) Grazia Hellul, married 1748 Kirkop to Andrea Mallia. Angelo Hellul, married 1752 Zebbug to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Tomaso Hellul sives Ellul, married 1781 Qormi to Anna Bugeja, with issue. Angelo Ellul, married 1808 Valletta to Vittoria Borg, with issue. Michelina Ellul, married 1830 Valletta to Judge Mro Giuseppe Imbroll. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1785 Qormi to Diana, Orpheline di Lorenzo Moscati. Francesco Ellul, married 1789 Luqa to Maria Farrugia. Giuseppe Hellul, married 1730 Kirkop to Maria Ellul, (d/o Giuseppe andCaterina), with issue. Giovanni Ellul, married 1757 Kirkop to Rosa Saliba, with issue. Francesco Ellul, married 1785 Luqa to Maria Baldacchino, with issue. Antonio Ellul, married 1812 Valletta to Concetta Ellul, (Cousin), with issue. Rosa Maria Ellul, married 1838 Valletta to Giuseppe Dimech. Andrea Ellul, married 1828 Kirkop to Grazia Cutajar. Gio Battista Ellul, married 1790 Cospicua to Maria Borg, with issue. Gaetano Ellul, married 1824 Valletta to Carmela Pace Balzan, with issue. Gio Battista Ellul, married 1867 Valletta to Elisa Fabri, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1904 Vittoriosa to Giuseppa Borg. Elisabetta Ellul, married 1856 Valletta to Paolo Mifsud. Concetta Ellul, married 1812 Valletta to Antonio Ellul, (Cousin). Giovanna Ellul, married 1819 Valletta to Vincenzo Muscat. Sapienza Ellul, married 1832 Valletta to Natale Bugeja. Caterina Ellul, married 1824 Kirkop to Francesco Xicluna. Margherita Ellul, married 1769 Senglea to Salvatore Busuttil. Gio Batta Hellul, married (1) 1733 Senglea to Barbara Vella, married (2) 1755 Cospicua to Teresa Dingli, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo Ellul, married 1753 Cospicua to Marianna Veneziano, with issue. Michele Ellul, married 1801 Cospicua to Gaetana Cassar, with issue. Paolo Ellul, married 1822 Cospicua to Maddalena Micallef, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1859 Cospicua to Antonio Degiorgio. Gaetana Ellul, married 1851 Cospicua to Giuseppe Xerri. Antonia Ellul, married 1828 Cospicua to Francesco Galea. Giovanna Rosa Ellul, married 1791 Cospicua to Antonio Mizzi. Marco Antonio Ellul, married 1744 Zebbug to Geronima Vella, with issue. Paolo Ellul, married 1775 Valletta to Vittoria Elizabetta Vella, with issue. Maria Ellul, married 1797 Senglea to Giuseppe Salvatore Pietro Felice Camilleri Michele Natale Giacomo Vincenzo Antonio Ellul, (1778 Valletta -). Giovanna Geronima Orsola Ellul, (1779 Valletta -). Agostino Fabrizio Ellul, (1782 Senglea -). Benvenuta Caterina Petronilla Ellul, (1783 Senglea -). Maddalena Grazia Carmela Ellul, (1784 Senglea -). Caterina Maria Rosa Ellul, (1786 Senglea -). Stefano Giuseppe Ellul, (1786 Senglea -). Agostino Carmelo Salvatore Giuseppe Ellul, (1787 Senglea -). Gaetana Paola Geronima Ellul, (1788 Senglea -). Antonia Giuseppa Gaetana Elisabetta Maria Teresa Ellul, (1790 Senglea -), married 1810 Senglea to Domenico Zecchini. Domenica Giovanna Giulia Saveria Ellul, (1751 Valletta -). Niccolo Ellul, (1752 Valletta -). Ignazio Ellul, married 1774 Vittoriosa to Maria Gotfridt, with issue. Giovanni Ellul, married 1802 Cospicua to Rosaria Fenech, with issue. Francesco Saverio Ellul, married 1830 Cospicua to Margherita Mizzi, with issue. Rosario Ellul, married 1865 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Xerri. Carmelo Ellul, married 1866 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Xicluna, with issue. Margherita Ellul, married 1895 Cospicua to Giovanni Degiorgio. Salvatore Ellul, founder of Sullivan Shipping 1888 (lived at Gibrator for a time), married 1867 Cospicua to Vincenza Borda, with issue. Joseph Ellul, (1868 Gibraltar -), married (1) to Giovanna Axiak, married (2) Nobile Ludgarda Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien. Francis Ellul Sullivan, (1875 Gibrator -)., married 1905 Mary Grixti. John Ellul Sullivan, (1877 Gibrator – 1945 Malta), married 1908 to Virigina Cassar, with issue. Salvino John Ellul Sullivan, (1(1909-2014), married 1945 to Maria Attilio, with issue. David Ellul Sullivan, (1949-), married to Christine Naudi, with issue. Nicola Sullivan, (1975-, married to Martin Webster, with issue. Timothy Webster, (2003-. Max Webster, (2012-. Stephanie Sullivan, (1977-, married 2002 (Sep) to Vincente Rizzo, with issue. Daniel Rizzo, (2004-. Nick Rizzo, (2008-. Rebecca Sullivan, (1982-, married to Jonathan Borg, with issue. Michelle Borg Sullivan, (2002-. Sophie Borg Sullivan, (2012-. Stanley Ellul Sullivan, (1952-, married 1976 to Margaret Formosa, with issue. Malcolm Sullivan, (1977-, married 2010 to Moufrida Rezgul, with issue. Christian Sullivan, (2014-. George Sullivan, (2016-. Ian Sullivan, (1979-, married 2016 to Philippa Farrugia Randon, with issue. Luke Sullivan, (2017-. Benjamin Sullivan, (2019-. Lara Sullivan, (1983-, married 2014 to Darin Pace, with issue. Thomas Pace, (2015-. Oliver Pace, (2017-. Robert Ellul Sullivan, (1957-, married to Christian Borg Cardona, with issue. Kira Sullivan, (1993-. Craig Sullivan, (1998-. Peter Ellul Sullivan, (1960-, married 1983 to Brigitte Bugeja, with issue. Timothy Sullivan, (1984-, married 2014 to Michela Degaetano, with issue. Harry Sullivan, (2015-. Matthew Sullivan, (2018-. Samantha Sullivan, (1988-. Mark Ellul Sullivan, (1960-, married 1984 to Phyllis Ripard, with issue. Mark Sullivan, (1986-. Stephanie Sullivan, (1989-. Michael Sullivan, (1991-. Lydia Ellul Sullivan, (1946-, married 1971 to Simon Bonello, with issue. Amanda Bonello, (1972-, married 1999 to Steve Agius, with issue. Sebastian Agius, (2003-. Sophie Agius, (2005-. David Bonello, (1975-. Gloria Ellul Sullivan, (1954-, married 1979 to Mario Psaila Savona, with issue. Nicholas Psaila Savona, (1984-. Francesca Psaila Savona, (1987-, married 2015 to David Paul Judd, with issue. Mila Judd, (2017-. Fr George Ellul Sullivan. Carmelo Ellul Sullivan, (1911-2004), married 1940 to Franca Debono, with issue. Marie Rose Ellul Sullivan, (1941-, married 1965 to Franco Grima, with issue. Adele Grima, (1966-, married 1993 to Andrew Cook, with issue. Francesca Cook, (1995-. George Cook, (1997-. Mark Grima, (1968-. Alexis Grima, (1973-, married 2005 to Peter Swallow, with issue. Ella Marie Swallow, (2006-. Adam Xavier Swallow, (2009-. John Ellul Sullivan, (1943-, married to Edith Mangion, with issue. Vanessa Ellul Sullivan, (1970-, married 2000 to Simon Portelli, with issue. Andrea Portelli, (2002-. Timothy Portelli, (2005-. Amanda Ellul Sullivan, (1971-, married 1997 to Francesco Depasquale, with issue. Julia Depasquale, (1999-. Luke Despasquale, (2002-. Matthew Ellul Sullivan, (1974-, married 2005 to Elena Colombo, with issue. Léa Ellul Sullivan, (2006-. Bianca Ellul Sullivan, (2009-. Camilla Ellul Sullivan, (2014-. Stephen Ellul Sullivan, (1946-, married 1975 to Marisa Farrugia Randon, with issue. Michael Ellul Sullivan, (1976-, married 2015 to Izabela Kawalska, with issue. Thomas Ellul Sullivan, (2018-. Francesca Ellul Sullivan, (1978-, married 2004 to Thomas Sciortino, with issue. Luca Sciortino, (2007-. Beppe Sciortino, (2010-. John Ellul Sullivan, (1983-, married to Stephanie Zammit, with issue. Jeremy Ellul Sullivan, (2016-. Jenny Ellul Sullivan, (2017-. Rita Ellul Sullivan, (1913-., married 1941 to Joseph Toledo. George Ellul Sullivan, (1915-1939), dunm. Henry Ellul Sullivan, (1917-2015), married to 1947 to Lina Azzopardi, with issue. Johanna Ellul Sullivan, (1947-, married 1973 to John Fiorini Lowell. Angela Ellul Sullivan, (1951-, married 1979 to Joseph Satariano, with issue. Patrick Satariano, (1983-, married 2012 to Angele Zarb. Rebekah Satariano, (1985-. Peter Sullivan, (1954-, married 1981 to Berta Bonello Ghio, with issue. Rachel Sullivan, (1982-, married 2011 to Dennis Plummer, with issue. Charlie Plummer, (2012-. Jamie Plummer, (2014-. Jessica Sullivan, (1985-, married 2019 to James Portelli. Philippa Sullivan, (1990-, married 2017 to Nobile Luke Attard Montalto dei Baroni di