Venier Family
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1.1. Bartolomeo Venier, (1252-75), with issue. Nicolo Venier, (died 1351), married to Cecilia Barozzi. Bartolomeo Venier, (died 1339), married (1) to N., married (2) N. Monoyannis dei Duchi di Cythere, married (3) Nicoletta Trungani, with issue. Tito Venier, proclame la secession de la Crete 1359. Todorello Venier. Chirlo Venier, with issue. (bastard) Marco Venier., with issue. Gabriel Venier with issue. Nicolo Venier. Iani Venier. Marco Venier. Polo Venier. Pietro Venier, (died 1360), maried to Bonafemna Quirini, with issue. Marco Venier, married to Caterina N, with issue.  Francesco Venier, (died 1424), married to Fantina Venier (d/o Pietro), with issue. Biagio Venier, (died 1449), Signore di Cerigo 1424-49), married 1406 to Lucia Contarini, with issue. Bernardino Venier, with issue. Moise Venier, (1412-76), married 1437 to Caterina Vitturi, with issue. Girolamo Venier, with issue. Andrea Venier, Grand Councillor in Corfu 1525, married to Francesca da Lago, with issue. Gerolamo Venier, married to Teodora Fiomaco, with issue. Ettor Venier, (1554-. Stefano Venier, (1558-, married to Betta Triandafilo, with issue. Zuan-Andrea Venier, (1591-., married to Iraclita Trivoli, with issue. Stefano Venier, (1616-., married to Nicoletta Vlassopulo. Alvise Venier,married to Diamante Beneviti, with issue. Luigi Venier, (1646-. Marco Venier, married to Zambettula Dramitino. Bettina Venier, married to Matteo Reggini. Ettor Venier, (1592-. Gerolamo Venier, (1560-. Bernardo Venier, (1526-., married to Marulla Hagiapostoliti, with issue. Zuan-Francesco Venier, (1554-., with issue. Ludovico Venier. Lodovico Venier, (1557-. Vicenzo Venier, (1560-. Nicolo Venier, (1563-. Bernardino Venier, (1564-., married to Chiara Morello, with issue. Zuan-Francesco Venier., (1597-, married to Bragadina N, with issue. Celestia Venier, married to Petro Theotoki. Sebastiano Venier, (1622-. Zaffiro Venier, married to Antonio di Gotti. Giovanni Venier, married to Zuanne Midei. Suriana Venier, married to Teofilo Eparco. Marcantonio Venier, (1629-. Marigo Venier, married to Arsenio Bagliarin. Camillo Venier. Zuan-Battista Venier, (1634-., married to Margherita dei Conti Minio. Marco Venier, (1600-. married to N. Quartana, with issue. Bernardino Venier, (1621-. Antonio Venier. Marco Venier. Antonella Venier, married 1620 Corfu to Capitano Giuseppe Preziosi, with issue. Captaino Luigi Geronimo Preziosi, Cmdr of the Corsican Navy, also Merchant Trader., married 1664 at Athens to Maria Maurocordato, with issue. Giuseppe Preziosi, Received the ‘Tuscan’ Letters of Marque., Knight of St Mark of Venice, 1st Count Preziosi, (Cr:1718 The title of Conte Preziosi appears to have been conferred on Giuseppe Preziosi by Victor-Amadeus, King of Sicily, Duke of Savoy &c, and Perpetual Vicar of the Empire, by a patent given at Rivoli on the 19th October 1718. The original patent of creation is stated to have been burnt up during the government of the French Republic. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 173-175. Supplemental Report Part II). The remainder of this title is described by the Commissioners not in the part relative to the Preziosi grant but elsewhere in the part relative to the title of Marchese Testaferrata as follows: King Victor Amadeus himself in the grant of the title of Conte, conferred upon Giuseppe Preziosi, on the 19th October 1718, wishing to exclude from the succession of the grantee’s female issue, ordered that the title was to hold to the grantee and his legitimate and natural male descendants, in lawful wedlock begotten, whether born or to be born. See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 122-172). Consequently it follows that female issue is excluded from this title. ), (From Corsica, settled with several brothers and cousins as a base of their Merchant Trade to the Black Sea and other parts). married Firstly 1697 at Chios, Greece to Loula Rodocanachi, married Secondly 1705 to Maria Olivier de Puget, married Thirdly 1714 at San Domenico Chapel, Malta to Rosalia Bonamico, with issue. (First Marriage) Contessa Fortunata Preziosi, ‘Nun’, dunm. Conte Fra. Antonio Preziosi, Knight of the Order of St. John., dunm 1788.. (Second Marriage) Contessa Maria Persia Preziosi, ‘Nun’, dunm. Marriage) Conte Gio Francesco Preziosi, listed as ‘2nd’ ius feudale francorum but recte: 3rd (see above) (Also recte: joint 2nd Conte Preziosi ius feudale longobardum), married Firstly 4th Feb 1738 at San Domenico Chapel to Elena Grech-Balzan, married Secondly 1757 to Rosa Grioli, with issue (First Marriage) Contessa Taumaturga Preziosi, married to 1st Count of Ghajn Tuffieha Contessa Rosaria Preziosi Conte Don Giuseppe Preziosi ‘Priest’, joint 3rd Conte Preziosi, dunm Conte Alessandro Preziosi, joint 3rd Conte Preziosi, d.inf. Conte Fr. Martino Preziosi, joint 3rd Conte Preziosi, dunm Contessa Maria Teresa Preziosi, married 1782 to Michele Angelo Ellul. Contessa Ursula Preziosi. (Second Marriage) Conte Aloiseo Preziosi, ‘3rd’ Count Preziosi, (recte: joint 3rd Conte Preziosi)., married firstly 1790 to Matilde Camilleri, married Secondly 1808 to Marianna Maurin, with further issue. Marriage) Conte Gio Francesco Preziosi, ‘4th’ Count Preziosi, (recte: joint 4th Conte Preziosi), Married 1813 to Margherita Reynaud, with issue. Conte Vittorio Amadeo Preziosi, (died 1882), ‘5th’ Count Preziosi, (recte: joint 5th Conte Preziosi), Famous Artist in Turkey, (1816 Valletta – 1882 Yesilkoy, Istanbul), married 1845 Constantinople, Turkey to Iphygenie Marchant, with issue. Conte Roberto Preziosi, (1849-1917), ‘6th’ Count Preziosi, , (recte: joint 6th Conte Preziosi), very Famous Artist in Turkey, married 1913 Paris, France to Marie Lucie Amelie Caro, dsp Contessa Mathilde Maria Catherina Preziosi, (1847-..), married (1) 1870 Constantinople, Turkey to Augustin Jean Baptiste Giuseppe Vienne, married (2) 1901 Istanbul, Turkey to Saverio Napoletano, with issue. (First marriage) Amedee Louis Vienne, (1871-). Fernand Alexandre Octave Vienne, (1872-). Jeanne Iphygenie Mathilde Vienne, (1873-1921), married 1898 Instanbul, Turkey to Alphonse Charles Cuinet, with issue. Robert Auguste Octave Cuinet, (1899-1902), d.inf Contessa Maria Catherina Preziosi, (1858-1923), married 1884 Istanbul to  Giovanni Castelli, with issue. Fernand Xavier Castelli, (1889 Tabriz Persia – 1943 Los Angeles California USA), married (1) 1919 Paris, France, to Marguerite Madeleine de Andria, married (2) 1937 Reno, Nevada USA to Ruth McClymonds Wales (d.1995 Orange, California USA), with issue. (Second Marriage) Renee Castelli. Fernanda Wales Castelli, (1940-., married 1963 Los Angeles, California USA to Donald Ford Sammis, with issue. Brett McClymonds Sammis, (1965 San Diego, California -. Laurie Chapn Sammis, (1967 San Diego, California -., married 2001 Sun Valley USA to Peter Guild Whitehead, with issue. Slater Brokaw Whitehead, (2003 -. Kelby Castelli Whitehead, (2005 -. Hillary Kincaid Sammis, (1969 San Diego, California -., married 2002 Rancho Santa Fe, California to Shane Johnathan Felker, with issue. Sydney Taylor Felker, (2003 -. Kendall Rose Falker, (2006 -. Ashley Wales Sammis, (1970 San Diego, California -., married 2005 Maui, Hawaii to John Richard Tapp. Clayton Lee Sammis, (1975 San Diego, California -., married 2000 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to Stephanie Jab, with issue. Carter Brett Sammis, (2004 -. Paxton Ford Sammis, (2007-. Robert Emerio Castelli, (1896 Tabriz, Persia -), married to Wilhelmine N. Rene Amedee Castelli, (1885-1918), married 1913 Constantinople, Turkey to Gabrielle Antoinette de Hubsch, with issue. Raymond Castelli, (1914-. Marie Helene