The family of Cassar Torreggiani,

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held to be a branch of the Barons of Cassar of Castro Cassari in Ferulae, and of Dino in territorio Syracusiae.

Also included is Saverio Cassar, Governor General of Gozo 1798-1801.
This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647).

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Gabriele Cassar, married to Agata N, married (2) 1628 Zejtun to Agatucca Cachia.., with issue 
1. (First Marriage) Gio Luca Cassar, married 1634 to Prudenza…, with issue 
1.1. Gio Maria Cassar, married 1655 Luqa to Caterina Camilleri, with issue 
1.1.1. Francesco Cassar, married 1680 Luqa to Teresa Cassar, with issue. Gio Cabo Cassar, married 1711 Luqa to Maria Zammit, with issue. Pasquale Cassar, married 1752 Gudia to Maria Barbara, with issue. Agostino Cassar, married 1799 Kirkop to Grazia Pace, with issue. Antonio Cassar, married (1) 1838 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Torreggiani, married (2) to Vincenza Saliba, with issue. (First Marriage) Paul Cassar-Torregiani (1853-1922), married to Amelia Despott, with issue. Joseph Cassar-Torreggiani, (1899-1945)., married in 1919 to Grace Damaris Bickford, with issue. Paul Stephen Cassar-Torreggiani (1921- 2012)., married Heather Herbert, with issue. Michael Cassar-Torreggiani ( 1952-. David Cassar-Torreggiani (1956-., married to Hazel Dunn, with issue. Benjamin Cassar-Torreggiani (1984-. Elizabeth Cassar-Torreggiani (1919-99)., married 1947 to Joseph William Fish, (1920-84) with issue. Catherine Fish (c1948-.,married 1971, Barry Russell, with issue. Matthew Russell (c1973- . Anthony G. Russell (c1977-. Peter Russell (c 1981- . Christopher Russell (c1984-. Mary Josephine Fish (c 1949-, married 1977 to Alfred Attard, with issue. John Patrick Attard ( 1985- Francesca Attard (c1982-. Timothy Joseph Fish (1951-2019), married (1) 1973 to Susan Cameron, married (2) 1994 to Francesca Grima., with issue. (First Marriage) Logan Fish (1980-, married to Grace N, with issue. Clyde Fish. Ava Fish. Haydn Fish. Jessica Fish (1974-. Anthony M. Fish (c1952-.,married in 1979 to Shirley Reynolds, with issue. Timothy Fish (c1980- . Rebecca Fish (c1981-. Mikhaila Fish (1984-. Jarrah Fish (1988-. Olivier Fish (1988-. Felicity G. Fish (c1955-, married in 1982 to William Forrester, with issue. Harry Forrester (c1985-. Anthony P. Forrester (c1989-. Angela T. Fish (1957-, married in 1980 to John Gilbert, (1957-, with issue. Joanne Gilbert ( c1984-. William J. Gilbert (c1985-. Duncan Gilbert (c1990-. Lucy Joan Cassar-Torreggiani (1928-. married firstly 1946 to Dennis Whittaker, secondly 1958 to Robert Egby. (First Marriage) Dorothy Whittaker., (1948-.,  married (div) to Howard Rogers., Defacto with Linell Lewis., with issue. Rachel Rogers, (1975-., Defacto with Jesse Weymur., with issue. Rosalba Grace Rogers, (2002-. Martin Whittaker., (1951-. With issue. Sophia Whittaker. (from the second Marriage) Roberta Egby. Gregory Egby, (1960-., married 1996 to Karen Kosovic, with issue. William Egby, (1997-. Alexandria Egby, (2001-. Roderick Egby, (1963-. Sheridan Egby, (1964-. Roberta Egby.(c 1958-, married Tony Esteve, with issue. Miranda Grace Esteve (c 1990-. Christina Esteve (c 1993-. Francis Cassar-Torreggiani (1923-2015)., married to Helga Benita Curzon Shepherd, with issue. Anne Damaris Cassar-Torreggiani (1943-., married David Cavazzi, with issue. Corey Cavazzi (c1973-. Lee Cavazzi (c1976-. Patricia Cassar-Torreggiani (c1947-, married and Div to Wilhelm Jansen, with issue. Kimberley Jansen (c1976-. Heather Jansen (1978-. Peter Francis Cassar-Torreggiani ( 1949-, married and Div to Shirley Stringer, with issue. Michael Cassar-Torreggiani (c1977-. (Taken out by request) Cassar-Torreggiani (c1952-., married , and Div. to Richard Kimbrough. Victoria Cassar-Torreggiani (c1957-., married Todd Olsen, with issue. Cooper Olsen (c 1994- . Kim Katherine Cassar-Torreggiani (1959-, married and Div. to Leigh Pederson, dsp.l (Issue from Paul Morford) Brock Morford (1995-. (Issue from Paul Morford) Kate Morford. Ralph Cassar-Torreggiani (1930-91) and married Claire Jackson, (d. 2022), dsp. William Cassar-Torreggiani (1932-2023 Canada)., married 1954 to Mae Randon, with issue. Bernadette Cassar-Torreggiani (1955-., married 1979 to Nicholas Gammer, with issue. Alexis Cassar-Gammer (c 1974- . Dimitri Cassar-Gammer (c 1986- . Lev Cassar-Gammer (c 1988-. Grace Cassar-Torreggiani.,  1958-., Married 1985 to Marcello Mascagni, with issue. Allison Mascagni. (1986- . Liana Mascagni (c 1987-. Giovanni Mascagni (c 1990-. Paul Cassar-Torreggiani, (1963-, married 1999 to Lisa Christie, with issue. Luc William Cassar-Torreggiani (2000-. Ava Judith Cassar-Torreggiani, (2002-. Andrew Hastings Cassar-Torreggiani (1940-., married 1963 to Judy Betty Louise Fraser, (d. 2015), with issue. Andrew “Bruce” Cassar-Torreggiani CD., (1964-, married 2002 to Jennifer Ross., with issue. Benjamin Cassar Torreggiani, (2006-. (issue from Charlotte Knappett) Luca Cassar Torreggiani, (2018-. Kevin Cassar-Torreggiani, (1966-. Kathryn Louise Cassar-Torreggiani. R.N. B.ScN, married 1996 to John Miller B.A, with issue. Madison True Miller, (1998-. Ireland Shelby Siobhan Miller, (2002-. Maria Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Rosario Frendo Randon. Alice Cassar-Torreggiani, married Phillip Despott (See below). Jane Cassar-Torreggiani., married Prof William Burridge. Paul Alexander John Burridge (d. 2005), married to Marjorie .. , with issue. Kiki Burridge., has several children. Jamie Burridge. Alissa Burridge Levy. Lauren Burridge Levy. Max Burridge Levy. Fabrizia Levy. Jill Burridge., married George Attard, with issue. Matthew Attard. Bianca Attard. Unnamed child. Ivan Burridge. William Burridge. Kenelm Burridge, married ???, with issue. Julian Burridge., married Robin…, with issue. Maria Annick Burridge. Julia Burridge. Anne Burridge. Georgina Cassar-Torreggiani, died unm. Phillip Cassar-Torreggiani, died unm. Reginald Cassar-Torreggiani, married firstly to Georgina Naudi Brignone Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien, secondly 1924 to Evelyn Parlato dei Conti Ciantar Palaeologo, with issue. (Second marriage) Elizabeth Cassar-Torreggiani , (died 1979). , married in 1956 to John Apap-Bologna, 6th Marquis di Gnien-is-Sultan, with issue. Evelyn Cassar-Torreggiani., married in 1928 to James George 10th Marquis Cassar-Desain, with issue. Maud Cassar-Torreggiani., married in 1936 to Conte Guiseppe Sant-Manduca, with issue. Anthony Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Dona Bertha dei Marchesi de Piro, with issue. John Cassar-Torreggiani, died 1951. Lina Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Major Maurice Croucher, with issue. Dorothy Croucher, (1936 -. Elizabeth Croucher, (1937 -., married 1959 to James Francis FitzGibbon, with issue. Gerald FitzGibbon, (1960 -., married 1989 (Div) to Yolande Pytlarczyk, with issue. FitzGibbon, (1992 -. Caterina FitzGibbon, (1992 -. Katherine FitzGibbon, (1961 -. (Issue from Simon Scott) Maximilian Scott FitzGibbon, (1992 -. (Issue from Simon Scott) Zoe Scott FitzGibbon, (1994 -. Mary FitzGibbon, (1962 -., married 1990 to Richard Windsor, with issue. Benjamin Windsor, (1990 -. Clara Windsor, (1993 -. Jonathan FitzGibbon, (1965 -. Ann Croucher, (1939 -. Guiseppina Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Antonio Despott, with issue. Elvira