Benwarrad. Paul Sullivan, (2001- Andrew Sullivan, (1956-, married 1992 to Theresa Mangion, with issue. Luisa Sullivan, (1994-, married 2019 to Malcolm Alden. Roberta Sullivan, (1962-, married 1983 to Denis Zammit Cutajar, with issue. Francesca Zammit Cutajar, (1990-. Mark Zammit Cutajar, (1991-. Kate Zammit Cutajar, (1994-. Maria Ellul Sullivan, (1918-, married to Walter Attard. Joseph Ellul Sullivan, (1919-2015), married to Edwidge Carbonaro, with issue. Christine Ellul Sullivan, (1947-, married 1970 to Joe Zammit, with issue. Nicholas Zammit, (1971-, married 2011 to Charlotte Vella, with issue. Simon Zammit, (2006-. Timothy Zammit, (2006-. Andrew Zammit, (1975-, married 2006 to Natacha Peyre, with issue. Adam Zammit, (2009-. Emile Mini Zammit, (2013-. Anna Zammit, (2016-. Sarah Zammit, (1978-, married 2009 to Michael Bianchi. Bernard Ellul Sullivan, (1954-2002), married 1971 to Pat Montanaro, with issue. Christian Ellul Sullivan, (1978-, married 2012 to Emma Miller, with issue. Sebastian Ellul Sullivan, (2014-. Jack Ellul Sullivan, (2016-. Alexandra Ellul Sullivan, (1985-, married 2015 to Robert Farrugia, with issue. Sam Farrugia, (2017-. Benjamin Farrugia, (2019-. Keith Ellul Sullivan, (1989-. Claire Ellul Sullivan, (1957-, married 1985 to John Cuschieri. Lawrence Ellul Sullivan, (1921-1990), married 1945 to Yvonne Grima, with issue. John Ellul Sullivan, (1946-, married 1970 to Rosemarie Ellul, with issue. Sean Ellul Sullivan, (1971-, married 1997 to Karen Galea, with issue. Jeremy Ellul Sullivan, (2001-. Nicholas Ellul Sullivan, (2004-. Romina Ellul Sullivan, (1973-, married 2003 to George Lewis, with issue. Țară Lewis, (2004-. Benji Lewis, (2010-. Anna Ellul Sullivan, (1948-, married 1970 to Austin Psaila, with issue. Mark Psaila, married 1971-, married 1996 to Contessa Sarah Sant Fournier, with issue. Michaela Psaila, (1998-. Sasha Psaila, (2004-. Benjamin Psaila, (1980-, married 2005 to Camilla Formosa, with issue. Alec Psaila, (2007-. Harry Psaila, (2009-. Matthew Psaila, (1980-, married 2006 to Sabrina Gatt, with issue. Eve Psaila, (2007-. Ella Psaila. Emma Psaila, (2014-. Marvie Ellul Sullivan, (1951-2003), married 1977 to Paul Abela, with issue. Kristina Abela, (1979-, married 2011 to Ludwig Farrugia, with issue. Seb Farrugia, (2012-. Beppe Farrugia, (2016-. Louisa Abela, (1983-. Patricia Ellul Sullivan, (1954-, married 1976 (Sep 1994) to Robert Pullicino. Louise Ellul Sullivan, (1955-, married 1978 to Cedric Mamo, with issue. Steve Mamo, (1984-, married 2013 to Sarah Camilleri, with issue. George Mamo, (2014-. Joanna Mamo, (1985-, married 2013 to Andrew Coleiro, with issue. Alex Coleiro, (2014-. Kim Coleiro, (2016-. Ernest Ellul Sullivan, (1962-, married (1) 1988 (Div) to Karen Azzopardi, married (2) 2017 to Odelle Turner, with issue. (First marriage) Nigel Ellul Sullivan, (1990-. Karl Ellul Sullivan, (1992-. Joseph Ellul Sullivan, (1966-, married (1) (Div) to Simona Marchetti, married (2) 2012 to Lisa Faure, with issue. (First marriage) Kim Ellul Sullivan, (1998-. (Second marriage) Alyssa Ellul Sullivan, (2004-. Matt Ellul Sullivan, (2010-. Edward Ellul Sullivan, (1922-2019), married 1947 to Adelina Attard Bondi, with issue. Bryan Ellul Sullivan, (1948-, married 1974 to Berta Ganado, with issue. Simon Ellul Sullivan, (1997-, married 2011 to Annabelle Preca, with issue. Sebastian Ellul Sullivan, (2012-. Martina Ellul Sullivan,  (2013-. Anna Ellul Sullivan, (1980-. (issue from Andrew Naudi) Alfie Naudi, (2011-. (issue from Andrew Naudi) Jeremy Naudi, (2013-. Nadine Ellul Sullivan, (1950-, married 1977 (Sep) to Martin Urpani, with issue. Lisa Urpani, (1978-. (issue from Edward FrendoJones) Kay Frendo Jones, (2016-. Marc Urpani, (1980-, married 2016 to Sandy Bonnici, with issue. Olivia Urpani, (2020-. Edward Ellul Sullivan, (1954-, married t0 Stephanie Calleja, with issue. Nicholas Ellul Sullivan, (1980-, married 2014 to Olga Peshkova, with issue. Ekaterina Ellul Sullivan, (2016-. Felicity Ellul Sullivan, (1982-. (issue from Damien Fishley) Rihanna Ellul Sullivan, (2007-. Capt Louis Ellul Sullivan, RMA, (1923-1992), married 1949 to Rose Borda, with issue. Joseph Ellul Sullivan (1950 -2019), married Denise Fava Boffa. Paul Ellul Sullivan (1952 – married Anouk Camilleri with issue. Vibeke Ellul Sullivan (1983 – married 2008 to David Pace with issue. Ella Pace (2010-. Ida Pace, (2013-. Greta Ellul Sullivan (1987 -, married 2015 to Daniel Tabone. George Ellul Sullivan (1954 -), married 2003 to Sangeeta Dua, (d. 2014), dsp. Marie Ellul Sullivan (1959 – married 1981 to Michael Micallef Trigona. Lillian Ellul Sullivan, (1925-, married 1946 to Frank Camilleri. Godfrey Ellul Sullivan, (1927-2003), married 1955 to Therese Wirth, with issue. Bernadette Ellul Sullivan, (1956-, married 1979 to George Cachia, with issue. Lisa Cachia, (1980-, married 2005 to Michael Parlato Trigona. Lucia Cachia, (1983-, married 2011 to Darren Balzan., with issue. Timothy Balzan, (2003-. Andrew Cachia, (1993-, married 2020 to Philippa Paris. Pippa Ellul Sullivan, (1958-, married 1982 to Raphael Toledo, with issue. Philip Toledo, (1984-. (issue from Valeria Piaggio) Mila Toledo, (2017-. (issue from valeria Piaggio) Federico Toledo, (2017-. Virginia Toledo, (1990-, married 2020 to Nicholas Osthus. Timothy Ellul Sullivan, (1961-, married 1987 to Adrienne German, with issue. Christian Ellul Sullivan, (1988-, married 2019 to Andrea Attard. Rebecca Ellul Sullivan, (1993-. Paula Ellul Sullivan, (1965-, married 1987 to Paul Camilleri, with issue. Emma Camilleri, (1988-. Mark Camilleri, (1994-. Margaret Ellul Sullivan, (1932-2010), married 1957 to Ronald Agius, with issue. Christopher Agius, (1958-, married 1982 to Debbie Zarb Cousin, with issue. Pippa Agius, (1983-. (issue from John Vella) Jack Vella, (2012-. (issue from John Vella) Maggie Vella, (2014-. (issue from John Vella) Mark Vella, (2018-. Neil Agius, (1986-. Carmelo Ellul Sullivan, (1882-1969), married (1) 1908 to Antonia Cassar, married (2) 1921 to Teresa Mifsud, with issue. (Second marriage) Vincent Ellul Sullivan, (1927-2005). Margherita Ellul, (1879 Gibraltar -), married 1906 to Augustino Borg. Antonio Ellul, married 1872 Qormi to Carmela Chircop, with issue. Margherita Ellul, married 1893 Cospicua to Giuseppe Mifsud. Maria Ellul, married 1860 Cospicua to Carmelo Meilach. Giovanna Ellul, married 1864 Cospicua to Carmelo Ellul, (s/o Ignazio and Teodora Camilleri). Giuseppa Ellul, married 1865 Cospicua to Michele Mallia. Teresa Ellul, married 1871 Cospicua to Vincenzo Azzopardi. Ignazio Ellul, married 1828 Cospicua to Teodora Camilleri, with issue. Carmelo Ellul, married 1864 Cospicua to Giovanna Ellul, (See on this page). Antonio Ellul, married 1840 Cospicua to Anna Seychel. Elizabetta Ellul, married 1828 Cospicua to Antonio Fiteni. Giuseppa Ellul, married 1830 Cospicua to Antonio Mizzi. Saveria Ellul, married 1792 Vittoriosa to Nicola Saliba. Maria Hellul, married (1) 1734 Chercop to Francesco Saliba, married (2) 1744 Kirkop to Salvatore Sacco, married (3) 1752 Kirkop to Giuseppe Xicluna, with issue. (First marriage) Angelo Saliba, married 1764 Luca to Teresa Bonnici, with issue. Maria Saliba, married 1780 Chercop to Francesco Ciantar. Caterina Saliba. Giuseppe Saliba. Maddalena Saliba, married 1799 Kirkop to Michele Desira. Anna Saliba. Giuseppe Saliba, married to Maria N, with issue. Caterina Saliba, married to Pietro Sammit, with issue. Giuseppe Sammut. Maddalena Sammut. Antonia Sammut. Nicola Sammut. Maddalena Saliba. Francesco Saliba, married to Grazia N. (Second Marriage) Francesco Sacco, married 1770 Qormi to Rosa Magro, with issue. Bernardo Sacco, married 1830 Qormi to Angela Galea, with issue. Rosa Sacco, married 1852 Kirkop to Salvatore Darmanin Anna Hellul, married 1753 Kirkop to Arcangelo Zammit, with issue. Francesco Zammit, married to Vittoria N. Leonardo Hellul, married 1716 Zabbar to Speranza Canzuli, with issue. Alessandra Hellul, married 1751 Zabbar to Giovanni Xicluna. Giovanni Hellul, married to Grazia N. Lazzaro Hellul, married 1669 Siggiewi to Sapienza Pace, with issue. Luca Hellul, married 1713 to Anna Barbara, with issue. Rosa Hellul, married 1743 Siggiewi to Gio Battista Vassallo. Francesco Hellul, married 1741 to Anna Girada. Caterina Hellul, married 1700 Chercop to Giovanni Pace.