Castelli, (1894-), married 1926 Istanbul, Turkey tlo Raphaele de Rodriguez, with issue. Valeria de Rodriguez, married to Giacomo Sedati. Robert Emerio Castelli, (1896-1962), married 1927 Reno, Nev, USA to Wilhelmina N. Marie Iphigenie Vera Castelli, (1899-), married 1919 Rome, Italy to Giacomo Filippo di Scribani Rossi, with issue. Ranunzio di Scribani, (1920 -). Giuliani di Scribani. Contessa Gulia Elvira Maria Preziosi, (1861-1939), married (1) 1897 Istanbul, Turkey to Jules Spadaro, married (2) 1920 Istanbul, Turkey to Adolphe Antoine Michael Reppen. Conte Leandro Presziosi, married to Lucrezia Metropoli, with issue. Conte Alfredo Preziosi, (1860-1949), ‘7th’ Count Preziosi, (recte: joint 6th Conte Preziosi), married 1886 to Nobile Filomena Bonici Mompalao, with issue. Conte Rev. Leandro Preziosi, S.J, (1887-1921), dunm Conte Professor, Sir Luigi Preziosi, Kt, M.D, (1888-1965), ‘8th’ Count Preziosi, (recte: joint 7th Conte Preziosi), married 1920 to Nobile Ludgarda Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue. Conte Dr Josef Franz Preziosi, M.D, (1922-2000), ‘9th’ Count Preziosi, (recte: joint 8th Conte Preziosi) Married 1952 to Enid Mary (sive Sunie) Grima, with issue. Dr Josef Preziosi, M.R.C.S., (1953-, 10th Conte Preziosi, (recte: joint 9th Conte Preziosi), Married 1978 to Marchesa Caren Testaferrata Bonici dei Baroni della Qlejjgha, , Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Contessa Marie Christine Preziosi, (1980-, Hereditary Nobile of HungaryContinessa Preziosi., married 2009 Naxxar to Nobile Alessandro Andrew Bandini, with issue. Nobile Elena Bandini Preziosi, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Nobile Emilia Bandini Preziosi, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, (2016-. Contessa Fabrizia Preziosi, (1983-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Conte Dr Victor Amadeus Presiosi, M.D, (1925-, joint 9th Conte Preziosi married 1968 to Margaret Ambrose. Contessa Lucia Preziosi, (1921-, married 1955 to Vjenceslav Hero, with issue. Dr Marco Hero Preziosi MRCS, LRCP, MSc (Lond), DTM&H (Lond), FRCS, FRCOphth, (1956-, married 1986 to Isabelle Damato, with issue. Dr Emily Frances Lucia Hero-Preziosi, MB, ChB, (1990-. Nicholas Stephen Hero-Preziosi, M.Eng, (1992-. Roberto Hero, (1960- , married to Valerie Marren, with issue. Matthew Hero-Preziosi, (1989-. Alice Hero-Preziosi, (1991-, married to Dr Gian Luca Caruana Curran LLD. Jeremy Hero-Preziosi, (1991-. Elizabeth Hero-Preziosi, (1996-. Contessa Maria Preziosi, (1891-. Contessa Victorine Preziosi, (1900-, married 1934 to the Hon. Mr. Justice Albert Victor. Camilleri, LL.D, with issue. Dr. Louis Camilleri Preziosi LLD, married to Susan Peacock, with issue. Helen Camilleri Preziosi. Francesca Camilleri Preziosi. Nicholas Camilleri Preziosi. Conte Dr Giuseppe Preziosi, married 1826 to Nobile Carmela Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue. Contessa Regina Matilda Preziosi, married 1854 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Bonello, with issue. Giorgio Luigi Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1854-1938), married 1873 Rabat Gozo to Ermina Rocco Peralta, with issue. Giorgio Luigi Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1873-), d.inf. Matilde Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1873-1936), married 1889 Matrice Gozo to Notary Giuseppe Camilleri. Maria Teresa Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1877-). Giuseppe Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1878-1964), married 1914 Cairo, Egypt to Marcella Chellus. Beatrice Maria Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1879-). Erminia Marianna Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1881-). Paola Maria Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1883-). Carla Marianna Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1885-). Henry Joseph Paul Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1887-1957). Beatrice Vincenza Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1889-). Notary Albert Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1890-). Ines Esther Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1897-1953). Edgar Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1903-). Conte Salvatore Preziosi. Contessa Adelaide Maria Saveria Preziosi, married 1857 Zurrieq to (her brother-in-law) Giuseppe Bonello, with issue. Raffaele Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, (1860-1939), married to Emmaniela Degiorgio, with issue. Walter Lewis Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, MVO, OBE, KM, (1895-1991). Giovanni Victor Claudius Bonello dei Conti Preziosi, RMA, OBE, KM (1896-1973). Conte Dr Philip Preziosi, (1829-1903), married to Nobile Fortunata Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue. Conte Dr Agostino Preziosi LL.D, (1874-1927), married 1904 to Antonia Scerri, with issue. Conte Philip Preziosi, (1910-92), married Gladys Borg Cardona, with issue. Contessa Marguerite Preziosi, married to Dr Arnold Cassola, D.Litt. Contessa Mary Preziosi, (1906-1984), married Alexander Portainer. Conte Luigi Preziosi. Conte Alfonso Preziosi, (1845-1910), married Annette Diana Warrington (1854-1926), with issue. Conte Fredrick William Preziosi (1890-1942), migrated to Canada, married Catherine Jobin (1888-1944), with issue. Conte Philip Patrick Preziosi (1921-2005 Montreal Canada), married Eileen Mary Elizabeth Miller (1921-), with issue. Conte Eric Samuel Preziosi (1948-,  married Goldie Christine Foote (1953-, with issue. Contessa Jennifer Anne Preziosi (1989-. Contessa Samantha Isabel Preziosi (1991-. Contessa Alana Catherine Preziosi (1951-, married Raymond John Godfrey (1951-, with issue. Christopher Mark Godfrey (1978-. Megan Heidi Godfrey (1981-. Conte Lee John Preziosi (1954 – , joint 9th Conte Preziosi married Terri-Lynn Barteaux (1960- with issue. Conte Gavin Lewis Preziosi (1982- joint 10th Conte Preziosi. Contessa Jenna Elizabeth Preziosi (1984-. Contessa Tanaya Autumn Preziosi (1986 -. Conte Eric Cameron Preziosi (1990 – joint 10th Conte Preziosi. Conte Dr Thomas Aristine Preziosi (1924-99 Baltimore), joint 8th Conte Preziosi married Perella Virginia Sullivan (1927-, with issue. Contessa Dianne Catherine Preziosi (1952 -. Conte Stephen Thomas Preziosi (1954 – , joint 9th Conte Preziosi married Julia Louise Hale (1961 -, with issue. Conte Colin Hewitt Preziosi (1987- joint 10th Conte Preziosi. Conte Christian Preziosi (1992 – joint 10th Conte Preziosi. Conte Mark Preziosi (1958 – ), joint 9th Conte Preziosi married Bonnie Weinberg (1959-) with issue. Conte Nicholas Blair Preziosi (1983- joint 10th Conte Preziosi. Conte Timothy Alec Preziosi (1985- joint 9th Conte Preziosi. Conte Hannah Sophia Preziosi (1988- Conte Paul Preziosi (1958-), joint 9th Conte Preziosi married Catherine Ann Andrea (1957-. Conte Frederick William Preziosi (1926-2003 joint 8th Conte Preziosi Montreal Canada ), married Marguerite Borden with issue. Contessa Anne Marie Preziosi married Douglas Atkinson. Conte Frederick Richard Preziosi (1965- joint 9th Conte Preziosi. Conte Eric Gabriel Preziosi (1927-, resides in Ottawa Canada , joint 8th Conte Preziosi married Maureen Bernadette Desmond (1928-1995), with issue. Conte Kevin Eric Preziosi (1954-, joint 9th Conte Preziosi married Ann Turner (1955 – , with issue. Contessa Courtney Leigh Preziosi (1979-. Conte Dan Kevin Preziosi (1983 – joint 10th Conte Preziosi. Contessa Hayley Preziosi (1986 -. Contessa Kerrie Ann Preziosi (1656 -, married Robert Strachan (1954-), with issue. Robbie Eric Strachan (1980 -. Kirk Allen Strachan (1983 -. Contessa Colleen Nancy Preziosi (1959 – ), married Randy Bretzer (1959-), with issue. Adam