Naxos Island

Sanudo family

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1. Marco Sanudo of Venice, married to N. Dandolo, with issue.
1.1. Marco Sanudo, (d. 1227), Duke of Naxos Islands 1207-27., married 1213 to Princess N Lascaris of the Byzantine Empire, with issue.
1.1.1. Angelo Sanudo, (d.1262), Duke of Naxos 1227-62., married to N de Saint-Menehould, with issue. Marco Sanudo, (d. 1303), Duke of Naxos 1262-1303, married to N. Barozzi de la Roche, with issue. Guglielmo Sanudo, (d. 1323), Duke of Naxos 1303- 23., married to N, with issue. Niccolo Sanudo, (d. 1341), Duke of Naxos 1323-41, married 1330 to Jeanne de Brienne, with issue. Giovanni Sanudo (d. 1362), Duke of Naxos 1341-62, married (1) Maria N, with issue. Fiorenza Sanudo, (d. 1371), Duchess of Naxos 1362-71), married (1) Giovanni dalle Carceri, Lord of Eubea, married (2) Niccolo Sanudo, with issue. (First Marriage) Niccolo delle Carceri, (d. 1383), Duke of Naxos 1371-83. (Second Marriage) Maria Sanudo, (d. 1426), married to Gasparo di Sommaripa, 1376 Councillor to Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, 1401 received the fiefdom of Campoalto, died 1402, with issue. Crusino I Sommaripa, 1402 Signore di Paros (r 1414-20 and 1425), Signore di Antiparos (r 1437-39), Signore di Negrepont, (r 1431-62), Signore di Andros (r 1440-62), died 1462, married with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, (died 1486), with issue. Domenico Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Gioffredo Sommaripa. Niccolo I Sommaripa, Signore di Negropont (1462-70), Paros (1462-1502), (died 1505), married (1) 1455 to N. de Segondo, married (2) 1502 to N Zentani, with issue. Crusino II Sommaripa, Signore di Paros (1505, 1510), died 1518, married to Maria Venier, dsp. Fiorenza Sommaripa, married 1479 to Giovanni Francesco Venier, Co-Signore di Cerigo, with issue. Cecilia Venier, (died 1543), married 1531 to Bernardo Segrede, Seignor di Paros. Niccolo II Venier, (died 1531), Signore di Paros, (1520-31), married 1507 to N Zentani, dsp. Caterina Sommaripa, married to N. Mosto. Lemantina Sommaripa. Maria Sommaripa, (died 1446), Signorina d'Antiparos (1439), married 1439 to Giovanni Loredano, with issue. Lucrezia Loredano, (died 1528), Signorina d'Antiparos (1446-1528), married 1473 to Francesco Crispo, Signore di Nio et de Therasia, married (2) to Paolo Paterno, Signore di Chios. Domenico Sommaripa, (died 1466), Signore di Andros (1462-66), married to Adriana Crispo dei Duchi di Naxos, with issue. Giovanni Sommaripa, (died 1468), Signore di Andros (1466-68), dunm. Crusino II Sommaripa, (died 1500), Signore di Andros (1468-88), with issue. Niccolo Sommaripa, (died 1506), Signore di Andros, (1500-05), dunm. (Bastard) Alberto Sommaripa, (died 1523), Signore di Andros (1514-23), with issue. Cruisino III Sommaripa, (died 1540), Signore di Andros (1523-38), married 1530 to Caterina Zeno, with issue. Giovanni Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1566), Signore di Andros (1540-66), married to Taddea Crispo dei Duchi di Naxos, with issue. Cruisino IV Sommaripa, (died 1638), titular Signore di Andros, (1576). Nicoletto Sommaripa, (died 1617), married to Cruisina Ballio, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, dunm. Francesco III Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1638-42), married (1) Marietta Coronello, married (2) to Margherita Loredano, married (3)1632 Valletta to Leonora Maldonato, with issue. (First Marriage) Michele Cruisino V Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1637-87), married 1647 to Adriana Coronello, with issue. Francesco III Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1687-1747), married with issue. Crusino VI Sommaripa, (1703-52), titular Signore di Andros, with issue. Francesco IV Sommaripa, .titular Signore di Andros (died 1746), married with issue. Crusino VII Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1716-68), married Elena Sforza Castri, with issue. Francesco V Sommaripa, titular Signore di Andros (1768-1839), Consul of Holland, married 1794 to Nicoletta Maria La Rocca, with issue. Crusino VIII Sommaripa,  titular Signore di Andros, married to Irene Maria Basegio, with issue. Antonio Sommaripa, d.inf. Jacopo Sommaripa, (died 1838), d.inf. Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1857), dunm. Sofia Sommaripa, married 1863 to Epaminondsas Mavrogeny. Giovanna Sommaripa, married 1832 to Stefano Sommaripa. Elena Sommaripa, married to Giovanni Sommaripa. Giovanna Paola Sommaripa, (1806-07), d.inf. Giuseppe Maria Napoleon Sommaripa, Abbot, dunm. Filippo Luigi Sommaripa, (1808-), married 1836 to Margherita Sommaripa, with issue. Maria Sommaripa, (1840-. Genoveva Elisabetta Sommaripa, (1838-56), dunm. Giovanna Battistina Sommaripa, (1843-. Pietro Antonio Sommaripa,. (1813-), dunm. Caterina Sommaripa, married to Stefano Barozzi. Elena Sommaripa, married to Francesco Barozzi. Andrianeta Sommaripa, married 1721 to Stavrianaki Miccalizzi. Giambattista Sommaripa, with issue. Tommaso Sommaripa, (1755-1816), with issue. Giambatista Sommaripa, (1783-1856), dunm. Giambattista Sommaripa, (1711-49), dunm. N. Sommaripa, married to Jacopo Konoulas. Antonia Sommaripa, married to Amadeo Preziosi. Antonio Sommaripa, (1671-1711), Consul for France in Rhodes Is, married with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, (1714-44)., married to N. Sforza Castri, with issue. Elena Sommaripa. Crusino Sommaripa, married 1758 to Elisabetta de Vegara, with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1810), married 1776 to Maria Sommaripa, with issue. Stefano Sommaripa, married (1) 1824 to Bianca Dandoisa, married (2) 1832 to Giovanna Sommaripa, dsp. Cruisino Sommaripa, (died 1857), married 1806 to Genoveva Barozzi, with issue. Sommaripa, d.inf 1807. Francesco Sommaripa, (1807-27), dunm. Giorgio Antonio Sommaripa, (1809-10), d.inf Caterina Sommaripa, d.inf 1811. Giorgio Sommaripa, (1812-., , married 1846 to Giovanna Sommaripa, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1847-. Irene Orsola Sommaripa, (1849-. Genoveva Aloisea Maddalena Sommaripa, (died 1852), dunm. Giambattista Antonio Aluise Sommaripa, (1853-. Francesco Antonio Simone Sommaripa, (1856-. Antonio Aluise Domenico Vincenzo Sommaripa, (1859-. Michele Sommaripa, (1862-. Marietta Sommaripa, (1814-., married 1838 tp Lodovico Chargos. Margherita Sommaripa, (1818-. Aloisea Sommaripa, (1821-. Giambattista Sommaripa, (1824-., married 1846 to Geneveva Bonnet, with issue. Margherita Giuseppa Francesca Sommaripa, (1848-. Elena Maria Tommasina Sommaripa, (1852- Onorina Sommaripa, (1854-. Francesco Sommaripa, married Irene Barozzi, with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, d.inf 1805. Gasparo Sommaripa, d.inf 1805. Francesca Sommaripa, (1806-. Caterina Sommaripa, (1806-. Giovanna Poalina Sommaripa, (1811-. Agnese Rosa Antonia Sommaripa, (1815-. Gasparo Sommaripa, (1767-1858), married with issue. Antonio Sommaripa, married 1821 to Giomelaki Kotaki, with issue. Elisabetta Sommaripa, (1821-., married 1838 to Pietro Vicera. Francesco Giovanni Sommaripa, (1823-56), dunm. Marco Sommaripa, (1825-. Cruisino Sommaripa, married to Elisabetta Barozzi, with issue. Gaspare Sommaripa, married to N. Basegio, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, married 1850 to Antonia Basegio, with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, d.inf 1851. Giovanni Sommaripa, married 1860 to Marulla Evripeo, with issue. Steliano Sommaripa (1861-. Lucrezia Sommaripa, (1626-). (Second Marriage) Caterina Sommaripa, (1638-), married 1643 to Filippo Grimaldi. Pellegrina Sommaripa, (1630-). Violanta Sommaripa, married 1657 to Jacopo Barozzi. Filippo Sommaripa, Signore di Micra Argia (1670 -1714)., with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, (1677-1747), married 1735 to Nicoletta de Giurga, with issue. Filippoto Sommaripa, (1751-68), dunm. Pantaleo Sommaripa, (1723-), married to Argentina Barozzi, with issue. Filippo Sommaripa, (1744-88), married to Nicoleta Covea, with issue. Jacopo Sommaripa, (1748-), d.inf Genoveva Sommaripa, married 1769 to Giambattista Rocca. Francesco Sommaripa, (died 1813), married 1768 tp Violanta Grimaldi., dsp. Crimenza Sommaripa, (1723-43), d.inf Giovanni Sommaripa, (1744-., Canon. Cruisino Sommaripa, (died 1805), married 1763 to Margherita Sommaripa, with issue. Pantaleo Sommaripa, (died 1822), married to Angela Caterina Bello, with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1798-1861), married 1816 to Baroness Irene de Lastic, with issue. Orsola Sommaripa, (1832-. Angelica Sommaripa, married 1849 to Giovanni La Rocco. Maria Sommaripa, married 1856 to Marco Calichiopoulo. Pantaleo Michele Vincenzo Sommaripa, (1834-, married 1856 to Maria Calichiopoulo, with issue. Elena Sommaripa, (1856-. Irene Filomena Anna Sommaripa, (1859-. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1861-. Gasparo Sommaripa, (1837-. Michele Antonio Sommaripa, (1841-. Nicoletta Sommaripa, (1839-42), d.inf Giovanna Sommaripa, married 1846 to Giorgio Sommaripa. Nicolo Sommaripa, (1807-08), d.inf Carlo Sommaripa, d.inf 1810. Stiliana Caterina Sommaripa, d.inf 1818. Michele Sommaripa, (1797-1847), dunm. (Third Marriage) Dorotea Sommaripa, married 1654 Valletta to Cesare Antonio Santa Mauro. Giorgio Sommaripa (1628-60)., married 1628 to Maria Cocco. Marietta Sommaripa, (1629-), married to Zabati Coronello. Adriana Sommaripa, dunm. Marco Sommaripa, (1594-1638), married (1) to N., married (2) Pelagia Giustiniani, with issue. Maria Sommaripa, (1623-), d.inf Isabetta Sommaripa, (1619-), dunm. Taddea Sommaripa, (1621-), married 1631 to Marcoantonio Giglio. Francesco Sommaripa, (1621-52), married (1) to Caterina Basera, married (2) to Elizabetta Sommaripa (Cousin), with issue. (First marriage) Jacopo Sommaripa, (1631-), dunm. Maria Sommaripa, (1629-), married 1652 to Giambattista Barozzi. Agnese Sommaripa, (1633-), married 1655 to Michele Paracleto. Maria Sommaripa, (1627-. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1594-1633), married with issue. Marco Sommaripa, (1632-92), married with issue. Cruisino Sommaripa, (1714-55), married to Anna Lercari... Nicoleto Sommaripa, (1668-1746), Canon. Matteo Sommaripa, Signore di Fanari 1670., with issue. Elizabetta Sommaripa, (1625-56), married 1652 to Giambattista Calbo. Angelo Sommaripa, married 1662 to Orsola Sanudo, with issue. Marietta Sommaripa, (1674-1747), dunm. Violanta Sommaripa, married 1712 to Carlo de Raymond de Modene. Matteo Sommaripa, married to Caterina Spanopoule, with issue. Angela Sommaripa, (1688-1748), dunm. Antoinette Sommaripa, married to Cruisino de Raymond de Modene. Costantina Sommaripa, (1672-1748), dunm. Francesco Sommaripa, (1664-1744), married to Francesca Maria Osaire, with issue. Matteo Sommaripa, married to Fiorenza N, with issue. Matteo Sommaripa, (died 1834), dunm. Luigi Sommaripa, d.inf Niccolo Sommaripa, d.inf. Andrea Sommaripa, d.inf. Cecilia Sommaripa, married to Jacopo IV Crispo, Duke of Naxos. Girolamo Sommaripa, (1580-1638), with issue. Antonina Sommaripa, married 1633 to Francesco Sanudo. Caterina Sommaripa, married 1641 to Jacopo Barozzi. Crusachi Sommaripa, (1619-43), married to Isabella Loredano, with issue. Antonio Sommaripa, dunm. Francesco Sommaripa. Girolamo Sommaripa, (1632-46), married 1632 to Bona Crispo, dsp. Chiara Sommaripa, married 1660 to Francesco Michieli. Lodovico Sommaripa, dunm. Cornelia Sommaripa, married to Constantino Raguseo, with issue. Giorgio Raguseo, (migrated to Malta with parents), married 1592 Vittoriosa to Grazia Psaila, with issue. Anna Raguseo, married 1604 Vittoriosa to Straniano de Dimitrio, with issue. Constantino de Dimitrio, married 1631 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Zerafa, with issue. Filippo Dimitri, married (1) 1671 Vittoriosa to Teresa Azzopardi, married (2) 1691 Vittoriosa to Caterina Grech, with issue. (First Marriage) Giorgio Dimitri, married 1720 Valletta to Caterina Xiberras (d/o Pietro Paolo and Graziulla), with issue. Generosa Dimitri, married 1751 Valletta to Giovanni Trapani., with issue. Citadino. Giuseppe Trapani, married (1) 1798 Porto Salvo Valletta to Giuditta Ciani (daughter of Nicolao (s/o Giovanni Ciani and Maria Domenica of Florence Italy) and Marianna Salviati (d/o Giuseppe and Maria Anna)), married (2) 1810 Vittoriosa to Vincenza Busuttil, with issue. (First Marriage) Dr Carmelo Trapani LLD, married 1841 Siggiewi Malta to Vincenza Camilleri, with issue. Dr Salvatore Trapani LLD, (1845- 1905) married 1882 Floriana Malta to Emilia Galea Feriol, Baroness of San Marciano., with issue. Nobile Nicholas Trapani Galea Feriol, (1884-1963), 9th Baron of San Marciano, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, Married 1924 to Dona Maria de Piro D'Amico Inguanez dei Baroni di Budaq, with issue. Nobile Igino Nicholas Galea Feriol,1942-, 10th Baron of San Marciano, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, Married 1970 to Contessa Sylvia Josefa Gasan, with issue. Contessa Bettina Trapani Galea Feriol, (1972- , Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married to Malcolm Azzopardi, with issue. Conte Ben Azzopardi, (2002-., Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Conte Max Azzopardi., (2005-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Conte Michael Trapani Galea Feriol, (1973-, Baroncino di San Marciano, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 2001 to Ruth Zammit-Tabona, with issue. Conte Tom Trapani Galea Feriol, (2003-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Contessa Emma Trapani Galea Feriol, (2005-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Contessa Greta Maria Trapani Galea Feriol, (1976- , Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 2003 to Marchese Paul Apap Bologna dei Marchesi di Gnien is-Sultan. Conte Paul Alexander Trapani Galea Feriol, (1980-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Conte Dr Nicholas Trapani Galea Feriol LLD, LLM, (1982-., Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 2010 at Mdina Cathedral to Pippa Coney, with issue. Conte Beppe Trapani Galea Feriol, (2016-., Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Emily Trapani Galea Feriol, (1926-2007), Hereditary Noble of Hungary, dunm. Nobile Geraldine Trapani Galea Feriol, (1928-88), Hereditary Noble of