Siculo Arabic family of Agius”

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Giacomo Agius, married (c. 1520) to Giovanna N, with issue.
1. Nicola Agius, married 1545 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Agata Galea, with issue.
1.1. Tommaso Agius, (Testamente 1597 Notary Giovanni Debono), married (1) 1569 (Notary Giuliano Muscat ) to Marietta Ciantar, married (2) 1587 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Lena Micallef, with issue.
1.1.1. Chco Gio Maria Agius, married 1629 Zebbug to Argentina Bonello, with issue.  Grazio Agius,  married 1658 Zebbug to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Tommaso Agius, married 1695 Mdina to Matteola Fenech, with issue. Francesco Agius, married 1730 Valletta to Teresa Ellul, with issue. Tomaso Agius, married 1767 Valletta to Ursula Busuttil, with issue. Antonio Agius, (1769-1851), married 1793 Valletta to Nobile Saveria Vassallo, with issue. Pietro Paolo Agius, (1795-1837), married 1816 Valletta to Maria Teresa Pace, with issue. Antonia Agius, (1818-). Saveria Agius, (1819-). Antonio Guglielmo Agius, (1821-). Lorenza Agius, (1823-1856), married 1845 Valletta to Paolo Rocco Peralta. Rosa Agius, (1825-). Tancredi Agius, (1827-1872 Hampstead, London, UK), married 1848 Alexandria Egypt to Saveria Sammut, with issue. Edward Tancredi Agius, (1849 Egypt-1924 London UK), [1] married 1873 Valletta  to Maria Concetta Muscat, with issue. Inez Agius, (1874-1916), married 1900 to Salvatore Cassar, with issue. Vera Cassar, (1900-91), married 1926 to Walter Harding, with issue. Anne Harding, (1933-., married (1) to Sean Brennand, married (2) Douglas Wilmer, with issue. (First marriage)  Katherine Brennand, (1963-., married (1) to Simon Comins, married (2) to William Ricks, with issue. (Second marriage) Anna Ricks, (2000-. George Ricks, (2002-. Patricia Harding, (1936-36), d.inf. Jean Harding, (1940-., married 1963 to John Arkell, with issue. Peter Arkell, (1963-., married 1997 to Vanessa Chesler-Leiman, with issue. Nicola Arkell, (1965-., married to James Reed, with issue. James Arkell, (1972-. William Harding, (1944-. Harold Cassar, (1901-., married to Claire McCoy., dsp. Doris Cassar, (1902-). Cora Cassar, (1906-30), married 1929 to Joseph Debono., with issue. Elizabeth Debono, (1930-, married 1955 to Hadrian Vincenti, with issue. Gordan Vincenti, (1956-, married (1) 1976 to Kirsten Fyen, married (2) to Tina Horn, with issue. (First Marriage) Jonas Vincenti, (1979-. (Second Marriage) Mads Vincenti, (1988-. Emil Vincenti, (1991-. Gareth Vincenti, (1957-, married 1978 to Jane Ensor, with issue. James Vincenti, (1982-. Alexandria Vincenti, (1983-. Tony Cassar, (1909-88), married 1951 to Winifred Galea, with issue. Jennifer Cassar, (1952-, married 1981 to Keith Hamer, with issue. Anna Hamer. George Hamer. Stephanie Hamer. Diana Cassar, (1956-. Sarah Cassar, (1962-., married to Edward Bonnici, with issue. Sophie Bonnici, (1990-. (Natural with N. Briffa) Harry Briffa, (2002-. Ines Cassar, (1916-99), married 1941 to Adolf Wetz, with issue. Stephanie Wetz, (1942-., married 1964 to Edward Stilon, with issue. Stefan Stilon, (1965-., married 2000 to Rachel Pisani, with issue. Sean Stilon. Edward Stilon. Karin Wetz, (1943-., married 1964 to Joseph Depasquale, with issue. Kristina Despasquale, (1965-, married 1989 to Christopher Imm, with issue. Francesca Imm. Nicholas Imm. Jean Pierre Depasquale, (1966-. Teresa Despasquale, (1967-., married 2001 to David Baker. Anthony Wetz, (1952-., married 1977 to Victoria Degiorgio, with issue. Alexia Wetz, (1978-. Sarah Wetz, (1980-. Maria Wetz, (1985-. Anna Wetz, (1954-., married 1986 to Rudolph L. Busuttil, with