Desmond Bretzer (1990 -. Joshua John Bretzer (1992 -. Conte Henry Preziosi (1884-1910), joint 8th Conte Preziosi. Contessa Marguerite (aka Daisy) Preziosi (1889-1962). Conte Edward Preziosi, joint 8th Conte Preziosi. Contessa Irene Preziosi, married 1863 Cospicua to Tomaso Azzopardi, with issue. Spiro Azzopardi. Lorenza Azzopardi. Paolo Azzopardi. Contessa Eustachia Preziosi, dunm. Contessa Vincenza Preziosi, married 1831 to Conte Salvatore dei Conti Ciantar Palaeologo Contessa Rosa Preziosi, married Francesco Camilleri, with issue. Dr Vincenzo Camilleri JUD, (N.B. Dr. Vincenzo Camilleri is listed in the 1878 report as one of the 5 claimants invoking the right of multiple succession), married Marietta Debono, with issue. Caterina Camilleri. Anna Camilleri. Francesco Camilleri. Marietta Camilleri. Alessandro Camilleri. Eduardo Camilleri. Marianna Camilleri, married Michele Buttigieg, Director of Giuseppe Buttigieg & Figli, with issue. Teresa Buttigieg , married Col. John Lewis Francia RMA, MVO, (1864-1934), with issue. John Francia., dunm. Blanche Malvina Francia, married 1926 to Sir Ugo Mifsud Kt. Bach., dsp. Lola Francia., dunm. Emilea Camilleri, married Giuseppe Gambin. Luigi Camilleri, dunm. (Second Marriage) Contessa Madalena Preziosi, married 1825 to Cav. Francesco Tagliaferro, with issue. Contessa Matilde Preziosi, married 1848 to Luigi Pullicino. Conte Alessandro Preziosi, joint 4th Conte Preziosi (N.B. Alessandro Preziosi is listed in the 1878 report as one of the 5 claimants invoking the right of multiple succession ) married 1844 to Adelaide Camilleri, with issue. Contessa Mariana Preziosi, married to Achilles Tabone Engerer, with issue. Carmelo Tabone. Georgina Tabone. Elena Tabone, married 1907 Birkirkara to Emmanuele Spiteri. Contessa Emilia Preziosi, married to Giacomo Turnbull of Scotland, with issue Giacomo Turnbull Milly Turnbull, married Alfred Nicosia Ciantar, with issue. Giorgio Turnbull, married 1898 to Elena Clinquant Fontani dei Conti di Senia, with issue. Geltrude Turnbull, married Brig. Alfred J. Gatt. Mary Alexandra Turnbull, married firstly to Marquis Richard Cassar Desain, married Secondly to NN. Zammit Maempel. Contessa Carmela Preziosi (1853-), married Giuseppe Tomani, with issue. Edward Henri Tomani . Virginina Agatha Tomani, (1881-1974), married 1902 to Annetto Busuttil Regnaud sives Busuttil Reynaud, with issue. James Busuttil-Reynaud, (1911-81), married (1) Mary …, Married (2) 1935 to Giuseppa Sammut, with issue. (first marriage) Victor Busuttil, married with issue. James Busuttil. Maria Busuttil. Paul Busuttil. Antonio Busuttil. Caroline Busuttil. (Second Marriage) Eileen Busuttil, (1939-1977), married Walter German, with issue. Suzanne Marie German., (1961-, married (1) 1983, Div. to Linden Victor Compassi, married (2) 1998 to Dr Robert John Farrell, with issue. (Second Marriage) Michael James Farrell, (1993-. Sophie Louise Farrell, (2000-. Mark Allan German., married (1) Joyce Anne Mifsud, Divorced. Married (2) Dana Lynn Simpson, Divorce. Married (3) Lisa Virginia Jewell, with issue. (First Marriage) Luke German, (1990-. Corey German, (1992-. Sandra Lee German b 1969, (1969-., married 2001 to Charles Tanti. Shawn German, (1972-, defacto with Tammy Lee Bennett, with issue. Joshua Shawn German., (1993-) Jiah Lee German., (1996-) Marianna Busuttil, (1943-, married Maurice German, with issue. Michelle Louise German, (1967-, married Brett Foster, with issue. Amelia Jane Foster, (1995-. Hannah Rose Foster, (1997-. Raymond Paul German., (1969-, married 2001 to Jane Clubbley with issue. Alessandra German (2002-. James Busuttil, (1950-, married 1978 to Anna Casolani, with issue. Karl Busuttil, (1981-. Martese Busuttil, married Charles Sacco, with issue. Natalie Sacco, (1977-. Simon Sacco, (1979-. Roger Busuttil, (1949-1997), married Joan.., with issue. Jessica Busuttil, (1985-. Cain Busuttil, (1988-. Mary Josephine Busuttil Reynaud, (1920-, married 1941 to Robert George Peel, with issue. Maria Dolores Peel, (1942-, married 1962 to Franco John-Marie Saliba, with issue. Norman Leslie Saliba, (1966-, married 1993 to Meleane Heimoana, with issue. Franco Emmanuele Saliba, (1996-. Jacqueline Clare Saliba, (1967-, married 1987 to Ian Gravatt, with issue. Sarah Jane Gravatt, (1989-. Brianna Lea Gravatt, (1992-. Mitchell Robert Gravatt, (1995-. Joanne Lee Saliba, (1969-, married Sean Frederick Denham, with issue. Emillie Jean Denham, (1995-. Georgia Doreen Denham, (1997-. Darcy Denham. Natalie Jane Saliba, (1971-, Married (1) Paul Joseph Povh, divorced, Married (2) Peter Lalovic, with issue. Maya Lalovic. Anna Peel, (1943-, married 1966 to Ivan Stumberger, Divorced, Married (2) 1979 to John Morley, with issue. (First Marriage) Anton Stumberger, (1966-, married Rita Zahra. Mario Stumberger, (1969-. Stephen Stumberger, (1970-. (Second Marriage) Mark Morley, (1980-. Kelly Morley, (1982-. Carmen Peel, (1944-, married 1966 to Charlie Said, with issue. Claudine Mary Said, (1967-. Nanette Virginia Said, (1969-, married Stephen Johnson. Steven Anthony Said, (1970-. John Peel, (1946-1946), died infant. Monica Peel, (1947-, married 1968 to George Parnis, with issue. Danielle Parnis, (1970-. Matthew Parnis, (1972-. Lisa Parnis, (1980-. Robert William Peel, (1948-, married 1975 to Josephine O’Brien, Divorced, with issue. William Peel. Josephine Peel, (1985-. Alexandria Anna Peel, (1987-. George Peel, (1950-, married 1974 to Caroline Reine, with issue. Susan Renee Peel, (1980-. Jane Marie Peel, (1983-1983), died an infant. David Peel, (1951-, married 1974 to Jana Kolar, with issue. Leanne Peel, (1977-. John Robert Peel, (1980-. Rita Peel, (1956-, married 1975 to Alan Downie, with issue. Scott Alexander Downie, (1984-. Katelyn Downie, (1986-. Rebecca Downie, (1988-. Joseph Marie Clement Busuttil Reynaud, married Bertha Pearl Emerald (died 27 Feb 2011), with issue. Virginia Josephine Busuttil Reynaud, married to George Turnbull, with issue. David Clive Elliot (was Leslie Busuttil Reynaud), (1961-, married Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, UK 1983 to Deborah Ann Phelps, with issue. Emma Louisa Elliot, (1987 Bath, Avon, UK-. Martyn Nathan Elliot, (1989 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK -. Kerry Turnbull, married to Phil Payne, with issue. Ryan Payne. Kirsty Turnbull, married to Paul Dolan, with issue. Sebastian Dolan. Annetto Giuseppe George Busuttil Reynaud, married to Annette Small, with issue. Carl Busuttil Reynaud, married to Wendy Glasspool, with issue. Amber Busuttil Reynaud. Amelia Busuttil Reynaud. Gavin Busuttil Reynaud. Judy Busuttil Reynaud, married to Brian Stockwell, with issue. Annette Stockwell. Dennis Busuttil Reynaud, married to Ann N, with issue. Ellen Busuttil Reynaud, married to Paul Kavanagh, with issue. Jessica Kavanagh. Juliet Busuttil Reynaud, married to Paul Henshaw, with issue. Kristen Henshaw. Jean Busuttil Reynaud, married to Michael Perry. Hilda Busuttil Reynaud. Edward Busuttil Reynaud. Charles Busuttil Reynaud. Antonio Busuttil,(1914-87), married Salvina Spiteri, (1920-99), with issue. Lena Busuttil, married Joseph Cremona, with issue. Theresa Cremona., married John O’Donoghue. Diane Cremona., married Louis Durose. Francis Busuttil, married Carmen Scicluna, with issue. Stephen Busuttil., married (1) Linda.., div., married (2) Kate .., Div. Briana Busuttil. Tania Busuttil., married Arthur Filletti, with issue. Kyle Filletti. Ryan Mathew Filletti. Brenda Busuttil., married to Michael Fava, with issue. Nathan Fava. Isabella Fava. Victor Busuttil., (1941-) died infant. Lillian Busuttil, married (1) Frank Neeson, div., Married (2) to Colin Watson, with issue. John Watson, married Veronica Pantusa, with issue. Taylor