Conte’s Gualtieri, Earls of Dundee of Scotland.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1. Trivulzio Gualtieri., (d. 1574)., married Vincenza da Citta delle Pieve., with issue.

1.1. Raffaele III Gualtieri., (1563-1643), Gonfaloniere, Camerlengo della Fabbrica di San Maria., married 1594 to Plautilla Antoniani., with issue.

1.1.1. Conte Trivulzio II Gualtieri., (1596-1645), Gonfaloniere 1644., married  to Violante Simoncelli., with issue. Conte Stanislao Gualtieri, (1628-79), Marchese di Corniolo., married 1657 to Anna Maria Cioli, Nobile di Todi, with issue. Conte Giovanni  Battista Gualtieri, Patrican of Rome, Marchese di Corniolo (sives Orvieto),  Duca della Camie (Created 1713 Sicily Fhilip V), Created EARL OF DUNDEE and VISCOUNT OF EYTHORN by King James (III, VIII) of England and Scotland in Rome on 12th October 1705 to himself and his successors in the Kingdom of Scotland, (KTKnight of Thistles, 1708., died 1740., married 1708 to Giulia Staccoli, Nobile of Urbino, with issue. Cardinal Conte Ludovico Gualtieri2nd Earl of Dundee (In the Complete Peerage Vol IV, page 525-526, Ludovico succeeded the peerage as the eldest son), . 2nd Duca di Camie Inquisitor of the Order of St John of MaltaTitular Archbishop of Mira, ordained as a Priest in 1742 ,  (1706-1761 Rome Italy), Secretly married at Birgu , Malta June 1739 (Invalid marriage) (Separated right after second child) to Lucrezia Vassallo, with issue. Rev. Conte Giovanni Battista Gualtieri., (1740 Birgu -1762 Rome, Italy), 3rd Earl of Dundee, 3rd Duca di Camie, (Claimed his parents legally married even though it was invalid in the Catholic church but under the Church of Scotland, quite lawful), dunm. Contessa Carolina Gualtieri, 4th Countess of Dundee, (Scottish peerage inheritable), (1741-1812 Mosta, Malta)., married (1) 1757 Messina to Gio Batta Bonici dei Baroni di Qlejjgha, married (2) 1771 Messina, Sicily to Capt Guiseppe Gauci Kt ., married (3) 1799 to Pietro Filippo Costanzo dei Duchi di Pagancia. (illegitimate with Anna Alunna di Dudley) Michele de Agius Gualtieri, (1745- adopted to an Agius family), married 1765 Qormi to Teresa Bugeja, with issue. Feliciano Agius, married 1789 Valletta to Elizabetta Mercieca, with issue. Fr. Ludovico Agius, ‘Monk’, dunm. Sr Maria Antonia Agius, ‘Nun’, dunm.l, (lover of Francesco Saverio Marchesi, CMG, Count of Meimun). Giacomo Gualtieri, (1709-41), Marchese di Corniolo, married 1727 to Marchesa Maria Vittoria Albergati., with issue. Luigi Gualtieri, (1730 -1791), Marchese di Corniolo, rinunziò alla primogenitura, celibe Carlo Trivulzio Gualtieri, (1735 – died at Orvieto),  Marchese di Corniolo, married to Drusilla Guerrieri Gonzaga di Mantova, sorella del Card. Cesare, (1819-1832), with issue. Enrico Gualtieri, (1760-),  Marchese di Corniolo +m.s.p. Giuseppe Gualtieri, Marchese di Corniolo, (1772-), si transferisce a Bagnorea, married to Margherita Vittori Giani, with issue. Luigi Gualtieri, (1801 -1866), Marchese di Corniolo married 1831 to Contessa Maria Venturini, with issue. Giuseppe Gualtieri, (1837-1915), Marchese di Corniolo, married to Adele dei Conti Cozzi Luzi, with issue. Luigi Gualtieri, (1878-), dunm. Lorenzo Gualtieri, (1880-1969), Marchese di Corniolo, married 1916 to Anna Leoncini, with issue. Adele Gualtieri, (1916-1999), married 1942 to Giulio Cesare Luzi. Orsella Gualtieri, (1919-), married 1948 to Goliardo Sarrocchi. Giuseppe Gualtieri, (1926-2009), Marchese di Corniolo, married 1950 to Wilja Monaco, with issue. Giulia Gualtieri, (1953-, married (Div) to Pietro Tamburini. Luigi Gualtieri, (1955-, Marchese di Corniolo, married 1977 (Div) to Patrizia Pasqualoni, with issue. Eleanora Gualtieri, (1978-, married 2004 to Dr Gianni Quintavalle Ph.D. Carlotta Gualtieri, (1981-, married 2002 to Mark Weggenmann. Margherita Gualtieri, (1988-. Filippo Gualtieri, (1884-), married 1909 to Andreina d’Urso, with issue. Margherita Gualtieri, (1910-), married 1936 to Giorgio Sterbini, Nobile di Ferentino. Giulia Gualtieri, (1882-1968), married 1904 to Fabio Cruciani-Alibrandi. Drusilla Gualtieri, (1835-), married to Nobile Domenico Arcangeli. Rosa Gualtieri, (1836-), married to Nicola Rustelli. Maria Gualtieri, (1841-), married to Antonio Maria Rustelli. Ludovico Anselmo Gualtieri, (1779 -1872), married to Maria del Marchese Odoardo Guerreri Gonzaga e di Camilla Gallarati Scotti [sorella del Card. Gianfilippo Gallarati Scotto (1801-1819), with issue. Carlo Gualtieri Raffaele Gualtieri Filippo Antonio Gualtieri *1819 +1874, storico esimio, 1861 Senatore del Regno d’Italia, 1867-1868 Ministro dell’Interno, Ministro  della Real Casa, married to Angela Maria dei Conti de Cardenas, with issue. Enrico Gualtieri, (1843-1929). Gualtiero Gualtieri, dunm. Lodovico Gualtieri, (1852-1911), married to Emilia Lodezzani, with issue. Maria Cristina Gualtieri, (1881-), married to Giovan Battista Gambarotta. Enrico Gualtieri, (1882-). Raffaele Gualtieri, dunm. Vittoria Gualtieri +1809, oo ca. 1795 Conte Giulio Cesare Cesarei Cardinal Conte Filippo Antonio Gualtieri, (1660-1728), dunm. Conte Francesco Gualtieri., d.inf. Conte Carlo Trivulzio Gualtieri., (1662-. Conte Ludovico Gualtieri.,(1666-1746), Archdeacon of Orvieto., dunm. Conte Sebastiano Giulio Gualtieri., (1667-.  Conte Innocentio Felice Gualtieri., (1669-., Cav di Spagna. Conte Francesco Saverio Gualtieri., d.inf. Conte Raffaele Giacomo Gualtieri., d.inf. Conte Raffaele Benedetto Gualtieri., (1671-. Cav of the Order of San Stefano of Tuscany. Contess Olimpia Agnese Gualtieri., d.inf. Contessa Maria Olimpia Gualtieri., ( 1661-., married 1679 to Antonio Laurenzi di Todi. Contessa Angela Vittoria Gualtieri., (1664-. Contessa Plautilla Gualtieri., (1665-. Contessa Rosa Violante Gualtieri., (1672-., married 1698 to Agostino Francesco Albergotti di Arezzo. Cav of the Order of San Stefano. Contessa Maria Isabella Gualtieri., (1674-., married 1698 to Stefano Cesare Marchetti, Cav of the Order of San Stefano. Contessa Maria Agnese Gualtieri., married 1704 to Conte Girolamo Dandini di Cesena. Cardinal Conte Carlo Gualtieri, (1614-73), dunm.