Hungary, dunm. Nobile Natalie Trapani Galea Feriol, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, (1929- 2010), married 1959 to Antoine Bianchi, with issue. Nicholas Bianchi, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1986 to Marchesa Marie Testaferrata Bonici, with issue. Andre Bianchi, (1962-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Anne Marie Bianchi, (1967-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 2006 to Dr Anton Tabone LLD. Nobile Dorothy Trapani Galea Feriol, (1932-., Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Marlene Trapani Galea Feriol, (1936-., Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1964 to Edgar Huber, with issue. Colin Huber, (1965, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married (1) to Zareena Subani, married (2) 2005 to Frances Dewar, with issue. (First Marriage) Joseph Alexander Huber, (1997-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. (Second Marriage)  Mia Huber, (2006-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Christopher Huber, (1966-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 2005 to Alice Bremner-Smith, with issue. Holly Rebecca Huber, (2006-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. John Huber, (1971-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married to Cornelia van der Poll. Nobile Carmela Trapani, (1883-), Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Giuseppina Trapani, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Nobile Teresina Trapani, (1889-), Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Giuditta Trapani, married to Odelone Caruana. Giuseppe Trapani, married to Luisa Vella. Rev Nicola Trapani D.D. Marietta Trapani. Camilla Trapani. Colombia Trapani, married 1817 Vittoriosa to Pasquale Caputo. Giovanna Trapani, married 1823 Valletta to Giuseppe Biancardi., with issue. Generosa Trapani, married 1832 Valletta to Antonio Trapani (See below), with issue. Giuditta Trapani. Carolina Trapani. Paolo Trapani, married to Marie Xerri de Caro, with issue. Annetta Trapani (1870-1907), married 1890 to Judge Dr Giuseppe Cremona LLD., with issue. Alfonso Trapani, married to Gigia Vella, with issue. Victor Trapani, married to Melita Frendo Azzopardi., with issue. Lina Trapani. Giovanni Trapani, married to Amalia Vizzari. Giuseppe Trapani. Paola Trapani, married to Giuseppe Palma, with issue. Michel'Angelo Palma. Giuditta Palma. Annetta Palma., married (1) NN, married (2) to Giuseppe Montanaro. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Montanaro. Ottavia Montanaro. Veneranda Trapani, married 1816 Vittoriosa to Francesco Mizzi (Second Marriage) Giovanni Trapani, married 1840 Vittoriosa to Annuniciata Cassar, with issue. Caterina Trapani, married 1879 Vittoriosa to Spiridone Baron. Rocco Trapani, married (1) 1859 Vittoriosa to Benedicata Carabolis, married (2) 1867 Vittoriosa to Maria Carabolis. Marianna Trapani, married 1841 to John Watterdon. Vincenza Trapani, married (1) 1828 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Pellegrini, married (2) 1857 Vittoriosa to Paulo Xuereb. Bartolomeo Trapani, married 1801 Valletta to Maria Pizzuto, with issue. Giovanni Trapani, married 1821 Zeitun to Giovanna Zammit. Gio Batta Trapani, married 1788 Valletta to M'Anna Delatra, with issue. Gaetano Trapani, married 1812 Valletta to Giovanna Cremona., with issue. Giacomo Trapani, married 1854 Valletta to Elizabetta Sammut. Cav. Dr Giovanni Battista Trapani CMG 1874., married 1840 Valletta to Carmela Virtu, with issue. Lt. Col Alfredo Trapani DSO., (1859-., married (1) 1886 Valletta to Elena Denaro, married (2) 1896 Valletta to Mary Mifsud, (daughter of Prof. Antonio Mifsud MD). Concetta Annetta Trapani, married 1858 Valletta to Paolo Borg, with issue. Michele Angelo (Mikelang) Borg, (1869-1939), Playwright, Senator of the Maltese Government, married to Virginia Mallia, with issue. Mary Borg Mallia, married to Giusto Vella Zarb. Josephine Borg Mallia. Dr Paul Borg Mallia. Carmelina Borg Mallia, married to Robert Fleri Soler. Adelina Borg Mallia, married to George Camilleri. Lieut Emanuele Borg Mallia. Colonel Luigi Borg Mallia, married to Molly Parnis England. Anthony Borg Mallia, dunm. Dr Raffaele Borg. Carmela Trapani, married 1819 Valletta to Giuseppe Grech. Colombia Trapani, married 1817 Vittoriosa to Pasquale Caputo. Veneranda Trapani, married 1816 Vittoriosa to Francesco Mizzi. Teresa Trapani, married (1) 1782 Valletta to Paolo Torteo, married (2) 1788 Valletta to Mro Emanuele Nani. Ursula Trapani, married 1795 Valletta to Giovanni Frendo Benet. Paolo Trapani, married 1791 Birkirkara to Margherita Borg, with issue. Antonio Trapani, married 1832 Valletta to Generosa Trapani. Giovanna Trapani, married 1809 Valletta to Giuseppe Onofrio. Cornelia