issue. Christopher Busuttil, (1987-. Edward Agius, (1875-1904), married 1900 to Florence McCoy, dsp. Laura Agius, (1876-1969), married (1) 1903 to Hugh Burns, married (2) to Charles Mompalao de Piro, with issue. (First Marriage) Hugh Burns, (1904-78), married 1935 to Maria Ellul Grech, with issue. Mary Rose Burns, (1936-, married 1957 to Christopher Bennett, with issue. Catheryn Bennett, (1958-, married 1983 to Robert Woods, with issue. Charles Woods. Laura Woods. Elizabeth Bennett, (1959-. Jeanne Bennett, (1961-2005), with issue. Andrew Bennett. David Bennett, (1963-. Roger Bennett, (1965-, married 1991 to Martha McLachan, with issue. Kieran Bennett. Rachel Bennett, (1968-. Hugh Burns, (1937-, married 1963 to Jacqueline Krauth, with issue. Anthony Burns, (1964-., married 1993 to Jacqueline Wiley, with issue. Jonathan Burns, (1998-. Michael Burns, (2001-. Mark Burns, (1967-. Paul Burns, (1940-, married 1963 to Carole Irving, with issue. Jennifer Burns, (1964-. Elizabeth Burns, (1965-, with issue. Alexander Burns. Edward Burns, (1968., married 2002 to Caroline Wakeham, with issue. Theodore Burns. Lucia Burns, (1968-., married 2004 to Darren May. Katherine Burns, (1973-. Joanna “Nita” Burns, (1942-., married 1970 to Colin Crome, with issue. Paul Crome, (1971-, married 2007 to Caroline Beail, with issue. Henrietta Crowe. Sara Crome, (1975-, married 2004 Mdina Cathedral to James Wilson, with issue. Emma Wilson. Patricia Burns, (1949-., married 1966 to Matthew Ruffell, with issue. James Ruffell, (1967-. Peter Ruffell, (1974-. Elizabeth Burns, (1946-., married 1968 to John Dymond, with issue. Christopher Dymond, (1968-, married 2005 to Rose Atkinson, with issue. Lucas Dymond. Michael Dymond, (1972-. Teresa Dymond, (1974-. Nicholas Dymond, (1983-. Ethel Burns, (1906-94), married 1935 to Dino Camiciottoli-Innocenti, with issue. Giampiero Camiciottoli-Innocenti, (1936- married 1965 to Lucia Giannini, with issue. Lorenzo Camiciottoli-Innocenti, (1965-, married 1993 to Ilaria Scali, with issue. Filippo Camiciottoli-Innocenti. Leonardo Camiciottoli-Innocenti. Francesca Camiciottoli-Innocenti, (1967-79), dunm. Josephine Burns, (1908-96), married 1931 to Dr Joseph Debono MD. Mabel Agius, (1877-1943), married 1901 to Anthony Arrigo. Charlie Agius, (1878-79), d.inf. Marie Concetta Agius, (1880-1959), married 1901 to Francis De Naro., with issue. Wilfred James Denaro, (1902-1975 Norwick, Norfolk, England). George Tancred Denaro, (1902-1968), married 1946 Westminster, London, UK to Francesca Violet Garnett, with issue. Arthur George Denaro, (1948-, married 1980 Devizes, Wiltshire, England to Margaret R. Aceworth, with issue. Ella Francesca Denaro, (1982-, married 2009 Byford, Herefordshire, England to James Greaves. George Tancred Denaro, (1985-. Melita Denaro, (1950-. Rosario Denaro, (1905-), d.inf. Edith Teresa Denaro, (1908-1999), married 1939 to Michael Braithwaite, with issue. Philippa Braithwaite, (1940-, married 1967 Chelsea, Middlesex, England to Charles A. Williamson, with issue. Lucy Charlotte Williamson, (1968-. Robert Jerrard Williamson, (1969-. Sarah Braithwaite, (1942-1996), married 1967 Westminster, London, UK to Francis Eymard, with issue. Fabienne Marie Eymard, (1973-, married 2006 to William Fraser-Allen. Arthur Denaro, (1914-1944), dunm. Edmund “Jack” Agius, (1881-88), d.inf. Marguerite Eugenie Evangeline “Daisy” Agius, (1882-1971), dunm. Joseph Agius, (1884-1960), married 1909 to Margaret Samut, with issue. Edward Agius, (1912-2003), married 1939 to Muriel Tozer, with issue. Michael Agius, (1944-., married 1968 to Mary Pontifex, with issue. Dominic Agius, (1969-. Victoria Agius, (1971-., married 1996 to Bill