Dingli Family (1)
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Antoine de Dinkville, French Knight from Anjou, France, served under the Anjou Kings and Queens of Naples, then retired to Malta due to his brother-in-law purchase of fief., married to Joanna di Tarento, with issue.
1. Milite Ferrante di Dinkille, married to his first cousin, Chiusa di Tarento, with issue.
1.1. Fra Agostino Dinkille. dunm.(c 1419).
1.2. Milite Lorenzo Dinkille, (c 1419), married to Manfreda Mahanuc, with issue.
1.2.1. Milite Ferrante Dinkile, married to Yolanda Mahanuc, with issue. Milite Paolo Dinkile, (c 1480), married to Nobile Lucrezia de Candida di Montaperta, with issue. Fra. Lius Dingli, (c 1530), dunm. Milite Baldassare Dingli, married to Nobile Chiusa Gravina di Consorti, with issue. Fra Paolo Dingli. Fra Filippo Dingli. Antonella Dingli, married to Matteo Mangiuni. Fra Geronimo Dingli. Admiral Ferrante Dingli, (appointed Admiral in the Maltese island c. 1500), married to Nobile Agata Gravina di Consorti, with issue. Admiral Niccolo Dingli, (c 1560), married (c. 1530) to Caterina de Dingli, (see below), with issue. Mro Pietro Dingli, married (1) 1560 to Antonina Fenech, married (2) 1584 Qormi to Agata Ciantar, married (3) 1593 Qormi to Agata Bondino, married (4) 1594 to Imperia Musu sives Muxi, with issue. (First marriage) Andrea Dingli, married Domenica .., with issue. Speranza Dingli, married 1623 to Salvo Mamo. Carlo Dingli, married 1632 to Grazia Dingli, (See above). Caterina Dingli, married 1585 Attard to Francesco Tanti. Giovanna Dingli, married 1581 Attard to Nicola Galea. (Second marriage) Angelo Dingli, married 1614 Qormi to Antonina Ellul. (Fourth marriage) Domenico Dingli, married 1613 to Agata Fenech, with issue. Pietro Dingli, married 1678 to Maria Agius, with issue. Evangelista Dingli, married 1706 to Giuseppe Galea. Teresa Dingli, married 1704 to Paolo Debono. Caterina Dingli, married 1716 Mosta to Berto Muscat. Gio Maria Dingli, married 1675 to Caterina Micallef, with issue. Evangelista Dingli, married 1705 to Domenico Sammut. Maria Dingli, married 1715 Mosta to Gio Maria Schembri. Caterina Dingli, married 1654 to Mariano Bartolo., with issue. Marcella Bartolo, married 1677 Mosta to Leonardo Muscat, with issue. Antonia Muscat, married 1719 Valletta to Claudino Lombardo, with issue. Maddalena Lombardo, married 1752 Valletta to Antonio Falzon. Domenico Bartolo, married 1681 Lija to Domenica Muscat, with issue. Lucrezia Bartolo, married 1713 Lija to Andrea Bezzina. Maria Bartolo, married 1682 Mosta to Grazio Busuttil. Clemenza Dingli, married 1663 to Gio Maria Portelli. Antonio Dingli, married 1630 Zebbug to Imperia Psaila. Clemenza Dingli, married 1630 Attard to Gio Maria Xiberras. Grazia Dingli, married 1625 to Pietro Agius. Bernardo Dingli, married 1633 Attard to Nobile Caterina Attard dei Baroni di Ginelfar and Migulup, with issue. Domencia Dingli, married 1653 to Geronimo Muscat. Maria Dingli, married 1656 to Battista Foban. Gio Paolo Dingli, married 1678 Lija to Maria Galea, with issue. Grazia Dingli, married 1706 to Salvo Debono, married 1721 to Pietro Gauci. Giuseppe Dingli, married (1) 1705 Valletta to Isabella Borg, married (2) 1711 Valletta to Diana Barbara, married (3) 1715 Siggiewi to Grazia Buttigieg, with issue. (Second marriage) Gio Battista Dingli, married 1737 Vittoriosa to Geronima Portelli, with issue. Teresa Dingli, married 1773 Cospicua to Antonio Cachia. Maria Dingli, married 1765 Cospicua to Giuseppe Cachia. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1762 Cospicua to Rosa Baldacchino, with issue. Teresa Dingli, married 1783 Cospicua to Giovanni Saliba. Vincenza Dingli, married 1783 Cospicua to Gio Maria Borg. Caterina Dingli, married 1796 Cospicua to Giovanni Gatt. Salvatore Dingli, married 1778 Balzan to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1803 Senglea to Anna Maria Farrugia, with issue. Caterina Dingli, married 1832 Cospicua to Salvatore Carabott. Vittoria Dingli, married (1) 1836 Cospicua to Michele Abela, married (2) 1837 Cospicua to Giuseppe Magro. Anna Dingli, married 1749 Cospicua to Michele Deidun. (Third marriage) Giovanni Dingli, married 1746 Mdina to Nobile Agata Bartolo, with issue. Saverio Dingli, married (1) 1777 Mdina to Contessa Maria dei Baroni Inguanez, de Jure 13th Barone di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon, (2) 1802 Mdina to Maria Gauci, married (3) 1823 Mdina to Angela Borg, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Giovanni Dingli, married 1806 Mosta to Maria Schembri, with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Dingli, De Jure 14th Barone di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon,  married 1832 Mosta to Antonia Deguara, with issue. Nobile