Despott., married Gaetano Preca, with issue. Melita Preca, dunm. Mary Preca, married Robert Meade, with issue. Victor Mead.,married Daphne George, with issue. Alan Mead., married to Joyce… John Mead., married Ann Sadler, with issue. Julie Mead. Paul Mead. Jean Mead., married to Edward Bourke, with issue. Loretta Bourke., married W. McKenzie, with issue. Lisa McKenzie. Carmel Bourke., married A Claws. Maria Bourke., married Jeff Cutmill, with issue. Kirsty Cutmill. Joanna Cutmill. John Meade. Patrick Meade., married Dorothy Shaw. Joseph Despott, d.unm. Alfred Despott., took the Holy orders. Maria Despott, dunm. Emilia Despott, married her Uncle, Paul Cassar-Torreggiani (see above). Lily Despott, married 1913 Valletta to Francesco Giorgio Schinas. Anthony Despott., married Lily Aguis, with issue. Maria Despott., married Edgar…., with issue. Anthony … Roger… Godwin … Joseph Despott., married Maria Polidano. Evelyn Despott., married Natale Falzon, with issue. Helma Falzon. Elizabeth Falzon. Noel Falzon. Phillip Despott., married Alice Cassar-Torreggiani (see above), with issue. George Despott, married 1936 London to Ann Callus with issue. Maurice Despott married Louise Darmenia, with issue. George Despott married Adrienne Zarb-Adami, with issue. Zak Despott. Max Despott. Richard Despott, married Sandra Chetcuti, with issue. Christina Despott. Francesca Despott. Marc Despott. Ramona Despott. Claudine Despott. Jean Despott., married Paul Borg, with issue. Lorna Borg. Natalie Borg. Tanya Despott, with issue. (Unknown father) Analise Despott, MBA, LP, married to Dr Paul Zammit MD, PhD, M.Ger, MRCP (UK), MRCP (Ger.Med), Dip.Ger, with issue. Elise Zammit Despott, (2020-. Julia Zammit Despott, (2023-. Karl Despott., married Maphine Xuereb, with issue. Maria Elena Despott. Edward Despott. Millie, dunm. Miriam Despott, married Josie dei Baroni Attard-Montalto, Barone di San Paolino. Norman Despott, (Died 1992), married to a Pauline Mifsud., with an Adopted daughter. (Adopted) Greta Despott, married Anthony…, with issue. Marc-Andrè…. Keith…. James Norman…. Greta Despott., married Anthony Camilleri, with issue. Mark Camilleri. Keith Camilleri. Donald Despott, (1931-2014), married a Giovanella Beneventano of Palermo, dsp. Phillip Cassar-Torreggiani, took the Holy Orders. Augusto Cassar-Torreggiani, married Rosaria Caruana-Dingli, with issue. Marietta Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Joe Meli-Bugeja., dsp. Guilia Cassar-Torreggiani., married (cousins), to  John Cassar-Torreggiani, with issue. Carmelo Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Christine Cassar-Torreggiani (cousins), with issue. Raymond Cassar-Torreggiani., (d. 2021), married Geraldine Curmi, with issue. Colette Cassar-Torreggiani., married Paul Berman, with issue. James Berman. Andrew Berman. Christian Cassar-Torreggiani. Kenneth Cassar-Torreggiani. Gabriel Cassar-Torreggiani. Jonathan Cassar-Torreggiani, Married 2003 to Anne Marie Coleiro. Chev Dr Ferdinand Cassar-Torreggiani, (d. 2019 Wicklow, Ireland)., married Ann Driscott, with issue. Susan Cassar-Torreggiani. William Cassar-Torreggiani. Francesca Cassar-Torreggiani. Justine Cassar-Torreggiani. Alexander Cassar-Torreggiani, (1936 -2014)., married Nathalie Aloisio, (d. 2016), with issue. Michael Cassar Torreggiani, married to Alison N. Philip Cassar Torreggiani, married to Carol N. Christine Cassar Torreggiani. Jacqueline Cassar Torreggiani, married to Hugh Arrigo. William Cassar-Torreggiani, (1938 -., 1st Mayor of Ta’Xbiex 1993-1999, married 1962 to Patricia Podesta, with issue. Teriza Cassar-Torreggiani (1963- , married 1986 to Stephen Meli, with issue. Sean Meli, (1988-. Hannah Meli, (Twin), (1991 -. Sascha Meli, (Twin), (1991 -. Stephanie Cassar-Torreggiani, (1964 -, married 1986 to Iggy Zammit, with issue. Emma Zammit, (1987 -, with issue. (issue from Keith Farrugia) Zac Farrugia Zammit, (2006 -. (issue from Keith Farrugia) Sophie Farrugia Zammit, (2010-. Nicholas Zammit, (1989 -. Kristina Zammit, (1996 -. Sara Cassar-Torreggiani, married (1) (Div) 1987 to Andrew Galea, married (2) 2012 to Denis Galea, with issue. (First Marriage) Lara Galea, (1987 -. Daniel Galea, (1990 -. (Second Marriage) Nina Galea, (2005 -. Hadrian Cassar-Torreggiani., married Valerie Vassallo-Cesareo, with issue. Rita Cassar-Torreggiani, married Albert Petrocochino., with issue. David Cassar-Torreggiani, married Rowena Pullicino. John Cassar-Torreggiani, married 1976 to Patricia Galea with issue. Rachael Cassar-Torreggiani (1979-., married 2007 (Annulled) to Alex Frendo. (issue with Simon Paris) Maxine Faith Paris Cassar Torreggiani. Victoria Cassar-Torreggiani, (1981-, married 2021 to Daniel Bugeja, with issue. Samantha Rose Bugeja. Felicity Cassar-Torreggiani, (1987 -, married 2015 to Ayaaz Ebramjee, with issue. Layla Ebramjee. Haniya Ebramjee. Zak Ebramjee. Joseph Cassar-Torreggiani., married Nobile Alice Peralta, with issue. Joan Cassar-Torreggiani. Juliett Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Roland Comfort (d. 2008), with issue. Jacqueline Comfort, (1962-., married to Stephen Walsh, with issue. Collette Walsh, (1987-, married to James Harkness. Dominic Walsh., (1990-. Tristan Walsh, (1993-. Amelia Walsh, ( 2000-. Roger Comfort, (1963-., married to Roslyn Borg, with issue. Justin Comfort., (1990-. Claurice Comfort, (1991-, married to Andreas Haugaard. Matthais Comfort., (1995-, married to Madeline Perkins. Zachary Comfort, (1999-. Marieliese Comfort, (2000-. Stephanie Comfort., (1967-., married Guntram Mkali, with issue. Tulizo Mkali, (2001-. Juiette Mkali, ( 2003-. Kitwarla Mali, (2006-. Edward Comfort., (1977-. (with Pichet Sudjai) Francesca Comfort, (2015-. (with Pichet Sudjai) Aryan Comfort, (2018-. Edward Cassar-Torreggiani. Antonia Cassar-Torreggiani., married Joe Meli-Bugeja. Mary Cassar-Torreggiani., married Dr. Joseph dei Baroni Attard-Montalto, LL.D, with issue. Chevalier Anthony Cassar-Torreggiani OBE, (1882-1959)., married to Maggie Cali, with issue. Grace Cassar-Torreggiani ., married to Col. Stephen Borg, with issue. Stephen Borg, married to Maureen Spiteri, with issue. Nicholas Borg, married to Sake Morimoto, with issue. Leila Borg. Andrew Borg, married to Deborah Debono, with issue. Amelia Borg. Laura Borg, married to Dominic Newland, with issue. Ernest Newland. Freddy Newland. Luke Newland. Mary Newland. Katherine Borg. Diane Borg., married in 1965 to Sir Richard Butler 13th Baronet of Ireland., with issue. Thomas Butler.M.B.A.,Bsc (1966-., married in 1993 to Lucinda Murphy, with issue. Tymandra Butler (1995-. Antonia Butler (1996-. Richard Butler. Jasper Butler. Patrick Stephen Butler. BSc. (1968-, married 1994 to Keeley Wilson, with issue. Rupert Butler (1971-, married to Carla Carbonaro. Anne Virginia Butler, (1973-, married to Greg van Reeven, with issue. Harry van Reeven. Margaret “sives Greta” Borg, married (1) to Felix Fenston, married (2) Brian Griffiths MC, Baron Griffiths of Fforestfach (UK Life Lord 1991)., with issue. (First Marriage) Felicia Fenston, married to Huston Morris, with issue. Ludlow Morris. Fenn Morris. Frank Cassar-Torreggiani., married Carmen Tabone, with issue. Victoria Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Robin Macdonald Dickson, with issue. Christopher Macdonald Dickson, married to Maureen Krueger, with issue. Andrew Macdonald Dickson. Alexandra Macdonald Dickson. Katie Macdonald Dickson. Anthony Macdonald Dickson, married