“The Family of Formosa”

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1.Stefano Formosa of Chibir and Clara N, with issue.

1.1. Teramo Vincenzo Formosa, married 1603 (Notary Bernardo Azzopardi) Zurrieq to Vincenza Buttigieg, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Formosa, married 1634 Mqabba to Giovanna Agius, with issue. Matteolo Formosa, married (1) 1662 Qrendi to Domenica Liuni, married (2) 1677 Zurrieq to Maria Farrugia, with issue. (First marriage) Caterina Formosa, married 1702 Zurrieq to Arcangelo Zammit. (Second marriage) Vincenzo Formosa, married (1) 1702 Qormi to Maria Muscat, married (2) 1760 Valletta to Aloisia Maxta, with issue. (First marriage) Federico Antonio Formosa, married 1728 Valletta to Rosa Negroponte de Fremaux, with issue. Agostino Formosa de Fremaux, 1st “Comte/Graaf di Santa Sofia” (Cr. 1776 Holland/Orange by William V, Prince of Orange), Consul for Holland (later Batavia Republic) in Malta, Freemason in Malta, The Formosa de Fremaux family has long been associated with the title Conte di Santa Sofia, However, published sources do not indicate its origin except that it is said to be “French”. There is no record nor any claim whatsoever of this title in the records of the 1878 Commission. This observation does not necessarily mean that the title Conte di Santa Sofia is invalid. In fact the Commissioners themselves stated on record that notwithstanding their efforts to ensure a comprehensive study of these titles, the Commissioners made a caveat that their report being based on a list of titles prepared by an ad hoc Committee of nobles formed on the occasion of a visit by the Prince of Wales, cannot be assured to “correspond to all the existing titles of nobility, and still less that the thirty one gentlemen “(mentioned in the list)” represent all those who, under certain conditions, would have the right of claiming a title by virtue of the same grant. On the contrary, as it will be hereafter remarked, many gentlemen not comprised in that list are exactly in the same condition as others therein mentioned. As no notice has appeared in the Government Gazette, informing the public of the existence of our Commission, and inviting all those who might have a right to a title of nobility to lay their claims before us, our inquiry must necessarily be incomplete, and limited to those titles which are included in the list, or which after its presentation have been claimed. On the other hand, we could not ascertain how far the committee are invested with a representative character, with regards to the interests of the Maltese nobility.” On the other hand, however this caveat was later regarded as unnecessary by Governor van Straubenzee who stated that he had no reason to suspect that anyone having any pretension to be a “Titolato” was ignorant either of the existence of the Committee of Nobles, or of the appointment of the Commission. He also commented that the publication of a notice to the effect above stated would hardly be consistent with the instructions contained by the Despatch of the Secretary of State. At all events, he added, if there were more “Titolati” they were at liberty at any time to prove their claims, and take the precedence to which they are entitled. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.), married 1767 Ghaxaq to Paolica Mamo, with issue. Generoso Formosa de Fremaux, “Comte/Graaf of Santa Sofia”, married 1801 Ghaxaq and Valletta to Contessa Vincenza Montalto de Ribera, with issue. Conte Francesco Saverio Formosa de Fremaux, “Comte/Graaf of Santa Sofia”, (1802-72), married 1828 Cospicua to Contessa Maria Carbott-Montalto, with issue. Conte Ferdinando Formosa de Fremaux, Graaf of Santa Sofia, married 1848 to Benventua dei Baroni Gauci-Bonici, with issue. Contessa Vincenza Formosa Gauci, (1849-1907), married to Dr Antonio Caruana Gatto JUD, 3rd Conte di Beberrua. Contessa Anna Maria Formosa Gauci, married 1877 to Vincenzo Azopardi, 5th Barone di Buleben. Conte Francesco Saverio Formosa