Watson. Edward Busuttil, (1945-2002), married Valerie Chapman, with issue. Jennifer Busuttil (adopted). Suzanne Busuttil, married Giuseppe Curcuruto, with issue. Madeleine Curcuruto. Filippo Curcuruto. Katrina Curcuruto. Darren Busuttil. Scott Busuttil. Mary Busuttil, married Jan DeKeizer, with issue. Bernardette DeKeizer, married Stephen DeGiorgio, with issue. Stephanie Degiorgio. Natalie DeGiorgio. Laura DeGiorgio. Helen Dekeizer, married Tony Licastro, with issue. Michelle Licastro. Selena Licastro. John DeKeizer, married Sharyn MacMillan, with issue. Chloe DeKeizer. Karla DeKeizer. Rita Busuttil, married Tim Foley, with issue. Trevor Foley. Sarah Foley. Wanyea Foley. Josephine Busuttil (1951-., married 1970 to Darryl Griffiths, with issue. Adam Griffiths, (1970-., married (1) 1998 (Div 2003) to Pauline Begbie, married (2) Julie Dowe, with issue. (First Marriage) Dylan Griffiths., (1998-. Hayden Griffiths., (1999-. Brodie Griffiths., (2002-. (Second marriage) Tegan Griffiths. Damien Griffiths, (1976-., married 2004 to Robyn Tassie, with issue. Jade Griffiths., (2001-. Jason Griffiths, (1981-., married 2006 (Div) to Lyndal Mitchelle, married (2) to Tiffany Williams, with issue. (First marriage) Jake Griffiths. Ebony Griffiths. Anthony Busuttil, married Claudia Balzan. Henrietta Tomani, married Antonio Gauci Chapelle, with issue. Mary Gauci Chapelle, married to Giuseppe Compagno, with issue. Salvinu Gauci Chapelle, married to Giuseppina Cutajar, with issue. Doris Gauci Chapelle, married to Vincent Angelo Mansueto, with issue. Ines Gauci Chapelle, married to Charles Montfort, with issue. Tessie Gauci Chapelle, married to Charles Pisani, with issue. Sideria Gauci Chapelle, married to Karmenu Caruana Dingli. Inez Gauci Chapelle, married Joseph Desira, with issue. Doris Desira. Rita Gauci Chapelle, married Joseph Galea, with issue. Antonio Galea. Charles Galea. Eric Galea. Joseph Tomani, married Mary …, with issue. Edward Tomani. Olga Tomani, married N.N. Seychell, with issue. Luigi Seychell. Contessa Concetta Preziosi, married to Tomaso Somerville, with issue . Concetta Somerville. Contessa Elizabetta Preziosi, married 1861 Vittoriosa to Antonio Casha Contessa Concetta Alexandrina Melita Carolina Paola Preziosi, (1856 Valletta -). Conte Antonio Preziosi, joint 4th Conte Preziosi (N.B. Dr. Antonio Preziosi is listed in the 1878 report as one of the 5 claimants invoking the right of multiple succession) married 1852 Valletta to Carmela Balbi, with issue. Contessa Maria Anna Rafaela Matilda Antonia Paola Preziosi, (1853 Valletta -). Contessa Maria Paola Giuseppa Vincenza Preziosi, (1859 Valletta-). Conte paolo Eduardo Giuseppe Emmanuele Preziosi, (1859 Valletta -). (illegitimate) Giuseppe de Alunna, adoptife de Battista Bugeja e Maddalena Grech, married 1816 Mdina to Maria Calleja. Conte Giuseppe Preziosi, joint 3rd Conte Preziosi, married (1) 1799 to Ubaldesca Bianchi (illegitimate daughter and Heiress of the Conte Bianchi), married (2) 1818 to Laura Azzopardi dei Baroni di Buleben., with issue. (First Marriage) Conte Gio Franco Preziosi, (1800-), joint 4th Conte Preziosi married Teresa Bernard., with issue. Conte Giuseppe Preziosi, (1827 Cairo – 1871 Port Said Egypt) joint 5th Conte Preziosi , married 1869 to Baroness Jane Bieschin (d/o Baron Bieschin and Mathilde von Schwarzenberg, illegitimate daughter of Prince Felix von S. and Jane Digby), with issue. Contessa Francesca Preziosi, (1870 Port Said – 1948 Port Said), married 1900 Port Said to Edward Fontani. Conte Edwardo Preziosi, (1830 Cairo – 1889 Port Said Egypt), joint 5th Conte Preziosi, married 1876 to (his brother’s widow) Baroness Jane Bieschin, dsp. Contessa Elena Preziosi, (1802-42)., married 1835 Valletta to Robert Howard Dunbar, (s/o of Sir Benjamin Sutherland Dunbar 3rd Bt, 6th Lord Duffus), with issue. Sir Benjamin Dunbar, suc 1875 to 5th Baronet of Hempriggs, 8th Lord Duffus, (1837-79 Cape Hope South Africa), married 1872 to Antonia Mallia Tabone, with issue. John Dunbar, (1875-78), d.inf. (Illegitimate with Teresa Maria Franz) Edward Dunbar, (1854-1940 Melbourne Australia), married 1900 to Eleanor Somerville, with issue. Contessa Leonora Preziosi, (1803-46)., married 1845 Valletta to Robert Howard Dunbar (d. 1857), , (was married to her sister firstly), with issue. “Unborn child” died 1846. Contessa Elizabetta Preziosi, (1806-)., dunm. Contessa Ursula Preziosi, (1810-)., dunm. Conte Pietro Preziosi, (1811-)., married 1841 to Aloisea Teuma Castelletti., with issue. Conte Alessandro Preziosi, (1845 -), dunm. Conte Philippe Preziosi, (1848 – ), dunm. Contessa Agnese Preziosi, (1852 – ), married 1877 to Giuseppe Cilia. (Second Marriage) Conte Calcedonio Preziosi, (1821-), joint 4th Conte Preziosi married (1) 1841 to Henrietta Mallia Tabone, married (2) 1851 to Innocenza Gauci., with issue. (First Marriage) Conte Aloiseo Luigi Preziosi, (1845-)., dunm. (Second Marriage) Contessa Marianna Preziosi, (1853-), dunm. Conte Daniele Preziosi, (1824-), joint 4th Conte Preziosi married Marchesa Elizabetta Testaferrata., with issue. Conte Tomaso Preziosi, (1848-), dunm. Contessa Elvira Preziosi, (1851-), dunm. Contessa Cassandra Preziosi, (1857-), dunm. (illegitimate) Maria de Preziosi, married 1771 Valletta to Giuseppe Bonello, with issue. Michele Bonello, married 1802 Ghaxaq to Maria Micallef. Caterina Bonello, married 1794 Valletta to Giuseppe Pollacco, with issue. Orsola Pollacco, married 1818 Valletta to Ludovico Testa. Contessa Anna Preziosi, married Niccolo Olivier de Puget. Conte Carlo Preziosi, married 1750 to Maria Anna Preziosi (See Above), with issue. Conte Martino Preziosi, joint 2nd Conte Preziosi, Commander of the Order of St John’s Fleet, married 1770 to Donna Anna Maria dei Marchesi Testaferrata Vassallo , with issue. Conte Carlo Antonio Preziosi, (1771-1836), joint 3rd Conte Preziosi, married 1822 to Laura Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien, with issue. Conte Martino Preziosi, (1824-)., joint 4th Conte Preziosi, married 1840 to Patrzia Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia, with issue. Conte Carlo Preziosi, (1843 -), dunm. Contessa Antonia Preziosi, (1845 -), dunm. Contessa Elvira Preziosi, (1849 – ), dunm. Contessa Stefana Preziosi, (1852 -), married 1870 to Leopoldo Giappone. Conte Antonio Preziosi, (1826-)., joint 4th Conte Preziosi married 1842 to Anna Ferdinanda Alessi dei Marchesi di Taflia. Conte Antonio Preziosi, (1845 -), married 1870 to Yolanda Giappone, with issue. Contessa Georgina Preziosi, (1827-)., married 1845 to Don Giorgio Peleri, with issue. Contessa Henrietta Preziosi, (1831-), ‘Nun’, dunm. Conte Giuseppe Preziosi, (1774-1822), joint 3rd Conte Preziosi married 1820 to Elizabetta Viani Tomasi dei Baroni di Tabria., with issue. Conte Carlino Preziosi, (1822-77), joint 4th Conte Preziosi married 1853 to Marie Xerrisky., with issue. Contessa Giuseppa Preziosi, (1855 -), dunm. Contessa Frederica Preziosi, (1858 -), dunm. Contessa Anna Preziosi, married 1809 Mdina to Gio Francesco Bonello., with issue. Elena Bonello Preziosi, married 1827 Mdina to Luigi Agostino Chapelle. (illegitimate) Rosa Spiteri, Alunna, married 1818 Mdina to Alessandro Galea. Gaetano Preziosi “sives Passaquer“, Merchant Trader, married 1669 to Isabella Trivoli, with issue. (issues in Malta Marie Preziosi, married 1686 to Giorgio Calicocaisi. Caterina Passaquer., married 1686 to Abramo Poussieghes., with issue. Angelica Poussieghes., married 1720 to Gio Batta Bres., with issue. Geltrude Bres, married 1783 Valletta to Marchese Saverio Alessi. Mgr. Onorato Bres, “Author of Malta Antica Illustrata“, dunm. Matteo Poussieghes., married (1) 1733 to Teresa Garsin, married (2) 1730 to Margherita