to Lisa Mumford, with issue. Theodore Macdonald Dickson. Esme Macdonald Dickson. Margaret Cassar-Torreggiani, married 1962 to Chev John Parnis England,  Consul General for Turkey in Malta, with issue. Stephen Parnis England., married (Div) to Lucia Micallef, with issue. Emma Parnis England, married to Daniel Calascione. William Parnis England. John Parnis England. Nicholas Parnis England, married to Natasha Craig, with issue. Max Parnis England. Maya Parnis England. Robin Parnis England., married to Georgina von Moll, with issue. Harry Parnis England. Oliver Parnis England. Emilia Parnis England. Johanna Parnis England., married to Stefan Borg Manduca dei Conti di Mont’Alto. Rose Cassar-Torreggiani. Mark Anthony Cassar-Torreggiani, (1942-2023), married to Miriam Bellizzi, with issue. Julian Cassar Torreggiani. Jeremy Cassar Torreggiani. Dr Conrad Cassar Torreggiani, married to Dr Patrica Mallia, with issue. Mary Cassar Torreggiani. (issue from Sarah Aquilina) Benjamin Cassar Torreggiani, (2011-. (issue from Sarah Aquilina) Max Cassar Torreggiani, (2014 -. Peter Cassar-Torreggiani., married (1) to Majorie Smith, married (2) Sharon Geers, with issue. (First Marriage) Anthony Cassar Torreggiani, married to Susan Andrews, with issue. Callum Cassar Torreggiani. Catriona Cassar Torreggiani. Michael Cassar Torreggiani, married to Angela Catania., with issue. Emma Cassar Torreggiani. Martina Cassar Torreggiani. Helen Cassar Torreggiani. Thomas Cassar Torreggiani. Catherine Cassar Torreggiani. Christopher Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Barbara Edwards, with issue. Johanna Cassar Torreggiani, married to Andrew Ransley, with issue. Luke Ransley. George Ransley, (2010-. Frances Cassar Torreggiani. Mary Cassar Torreggiani. Mary Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Marchese Bernard Sammut Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia. Francesca Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Dr Michael Ferro, MD., ChM., FRCS(Eng)., FRCS(Ed), with issue. Andrea Ferro, married to Iain Allen, with issue. Isabella Allen. Nicola Allen. Antonia Ferro. Richard Ferro. Major Austin Cassar-Torreggiani OBE., KOMR., married Miriam Cassar-Torreggiani ( Cousins), with issue. Angela Cassar-Torreggiani , married Prof. Joseph Ganado B.A.,LL.D.,Ph.D. Carol Cassar-Torreggiani., married (1) Edwin Falzon, married (2) 1978 to Arthur Vere Harvey, Baron Harvey of Prestbury. C.B.E.with issue. (First Marriage) Charmaine Harvey, married to Hernando Slottsdahl, with issue. Michael Slottsdahl. Rowena Harvey, married to Rob Wald, with issue. Rafael Colin Wald. Nicholas Alexander Wald. Harry Vere Wald. Nicholas Cassar-Torreggiani, married to Amanda Packshaw, with issue. Emma Cassar Torreggiani. Oliver Cassar Torreggiani. Phyllis Cassar-Torreggiani, (d. 2012)., married Jerome de Piro d’Amico-Inguanez, Baron di Budaq, with issue. Lily Cassar-Torreggiani, dunm. Carmelo Cassar-Torreggiani., married 1916 Sliema to Alice Samut, with issue. Miriam Cassar-Torreggiani., married Austin Cassar-Torreggiani (Cousins). Helen Cassar-Torreggiani, (1922-2024), married Lt-Col. George Curmi, OBE. Emma Cassar-Torreggiani., married Eric Gollcher, with issue. Wilfred Gollcher. Helga Gollcher. Chevalier James Gollcher., married 1954 to Marchesa Mary Crispo-Barbaro, with issue. Lily Cassar Torreggiani, dunm. Maria Cassar-Torreggiani, married 1868 Valletta to Professor Giorgio Costantino Schinas. Carmelo Cassar-Torreggiani, married married (1) 1875 Floriana to Maria Christine Chetcuti, married (2) 1885 Floriana to Rosina Chetcuti, with issue. (First marriage) John Cassar-Torreggiani., married (cousin) Giulia Cassar-Torreggiani, (see their issue from above). Raffaele