(s/o Domenico Pace and Gioanella) Matteolo Hellul, married 13/9/1696 Chircop to Teresa Camenzuli.(d/o Pasquale Camenzuli and Grazia), with issue. Tedoroa Hellul (Ellul), married 1730 Gudja to Angelo Schembri. Flaminea Hellul.m 1706 Chircop .Angelo Spiteri (s/o Domenico Spiteri and Maria) Maria Hellul, married 1679 Luca to Giulio Baldacchino. Gio Batta Hellul, married 1689 Zurrico to Grazia Magro, with issue. Bridiga Hellul, married 1713 Chercop to Salvatore Vassallo, (s/o Giuseppe Vassallo and Lucrezia of Siggiewi) with issue. Giuseppe Vassallo, married 1759 Siggiewi to Clara Rosa Camilleri, with issue. Bridiga Vassallo. Caterina Hellul, married 1718 Zurrico to Leonardo Pace, with issue. Teresa Pace. Flaminea Pace. Anna Pace. Grazia Pace. Giovanni Pace, married 1754 Luca to Paola Camenzuli, with issue. Anna Pace. Giuseppe Pace, married 1761 Luca to Carmina Caruana, with issue. Lorenza Pace. Anna Pace. Maria Ellul m. 8/6/1710 Chircop Gio Maria Vassallo (s/o Giuseppe Vassallo and Lucrezia of Siggiewi). Federico Ellul, married 1700 Qormi to Maruzza Margherita Falzon, with issue. Mario Ellul, married 1754 Attard to Sapienza Attard, with issue. Aloisio Ellul, married 1777 Valletta to Evangelista Fenech, with issue. Vincenzo Ellul, married 1817 Valletta to Maria Agius, with issue. Maria Anna Ellul, married 1840 Valletta to Aloisio Luigi Decelis. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1790 Valletta to Graziella Spiteri, with issue. Maria Anna Ellul, married 1818 Valletta to Antonio Pariji sives Paris, with issue. Giuseppe Paris, married (1) to Aloisia Azzopardi, married (2) 1854 Valletta to Maria Galea, with issue. (Second marriage) Vincenza Paris, married 1870 Valletta to Guglielmo Agius. Paolo Paris, married 1866 Valletta to Giovanna Cuschieri. Emanuele Paris, married 1877 Cospicua to Giovanna Saliba. Filomena Paris, married 1865 Valletta to Giorgio Pace. Carolina Paris, married 1808 Valletta to Saverio Caruana. Spiridiona Paris, married 1873 Valletta to Ricciardo Camilleri. Lorenza Paris, married 1877 Valletta to Giovanni Brincat. Fortunata Paris, married 1845 Valletta to Antonio Busuttil. Carmela Paris, married (1) 1851 Valletta to Carmelo Aquilina, married (2) 1854 Valletta to Giuseppe Bonello, married (3) 1858 Valletta to Angelo Schembri. Emanuele Paris, married 1851 Valletta to Caterina Mangion, with issue. Carmelo Paris, married 1874 Valletta to Carmela Borg. Antonio Paris, married 1885 Valletta to Maria Camilleri. Teresa Paris, married 1878 Valletta to Carmelo Zammit. Paolo Paris, married (1) 1861 Valletta to Giovanna Busuttil, married (2) 1881 Valletta to Carmela Mifsud, with issue. (First marriage) Melania Paris, married 1887 Valletta to Salvatore Cauchi. Antonia Ellul, married 1630 Crendi to Giovanni Ellul, (s/o Giacomo and Imperia). Mattia Ellul, married 1635 Crendi to Gerolamo Mangion. Giovannella Ellul, married 1639 Crendi to Andrea Gauci. Giovanna Ellul, married 1649 Crendi to Pasquale Cassar. Imperia Hellul, married to Diego Hellul, (see below). Mro Giorgio Hellul, married 1522 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Vennera Cassar, with issue. Mro Damiano Hellul, married (1) 1559 Mdina to Agata Xerri, married (2) 1576 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) 1577 Mdina to Clara Bezzina, with issue. (First marriage) Gioannella Hellul, married 1596 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Luca Xuereb. (Second marriage) Mro Tomaso Hellul, married 1609 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Clemenza Fenech, with issue. Alessandro Ellul, married 1649 Zebbug to Angelica Giovannella Psaila, with issue. Francesco Ellul, married 1688 Zejtun to Teodora Abela, with issue. Felice Ellul, married 1726 Cospicua to Cristina Scolaro, with issue. Francesco Ellul, married 1752 Zejtun to Imperia Farrugia, married (2) 1783 Vittoriosa to Paola Axisa, with issue. (First marriage) Michele Ellul, married 1783 Senglea to Maddalena Gaffiero, with issue. Benedetto Ellul, married 1785 Cospicua to Ubaldesca Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1815 Ghaxaq to Valenza Mangion. (Second marriage) Felice Ellul, married 1807 Cospicua to Concepta Borg, with issue. Paola Maria Ellul, married 1839 Cospicua to Giuseppe Cesaro sives Cesari, (s/o Gaetano Cesari of Naples and Caterina Andre, Caterina is the daughter of Benedetto Andre and Teresa Camilleri), with issue. Gaetano Cesaro, (Passport 1871 for Algeria), married to Adelaide Sammut, with issue. Edoardo Cesaro, married 1898 Birkirkara to Elisa de Briffa, with issue. Maddalena Cesaro, married to Carmelo Bonello. Vittoria Cesaro, married to Giovanni Camilleri. Giuseppe Cesaro, married to Tereza N. Eddie Cesaro. Maria Cesaro. Roberto Cesaro, (Passport 1891). Graziulla Ellul, married 1738 Zejtun to Giovanni Busuttil. Anna Maria Ellul, married 1709 Tarxiem to Saverio Cutajar. Saverio Ellul, married 1727 Cospicua to Angela Scolaro. Marco Ellul, married 1680 Zejtun to Anna Antonia Cachia. Salvatore Ellul, married 1689 Curmi to Margherita Farrugia. Domenico Ellul, married 1698 Zejtun to Aloisea Saliba. Lorenzo Ellul, married (1) 1701 Zejtun to Grazia Mizzi, married (2) 1707 Tarxien to Margherita Zahra. Alessandro Ellul, married (1) 1710 Zejtun to Caterina Agius, married (2) 1711 Qormi to Anna Seichel. Leonardo Ellul, married 1635 Zebbug to Prudenza Attard, with issue. Domenica Ellul, married 1673 Zebbug to Matteolo Mamo. Bartolomeo Ellul, married 1642 Cospicua to Domenica Sapiano. Angelo Ellul, married 1643 Cospicua to Clemenza Farrugia. Mro Domenico Ellul, married 1644 (Notary Giovanni Azzopardi)  to Domenica Gauci, with issue. Mario Ellul, married 1658 (Notary Fabrizio Bigeni) to Lucrezia Sagona, with issue. Tomaso Ellul, married 1687 (Notary Gio Domenico Gatt) to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Giacomo Giovanni Ellul, married 1718 Valletta to Bernarda Bonello, with issue. Giovanni Ellul, married 1740 Valletta to Maddalena Xicluna, with issue. Chco Giuseppe Ellul, married 1763 Naxxar to Anna Maria Bonello. Michele Angelo Ellul, married 1777 Naxxar to Calcedonia Bonello, with issue. Salvatore Ellul, married 1806 Mdina to Nobile Maria Teresa Bonici Mompalao, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul-Bonici, married 1844 to Maria Mangion, with issue. Maria Teresa Ellul-Bonici, married 1870 to Gio Maria Mallia Tabone, 4th Marquis of Fiddien Salvatore Ellul-Bonici, married 1873 Floriana to Maria Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul-Bonici, married 1935 to Evelyn Harding., with issue. Salvatore Ellul-Bonici, married 1960 to Maria Dolores Attard-Portughes, with issue. Kevin Ellul-Bonici, (1961-., married (1) 1983 Moscow, Russia to Karina Kohanevitch, married (2) 1993 to Sharon Ellul, with issue. (First Marriage) Cheryl Ellul-Bonici, (1984 -. (Second Marriage) Stevey Ellul-Bonici, (1992 -. Jamie Ellul-Bonici, (1994 -. Zakk Ellul-Bonici, (1995 -. Steven Ellul-Bonici, (1964 – 1990), dunm. Glorianne Ellul-Bonici, (1966 -. Leonard Ellul-Bonici, (1967 -. Moira Ellul-Bonici, (1967 -, married 1995 to Stephen Plumpton, with issue. Ben Plumpton, (1998 -. Geraldine Ellul-Bonici, (1967 -, married 1993 to Antoine Galea, with issue. Etienne Galea, (1995 -. Tristan Galea, (1999 -. Josef Ellul-Bonici, (1975 -. Giovanna Ellul-Bonici, married to Marquis Carlino Bugeja Walter Ellul-Bonici, married 1904 to Maria dei Marchesi Bugeja., with issue. Salvino Ellul Bonici (c died 1980), married Helena Donnaruma, and dsp. Charles Ellul Bonici, died 1978, married Ann Jones, with issue. Marika Ellul Bonici. Jane Ellul Bonici, married Victor Darmanin, with issue. Anthony Darmanin, married 1977 to Noble Bertha Laferla dei Marchesi di Fiddien, with issue. Nobile