Gerolamo Dingli, De Jure 15th Barone di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon, married 1872 to Carmela Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Innocenzo Dingli, De Jure 16th Barone di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon, married 1909 to Maria Dolores Attard, with issue. Nobile Joseph Dingli Attard, (1916-90), De Jure 17th Barone di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon, married 1947 to Maria Gaetana Sapiano-Miggiani, with issue. Nobile Dr. Marcel Dingli Attard, Ph.D, 18th Barone di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon, (1951-98), married (1) 1977 to Monica Katherine Drummond, Married (2) 1981 to Mary Anne Bohnert-Kohake, B.Sc, with issue. (Second Marriage)Nobile Caroline Attard Dingli, 19th Baroness di Ortigos del Panades in Aragon,  (1982 -., married 2012 Naxxar to Chevalier Andrew Brown K.StG, with issue. Nobile Genevieve Imperia Dingli-Attard Inguanez Brown, Baronesscina di Ortigos,  (2015-. Nobile Alexandra Dingli Attard., (1984-, married to Caleb Daniel Dermyer, with issue. Nobile Josef Peace Daniel Dermyer, (2024 -. Nobile Carmela Dingli, married to Ganni Mamo, with issue. Olga Mamo, married to Carmelo Scicluna, with issue. Josephine Scicluna, (d. 2012), married to John Calleja., with issue. Clint Calleja, B.A, MA., (Artist). Melvin Calleja. Anna Scicluna. Cettina Scicluna  Raymond Scicluna. Diana Scicluna. Nobile Giovanni Dingli, married 1869 Mosta to Carmela Micallef, with issue. Nobile Maria Carmela Dingli Micallef. (illegitimate with Indian Prince, while in Malta) Maria Concetta de Dingli Micallef, married 1901 Vittoriosa to Emanuele Griscti. Nobile Maria Dingli, married 1863 Mosta to Marcello Vella. Nobile Consolata Dingli, married 1872 Mosta to Antonio Said. Nobile Evangelista Dingli, married 1888 Mosta to Matteo Agius. Nobile Caterina Dingli, married 1846 Mosta to Gio Paolo Vella. Nobile Grazia Dingli, married 1850 Mosta to Paolo Sammut. Nobile Evangelista Dingli, married 1853 Mosta to Gio Maria Agius. Nobile Matteo Dingli, married 1823 Mdina to Maria Gauci, with issue. Nobile Vincenza Dingli, married 1858 Mdina to Giuseppe Vella, with issue. Maria Rosa Vella, married 1880 Mdina to Francesco Sammut. Nobile Rosa Dingli, married (1) 1801 Mdina to Salvatore Gauci, married (2) 1820 Mdina to Gaetano Galea. Nobile Anna Dingli, married 1809 Mdina to Michele Gauci. (Second marriage) Antonio Dingli, married 1831 Mdina to Grazia Galea, with issue. Saverio Dingli, married 1898 Ste Croix, Tunisia to Regina Sammut. Tomaso Dingli, married 1856 Mdina to Giovanna Cortis, with issue. Maria Dingli, married 1866 Mdina to Salvatore Galea. Francesco Saverio Dingli, married 1860 Mdina to Domenica Zerafa, with issue. Salvatore Dingli, married 1899 Mdina to Cajetana Bartoli. Tomaso Dingli, married 1886 Mdina to Orsola Deguara. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1894 Mdina to Grazia Portelli. Maria Dingli, married 1886 Mdina to Vincenzo Micallef. Giovanna Dingli, married 1895 Mdina to Giovanni Micallef. Antonia Dingli, married 1901 Mdina to Carmelo Calleja. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1880 Mdina to Modesta Dingli, (See below). Pietro Dingli, married 1842 Mdina to Laurica Formosa, with issue. Francesco Saverio Dingli, (1846-1903), married 1868 Mdina to Maria Maddalena Azzopardi, with issue. Carmelo Auguste Dingli, (1880 Tunisia – 1953), married to Josephine Marie Cordina, with issue. Charlot sives Charles Dingli, (1923-1993), married to Alice Jacqueline Gunset, with issue. Bernard Georges Dingli, (1954-. Maria Dingli, married 1871 Mdina to Francesco Galea. Maria Carmela Dingli, married 1877 Mdina to Gio Maria Abela. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1840 Mdina to Maria Anna Taliana, with issue. Saverio Dingli, married 1865 Mdina to Bernarda Xicluna. Modesta Dingli, married 1880 Mdina to Giuseppe Dingli, (See above). (Third marriage) Maria Dingli, married 1844 Mdina to Antonio Zerafa. Nicola Dingli, married 1775 Naxxar to N. Abejer. Maria Dingli, married 1772 Attard to Francesco Frendo. Paolo Dingli, married 1739 Cospicua to Teresa Grima, with issue. Maria Dingli, married 1760 Cospicua to Giovanni Abdilla. Anna Margherita Dingli, married 1756 Vittoriosa to Andrea Caruana. Maria Dingli, married 1743 Mqabba to Agostino Attard. Gio Maria Dingli, married 1717 to Grazia Bugeja., with issue. Giovanna Dingli., married 1755 Valletta to Francesco Caruana. Sapienza Dingli, married 1727 to Lorenzo Falzon. Tomaso Dingli, married 1716 to Maria Falzon, with issue. Paulo Dingli, married 1761 to Anna Maria Delicata, with issue. Tomaso Dingli, married 1788 to Antonia Pace with issue. Publio Dingli, (d. 1863), married Paternia Sammut, with issue. Tomaso Dingli, (1836-1854). Benedetto