Peck, with issue. Madeline Peck. James Peck. James Agius, (1975-. Sophie Agius, (1976-. Harry Agius, (1986-. Anne Agius, (1946-., married 1974 to Philip Lucas, with issue. Edward Lucas, (1976-. Katherine Lucas, (1978-. Daniel Lucas, (1980-. Philippa Lucas, (1982-. Pauline Agius, (1949-., married 1973 to Gordan Crawford, with issue. Ben Crawford, (1977-. Gemma Crawford, (1979-. Peter Agius, (1953-., married 1977 to Marilyn Daly, with issue. Eleanor Agius, (1982-. Richard Agius, (1985-. Joseph Agius, (1913-96), dunm. Marie Agius, (1916-67), dunm. Suzanne Agius, (1918-, married 1943 to Patrick McEvoy. Richard Agius, (1920-., married (1) 1957 to Dorothy Phillips, married (2) Jean Hooper, with issue. (First Marriage) Anthony Agius, (1958-. Phillip Agius, (1960-., married 1991 to Sandra Linn, with issue. Matthew Agius. Louise Agius. Connie Agius, (1885-1975), married 1908 to Harry King, with issue. Dorothy King, (1911-2000), married 1934 to Thomas Tarleton Brandreth, with issue. Thomas Henry Lyall Brandreth, (1942-, married 1974 to Frances Coates, with issue. Camilla Brandreth, (1979-. Louise Brandreth, (1982-. Camilla Brandreth, (1945-., married 1972 to Anthony King, with issue. Claire King, (1973-. William Thomas King, (1976-, married 2004 East Surry, Surrey, UK to Caroline Emily Beeson, with issue. Alexander King, (2005-. Rebecca King, (2006- Christopher Edmund King, (1978-. Alfred Agius, (1887-1969), married 1934 to Ena Hueffer,  with issue. Mary-Prue Agius, (1936-2009), married 1964 to Lawrence Laurie, with issue. Cara Laurie, (1967-, married 1989 to Stephen Moore, with issue. Laurence Moore, (1992-. Archie Moore, (1995-. Percy Moore, (2000-. Lucia Laurie, (1969-, married 1995 to Charles Paravicini, with issue.  Sophie Paravicini. Charlotte Paravicini. Emilia Laurie, (1974-. Tancred Agius, (1939-., married 1970 to Wikki Uniacke, with issue. Alexandra Agius, (1972-, married 1998 to Matt Stevenson, with issue. Carter Stevenson. Georgina Agius, (1976-., married 2003 to Tim Tarasow. Veronica Agius, (1940-., married to Roger Smith, with issue. Angela Smith (is now known as Rachel Langham), (1965-. Victor Agius, (1942-., married (1) 1975 to Sandi Henderson, married (2) Joan Martin. Marcus Ambrose Agius CBE, (1946-., married 1971 to Baroness Kate de Rothschild, with issue. Marie Louise Agius de Rothschild, (1978-.  Lara Sophie Agius de Rothschild, (1980-, married to Samuel Smith-Bosanquet, with issue.  Scarlett Elizabeth Marion Smith-Bosanquet, (2013-. Ioana Ena Alma Smith-Bosanquet, (2016- . Concetta Agius, (1948-., married 1988 to Stuart Knee. (natural) Maria Theresa Agius. (now known as Natasha Peachey)., (1971-. Edgar Agius, (1888-1969), married 1921 to Adela Hallon-Hall, with issue. Peter Agius, (1922-2009)., married 1951 to Pauline Smith, with issue.  Carolyn Agius, (1953-, married to Andrew Barron, with issue. Alicia Agius-Barron, (1982-. Hannah Agius-Barron, (1984-. Clare Agius, (1955-., married to Rodney Jameson, with issue. Giles Jameson, (1985-. Dominic Jameson, (1987-. Martin Agius, (1957-., married 1983 to Christine Church, with issue. Charlotte Agius, (1986-. Francesca Agius, (1988-. Rupert Agius, (1990-. Fr Tancred Albert Agius, (1890-1978), Benedictine Monk and Cathedral Prior of Gloucester, UK, [Times of Malta]; dunm. Arthur Agius, (1893-1979), married 1916 to Evelyn “Dolly” Noel, dsp.  