David Darmanin dei Marchesi Bugeja e Fiddien, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1978-, married 2009 to Kirsten Demicoli, with issue. Nobile Emma Darmanin dei Marchesi Bugeja e Fiddien, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (2010-. Nobile Philippa Darmanin dei Marchesi Bugeja e Fiddien, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, (2013-. Nobile John Paul Darmanin dei Marchesi Bugeja e Fiddien, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1978-1998), dunm. Marina Darmanin. Cora Darmanin. , married to Michael Rossi. Victor Ellul Bonici, married firstly 1944 to Teresa Pace Balzan, secondly Maria Ellul. Carmela Ellul Bonici (died 2011), married Notary George Atkins, dsp. Maria Ellul Bonici, (d. 2010), married Carmelo Darmanin, with issue. Reno Ellul Bonici Mompalao Bugeja, (1923-2004), claimed extension of the Papal Marchese Bugeja, married 1952 to Vera Mifsud Ellul, with issue. Walter dei Marchesi Ellul Bonici, (1954-, married 1982 to Christine Donald, with issue. Salvino Ellul Bonici, (1984 -. Amanda Ellul Bonici. Fiona Ellul Bonici. Emma Ellul Bonici, married to Dennis de Lucca, with issue. Jean Paul de Lucca. Marco de Lucca. Mariella Ellul Bonici. Paul Ellul Bonici, (1960-, married to Lynda N, with issue. Victor Ellul Bonici. Valerie Ellul Bonici. Antonia Ellul-Bonici, married 1898 to Edward dei Marchesi Bugeja. Maria Teresa Ellul Bonici, married 1919 Birkirkara to Antonio Aquilina. Giuseppa Ellul-Bonici, married 1884 Zurrieq to Vincenzo Carmelo Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, married to Maria Anna Anastasi, with issue. Vincent Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1937-., married 1961 to Marie Louise Darmanin, with issue. Alexandria Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1962-, married to Dr Jose Herrera LLD, MP, with issue. Miguel Herrera. Martina Herrera. Edward Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1963-. Victoria Maria Camilleri, (1941-, married 1966 to Victor Attard-Bondi, with issue. Denis Attard-Bondin. Anthony Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1944-, married 1969 to Priscilla Fynn, with issue. Robert Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1971-. Nichola Camilleri, (1976-. Maria Fatima Camilleri, (1950-, married 1973 to Anthony Camilleri. Maria Angela Ellul, married 1805 Naxxar to Dr Vincenzo Bezzina JUD. Vincenzo Ellul, married 1775 Valletta to Giacobina Zammaglia, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1814 Valletta to Maria Anna Calleja. Marino Hellul, married 1590 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Margherita Azzopardi. Giovanni Hellul, married 1591 Zejtun to Clemenza Cutajar, with issue. Leonardo Hellul sives Ellul, married 1623 Zejtun to Margherita Spiteri, with issue. Luca Ellul, married 1690 Qormi to Veneranda Debono, with issue. Domenica Ellul, married 1729 Qormi to Giuseppe Catania, with issue. Luca Catania, married (1) 1751 Naxxar to Maria Frendo, married (2) 1764 Qormi to Anna Sammut, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Catania, married 1796 Mosta to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Eugenia Catania, married 1819 Mosta to Salvatore Borg. Battista Catania, married 1772 Mdina to Maria Vella, with issue. Anna Catania, married 1800 Mosta to Aloisio Camilleri, with issue. Domenica Camilleri, married 1843 Mosta to Nobile Andrea Abela. Caterina Catania, married 1805 Mosta to Francesco Camilleri. Mro Andrea Hellul, married (1) 1559 Mdina to N. Curmi, married (2) 1561 Mdina to Caterina Saura, married (3) 1568 Zebbug, 1572/1583 (Notary Antonio Angelo Falzon) to Paoluccia Mamo, with issue. (Third marriage) Domenica Hellul, married 1626 to Nicola Ebejer. Paola Hellul, married 1561 Mdina to Andrea Agius. Domenica Hellul, married 1573 Mdina to Andrea Camilleri. Giovanna Hellul, married 1573 Mdina to Pietro Vella. Nicola Hellul, married 1542 (Donation Giorgio Buttigieg) to Giacoma Mangiuni, with issue. Domenica Hellul, married 1570 Gudja to Leonardo Bondin, with issue. Giovanna Bondin, married 1589 Gudja to Vincenzo Bellia, with issue. Marietta Bellia, married 1626 Gudja to Paolo Farrugia. Antonio Bondin, married 1599 Gudja to Gioannella Briffa, with issue. Giovanni Bondi, married 1639 Luqa to Angelica Falzon, with issue. Evangelista Bondi, married 1665 Luqa to Clemente Bonavia. Antonio Hellul, married 1567 Gudja to Antonia Aquilina, with issue. Gusmano Hellul, married (1) 1604 Mqabba to Marietta Vittoria Micallef, married (2) 1623 Mqabba to Angelica Ciantar, with issue. (First marriage) Domenico Ellul, married 1637 Zebbug to Domenica Azzopardi. Silvestro Salvatore Ellul, married 1632 Zebbug to Angelica Caruana, with issue. Gio Paolo Ellul, married 1670 Qrendi to Diana Spiteri, with issue. Salvatore Ellul, married 1713 Valletta to Polissena Muscat, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1744 Valletta to Maria Solano, with issue. Gio Maria Ellul, married 1786 Valletta to Giovanna Gafa, with issue. Michele Ellul, married 1814 Valletta to Grazia Agius, with issue. Antoine Publius Joseph Gaetan Ellul, (1816-1853), married 1850 Bone, Algeria to Marie Therese Cutajar, with issue. Graziola Ellul, (1852-1908), married 1901 Bone, Algeria to Ange Chetcuti. Antoine Publius Calcedonio Laurent Ellul, (1820-1884), married 1845 Bone, Algeria to Marie Jeanne Axisa, with issue. Michele Ellul, (1846-), married 1869 Duzerville, Algeria to Carmena Mizzi, with issue. Marie Ellul, (1870-), married 1893 Duzerville, Algeria to Honore Lambert, with issue. Michele Lambert, (1894-). Josephine Lambert, (1895-). Aurelie Lambert, (1897-), married 1919 La Colle, Algeria to Joseph Marius Arnoux. Georges Ellul, (1872-), married 1898 Mondovi, Algeria (Div 1904) to Marie Francois Franceschetti. Joseph Ellul, (1878-1939), married to Pauline Virginie Galea. Elisa Ellul, (1886-1978), married 1903 Bone, Algeria to Joseph Georges Nieri. Gaetan Ellul, (1853-1895), married to Carmele Zammit, with issue. Anna Ellul, (1888-1959), married 1920 Guelma, Algeria to Celestin Heffner. Charlotte Ellul, (1892-), married 1912 Mondovi, Algeria to Emilie Henri Buch. Carmena Ellul, (1857-), married 1875 Duzerville, Algeria to Jean Nicolas Dam. Josephine Ellul, (1859-), married 1879 Duzerville, Algeria to Carmel Speridion Laurent Axisa. Joseph Ellul, (1862-), married 1891 Bone, Algeria to Therese Michelle Xicluna, with issue. Marie Antoinette Ellul, (1892-1975), married 1919 Bone, Algeria to Laurent Cordina. Antoine Ellul, (1896-). Maria Concepta Ellul, (1864-1923), married 1894 Duzerville, Algeria to Francois Zamit. Marie Ellul, (1825-1878), married 1844 Bone, Algeria to Gregoire Vincent Constantin Casha. (Second marriage) Francesco Ellul, married 1660 (Notary Gio Battista Azzopardi) to Imperia Evangelista Sayd, with issue. Salvatore Ellul, married 1710 Mdina to Bartolomea Farrugia, with issue. Gioacchino Ellul, married 1747 Valletta to Barbara Grech, with issue. Lucrezia Ellul, married 1773 Vittoriosa to Paolo Sagona. Feliciana Ellul, married 1774 Vittoriosa to Antonio Olivier, with issue. Maddalena Olivier, married 1802 Vittoriosa to Bartolomeo Pace. Giacomo Ellul, married 1740 Valletta to Giulia Chircop, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1763 Valletta to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Giacomo Ellul, married 1788 Valletta to Vittoria Xiberras, with issue. Lorenzo Ellul, married 1833 Cospicua to Scolastica Frendo, with issue. Carmela Ellul, married 1865 Valletta to Paolo Aquilina. Fedele Ellul, married 1790 Valletta to Benvenuta Tanti, with issue. Michele Ellul, married 1828 Valletta to Maria Xicluna, with issue. Grazia Ellul, married 1852 Birkirkara to Don Angelo Muscat. Michele Ellul, married 1797 Valletta to Teresa Attard. Aloisio Ellul, married 1808 Valletta to Maria Debono. Maria Giuseppa Ellul, married (1) 1743 Valletta to Giovanni Gerada, married (2) 1750 Valletta to Salvatore Mizzi. Andrea Ellul, married 1686 Siggiewi to Domenica