Dingli, (1832-96), married Carmela Fleri, with issue. Giovanni Dingli, (1865-1927), married Elena Scerri, with issue. Giovanni Dingli, (1901-69), married Egitzia Sammut-Inglott, with issue. Jene Dingli. Frank Xavier Dingli, (1924-, married Josephine Tabone-Valletta, with issue. John D. Dingli, (1955-, married Joanna Borg-Costanzi, with issue. Maximillian Dingli, (1982-. Anna Dingli, (1987-. Francesca Dingli, married Mario Rodenas, with issue. (Natural child from Joseph Farrugia and adopted) Sorcha Hogan, (1974-. (from marriage) Dylan Rodenas, (1980-. (from marriage) Elenora Rodenas, (1986-. Rosanne Dingli, married (1) to Antoine Musu, married (2) to Hugo Bouckaret, with issue. (First marriage) Benlid Musu, (1978-, married to Sara N, with issue. Enzo Musu, (2006-. Rudi Musu, (2007-. Mal Musu, (1984-, married to Scarlet Storm Russo. (Second marriage) Ravenna Bouckaert. Ramon Bouckaert. Godfrey Dingli, (1927-, married 1953 to Carmen Vassallo, with issue. Mariella Camilla Dingli, (1954-, married Ian Hamilton, with issue. Raphael William Dingli, (1955-, married Sonia Esquivel. Peter Paul Dingli, (1957-, married 1986 to Gillian Claire Ross, with issue. Nicholas Ross Dingli, (1989-. Hannah Isabell Dingli, (1987-. Martin John Dingli, (1960-., married Catherine Bonner. Anna Bernardette Dingli, (1964-, married Malcolm McGown, with issue. Mario Dingli, married Molly Agius-Gilbert, with issue. Marcel Dingli. Michel Dingli. Monique Dingli, married Michael Parsons. Roberto Dingli, (1897-1982),. married 1922 to Franceschina Pandolfino, with issue. Mary Dingli, (1923-, married Anthony Scicluna, with issue. John Dingli, (1926-, married 1950 to Lillian Ellul-Mercer, with issue. Sandra May Dingli, (1952-., married 1975 to Joseph Mercieca. Robert Dingli, (1956-, married Lucienne Pellegrini Petit with issue. Christopher Dingli, (1981-. Edward Dingli, (1988-. Jessica Dingli, ( 1984-. Marilyn Dingli, (1954-, married 1977 to David di Cara, with issue. Christine Angela Dingli, (1956-., married 1978 to Alexander Attard., with issue. Lina Dingli, (1927-, married 1950 to Victor Borg-Costanzi, with issue. Antoinette Dingli, (1928-, married 1952 to Victor Diacono, with issue. Josephine Dingli, (1929-, married 1951 to Anthony Gerada, with issue. Eileen Dingli, (1933-, married 1956 to John Valenzia, with issue. Benedict Dingli, (1925-, married Alice Zammut Lupi, with issue. Kevin Dingli, (1959-, married Caroline Curmi, with issue. Robert Dingli. David Dingli, (1961-, married Gabriella Micallef. Vincenzo Dingli, (1903-29), married Mary Theuma, with issue. Vivien Dingli. Elena Dingli, married John Camenzuili, with issue. John Dingli. Godfrey Dingli, married Inge … Luigi Dingli, (1908-75), married Violet Wain, with issue. Dorothy Dingli, married Roberto Vassallo., with issue. Margaret Dingli, married N.N. Magro. Benedetto Dingli. Emmanuele Dingli, (1856-1907). Publio Dingli, (died 1902). Martia Calcedonia Dingli, (1818-80). Publio Dingli. Gioacchino Dingli, married 1738 Valletta to Francesca Galea, with issue. Caterina Dingli, married 1777 Valletta to Francesco Schembri. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1776 Zurrico to Maria Falzon, with issue. Salvatore Dingli, married 1803 Valletta to Anna Gerada, with issue. Francesca Dingli, married to Pietro Paolo Naudi. Francesco Dingli, married 1719 Valletta to Battistina Magro, with issue. Michele Angelo Dingli, married 1745 Valletta to Vittoria Xicluna, with issue. Marco Dingli, married (1) 1781 Senglea to Maria Micallef, married (2) 1786 Valletta to Anna Pace, with issue. (Second marriage) Gaetana Dingli, married 1815 Valletta to Nobile Antonio Debono. Anna Dingli, married 1803 Valletta to Gaetano Ellul. Vittoria Dingli, married 1806 Valletta to Vincenzo Arnaud. Gioacchina Dingli, married 1808 Valletta to Michele Agius. Ignazio Dingli, married (1) 1710 Valletta to Palma Bezzina, married (2) 1733 Valletta to Anna Maria Durbia, formerwife of Francesco Maure, with issue. (First marriage) Anna Dingli, married 1737 Cospicua to Filippo Busuttil. Clara Dingli, married 1738 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Debono. Maria Dingli, married (1) 1753 Valletta to Antonio Magro, married (2) 1754 Valletta to Antonio Briffa. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Dingli, married 1760 Valletta to Agostina Alunna di Fra Jean Baptiste Hubert Magdelon de Vintimille, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, with issue. Salvatore Dingli, married 1816 Valletta to Maria Teresa Camilleri. Fortunata Dingli, married 1756 Valletta to Nobile Michele Angelo Orsini. Maddalena Dingli, married 1763 Valletta to Enrico Mintoff. Gio Paolo Dingli, married 1631 Cospicua to Domenichella Torpiano. Giuseppe Dingli. Lorenzo Dingli, ( c 1480).