Richard Agius, (1896-1917), dunm, killed in Action near Poelcapelle during the Battle of Paschendaele. Julia  “sives Giula” Agius, married 1879 to Edward Louis Vella, with issue. Tancred Teddy Charles Vella, (1882-1943 Los Angelos, CL, USA), married (1) to Sidonie Ruby Becker, married (2) to Retta Lee Hirsch. Lt Edgar Joseph Vella, RMA, (1888-1968), married 1920 to Muriel Sciortino, with issue. Gloria Eva Vella, (1921-1987 Goole, Yorkshire, UK), married to Ronald W. Studer, with issue. Keith R.A.C.Studer, (1945-, married 1971 Spen Valley, Yorkshire, UK to Jane Hayton, with issue. Nicholas M. Studer, (1973-, married 2001 West Surrey, Surrey, UK to Hilary Boston, with issue. James Studer, (2004-. Edward Studer, (2008-. Katherina Jane Studer, (1976-, married to Raoul Lemmerling, with issue. Isabelle Lemmerling, (2008-. Mark E.W. Studer, (1952-. Carol Tancred Vella, (1891-1970 Kansaville, WIS, USA), married to Marie R. Nedfelt, with issue. Muriel R. Vella, (1925-, married to Richard Lewand, with issue. Ruth Lewand. Edith J. Vella, (1926-, married to Robert Barnowski. Edward F. Vella, (1931-, married to Joan N, with issue. Allan Vella. Edward Vella. Ambrose Agius, (1856 Alexandria, Egypt-1911), Titular Archbishop of Palmyra., dunm. Edgar Agius. Emilia Agius, (1829-), married 1857 Valletta to Paolo Rocco Peralta. Giovanna Agius, (1831-). Saveria Agius, (1833-). Pietro Agius, (1836-). Paola Agius, (1838-). Tomaso Agius, married 1833 Valletta to Felicity Calleja, with issue. Antonio Agius, (1834-1910), married 1856 Alexandria, Egypt, (Annulled in Malta 1868) to Elvira Vella, married (2) 1874 Swansea, England to Agnes Knowles, with issue. (First marriage) Alfred Agius, (1857-). Ugo Felix Georgius Paulus Agius, (1858-). Bertramus Ugo Carolus Emmanuel Georgius Michael Antonius Vincentius Agius, (1860-). Assumpta Melita Antonia Maria Concepta Diana Vincenza Raphaela Dominica Agius, (1861-1949), married (1) 1885 to John Debono, married (2) to Giorgio Calleja, with issue. (First marriage) Robert Debono, (1887-. Ugo Constantinus Calcedonio Emmanuel Achilles Agius, (1863-). Aegita Amalia Francisca Paula Maria Vicnenza Cajetana Dominica Agius, (1864-). (Second marriage) Melita Schiaffma Agius, (1874-1920). Itala Maud Passalacqua Agius, (1878-1961), married 1904 Newport, Wales to Arthur Stanley Weston, with issue. Arthur Percival Victor Weston, (1908-1992), married to Edith Lydia Jenkins, with issue. Esme Victoria Weston, (1941-, married 1962 Birmingham, England to Lawrence Kemp. Agnes Dorothy Weston, (1913-, married 1937 Newport, Wales to Kenneth J. Screen, with issue. Alan H. Screen, (1944-, married 1964 Newport, Wales to Elizabeth A. Phillips, married (2) to Sarah Lee, with issue. Kate Screen, (1983-. Ersilia Grace Agius, (1881-1882), d.inf. Ariadne Agnes Agius, (1883-1885), d.inf. Attilio Agius, (1886-). George Henry Agius, (1887-1889), d.inf. Francesco Agius, (1836-). Adelaide Agius, (1838-), married to Francesco Camilleri. Francesco Saverio Agius, (1839-1893), married 1859 Birkirkara to Francesca Orazia Dupon, with issue. Carmela Agius, (1866-), married to Giuseppe Emmanuele Inglott, with issue. Anthony John Inglott, (1904-1986), married to Anna Sapia, with issue. Bianca Inglott, (1934 Essex, England – 2010 London, England). Tommasina Maria Agius, (1871-1913), married 1894 Birkirkara to Armando Carlo Doublet. Alfred Agius, (1842-1845), d.inf Carmelo Agostino Luciano Giorgio Antonio Vincenzo Agius, (1843 Valletta -1847), d.inf. Rafaele Guglielmo Federico Paolo Vincenzo Agius, (1846 Valletta -). Adriana Carmela Vincenza Francesca Aloisia Agius, (1848 Valletta -), married 1864 to Arcangelo Manetta. Augusta Guglielma Filomena Teresa Vincenza Antonia Agius, (1851 Valletta -). Emilio Adriano Emanuele Ignazio Giuseppe Carmelo Paolo Agius, (1853 Valletta -). Ermina Antonia Caterina Maria Dolores Vincenza Agius, (1855 Valletta -). Walter Gaetano Vincenzo Paolo Antonio Agius, (1857 Valletta-1923), married 1881 Valletta to Nobile Maria Antonia