“The family of Metaxa of Chios”

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1. Marcantonio Metaxifled Constantinople 1453 and established in Cephalonie, married to Caterina Cornari, to with issue.

1.1. Angelo Metaxi, married to Marietta de Caopena, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Metaxi, married to Barbara de’Ferreri, with issue. Giovanni Metaxi, married to Vincenza Giustiniani, with issue. Giorgio Metaxi, Sindaco de Cephalonie 1593, married to Mencia Giustiniani, with issue. Barbara Metaxi, married 1583 Birgu, Malta to Domenico Napolitano. Petruzza Metaxi, married 1605 Valletta, Malta to Vittorio de Fiore. Luisi Metaxi, married 1611 Valletta to Leonora de Novi. Caterina Metaxi, married 1624 Valletta to Dr Pietro de Franches JUD, with issue. Mco Carlo de Franches, married 1681 Valletta to Anna Maria Palazzo, with issue. Pietro de Franches, married 1707 Qormi to Caterina Ellul. Dr Martino Metaxi JUD, married 1628 Valletta to Marietta Micallef, with issue. Lucrezia Metaxi, married 1675 Valletta to Don Antonio Palmeri, with issue. Pasqua Palmeri, married 1686 Valletta to Achille Vassallo. Giovannella Metaxi, married 1675 Valletta to Chco Francesco Loperno. Teodora Metaxi, married (1) 1654 Valletta to Simone Prevost, married (2) 1669 Valletta to Gio Maria Galea. Dianora Metaxi, married 1646 Valletta to Domenico Gatt. Mro Giuseppe Metaxi, married 1655 Valletta to Francesca Vella, with issue. Margarita Metaxi, married 1679 Valletta to Mco Carlo Mifsud, with issue. Francesca Mifsud-Metaxi, married 1694 Mdina to Giuseppe Mifsud. Margherita Mifsud-Metaxi, married 1705 Mdina to Don Giovanni Inguanez. Aloisio Mifsud-Metaxi, married 1703 Valletta to Giovanna Petralita, with issue. Rosa Mifsud-Metaxi-Petralita, married 1744 Valletta to Don Saverio Peralta. Maddalena Mifsud-Metaxi-Petralita, married 1752 Valletta to Pietro Paolo Gonzi. Francesca Metaxi, married 1647 Mdina to Don Giovanni Platamone. Nicolai Metaxi, married 1627 Birgu Malta to Silvia La Rizzi. Eugenio Metaxi, married to Francesca Giustiniani, with issue. Liverio Metaxi. Luca Metaxi, died 1593, married with issue. Zorzi Metaxi. Stamati Metaxi, married 1565 Vittoriosa to Princess Helena Heraclides, 2nd Despota di Samos, Marchesa di Paros, with issue. Maria Metaxi, 3rd Despota di Samos, Marchesa di Paros, married 1596 Valletta to Nobile Geronimo Cumbo. Marietta Metaxi, (with illegitimate child). (illegitimate with Fra Pietro de Medici) Cornelia Metaxi, married 1608 Valletta to Mco Perachi Tonperi, with issue. Cornelia Tonperi, married 1630 Valletta to Giacomo Metaxi, (See below). Battista Metaxi. Antonio Metaxi. Dimitrios Metaxi, married with issue. Eustacchio Metaxi. Giovanni Domenico Metaxi, married with issue. Barbara Metaxi, married 1591 Birgu Malta to Domenico di Bello. Nicolo Metaxi. Mario Metaxi, married with issue. Andrea Metaxi, (c1555), married with sisue. Haralambos Metaxi.