1.2.2. Fra. Agostino Dinkile.
1.2.3. Salvo Dinkile, with issue. Antonio Dingli, (c 1480), with issue. Salvo Dingli, with issue. Agostino Dingli, with issue. Baldassare Dingli. Stefano Dingli. Baldassare Dingli, (c 1490), married to Caterina.., with issue. Giorlando Dingli, married to Margarita…, with issue. Dianora Dingli, married 1534 to Ambrosio Mallia. Giovanni Dingli, married 1535 to Naura Sacco, with issue Mararita Dingli, married 1572 to Giovanni Vassallo. Marino Dingli, married Caterina.., with issue. Leonardo Dingli, married 1612 to Maria Seichel, with issue. Andrea Dingli, married 1636 to Leonora Agius. Domenico Dingli, married 1597 Mdina to Imperia Parnis, with issue. Marietta Dingli, married (1) 1623 Cospicua to Giovanni Grech, married (2) 1623 Siggiewi to Sig Giacomo Pasciani, with issue. (Second marriage) Stefania Pasciani, married (1) 1642 Cospicua to Capt Marco delli Fragnay of Venice, married (2) 1646 Cospicua to Enrico Hem of England, married (3) 1655 Cospicua to Filippo Brun of Marseille, France, with issue. (Third marriage) Domenichella Brun, married 1674 Cospicua to Antonio Antrinet, with issue. Appollonia Antrinet, married 1692 Cospicua to Mario la Perna, with issue. Maria la Perna, married 1720 Vittoriosa to Antonio Pagliares of Palma, Spain, with issue. Caterina Pagliares, married 1758 Vittoriosa to James Cole of England, with issue. Giuseppe Cole, married 1794 Cospicua to Caterina Farrugia. Francesco Cole, married 1803 Valletta to Giuseppa Farrugia. Maria Cole, married 1786 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Saliba. Olimpia Cole, married 1794 Vittoriosa to Carole Francesco Gassa de Puray. Scolastica la Perna, married 1734 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Franches, with issue. Pietro Franches, married 1771 Vittoriosa to Scolastica Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Frances, married (1) 1800 Zabbar to Caterina Minuti, married (2) 1802 Vittoriosa to Elizabetta Despott, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Anna Frances, married 1837 Cospicua to Antonio Tabone. Giovanni Frances, married 1801 Vittoriosa to Maria Spiteri. Aloisio Frances, married 1815 Valletta to Margherita Micallef. Maria Frances, married 1796 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Micallef. Antonina Frances, married 1807 Vittoriosa to Salvatore Busuttil. Caterina Frances, married 1811 Vittoriosa to Filippo Farrugia. Anna Pasciani, married 1676 Senglea to Coleiro di Giacomo. Caterina Dingli, married 1645 to Gio Paolo Seichel. Maria Dingli, married 1636 to Giovanni Buttigieg. Giovanni Dingli, married 1638 to Margherita Azzopardi, with issue. Antonio Dingli, married 1670 to Grazia Agius. Caterina Dingli, married 1664 to Domenico Magro. Lorenzo Dingli, married 1667 to Teresa Caruana, with issue. Maria Dingli, married 1688 to Filippo De Rinaldo. Agostino Dingli, married 1714 to Teresa Debono. Venera Dingli, married 1596 to Gregorio Azzopardi. Gioavanna Dingli, married 1601 to Giulio Azzopardi. Bartolomeo Dingli, married (1) Leonora …, married (2) 1577 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Agata Gatt,  with issue. (First Marriage) Domenico Dingli, married 1600 to Giacobina Sacculli, with issue. Lorenza Dingli, married 1626 to Pietro Bonello. Mario Dingli, married (1) 1636 Siggiewi to Giovanna Buttigieg, married (2) 1651 (Notary Fabrizio Bigeni) to Maria Mangion, with issue. (First marriage) Salvatore Dingli, married 1699 Valletta to Anna Dingli, (See below), with issue. Gio Battista Dingli, married 1732 Valletta to Clodinea Maria Teresa Callus, with issue. Rosalina Dingli, married 1758 Valletta to Michele Giuseppe Decoss. Caterina Dingli, married 1762 Valletta to Barone Guglielmo de Ribera. Maria Teresa Dingli, married 1767 Valletta to Melchiorre Martin. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1722 Senglea to Alessandra Bianco, with issue. Anna Dingli, married 1761 Mdina to Gio Battista Mompalao. (Second marriage) Giovanni Dingli, married 1684 to Norica Cutajar, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1732 to Maria Delicata. Caterina Dingli, married 1722 to Paola Muscat. Speranza Dingli, married 1690 to Gregorio Cutajar. (Second Marriage) Domenica Dingli, married 1626 to Luca Torrenis. Pasquale Dingli, married 1611 to Caterina Pace, with issue. Gio Maria Dingli, married 1658 to Domenico Vella. Valenza Dingli, married 1686 to Giuseppe Fsatini. Paolo Dingli, married 1681 to Maria Buttigieg. Maria Dingli, married 1714 to Gio Maria Schembri. Giovanni Dingli, married 1654 to Matta Debrincat. Speranza Dingli, married 1659 to Michele Calleja. Martino Dingli, married 1638 Mdina to Andrianna Curmi, with issue. Teresa Dingli, married 1659 Mdina to Paolo Zahra. Eleonora Dingli, marrried 1675 Matrice Gozo to Luca Zammit, with issue. Maria Zammit, married 1698 Matrice Gozo to Agostino Vella. Salvatore Zammit, married 1700 Matrice Gozo to Paola Bonavia, with issue. Silvestro Zammit, married 1732 Zebbug, Gozo to Alfonsa Camilleri, with issue. Giorgio Zammit, married 1769 Zebbug, Gozo to Alessandra Cini, with issue. Salvatore Zammit, married 1816 Valletta to Vincenza Tanti, with issue. Pietro Paolo Zammit, married 1866 Valletta to Adelaide Galea, with issue. Susanna Zammit, married 1895 Valletta to Salvatore de Marco. Chco Lazzaro Dingli, married 1621 Vittoriosa to Agata Portelli, with issue. Pasquale Dingli, married 1670 (Notary Gio Domenico Gatt) to Domenica Mallia, with issue. Anna Dingli, married 