Gauci, (d. 1893), Graaf di Santa Sofia, married 1878 to Nobile Filomena dei Baroni Gauci Bonici, with issue. Conte Francis Formosa Gauci, “Graaf di Santa Sofia” (1887-1922), married (1) to Marchesa Mary Angelica Apap Bologna, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married (2) 1913 to Rosa Manduca dei Conti di Mont’Alto, with issue. (First marriage) Contessa Agatha Formosa Gauci, (d. 2007), dunm. Contessa Carmelina Formosa Gauci, (d. 2000), married to N. Debattista, dsp. (Second Marriage) Conte Rev. Victor Formosa Gauci, S.J. (1914-2004) “Graaf di Santa Sofia”, 5th Marchese of Ghajn Qajjed, dunm. Conte Major Pietro Paolo Formosa Gauci, RMA, (1919-1992), Marchesino di Ghajn Qajjed, married firstly 1949 to Lynette Lanzon (died 1958), with issue, Major Formosa Gauci, married Secondly 1963 to Elise Mifsud, with further issue. Marriage) Conte Michael Formosa Gauci, (1958-., “Graaf di Santa Sofia”, acknowledged by the COP as the 6th Marchese of Ghajn Qajjed, married 28 Feb 2022 to Nathalie Anastasi, nee Trenchard Lane. Contessa Clarissa Formosa Gauci (1950-. Contessa Ann Formosa Gauci (1952-2022), married 1972 to Richard Granville-Cole MBE, with issue. Sally Anne Granville-Cole (1979- . Elizabeth Jane Granville-Cole (1981- , married to Adam Cottrell, with issue. Summer Cottrell. Amber Cottrell. Contessa Joan Formosa Gauci (1955-., married 1978 to Joseph Vella Muscat, with issue. Mark Vella Muscat (1979- . Matthew Vella Muscat (1981-., married to Veronique Cassar. Rebecca Vella Muscat. Nicholas Vella Muscat. (Second Marriage) Conte Josef Formosa Gauci (1968-. Contessa May Formosa Gauci, (1916-42), dunm. Contessa Eugenia Formosa Gauci, (1917-. Contessa Margaret Formosa Gauci, (1921-42), dunm. Conte Salvatore Formosa de Fremaux, (Born. 1813), married 1849 to Giuseppa Farrugia Le Brun, with issue. Conte Rev. Isidore Formosa de Fremaux, dunm. Contessa Vincenza Formosa de Fremaux, dunm. Contessa Paola Formosa de Fremaux, married 1830 Valletta to 3rd Baron of Grua. Rev. Formoso Formosa de Fremaux, dunm Saveria Formosa de Fremaux, married 1794 Valletta to Count Emmanuele Gravina Guttadiero. Nobile Maria Formosa de Fremaux, married 1791 Valletta to Vincenzo Mattei Nobile Katherina Formosa de Fremaux (died 1851), married (1813) to Mikiel Anton Vassalli, “the father of the Maltese language”. Nobile Eugenia Formosa de Fremaux, married 1749 Curmi Malta to Jacques Isouard Xuereb, with issue. Giacomo Isouard Xuereb, married 1771 Valletta  to Anne Larmet, with issue. Joseph Isouard Xuereb, (1776-1860), migrated to Imperia Russia and Created Count Isouardov  and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Countess Richella Bezhorodko., with issue. Count Jacques Isouardov, 2nd Count (1804-99), married 1834 to Duchess Teresa Bonicov., with issue. Count Jacques Isouardov, (1837-87), married 1860 to Baroness Catherine Desierov., with issue. Count Joseph Isouardov, 3rd Count (1873-1919), dunm. Count Jacques Isouardov, 4th Count (1876-1939), married 1900 to Marchioness Caterina Gonzaga-Myszkowski, with issue. Count Joseph Isouardov, 5th Count (1901-58), married 1925 to Baroness Tatiana Wyszinski,  with issue. Count Jacques Isouardov, 6th Count (1931-2010)40th President of the Chamber of Nobility in Exile 1974 -79, married 1972 to Baroness Tatiana Desierov, with issue. Count Josef Isouardov, 7th Count, (1973-., President of the Chamber of Maltese Russian Chamber of Nobility, 2023 – Current, married 2000 to Countess Louisa Zaiontchek, with issue. Count Jacques Isouardov, (2004-, Heir, married 2023 to Orsola Borgsky. Countess Isabella Isouardov, (2006-. Countess Alexandria Isouardov, (2011-. Countess Caterina Isouardov, ( 1970-, married 2010 St Petersburgh Russia to Chevalier Vincenzo Borgsky. Countess Leonora Isouardov, (1935- 2013), married 1970 to Baron Teodoro Mielov. Count Vincenzo Isouardov, (1933-, married 1965 to Princess Tina Xuerebsky, with issue. Count Vincenzo Isouardov, (2000-, married 2023 to Eileen Jones Fontani. Count John Isouardov, (1903-89), married 