Sceberras., with issue. (First Marriage) Antonio Poussieghes., married 1750 to Laura Pisani dei Baroni di Frigenieuni. , with issue. Margherita Poussieghes, married 1780 to Geronimo Preziosi (See Below). Generosa Poussieghes, married 1753 Valletta to Chco Saverio Madiona, with issue. Maria Madiona, married 1790 Valletta to Giuseppe Borg, with issue. Gaetana Borg Madiona, married 1810 Valletta to Marchese Giuseppe de Piro Gourgion Barbara Borg Madiona, married 1831 Valletta to Giuseppe Briffa. Maria Passaquer, married 1726 Messina to Chco Francesco d’Armania Luigi Geronimo Preziosi ‘sives Passaquer’, Merchant Trader. (c. 1700). Gio Andrea Preziosi, Merchant Trader, married to Antonia Sommaripa, with issue. (Issues in Malta and Corsica Captiano. Giacomo Preziosi, Received Letters of Marque from the Duchy of Savoy, Kingdom of Sardinia., married (1) 1722 to Lucia, Bastarde de Bruti, married (2) 1735 Senglea to Nobile Clara Tasso, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Andrea Preziosi, (1726-), married 1766 Senglea to Margaret Gulia., with issue. Giacomo Preziosi, (1768-), married 1815 to Vincenza de Carlo, with issue. Alessandra Preziosi, (1771-), mistress to Baron Saverio Carbott, dunm.l Antonio Preziosi, (1773-), dunm. Marianna Preziosi, (1775-), dunm. Alessandro Preziosi, (1730-)., dunm. Paolo Pietro Preziosi, (1732-)., dunm. Capitano. Geronimo Preziosi, married Cassandra Pieri., with issue. Giacomo Preziosi, married 1759 to Teodora Alessi., with issue. Capt. Geronimo Preziosi, (1761-1823), married 1780 to Margherita Poussieghes (See Above)., with issue. Teodora Preziosi, (1782-), married 1805 to Lorenzo Fontani., with issue. Maria Anna Preziosi, married 1750 to Carlo dei Conti Preziosi. (See Below). Antonia Maria Preziosi., married 1720 to Carlo Daniele Castriota Marie Preziosi, married 1723 to Capitano. Natale dei Marchesi Corsi., with issue. Capitano Antonio Maria Preziosi, Merchant of the Black Seas, (died 1699), married Marie Cristiana Poussieghes, (Sister of Albano Poussieghes), with issue. Maddalena Preziosi-Poussieghes, married 1672 to Antonio Geronimo Fournier., 2nd (joint) Comte et 23rd (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, Merchant of Trapani, Italy, Settled in Malta as a base to the Mediterranean Sea trade, with issue. Giorgio-Benedict de Fournier, (1672-98) 3rd (joint) Comte et 24th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, Knight of St John, dunm. Lazzaro Pietro Paolo Fournier, 3rd (joint) Comte et 24th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married 1705 to Arietta Genevova de Pausier, with issue. Giorgio Fournier de Pausier, (4th joint Comte et 25th joint Sire de Fournier), 1st Barone “de Pausier”, (Created 1768 in the Austrian Empire), 1st Conte Fournier (Cr:1770 in the Austrian Empire), Giorgio Fournier de Pausier applied for a title and that by letters patent bearing date the 31st March 1768, the title of Barone was conferred by Empress Maria Theresa on Giorgio Fournier de Pausier. The patent issued, at the grantee’s request, runs thus:- Te supradictum Georgium Fournier in numerum, consortium, coetum, ordinem, atque Baronum dignatatem assumimus, teque una cum filiis tuis atque posteris virilis sexus, ex legitimo thoro natis atque nascituris in infinitum, primogeniali ordine semper servato, Baronem ac Barones Regnorum et Provinciarum nostrarum facimus, nominamus atque creamus. (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 205-208). Although published sources refer to this title as Barone de Pausier it is clear that that is a misnomer as the title granted was of Barone and not Barone de Pausier.. However, the accepted form is used here so as to distinguish it from other dignities enjoyed by the grantee’s family. At Maltese Law this title of Barone (de Pausier) is only a foreign title and, as such, it can be considered for the purposes of precedence in Malta only if registration or Magistral recognition has been achieved in accordance with the rules of 1739 and 1795 as enacted by Grand Masters Despuig and Rohan. In this case, this title granted to Fournier de Pausier in 1768 was never registered in Malta, nor does it appear to have received direct recognition for the Grand Masters who ruled Malta. (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) Unfortunately, the 1878 report is not helpful in indicating whether Empress Maria Theresa granted this title in her German or Italian provinces, or elsewhere, nor does it indicate the place where the title was applied for, or where it was granted. On the other hand, it is helpful in indicating that the 1768 remainder reads posteris virilis sexus, ex legitimo thoro natis atque nascituris in infinitum, primogeniali ordine semper servato . Upon a further reading of the 1878 report, it results that two years later Giorgio Fournier de Pausier received another title of Conte (see footnotes below) where the grantor is described as the same Empress Maria Theresa, and that that title was granted in the Kingdom and Provinces of Germany. This however is not necessarily conclusive proof of the relative jurisdiction as the 1878 Report also describes yet another title granted by the same Empress in the same year 1770 but in the Italian Provinces annexed to the German Empire. Another title, this time one of Conte was conferred upon the said Giorgio Fournier de Pausier by the same Empress Maria Theresa, by a patent given at Vienna on the 29th January 1770. The grant was made to the said Giorgio Fournier de Pausier, in the Kingdom and Provinces of Germany with succession to his children and descendants of the male sex, whether born or to be born from lawful wedlock, according to the order of primogeniture. The following is the operative clause of the patent of creation:- Teque una cum filiis tuis atque posteris virilis sexus, ex legitimo thoro natis atque nascituris, in infinitum, primogeniali ordine servato, Comitem ac Comites Regnorum et Provinciarum nostrarum, facimus, nominamus atque creamus. (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 209-215; Suppemental Report Part III; Letter of Hicks-Beach at pages 59-60 of Report). At Maltese Law this title of Conte (Fournier) is only a foreign title and, as such, it can be considered for the purposes of precedence in Malta only if registration or Magistral recognition has been achieved in accordance with the rules of 1739 and 1795 as enacted by Grand Masters Despuig and Rohan. In this case, it appears that the 1770 title granted to Fournier de Pausier was in fact registered in the Cancelleria, and in the High Court of the Castellania. Although published sources refer to this title as Conte Fournier it is clear that that is a misnomer as the title granted was of Conte and not Conte Fournier. However, the accepted form is used here so as to distinguish it from other dignities enjoyed by the grantee’s family. The 1878 Commissioners had difficulty in ascertaining whether the remainder of this 1770 grant, albeit providing for succession by Primogeniture, allowed a male descending from a female descendant of the grantee, to enjoy the title. In fact the 1878 Commissioners never reached a decision about the matter. It appears however that this latter question was resolved by the British Secretary of State. Married 1733 to Aloisea Sant, (The Sister of the First Count Sant), with issue. Lazzaro Fournier, (5th joint Comte et 26th Sire de Fournier), 2nd Barone “de Pausier”, 2nd Conte Fournier, It appears that the 1878 Commissioners were slightly confused about Lazzaro Fournier’s identity or even his very existence. In their first report, the commissioners reported: Giorgio Fournier, the person first ennobled, left Lazzaro Sant , who died