1699 Valletta to Salvatore Dingli, (see on this page). Agnese Dingli, married 1531 to Giorgio Agius. Andrea Dingli, married 1522 to Giovanna Muscat, with issue Margarita Dingli, married 1584 to Luca Mamo. Milte Salvo Dingli, married 1487 to Garita Amodeo, with issue. Mro Paolo Dingli, married 1510 to Giovanna Ciantar, with issue Mro Lorenzo Dingli, married (1) 1540 to Eufemia Bigeni, Married (2) 1558 to Caterina Magro, with issue. (First Marriage) Imperia Dingli, married 1567 to Andrea Tanti. Marietta Dingli, married 1568 to Mario Zarb. (Second Marriage) Mro Giacomo Dingli, Architect, married 1584 Attard to Caterina Tabone, with issue Luca Dingli, married 1611 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) to Clemenza Borg., with issue. Alessio Dingli, married 1641 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Caterina Grech. Gio Battista Dingli, married 1645 Attard to Paolina Muscat. Gio Paolo Dingli, married 1650 Birkirkara to Domenica Mallia Grazia Angelica Dingli, married 1632 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Mro Carlo Dingli, (See below). Mastro Filippo Dingli, married 1637 Lija to Paolina Agius, married (2) 1651 (Notary Mario Attard) to Clemenza Agius, married (3) 1656 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Francesca Aquilina., with issue. (First Marriage) Dr Gio Batta Dingli JUD, married 1684 Senglea to Grazia Miliotti, with issue. Filippo Dingli., married (1) 1709 Sannat Gozo to Domenichella Zerafa., married (2) 1720 Rabat Gozo to Isabella Agius, married (3) 1733 Rabat Gozo to Anna Busuttil, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Batta Dingli, married (1) 1728 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Cassar., Married (2) 1734 Rabat Gozo to Bibiana Caruana., with issue. (First Marriage) Pietro Paolo Dingli,  married 1748 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Bajada, with issue. Chco Michele Angelo Dingli, married 1772 to Grazia Galea, with issue. Sir Paolo Dingli, G.C.M.G., K.C.M.G., (1781-1867), married 1812 Valletta to Marianna Xuereb, with issue. Sir Adriano Alessandro Dingli, G.C.M.G., K.C.M.G., Chief Justice of Malta (1817-1900), married (1) 1854 Valletta  to Catherine Mamo Doublet. (d.1857)., Married Secondly to Amy Mildred Charlton, with issue. (First Marriage) Paul Dingli. d.inf. 1858. (Second marriage) Major Adrian Dingli C.B., O.B.E, (1881-1945), married 1905 to Geraldine Curwen. Constantia Dingli, dunm. 1852. Michelina Dingli, dunm. 1860. Regina Dingli., married 1804 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Cassar., with issue. Pasquala Cassar., married 1830 to Lorenzo Xuereb. Giovanna Dingli., married 1794 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Debattista.., with issue. Aloiseo Luigi Debattista., married 1820 to Angela Cauchi, with issue. Giorgio Debattista, married 1851 Rabat Gozo to Carmela Lanzon. Giovanna Debattista, married 1846 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Cachia. Rosina Debattista, married 1846 Rabat Gozo to Michele Farrugia. Emmanuela Debattista, married 1855 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Saliba. Orazia Dingli., married 1771 Rabat Gozo to Pietro Paolo Cauchi., with issue. Modesta Cauchi., married 1801 to Salvatore Portelli., with issue. Antonia Portelli., married 1816 to Lorenzo Mizzi. Clara Portelli., married 1818 to Giovanni Buttigieg. Margarita Portelli., married 1821 to Giuseppe Ferriggi. Giuseppe Cauchi., married 1802 to Orsola Debrincat. Rosina Cauchi., married 1816 to Giuseppe Buhagiar. Loreta Cauchi., married 1824 to Michael Angelo Formosa. Angela Dingli., married 1775 Rabat Gozo to Chco. Cosmano Vella, with issue. Daniele Vella, married 1825 Valletta to Anna Debono. Paolo Vella, married 1800 Matrice Gozo to Anna Maria Camilleri, with issue. Lorenzo Vella, married 1830 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Mercieca. Teresa Vella, married 1822 Matrice Gozo to Elia Cini. Maria Vella, married 1831 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Xuereb. Giuseppe Vella, married 1804 Xewkija, Gozo to Alfonsa Mizzi. Maria Vella, married 1797 Rabat Gozo to Moses Abela. Margherita Vella, married 1808 Rabat Gozo to Battista Pace. Francesca Vella, married 1814 Xewkija, Gozo to Salvatore Attard. Maria Dingli., married (1) 1789 to Andrea Galea., married (2) 1825 to Giuseppe Cremona. Gio Battista Dingli, married 1788 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Magro, with issue. Maria Dingli, married 1805 Xewkija, Gozo to Gio Maria Galea. Teresa Dingli, married 1814 Xewkija, Gozo to Paolo Buttigieg, with issue. Giuseppe Buttigieg, married 1842 Valletta to Annunziata Galea, with issue. Vittoria Buttigieg, married 1863 Valletta to Vincenzo Azzopardi. Anna Buttigieg, married 1848 Birkirkara to Angelo Grima. Carmela Buttigieg, married (1) 1851 Birkirkara to Aloisio Baldacchino, married (2) 1860 Birkirkara to Domenico Hyzler. Vincenza Buttigieg, married 1857 Birkirkara to Carmelo Farrugia. Giuseppe Dingli, married (1) 1811 Xewkija, Gozo to Maria Cremona, married (2) 1816 Xewkija, Gozo to Maria Galea, with issue. (Second marriage) Carlo Dingli, married 1839 Xewkija, Gozo to Clara Pace, with issue. Maria Dingli, married 1856 Xewkija Gozo to Salvatore Grima. Teresa Dingli, married 1838 Xewkija, Gozo to Giuseppe Agius. Francesca Dingli, married 1859 Xewkija, Gozo to Francesco Spiteri. Agostino Dingli, married 1814 Xewkija, Gozo to Graziulla Saliba, with issue. Maddalena Dingli, married 1876 Xewkija, Gozo to Lorenzo Xuereb. Battista Dingli, married 1840 Xewkija, Gozo to Teresa Sayd, with issue. Agostino Dingli, married (1) 1877 Xewkija, Gozo to Grazia Pace, married (2) 1903 Xewkija Gozo to Giovanna Debono, with issue. (First marriage) Teresa Dingli, married 1908 Xewkija, Gozo to Carmino Grech. (Second marriage) Battista Dingli, married 1925 Xewkija, Gozo to Carmela Xerri. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1931 Xewkija, Gozo to Francesca Buttigieg. Filippo Dingli, married 1931 Xewkija, Gozo to Maria Xuereb. Pulbio Dingli, married 1934 Xewkija, Gozo to Rita Saliba. (Third marriage) Eugenio Benigno Dingli, married 1753 Rabat Gozo to Graziulla Busuttil, with issue. Filippo Dingli, married 1776 Valletta to Maria Magro. Maria Dingli, married (1) 1780 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Seychel, married (2) 1787 Rabat Gozo to Gio Maria Zerafa. Orsola Dingli, married 1790 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Tabone. Domenica Dingli, married 1656 Attard to Domenico Borg. Giulia Dingli, married 1606 Attard to Gio Paolo Galea. Mastro Tomaso Dingli, Architect, [Times of Malta]; married 1628 to Argentine Dingli, (dau of Bertu and Agata), with issue. Marietta Dingli, married 1641 Attard to Gio Paulo Debono. Grazia Dingli, married 1654 Attard to Giovanni Seichel. Giovanni Dingli, married 1645 Attard  to Caterina Borg. Maria Dingli, married 1647 Attard to Mariano Galea. Pietro Dingli, married 1649 Attard to Maruccia Vella, with issue. Grazia Dingli, married 1698 to Gio Maria Dimech. Evangelista Dingli, married 1683 to Agostino Attard. Florenza Dingli, married 1680 to Benedetto Sant. (See Sant or under Maltese titles under Counts Sant). Giustina Dingli, married 1687 to Francesco Abela. Chco Michele Dingli, married 1667 Birkirkara to Gioannella Agius, with issue. Dr Gio Battista Dingli, married 1703 Valletta to Teresa Vella. Clemenza Dingli, married 1621 Attard to Domenico Mallia. Chco Tomaso Dingli, dunm. Giulia Dingli, married 1606 Attard to Gio Paolo Galea. Clemenzia Dingli, married 1621 Attard to Domenico Mallia. Mro Daniele Dingli, married 1613 MNdina to Marietta Mifsud. Paola Dingli, married 1539 to Giuliano Cauchi. Giovanni Dingli, married 1539 to Vennera Muscat., with issue Teodoro Dingli, married 1571 to Eufemia Azzopardi. Caterina Dingli, married 1568 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Michele Barbara Paolina Dingli, married 1566 (Notary Giuliano Muscat)  to Giuseppe Barbara. Ventura Dingli, married 1541 to Graziano Portelli. Agata Dingli, married 1538 to Antonio Vivier. Gregorio Dingli, married (1) 1546 to Agata Gatt, Married (2) 1568 to Agata Aquilina, with issue (First Marriage) Paolo Dingli, married (1) 1568 to Domenica Sammut, married (2) 1571 to Imperia Formosa., with issue. (First Marriage) Andreanna Dingli, married 1600 to Gio Pietro Zarb. Ottavio Dingli, married 1615 to Domenica Ellul, with issue. Evangelista Dingli, married 1680 to Giuseppe Debono. Paolo Dingli, married 1644 to Maruccia Sant, with issue. Grazio Dingli, married 1670 to Maria Grech, with issue. Grazio Dingli, married 1710 to Angelica de Guevara. Battistino Dingli, married 1654 to Domenica Camilleri, with issue. Caterina Dingli, married 1707 Gharghur to Andrea Mula Alessandro Dingli, married 1697 to Domenica Mamo, with issue. Speranza Dingli, married 1733 Zebbug to Giuseppe Galea Grazia Dingli, married 1741 to Giuseppe Micallef Giuseppe Dingli, married 1742 to Rosa Micallef. Maddalena Dingli, married 1702 Gharghur to Giuseppe Mula Alberto Dingli, married 1577 to Agata Gatt, with issue. Domenica Dingli, married 1627 to Francesco Camilleri. Married 1628 to Lucca Torrensi. Argentina Dingli, married 1628 to Tomaso Dingli, (see on this page). Mco Saverio Dingli, married 1621 Messina, Sicily to Donna Teresa Sayd, with issue. Don. John Battista Dingli b. 1627 Malta d. 1659 Malta, dunm. Donna Speranza Dingli, Principessa di Bibino Magno, married 1649 Zebbug, Malta to Principe. Salvatore Sayd. Domenico Dingli, married 1622 Messina Sicily to Paolina, Manumessa di Ruffo, with issue. Ortensio Dingli, married 1649 Zebbug to Domenichella Azzopardi, with issue. Sapeinza Dingli, married 1683 Zebbug to Domenico Portelli, with issue. Lorenzo Portelli, married 1742 Qormi to Anna Borg, with issue. Rosa Portelli, married 1781 Qormi to Vincenzo Zammit. Chevalier Tommaso Dingly, Sicilian Knight, married 1658 Vittoriosa to Argenta Drake, with issue. Ippolita Dingli Drake, married 1674 Vittoriosa to Gio Luca Bezzina, with issue. Caterina Bezzina, married 1691 Birkirkara to Giacomo Buttigieg. Margherita Dingli, married 1620 Siggiewi to Mro Consalvo Farrugia. (Second Marriage) Notary Matteo Dingli, married 1588 to Leonora Falsone, with issue. Domenico Dingli, married 1622 to Valenza Caruana, with issue. Nataliza Dingli, married 1636 to Pascale Schembri. Pascale Dingli, married 1676 to Caterina Mamo. Paolina Dingli, married 1644 to Domenico Galea. Giovanna Dingli, married 1568 to Antonio Camilleri. Luca Dingli, married 1569 to Antonia Magro, with issue. Antonio Dingli, married 1618 to Agata…, with issue. Pascale Dingli, married 1676 to Evangelista Attard. Agostino Dingli, married Giovanna …, with issue. Caterina Dingli, married 1540 to Giovanni Terrana. Teramo Dingli, married 1513 to Lucia Bonavia. Nicolo Dingli, married Caterina…, with issue. Garita Dingli, married 1532 to Antonello Bonello. Francesca Dingli, married 1537 to Matteo Cafor. Fra. Mario Dingli.