Falzon, with issue. Joseph Edward Agius, (1891 Valletta -), married 1920 Valletta to Maria Rosa Borg dei Marchesi di Fiddien e Conti di Beberrua e San Paolino d’Aquilejo, with issue. Carmelina Agius, married to Henry John Gatt. Joseph Edward Agius, married to Teresa Fava, with issue. John Charles Agius. Rosemarie Agius. Maria Victoria Agius, married to Geoffrey Saunders, with issue. Cecil Walter Agius, married to Joan Felice, with issue. Thomas Agius. Chevalier Albert Walter Agius KM, (1935-2020), married to Phyllis Tanti, with issue. Robert Agius, married to Joanna N, with issue. Paula Agius, married to Michael Agius Vadala. Timothy Agius. Michael Agius. Bernard Agius. Donald Agius, married to Mary Pace., with issue. Rev. Tommaso Agius. Luigi Agius, married 1915 Birkirkara to Maria Antonia Borg Carbott dei Baroni di Grua. dsp. Maria Agius, married to Giuseppe Wismayer, with issue. Filippa Agius, married 1903 to Alfonso Ugo Peralta, with issue. Alberto Mario Agius, married 1914 Birkirkara to Maria Carmela Ferrante, with issue. Thomas Agius Ferrante, married to Ann Pullicino, with issue. Albert Agius Ferrante. Cora Aguis Ferrante, married Prof. Arthur P. Camilleri, with issue. Dr Corinne Camilleri MD. Michael Camilleri. Evelyn Agius Ferrante, married to Dr Ferdinand Calleja MD., with issue. Joseph Agius Ferrante. Anne Agius Ferrante, (1914 -2014), “Nun”. Anthony Agius Ferrante. Adelaide Edvige Antonia Maria Paola Agius, (1859 Valletta -), marroed Francesco Camilleri. Caterina Agius, married 1818 Valletta to Salvatore Borg, with issue. Salvatore Borg. Serafina Borg, (d. 1857). Orsola Agius, married 1822 Valletta to Gian Stanislao Mallia. Maria Agius, married (1) 1807 Qormi to Carlo Baldacchino, amrried (2) 1825 Valletta to Aloiseo La Rosa. Anna Agius., married 1814 Valletta to Vincenzo Grech. Maria Giuseppa Agius, married 1818 Valletta to Marchese Mederico Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia. Francesco Agius. Carmelo Agius, married 1823 Valletta to Lorenza Galea, with issue. Ursola Agius, married 1844 Valletta to Samuele Marquerrat. Michele Agius, married 1802 Qormi to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Dr Tomaso Agius JUD, married 1830 (Contract) and Valletta to Nobile Archangela Grech Delicata, with issue. Paolo Agius Grech Delicata, married 1867 Vittoriosa to Dona Maria Carmela Fernandez, with issue. Carmelo Agius Fernandez, married 1916 Birkirkara to Annetta Bonnici, with issue. Reginald Agius Fernandez, (1923-2020), married to Lilian Fenech, (d. 2020), with issue. Gaston Agius Fernandez, married to Margaret Warrington, with issue. Dr Ralph Agius Fernandez LLD. Dr Marc Agius Fernandez LLD. Suzanne Agius Fernandez. Adriana Agius Fernandez. Bertha Agius Fernandez. Florenza Agius Fernandez, married 1918 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Nicola Borg. Rosa Agius Fernandez, married 1897 Balzan to Conte Alfredo Ciantar Preziosi. Caterina Agius Delicata, married 1851 Valletta to Zeffro Zahra Clinquant. Michele Agius Delicata, married 1864 Birkirkara to Giuseppa Borg, with issue. Professor Tomaso Agius Delicata, MD, [Times of Malta]; married 1907 to Sophia Vadula, with issue. John Agius Vadala, (d. 1933). Commendatore Dr Maurice Agius Vadala, KM, (1917-1997), married to Nobile Marion Stilon de Piro, with issue. Sr Celia Agius Vadala, Nun. Marisa Agius Vadala, married to Anthony Hayhurst, with issue. Richard Hayhurst. Paul Hayhurst. Robert Hayhurst. Christine Agius Vadala, married to Hugh Peralta. Thomas Agius Vadala, married to Patricia Attard Montalto dei Baroni di Benuwarrad, with issue. Francesca Agius Vadala, married to Robert Cassar, with issue. Emily