without any son to whom the title might descend, but leaving only one daughter, Luigia Sant, the present claimant’s mother. Later, in their Supplemental Report, the same Commissioners said thus: The first titled person Giorgio Fournier had no male issue, but left one daughter, Luigia wife of Baldassare Sant, of whom Lazzaro Sant, the present claimant, is the first-born son. (See:- Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 209-215; Suppemental Report Part III; Letter of Hicks-Beach at pages 59-60 of Report), married to Modesta dei Baroni Gauci-Azopardi di Buleben, with issue. Luigia Fournier, (died 1858), 3rd Baronessa de Pausier “Contessa Fournier”, As indicated above, the 1768 title granted Giorgio Fournier de Pausier is to follow the order of primogeniture. On the basis of the genealogical chart, the primogenial descendant of Giorgio Fournier de Pausier, the then primogenial descendant was a woman, namely Luigia Fournier wife of Baldassare Sant. As it does not result where the 1768 title was granted, one assumes that there is nothing which prevented an artificial agnation allowing Luigia Fournier and her descendants to enjoy the title of Barone (de Pausier) by order of Primogeniture., married 1811 to Conte Baldassare Sant, 3rd (joint 3rd) Count Sant , with issue. (illegimate with Mrs Vianna Hili, the Housekeeper) Loretta de Fournier (Hili), married 1807 Valletta to Vincenzo Zammit., with issue. Lazzaro Zammit., married 1840 to Louisa Barbaro, with issue. Vincenzo Zammit, (1844-. Nathalie Zammit, married 1892 to Edwardo Bertoleoni. Jerome Zammit, (1846-. Antoinette Zammit, (1849-., married 1871 to Giorgio Bertoleoni. Marianna Zammit, (1851-. Vittoria (Tamara) Zammit, (1855-. married 1873 to Carlo Bertoleoni. Susanna Zammit., married 1839 to Michele Gauci. Antoinette Zammit., married 1843 to Simone Barbaro. Georgiana Zammit., dunm. Vincenzo Zammit., dunm. Enrico Zammit., dunm. Luigi Zammit., dunm. Antonio Zammit., dunm. Stefano Zammit., married 1845 to Fiametta Fabre, with issue. Vianna Zammit, (1847-. Anne Zammit, (1849-. Edith Zammit, (1851-. Caroline Zammit., married 1840 to Stephano Ruffo. Conte Gaetano Fournier, (1738-..), married 1775 Valletta to Clothilde Dorell, with issue. Contessa Caterina Fournier. Contessa Margherita Fournier. (illegitimate with Maria Santo Chierico, wife of Salvatore Brignone) Aloisio Brignone, married 1804 Valletta to Antonia Pagani, with issue Sig. Gaetano Brignone, (1806 – 1885), married 1824 to Sylvia Gatt, with issue. Charlotte Brignone, married 1859 Southampton, England to Lieut. Edward Somerville (of the Somerville Baronets of England), R.M.A, with issue. Rose-Marie Somerville-Brignone, married 1881 Northampton, England to Capt Andrew Ross, R.N, with issue Capt. Charles Ross-Brignone R.N, (1889-1955), married 1943 Northampton, England to Amelia Harper Steward, with issue Anne Marie Ross, (1945-, married 1972 Northampton, England, to Hon Edward Stephen Scott-Ellis, LLB, with issue Dr. Thomas Stephen Brignone Scott-Ellis, M.A, Ph.D., (1975- Sydney, married 2003 Sydney, Australia, to Miss Belinda Vassallo, LL.B (Macq)., with issue. Gavin Harper Scott-Ellis, (2004- Sydney. Patrick Ross Scott-Ellis, (2006- Sydney. Tamara Vassallo Scott-Ellis, (2009 Sydney -. Atticus Scott-Ellis, (2014 Sydney -. Christian Sommerville Scott-Ellis, L.L.B, (1977- ., married 2009 Sydney to Georgiana Jackson LLB, with issue. Daniela Jackson Scott-Ellis, (2012 Sydney -. Amelia Brignone Scott-Ellis, (2017 Sydney -. Stephen Andrew Steward Scott-Ellis, LLB, LLM, (1981 Sydney -., married 2012 Sardinia (Under Spanish Law) to Gavin Benjamin Henschke, B.Com, MA, CPA. Andrew Ross Brignone, (1949 -2022), dunm. Eliza Ross. (1883-1923), dunm. Victoria Ross. (1886-1943), dunm. Edward Ross. (1891-1975) R.N. , moved to Wellington, New Zealand in 1910. Married 1909 to Fanny Fairfax, with issue. Andrew Ross, (1912-43), died at Egypt during WW11. dunm. Charles Ross, (1913-69), married 1945 Wellington, New Zealand to Rose Marie Clarke, with issue. Andrew Ross-Clarke, (1946-74) killed in a motor accident in N.Z, married 1971 at Wellington NZ to Mary Thompson, with issue. Charles Ross-Clarke LL.B, (1973-, married 2000 at Wellington NZ to Stacey Allard, with issue. Andrew IV Ross-Clarke, (2002-. Rochelle Ross-Clarke, (2005-. Andrew Ross, (Priest), (1916-2001), dunm. Rose-Marie Ross, (1915-, married 1946 at Wellington, NZ to Jack Stanley, with issue. Fanny-Marie Ross, (1919-96), married 1948 at Wellington NZ to Nicholas Simpson of Fiji Islands, with issue. (illegitimate) Costanza de Fournier, married 1788 to Gio Batta Gonzi. Contessa Diane Fournier, (1736-..), married 1772 to Don Alessandro de Platamone, Noble of Licata, Governor of Licata, with issue. Donna Flora de Platamone, married 1801 to Don. Angelo Pileri., with issue. Donna Alessandra Pileri, (1803-56), ‘Nun’, dunm. Don Giorgio Pileri, (1805-67)., married 1845 to Georgina dei Conti Preziosi., with issue. Don Angelo Pileri, (1846-)., dunm. Donna Christina Pileri, (1848-)., dunm. Donna Angela Maria Pileri, (1850-), married 1867 to Thomas Bonici. Donna Ursula Pileri, (1852-)., married to Thomas Fontani. Contessa Annuzationa Fournier, (1733-86), married 1776 to Gaetano Hefner. Conte Fra. Peppino Fournier, (1741-87). Knight of the Order of St John Contessa Franca Fournier, (1744-..), dunm. Aloiseo Fournier, 4th (joint) Comte et 25th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married to Anna Borg, with issue Mattia Fournier, married 1758 Porto Salvo, Valletta, to Francesco Calleja, (“del Luogo detto Bousett” of Marseglia). Fortunata Fournier., married 1747 to Gaspare Danza, with issue. Margherita Danza, married 1774 Valletta to Gio Batta Misura, with issue. Angela Misura,. married 1792 Valletta to Filippo Azzopardi. Antonio Fournier., 5th (joint) Comte et 26th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married 1748 at San Paolo, Valletta to Anna Borg., with issue. Maria Fournier., married 1813 Valletta to Ignazio Cauchi. Pasquale Fournier, 5th (joint) Comte et 26th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married 1759 to Paolina Alessi, with issue. Aloisea Fournier, (1761-), married 1770 to Antonio Alunno di Sayd Elisabetta Fournier., (1763-), married 1770 to Giuseppe Alunno di Sayd Maria Antonia Fournier, (1766-), married to Antonio Pellegrino, with issue. Emmanuela Pellegrino, married 1825 Valletta to Antonio Fenech. Annunciata Pellegrino, married 1812 Valletta to Michele Dalli of Naples. Lucrezia Pellegrino, married 1815 Valletta to Antonio Ga of Sicily. Dun. Enrico Fournier, (1769-1819), 5th (joint) Comte et 26th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France “Priest”, dunm. Anna Margarita Fournier, married 1745 Vittoriosa to Don Alessandro Andrea Ferrandez y Castiglione. Giovanni Fournier, 4th (joint) Comte et 25th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married (1) 1727 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Teresa Stellini. Married (2) 1734 Porto Salvo, Valletta to Caterina Caruana Mallia., with issue. Bartolomeo Fournier., 5th (joint) Comte et 26th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married 1779 to Vincenza Lauder, with issue. Loreta Fournier., married 1779 Valletta to Nobile Giuseppe Grimaldi, Patrizio di Nicera dei Pagani, with issue. Nobile Louisa Grimaldi, married 1820 to Constantine Niarchos., with issue. Nobile Antonia Maria Grimaldi., “Nun“., dunm in Catania Sicily. Nobile Aloisea Maria Grimaldi, married 1823 Salerno, Italy to Alessandro Alunna di Said Nobile Ursula Grimaldi. Nobile Bianca Sophia Grimaldi., “Nun”, dunm in Palermo Sicily. Nobile Luigi Carlo Grimaldi, married 1847 to Princess Maria Luisa Bertoleoni, with issue. Nobile Luisa