di Dimitrio, married 1638 Senglea to Nobile Enrico di Nardo of Ragusa, Sicily, Medico, with issue. Leonardo di Nardo, married 1655 Senglea to Vincenza Anna Dudley, with issue. Augusta Anna di Nardo, married 1665 Senglea to Bartolomeo Dudley. Adriana Sommaripa, married to Luigi Bembo. Januli Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Taddea Sommaripa, married to Januli V Gozzadini, Signore di Siphnos. Francesco I Sommaripa, (died 1520), Signore di Andros (1505-07), with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa, married with issue. Domenico Sommaripa. Giovanni Sommaripa, (1511-21), dunm. Jacopo Sommaripa, married with issue. N. Sommaripa, married 1521 to Marcantonio Venier. Polymses Sommaripa, (1514-31), married with issue. Gasparo Sommaripa. Jacopo Sommaripa, married with issue. Nicolo Sommaripa. Cruisino Sommaripa. Bonafico Sommaripa. Marco Sommaripa. Giovan Polymeno Sommaripa. Nicolo Sommaripa, married with issue. Magnifico Giovan Polymeno Sommaripa, married 1563 Birkirkara Malta to Margherita Mallia, with issue. Francescaschi Sommaripa, married to Marula de Sangri. Magnifico Jacopo Sommaripa, (1619-48), married to Violante Gigli, with issue. Canciano Sommaripa. Giovanni Sommaripa. Canciana Sommaripa, married 1652 to Giovanni La Rocca. Domenico Sommaripa. Adriana Sommaripa. Livio Sommaripa, (died 1681), Priest, dunm. Teresio Sommaripa. Florenza Sommaripa. Caterina Sommaripa, married 1658 to Demetrio Cocce. Caterina Sommaripa. Adriana Sommaripa, amrried to Michele Micalizzi. Cruisino Sommaripa., mrried to Maria Candida, with issue. Crusino Sommaripa, (1643-71), married to Anna Galante. Marcantonio Sommaripa, (1619-), married 1642 to Niceletta Galeata, with issue. Francesco Sommaripa, married to Margherita Sommaripa (Cousin), with issue. Gregorio Sommaripa, married to Margherita Grimaldi, with issue. Nicolo Sommaripa. Adriana Maddalena Sommaripa, married 1594 Valletta to Andrea Luciano Chini. Jacopo Sommaripa. Taddea Sommaripa, married to Niccolo Antonio Crispo de Syra. Chiara Sommaripa, (dunm 1475). Fiorenzo Sommaripa, Signora di Antiparos (1414-37), married to Jacopo I Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (see on this page). Galeazzo Sommaripa, with issue. Jacopo Sommaripa (in Negropont), with issue. N. Sommaripa, married 1466 to Francesco Marco Cornaro. N. Sommaripa, married 1464 to Pietro Barbarigo. Alessandro Sommaripa, married with issue. N. Sommaripa, married 1469 to Giovanni Morosini. Nicolo Sommaripa, d.inf Tommasina Sommaripa, "Nun", dunm. Elisabetta Sanudo, (d. 1460), dunm. Marino Sanudo, Lord of Nio, Knight of St John., dunm. Marco Sanudo, Lord of Milos, married to N. Barozzi, with issue. Fiorenza Sanudo, (d. 1437), Lady of Milos, Duchess of Naxos 1383-1437., married to Francesco Crispo, Barone d'Artrogidis, Seigneur de Milos (c 1376), Francesco Crispo was nominated Duke and in 1383 a new dynasty was created, while the one of Sanudo was dying. The fact that Crispo had assassinated the legal ruler didn't prevent "christian" Europe from recognising him as a Duke. Venice, having as its principle the phrase "semo prima Veneziani e poi Christiani" (First we are Venetians and then Christians) recognising Crispo as a duke, regarding him as an active man, who could defend the dukedom against the Turks. Jacopo I Crispo, Duke of Naxo (r1397-1418), married Fiorenza Sommaripa, (see on this page), with issue. N.N Crispo, married 1419 to Andrea Dandolo. N.N. Crispo, married 1424 to Giovanni Micheli. Petronilla Crispo (1384-1427), married Pietro Zeno, Seigneur d'Andros Agnese Crispo, (1401-28), married Dragonouetto Clavelli de Rhodes, Seigneur de Nisyros Giovanni II Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (1419-37), married Francesca Morosini, with issue. Jacopo II Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (1437-47), married Ginevra Gattilusio dei Seigneurs Lesbos., with issue. Giovanni Jacopo Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (1447-53), dunm. Elisabetta Crispo, married Dorino II Gattilusio, Seigneur d'Aenos. Adriana Crispo, married Domenico Sommaripa, Seigneur d'Andros (died 1466). Caterina Crispo, (1448-54). dunm Guglielmo II Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (r1453-63), married Elisabetta Colonna dei Signor di Pesaro, with issue. Fiorenza Crispo, (1463-1528), married Luigi Barbaro (Natural issue) Jacobo Crispo, Bastard d'Crispo, Governor of the Duchy, (1494), died 1505., with issue. Antonio Crispo, Governor of the Duchy, (r1496-1505), with issue. Guglielmo Crispo, (died 1555), with issue. Antonio Crispo, Governor of the Duchy, (1544-54), died 1584., married N.N. Gavala, and dsp. Nicolo Crispo, Regent of the Duchy, (1447-50), married to Princess Valenza Comnenus of Trebisonde, with issue. Francesco II Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (1463), married (1) Gugliema Zeno, Married (2) Petronilla Bembo, with issue. (First Marriage) Jacopo III Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (r1463-80), married Caterina Gozzadini, with issue. Florenza Crispo, Dame de Santoria, Claimant to the Duchy of Naxos, married 1479 to Domenico I Pisani Petronilla Crispo, married 1485 to Nadale da Molin. Giovanni III Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (1480-94), married to N.N Morosini, with issue. Francesco III Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (r1500-18), married 1483 to Caterina Loredano, with issue. Caterina Crispo, married 1519 to Gian Luigi Pisani, Seigneur de Zia. Giovanni IV Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (1518-64), married to Adriana Gozzadini, with issue. Caterina Crispo, married 1534 to Nicolo III Gozzadini. Francesco IV Crispo, Duke of Naxos, (r1545-50), married Fiorenza Gozzadini, with issue. (Natural issue) Giovanni Mattia Crispo, 'Batard de Crispo', Heir to the Duchy, with issue. Nicolo III Crispo, 'Heir to the Duchy', married (1) Erina Liano, Married (2) Adriana Calbo, with issue. Giovanni Mattia Crispo, 'Claimant to the Duchy'., Married 1643 to Caterina Crispo, with issue. Francesco Crispo, 'Claimant to the Duchy', with issue. Germano Crispo, 'Claimant to the Duchy', married 1713 to Benedetta Giradi, with issue. Giovanni Crispo, 'Claimant to the Duchy', married Maria Giustiniasi, with issue. Jacopo Crispo, (1758-1823), 'Claimant to the Duchy', married to Tommasina ..., with issue. Marachi Crispo, (died 1813), 'Last Crispo Male Claimant", married 1796 to Candida Barozzi, with issue. Francesca Crispo, (died 1853), 'Heiress to the Duchy of Naxos', married Saverio Coronelle, with issue. (Note: This family claims the Duchy of Naxos Islands and its territories). Jacopo Coronello, Titular heir of Naxos., married in Athens. Antonio Marco Coronello, (in Athens). Giambattista Crispo, 'Canon', dunm. Germano Crispo, 'Canon', dunm. Francesco Crispo, 'Priest', dunm. Maria Crispo, married Sigala. Taddea Crispo, married 1749 to Jacopo Barozzi Biambattista Crispo, Arch-Bishop of Naxos, (1774-88)., dunm. Domenico Crispo, with issue. Giovanna Mattia Crispo. Andrea Crispo. Giovanni Crispo. Margherita Crispo, married 1652 to Giovanni Sirigo. Pietro Crispo. Francesco Crispo, Bishop of Santoria (r1687-98) Isabella Crispo. Marulla Crispo. Francesco Crispo, (1601-41), married 1639 to Maria Cordara, dsp. Fiorenza Crispo, married to Giovanni Sirigo. Taddea Crispo, married Gian Francesco Sommaripa, Seigneur d'Andros, (see above) Jacopo IV Crispo, Last Reigning Duke of Naxos, (1564-66), died 1576., married Cecilia Sommaripa, (see above), with issue. Giovanni Crispo, 'Claimant of Naxos Is', dunm. Caterina Crispo, married 1557 to Vettore Marin. Michele Crispo,'Claimant of Naxos Is', married 1557 to Cecilia Marin, with issue. (*1) Lorenza Crispo, . 'Mistress' to Francesco I Tocco, Principi di Achaia, with issue. Gio Cristosimo Crispo, (Moved to Malta ), married 1598 at Birgu, Malta to Petronilla dello Re, with issue. Dr. Gio Andrea Crispo JUD, married 1644 at San Paolo, Valletta, Malta to Speranza Revest, with issue. Dr. Michele Angelo Crispo JUD, married 1676 at San Paolo, Valletta, Malta to Diane Micallef, with issue. Dr. Gio Andrea Crispo JUD, married 1709 at San Domenico, Valletta, 1713 (Matro by Notary Ignazio Debono) to Teresa Verano, with issue. Dr Saverio Crispo JUD, married 1757 to Anna Casha, with issue. Aloisea Crispo, married 1785 to Gioacchino Barbaro, 2nd Marchese di San Giorgio. Mons Francesco Crispo, Priest, dunm. Elizabetta Crispo, married 1736 to Raimondo Carbott. Domenichella Crispo, married 1666 at Valletta to Vincenzo Magro., with issue. Salvatore de Crispo., married 1688 to Anna de Vella (illegitimate daughter of Melchiore Vella Cagliares) Francesca de Crispo, married 1710 Valletta to Gio Batta Auliua. Teresa Crispo, married 1660 at Valletta to Antonio Borg. Maddalena Crispo., married 1676 at Valletta to Mariano Sermanni. Giovanni Crispo, married 1616 at San Paolo, Valletta to Franca Chaber., with issue Antonia Grazia Caterina Crispo, married (1) 1642 at Rabat Gozo to Francesco Spiteri, "son of a Knight", with issue. Paolo Spiteri, maried 1667 Senglea to Filippa Sanonno, with issue. Gio Andrea Spiteri, married 1717 Zebbug to Domenica Mucat, with issue. Maria Spiteri, married 1742 Valletta to Raymondo Provenza, with issue. Giuseppe Provenza, married 1765 Valletta to Clara Galea, with issue. Salvatore Provenza, married 1799 Birkirkara to Maddalena Armenico. Rosa Spiteri, married 1702 Valletta to Giuseppe Saliba, with issue. Maria Saliba, married 1747 Valletta to Michele Borg. Anna Maria Saliba, married 1753 Cospicua to Matteo