1.3. Filippo Dinkille, (c 1419), with issue.
1.3.1. Fra. Ferrante Dinkille, with issue. Fra. Ferrante Dinkile, with issue. Fra. Antonio Dingli, with issue. Filippo Dingli.
1.3.2. Fra Antonio Dinkile.
2. Fra. Antonio Dinkille.
3. Pietro Dinkille, (c 1419), married his first cousin, Sibille di Tarento, with issue.
3.1. Antonio Dinkille, (c 1419), married to Freda Zumahac, with issue.
3.1.1. Fra. Michele Dinkile.
3.2. Giorgio Dinkille, married to Willma Zumahac, with issue.
3.2.1. Luigi Dinkile, with issue. Giorgio Dingli, with issue. Pietro Dingli, with issue. Antonio Dingli, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, married to Paola N, with issue. Gio Maria Paolo Dingli, married 1633 Valletta to Orsola Sereni. Giuseppe Dingli. Luca Dingli, married to Margarita N, with issue. Agata Dingli, married 1572 Siggiewi to Nobile Marco Bonnici. Gioannella Dingli, married 1569 Siggiewi to Antonio Camilleri. Francesco Dingli, married 1540 Mdina to Bernarda de Dingly, (see below), with issue. N. Dingli, married 1561 Siggiewi to Mariano Psaila. Antonella Dingli, married to Bartolomeo Leone Cares sives Chares, with issue. Francesco Cares, married 1550 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Margherita Cauchi. Giovanna Cares, married 1559 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Giuseppe Xuereb, married (2) (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Damiano Ciantar. Tomaso Cares, married (1) 1566 to Lucia Gristi, married (2) 1572 Mdina to Margherita Mifsud, with issue. (First marriage) Margherita Cares, married 1593 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Mariano Farrugia. (Second marriage) Francesca Cares, married 1617 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Bernardo Grima. Damiano Cares, married 1610 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Margherita Mifsud, with issue. Gioannella Cares, married 1646 Dingli to Gio Paolo Galea, with issue Gabriele Galea, married 1680 Attard to Caterina Serra, with issue. Petruzzo Galea, married 1708 Zebbug to Anna Saura. Caterina Cares, married 1617 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Pancrazio Cardona. Domenica Cares, married 1597 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Giuseppe Farrugia. Giovanna Cares, married (1) 1604 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Giacomo Gambino, married (2) 1604 (Notary Simone Galea) to Pasquale Vella.
3.2.2. Pietro Dingli.
3.3. Fra. Lius Dinkille.

Dingli Family (2)

1. Henry Dingley of Cliviger, England. ‘Temp. Henry III 1216-72′., with issue.
1.1. Matthew Dingley, Landgrant 1269., with issue.
1.1.1. John Dingley of Cliviger, England.
1.1.2. Adam Dingley of Clithero, England.
1.1.3. Richard Dingley, married 1390 to Beatrix N.N, with issue. Richard Dingley, married to Eleanor Handsacre. John Dingley, married Beatrix Oglander. Robert Dingley, Sheriff of Hants, England 1393, married Margaret Comyn, with issue. Robert Dingley, Sheriff of Hants, England, 1424, married to Jane Buers, with issue William Dingley, married to Margaret Foscott, with issue. Robert Dingley. Stephen Dingley, married with issue. John Dingley of Isles of Wight, married Mabel Weston, with issue. Ven. Sir Thomas Dingley, Knight of the Order of St John, Prior of the League of England. Executed in London 1539. Lived in Malta for a time and also had several children. (illegitimate with Antonina de la Pole Vassallo) Giovanni Pietro de Dingly, married (1) 1550 Naxxar to Richilde Fenech, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanna Dingli, married 1574 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) to Agostino Grima. Geronimo Dingli, married 1591 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Nobile Clemenza Vassallo, with issue. Margherita Dingli, married 1605 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Chco Pietro Zarb, married 1624 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Alberto Bonanno. (Second marriage) Angelo Dingli, married 1614 Qormi to Antonia Schembri, with issue. Agostino Dingli, married 1655 Luqa to Gioannella Tonna, with issue. Michele Angelo Dingli, married 1695 Valletta to Nobile Persia de Fiore, with issue. Pietro Dingli, married 1748 Mosta to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Michele Angelo Dingli, married 1778 Valletta to Maria Mirabella, with issue. Saveria Dingli, married 1771 Qormi to Chco Antonio Mifsud. Anna Dingli, married 1775 Qormi to Giuseppe Bonello. Partemia Dingli, married (1) 1716 Qormi to Giovanni Casha, Captain of Curmi, married (2) 1732 Qormi to Gio Maria Azzopardi. Maddalena Dingli, married 1728 Qormi to Filippo Camilleri. Don Biagio Dingli, (mentioned in 1748 by Notary Arcangelo Pullicino), Priest, dunm. Don Paolo Dingli, (mentioned in 1748 by Notary Arcangelo Pullicino), Priest, dunm. Antonia Dingli, married 1685 (Notary Gio Domenico Gatt) to Gio Domenico Ellul. Domenico Dingli, married 1645 Mqabba to Maruzza Gauci, with issue. Martino Dingli, (mentioned by Notary Gio Domenico Gatt 1693), married 1680 Qormi to Teresa Galdes, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, (mentioned by Notary Gio Domenico Gatt 1693), married 1747 Valletta to Giovanna