Siculo Arabic family of Bezzina.
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We do appreciate if you find a connection to share your data, so it can help many others all across this planet. Prince Bizzinu bin Zirenzu, (1240-), married with issue. Nobile Manfredu Bizzinu, (1265-), married with issue. Nobile Cataldu Bizzinu, (1290-), married with issue. Nobile Albanu Bizzinu, (1320-), married with issue. Nobile Pino Bizzinu, (1355-), married with issue. Nobile Manfre Bezzinu, (1375-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Demetrio Bezzina, (1410-), married with issue. Nobile Tomaso Bezzina, (1440-), married with issue. Nobile Demetrio Bezzina, (1470-), married 1491 (Notary Matteo Vassallo) to Nobile Giuseppina Xara, with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1513 (Notary Lorenzo Bezzina) to Nobile Bartolomeo Abela. Nobile Geronimo Bezzina, married to Nobile Clara Bezzina, (see below), with issue. Nobile Demetrio Bezzina, married 1542 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Nobile Margherita Giovanna Bezzina, (see below), with issue. Nobile Don Andrea Bezzina, married 1587 (Notary Niccolo Xiberras) 1585 Naxxar to Margherita Mifsud, with issue. Nobile Chco Bartolomeo Bezzina, married 1624 (Notary Pietro Borg) Gharghur to Margherita Gauci. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married (1) 1635 Qormi to Maruzza Gristi, married (2) 1639 Gharghur to Nobile Evangelista Bezzina, (See below), married (3) 1643 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) Naxxar to Gioannella Zarb, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Giuseppa Bezzina, married 1651 Luqa to Gio Domenico Bianco. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married 1621 Naxxar to Grazia Schembri, with issue. Nobile Enziona Bezzina, married 1644 (Notary Simone Attard) to Giulio Magro. Nobile Aloisia Bezzina, married 1651 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) Naxxar to Luciano di Messina. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1644 Naxxar to Lucrezia Buhagiar. Nobile Vennera Bezzina, married 1605 Gharghur to Pietro Schembri. Nobile Gioannella Bezzina, married 1620 Gharghur to Tomaso Vella. Nobile Agata Bezzina, married 1637 Gharghur to Chco Gio Paolo Borg. Nobile Mariano Martino Bezzina, (Donation 1644 by Notary Simone Attardo), married to Valenza Zarb, with issue. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1653 Naxxar to Giacobo Aquilina, with issue. Teresa Aquilina, married 1688 Valletta to Filippo Mifsud. Nobile Niccolo Bezzina, married to Domenica N, with issue. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1614 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Margherita Cauchi, married 1624 (Notary Mario Attard) to Maria Filippuni, married (3) 1643 Luqa to Angelica Farrugia, with issue. (Second marriage) Nobile Grazia Bezzina, married 1650 Matrice Gozo to Giacomo Camilleri. Nobile Natale Bezzina, married 1624 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1651 Ghaxaq to Luca Calleja. Nobile Grazia Bezzina, married 1623 Gharghur to Gio Paolo Xerri. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1638 (Notary Gio Paolo Fenech) to Gioannella Busuttil. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1592 Naxxar to Nobile Matteo Bezzina, (See below). Nobile Demetrio Bezzina, married 1600 Naxxar to Nobile Domenica Bezzina, (see below), with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1642 Mosta to Giulio Galea. Nobile Bartolomeo Bezzina, married 1636 (Notary Gio Paolo Fenech) to Vittoria Galea, with issue. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married (1) 1671 Mosta to Nobile Speranza Vassallo, married (2) 1710 Mosta to Teresa Ebejer, with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Bezzina, married 1693 Mosta to Maria Borg, with issue. Nobile Michele Bezzina, married 1721 Mosta to Maddalena Pace, with issue. Nobile Paolo Bezzina, married 1756 Mosta to Celidonia Fenech, with issue. Nobile Michele Bezzina, married 1783 Mosta to Maddalena Frendo, with issue. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1815 Mosta to Antonio Muscat. Nobile Paolo Bezzina, married to Imperia N, with issue. Nobile Berto Bezzina, married 1553 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Guagliarda Cornello, with issue. Nobile Imperia Bezzina, married 1581 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Mro Antonio Xiberras. Nobile Paoluccia Bezzina, married 1586 (Notary Gioannello Falzon) to Mro Matteo Muscat. Noble Mario Bezzina, married to Vincenza Xiberras, with issue. Nobile Matteola Bezzina, married 1615 (Notary Mario Attard) to Giovanni Mifsud. Nobile Maruzza Bezzina, married 1635 (Notary Gio Paolo Fenech) to Chco Lazzaro Mifsud. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married (1) 1618 Zebbug to Caterina Zahra, married (2) 1637 Birkirkara to Domenica Borg, married (3) 1638 Mosta to Gioannella Busuttil. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1635 Naxxar to Evangelista Borg. Nobile Clara Bezzina, married 1577 Naxxar to Giovanni Schembri. Nobile Antonio Bezzina, married 1548 Naxxar to Vennera Abejer. Nobile Alessandro Bezzina, married to Caterina N, with issue. Nobile Gio Maria Bezzina, married 1608 Matrice Gozo to Imperia Borg, with issue. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married 1630 Siggiewi to Margherita Xicluna, with issue. Giovanni Maria Bezzina, married (1) 1670 Rabat Gozo to Ursola Farrugia, married (2) 1673 Rabat Gozo to Lucia Micallef, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Bezzina of Valletta, married 1696 Zurrico to Clara Buttigieg, with issue. Carlo Bezzina, married 1723 Zeitun to Giovanna Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Bezzina, married 1771 Zurrico to Paola Gristi, with issue. Francesco Bezzina, (1772-). Rosa Bezzina, married 1754 Zurrico to Gio Maria Cachia, with issue. Pietro Cachia, married 1778 Siggiewi to Gabriela Caruana, with issue. Fortunata Cachia. Giovanna Cachia, married to Giuseppe Borg. Teodora Cachia, married 1780 Siggiewi to Gio Maria Borg. Teresa Cachia, married 1786 Siggiewi to Gregorio Zammit. Michele Cachia, married 1779 Valletta to Rosa De Siero, with issue. Rosa Maria Cachia. Gio Maria Cachia, married to Rosaria N, with issue. Carmela Cachia. Giovanna Cachia. Maria Cachia, married to Gio Batta Vella. Benedetta Cachia. Gio Nicola Cachia, married 1793 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Casha, with issue. Maria Cachia. Rosa Cachia, married 1836 Valletta to Antonio Cremona. Carlo Cachia, married to Maria Aquilina, with issue. Michele Cachia. Giuseppe Cachia. Gio Maria Cachia. Anna Cachia. Carlo Cachia. Pasquale Cachia, married in Gozo to Margherita Vella, with issue. Antonia Cachia, married 1836 Valletta to Francesco Grima., with issue. Angelo Grima. Maria Grima. Margareta Grima. Fortunata Cachia, married to Giuseppe Gerada. Pauline Bezzina, married 1760 Zurrico to Francesco Camilleri. Pasquale Bezzina. Giovanni Bezzina, married 1760 Zurrico to Maria Baldacchino, with issue. Paula Bezzina, married 1788 Zurrico to Nicola Saliba. Caterina Bezzina, married 1756 Zurrico to Agostino Fenech. Maria Bezzina, married 1753 Zurrico to Gio Maria Caruana. Dioniso Bezzina, married 1666 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Tabone, with issue. Gio Maria Bezzina, married 1706 Xewkija Gozo to Grazia Pisano, with issue. Paolo Bezzina, married 1736 Xewkija Gozo to Grazia Pace, with