Cassar, (2014-. Nicholas Cassar, (2018-. Michael Agius Vadala, married to Paula Agius, with issue. Mila Agius Vadula, (2023-. John Agius Vadala, married to Julia N, with issue. Emma Agius Vadala. Sophie Agius Vadala. May Agius Vadala. Yvette Agius Vadala. Tomaso Agius Grech Delicata, married 1893 Mdina to Contessa Luisa Marianna Teuma Castelletti. Francesca Agius, married 1855 Valletta to Giovanni Farrugia. Giuseppe Agius, married 1806 Coscpicua to Veronica Caruana Tramblett, with issue. Sig. Tomaso “sives Santo” Agius-Caruana, married 1841 Zejtun to Nobile Marianna dei Baroni Gauci, with issue. Giovanna Agius, married 1766 Valletta to Gaetano Psaila. Modesta Agius, married 1760 Valletta to Vincenzo Grech. Michel’Angelo Agius, married 1790 Valletta to Maria Attard, with issue. Francesca Agius, married 1809 Senglea to Giuseppe Bonett. Maria Agius, married 1769 Valletta to Gio Battista Pace. Maria Agius, married 1722 Zebbug to Giovanni Calleja. Maddalena Agius, married 1731 Zebbug to Angelo Debono. Gioannella Agius, married 1693 Zebbug to Domenico Attard. Sapienza Agius, married 1697 Zebbug to Tomaso Grech, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1728 Valletta to Anna Delicata, with issue. Bartolomeo Grech, married 1777 Senglea to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Paolo Grech married 1801 Valletta to Vincenza Schembri, with issue. Dr Gaetano Grech LLD, married 1846 at San Paolo Valletta to Marianna Mifsud., with issue. Cav. Dr Oreste Grech-Mifsud LLD, CMG, 1909, (1846-1925), dunm. Dr. Giovanni Grech Mifsud LLDEgyptian Judge of the Consular Courts., (1850-1926), dunm. Terezina Grech-Mifsud, married NN. Levy, with issue. Wyndham Levy-Grech, LLD, (Later changed name to Grech). (1890-1956), Born in Brazil, Acting Chief Justice of Seychell Islands 1927., married to Julia Vassallo, with issue. Dr Lesley Grech, (1923-, married to Maffine Xuereb, with issue. Dr Dorothy Grech MD, LRCP; MRCS; FFARCS., (1952-., married 1980 to Hon. Sir Malachy Higgins LLB; LB; QC; Kt.Bach (UK), retired Northern Ireland Lord Justice of Appeal, with issue. David Grech. Christopher Grech. Anthony Wyndham Grech., (1921-, married Amiti Roy, with issue. Getali Grech. Joyoti Grech. Rev. Fra Maurice Grech., (1924-2003), dunm. Myra Grech., (1929-. Joan Grech, “Nun“., (1931-. Maria Grech-Mifsud, (d. 1910), married to Francesco Napoleon Tagliaferro. Amabile Grech, amrried 1846 Valletta to Calcedonia Camilleri, with issue. Guiditta Grech, married 1876 Valletta to Giovanni Cauchi. Lorenza Grech, married 1830 Valletta to Salvatore Mifsud. Angelica Grech, married 1831 Valletta to Antonio Dimech. Giuseppe Grech, married (1) to Maria Vassallo, married (2) 1851 Birkirkara to Maria Cini. Marianna Grech, married 1839 Valletta to Daniele Camilleri. Teresa Grech, married 1801 Valletta to Nobile Mro Paolo Vassallo. Anna Grech, married 1807 Valletta to Carlo Fiteni. Rosa Maria Grech, married 1769 Valletta to Giuseppe Camilleri. Agostina Grech, married 1746 Valletta to Giovanni Pace. Francesco Grech, married 1733 Valletta to Maria Schembri. Grazio Grech, married 1736 Valletta to Pasqua Veneranda Azzopardi. Felice Grech, married 1738 Valletta to Giovanna Domenica Deguara. Antonio Grech, married (1) 1744 Mdina to Maria Psaila, married (2) 1758 Valletta to Anna Chetcuti. Rosa Grech, married 1728 Valletta to Giovanni Psaila. Andrea Agius, married 1690 Zebbug to Sapienza Muscat. Gio Maria Agius, married 1690 Zebbug to Domenica Saliba. Gioannello Agius, married 1693 Zebbug to Domenica Attard. Gio Battista Agius, married 1697 Zebbug to Eugenia Vassallo. Maruzza Agius, married 1677 Zebbug to Grazio Pace. Anna Agius, married 1689 Zebbug to Simone Muscat.