Passanis. Madalena Crispo., married (1) 1647 to Giovanni Casanova of France., married (2) 1676 Valletta to Mariano Sermanni, with issue. Clara Crispo., married 1645 to Jacques Boyen of France . Donna Petronilla dello Re-Crispo, married 1621 Palermo Sicily to Principe Oshin Carlo Sayd. Donna Giovanna dello Re Crispo, married 1622 Palermo, Sicily to Principe Demetrios Paleologo Taddea Crispo, married Federico Cuzkeri, Barone di Frigenuini.. (illegitimate from Maria Crispo, Signorina di Syra) Niccolo Antonio Crispo de Syra, (c. 1491), De Jure Signore di Syra, fled to Rhodes Is, married (c. 1520) (* 2) to Taddea Sommaripa, with issue. Giorgio Crispo de Syra (de Sira), de Jure Signore di Syra, (1540 -), Offical of the Order of St John in Malta 1550, married (1) (c. 1550) to Norella de Fantino, married (2) (c. 1585) to Leonora N, with issue. (First Marriage) Lucia Crispo de Sira, married 1592 to Niccolo Tabone. Caterina Crispo de Sira, married 1576 Messina to Principe Andrea Paleologo. Giovanni (Zanino) Crispo de Sira, de Jure Signore di Syra, married 1632 Senglea to Caterina Zanaro, with issue. Bartolomeo de Sira, de Jure Signore di Syra, married 1673 Senglea to Vincenza Fenech, with issue. Domenico de Sira, de Jure Signore di Syra, married 1719 Valletta to Polixema Cini, (issue in Sicily). Petronilla de Sira, married 1672 Senglea to Nobile Gio Antonio Messina. Filippa de Sira, married 1652 Senglea to Alessandro Zammit. Scipone Crispo de Sira. Maria Aloisetta Crispo de Sira, married 1604 Valletta to Prince Giovanni Herculano di Santa Seva. (Second Marriage) Niccolo Crispo de Sira, married 1613 Senglea to Margherita Borg, with issue. Giorgio Matteo Desira, married 1645 Birgu to Filippa Bonavia, with issue. Mario Desira, married 1687 Valletta to Paolina di Simiane, with issue. Angelina Desira, married 1722 Valletta to Nobile Antonio Casati, Patrican of Milan. Caterina Desira, married 1668 Tarxiem to Matteo d'Orlando, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Laura Desira, married 1675 Tarxiem to Lorenzo Azzopardi. Antonio Desira, married 1683 Senglea to Marcella Psinga, with issue. Tomaso Desira, married 1727 Senglea to Margarita Geltrude Rossetti, with issue. Giuseppe Desira, married 1756 Zejtun to Rosaria Francese, with issue. Salvatore Desira, married 1794 Zejtun to Caterina Cachia, with issue. Angelo Desira, married 1814 Zejtun to Paola Piscopo, with issue. Salvatore Desira, married 1849 Zejtun to Evangelista Ciangura, with issue. Angelo Desira, married 1864 Tarxien to Francesca Camilleri, with issue. Grazio Desira, married 1892 Zejtun to Michela Mifsud, with issue. Gio Maria Desira, married 1912 Zejtun to Carmela Scicluna, with issue. Giuseppe Desira, married 1933 Zejtun to Caterina Mifsud, with issue. Michele Desira, married 1958 Mosta to Rosa Dimech, with issue. Charles (Crispo)-Desira, baptized 1964 Mosta, Malta. Angelo Desira, married (1) 1791 Zejtun to Maria Bonnici, married (2) 1806 Zejtun to Maria Xiberras, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Desira, married (1) 1811 Zejtun to Orsola Vella, married (2) 1815 Zejtun to Generosa Spiteri. Margherita Desira, married 1811 Zejtun to Angelo Bonnici. Rosaria Desira, married 1823 Zejtun to Salvatore Bonnici. Maddalena Desira, married 1800 Senglea to Gabrielle Savona. Maria Desira, married (1) 1759 Zejtun to Lorenzo Parnis, married (2) 1762 Zejtun to Antonio Tabone, with issue. (First Marriage) Caterina Parnis, married 1778 Zejtun to Rosario Bonnici, with issue. Lorenzo Bonnici, married 1806 Zejtun to Giuseppa Caruana, with issue. Angelo Bonnici, married 1830 Zejtun to Grazia Farrugia. Francesca Bonnici, married 1831 Zejtun to Giovanni Zammit. Concetta Bonnici, married 1830 Zejtun to Giuseppe Vella. Maria Bonnici, married 1802 Zejtun to Giuseppe Grima. (Second Marriage) Lorenzo Tabone, married 1785 Zejtun to Evangelista Gauci, with issue. Fabio Tabone, married 1807 Zejtun to Maria de Brincat. Maria Tabone, married 1811 Zejtun to Giuseppe Marmara. Margherita Tabone, married 1814 Zejtun to Saverio Mizzi. Teresa Tabone, married 1820 Zejtun to Giuseppe Pace. Margherita Tabone, married 1785 Zejtun to Antonio Azzopardi, with issue. Celestrino Azzopardi, married 1829 Zejtun to Tommasina Tabone. Maria Azzopardi, married 1809 Zejtun to Michele Spiteri. Lazzaro Desira, married 1772 Zejtun to Maria Busuttil, with issue. Margherita Desira, married 1799 Zejtun to Salvatore Seichel. Angelo Desira, married 1761 Zejtun to Maria Montebello, with issue. Margherita Desira, married 1785 Zejtun to Giuseppe Ellul. Mario Desira, married 1780 Kirkop to Paola Pace, with issue. Francesca Desira, married 1814 Kirkop to Giovanni Seichel. Giuseppe Desira, amrried 1786 Ghaxaq to Angela Graziana Cruci, with issue. Maria Desira, married 1819 Kirkop to Salvatore Ellul. Gio