1929 to Baroness Olga Wyszinski,  with issue. Count Charles Isouardov, (1933-, married 1957 to Ignorina Delicataov, with issue. Count Kristiano Isouardov, (1959-., married 1982 to Stacey Grabbe, with issue. Count Kurt Isouardov, (1986-., married 2002 Helsinki Finland to Countess Laura Barclay de Tolly Xuerebsky, with issue. Count Max Isouardov, (2003-. Count Sam Isouardov, (2006-. Count Russell Isouardov, (1990-, married 2010 St Petersburgh Russia to Baroness Nathalie Mielov, with issue. Count Gavin Isouardov, (2011-. Countess Fredericka Isouardov, (1962-, married 1990 to David Livingstone. Countess Marie Isouardov, (1965-, married 1987 to Mark Floyd. Count Enrico Isouardov, (1936-, married 1965 to Patricia Brosse, with issue. Count Charles Isouardov, (1969-, married 2010 St Petersburgh Russia to Baroness Marie Saidov, with issue. Countess Patrica Isouardov, (2011-. Countess Ingrid Isouardov, (2013 -. Countess Davida Isouardov, (1972-, married 1995 to Stephen Pape. Countess Yolanda Isouardov, (1975-, married 1997 to Chev Anton Borgsky. Count Mario Isouardov, (1938-, married 1956 to Linda Lanskoy, with issue. Count Stefano Isouardov, (1960-., married 1984 to Stacey Lutke, with issue. Count Nate Isouardov, (1986-, married 2010 St Petersburgh Russia to Baroness Patricia Callejasky, with issue. Count Jacques Isouardov, (2011 -. Countess Veronica Isouardov, (2014 -. Count Nick Isouardov, (1988-, married 2010 St Petersburgh Russia to Princess Fredericke Xuerebsky, with issue. Countess Rachelle Isouardov, (2011-. Count Ron Isouardov, (1991-, married 2023 to Baroness Marie Christine Mielov. Count Sean Isouardov, (1993-, married 2023 to Maureen van der Linden Fontani. Countess Teresa Isouardov, (1905-2000), married 1932 to Count Zaiontchek,  with issue. Countess Catherine Isouardov, (1840-), married 1859 to Prince Paul Xuerebsky. Count Giuseppe Isouardov, (1838-99), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Baron Giuseppe Isouardov, (1806-53), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Fortunato Isouard Xuereb, married 1771 Valletta to Maria Helena Lombard Rigord, with issue. Aloysius Ilario James Raphael Prospero Isouard-Xuereb, (20-10-1771-), married 1791 Valletta to Antonia la Barbiera. Mro. Niccolo Isouard, (1775-1818 Paris France), the Well Known Muscian, [Times of Malta -biography by Frans Said]., [Wiki];, married (1) 1796 Porto Salvo Valletta to Partemia Dimech., married (2) 1812 at Paris, France to Claudine Berthault, with issue. (First marriage) Annette Julie Nicolo-Isouard, (1809-1885 Paris, France), a Composer of Romances. (Second marriage) Sophie Nicole Isouard, (1814-1876 Paris, France), a Pianist and Composer. Giovanna Maria Francisca Eugenia Matilde Isouard-Xuereb, (30-07-1779-)., married 1792 to Antonio Cousin. Camilla Isouard, married 1812 to Luigi Casolani, (1778-1849). Fortunata Antonia Rosanna Giulia Isouard-Xuereb, (06-10-1792 to 08-06-1873 Leghorn), married Johann Hektor Steinhauser, Merchant at Milan, with issue. Frederica Camilla Enrichetta Steinhauser, (1814-1860), married Gustav Muller, Merchant at Leghorn, with issue. Emilia Steinhauser, (1816-), married Philipp W. Passavant, Merchant at Leeds, with issue. Emma Steinhauser, dunm. Joseph Alexandre Victor Antoine Calcedoine Jacques Emmanuele Isouard-Xuereb, (1794-1863), Musician at Toulouse, France. Gio Batta Isouard., married 1826 Valletta  to Elisabetta Follel-Collart of Paris, France. Costanzo Isouard, married 1799 Valletta to Vincenza Xerri, with issue. Fortunata Isouard, married 1830 Senglea to Antonio Casace. Jeanne Isouard, (1781 -), married 1800 Valletta to General Celestine Andre Vincent Gavoty, (d.1856), Chevalier d’Empire 1812, created 1823 Baron Gavoty Hereditaire in France, [French Empire listings], [Wiki], with issue. Edouard Fortune Guy Gaspard Gavoty, 2nd Baron Gavoty, (1807-). Marie Sophie Fortunee Clementine Gavoty, (1804-1890). Angelique Emilie Gavoty, (1809-1890). Emmanuele Isouard-Xuereb., married to Antonia Cousin. Nobile Maria Formosa de Fremaux., married (1) 1769 Valletta to Notary Pietro Paolo Laferla, married (2) 1784 Valletta to Dr Gaspare Zarb JUD., with issue. Vincenza Zarb., married 1801 Valletta to Dr Salvatore Azopardi JUD. Nobile Gaetano Formosa de Fremaux., married (1) 1775 Valletta to Maria Anna Agius, married (2) 1800 to Maria Teresa Gonzi., with issue. (Second marriage) Notary Paolo Formosa de Fremaux., married 1825 to Rosa Muscat, with issue. Grazia Formosa Gonzi, (1829-78), with illegitimate issue. (illegitimate from N.) Carmela de Formosa (1847 Tunis-), married 1864 Birkirkara Malta to Angelo Axisa. Isidore Formosa de Fremaux, married (1) to Anna Maria Cesareo, married (2) 1859 Valletta to Caterina Pace. Concetta Formosa de Fremaux, married 1827 to Conte Paolo Teuma Castelletti. Rosa Formosa de Fremaux, married 1829 to Conte Luigi Teuma Castelletti. Antonia Formosa de Fremaux, married 1820 Valletta to Giovanni Difton of England. Annetto Formosa de Fremaux, married 1823 Cospicua to Maria Concetta Cachia Sayd. Nobile Nicola Formosa de Fremaux, married 1779 Ghaxaq to Teodora Mangion. Matteola Formosa, married 1736 Valletta to Pasquale Xiriha. Martino Formosa, married (1) 1723 Valletta to Angela Vella, married (2) 1745 Valletta to Caterina Agius. Infantino Formosa, married (1) 1738 Valletta to Caterina Agius, married (2) 1768 Valletta to Giuseppa Erba, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Formosa, married 1764 Valletta to Paolo Zammit. Francesca Formosa, married 1764 Valletta to Antonio Maria Pino. Andrea Formosa, married 1746 Valletta to Claudia Arnau, with issue. Vincenzo Formosa, married 1775 Valletta to Anna Zammit. Anna Maria Formosa, married 1705 Zurrieq to Mario Borg. Giovanni Formosa, married 1704 Qormi to Anna Axisa, with issue. Antonio Formosa, married 1744 Valletta to Fortunata Dingli, with issue. Paolo Formosa, married 1801 Valletta to Anna Ciani. Anna Formosa, married (1) 1769 Valletta to Francesca Franco, married (2) 1775 Valletta to Emmanuele Inguanez. Francesco Formosa, married 1749 Attard to Rosa Attard, with issue. Paola Formosa, married (1) 1778 Attard to Giacomo Deguara, married (2) 1782 Attard to Giuseppe Borg. Teresa Formosa, married 1727 Valletta to Felice Mangion, married (2) 1779 Cospicua to Giuseppe Darmanin. Maria Formosa, married 1740 Valletta to Giacomo Axiach. Veneranda Formosa, married 1747 Valletta to Giovanni Cassar. Benedetto Formosa, married (1) 1658 Mqabba to Caterina, former wife of Francesco Callus, married (2) 1678 Valletta to Teresa Sant, with issue. (First marriage) Domenica Formosa, married 1677 Mqabba to Giovanni Xuereb. Mario Formosa, married (1) 1629 Mqabba to Caterina Mallia, married (2) 1630 Zabbar to Enziona Baldacchino, with issue. (Second marriage) Gio Maria Formosa, married (1) 1660 Dingli to Caterina Cachia, married (2) 1684 Zurrieq to Domenica Formosa, (d/o Salvatore and Paolica). Filippo Formosa, married 1641 Qrendi to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Eugenio Formosa, married (1) 1675 Zabbar to Valenza Cassar, married (2) 1684 Siggiewi to Caterina Mamo, with issue. Giuseppe Formosa, married 1701 Zurrieq to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Clara Formosa, married 1733 Qrendi to Filippo Zammit. Anna Maria Formosa, married (1) 1736 Zabbar to Salvatore Camilleri, married (2) 1743 Qrendi to Marcello Falzon. Grazia Formosa, married 1742 Qrendi to Maruzzo Gauci. Rosa Formosa, married 1744 Qrendi to Gio Maria Farrugia. Grazia Formosa, married 1696 Qrendi to Bartolomeo Camilleri. (Second marriage) Maria Formosa, married 1704 Mdina to Giacomo Muscat. Caterina Formosa, married 1711 Zurrieq to Bartolomeo Debono. Cristina Formosa, married 1715 Zurrieq to Giovanni Abdilla. Matteola Formosa, married 1720 Qrendi to Gregorio Cuschieri. Angelo Formosa, married (1) 1679 Siggiewi to Anna Sayd, married (2) 1685 Siggiewi to Angela Camilleri. Giuseppa Formosa, married 1680 Qrendi to Tomaso Cassar. Maria Formosa, married 1684 Siggiewi to Giuseppe Pace. Domenica Formosa, married 1630 Qrendi to Angelo Agius.