1.1.2. Costantino Metaxi, married to Contessa Azzopardi,. with issue. Angelo Metaxi, married to Yolanda de Nave, with issue. Marcantonio Metaxi, (c. 1520), married to Charlotte de Nave, with issue. Antenor Metaxi, Member of the Grand Council and Provediteur a la Sante 1593, married with issue. Lascaris Metaxi, (1570), married with issue. (Branche Metaxi Lascarato). Stamati Metaxi, married with issue. Giacomo Metaxi, Ambassadeur to Venice 1618, married with issue. Francesco Metaxi. Nicomedeio Metaxi, Archbishop of Cephalonie and Zante 1591 -1600. Giacomo Metaxi, died 1566. Cristoforo Metaxi. Vagliano Metaxi, married with issue. Nicolmedio Metaxi, (1585 -1646), Archbishop of Cephalonie 1628 -1632, Archbishop of Philadelphie. Zannit Metaxi, Negociant in London, married 1624 to Paoluccia Casha, with issue. (Branch Metaxi Zannato). Giacomo Metaxi, Sindaco de Cephalonia 1629, 1631, 1633, married 1630 to Cornelia Tonperi, (see above), with issue. Andrea Metaxi, married with issue. Costantino Metaxi, (1640), married with issue. Elia Metaxi, married with issue. Panaghi Metaxi, married 1742 to Elena Schiadan. Zorzi Metaxi, married with issue. Angelo Metaxi, married with issue. Giovanni Metaxi (1740), married with issue. Zorzi Metaxi, (1790), Consul of Greece to Craiova, married with issue. Zuanne Metaxi, married with issue.  Gerasimo Metaxi, married to Angelica N, with issue. Dr Themistocle Metaxi, MD, (1855-1903). Aristide Metaxi, (1857 -1915 Athens), married to Maria Valsamaki, with issue. Colonel Stavros Metaxi, (1888 – 1964 Athens), married 1910 to Ruby Celia Merlin, with issue. Aristide Metaxi, (1912-, Chief of the Cabinet of King Paul I of Greece, married (1) to Renee-Lise Mavromichali, married (2) to Iris Frangopoulo, with issue. (First Marriage) Irene Metaxi, (1938-., married to Panaghi Zaphyriou. (Second Marriage) Marilena Metaxi, (1942-., married to Timothy Risdale. Alexandra Metaxi, (1892 -1974 Athens), married (1) 1910 to Gerald Merlin, married (2) to Dr Jean Tsagris MD. Caterina Metaxi, married to Anastasio Pana. Costantino Metaxi, (1825-), married with issue. Diamantina Metaxi, married 1830 to Marcandrea Loverdo. Andrea Metaxi, (1680-), married with issue. Demetrio Metaxi, married to N. Bronza, with issue. Zuanne Metaxi, (1768-1830), marrid to Countess Margotta Metaxi (See below), with issue. Dr Stavro Metaxi MD, (1813 -1899 Marseille). Gerasimo Metaxi, (1826-1886 Athens). Spiro Metaxi, married 1804 to Giulia Valsamachi, with issue. Diamantina Metaxi, married 1816 to Count Elia Delladecima. Rubina Metaxi, married 1829 to Giorgio Anino-Anastasio. Nicoletto Metaxi, (1725-), married with issue. Laura Metaxi, married to Zuanne Cimara. Panaghi Metaxi, Solicitor-General of Itaque, Regent of Corfu 1802, married 1796 to Elena Gentillini. Mariettina Metaxi, married to Gerassimo Schiadan. Marario Metaxi, Bishop of Atalante. Andrea Metaxi, married with issue. Spiro Metaxi, (1670), married with issue. Vagliano Metaxi, “priest”, married with sisue.. Barbarella Metaxi, married 1772 to Andrea Inglessi. Costantino Metaxi, married 1769 to Paraskeva Corafan, with issue. Demetrio Metaxi, (1760-), married with issue. Andrea Metaxi, married with issue. Anna Metaxi, married 1863 to Alexandre Anino-Rodoteo. Nicolo Metaxi. Vagliano Metaxi, Governor of Ilaque 1657. Giovan-Battista Metaxi, Governor of Ithaque 1659-1670, Sindaco de Cephalonia, married with issue. Nicoletto Metaxi, (1640-), married with issue. Zorzi Metaxi, married with issue. Spiro Metaxi, married with issue. Nicoletto Metaxi, married with issue. Giovan Battista Metaxi. Anastasio Metaxi. Giovanni Metaxi, married with issue. Elia Metaxi. Andrea Metaxi. Cristodulo