Grimaldi, (1848-83), married 1865 to Giuseppe di Bertoleoni. Nobile Pasquala Grimaldi, (1849-1921), mistress to King Carlo I of Tavalara. Nobile Stefania Grimaldi, (1852-1950), married 1877 to Prince Salvatore Bertoleoni. Nobile Georgiana Grimaldi. Nobile Natathie Grimaldi. Nobile Athena Grimaldi. Margherita Fournier, married 1739 Valletta to Carmelo Pisano, with issue. Maria Pisano, married 1756 Valletta to Francesco Mamo, with issue. Giovanna Mamo, married 1793 Valletta to Giovanni Mizzi. Anna Mamo, married 1795 Valletta to Antonio de Gabriele Olivier. Aloisea Pisano, married 1759 Valletta to Gaetano Psaila, with issue. Fortunata Psaila, married 1776 Valletta to Ambrosio Losco. Grazio Pisano, married 1766 Valletta to Teresa Borg, with issue. Caterina Pisano, married 1795 Valletta to Palmo Camenzuli, with issue. Salvatore Camenzuli, married 1821 Valletta to Modesta Compagno. Benedetto Camenzuli, married 1846 Valletta to Maria Galdies. Carmelo Pisano, married (1) 1807 Valletta to Maria Madiona, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Caterina Gauci. Antonia Pisano, married (1) 1788 Birkirkara to Michel Angelo Bugeja, married (2) 1800 Birkirkara to Francesco Zammit. Vincenza Pisano, married 1800 Birkirkara to Gio Maria Debono. Maria Anna Pisano, married 1801 Valletta to Francesco Ricca. Paola Pisano, married 1801 Valletta to Salvatore Schembri Calafato. Maria Pisano, married (1) to Paolo Garzin, married (2) 1805 Valletta to Paolo Gatt. Margherita Pisano, married 1808 Valletta to Conte Antonio Depares. (illegitimate with Housekeeper) Caterina de Fournier, married 1721 Valletta to Gio Maria Bugarel, Manumesso. Rosa de Fournier, married 1696 to Giuseppe Rolando of France, with issue. Francesco Rolando, married 1722 Valletta  to Vincenza Pelisieri, with issue. Giuseppe Francesco Rolando, married 1752 Senglea to Maria Montenegro of Palermo, Sicily, with issue. Francesco Rolando, married (1) 1811 Senglea to Anna Isola-Carbone, married (2) 1822 Valletta to Maria Speranza, with issue Pietro sives Pierre Rolando, married 1765 Paris, France to Hynacinthe-Gabrielle Varis, with issue. Giovanna Rolando, married 1727 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Gianse. Antonia de Fournier married., 1699 to Carlo Daniele Castriota. Gioacchino de Fournier, 3rd (joint) Comte et 24th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married to Maria N., with issue. Bartolomea de Fournier, married 1729 to Don Giacomo dei Duchi Seravalli of Termini, Sicily. Ignazio de Fournier, married 1722 Senglea to Graziulla Durante. Aloisea de Fournier, married 1736 Birgu to Filippo Bonello. Alessandro de Fournier, 3rd (joint) Comte et 24th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married to Teresica N, with issue. Agostino de Fournier, 4th (joint) Comte et 25th (joint) Sire de Fournier in France, married 1717 Senglea to Diana Sandon, with issue. Margherita de Fournier, married 1746 Senglea to Giuseppe Bonetto of Pantelleria Islands, with issue. Lorenzo Bonetto, married 1778 Senglea to Evangelista Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Bonett, married 1809 Senglea to Francesca Agius. Gio Andrea Bonett, married 1804 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Spiteri. Gaetano Bonett, married 1807 Senglea to Margherita Portughes, with issue. Giuseppe Bonett, married (1) to Francesca Casha, married (2) 1851 Cospicua to Maria Bellotti. Lorenzo Bonett, married 1857 Cospicua to Magdelana Schembri. Maria Anna Bonett, married 1833 Senglea to Giuseppe Bonnici. Evangelista Bonett, married 1848 Senglea to Pietro Antonio Gaffiero. Carmela Bonett, married 1815 Senglea to Giovanni Casha, with issue. Vincenza Casha, married 1855 Cospicua to Giacomo Gaffiero of Sorrento, Italy. Rosaria Bonetto, married 1767 Senglea to Andrea Bigliardelli. Giuseppe Preziosi, married 1676 to Contessa Maddalena Pace (Hereditary Countess of Byzantine Empire), with issue. Conte Luigi Preziosi, married (1) 1721 to Alessandra Wizzini, married (2) 1746 to Matlida de Siero., with issue. (First Marriage) Contessa Maria Antonia Preziosi, (1723-)., dunm. Contessa Laura Preziosi, (1725-)., dunm. Contessa Anna Preziosi, (1727-)., dunm. Contessa Teodora Preziosi, (1734-)., dunm. (Second Marriage) Conte Crispo Preziosi, (1750-)., dunm. Conte Franco Preziosi, (1682-), married 1724 to Maria Anna Dorell., with issue. Conte Antonio Preziosi, (1727-)., dunm. Conte Leonardo Preziosi, (1730-)., (Migrated to Palermo Sicily 1774), married 1760 Vittoriosa to Caterina Hamilton, with issue. Contessa Maria Aloisea Preziosi, (1761 Vittoriosa -), married 1780 Palmero Sicily to Gasparo Pitta. Contessa Maria Assunta Preziosi, (1762 Vittoriosa -), married 1784 Trapani Sicily to Antonio Catalano. Conte Amedeus Preziosi, (1764 Vittorioisa – 1788 at Sea near Trapani Sicily), married 1785 Palermo Sicily to Pietra Luisa Massa, with issue. Conte Leonardo Preziosi, (1787 Trapani Sicily – 1879 Licata Sicily), married 1805 Palermo Sicily to Rosa Marie Bonaccorso, with issue. Conte Amedeus Preziosi, (1807 Licata Sicily – 1827), ‘Abbott’, dunm. Conte Enrico Preziosi, (1808 Licata Sicily – 1865 Licata Sicily), married with issue. Contessa Anna Maria Preziosi, (1810 -), ‘Nun’, dunm. Contessa Maria Louisa Preziosi, (1766 Vittoriosa -), married 1785 Palermo Sicily to Enrico Pitta. Contessa Maria Ursula Preziosi, (1768 Vittoriosa -), ‘Nun’, dunm. Conte Luigi Giorgio Preziosi, (1769 Vittoriosa – 1833 Messina Sicily), married 1789 Palermo Sicily to Pietra Luisa Massa (died 1796), (Former Sister in-Law), with issue. Contessa Caterina Preziosi, (1790 Palermo Sicily-), married 1808 Palermo Sicily to Rosario Orofino. Contessa Anna Pietra Preziosi, (1792 Palermo Sicily -), married 1808 Palermo Sicily to Nunzio Trapani. Conte Francesco Preziosi, (1793 -), d.inf. Conte Mariano Preziosi, (1795 Palermo Sicily – 1842 Salerno Italy), ‘Priest’, dunm. Contessa Luisa Preziosi, (1796 -), d.inf. Contessa Maria Anna Preziosi, (1771 Vittoriosa -), ‘Nun’, dunm. Zuan-Francesco Venier, married (1) N., married (2) 1470 to Florenza Sommaripa, Signorina de Paros, with issue. (First Marriage) Lorenzo Venier, (died 1529), married 1545 to Maria Dandolo, with issue. Sebastiano Venier. Zuan-Francesco Venier, (1526-65), Castellano of Corfu, married 1553 to Andrianna Manolesso. Domenico Venier. Marcantonio Venier, (died 1530), married 1520 to Marina Sommaripa. Giacomo Venier, (died 1504), dunm. (Second Marriage) Niccolo Venier, (died 1530), Signore di Paros, married 1507 to N. Zantani, with issue. Andrea Venier, d.inf. Cecilia Venier, Vailde Sultana of the Ottoman Empire, (died 1583), married to Sultan Selim II of the Ottoman Empire. Cecilia Venier, (died 1543), married 1531 to Bernardo Sagredo. Moise Venier, married 1484 to Elena Dona, with issue. Leonardo Venier. Sebastiano Venier, (1496-1578), Doge of Venice 1577-78, married to Cecilia Contarini. Francesco Venier, with issue. (bastard) Moise Venier, Chatelain du Chateau de San Demetrio a Cerigo 1478-81, married to N. Venier, with issue. Giorgio Venier, (died 1559), with issue. Marco Venier. Moise Venier, (died 1550), with issue. Giorgio Venier, with issue. Giulio Venier, with issue. Francesco Venier, with issue. Domenico Mosco Venier (1665-93), with issue. Emmanuele Venier. Gian-Francesco Venier, (1692-1720), with issue. Domenico Venier, (c. 1754), with issue. Caterina Venier, (1779-1803), married to Manuele Cassimati. Elisabetta Venier, (1797-1803), married to Dr Manuele Calcucci JUD. Giorgio Venier, with issue. Manuele Venier, with issue. Irene Venier, married to Teodorino Cassimati. Paolo Venier, with issue. Giorgio Venier, with issue. Agnesina Venier, married to N. Notara Nicolo Venier, (died 1602). Gabriele Venier.