issue. Michele Bezzina, married 1761 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Attard, with issue. Paolo Bezzina, married (1) 1786 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Mizzi, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Maria Cilia, with issue. marriage) Loreta Bezzina, married 1814 Valletta to Francesco Tomaso Cuschieri, with issue. Maria Cuschieri, married 1839 Valletta to Vincenzo Briffa. Benigno Bezzina, married 1788 Xewkija Gozo to Graziella Muscat, with issue. Michele Bezzina, married 1822 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Attard. Gregorio Bezzina, married 1728 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Michele Bezzina, married (1) 1753 Xewkija Gozo to Orsola Cremona, married (2) 1757 Xewkija Gozo to Grazia Saliba, with issue. (Second marriage) Benigno Bezzina, married 1788 Xekwija Gozo to Grazia Muscat, with issue. Alessandro Bezzina, married 1837 Sannat Gozo to Anna Said, with issue. Giorgio Bezzina, married 1878 Mosta to Maria Antonia Said, with issue. Alessandro Bezzina, married 1920 Santa Vennera to Jane Mintoff, with issue. Joseph Joe Bezzina, (Migrated to Canada 1951), married 1948 Msida to Maria Mary Ebejer, with issue. Rita Bezzina, (1949 Malta-), (Migrated to Canada 1952 with Mother). Monica Bezzina, (Migrated in 1952 to Canada). Teresa Bezzina, (Migrated in 1952 to Canada)., married to Tony Wilson, with issue. Laura Wilson, (d. 2005 Canada). Paul Wilson. Sue Wilson. Alexander Bezzina, married to mary Brigid Murphy, with issue. Siobham Bezzina. Kathryn Ann Bezzina, (1987 Canada -). George Bezzina, (Migrated to Canada in 1948, then later to Australia). Carmel Charles Bezzina, (1931-2018), (Migrated to Canada 1952), married 1952 Hamrun to Imelda Magro, with issue. Bernardine Bezzina, married to Ian Ketelaars, with issue. Christopher Ketelaars, married 2010 London, Ontario, Canada to Krysia Ogilvie. Mary Rose Bezzina, married to Joseph Buttigieg, with issue. Andrew Buttigieg. Nicole Buttigieg. Catherine Bezzina. Elizabeth Bezzina. Paolo Bezzina, married 1786 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Loreta Bezzina, married 1814 Valletta to Francesco Cuschieri. Giuseppe Bezzina, married 1747 Zebbug Gozo to Gioannella Zahra, with issue. Pietro Bezzina, married 1772 Zebbug Gozo to Rosa Cini, with issue. Giuseppe Bezzina, married 1812 Zebbug Gozo to Margherita Vella, with issue. Maria Bezzina, married 1834 Zebbug Gozo to Salvatore Cassar. Alessandro Bezzina, married 1659 Luqa to Domenica Xiberras, with issue. Gio Battista Bezzina, married 1698 Zejtun to Lorenza Xuereb, with issue. Pietro Bezzina, married (1) 1727 Zejtun to Margherita Tabone, married (2) 1748 Zejtun to Angelica Ellul, with issue. Giovanni Bezzina, married 1777 Valletta to Eleonora del Cuore, with issue. Lorenzo Bezzina, married 1804 Senglea to Saveria Cassar, with issue. Felice Bezzina, married (1) 1837 Senglea to Maria Taliana, married (2) 1851 Cospicua to Lorenza Garsia, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppa Bezzina, mistress to Dr Pietro Paolo Bonici Mompalao JUD, with issue. Antonia Bezzina, married 1828 Cospicua to Giuseppe German. Antonio Bezzina, married 1834 Cospicua to Maria Vella. Andrea Bezzina, married 1838 Cospicua to Maria Anna Bajada. Filippo Bezzina, married 1827 Vittoriosa to Maria Cachia. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1639 Rabat Gozo to Domenica Grech. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1641 Matrice Gozo to Maria Meilach. Nobile Vennera Bezzina, married 1575 Naxxar to Giovanni Schembri. Nobile Simone Bezzina, married to Agata N, with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1573 (Notary Vincenzo Cagege) to Francesco Grech, with issue. Domenico Grech, married 1613 Gharghur to Vennera Borg, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1653 Attard to Maria Muscat, with issue. Francesco Grech, married 1708 Naxxar to Maria Muscat, mwith issue. Michele Grech, married 1746 Naxxar to Speranza Sammut, with issue. Domenica Grech, married 1776 Naxxar to Lorenzo Camilleri. Nobile Paolo Bezzina, married to Elena N, with issue. Nobile Mattia Bezzina, married 1610 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) to Giacomo Xiberras. Nobile Damiano Bezzina, married 1623 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Andreanna Micallef. Nobile Marzio Bezzina, married 1605 Gharghur to Enziona Vella, with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1632 Gharghur to Giovanni Debono. Nobile Paolo Bezzina, married 1634 Gharghur to Maria N. Nobile Imperia Bezzina, married 1598 Naxxar to Paolo Agius. Nobile Andrea Bezzina, married (Notary Matteo Cauchi) 1648 to Nobile Evangelista Bezzina, (see below). Nobile Gioannella Bezzina, married 1593 Naxxar to Luca Casha. Nobile Alfonso Bezzina, married 1558 Naxxar to Lena Biif, with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1577 Naxxar to Antonio Debono. Nobile Masio Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Bartolomea Bezzina, married 1598 Senglea to Pietro Sciotto. Nobile Andrea Bezzina, married to Margherita N, with issue. Nobile Agnese Bezzina, married 1553 Naxxar to Pietro Borg. Nobile Claudio Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Marietta Bezzina, married 1583 Birkirkara to Pancrazio Busuttil. Nobile Notary Lorenzo Bezzina, (1475-), married 1559 Naxxar to Vittoria Camilleri, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Bezzina, married 1632 Vittoriosa to Caterina Attard. Nobile Marietta Bezzina, married (1) to Giuseppe Fenech, married (2) 1616 Gharghur to Vincenzo Pullicino. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, (1445-), married to Agata N, with issue. Nobile Angaraldo Bezzina, (Testamente 1512 by Notary Lorenzo Bezzina), married with issue. Nobile Niccolo Martino Bezzina, married to Agata N, with issue. Nobile Paola Bezzina, married 1513 (Notary Graziano Vassallo) to Nobile Blasio Axisa. Nobile Clara Bezzina, married to Nobile Geronimo Bezzina, (See above). Nobile Biagio Bezzina, married to Mariola Briffa, with issue. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1596 (Notary Simone Galea) to Vincenzo Xiberras. Nobile Giuliano Bezzina, married 1558 Naxxar to Petronilla Camilleri. Nobile Manfredo Bezzina, (1415-), married with issue. Nobile Pino Bezzina, (1445-), married with issue. Nobile Giorgio Bezzina, (1470-), married with issue. Nobile Giorgio Bezzina, (1500-), married to Giovanna N, with issue. Nobile Clara Bezzina, married 1537 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Michele Cauchi, with issue. Margherita Cauchi, married 1576 Naxxar to Giulio Brutta of Sicily, with issue. Mario Brutta, married 1600 Naxxar to Antonina Bonnici, with issue. Martino Brutta, married 1625 Mdina to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Domenico Brutta, married 1648 Naxxar to Antonio Grech. Giulio Brutta, married 1631 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Maria Cuschieri, with issue. Gio Luca Brutta sives Perotta, married (1) 1655 Naxxar to Grazia Tonna, married (2) 1689 Mosta to Caterina Pace, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Perotta, married 1713 Naxxar to Paolo Debono. Teresa Perotta, married 1718 Naxxar to Bernardo Borg. Anna Perotta, married 1726 Naxxar to Stefano Xerri. Flaminea Perotta, married 1727 Naxxar to Maruzzo Debono. Domenico Brutta sives Perotta, married 1669 Naxxar to Angelica Camilleri, with issue. Silvestro Giuliano Perotta, married 1721 Naxxar to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Luca Perotta, sives Pirotta, married 1721 Naxxar to Lucrezia Bezzina, (see on this page, including issue). Filippo Perotta, married 1722 Attard to Maria Agius. Caterina Perotta, married 1722 Birkirkara to Carlo Borg. Gaetano Perotta, married 1707 Gharghur to Domenica Agius. Gio Maria Perotta, married 1708 Mdina to Grazia Frendo. Carlo Perotta, married 1716 Mdina to  Rosa Pullicino. Maria Perotta, married (1) 1694 Naxxar to Lazzaro Calleja, married (2) 1715 Mdina to Alfonso Xicluna. Filippo Perotta, married 1673 Naxxar to Gioannella Sammut. Nobile Simone Bezzina, married 1569 Birkirkara to Margherita Cassia, with issue. Nobile Bartolomea Bezzina, married (1) 1598 Naxxar to Geronimo Mifsud, married (2) 1605 Gharghur to Pietro Buhagiar. Nobile Alessandro Bezzina, married 1598 Naxxar to Isabella Portelli, with issue. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married 1657 Valletta to Grazia Cachia, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1682 Lija to Eufemia Zarb, with issue. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1712 Zebbug to Maria Cassar, with issue. Nobile Dr Andrea Bezzina JUD, married 1760 Lija to Anna Chetcuti, with issue. Nobile Dr Vincenzo Bezzina JUD, married 1805 Naxxar to Maria Angela Ellul. Nobile Aloisio Bezzina, married 1804 Birkirkara to Beatrice Gauci, with issue. Nobile Gio Andrea Bezzina, married 1838 Naxxar to Maria Antonia Pullicino. Nobile Gio Battista Bezzina, married 1840 Naxxar to Paola Stivala. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1769 Naxxar to Giuseppe Vella. Nobile Bernardo Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Giovanna Bezzina, married 1553 Naxxar to Antonello Lombardo. Nobile Manfredo Bezzina, (1450-), married with issue. Nobile Pino Bezzina, (1480-), married with issue. Nobile Manfredo Bezzina, (1500-), married with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, (1520-), married 1539 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Giorlando Zarb. Nobile Federico Bezzina, (1505-), married to Agnese N, with issue. Nobile Giovanna Bezzina, (1525-), married 1539 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Leonardo Gauchi. Nobile Antonio Bezzina, married to Agata N, with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1612 (Notary Simone Galea) Gharghur to Giorgio Sant. Nobile Giulio Bezzina, married to Isabella N, with issue. Nobile Mco Gio Domenico Bezzina, married 1639 Zebbug to Grazia Gatt. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1646 Siggiewi to Natalina Cutajar. Nobile Laura Bezzina, married 1547 Naxxar to Paolo Seichel. Nobile Lena Bezzina, married 1549 Naxxar to Paolo Seichel, (married sister after being widowed). Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, (1510-), married to Agata N, with issue. Nobile Paola Bezzina, married (1) 1552 Naxxar to Matteo Borg, married (2) 1570 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) Birkirkara to Domenico Tonna, married (3) 1571 Birkirkara to Domenico Tosni. Nobile Marietta Bezzina, married 1589 Cospicua to Giacomo Bandalone. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1559 Naxxar to Pietro Camilleri. Nobile Vennera Bezzina, married 1571 Naxxar to Antonio Ciantar. Nobile Domitriu Bezzinu, (1380), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, (1405-), married with issue. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, (1440-), married with issue. Nobile Pietro Giorgio Bezzina, (1470-), married to Caterina N, with issue. Nobile Francesca Bezzina, married (1) 1525 (Notary Consalvo Cansciur) to Tomaso Balzan, married (2) 1552 Naxxar to Berto Sant. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married to Paola N, with issue. Nobile Chiara Bezzina, married 1547 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Domenico Mellechi. Nobile Mro Luca Bezzina, married to Leonora N, with issue. Nobile Mro Bernardo Bezzina, married 1583 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) to Caterina Zahra, with issue. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married to Nobile Demetrio Bezzina, (see above). Nobile Mro Luca Bezzina, married to Gioannella N, with issue. Nobile Gio Luca Bezzina, married 1624 Zebbug to Margherita Gauci, with issue. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1651 Zebbug to Maria Calleja. Nobile Paolo Bezzina, married 1651 Matrice Gozo to Angelina Gatt. Nobile Isabella Bezzina, married 1642 Zebbug to Nobile Gio Maria Vassallo. Nobile Marianna Bezzina, married 1626 Valletta to Pietro Andrea Roggier, with issue. Claudio Roggier, married 1652 Zebbug to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Chco Francesco Roggier, married 1698 Valletta to Prudenza Zammit, with issue. Anna Roggier sives Ruggier, married 1750 Valletta to Giuseppe Gatt. Nobile Cristina Bezzina,. married 1643 Valletta to Gio Battista Ballestrera. Nobile Pietro Paolo Bezzina, married 1645 Valletta to Angelica former wife of Pietro de Martin. Nobile Lorenza Bezzina, married 1645 Valletta to Bartolomeo Franco. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1549 Naxxar to Caterina Casha, with issue. Nobile Agata Bezzina, married 1604 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) Gharghur to Giovanni Camilleri. Nobile Agnese Bezzina, married 1623 (Notary Pietro Borg) Gharghur to Domenico Zarb. Nobile Gio Luca Bezzina, married 1624 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Margherita Felici, married 1625 Vittoriosa to Vittoria, former wife of Pasquale Agius, with issue. (Born before parents marriage) Giuseppe de Bezzina, married 1637 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Caterina Attard. (Born before parents marriage) Aloisio de Bezzina, married (1) 1630 Valletta to Grazia Catalano, married (2) 1647 Valletta to Veronica Ramozetta, with issue. (First marriage) Maruzza Bezzina, married 1647 Valletta to Antonio Dalli. (Born before parents marriage) Giovanni de Bezzina, married 1624 Valletta to Valletta to Graziulla Pangalo, with issue. Cesare Bezzina, married 1662 Valletta to Agata Heffner, with issue. Tomaso Bezzina, married 1649 Valletta to Donna Celidonia Protapiialti sives Platamone, with issue. (Born before parents marriage) Guglielmo de Bezzina, married 1630 Valletta to Maria Bonello. (Born before parents marriage) Gabriele Tomaso de Bezzina, married 1628 Kirkop to Eleanora Francesca Gafar, with issue. Anna Maria Bezzina, married 1656 Valletta to Desiderio Naudi, with issue. Giuseppe Naudi., married 1699 Valletta to Teresa Abela, with issue. Silvestro Naudi, married 1748 Senglea to Maria Grech, with issue. Michele Naudi, married 1789 Cospicua to Giovanna Simiano, with issue. Felice Naudi, married 1822 Senglea to Maria Carmela Madiona. Salvatore Naudi, married 1822 Cospicua to Maria Carmela Chetcuti, with issue. Maria Teresa Naudi, married 1845 Cospicua to Vincenzo Francalanza. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1824 Valletta to Margherita Zammit, with issue. Maria Naudi, married 1848 Valletta to Franesco Cassar. Vincenza Naudi, married 1850 Valletta to Francesco Cauchi. Carmela Naudi, married 1852 Valletta Giuseppe Gerada. Giovanna Naudi, married 1856 Valletta to Pietro Zammit. Lorenzo Naudi, married 1826 Cospicua to Teresa Azzopardi, with issue. Maria Naudi, married 1857 Cospicua to Michelino Baldacchino. Carmela Naudi, married 1834 Valletta to Paolo Gaullaumier. Andrea Naudi, married 1733 Vittoriosa to Lazzarina Russiotti, with issue. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1763 Valletta to Maria Rizzo, with issue. Andrea Naudi., married (1) 1779 to Margaret Xicluna, married (2) 1803 Valletta  to Marianna Cilia., with issue. (Second Marriage) Vincenza Naudi., married 1837 Valletta to Aloisio Luigi  Micallef. Giuseppe Camillo Naudi, married (1) 1836 Valletta to Marguerite Letard, married (2) 1840 Valletta to Antonia Letard, with issue. (First Marriage) Marie Anne Annette Naudi, (1837-1853 to Joseph Andre Pagnol, with issue. Joseph Pagnol, (1869-1951), married to Pauline Lansot, with issue. Marcel Pagnol, (1895-1974). (Second Marriage) Gio Battista Naudi, married 1859 to Marie Suzanne Heitmann, with issue. Joseph Philippe Naud, (1860-1942), married 1888 to Marie Torgue, with issue. Claire Marguerite Naud, (1892 Fort National, Algeria - 1937 Constantine Algeria), married 1912 Constantine Algeria to Camille Marcel Yvon Georges Sayd. Gio Batta Naudi, married 1792 Valletta  to Maddalena Caruana, with issue. Vincenzo Naudi, married 1817 Valletta to Laura de Gabriele. Antonio Naudi, married 1830 Senglea to Antonia Adamo, with issue. Aurelia Naudi, married 1861 Senglea to Pietro Obuglica of di Mezzo. Salvatore Naudi, married 1836 Valletta to Orsolica Balbi, with issue. Maddalena Naudi, married 1865 Birkirkara to Francesco Grech. Paolina Naudi, married 1829 Valletta to Giuseppe Bartolo Regina Naudi., married 1792 to Giuseppe Mannarino Pietro Paolo Naudi., married 1796 to Teresa Fabri. Antonio Naudi, married 1809 Valletta to Maria Poggi, married (2) 1819 Valletta to Elizabetta Maggi. Notary Fortunato Naudi, married 1845 Birkirkara to Maria Sammut, with issue. Maddalena Naudi, married 1876 Bikrirkara to Gio Domenico Debono Travisan. Mro Agostino Naudi., married 1724 at Valletta to Teodora Martin, with issue. Matteo Naudi, married (1) 1756 to Anna Maria Muscat.., married (2) 1768 Axiaq to Eugenia Mamo, with issue. (First Marriage) Dr Gio Battista Naudi JUD., married 1780 Ghaxaq to Maria Antonia Mamo., with issue Notary Fortunato Naudi., married 1804 Mdina to Teresa Bianco., with issue. Pietro Paolo Naudi,. Married 1842 to Francesca Dingli, with issue. Salvatore Naudi, married 1875 to Carmela Camilleri., with issue. Romeo Naudi., married 1900 to Angela Diacono., with issue. Emanuele Naudi., married Bessie NN, with issue. Beatrice Naudi., married Carmelo Demanuele, dsp. Mary Naudi., married Tom Worley. Violet Naudi, (1909-2003)., married to Paul Abela., with issue. Chev. Paul Naudi. KM, (1920-2007)., married (1) to Marie Micallef, maried (2) to Karmen Azzopardi, (d. 2022), with issue. (First Marriage) Louis Naudi (1943-., married 1969 to Margaret Rossi, with issue. Dr Antoine Naudi LLD, (1970-, married 1998 to Dr Kathleen Mizzi LLD, with issue. Karla Naudi, (2002-. Luca Naudi, (2005-. Gordon Naudi (1973-, married 2004 to Christine Bonello, with issue. Jamie Naudi, (2008-. Robyn Naudi, (2014-. Stephen Naudi (1946-., married 1975 to Angela Fleri. Angele Naudi, (1952-. Carmelo Naudi. Fortunata Naudi, married 1886 Floriana to Alfredo Casolani. Dr Luigi Aloiseo Naudi JUD, married 1838 to Marianna Zahra., with issue. Filomena Naudi., married Chev. Antonio Muscat-Fenech., with issue. Fortunato Naudi, married 1864 Valletta to Annette Vidal., with issue. Alfredo Naudi., married 1893 to Giovanna Gouder., with issue. Dr Joseph Pietro Naudi, married 1932 to Maude Ganado., with issue. June Mary Naudi, married to Lt. Col. Duirmid Gunn OBE., with issue. Patricia Naudi., married Michael Young. James Naudi, (d.1942) married to Augusta Bianchi. Rosemary Naudi, (1930-. Alfred Naudi, (1931-88), married 1956 to Lena Debono, with issue. Alfred Naudi, (1957-. Simone Naudi, (1962-, married 1992 to Hilary Glass, with issue. Loura Naudi, (1993-. Max Naudi, (1996-. Mario Naudi, (1934-80), married 1960 to Monica Kissaun, with issue. Malcom Naudi, (1961-, married 1980 to Cecilia Pizzuto, with issue. Thomas Naudi, (1992-. Becky Naudi, (1992-. Paula Naudi, (1993-. Julian Naudi, (1996-. Steven Naudi, (1962-, married 1998 to Josette Olivieri, with issue. Christina Naudi, (1999-. Michael Naudi, (2005-. James Naudi, (1969-, married 2000 to Marcella Woodruff, with issue. Benjamin Naudi, (2003-. Daniel Naudi, (2005-. Francis Naudi, (1935-, married 1961 to Theresa Sciortino, with issue. Veronica Naudi, (1961-, married 1985 to Jeremy Camilleri, with issue. Matthew Camilleri, (1989-. David Camilleri, (1991-. Charlotte Camilleri, (1994-. Edward Camilleri, (2002-. Christopher Naudi, (1964-, married 1993 to Kirste Phipps, with issue. Robert Naudi, (1999-. Andrew Naudi, (2000-. Michael Naudi, (2003-. Francesca Naudi, (1968-, married 1994 to Paul Debono, with issue. Peter-Paul Debono, (1994-. Simon Debono, (2004-. Theresa Naudi, (1938-. Lilly Naudi. Mary Naudi. Alfonso Naudi., (d. 1930)., married 1879 Mdina to Regina Muscat-Fenech., with issue. Teresa Naudi, married 1864 Mdina to Tancredi Gouder. Maria Carmela Naudi, married 1875 Mdina to Barone Ludovico Maempel of Villehena Emilea Naudi, married 1893 Mdina to Carolo Frendo. Giuseppa Naudi., married 1830 Valletta to Nobile Dr Francis Vassallo JUD Giuseppe Francesco Naudi., married 1831 to Giuseppa Micallef-Eynaud, with issue. Elias Naudi, married 1864 Valletta to Valetina Zahra. Vincenza Naudi., married 1839 Valletta to Serafino Zammit, with issue. Serafino Zammit, married 1866 Valletta to Giorgina Engerer. Pietro Paolo Zammit, married 1866 Valletta to Adelaide Galea, with issue. Susanna Zammit, married 1895 Valletta to Salvatore De Marco. Michele Zammit, (d. 1941). M'Anna Naudi., married 1824 Valletta  to Aurelio Micallef. Giuseppe Naudi, (1784 - 1864), married 1808 Valletta to Maddalena Portelli., with issue. Antonio Cleardo Naudi, married 1855 Valletta to Maria Teresa Portelli., with issue. Carolina Naudi, married 1878 to Alexander Vella., with issue. Gavino Naudi., married Ludgarda Brignone Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien., with issue Agostino Naudi., dsp. Gio Battista Naudi, Consul for the Goldsmith and Silversmiths in Malta, married with issue. Alfredo Naudi, (d. 1919), married to Carmela Preca, with issue. Louis Naudi, (1907-1980), married 1944 Sliema to Vida Grima, with issue. Ilona Naudi, married to Conte Vincent Borg Carbott dei Baroni di Grua. Alessandro Naudi, married 1852 Ghaxaq to Emmanuela Leiler. Judge Dr. Francesco Naudi, LLD, married 1819 Ghaxaq to Teresa Cachia., with issue. Judge. Agostino Naudi LLD., (d.1895)., married Octavia Montanaro., with issue. Dr Roberto Naudi., married Amelia Galizia., with issue. Mary Naudi., married Joseph Galea., with issue. Helene Naudi., married Charles Strickland Bologna dei Conti di Catena., with issue Victoria Naudi., married Pio Sammut., with issue. Sir Salvatore Naudi, Kt.Bach. (1820-1900), married daughter of Maj.Gen Saverio Gatt, CMG. Prof Dr Agostino Naudi, MD.(1783-1830)., married 1813 Valletta to Antonia England. Cleardo Naudi, married (1) 1815 to Nobile Maria Teresa dei Baroni Azopardi., Married (2) 1827 Axiaq to Elizabeth Walker Thirkill., with issue. (Second Marriage) Ferdinanda Josepha Naudi, (1837-1844), dunm. Augiolina Naudi, married (1) 1816 Axiaq to Ignazio Leiler, married (2) 1822 Valletta to Dr Francesco Risler JUD. Franco Naudi, married 1819 Axiaq to Teresa Cachia. Saveria Naudi, married 1776 Valletta to Gabriele Camilleri. (Second Marriage) Liberto Naudi., married 1806 to Cristina Magro. Antonio Naudi, married 1802 Zeitun to Maria Teresa Bugeja, with issue. Marianna Naudi, married 1843 Zejtun to Pietro Paolo Briffa. Salvatore Naudi, married 1804 Valletta to Anna Pulis, with issue. Antonia Naudi, married 1842 Valletta to Vincenzo Bugeja. Margherita Naudi, married 1809 Senglea to Pasquale Pisano. Maria Giuseppa Naudi, married 1822 Valletta to Francesco Risler. Rodrigo Naudi., married 1761 to Anna Maria Creni., with issue. Maria Maddalena Naudi Creni., married 1784 to Lazzaro Biglione. Michele Naudi, married 1789 Cospicua to Giovanna Simiana., with issue. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1824 Valletta to Margherita Zammit, with issue. Maria Naudi, married 1848 Valletta to Francesco Cassar. Vincenza Naudi, married 1850 Valletta to Francesco Cauchi. Carmela Naudi, married 1852 Valletta to Giuseppe Gerada. Giovanna Naudi, married 1856 Valletta to Pietro Zammit. Carmela Naudi, married 1834 Valletta to Guillaumier. Giuseppe Naudi, married 1749 Cospicua to Anna Maria Mallia, with issue. Vincenza Naudi, married 1772 Valletta to Dr Egidio Salamone JUD. Teresa Naudi, married 1773 Valletta to Paolo Bertolini. Angelina Naudi, married 1778 Valletta to Pietro Zammit Antonio Naudi, married (1) 1685 Valletta to Caterina Cunieri, married (2) 1730 Vittoriosa to Caterina Scala, with issue. (First marriage) Angelo Naudi, married 1736 Valletta to Domenica Seychel. Aloisia Naudi, married 1727 Valletta to Vincenzo Madell. Teresa Naudi, married 1721 Valletta to Giacomo Grima. Aloisia Naudi, married 1715 Valletta to Simone Merle. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Naudi, married 1766 Senglea to Anna Grech. Rosa Naudi, married 1770 Vittoriosa to Filippo Farrugia. Aloisio Naudi, married 1732 Cospicua to Geronima Grech, with issue. Teodora Naudi, married 1772 Cospicua to Antonio Piott. Teresa Naudi, married 1677 Valletta to Salvatore Galea. Angelica Naudi, married 1680 Valletta to Francesco Darcelon. (Second marriage) Nobile Anna Bezzina, married 1644 Valletta to Claudio Xiallenge of France. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married (1) 1646 Valletta to Giacomo Berton of Brittany, France, married (2) 1652 Valletta to Jean Chiason of France. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1649 Valletta to Nicolo Precon of France. Nobile Marietta Bezzina, married 1655 Valletta to Martino Coco of Allemand. (illegitimate) Antonia descreta de Bezzina, married 1653 Valletta to Gio Maria Francese. Nobile Mro Domenico Bezzina, married to Andreanna N, with issue. Nobile Salvina Bezzina, married 1614 Valletta to Giulio Cassarino. Nobile Giacobina Bezzina, married 1619 Valletta to Girolamo Attard. Nobile Geromina Bezzina, married 1634 Gharghur to Antonio Debono. Nobile Lucrezia Bezzina, married 1644 Birkirkara to Salvatore Imbroll. Nobile Antonio Bezzina, married to Giovanna N, with issue. Nobile Elena Bezzina, married 1547 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) Naxxar to Domenico Grech. Nobile Mco Giulio Bezzina, married 1559 (Notary Giovannello Falzon) to Petruccia Camilleri, with issue. Nobile Michele Bezzina, married 1597 (Notary Simone Galea) to Domenca Clara Galata, with issue. Nobile Antonio Bezzina, married 1630 Qrendi to Barbara Spiteri, with issue. Nobile Gioannella Bezzina, married 1650 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Gharghur Michele Zarb. Nobile Chco Salvatore Bezzina, married 1625 Naxxar to Caterina Mifsud. Nobile Giuseppe Bezzina, married 1642 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Mercieca. Nobile Isabella Bezzina, married (1) 1625 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Grima, married (2) 1636 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Cachia. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1637 Matrice Gozo to Paolo Camilleri. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1649 Gharghur to Bernardo Caruana. Nobile Matteo Bezzina, married 1592 Naxxar to Nobile Caterina Bezzina (See above), with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1625 (Notary Pietro Borg) Gharghur to Gio Maria Attard. Nobile Gioannella Bezzina, married 1634 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) Gharghur to Matteolo Bartolo. Nobile Argenta Bezzina, married 1634 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) Gharghur to Giacomo Bartolo. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1649 Valletta to Isabellica Falson. Nobile Bartolomea Bezzina, married 1626 Gharghur to Domenico Vella. Nobile Alessandro Bezzina, married 1593 Naxxar to Isabella Portelli, with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1626 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Gio Maria Zarb, married 1629 (Notary Pietro Borg) Gharghur to Chco Giacomo Muglia. Nobile Gio Paolo Bezzina, married 1632 Gharghur to Natalizia Xerri, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1651 Ghaxaq to Bernarda Fenech. Nobile Giovanna Bezzina, married 1592 Naxxar to Cosmano Zarb. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married 1551 Naxxar to Imperia Sammut, with issue. Nobile Blasio Bezzina, married 1575 Birkirkara to Caterina Agius, with issue. Nobile Gregorio Bezzina, married (1) 1612 Qormi to Nobile Gioannella Axisa, married (2) 1649 Qormi to Geronima, former wife of Gio Paolo N, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1642 Qormi to Tomaso Cardona. Nobile Grazia Bezzina, married 1649 Qormi to Giovanni Falzon. Nobile Gio Paolo Bezzina, married 1655 Naxxar to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1689 Lija to Giovanni Greco, with issue. Nicola Grech, married 1727 Gharghur to Caterina Fenech, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1760 Birkirkara to Maria Borg, with issue. Nicola Grech, married 1783 Gharghur to Grazia Spiteri, with issue. Orazio Grech, married 1826 Gharghur to Maria Portelli, with issue. Grazia Grech, (1827 -1903 Constantine, Algeria), married 1845 Gharghur to Carlo Zammit, with issue. Maria Concepta Zammit, (1852 -, married 1870 Guelma, Algeria to Salvatore Jacques Gauci, with issue. Joseph Gauci, (1871-. Charles Gauci, (1872 Guelma, Algeria -, amrried 1899 Bone, Algeria to Marie Xicluna, with issue. Marcel Jean Gauci, (1916 Guelma, Algeria -. Suzanne Anna Gauci, (1920 Guelma, Algeria -. Marianna Gauci, (1874 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1906 Guelma, Algeria to Jean Pierre Gauci. Gregorie Gauci, (1876 Guelma, Algeria -1950 Constantine, Algeria), married 1906 Guelma, Algeria to Marie Francoise Teuma, (see below). Louisa Gauci, (1877-. Dominique Gauci, (1880-), d.inf. Barthelemy Gauci, (1881 Guelma, Algeria -1942 Bone, Algeria), marrid 1909 Bone, Algeria to Pauline Sant. Carmelo Gauci, (1883-1888), d.inf. Jean Marie Gauci, (1884-), d.inf. Anna Gauci, (1885-. Jeanne Gauci, (1888 Guelma, Algeria -1953 Bone, Algeria), married 1907 Guelma, Algeria to Marius Nicolas Bartolo. Josephine Zammit, (1861 Guelma, Algeria -1921 Guelma, Algeria), married 1878 Guelma, Algeria to Dominique John Teuma, with issue. Charles Salvator Teuma, (1879 Guelma, Algeria -1970 Nimes, France), married 1900 Guelma, Algeria to Antoinette Philomene Bartolo, with issue. Marie Rose Teuma, (1901-. Charlotte Antoinette Teuma, (1901 Guelma, Algeria -2003 Meaux, France), married (1) 1921 Guelma, Algeria to Philibert Bezzina, married (2) 1930 Le Kram, Tunisia to Marcel Francois Camilleri. Josephine Teuma, (1903 Guelma, Algeria -1977 Lyon, France), married 1930 Guelma, Algeria to Marius Toussaint Curmi. Yvonne