Metaxi. Clemente Metaxi, married with issue. Vagliano Metaxi. Teodoro Metaxi, Sindaco de Cephalonie 1668, married with issue. (Branch Metaxi Flari). Angelo Metaxi, Governor of Ithaque 1702, Created Count 1691 with his brother Anastasio, married with issue. Count Spiro Metaxi, (1705-), married with issue. Count Nicolo Metaxi, (1740 -1799), married to Adamantina Gaeta, with issue. Count Dr Marino Metaxi, Senator in the Kingdom of Greece, married to N. Foca-Pavlato, with issue. Count Panaghi Metaxi, (died 1905), married 1870 to Elena Trigonis, with issue. Count Jean Metaxi, (1871-1941), General Chief d’Etat, Major of the Royal Army of Greece, Deputy Minister of Communications 1926-1928, Interier 1932-33, President of the Council 1936-1941), married 1909 to Lela Hadjioanno, with issue, Countess Lucia Metaxi, (1911-, married to Professor Nicolas Mourzouphas, Ph.D. Countess Athina Metaxi, married to Dr Eugene Fokas MD. Countess Mariantha Metaxi, (1873-., married 1910 to  Teofrasto Metaxa-Flari. Count Costantin Metaxi, (1877-. Count Aristote Metaxi, (1840-1893), married with issue. Countess Virginie Metaxi,  married to Lysandre Charilaos. Countess Menelas Metaxi, married to Esmee Syrmiotis. Count Giovanni Metaxi, (1785 -1870). Countess Giovanna Metaxi, married to Basileo Metaxi-Flari. Count Costantino Metaxi, (1792-1870 Athens), married with issue. Count Andrea Metaxi, married with issue. Count Stefano Metaxi. Count Agamemnon Metaxi, (1825-1914 Athens), Ministre of Justice in Greece, married to Eurydice N, with issue. Count Angelo Metaxi. Count Constantino Metaxi. Count Irene Metaxi. Countess Euterpe Metaxi. Count Epaminondas Metaxi, (1830-1907), married 1850 to Regina Tipaldo. Count Nicolas Metaxi, (1833-1902), Minister of the Interior in Greece. Count Platon Metaxi, (died 1917). Count Aristide Metaxi, (d. 1916 Odessa). Countess Maria Metaxi, married 1841 to Count Dr Basilio Pignatorre MD. Countess Regina Metaxi, married 1769 to Nicolo Anino. Count Battista Metaxi, (died 1798), married with issue. Count Spiro Metaxi, (1740-), married to N. Valsamachi, with issue. Countessa Bettina Metaxi. Count Giorgio Metaxi. Count Gian-Battista Metaxi, (died 1875), married to N. Radcliffe, with issue. Count Andrew Metaxi, (1844-, married to Louisa Elizabeth White, with issue. Count Andrew-Francis Metaxi, (1874-1903), married 1900 to Anketell Jones, with issue. Count Andrew-Dudley Metaxi, (1902-. Count Frederick-Robert Metaxi, (1878-. Count Frederick Metaxi, (1847-1910), Vice-Admiral of the British Navy, ADC to Queen Victoria, married 1877 to Blanche Harris. Count Franck Metaxi. Countess Selma Metaxi, married to N. Skina. Countess Maria Metaxi, married to Count Marino Pignatorre. Count Anastasio Metaxi, (1785-., married with issue. Count Marino Metaxi. Count Demetrio Metaxi. Count Nicolo Metaxi, (1790-1866), married to Peristera Foca. Count Marino Metaxi. Count Giovanni Metaxi, Governor of Ithaque 1748-1752, married with issue. Count Nicolo Metaxi, (1770-1795), married to  Maria Lusi. Count Marino Metaxi, (1777-1857), Deputy Senator in the  Greek government. Countess Caterina Metaxi, married 1758 to Gerassimo Inglessi. Anastasio Metaxi, (1650 -1714), Created Count 1691 with his brother Angelo, married 1683 to Chiara Stadero, with issue. Count Andrea Metaxi, (1688-1746), Governor of Ithaque 1722-1725, married with issue. Count Demetrio Metaxi. Count Spiro Metaxi (1730 -1777 exiled to Russia). Count Giovanni Metaxi, (died in Exile in Russia). Count Antonio Metaxi, (died in Prison in Venice 1785). Count Piero Metaxi, (1742-1813), Sindaco of Cephalonia 1803, married to Countess Violetta Loverdo, with issue. Count Anastasio Metaxi, (1788-, Deputy