Azzopardi, with issue. Maria Ellul, married 1714 Siggiewi to Giuseppe Aquilina. Vennera Hellul, married 1587 Zejtun to Giovanni Caruana. Giulia Hellul, married 1593 Kirkop to Pietro Coleiro. Grazia Hellul, married 1603 Cospicua to Giacomo Bonnici. Imperia Hellul, married 1574 Gudja to Matteo Xicluna. Lorenza Hellul, married 1543 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Pietro Mangiuni. Giacomo Hellul, married 1529 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Giovanna Azzopardi, with issue. Antonio Giacomo Hellul, married 1553 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Domenica Camilleri, with issue. Giacomo Hellul, married 1587 (Notary Mario Mallia) to Barbara Cutajar, married (2) 1605 Valletta to Camilla, formerly married to Delfino Blanches. Giovanna Hellul, married 1586 Zejtun to Bartolomeo Azzopardi. Domenica Hellul, married 1604 Valletta to Andrea Azzopardi. Grazia Hellul, married 1579 Gudja to Antonio Azzopardi, with issue. Caterina Azzopardi, married 1620 Zurrieq to Mario Tabone. Caterina Hellul, married 1576 to Paolo Fiteni. Fabrizio Hellul, married (1) 1555 Gudja to Giovanna Aquilina, married (2) 1571 Gudja to Domenica Caruana, married (3) 1596 Senglea to Lucrezia Lamagna, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Domenico Hellul, married 1589 Senglea to Domenica Agata di Pasquale, with issue. Maria Hellul, married 1610 Vittoriosa to Bernardino Ros. Pietro Hellul, married 1617 Cospicua to Maria Girolama Ros, with issue. Gio Maria Ellul, married 1682 Cospicua to Anna Maria de Pares. Andrea Ellul, married 1683 Cospicua to Andrianna Bonnici, with issue. Michel Angelo Ellul, married 1731 Vittoriosa to Angelica Mamo of Fort Ricasoli, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1763 Cospicua to Graziulla Mifsud, with issue. Paolo Ellul, married 1785 Cospicua to Maria Teresa Magro, , with issue. Lorenzo Ellul, married 1822 Cospicua to Maria Anna Ellul, (See on this page), with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, (1831-), Fabricante do Cotone Cospicua, married (1) to Marianna Busuttil, married (2) 1858 Cospicua to Rachel Busuttil, with issue. (First marriage) Antonio Ellul, (1869 -1951), married to Maria Carmela Cauchi.,  with issue. Joseph Ellul, (1909-. Carmelo Ellul, (1903-. Amalia Ellul,  d.inf. Maria Ellul, (1862 -1903) married Notary Salvatore Cauchi, Secretary of Prince of Wales Band Club in 1904. Also Secretary in 1899 of the Casino L’ Egualianza of 96 Strada San Giorgio Cospicua (renumbered in 1929 to 112) ((Ref. Guida Generale di Malta E Gozo 1899 Page 284)), with issue.. Dr. Lorenzo Cauchi, (1893-. Dr. Giuseppe Cauchi Ellul, (1889-) , married 1896 St Julians to Giuseppina Gasciulli, with issue. Mary Cauchi Ellul, (1925-. Anna sive Marianna Cauchi, (1897-),  married to Giuseppe Cuschieri, (1926 Il-Lunziata (San Dumiku) Birgu-),  with issue. Nancy Cuschieri married N. Vincenti with issue. Edwina Vincenti,  married NN, with issue. (Second marriage) Giovanni Ellul, (1885-1939). Carmelo Ellul, L.P, (1882-1937),  married to Theresa Attard, with issue. Maria Concetta Ellul, (1916-. Magistrate Lorenzo Ellul, (1872-1945 Mdina), (President of St. Georges Band Club Cospicua up till his death. Was the official witness on the Coronation of the Immaculate Conception Altarpiece on the 20thJune 1905 with Dr. Felice Inglott. Ref. Sunday Times of Malta 19th June 2005 pages 56, 57,58) , married Theresa N., with issue. Concetta Ellul, (1906-),  married 1930 to Dr Edgar Ellul, with issue. Manola Ellul, (d. 2020), married 1930 Valletta to  Franco Masini from Gozo, (son of Dr. Francesco Masini and Lily Grech, author of various articles in a number of both local and international newspapers etc. ref. Dizzjunarju Bijo-Bibljografiku Nazzjonali by Robert Mifsud Bonnici published by the Department of Information Malta 1960) , with issue. Francesca Masini, married to Dr Ruben Balzan LLD. Mariella Masini, married to Dr Peter Theuma, with issue. Luke Theuma. Ben Peter Theuma. Dr. Jojo Ellul, married Marlene Cost Critien with issue. Anne Marie Ellyl, married to Joe Grima, with issue. Sean Grima. Petra Grima. Erica Grima. Dr. Lawrence Ellul, married to Josette N,  with issue. Kenneth Lawrence Ellul Marlene Ellul, married Dr. Joseph Fenech, Cabinet Minister PN from 1987 to 1996, with issue. Dr. Mark Fenech. Joanne Fenech married to Dr. Kenneth Grima, with issue. Ivan Ellul, married to Joan N. Sylvana Ellul, married to Joachim Wihl. Evelyn Ellu, (1911-),  married Alfred Delia. Marianna Ellul, (1877-), married to widower Notary Salvatore Cauchi, with issue. Mary Cauchi Ellul (dunm)                                                        Connie Cauchi Ellul (dunm) Farmacista Giuseppe Ellul, (1874 -1922),  married to Carmela Zammit Gerada, (1880 -1918 with Spanish flu pandemic), with issue. Joseph Ellul, (1907-1985), married Ines Camenzuli, (d. 1992),  dsp. Carmelo Ellul, (d. 1992), married Helen sive Lily Xuereb, with issue. Albert Ellul, (1936-1997), dunm. George Ellul, (1941-), married to Antoniette Chetcuti., with issue. Dr Frederick Ellul, (1977-, married to Lara Camilleri, with issue. Gianluca Ellul. Michael Ellul. Edward Ellul. Nathalie Ellul. Cecil Ellul, (d. 2014), married to Antoniette Attard, with issue. Stanley Ellul, (1967-. Susan Ellul, (1973-, married to Giuseppe Menta. Mary Carmela Ellul, (1909-1998), dunm. Amalia Ellul, (1917-2003), dunm. Edgar Ellul, (1912-1998), married to Nobile Lucy Bonnici, with issue. Joseph Ellul, (1941-2005), married to Maria Grech., with issue. Robert Ellul, (1981-, married to (Sep) to Elizianne Farrugia, with issue. Aiden Ellul. Joanne Ellul, (1976-), married to Roger Bugeja Testaferrata Desain, with issue. Valentina Bugeja Desain, (2007-. Nicolas Bugeja Desain, (2010-. Marlene Ellul., (1943-1999), dunm. Margerita Ellul, (1945-2016), dunm. Antoine Ellul, (1946-2018), married to Doris Sacco, with issue. Steve Ellul, (1976-), married 2006 Gudja (Sep) to Audrey Grech. Silvaine Marie Ellul, married 2008 Gudja (Sep) to Steve Sargent, with issue. Larajo Sargent, (2010-. Eric Ellul, (1988-2011 London), dunm. Vincent Ellul, (1949 Vittoriosa -), married 1974 to Mary Said,  with issue. Laurence J. Ellul, B.Pharm (Hons)., (1975-,  married to Michelle Mizzi, B.Pharm (Hons)., with issue. David Ellul, (2003-. Nicole Ellul (2007-. Ennio A. Ellul., BE&A (Hons), A&CE, (1979-. Maria Concetta Ellul, (1910-), d.inf. Maria Carmela Ellul, married 1850 Cospicua to Michele Angelo Ellul, (see above). Guglielmo Ellul, (1826-), d.inf. Guglielmo Ellul, (1828-), d.inf. Guglielmo sives William Ellul, (1835-), married to Maria Aurora Decesare, with issue. Giovanni Ellul, (1867-), married to Mary Maxwell. Pietro Paolo Ellul, married 1888 Valletta to Ethelburga Dimech, with issue. Giuseppa Adalgisa Ellul, married 1910 to Armando Dimech. Maria Ellul. Teresa Ellul, married to Francesco sives Frank Xerri de Caro. Robert Ellul. Giacomo Ellul. Farmacista Lorenzo Ellul, married to Theresa Spiteri, with issue. Dr Edgar Ellul, married 1930 to Maria Concetta Ellul, (See above), with issue. Mariella Ellul, married to Alfred Delia. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1858 Cospicua to Maria Anna Busuttil. Teresa Ellul, married 1848 Cospicua to Simeone Leonardi. Salvatore Ellul,  married 1817, Zabbar to Maria Dolores Abela, with issue. Michele Angelo Ellul,  married 1850, Cospicua to Maria Carmela Ellul, (see below), with issue. Joseph Ellul,  married 1877 Floriana to Maria Giuseppa Pellegrini, with issue. Eligio Ellul,  married 1906, Porto Salvo, Valletta to Martha Pullicino, with issue. Josephine Ann Ellul, married 1942 Hamrun to Don Abraham Daniel Vella. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1851 Cospicua to Maria Carmela Grech. Gaetano Ellul, married 1857 Cospicua to Giovanna Milano. Pietro Ellul, married 1839 Valletta to Calcedonia Vassallo, with issue. Teresa Ellul, married 1855 Cospicua to Giuseppe Lanzon. Paolo Ellul, married 1855 Valletta to Rosina Mifsud. Angelica Ellul, married 1805 Cospicua to Filippo Zammit. Michele Ellul, married to Teresa Bugeja. Antonio Ellul, married (1) 1811 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Borg, married (2) to Maddalena Gauci. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1822 Cospicua to Ignazia Messina. Maria Ellul, married 1831 Cospicua to Giovanni Vella. Maria Ellul, married 1779 Cospicua to Giuseppe Agius. Carlo Ellul, married 1777 Valletta to Maria Xuereb. Anna Maria Ellul, married 1763 Kirkop to Felice Fiteni. Anna Maria Ellul, married 1719 Cospicua to Paolo Caruana. Anna Ellul, married 1654 Birkirkara to Ambrogio Vincenzo Ellul, with issue. Andrea Ellul, married 1693 Zebbug to Caterina Chircop, with issue. Maddalena Ellul, married 1737 Valletta to Isidoro Teodoro Galea. (Second marriage) Gaspare Hellul, married 1596 Vittoriosa to Marietta Sardo. Antonia Hellul, married 1560 Gudja to Antonio Coleiro. Vincenza Hellul, married 1561 Gudja to Michele Agius. Sebastiano Hellul, married with issue. Margherita Hellul, married (1) 1561 Gudja to Leone Cauchi, married (2) 1561 Gudja to Bernardo Pace. Evangelista Hellul, married 1561 Gudja to Nicola Cutajar. Diego Hellul, married to Imperia Hellul, (see above), with issue. Agata Hellul, married 1585 Vittoriosa to Lazzaro Morro. Nobile Perona Hellul, married 1507 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Pietro Mallia. Nobile Michele Hellul, married to Gioannella N, with issue. Nobile Teramo Hellul, married 1547 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Maddalena Cassar, with issue. Nobile Cosmano Lorenzo Hellul, married 1576 Gudja to Poala Bellia, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Hellul, married 1599 Gudja to Barbara Mallia. Nobile Caterinella Hellul, married 1600 Mqabba to Andrea Schembri. Nobile Giuseppe Hellul, married 1578 Gudja to Agnese Gatt. Nobile Mro Nicola Hellul, married (1) 1554 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Agnese Agius, married (2) 1561 Gudja to Antonella Xiriha, married (3) 1574 Gudja to Marietta Grima, with issue. Nobile Mro Angelo Hellul, married 1598 (Notary Francesco Falson) 1599 Siggiewi to Angela Agata Barbara, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Hellul sives Ellul, married 1642 Qormi to Nobile Grazia Axisa, with issue. Nobile Maria Ellul, married 1660 Senglea to Marco Antonio Ruggier, (later married 1643 to Maruzza Muniglia), with issue. Nobile Caterina Ellul, married 1623 Siggiewi to Stefano Zahra, with issue. Domenica Zahra, married 1646 Mdina to Chco Gio Paolo Pisani. Nobile Maruzza sives Maria Ellul, married 1635 Siggiewi to Salvatore Gatt. Nobile Agostino Hellul, (mentionned 1611 by Notary Bernardo Azzopardi). Nobile Caterina Hellul, (mentionned 1611 by Notary Bernardo Azzopardi). Nobile Demetrio Hellul, (mentionned 1611 by Notary Bernardo Azzopardi). Nobile Francesco Hellul, (mentionned 1611 by Notary Bernardo Azzopardi), married 1574 Gudja to Vincenza Xicluna, married (2) 1595 Gudja to Giovanna Mallia. Nobile Vittoria Hellul, (mentionned 1611 by Notary Bernardo Azzopardi). (Second marriage) Nobile Demetrio Hellul, (mentionned 1611 by Notary Bernardo Azzopardi), married 1595 (Notary Giuseppe Caxaro) to Clemenza Magro, with issue. Caterina Hellul, married 1625 Kirkop to Giovanni Grimoli of Greece, with issue. Giacobino Grimoli sives Grima, married 1660 Senglea to Evangelista Azzopardi, with issue. Bernardo Grima, married 1691 Senglea to Francesca Attard, with issue. Gio Andrea Grima, married 1721 Senglea to Contessa Anna Rosa Fournier, with issue. Carlo Grima, married (1) 1767 Cospicua to Fortunata Camilleri, married (2) 1779 Zurrieq to Maria Barbara, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Teresa Grima, married 1795 Cospicua to Matteo Borg. (Second marriage) Gio Maria Grima, married (1) 1801 Cospicua to Felicicana Cassar, married (2) 1826 Zejtun to Rosa Maria Magro, with issue. (First marriage) Emanuele Grima, married 1870 Cospicua to Maria Carmela Grima, (See below), with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1904 Birkirkara to Paolina Vella. Teresa Grima, married 1859 Cospicua to Michele Debono. Maria Grima, married (1) 1859 Cospicua to Tomaso Zerafa, married (2) 1870 Cospicua to Giuseppe Falzon. (Second marriage) Gaspare Grima, married 1848 Vittoriosa to Paola Rosato. Concetta Grima, married 1831 Cospicua to Giovanni Micallef. Giuseppe Grima, married 1812 Cospicua to Margarita Magro, with issue. Maria Carmela Grima, married 1870 Cospicua to Emmanuele Grima, (See above). Anna Grima, married 1843 Cospicua to Paolo Buhagiar. Paolo Grima, married 1856 Cospicua to Antonia de BuhagiarAlunna de Comte Frederick Dillon, (1798-1826), e Elevei par Paolo Buhagiar e Anna Grima. Fortunato Grima, married 1814 Valletta to Maria Anna Debono, with issue. Antonia Grima, married 1839 Valletta to Gioacchino Cousin. Caroline Grima, married 1841 Valletta to Angelo Caruana. Pietro Grima, married (1) 1751 Cospicua to Paola Macanuzio, married (2) 1772 Cospicua to Paola Camilleri. Nobile Giulia Hellul, married 1596 Kirkop to Andrea Bugeja. Nobile Domenica Hellul, married 1596 Kirkop to Leonardo Cassar. (Third marriage) Imperia Hellul, married 1628 Gudja to Georgio Lipariot. Nobile Demetrio Hellul, married 1557 Siggiewi to Caterina Dimech. Nobile Giulio Hellul, (1455-), married to Gioannella N, with issue. Nobile Zirona Hellul, married 1502 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Nobile Luca Xuereb. Nobile Riccardo Hellul, (1435-), married with issue. Nobile Giovanni Hellul, (1470-), married (1) to Caterina N, married (2) to Agata N., with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Leonora Hellul, married 1509 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Giovanni Mifsud. (Second marriage) Nobile Agnese Hellul, married 1524 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Cataldo Cuschieri. Nobile Antonio Hellul, married to Antonina N, with issue. Nobile Vennera Hellul, married 1565 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Pantallaria. Nobile Agnese Hellul, married 1572 Mdina to Antonio Grima. Nobile Isabella Hellul, married 1551 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) 1550 Naxxar to Domenico Mifsud. Nobile Mro Tomaso Hellul, married to Clemenza N, with issue. Nobile Mro Domenico Hellul, married to Domenica Gauci, with issue. Nobile Maria Hellul, married 1565 (Notary Fabrizio Bigeni) to Gio Maria Bajada. Nobile Giovanna Hellul, married 1588 Gudja to Tomaso Magro, with issue. Caterina Magro, married 1619 Mqabba to Giacomo Zammit. Nobile Agata Hellul, married 1587 to Stefano Agius. Nobile Luca Hellul, married 1590 (Notary Antonio Angelo Falzon) 1590 Siggiewi to Vincenza Azzopardi, with issue. Nobile Mro Mario Hellul sives Ellul, married 1622 Matrice Gozo to Clemenza Francesca Spilotti, with issue. Nobile Nicola Ellul sives Ellun, married 1651 Zebbug to Angelica Dimech, (former wife of Salvatore Gatt), with issue. Nobile Flaminea Ellun, married 1677 Zebbug to Angelo Xicluna. Nobile Mro Gabriele Hellul, married (1) 1595 Gudja to Gioannella N, married (2) 1604 Mqabba to Marietta Magro, with issue. (Second marriage) Nobile Giuseppe Hellul, married 1658 Qormi to Anna Vennera Camenzuli, with issue. Nobile Gio Paolo Hellul sives Ellul, married 1704 Kirkop to Maria Cassar, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Ellul, married 1742 Mdina to Felicita Xerri, with issue. Nobile Aloisio Ellul, married 1792 Qormi to Maddalena Zarb, with issue. Salvatore Ellul, married (1) 1733 Kirkop to Domitilla Dalli, married (2) 1750 Zurrieq to Maria Psaila, with issue. (Second marriage) Vincenzo Ellul, married 1775 Valletta / Senglea to Rosa Maria Cremona, with issue. Francesco Ellul, married 1800 Zejtun to Maria Barbara, with issue. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1826 Gudja to Sapienza Gristi, with issue. Angelo Ellul, (1848-), married to Maria Debono, with issue. Michele Ellul, (1898 Tripoli, Libya -), married to Giuseppina Darmanin, with issue. Angelo Ellul, married 1834 Cospicua to Maria Antonia Caruana, with issue. Salvatore Ellul, married 1855 Cospicua to Natalizia Vella. Andrea Ellul, married 1828 Kirkop to Grazia Cutajar. Fortunato Ellul, married 1853 Cospicua to Rosa Farrugia. Paolo Ellul, married 1809 Valletta to Teresa Gialanze. Paolo Ellul, married 1772 Valletta to Vincenza Vassallo, with issue. Michele Ellul, married 1797 Valletta to Saveria Briffa. Teresa Ellul, married 1814 Valletta toi Francesco Caruana. Tomaso Ellul, married 1770 Valletta to Paola Attard, with issue. Maria Ellul, married 1801 Valletta to Giuseppe Galea. Vittorio Ellul, married 1794 Valletta to Francesca Calleja, with issue. Maria Teresa Ellul, married 1814 Valletta to Giuseppe Bonnici. Pietro Paolo Ellul, married 1827 Valletta to Emmanuela Rosato, with issue. Carmela Ellul, married 1856 Birkirkara to Amabile Agius. Rosaria Ellul, married 1866 Birkirkara to Giovanni Psaila. Vincenzo Ellul, married 1831 Valletta to Carmela Caruana. Vincenzo Ellul, married 1802 Valletta to Teresa Tonna. Giovanni Ellul, married (1) 1804 Senglea to Maria Anna Silvio, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Carmela Tabone, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Ellul, married (1) 1824 Cospicua to Maria Debono, married (2) 1855 Rabat Gozo to Maria Buhagiar. Salvatore Ellul, married 1838 Valletta to Antonia Vella. Leonarda Ellul, married 1783 Kirkop to Antonio Borg. Giuseppe Ellul, married 1742 Mdina to Felicita Xerri, with issue. Aloisio Ellul, married (1) 1773 Senglea to Maria Delicata, married (2) 1777 Zurrieq to Cristina Calleja, married (3) 1792 Qormi to Maddalena Zarb, with issue. (First marriage) Vincenzo Ellul, married 1791 Cospicua to Giuseppa Falzon. Paolo Ellul, married 1777 Qormi to Grazia Delicata. Gaetano Ellul, married 1783 Qormi to Grazia Caruana. Francesco Ellul, married 1783 Kirkop to Caterina Pace. Caterina Ellul, married 1776 Kirkop to Giuseppe Baldacchino. Maria Ellul, married 1781 Kirkop to Carlo Barbara. Grazia Ellul, married 1724 Gudja to Pasquale Bonnici. Francesca Ellul, married 1733 Gudja to Giuseppe Farrugia. Nobile Valerio Hellul, married 1655 Qormi to Agata Camenzuli, with issue. Nobile Domenico Ellul, married 1680 Safi to Elena Xiriha, with issue. Nobile Filippo Ellul, married 1723 Zejtun to Anna Caruana, with issue. Nobile Angelo Ellul, married 1778 to Nobile Maria Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, with issue. Nobile Teresa Ellul-Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1804 Vittoriosa to Sancto Serracino. Nobile Giuseppe Ellul Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1826 Valletta to Grazia Gambin, with issue. Nobile Teresa Ellul Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1849 Vittoriosa to Francesco Saverio Mizzi. Nobile Saverio Ellul Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1819 to Anna di Domenico. Nobile Anna Ellul Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married (1) 1802 Vittoriosa to Gregorio Monthesin, married (2) 1809 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Caruana. Nobile Vincenza Ellul Gatto dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married (1) 1809 Zabbar to Giovanni Agius, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Agius dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1838 Zabbar to Rosa Xiberras, with issue. Nobile Antonio Agius dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1873 Vittoriosa to Rosa Vassallo, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Agius dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1899 Vittoriosa to Rosa Galea. Nobile Matteo Ellul, married (1) 1767 Zejtun to Anna Bonello, married (2) 1770 Ghaxaq to Graziulla Bonavia. Nobile Paolo Ellul, married 1759 Zejtun to Caterina Zahra. Nobile Giuseppe Ellul, married 1755 Zejtun to Maria Agius. Nobile Angela Ellul, married 1748 Zejtun to Pietro Bezzina. Nobile Maria Ellul, married 1753 Zejtun to Angelo Barbara. Nobile Veneranda Ellul, married 1755 Zejtun to Giovanni de Brincat. Nobile Domenica Ellul, married 1763 Zejtun to Octavio Gauci. Nobile Caterina Ellul, married (1) 1765 Zejtun to Antonio Busuttil, married (2) 1769 Zejtun to Salvatore Vassallo. Nobile Grazio Ellul, married 1734 Cospicua to Maria Falzon, with issue. Nobile Publio Ellul, married 1787 Valletta to Maria Teresa Nuzzo, with issue. Nobile Francesco Saverio Ellul, married 1818 Cospicua to Maria Mifsud Tomasi, with issue. Nobile Concetta Ellul, married 1843 Cospicua to Alfonso Terreni. Nobile Elena Ellul, married 1807 Cospicua to Antonio Bartolo. Nobile Grazia Ellul, married 1809 Cospicua to Francesco Saverio Lanzon. Nobile Giuseppa Ellul, married 1819 Cospicua to Gio Felice Muscat. Nobile Maria Concetta Ellul, married 1820 Cospicua to Giuseppe Camilleri. Nobile Rosa Ellul, married 1707 Kirkop to Alessandro Bonnici. Nobile Salvatore Ellul, married 1719 Vittoriosa to Alfonsa Mifsud, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Ellul, married 1745 Zabbar to Paola Grima, with issue. Nobile Maddalena Ellul, married (1) 1765 Zabbar to Paolo Caruana, married (2) 1773 Cospicua to Andrea Zarb. Nobile Grazia Ellul, married 1678 Kirkop to Gio Paolo Vella. Nobile Giuseppe Ellul, married 1698 Zejtun to Caterina Caruana. Nobile Domenico Ellul, married 1650 Kirkop to Teresa Ellul, (d/o Giovanni and Marietta), with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Ellul, married 1702 Zurrieq to Grazia Azzopardi, with issue. Nobile Nicola Ellul, married 1736 Valletta to Evangelista de Celi, with issue. Nobile Ignazio Ellul, married 1771 Valletta to Concetta Formosa, with issue. Nobile Francesco Ellul, married 1791 Valletta to Speranza Abela, with issue. Nobile Ignazio Ellul, married 1821 Cospicua to Margherita Bastianini, with issue. Nobile Caterina Ellul, married 1841 Cospicua to Giuseppe de Lazzaro. Giovanni Ellul, married (1) 1682 Zurrieq to Maria Briffa, married (2) 1702 Zurrieq to Grazia Azzopardi, with issue. Gio Domenico Ellul, married 1743 Zurrieq to Paolica Mangion, with issue. Arcangelo Ellul, married 1779 Zurrieq to Modesta Aquilina, with issue. Caterina Ellul, married 1810 Zurrieq to Francesco Polidano. Arcangelo Ellul, married 1740 Zurrieq to Caterina Pace, with issue. Agostina sives Giustina Ellul, married 1772 Zurrieq to Giovanni Tonna, with issue. Michele Tonna, married 1820 Zurrieq to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Tonna, married 1850 Zurrieq to Giovanna Bellizzi, with issue. Rosa Tonna, married 1886 Zurrieq to Gaetano Vassallo. Suor Caterina Ellul, Nun. Simone Ellul, married 1655 Dingli to Grazia Cachia, with issue. Domenico Ellul, married 1679 Mdina to Marietta Mifsud, with issue. Pietro Paolo Ellul, married 1702 Valletta to Nobile Margarita Cumbo, with issue. Antonio Ellul, married 1747 Zabbar to Maria Magro, with issue. Ignazio Ellul, married 1794 Zabbar to Anna Vella, with issue. Antonio Ellul, married 1828 Zabbar to Maria Pulis, with issue. Marianna Ellul, married 1850 Zabbar to Gennaro Astarita. Andrea Ellul, married 1618 to Marietta Agius. Speranza Ellul, married (1) 1638 to Simone Barbara, married (2) 1642 to Blasio Buttigieg. Valerio Ellul, married 1655 to Agata Camenzuli. Grazia Ellul, married 1644 to Pietro Caruana. Antonio Ellul, married 1636 to Speranza Portelli. Nobile Matteo Hellul, married to Margherita N, with issue. Nobile Lucia Hellul, marired 1562 (Notary Matteo de Brincat) 1573 Gudja to Francesco Gascon. Nobile Andrea Hellul, married 1570 to Nicola Abejer, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Hellul, married 1603 Gudja to Domenica Bonnici. Nobile Mro Domenico Hellul, married 1566 Gudja to Giovanna Marietta Mallia, with issue. Nobile Domenico Hellul, married 1593 Gudja to Caterina Camilleri. Nobile Agata Hellul, married 1583 Gudja to Stefano Agius. Nobile Paolina Hellul, married 1602 Kirkop to Blasco Tabone. Nobile Lucrezia Hellul, married 1580 Gudja to Salvatore Gatt. Nobile Clemente Hellul, married 1576 Gudja to Nobile Antonia Hellul, (See on this