Cassar-Torreggiani, married 1890 Balzan to Cristina Velardi, former wife of Arturo Palumbo, with issue. Christine Cassar-Torreggiani., married (cousin) Carmelo Cassar-Torreggiani, (see issue above). Linda Cassar-Torreggiani, (1917 – 2012)., married Joseph Mifsud-Bonici, with issue. Maresa Mifsud-Bonici. Juliet Mifsud-Bonici., married Anthony Gatt, see above. Frederick Mifsud-Bonici. Paul Mifsud-Bonici. Michelle Mifsud-Bonici. Didi Cassar-Torreggiani., married Edgar Montanaro-Gauci., with issue. Rupert Montanaro-Gauci. Eugene Montanaro-Gauci. Paul Montanaro-Gauci. Miriam Montanaro-Gauci. Grace Montanaro-Gauci. Carrie Montanaro-Gauci.  (Illegitimate with Vincenza Saliba, servant and mistress) Carmela de Saliba,  married to Attilo Fava, with issue.  Edoardo Fava.   Orsola Fava, married (1) 1893 Zabbar to Carmelo Caruana, married (2) 1899 to Riccardo Monsigneur. Maria Cassar, married 1825 Valletta to Antonio Bonanno. Carmela Cassar, married 1827 Valletta to Dr Giuseppe Barbara JUD. Rosaria Cassar, married 1842 Valletta to Gio Battista Camilleri. Saverio Cassar, married 1789 Cospicua to Maria Vincenza Carbon. Giuseppe Cassar, married (1) 1784 Attard to Anna Debono, married (2) Ghaxaq to Caterina Camilleri, married (3) 1805 Gudja to Barbara Caruana, with issue. (Third Marriage) Maria Cassar, married 1838 Gudja to Lorenzo Dalli. Giovanni Cassar, married 1833 Valletta to Maria Saliba. Innocenzo Cassar, married 1844 Gudja to Maria Cutajar, with issue. Carmela Cassar, married (1) 1872 Gudja to Salvatore Zammit, married (2) 1875 Gudja to Rocco Gristi, married (3) 1875 Gudja to Giovanni Cini. Andrea Cassar, married 1834 Gudja to Lorenzo Barbara. Lorenzo Cassar, married 1762 Tarxiem to Paula Bugeja, with issue. Teresa Cassar, married 1793 Valletta to Francesco Mallia. Vincenzo Cassar, married 1767 Valletta to Ursola Bonanno, with issue. Andrea Cassar, married 1801 Cospicua to Rosa Caruana. Fortunata Cassar, married 1792 Valletta to Gio Batta Pavia. Andrea Cassar, married 1709 Zejtun to Speranza Chircop, with issue. Generoso Cassar, married 1744 Valletta to Antonia Mizzi. Candeloro Cassar, married 1748 Valletta to Rosa Caruana, with issue. Vincenza Cassar, married 1785 Cospicua to Michele Stivala. Salvatore Cassar, married (1) 1789 Cospicua to Maddalena Bugeja, married (2) 1799 Zejtun to Generosa Cardona. Carmina Cassar, married 1771 Cospicua to Francesco Mugliett. Graziella Cassar, married 1779 Cospicua to Pietro Faille. Mario Cassar, married 1734 Tarxiem to Grazia Farrugia, with issue. Michele Cassar, married 1790 Vittoriosa to Margherita Mercieca, with issue. Giuseppa Cassar, married 1831 Valletta to Giovanni Giacomo Tanti.
1.1.2. Domenico Cassar, married 1682 Birkirkara to Grazia Borg, with issue. Filippo Cassar, married 1716 Valletta to Anna Buttigieg, with issue. Magco Giuseppe Cassar, married 1770 Valletta to Anna Mamo, with issue. Filippo Cassar, married 1803 Valletta to Pietra Pajas. Pasquale Cassar, married 1808 Gudja to Francesca Schembri, with issue. Grazia Cassar, married (1) 1842 Gudja to Francesco Magri, married (2) 1845 Gudja to Giovanni Schembri. Angelo Cassar, married 1808 Gudja to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Giorgio Cassar, married 1833 Gudja to Francesca Bonello.
1.2. Elizabetta Cassar., married 1647 to Angelo Cassar (See Above).
1.3. Caterina Cassar, married 1646 Tarxiem to Maruzzo Cassar (See above).
2. Francesca Cassar, married 1632 Curmi to Domenico Chetcuti, with issue.
2.1. Agata Chetcuti, married 1677 Curmi to Teramo Psaila, with issue.
2.1.1. Francesca Psaila, married 1712 Curmi to Agostino Francis.
3. (Second Marriage) Margherita Cassar, married 1645 Zejtun to Gabriele Tabone.
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