Charlotte Teuma, (1905 Guelma, Algeria -1992 Marseille, France), married (1) 1924 Guelma, Algeria to Dominique Bezzina, married (2) to Charles Neu. Berthe Marie Teuma, (1909 Guelma, Algeria -1999 Marseille, France), dunm. Michel Dominique Teuma, (1913-1916), d.inf. Laurent Georges Teuma, (1915 Guelma, Algeria -2006 Mougins, France), married 1938 Tunisia to Antoinette Cosentino. Marcelle Michelle Teuma, (1917 Guelaat Bou Sba, Algeria  -2006 Nimes, France), married to Felix Rosario Lavigne. Andree Marie Teuma, (1919 Guelaat Bou Sba, Algeria -1995 Beaucaire, France), married to Maurice Vincent. Rose Teuma, (1880 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1900 Guelma, Algeria to Auguste Bartolo, with issue. Laurent Bartolo, (1904 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1928 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Emelie Augustine Figucci. Auguste Philippe Bartolo, (1906 Millesimo, Algeria -2002), married 1933 Montauban to Gabrielle Louise Saint-Blancat. Charles Bartolo, (1908 Guelma, Algeria -2001 Aix-en-Provence, France). Auguste Marcel Bartolo, (1914 Guelma, Algeria -2006 Condom, France). Dominique Georges Bartolo, (1916-), d.inf. Estelle Bernadette Bartolo, (1916 Guelma, Algeria -2010 Marseille, France). Blanche Innocente Bartolo, (1917 Nechmeya, Algeria -2005 Boulogne sur Gesse, France), married 1945 Pont-du-Fahs, Tunisia to Raoul Henri Dalmasso. Marie Francoise Teuma, (1881 Guelma, Algeria -1945 Guelma, Algeria), married 1906 Guelma, Algeria to Gregoire Gauci. Salvator Teuma, (1883-1884), d.inf. Anna Teuma, (1885 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1905 Guelma, Algeria to Philippe Raphael. Jean Carmelo Zammit, (1864 -, married 1899 Guelma, Algeria to Eugenie Micheline Ropa, with issue. Eulalie Gracia Zammit, (1901 Guelma, Algeria -1994 La Garde, France), married 1923 Guelma, Algeria to Leon Constant Said. Carmele Bartholomie Zammit, (1866 Pagi-Gargue, Algeria -1907 Guelma, Algeria), married (1) to Gaetan Ellul, married (2) 1897 Guelma, Algeria to Salvator Cassar, with issue. (First marriage) Anna Ellul, (1888 -1959 Penthievre, Algeria), married 1920 Guelma, Algeria to Celestin Heffner. Charlotte Ellul, (1892 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1912 Mondovi, Algeria to Emile Henri Buch. Nicola Grech, (1831 -1892 Guelma, Algeria), married 1861 Bone, Algeria to Annunziata Marie Bonnici, with issue. Anna Grech, (1862-1881). Rose Carmene Greck, (1863 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1883 Guelma, Algeria to Nicolas Cuschieri, with issue. Anna Rose Cuschieri, (1884 -. Marie Charlotte Cuschieri, (1893 Guelma, Algeria - 1956 Guelma, Algeria). Eugene Greck, (1865 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1895 Guelma, Algeria to Elisa Labord. Georges Greck, (1868 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1904 Bone, Algeria to Louise Esposito. Lucia Grech, (1869 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1888 Guelma, Algeria to Francois Bonvino, with issue. Marie Gaetana Bonvino, (1889-), d.inf. Vincente Marie Bonvino, (1891 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1907 Guelma, Algeria to Vincent Bonvino. Nicolas Bonvino, (1892-1948). Marie Rose Bonvino, (1894 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1913 Guelma, Algeria to Edouard Leone Lepori. Marie Anne Greck, (1873-. Louis Philippe Greck, (1873-. Philommene Rosine Grech, (1875-1878), d.inf. Laurent Greck, (1877-), d.inf. Josephine Beatrix Greck, (1878 Guelma, Algeria -), married 1899 Guelma, Algeria to Thomas Francois Mallea. Rose Marie Greck, (1880-. Louis Greck, (1882-. Charles Greck, (1884-. Berthe Barbara Greck, (1887-. Jean Grech, (1834 -1903 Ain Tahamimine, Algeria), married 1859 Guelma, Algeria to Maria Concetta Zammit, with issue. Grecio Greck, (1860-1862), d.inf. Michel Greck, (1862 Guelma, Algeria -1887 Guelma, Algeria), married 1882 Guelma, Algeria to Angele Marie Toce, with issue. Concepta Greck, (1883 Guelma, Algeria-, married 1908 Guelma, Algeria to Henri Antonin Bonnet. Elisa Greck, (1886-1887), d.inf. Michel Greck, (1888-), d.inf. Marie Greck, (1864-1865), d.inf. Marie Carmena Greck, (1866 Guelma, Algeria -1948 La Sefia, Algeria), married 1895 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Paul Publicus Debono. Dominique Greck, (1869-. Gracia Greck, (1870 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1892 Ain Beida, Algeria to Paolo Theuma, with issue. Marie Anne Greck, (1892 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1913 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Joseph Resclause. Joseph Greck, (1872 Guelma, Algeria -1962 Biarritz, France), married 1904 Guelma, Algeria to Anna Rose Cuschieri, with issue. Odette Louise Greek, (1910 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1930 Guelma, Algeria to Leopold Jean Fug. Angeline Greck, (1874 Guelma, Algeria -, married 1896 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Ange Antoine Casalonga, with issue. Octave Toussaint Casalonga, (1906 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria -, married to Lucienne Mertz. Barthelemy Prosper Grech, (1876-. Vincente Sidonie Greck, (1879-), d.inf. Rosine Greck, (1880 Duvivier, Algeria -1962 Le Vesinet, France), amrried 1889 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Vincent Raphael Brucciacasa, with issue. Salvator Emilie Brucciacasa, (1902 Villars, Algeria -1940 Bone, Algeria). Jeanne Conception Brucciascasa, (1905 Bone, Algeria -1967 Montrejeau, France). Francoise Vincente Greck, (1885 Medjex-Sfa, Algeria -1975 ), married 1905 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria to Michel Jean Masia, with issue. Jean Edmond Masia, (1911 Medjez-Sfa, Algeria -1974 Montpellier, France), married 1943 Sousse, France to Josephine Tanous. Michel Fernand Masia, (1914 Sousse, Tunisia -, married 1939 Sousse, Tunisia to Gabrielle Conception Cristina. Basile Masia, (1916 Sousse, Tunisia -, married 1941 Sousse, Tunisia to Francoise Gilbert Benvenutto. Berthe Masia, (1920 Sousse, Tunisia -2020 Niort, France), married 1941 Sousse, Tunisia to Jean Noel. Joseph Grech, (1838 -), married 1869 Bone, Algeria to Philomene Farrugia, with issue. Maria Grech, (1870 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1940 Bone, Algeria), married 1892 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Jean Marie Tanti. Auguste Grech, (1872-1888), dunm. Gracia Greck, (1874 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1892 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Joseph Pierre Abela, with issue. Charles Mathieu Abela, (1896 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1921 Guelma, Algeria to Marie Toussainte Caccavelli. Antoinette Greck, (1875 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -1949 Constantine, Algeria), married 1896 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Antoine Vincent Scamaroni, with issue. Marc Andre Scamaroni, (1904 Constantine, Algeria -), married (1) (Div) to Hugette Georgette Arbez, married (2) 1948 Constantine, Algeria to Suzanne Renee Romani. Alphonse Joseph Greck, (1878 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -, married 1904 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Jeanne Marie Semelet. Lucie Jeanne Greck, (1880 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1899 Aouk-Ahras, Algeria to Paul Xavier Cordina, with issue. Leontine Cordina, (1898 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -. Michel