Sultanate of Granada.

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1. General Muhammad, married to Princess N. of Granada, with issue.

1.1. Yusuf bin Muhammad, married to Princess Pina bin Ali of Tunis, with issue.

1.1.1. Muhammad ibn Yusaf, (1195 Arjona -1273), 1st Sultan of Arjona then later Granada (r. 1232-1273), married to Princess N. of Segura, with issue. Muhammad II, (1235-1302), 2nd Sultan of Granada (r. 1273-1302), married to Princess N. of Menorca, with issue. Muhammad III, (1257-1309), 3rd Sultan of Granada, (r. 1302-1309). Prince Nasr of Granada, (1287-1322), 4th Sultan of Granada, (r. 1309-1314). Princess Fatima of Granada, married to Prince Abu Sa’id Faraj of Granada, (see below). Prince Yusuf of Granada.

1.1.2. Ismail ibn Yusaf, married with issue. Prince Abu Sa’id Faraj of Granada, married to Princess Fatima of Granada (see above), with issue. Prince Ismail of Granada, (1279-1325), 5th Sultan of Granada (r. 1314-1325), married with issue. Muhammad IV, (1315-1333), 6th Sultan of Granada (r. 1325-1333), dunm. Prince Ismail of Granada. Prince Faraj of Granada. Prince Yusef I of Granada, (1318-1358), 7th Sultan of Granada (r. 1333-1354), married (1) to Butayna former slave, married (2) Maryem former slave, with issue. (First marriage) Muhammad V, (1338-1391), 8th Sultan of Granada (r. 1354-1359, 1362-1391), married with issue. Yusuf II, (d. 1392),11th Sultan of Granada (r. 1391-1392), married to Princess of Marinid Sultan, with issue. Muhammad VII, (1370-1408), 12th Sultan of Granada (r. 1392-1408). Prince Yusuf III of Granada, (1374-1417), 13th Sultan of Granada (r. 1408-1417), married with issue. Muhammad VIII, (1411-1431), 14th Sultan of Granada (r. 1417-1419, 1427-1429). Prince Othman of Granada, married with issue. Muhammad X, (1415-1454), 17th Sultan of Granada, (r. 1445, 1446-1447). Princess Hansa of Granada, married 1420 to Prince Muhammad bin Buluggin Karuan. Prince Ali of Granada, married with issue. Prince Sa’id of Granada, 18th Sultan of Granada, (r. 1455-1462, 1462-1464), married to Princess Aixa of Granada (see below), with issue. Ali, (d. 1485), 19th Sultan of Granada (r. 1464-1482, 1483-1485), married to Isabela de Solis, with issue. Muhammad XII, (1444-1494), 20th Sultan of Granada (r. 1482-1483, 1487-1492), married to Morayma de Xagra, with issue. Prince Ahmed of Granada, Crown Prince of Granada. Princess Aixa of Granada, later a Nun as Sor Isabel de Granada. Prince Yusef of Granada. Prince Muhammad XIII of Granada (1444-1494 Tlemcen), 21st Sultan of Granada, (r. 1485-1486). Prince Yusuf of Granada, (Fled from Granada to Malta and became a Christian), his new name became Francesco upon Baptism and surname of de Tanti), with issue.  Princess Chiusa of Granada, married to Nobile Manfredo Xiberras. Princess Richilde of Granada, married to Nobile Paolo Muhtara. Princess Zina of Granada, married to Nobile Antonio Xiberras. Princess Abdulla of Granada, married to Nobile Bernardo Muhtara. Prince Nasr of Granada, married with issue. Prince Muhammad IX of Granada, (1396-1454), 15th Sultan of Granada (r. 1419-1427, 1430-1431, 1432-1445, 1448-1453), married with issue. Princess Aixa of Granada, married (1) to Muhammad XI, Sultan of Granada, (See above), married (2) to Sa’id, Sultan of Granada (See above).. Prince Muhammad of Granada. Prince Sa’id of Granada. Princess Aisha of Granada. (Second marriage) Prince Ismail II of Granada, (1338-1360), 9th Sultan of Granada (r. 1359-1360). Prince Quays of Granada, (murdered in Alhambra 1360). Princess Fatima of Granada, married to Muhammad VI, Sultan of Granada. Princess Mu’mina of Granada. Princess Khadija of Granada. Princess Shams of Granada. Princess Zaynab of Granada. Prince Mohammad of Granada, married with issue. Prince Isamail of Granada, married with issue. Prince Muhammad VI of Granada, (1332-1362), 10th Sultan of Granada (r. 1360-1362), married to Princess Fatima of Granada (see above), with issue. Prince N of Granada, married with issue. Prince Yusuf IV of Granada, (d. 1432), Sultan of Granada (r. 1432-), married with issue. Prince Aben Celim of Granada, married with issue. Prince Cidi Hiaya Alnayar later Pedro de Granada, married to Cetimerien Venegas, with issue. (Senors of CampotejarMarquess of Casablanca and Signors de la Majorat de la Torre and Marquess de Torre Alta). Princess Caterina of Granada, married to Nobile Bartolomeo Maniuni. Princess Agnese of Granada, married to Nobile Michele Muhtara. Princess Fatima of Granada, married to Nobile Juliana Muhtara. Princess Muna of Granada, married to Nobile Benedetto Muhtara.

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