The Mega family of Castel Cicciano.

The Peerage and Knightage in Malta, (Midsea Books, Malta 2018).


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Note: Not all descendants are listed.


1. Francesco Mego of Rhodes Island, (Arrived with the Knights to Malta c. 1530), Auditor and Vice Chancellor of the Order of St John of Malta, (Died 1572) “1st” Baron di Castel Cicciano of Naples”, created Barone / Signore di Qlejja 1569 in Malta, married to Petruzza Gualtieri, with issue.

1.1. Don Gio Antonio Mego,(died 1580) “2nd” Barone of Castel Cicciano e di Qlejja, ‘Priest’, dunm.

1.2. Paola Mego, “Nun”, dunm.

1.3. Agostino Mego, Knight of the Order of St John.

1.4. Dionisa Mego, (d. 1583), deJure Baronessa di Qlejja, married to Nobile Gaspare Santa Maura, with issue.

1.4.1. Nobile Giacomo Santa Maura, (d. 1621) , deJure Barone di Qlejja, married (1) 1574 Valletta to Caterina Caloriti, married (2) to Aloisea Famigliomaia, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Agata Santa Maura, married 1609 Vittoriosa to Domenico Frendo. (Second Marriage) Nobile Pietro Paolo Santa Maura, (d. 1656) deJure Barone di Qlejja, married to Cristina Bisbili, with issue. (illegitimate with Isabella Alunna di Noblis Lorenzo Sayd) Mco Gio Battista Santa Maura, married (1) 1622 Valletta to Lorenza Fighera, married (2) 1629 Valletta to Caterina Zinheir Busa, married (3) 1678 Valletta to Speranza Pace, with issue. Cesare Aloiseo Santa Maura, married 1654 Valletta to Dorotea Sommaripa, with issue. Lorenzo Santa Maura, Abbott. Stanistao Santa Maura, Abbott. Elizabetta Santa Maura, married 1658 Valletta to Francesco Barbara. Teresa Santa Maura, married 1662 Valletta to Giuseppe Muscat. (illegitimate) Antonio Santa Maura, married to Speranza N, with issue. Maria Santa Maura, married 1666 Valletta to Agostino Grech. Clara Santa Maura, married 1672 Valletta to Domenico Azzopardi. (Marriage) Nobile Mco Giacomo Santa Maura, married 1629 Valletta to Anna Ristro, with issue. Nobile Flaminea Santa Maura, married 1650 Valletta to Dr Didaco Talavera JUD. Nobile Vittoria Santa Maura, married 1651 Vittoriosa to Nicola de Milo. Nobile Dionisa Santa Maura, married 1625 Valletta to Nobile Ersamo d’Alagona. Nobile Veronica Santa Maura, married 1646 Valletta to Jacques Dulcis. Nobile Sevastulla Santa Maura, married 1656 Vittoriosa to Michele Fraleschatti. Nobile Agostino Santa Maura, (d. 1666), deJure Barone di Qlejja,  married (1) 1640 Valletta to Grazia Prevost, married (2) 1655 Valletta to Laura d’Armenia, with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Maria Santa Maura, (d. 1690), deJure Baronessa di Qlejja, married 1658 Valletta to Alfonso Desclaus, English Consul in Malta (r 1660-1706), with issue. Nobile Giovanni Giacomo Desclaus, (d. 1721), deJure Barone di Qlejja, married 1704 Valletta to Rosa Maria Muxi. (Second Marriage) Nobile Giovanna Santa Maura, married 1688 Valletta to Gio Battista Fardella, with issue. Anna Maria Fardella, married (1) 1681 Valletta to Gio Domenico Carbone, married (2) 1707 Valletta to Rafaele d’Alessandri. Nobile Aloisetta Santa Maura, married 1626 Valletta to Mco Pietro de Leonardis. Nobile Caterina Santa Maura, married 1638 Valletta to Ludovico Grima.

1.4.2. Nobile Agostino Santa Maura, “Priest”.

1.4.3. Nobile Beatrice Santa Maura, Nun.

1.4.4. Nobile Giovanni Santa Maura, Abbott.

1.4.5. Nobile Petruzza Santa Maura, Nun.

1.5. Geronima Mego, married to Michele Geronimo Cadamusta of Syracusa