1.1.2. Onorata Gualtieri, married to Mro Gio Tomaso de Mari, with issue. Diana de Mari, married 1619 Valletta to Mco Marco Antonio Bernard of France, with issue. Onorato Bernardi, married 1654 Valletta to Francesca Stivala, with issue. Michele Angelo Bernardi, married 1689 Valletta to Grazia Ricard. Antonio Bernardi, married 1699 Valletta to Isabella Tholassanti, with issue. Baldassare Bernardi, married 1737 Vittoriosa to Aloisia Elizabetta Farrugia, with issue. Caterina Bernardi, married 1748 Valletta to Antonio Paien. Sinforsa Bernardi, married 1673 Valletta to Conte Mco Giovanni di Cristoforo. Giovanni Bernardi, married 1646 to Costanza Bella, with issue. Pietro Francesco Bernardi, married 1664 Valletta to Speranza Stivala, with issue. Flora Bernardi, married 1696 Valletta to Michele Mifsud, with issue. Beatrice Mifsud, married 1721 Valletta to Antonio Ganado Lederma of Cansalapietra, Italy. Geronima Bernardi, married 1693 Valletta to Georgio Pantalum. Clara Bernardi, married 1692 Valletta to Giovanni Pace. Leonora Bernardi, married 1709 Valletta to Giuseppe Alos of Tortosa, Spain, with issue. Margherita Alos, married 1740 Valletta to Conte Claudio di Cristoforo.

1.2. Petruzza Gualtieri, married to Francesco Mego of Rhodes Island, (Arrived with the Knights to Malta c. 1530), Auditor and Vice Chancellor of the Order of St John of Malta, (Died 1572) “1st” Baron di Castel Cicciano of Naples”, created Barone / Signore di Qlejja 1569 in Malta.

1.3. Maria Faustina Gualtieri, married 1543 Vittoriosa to Giovanni de Speteri.


1.     The title of Earldom of Dundee in Scotland was created at Rome on 1705 by the Exiled Prince James (111) of Great Britain; his father was King James 11 of Great Britain.

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4.    Jacobite Peerage;.