page), with issue. Nobile Blasco Hellul, married 1605 Zejtun to Clara Cassar, with issue. Nobile Paolo Hellul sives Ellul, married 1635 Tarxien to Imperia Magro, with issue. Nobile Mario Ellul, married 1676 Valletta to Barbara Bugeja, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Ellul, married 1730 Valletta to Rosa Sammut, with issue. Nobile Desidero Ellul, married 1766 Cospicua to Rosa Scava, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Ellul, married 1804 Cospicua to Evangelista Cardona, with issue. Nobile Carlo Ellul, married 1835 Cospicua to Maria Darmanin, with issue. Nobile Lorenzo Ellul, married 1874 Alexandria, Egypt to Carmela Spiteri. Nobile Giuseppe Ellul, (1880 Alexandria, Egypt -), married to Maria Grima. Desiderio Ellul, married 1834 Cospicua to Margherita Curmi. Caterina Ellul, married 1832 Cospicua to Francesco Borg. Caterina Ellul, married 1798 Cospicua to Don Calcedonio Velasco. Vincenza Ellul, married 1637 Zabbar to Gabriele Camilleri, with issue. Eufemia Camilleri, married 1681 Zabbar to Don Matteo Fernandes or Fernandez of Spain. Nobile Natale Hellul, married 1624 Zabbar to Grazia Argenta Abela, with issue. Nobile Gio Paolo Hellul, married (1) 1648 Zabbar to Minichella Grech, married (2) 1677 Zabbar to Angelica Callus, with issue. Nobile Rosa Ellul, married 1712 Zabbar to Sebastiano Gatt. Nobile Domenica Hellul, married 1573 Gudja to Vincenzo Calleja. Nobile Gabriele Hellul, married with issue. Nobile Beatrice Hellul, married 1592 Kirkop to Michele Micallef. Nobile Fidericu Helluc, (1305-), married with issue. Nobile Enrico Helluc, (1335-), married with issue. Nobile Fidericu Hellul, (1370-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Enrico Hellul, (1405-), married with issue. Nobile Fiderico Hellul, (1440-), married with issue. Nobile Luca Hellul, (1470-), married to Isabella N, with issue. Nobile Vincenzo Hellul, (1500-), married 1522 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Isabella Bugeja, with issue. Nobile Pietro Hellul, married to Domenica N, with issue. Nobile Maddalena Hellul, married 1529 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Pietro Pace. Nobile Giuseppe Hellul, married 1530 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Leonora Bonnici, with issue. Nobile Benedetto Hellul, married 1571 Gudja to Maria Pace, with issue. Nobile Lazzaro Hellul, married 1603 Gudja to Valeria Zammit. Nobile Gio Maria Hellul, married 1600 Gudja to Poala Barbara. Nobile Vincenzo Hellul, married 1573 Gudja to Caterina Calleja. Nobile Antonia Hellul, married 1576 Gudja to Nobile Clemente Hellul, (See on this page). Nobile Filippo Hellul, married to Leonora N, with issue. Nobile Benedetto Hellul, married 1563 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Mattea Saliba, with issue. Nobile Vincenza Hellul, married 1597/1604 Kirkop to Pasquale Spiteri, with issue. Nobile Domenica Hellul, married 1601 Valletta to Mro Simone Stuniga. Nobile Domenca Hellul, married 1563 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Sebastiano Camilleri. Nobile Santoro Hellul, married to Cancia N, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Giulio Hellul, married 1512 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Isabella Muscat, with issue. Nobile Lucia Hellul, married 1561 Gudja to Giovanni Spiteri. Nobile Elizabetta Hellul, married 1572 Gudja to Nobile Giovanni Messina. Nobile Lorenzo Hellul, married 1525 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Isabella Pindini, with issue. Nobile Giorlando Hellul, married 1567 Gudja to Giovanna Bonnici, with issue. Nobile Carlo Hellul, married 1590 Cospicua to Paolina Psaila, with issue. Nobile Girolando Hellul, married 1617 Tarxiem to Marietta Gatt, with issue. Nobile Cosimino Hellul sives Ellul, married 1660 Zabbar to Maria Xuereb, with issue. Nobile Andrea Ellul, married 1688 Zabbar to Anna Sciotto, with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Ellul, married 1725 Vittoriosa to Orsola Bonavia, with issue. Nobile Guglielmo Ellul, married (1) 1767 Zabbar to Agnese Pulis, married (2) 1787 Cospicua to Maria Marmara, with issue. (Second marriage) Nobile Maria Anna Ellul, married 1822 Cospicua to Lorenzo Ellul, (see on this page). Nobile Tomaso Ellul, married 1758 Zabbar to Maria Abela. Nobile Maria Ellul, married (1) 1712 Vittoriosa to Rocco Gaetano de Delia, Manumesso. Nobile Marcella Ellul, married 1714 Vittoriosa to Gio Battista Caruana. Nobile Giacinto Ellul, married 1697 Zabbar to Pietro Calafato. Nobile Veronica Ellul, married 1666 Zabbar to Pasquale Camilleri. Nobile Andrianna Ellul, married 1622 Senglea to Angelo Axisa. Nobile Maisi Hellul, married 1603 Qormi to Marietta Falzon. Nobile Geronimo Hellul, married 1519 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Imperia Axach. Nobile Petruzzu Hellul, (1375-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Rocco Hellul, (1410-), married with issue. Nobile Petuzzo Hellul, (1440-), married with issue. Nobile Giacomo Hellul, (1460-), married to Margherita N, with issue. Nobile Daimne Hellul, married 1513 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Giorgio Cassar. Nobile Perio Paolo Hellul, married with issue. Nobile Gregorio Hellul, married 1535 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Caterina Cachia, with issue. Nobile Gioannella Hellul, married 1550 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Lerino Grima. Nobile Giacomo Hellul, married to Imperia N, with issue. Nobile Margherita Hellul, married 1541 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Silvestro Mallia. Nobile Francesco Hellul, married 1544 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Caterina Mallia, with issue. Nobile Battista Hellul,. married 1581 Vittoriosa to Paolina Lombardo. Nobile Tomaso Hellul, married with issue. Nobile Valenza Hellul,married 1594 Zejtun to Mro Nobile Carlo Chiumi, (See above). Nobile Domenica Hellul, married 1561 Gudja to Sebastiano Camilleri. Nobile Paolo Hellul, married to Maria N, with issue. Nobile Berto Hellul, married 1515 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Agnese Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Pietro Hellul, married 1550 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Antonia Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Sebastiano Constantino Hellul, married 1574 Gudja to Caterina Cassar, with issue. Nobile Valentina Hellul, married 1599 Valletta to Martino Grech. Nobile Renato Hellul, married 1574 Gudja to Marietta Grima. Nobile Salvatore Hellul, married 1602 Gudja to Agata Farrugia. Nobile Paolo Hellul, married 1561 Gudja to Agnese Cassar, with issue. Nobile Giacomo Hellul, married 1588 Gudja to Giovanna Zinghel. Nobile Antonella Hellul, married 1582 Zejtun to Mariano Carbon, with issue. Lorenzo Carbon sives Carabott, married 1624 Zejtun to Maria Zandar, with issue. Blasco Pasquale Carabott, married 1654 Zejtun to Cleria Agius, with issue. Giovanni Carabott, married 1696 Vittoriosa to Giovanna d’Andrea, with issue. Francesco Carabott, married 1733 Valletta to Clara Spiteri, with issue. Rosa Maria Carabott, married 1761 Valletta to Giuseppe Lorenzo Imbroll. Nobile Gioannella Hellul, married 1590 Zejtun to Gusmano Mallia. Nobile Vittoria Hellul, married 1598 Senglea to Gabriele Rosso. Nobile Domenica Hellul, married 1603 Cospicua to Pietro Pierri of St Tropez, France. Nobile Giacomo Hellul, married 1568 Birkirkara to Francesca Attard, with issue. Nobile Caterina Hellul, married 1607 Valletta to Giuseppe Dalli. Nobile Salvatore Hellul, married with issue. Nobile Domenica Hellul, married 1592 Kirkop to Pasquale Mallia.


[1]: Francesco Howard’s parents were Giovanni Howard and Maria Amalia Arcidiacono, who married 1832 Valletta. Giovanni Howard was from England and Maria Amalia parents were Francesco Arcidiacono and Maria Teresa Orsi. Francesco Arcidiacono was from Catania, Sicily and his wife, Maria Teresa Orsi parents were Gio Battista Orsi and Rosa di Rocco, also from Sicily.