Senator in Greece, married to Emilia Loverdo, with issue. Count Gerasimo Metaxi, (died 1890 Athens), General ADC to King George I of Greece, married to Argyro Anagnostaki, with issue. Countess Catherine Metaxi, (1858-1950), married (1) to Alexander Camba, married (2) to Stefano Tipaldo-Xida. Count Anastasio Metaxi, (1862-1937), married to Elena Valsamaki. Count Giorgio Metaxi, (1863-1921 Athens), married to Sofia Crassa. Count Stephane Metaxi, (1867-1928 Athens), General of the Army in Greece, married to Helene Papparigopoulo, with issue. Count Anastasio Metaxi, (1903-, married (1) to Politimie Macri, married (2) to Ioanna Patrichiano. Countess Elena Metaxi, (1907-1980 Athens), married to Constantin Galati. Countess Penelope Metaxi, married to Pantazi Stefano Coida. Countess Violetta Metaxi, married to Gerasimo Couppa. Count Andrea Metaxi, (1790-1860 Athens), Government minister in the Greek Government, Premier Minister 1843-1847, married to Margarita Bourbaki, with issue. Count Spiro Metaxi, (1808-1869 St Petersburgh). Count Petro Metaxi, (1810-1860), married to Polymnie Mylonas, with issue. Count Andreas Metaxi, (1852-1931), Prefect of Corfu, d’Acarnanie, e Petras, married (1) 1877 to Baroness Caroline von Recum, married (2) to Countess Angelique Carburi, with issue. (First Marriage) Countess Caroline Metaxi, (1878-1933), married (1) to Stephanos Guielo, married (2) Spyridion Vracliotti-Botti. (Second Marriage) Count Petros Metaxi, (1883-1958), Minister of the Government of Greece, married 1915 to Lucie Eugenidi, with issue. Countess Marie-Caroline Metaxi, married 1942 to Leslie Brown. Countess Andree Metaxi, (1922-. Count Spyro Metaxi, (1888-1976 Athens), married 1924 to Lilly Abbot, with issue. Count Andreas Metaxi, (1928-, Ambassadeur to the United Nations, married 1956 to Alexandra Cassaveti, with issue. Count Spyro Metaxi, (1958-. Count Constantin-Petro Metaxi, (1964-. Count Emmanuel Metaxi. Count Leandre Metaxi, (1859-, married to Colnel Ariadne Couppa, with issue. Count Petros Metaxi, )1884-., married 1910 to Countess Ina Kapnist. Count Gherassimo Metaxi. Count Andreas Metaxi. Countess Helene Metaxi, (1889-1975 Athens), dunm. Countess Marika Metaxi, dunm. Count Nicolo Metaxi. Count Panaghi Metaxi, ‘Priest’, dunm. Countess Regina Metaxi. Count Giovanni Metaxi, (died 1840). Countess Chiara Metaxi, married to Anastasio Anino. Countessa Zannetta Metaxi, married to Pietro Valieri. Count Antonio Metaxi, married with issue. Count Anastastio Metaxi, (1740-)., Member of the Government in Cephalonia, married with issue. Count Cesare Metaxi, (1770-1802), married N. Foca Pavlato, with issue. Count Anastasio Metaxi, (1792-1879), married (1) to Giulia Metaxi, married (2) to Maria-Rosa Vagliano, with issue. (Second Marriage) Count Alexandre Metaxi, (1852-., married to Countess Elena Metaxi, with issue. Count Teodosio Metaxi. Count Anastasio Metaxi. Count Gerasimo Metaxi. Countess Zanetta Metaxi, married 1885 to Paolo Corafa. Count Stamtia Metaxi, married to Demosthene Metaxa, with issue. Count Stravros Metaxi, (died 1917), dunm. Countess Margotta Metaxi, (1888-1937), married 1907 to Socrate Anino-Cavalierato. Countess Margotta Metaxi, married 1820 to Zuanne Metaxi. Count Andrea Metaxi. Count Nicolo Metaxi. Count Antonio Metaxi. Countess N. Metaxi, married to Giorgio Tipaldo Pavli. Count Piero Metaxi, married 1800 to Zaphira Cochini, with issue. Count Spiro Metaxi, married 1834 to Mariettina Foca-Pavlato. Count Marino Metaxi, (1695-1760 in Venice). Gianbattista Metaxi, Stradiote 1617, married with issue. Rodeteo Metaxi. Costantino Metaxi, died 1593, married with issue.

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