1.1.2. Geronima Agius, married 1633 Attard to Giovanni Sammut.
1.1.3. Caterina Agius, married 1641 Attard to Salvatore Schembri.
1.1.4. Pietro Agius, (Testament 1625 Notary Mario Attard).
1.1.5. Giulia Agius, married (1) to Berto Sanctu, married (2) to Giovanni Galea.
1.1.6. Paolo Agius, married 1630 Attard to Caterina Camilleri.
1.2. Mro Giacomo Agius, married to Margherita N, with issue.
1.2.1. Domenico Agius, married 1605 (Notary Simone Galea) to Margherita Bugeja, with issue. Antonio Agius, married 1635 Zebbug to Argentina Ciantar, with issue. Simone Agius-Ciantar, married 1672 Mosta to Caterina Busuttil, with issue. Martino Agius-Ciantar, married 1724 Valletta to Aloisea Aquilina, with issue. Antonio Agius, married 1760 Valletta to Caterina Metropoli, with issue. Saverio Agius., married 1784 Valletta to Maddalena Zammit. Vincenza Agius, married 1793 Valletta to Felice Debono von Schiffer. Rosalia Agius, married 1796 Valletta to Antonio Bonnici, with issue. Maria Anna Agius, married 1805 Valletta to Giuseppe Rull, with issue. Giorgio Rull, married 1852 Valletta to Evangelista Zammit, with issue. Domenico Rull, (1817-1906), (moved to USA in 1829), married to Catherine McDevitt, with issue. Daniel Joseph Rull, (1856-1922). Geronima Agius, married 1784 Valletta to Antonio Casolani of Bologna.  Geltrude Agius, married 1814 Valletta to Gio Battista Felice. Angelica Agius, married 1791 Valletta to Giacomo Bezzola of Venice, Italy. Gaetano Agius, married (1) 1761 Valletta to Maria Cauchi, married (2) 1771 Qormi to Elena Diacono, with issue. (First marriage) Antonia Agius, married 1784 Valletta to Vincenzo Leizer. (Second marriage) Vincenza Agius, married 1794 Valletta to Giovanni Briffa. Maria Agius, married 1798 Valletta to Fortunato Micallef. Michele Agius, married 1708 Valletta to Domitilla Debono, with issue.  Anna Agius, married 1764 Valletta to Michele Angelo Borg. Caterina Agius, married 1738 Valletta to Infantino Farrugia. Antonia Agius, married 1743 Valletta to Giuseppe Ventura. Giuditta Agius, married 1745 Valletta to Giovanni Camenzuli. Mro Giuseppe Agius, married 1753 Valletta to Maddalena Fenech, with issue. Maria Anna Agius, married 1775 Valletta to Gaetano Paolo Formosa de Fremaux. Cleria Agius, married 1693 Mosta to Benedetto Vella. Domenico Agius, married 1663 Zebbug to Margarita Mangion, with issue. Flaminia Sapienza Agius, married (1) 1693 Zebbug to Gio Battista Grech, married (2) 1702 Zebbug to Clemente Zerafa. Gio Paolo Agius, married 1688 Zebbug to Grazia Farrugia. Pietro Agius, married 1692 Birkirkara to Anna Maria Calleja. Maria Agius, married 1662 Zebbug to Paolo Fsatini. Grazia Agius, married 1670 Mdina to Antonio Dingli. Gio Paolo Agius, married 1649 Qormi to Gioannella Felice. Marietta Agius, married 1629 Mdina to Pasquale Caruana.