1.1.2. Pietro Venier, (in Constintople) 1269-72).

Reference:  Karl Hoff, Chroniques greco-latines inedites ou peu connues 1869.

The Italian title of Preziosi.
Footnote: The title of “Conte” conferred to the Maltese Citizen Giuseppe Preziosi by Victor-Amadeus, King of Sicily, Duke of Savoy &c, and Perpetual Vicar of the Empire, by a patent given at Rivoli on the 19th October 1718. The title did not originate in Malta but in Rivoli which formed part of Savoy (not Sicily). At Maltese Law it is only a foreign title and, as such, it can be considered for the purposes of precedence if registration or magistral recognition has been achieved in accordance with the rules of 1739 and 1795 as enacted by Grand Masters Despuig and Rohan. 
In this case, the grant relative to “Conte Preziosi” appears to have been duly registered in the Cancelleria of the Order. 
VALUE OF REGISTRATION/MAGISTRAL RECOGNITION From the records of the Cancelleria it appeared that the titles so granted were registered in virtue of a rescript from the Grand Master, on an application by the party concerned. The Royal Commissioners of 1878 remarked that they were prone to believe that the Grand Master would not have given his assent to registration without any investigation. From the start, however, the Commissioners pointed out that the Despuig/Rohan Rules on the matter did not deny nobility to a Titolato  who failed to duly register his title, but only assigned him no place insofar as precedence was concerned. See:- “Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility”, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 101-102). It is also noteworthy that the Commissioners did not consider all the titles which were registered in the Cancelleria: For example the title of Conte granted to Baldassare Fenech Bonnici on the 11 June 1798 by Pope Benedict XIV, which was duly registered under Archives of the Order of Malta (554, f. 176) as well as the Archives of the Inquisition of Malta (102m f. 32) was not considered by the Report. It appears that no descendant of this grantee made any claim to the Commissioners. 
In regard to the title of “Conte” granted to Preziosi, an issue arose regarding the wide remainder of this title. In fact, at the time of the Commission this title was claimed by five individuals namely Amadeo Preziosi, Dr. Antonio Preziosi, Dr. Camillo Preziosi, Alessandro Preziosi and Dr. Vincenzo Camilleri. The Commissioners allowed Amadeo’s claim on the basis that he was the first born descendant, but refrained from pronouncing themselves on the other claims. However the Secretary of State wrote back asking for a decision and the Commissioners complied by saying that the title must be deemed Sicilian and therefore descendible to the firstborn son only, according to the order of succession prescribed by the ius feudale francorum. (See:- “Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility”, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.) (See Report Paras. 173-175. Suppemental Report Part II).
The actual report says the following:
“This title was conferred by Victor-Amadeus, King of Sicily, Duke of Savoy &c, and Perpetual Vicar of the Empire, by a patent given at Rivoli on the 19th October 1718, in the fifth year of his reign. It was granted to Giuseppe Preziosi to hold to himself and his legitimate and natural male descendents in lawful wedlock begotten whether born or to be born. The original patent of creation was not produced before the Commission, it having probably been burnt up during the government of the French Republic in these islands in pursuance of an order by which, as already stated (#144), all the patents of nobility were to be set on fire. It was, however, regularly registered in a record of the Cancelleria, in consequence of a rescript of the Grand Master, bearing date the 20th June 1720, so that in the present case no recognition of the title was necessary. Although in the patent registered in that record the following expressions occur::-‘We command that it should be registered in our Secretairerie of State’, no allusion is therein made to the place in which it was enrolled agreeably to the King’s commands.
Amadeo is the first-born son of the late Conte Francesco, eldest son of the Conte Luigi Preziosi, and last holder of the title. The Conte Luigi was born of Conte Gio Francesco Preziosi, son of the original grantee Conte Giuseppe.
Dr. Antonio, Dr. Camillo and Alessandro Preziosi are the younger sons of the said Conte Luigi; but Dr Camilleri descends from the said Conte Luigi through his mother Rosa Camilleri, nee Preziosi. The first-born son in the primogenial line of the grantee is therefore Amadeo Preziosi. 
The Commissioners therefore concluded their Report as follows:
“In order to determine the question whether the title belongs to the first-born son of the family only, or is to be taken to extend simultaneously to all the male descendents of Giuseppe Preziosi, first count, as it is assumed by several gentlemen who claim it, we think that most of the remarks made by us with reference to the preceding title of marquis, may be properly applied to the present case. As we are not called upon to express any opinion on this question, we shall simply mention the names of the gentlemen who appeared to assert their claims to this title; these gentlemen are, Amadeo Preziosi, Dr. Antonio Dr. Camillo, and Alessandro Preziosi and Dr. Vincenzo Camilleri.”
If according to the terms of the grant, the title is to be enjoyed jointly by all the contemporary male descendents of the Conte Giuseppe Preziosi, the number of such descendents, exclusive of the males descending from daughters would be nine; but including the male descendents of daughters that number would amount to 59
This question having been reserved to the British Secretary of State for the Colonies, the Commissioners did not include the claimant’s name in the list. The Secretary of State for the Colonies then wrote to Governor Straubanzee to ask the Commissioners to address this issue.
In their Supplemental Report, the Commissioners then decided as follows:
This title, originally granted to Giuseppe Preziosi and to his male descendants, is claimed not only by Amadeo Preziosi, the firstborn son in the grantee’s primogenial line, but also by four other gentlemen who contend that it may be enjoyed by all the grantee’s contemporary male descendants, whether descending from the male or the female lines.
We beg respectfully to refer to our remarks on the claim to the title of Marchese conferred by the said King Victor-Amadeus, in 1717, on Mario Testaferrata (#166 et seq.). It will be seen that the grant by Victor-Amadeus to Mario Testaferrata, was made under the law respecting the titles of the Sicilian nobility, and that it is consequently descendible to the firstborn son only, according to the order of succession prescribed by the ius feudale francorum.
Applying those remarks to the present case, it is obvious that the title of Conte granted to Giuseppe Preziosi cannot be enjoyed but by Amadeo Preziosi, whose name has been included in our list of Titolati in our former Report, and that the other gentlemen who have asserted a right to this title have not succeeded in making out their claims. 
In this way, the title has been deemed descendible to the firstborn son only, according to the order of succession prescribed by the ius feudale francorum