Venier Family
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1.1. Bartolomeo Venier, (1252-75), with issue. Nicolo Venier, (died 1351), married to Cecilia Barozzi. Bartolomeo Venier, (died 1339), married (1) to N., married (2) N. Monoyannis dei Duchi di Cythere, married (3) Nicoletta Trungani, with issue. Tito Venier, proclame la secession de la Crete 1359. Todorello Venier. Chirlo Venier, with issue. (bastard) Marco Venier., with issue. Gabriel Venier with issue. Nicolo Venier. Iani Venier. Marco Venier. Polo Venier. Pietro Venier, (died 1360), maried to Bonafemna Quirini, with issue. Marco Venier, married to Caterina N, with issue.  Francesco Venier, (died 1424), married to Fantina Venier (d/o Pietro), with issue. Biagio Venier, (died 1449), Signore di Cerigo 1424-49), married 1406 to Lucia Contarini, with issue. Bernardino Venier, with issue. Moise Venier, (1412-76), married 1437 to Caterina Vitturi, with issue. Girolamo Venier, with issue. Andrea Venier, Grand Councillor in Corfu 1525, married to Francesca da Lago, with issue. Gerolamo Venier, married to Teodora Fiomaco, with issue. Ettor Venier, (1554-. Stefano Venier, (1558-, married to Betta Triandafilo, with issue. Zuan-Andrea Venier, (1591-., married to Iraclita Trivoli, with issue. Stefano Venier, (1616-., married to Nicoletta Vlassopulo. Alvise Venier,married to Diamante Beneviti, with issue. Luigi Venier, (1646-. Marco Venier, married to Zambettula Dramitino. Bettina Venier, married to Matteo Reggini. Ettor Venier, (1592-. Gerolamo Venier, (1560-. Bernardo Venier, (1526-., married to Marulla Hagiapostoliti, with issue. Zuan-Francesco Venier, (1554-., with issue. Ludovico Venier. Lodovico Venier, (1557-. Vicenzo Venier, (1560-. Nicolo Venier, (1563-. Bernardino Venier, (1564-., married to Chiara Morello, with issue. Zuan-Francesco Venier., (1597-, married to Bragadina N, with issue. Celestia Venier, married to Petro Theotoki. Sebastiano Venier, (1622-. Zaffiro Venier, married to Antonio di Gotti. Giovanni Venier, married to Zuanne Midei. Suriana Venier, married to Teofilo Eparco. Marcantonio Venier, (1629-. Marigo Venier, married to Arsenio Bagliarin. Camillo Venier. Zuan-Battista Venier, (1634-., married to Margherita dei Conti Minio. Marco Venier, (1600-. married to N. Quartana, with issue. Bernardino Venier, (1621-. Antonio Venier. Marco Venier. Antonella Venier, married 1620 Corfu to Capitano Giuseppe Preziosi. Zuan-Francesco Venier, married (1) N., married (2) 1470 to Florenza Sommaripa, Signorina de Paros, with issue. (First Marriage) Lorenzo Venier, (died 1529), married 1545 to Maria Dandolo, with issue. Sebastiano Venier. Zuan-Francesco Venier, (1526-65), Castellano of Corfu, married 1553 to Andrianna Manolesso. Domenico Venier. Marcantonio Venier, (died 1530), married 1520 to Marina Sommaripa. Giacomo Venier, (died 1504), dunm. (Second Marriage) Niccolo Venier, (died 1530), Signore di Paros, married 1507 to N. Zantani, with issue. Andrea Venier, d.inf. Cecilia Venier, Vailde Sultana of the Ottoman Empire, (died 1583), married to Sultan Selim II of the Ottoman Empire. Cecilia Venier, (died 1543), married 1531 to Bernardo Sagredo. Moise Venier, married 1484 to Elena Dona, with issue. Leonardo Venier. Sebastiano Venier, (1496-1578), Doge of Venice 1577-78, married to Cecilia Contarini. Francesco Venier, with issue. (bastard) Moise Venier, Chatelain du Chateau de San Demetrio a Cerigo 1478-81, married to N. Venier, with issue. Giorgio Venier, (died 1559), with issue. Marco Venier. Moise Venier, (died 1550), with issue. Giorgio Venier, with issue. Giulio Venier, with issue. Francesco Venier, with issue. Domenico Mosco Venier (1665-93), with issue. Emmanuele Venier. Gian-Francesco Venier, (1692-1720), with issue. Domenico Venier, (c. 1754), with issue. Caterina Venier, (1779-1803), married to Manuele Cassimati. Elisabetta Venier, (1797-1803), married to Dr Manuele Calcucci JUD. Giorgio Venier, with issue. Manuele Venier, with issue. Irene Venier, married to Teodorino Cassimati. Paolo Venier, with issue. Giorgio Venier, with issue. Agnesina Venier, married to N. Notara Nicolo Venier, (died 1602). Gabriele Venier.
1.1.2. Pietro Venier, (in Constintople) 1269-72).

Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869.