Micallef, with issue. Vincenzo Dingli, married 1784 Valletta to Grazia Sultana, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1811 Vittoriosa to Graziulla d’Arena. Carmela Dingli, married 1806 Valletta to Tomaso Valletta. Maria Rosa Dingli, married 1809 Cospicua to Emanuele Pace, with issue. Andrea Pace, married 1838 Valletta to Marianna Camilleri. Grazia Dingli, married 1768 Qormi to Giovanni Cilia. Maria Dingli, married 1775 Qormi to Salvatore Borg. Salvatore Dingli, married (1) 1720 Qormi to Veneranda Casha. Francesco Dingli, married (1) 1746 Valletta to Maria Galea, married (2) 1755 Balzan, married to Anna Zammit, married (3) 1780 Qormi to Anna di Parth, with issue. (Second marriage) Gio Maria Dingli, married 1784 Gharghur to Giovanna Fenech, with issue. Angelo Dingli, married 1822 Balzan to Clara Curmi, with issue. Michele Dingli, married 1850 Attard to Annunziata Schembri. Vincenzo Dingli, married 1860 Valletta to Saveria Schembri, with issue. Spirdione Dingli, married 1902 Msida to Filippa Zarb, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1939 to Kathleen Owens, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Nobile Alice Dingli, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1975 to Professor Stephen Gatt, OAM, MOM, KM. Nobile Monica Dingli, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1966 Hamrun to Ariel Fiorini. Annunziato Dingli, married 1850 Attard to Caterina Brincat. Giovanna Dingli, married 1860 Attard to Simone Mamo. Salvatore Dingli, married (1) 1810 Attard to Rosa Calleja, married (2) 1831 Attard to Rosa Chetcuti, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Dingli, married 1840 Attard to Saverio Attard. (Second marriage) Saverio Dingli, married 1867 Attard to Teresa Borg. Giuseppe Dingli, married 1867 Attard to Teresa Borg. Maria Dingli, married 1780 Balzan to Angelo Schembri. Veneranda Dingli, married 1781 Balzan to Francesco Fenech. Domenico Dingli, married (1) 1780 Qormi to Rosa Mangion, married (2) 1750 Birkirkara to Margherita Genius, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Dingli, married 1747 Qormi to Lorenzo Mangion. Teresa Dingli, married 1748 Qormi to Francesco Schembri. Gio Maria Dingli, married (1) 1728 Qormi to Giuseppa Grech, married (2) 1751 Qormi to Maria Borg. Pietro Dingli, married 1750 Birkirkara to Rosa Borg, with issue. Teresa Dingli, married 1769 Qormi to Ignazio Micallef. Cecilia Dingli, married 1759 Zebbug to Gio Maria Cilia. Antonia Dingli, (mentioned by Notary Gio Domenico Gatt 1693). Mco Gregorio Dingli, married (1) 1636 (Notary Mario Attard) to Caterina Schembri, married (2) 1673 (Notary Gio Domenico Gatt) to Maria Magro, married (3) 1694 Gharghur to Speranza Aquilina, with issue. (First marriage) Natalizia Dingli, married 1657 Naxxar to Nicastro Tonna. Don Blasio Dingli, Priest, (iTestamento 1693 by Notary Gio Domenico Gatt). Margherita Dingli, married 1620 Attard to Matteo Schembri. Don Florio Dingli, Priest, (Mentioned 1593 by Giuseppe Caxaro), dunm. Don Gio Domenico Dingli, Priest, (Mentioned 1593 by Giuseppe Caxaro), dunm. Don Gio Paolo Dingli, Priest, (Mentioned 1593 by Giuseppe Caxaro), dunm. Giovannella Dingli, married to Nicola Galea. (illegitimate with Antonina de la Pole VassalloGiuseppe de Dingly, married 1570 to Vincenza Xeberras, with issue. Giuseppe Dingli, (Inventaire 1613 by Notary Simone Galea and 1657 by Notary Giovanni Azzopardi), married to Paola Felici, with issue. Flaminea Dingli, (Mentionned by Notary Simone Galea), married 1620 Dingli to Giuseppe Asciach. Chco Francesco Dingli, (Mentionned by Notary Simone Galea), married 1620 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Gioannella Muscat. Chco Gio Maria Dingli, (Mentionned by Notary Simone Galea), married to Orsola Sereni. Marietta Dingli, (Mentionned by Notary Simone Galea), married to Gio Paolo Asciach. (illegitimate with Antonina de la Pole Vassallo) Bernarda de Dingly, married 1540 Mdina to Francesco Dingli, (see above). (illegitimate with Antonina de la Pole Vassallo) Caterina de Dingly, married 1530 to Nicola Dingli, (see above). Mark Dingley, married Anne Cresswell, with issue. James Dingley. Richard Dingley. John Dingley, (c1560), married to Elisabeth Lundsford, with issue. Richard Dingley of Essex, married Anne N.N, with issue. Sir. John Dingley Kt, of Isles of Wight, married 1611 to Jane Hammond, with issue. John Dingley. Robert Dingley, (c1619) Rector of Brightstone, Isles of Wight. Charles Dingley (died 1700 at Winchester), married with issue. Alan Dingley, married with issue. John Dingley. Robert Dingley of St Helens, London, married 1700 to Susanna Elkin, with issue. Rebecca Dingley, (1701-), married 1717 to Francis Tratt, with issue. Anne Dingley., (1702-) Prudence Dingley, (1703-) Olive Dingley, (1704-) Anne Dingley, (1706-) Elkin Dingley, (1709-) Henry Dingley, (1712- Mary Dingley. Frances Dingley. Jane Dingley. Eliza Dingley. Penelope Dingley. Elizabeth Dingley, married Richard Fitzherbert. Elizabeth Dingley, married to Sir John Leigh Kt. Mabel Dingley, married Barbabus Leigh. Mabel Dingley. Anne Dingley. Mary Dingley, married to Sir William Moore Kt. of Lozeley. Anne Dingley. Margaret Dingley.