1.3. Nicola Agius, married to Francesca N, with issue.
1.3.1. Mro Mario Agius, married (1) 1579 Vittoriosa to Mca Domenica Zirenzo, married (2) 1593 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Biscone, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Giacobo Agius, married 1630 Mdina to Speranza Galea, with issue. Martino Agius, married 1667 Valletta to Nobile Dignamerita Lancellotti. Orsilica Agius, married 1663 (Notary Aloisio dello Re) to Notary Giovanni Cassia. Speranza Agius, married 1602 Valletta to Blasio d’Ariano. Fr Gio Paolo Agius, (Testamente 1604 Notary Simone Galea). Melchiore Agius, married 1600 Zejtun to Clara d’Amico, with issue. Sr Margherita Agius, (Donation 1612 Notary Andrea Allegritto). (Second marriage) Pietro Agius, married 1630 Matrice Gozo to Vittoria Zerafa. Gio Maria Agius, married 1652 Matrice Gozo to Girolama Ciappisa, with issue. Andrea Agius, married 1698 Nadur Gozo to Valenza Sultana, with issue. Clemente Agius, married (1) 1685 Matrice Gozo to Domenica Madiona, married (2) 1698 Rabat Gozo to Bibiana Xerri, married (3) 1707 Nadur Gozo to Maria Xerri, with issue. (Second marriage) Agostino Agius, married 1718 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Carlo Agius, married 1744 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Sacco, with issue. Giuseppe Agius, married (1) 1770 Rabat Gozo to Graziella Galea, married (2) 1794 Senglea to Orsola Ieraci, with issue. (First marriage) Orsola Agius, married 1794 Matrice Gozo to Lorenzo Farrugia. Maria Agius, married 1762 Rabat Gozo to Matteo Abela. Alonza Agius, married 1740 Rabat Gozo to Michele Grima. Maria Agius, married 1752 Rabat Gozo to Gio Maria Cini. Felice Agius, married 1692 Matrice Gozo to Nobile Orsola Cumbo, with issue. Giacomo Agius, married 1722 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Anna Agius, married 1759 Matrice Gozo to Eugenio Mercieca. Gio Maria Agius, married 1724 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Sammut, with issue. Salvatore Agius, married 1762 Xaghra Gozo to Maria Cutajar. Maria Agius, married 1752 Rabat Gozo to Orazio Cutajar. Orsola Agius, married 1763 Rabat Gozo to Ignazio Cutajar. Giovanni Agius, married 1735 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Mifsud, with issue. Salvatore Agius, married 1780 Rabat Gozo to Clara Grech. Lorenza Agius, married 1764 Rabat Gozo to Andrea Frendo. Marcella Agius, married 1767 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Casha. Angela Agius, married 1771 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Xuereb. Alonza Agius, married 1715 Matrice, Gozo to Salvatore Gafa. Maruzza Agius, married 1679 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Grima. Caterina Agius, married 1687 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Attard. Geronimo Agius, married 1633 Rabat Gozo to Chiaruzza Ciappara, with issue. Speranza Agius, married 1659 Senglea to Giovanni Lambert, married (2) 1665 Senglea to Corsair Robert Pattinson of England. Giuseppe Agius, married 1661 Rabat Gozo to Caterina, former wife of Mariano Cassar, with issue. Nicola Agius, married 1682 Cospicua to Prudenza Bonasello di Zirico, former wife of Giorgio Vitale, with issue. Rosa Agius, married (1) 1699 Vittoriosa to Bernardo Migliorino, married (2) 1705 Vittoriosa to Antonio Messina. Anna Agius, married 1692 Vittoriosa to Nobile Felice Licusia of Syracusa, Italy. Bartolomeo Agius, married 1643 Rabat Gozo to Petruzzica Micallef. Francesco Agius, married 1648 Matrice Gozo to Maddalena Pace.
1.4. Caterina Agius, married 1535 to Andrea Bigeni, with issue.
1.4.1. Mro Lorenzo Bigeni, married 1570 to Nobile Paola Cumbo, with issue. Caterina Bigeni, married 1612 to Pasquale Zammit.
1.4.2. Margherita Bigeni, married 1570 to Giacomo Riccardo.
1.4.3. Pietro Bigeni, married 1581 to Domenica Gandolfo.
2. Francesco Agius, married to Antonia N, with issue.
2.1. Mro Giacomo Agius, married 1575 Mdina to Nobile Angela dei Baroni Barberi, with issue.
2.1.1. Clemente Agius, married 1638 Lija to Margherita Buhagiar, with issue. Grazia Agius, married 1677 Lija to Tomaso Grech. Lorenza Agius, married (1) 1672 Lija to Publio Mifsud, married (2) 1682 Lija to Giuseppe Zarb.
2.1.2. Giacomo Agius, married 1647 Birkirkara to Grazia Micallef, with issue. Teresa Agius, married 1697 Mosta to Matteolo Magro.
2.1.3. Giulio Agius, married 1651 Valletta to Elizabetta, former wife of Carlo Abela, with issue. Paolo Agius, married 1686 Valletta to Caterina Tonna.
2.1.4. Salvatore Agius, married 1653 Birkirkara to Caterina Attard, with issue. Gio Luca Agius, married 1702 Valletta to Antonia Massimiliana Gandolf, with issue. Margherita Agius, married 1724 Valletta to Gio Battista Gauci. Marezza Agius, married 1677 Birkirkara to Domenico Mallia.
2.1.5. Clemenza Agius, married 1625 Lija to Giacomo Fenech.
2.1.6. Grazia Agius, married 1631 Lija to Giorgio Ciappara.
2.1.7. Maria Agius, married (1) 1635 Lija to Michele Muscat, married (2) 1650 to Nobile Mario Vassallo

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