Cordina, (1902 Souk-Ahras, Algeria-), married 1930 Bone, Algeria to Carmele Cordina. Leontine Silvie Greck, (1883-1884), d.inf. Eugenie Marie Greck, (1885 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1904 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Paul Marie Sardet. Delphine Augustine Greck, (1887 Souk-Ahras, Algeria -), married 1909 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Gustave Achille Gaubert. Dominique Andre Grech, (1841 Gharghur -), married 1863 Bone, Algeria to Carmina Mifsud, with issue. Augustin Dominque Grech, (1864-. Joseph Nicolas Grech, (1866-1868), d.inf. Marie Victorine Grech, (1868 Bone, Algeria -1962 Nice, France), married 1891 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Pierre Abela, with issue. Florence Mathilde Abela, (1898 Souk-Ahras, Algeria - 1993 Toulouse, France), married 1923 Souk-Ahras, Algeria to Adolphe Resclause. Therese Rosine Grech, (1870-1871), d.inf. Nicolas Fortune Grech, (1877-1886), dunm. Nobile Francesco Bezzina, married 1631 Mqabba to Imperia Zammit, with issue. Nobile Domenico Bezzina, married 1672 Qormi to Grazia Maxta, with issue. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1710 Valletta to Giovanni Nicola Greco of San Mauro, Italy, with issue. Michele Grech, married 1736 Xewkija Gozo to Lucrezia Camilleri, with issue. Antonio Grech, married 1763 Vittoriosa to Caterina Sarsarelli, with issue. Rosaria Grech, married 1780 Vittoriosa to Tommaso Agius. Nobile Francesco Bezzina, married 1579 Birkirkara to Vennera Micallef, with issue. Nobile Salvatore Bezzina, married 1623 Birkirkara to Caterina Calleja. Nobile Andrea Bezzina, married 1600 Naxxar to Elena Chetcuti, with issue. Nobile Giacoma Bezzina, married 1627 Gudja to Giovanni Grech. Nobile Aloisio Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Mariano Bezzina, married 1596 Attard to Nobile Vincenza Xiberras, (See above), with issue. Nobile Paoluccio Bezzina, married 1645 Birkirkara to Gioannella Azzopardi. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married to Gioannella N, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1645 Zebbug to Evangelista Schembri. Nobile Salvatore Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1573 Mdina to Pietro Curmi. Nobile Bartolomeu Bezzinu, (1360-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420. Nobile Manfredu Bizzinu, (1325-), married with issue. Nobile Antoniu Bizzinu, (1350-), married with issue. Nobile Jakinu Bizzinu, (1380-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420, married with issue. Nobile Antonio Bizzinu, (1410-), married with issue. Nobile Jacobu Bezzina, (1440-), married with issue. Nobile Antonio Niccolo Bezzina, (1470-), married with issue. Nobile Niccolo Bezzina, (1500-), married to Agata N, with issue. Nobile Elena Bezzina, married 1542 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Stefano Magro. Nobile Margerita Bezzina, married (1) 1542 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Nobile Demetrio Bezzina, (See above), married (2) 1557 Naxxar to Alberto Sammut. Nobile Matteo Bezzina, married to Cecilia N, with issue. Nobile Simone Bezzina, married 1609 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) Qormi to Caterina Muscat. Nobile Vincenza Bezzina, married 1571 Qormi to Leonardo Camilleri. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1561 Naxxar to Salvatore Cauchi. Nobile Michele Bezzina, (1505-), married with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married (1) 1542 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Domenico Attard, married (2) 1552 Naxxar to Leonardo Bongibino. Nobile Matteo Bezzina, mmarried 1543 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Nobile Agata Elena Cassar, with issue. Nobile Paoluccia Bezzina, married 1606 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) to Pasquale Gauci. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married 1545 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) 1546 Naxxar to Maria Margherita Calafato, with issue. Nobile Chco Giuseppe Bezzina, married 1552 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) Naxxar to Giovanna Calafato. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1573 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Vennera Cauchi, with issue. Nobile Michele Bezzina, married 1607 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) to Vincenza Mifsud, with issue. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1645 Gharghur to Pasquale Borg. Nobile Chco Giorgio Bezzina, (Testamente 1621 by Notary Pietro Borg), married 1631 Zebbug to Paolina Gatt, with issue. Nobile Notary Giovanni Bezzina, married 1650 (Notary Gio Luca Mamo) Mdina to Paolina Teresa Allegritto. Nobile Isabella Bezzina, married 1604 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) Gharghur to Domenico Mifsud. Nobile Giuseppa Margherita Bezzina, married 1605 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) Gharghur to Luca Gauci. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, married 1623 (Notary Pietro Borg) Gharghur to Giuseppe Sant. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married to Margherita Cauchi, with issue. Nobile Matteo Bezzina, married 1622 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) to Margherita Marietta Chircop, married 1628 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Caterina Tonna, married 1631 (Notary Pietro Borg) Gharghur to Gioannella Grima, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1644 Qormi to Giovanni Borg. Nobile Cilia Bezzina, married 1640 Qormi to Andrea Gatt. (Second marriage) Nobile Agata Bezzina, married 1649 Gharghur to Nobile Agostino Imbroglio. Nobile Isabella Bezzina, married 1625 (Notary Mario Attard) to Domenico Zarb, with issue. Onorato Zarb, married 1693 Naxxar to Maria Deguara, with issue. Giuseppe Zarb, married 1735 Attard to Grazia Sciortino, with issue. Ludovico Zarb, married 1756 Attard to Domenica Muscat, with issue. Giuseppe Zarb, married 1786 Valletta to Caterina Portelli, with issue. Felice Zarb, married in Genoa, Italy to Sig Caterina Galbarini, with issue. Cecilia Zarb, married to Dr Carmelo Imbroll MDdsp. Susanna Zarb, married 1865 Valletta to Dr Carmelo Imbroll MD. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1617 Mdina to Giovanni Zarb. Nobile Giuseppe Bezzina, married (1) to Gioannella Maria Mifsud, married (2) 1639 Zebbug to Geronima Gatt, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Maruzza Bezzina, married 1635 (Notary Mario Attard) to Michele Grech. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1641 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Gio Domenico Mifsud. Nobile Francesca Bezzina, married 1648 (Notary Simone Attard) Gharghur to Domenico Galata. Nobile Gioannella Bezzina, married 1649 (Notary Simone Attard) Gharghur to Chco Gio Paolo Axisa. Nobile Vincenza Bezzina, married 1630 Gharghur to Nobile Giovanni Vassallo. Nobile Clara Bezzina, married 1605 Gharghur to Giovanni Debono. Nobile Isabella Bezzina, married 1604 Matrice Gozo to Mariano Dimech. Nobile Vennera Bezzina, married (1) 1550 Naxxar to Giovanni Cuschieri, married (2) 1560 Matrice Gozo to Mro Ferdinando Amaira, with issue. Paolo Amaira, married 1586 Vittoriosa to Caterina Parisot de la Valette, with issue. Innocenza Amaira, married 1614 Senglea to Giovanni Mercieca, with issue. Genobia Mercieca, married 1638 Senglea to Michele Spadono, with issue. Andreanna Spadono, married 1655 Matrice Gozo to Antonio Magro, with issue. Domenico Magri sives Magro, married 1680 Senglea to Evangelista Psaila, with issue. Michele Angelo Magri, married 1713 Senglea to Diana Grima, with issue. Isabella Amaira, married 1620 Matrice Gozo to Pietro del Daco. Mro Giuseppe Amaira, married (1) 1634 Matrice Gozo to Lucrezia Muscat, married (2) 1635 Senglea to Vincenza Bonavia, with issue. (First marriage) Cleria Amaira, married 1654 Matrice Gozo to Gio Pietro Barbara. (Second marriage) Luca Amaira, married 1666 Senglea to Mattia Psinga, with issue. Vincenza Amaira, married 1698 Senglea to Pasquale Stafrag. Bartolomea Amaira, married 1663 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Rossi. Giulio Amaira, married 1635 Senglea to Elena Grech, with issue. Paolo Amaira, married 1666 Senglea to Natalizia Ellul. Orlando Amaira, married 1636 Senglea to Giovanna Vallon. Giulia Amaira, dunm.l. (illegitimate) Veronica de Amaira, married 1660 Senglea to Giovanni Bordier. Emmanuele Amaira, married 1622 Vittoriosa to Angela Covin. Nobile Lena Bezzina, married 1553 Naxxar to Mariano Schembri. Nobile Agata Bezzina, married 1564 Matrice Gozo to Marco Mallia. Nobile Teramo Bezzina, married to Orsola N, with issue. Nobile Geronimo Bezzina, married 1548 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) Naxxar to Paola Micallef. Nobile Agata Bezzina, married (1) 1549 (Notary Brandino Caxaro) Naxxar to Salvatore Micallef, married (2) 1552 Naxxar to Lorenzo Grech. Nobile Michele Bezzina, married 1587 Naxxar to Elena Fenech, with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1608 (Notary Ferdinando Zarb) to Stefano Ebejer, married 1634 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Simone Tonna. Nobile Paoluccio Bezzina, married 1636 (Notary Mario Attard) to N. Nobile Domenica Bezzina, married 1621 Naxxar to Carlo Galea. Nobile Gioannella Bezzina, married 1621 Naxxar to Andrea Debono. Nobile Grazia Bezzina, married 1640 Gharghur to Mario Calleja. Nobile Maria Bezzina, married 1652 Mdina to Pietro Barbara. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1553 Naxxar to Domenico Mifsud. Nobile Pasquale Bezzina, married to Luna N, with issue. Nobile Pancrazio Bezzina, married 1587 Naxxar to Marietta Borg, with issue. Nobile Bernarda Bezzina, married 1619 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Andrea Zarb. Nobile Speranza Bezzina, married 1619 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Bernardo Zarb. Nobile Pasquale Bezzina, married (1) 1607 Valletta to Gioannella Giuli, married (2) 1620 Gharghur to Angela Sant, with issue. (Second marriage) Nobile Tomaso Bezzina, married 1648 Gharghur to Grazia Portelli. Nobile Mario Bezzina, married 1621 Birkirkara to Grazia Enziona Borg, with issue. Nobile Mariano Bezzina, married 1644 Gharghur to Agnese Fenech. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married (1) 1635 Valletta to Flavia de Biasi, married (2) 1647 Luqa to Bernarda, former wife of Domenico Camenzuli. Nobile Geroma Bezzina, married 1644 Gharghur to Giuseppe Debono. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married to Vincenza N, with issue. Nobile Margherita Bezzina, married 1618 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Giovanni Zarb. Nobile Gio Maria Bezzina, married to Francesca Borg, with issue. Nobile Evangelista Bezzina, married 1638 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Nobile Andrea Bezzina, (See below), married (2) 1639 Gharghur to Nobile Domenico Bezzina (See above). Nobile Gio Michele Bezzina, married 1648 (Notary Simone Attard) Gharghur to Grazia Sant. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married 1574 Naxxar to Elena Sammut, with issue. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married 1630 Gharghur to Vennera Mangion. Nobile Bartolomea Bezzina, married 1616 (Notary Pietro Borg) to Biagio Tonna. Nobile Vincenzo Bezzina, married to Imperia N, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married 1634 Mdina to Marietta Pace. Nobile Maruzza Bezzina, married 1639 Gharghur to Michele Grech. Nobile Vincenza Bezzina, married 1638 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Micallef. Nobile Caterina Bezzina, mmarried 1651 Matrice Gozo to Pasquale Mannara. Nobile Stefano Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Isabella Bezzina, married 1550 Naxxar to Giuliano Portelli. Nobile Agata Bezzina, married 1554 Naxxar to Rosoleo Mallia. Nobile Matteo Bezzina, married with issue. Nobile Clara Bezzina, married 1559 Vittoriosa to Francesco di Chiaresi of Marseille, France. Nobile Domenico  Bezzina, married 1549 Naxxar to Caterina Calleja, with issue. Nobile Giacomo Bezzina, married 1574 Naxxar to Elena Zammit, with issue. Michele Bezzina, married 1623 Naxxar to Agnese Tonna. Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married 1624 Naxxar to Agnese Tonna, (Widowed to Michele, married his brother), with issue. Nobile Giovanni Bezzina, married (1) 1665 Naxxar to Maria Xiberras, married (2) 1678 Naxxar to Domenica Portelli, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Pietro Bezzina, married 1688 Naxxar to Maddalena Sammut, with issue. Lucrezia Bezzina, married 1721 Naxxar to Luca Perotta, (See on this page), with issue. Andrea Perotta, married (1) 1748 Lija to Maria Quattromani, married (2) 1765 Naxxar to Maria Spiteri, married (3) 1782 Naxxar to Angelica Debono, married (4) 1784 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Costa, with issue. (First marriage) Luca Perotta sives Pirotta, married 1774 Naxxar to Maria Vella, with issue. Andrea Pirotta, married 1809 Naxxar to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Luca Pirotta, married 1850 Birkirkara to Maria Rita Vassallo, with issue. Andrea Pirotta, married 1893 Birkirkara to Maria Carmela Micallef. Giuseppe Pirotta, married 1843 Birkirkara to Maria Mamo, with issue. Antonio Pirotta, married 1872 Birkirkara to Carmela Aquilina. Elena Pirotta, married 1873 Birkirkara to Gio Maria Micallef. Grazia Pirotta, married 1891 Birkirkara to Aloisio Sammut. Maria Concetta Pirotta, married 1831 Naxxar to Vittorio Ciappara. Salvatore Pirotta, married (1) 1809 Naxxar to Margherita Galea, married (2) 1823 Naxxar to Maria Camilleri, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Pirotta, married 1833 Naxxar to Carlo Grech. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Pirotta, married 1847 Naxxar to Vittoria Briffa, with issue. Giuseppe Pirotta, married (1) 1891 Naxxar to Maria Concetta Deguara, married (2) 1894 Naxxar to Antonia Camilleri. Valenzio Pirotta, married 1883 Naxxar to Maria Vittoria Schembri. Luca Pirotta, married 1890 Naxxar to Maria Anna Mercieca. Alessandra Pirotta, married 1885 Naxxar to Spiridione Schembri. Maria Pirotta, married 1892 Birkirkara to Vittorio Bonavia. Teresa Pirotta, married 1862 Naxxar to Pasquale Agius. Mro Francesco Pirotta, married 1811 Naxxar to Rosa Bonnici, with issue. Luca Pirotta, married 1836 Naxxar to Francesca Psaila. Vincenzo Pirotta, married 1841 Mdina to Vincenza Attard, with issue. Carmelo Pirotta, married 1866 Mdina to Anna Bugeja. Giuseppe Pirotta, married 1843 Naxxar to Maria Attard. (Second marriage) Anna Pirotta, married 1789 Naxxar to Giuseppe Bonavia. Teresa Pirotta, married 1779 Naxxar to Giuseppe de Brincat. Gabriele Perotta, married 1752 Balzan to Margherita Fenech, with issue. Grazia Perotta, married 1781 Balzan to Angelo Borg.

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