Paolo Desira, married 1763 Tarxiem to Domenica Mercieca, with issue. Giuseppe Desira, married 1784 Valletta to Rosa Chercop, with issue. Anna Desira, married 1811 Valletta to Francesco Mifsud. Maria Desira, married 1814 Valletta to Giuseppe Bugeja. Felice Desira, married 1796 Zejtun to Veneranda Bugeja, with issue. Angelica Desira, married 1824 Zejtun to Matteo Bondi. Michele Desira, married 1799 Kirkop to Maddalena Saliba, with issue. Maria Anna Desira, married 1830 Zejtun to Antonio Vella. Pietro Desira, married (1) 1671 Tarxiem to Caterina Mallia, married (2) 1677 Tarxiem to Bernarda Taliana, with issue. Domenica Desira, married 1710 Valletta to Antonino Briffa, with issue. Salvatore Briffa, married 1741 Cospicua to Maria Fleri sives Fleti, with issue. Carlo Antonio Briffa, (d. 1837), married 1773 Senglea to Modesta Attard, with issue. Marianna Briffa, married 1802 Senglea to Francesco Giuseppe Busuttil, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1837 Senglea to Maria Fenech, with issue. Maria Dolores Busuttil, married 1879 Senglea to Francesco Farrugia, with issue. Esther Farrugia, married 1918 Senglea to Paolo Bartolo, with issue. Mary Bartolo, married 1947 Sliema to Herbert Mifsud. Valerio Desira, married 1685 Senglea to Margarita Burlo, with issue. Gregorio Desira, married 1713 Senglea to Margherita Attard, with issue. Valerio Desira, married 1741 Senglea to Elizabetta Adamo., with issue. Rosa Desira, married 1775 Senglea to Francesco Busietta. Caterina Desira, married 1776 Senglea to Francesco Farrugia. Maria Desira, married 1790 Senglea to Vincenzo Pappacoda. Anna Desira, married 1741 Senglea to Tomaso Farrugia. Teresa Desira, married 1733 Senglea to Michel Angelo Farrugia. Gio Batta Desira, married 1646 Senglea to Teresa Grech, with issue. Gio Nicola Desira, married 1690 Vittoriosa to Veronica Wizzini, with issue. Maddalena Desira, married 1716 Senglea to Pietro Poalo Troisi, with issue. Anna Troisi, married 1742 Valletta to Barone Ignazio Grasso of Catenia, Sicily, with issue. Nobile Francesco Grasso, married 1765 Valletta to Maria Geronima Rodi, with issue. Nobile Margherita Grasso, married 1781 Valletta to Nobile Matteo Cozza. Benedetta Desira, married 1709 Senglea to Saverio Gippone of Milan, Italy, with issue. Gio Batta Giappone., married 1772 to Vincenza Le Fevre., with issue. Gaetano Giappone., married 1807 to Magdar Testaferrata Viani., with issue. Anna Maria Giappone., married 1839 to Lorenzo Cafici, Barone di Calaforno e Tummarello Dr Gioacchino Giappone JUD., married Rosa Cafici dei Baroni di Calaforno e Tummarello.,with issue. Leopoldo Giappone, married (1) 1812 to Anna Maria dei Marchesi Mallia Tabone, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, ., married (2) 1853 to Michela dei Baroni Gauci. , with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Batta Giappone, (1814-), , Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married M'Anna Bonici Mompalao, with issue. Leopold Giappone, (1842-1919), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1870 to Stefania Preziosi, with issue. Leopold Giappone, (died 1928 Cairo Egypt), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married to Margarita de Bourbon (illegitimate daughter of HRH, Princess Elvira of Spain, d/o HRH Prince Carlos of Spain, Ducque de Madrid, and Philippe Folchi), with issue. Philippe Giappone, (1918 Cairo - 1961 Paris), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1936 to Caroline Stagno, with issue. Carlo Giappone, (1938-2000 Paris), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, Monk, dunm. Antonio Giappone, (1939-1991 Paris), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1958 to Violette Saint Bris, with issue. Philippe Giappone, (1959-2006 Paris), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1987 to Laetita Carignano, with issue. Leo Giappone, (1990 Paris -, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Angela Giappone, (1994 Paris -, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Carla Giappone, (1961-., 'Nun', Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Leonardo Giappone, (1963 Paris -, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1991 to Olivia de Chalaneix, with issue. Anton Giappone, (1993-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Stefanie Giappone, (1996-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Christine Giappone, (1999-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Anna Giappone, (1964-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1993 to Xavier Hevrton. Bianca Giappone, (1941-1969), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1960 to Louis Saint Bris. Niccola Giappone, (1942-73), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1962 to Maurice Flobert. Anna Giappone, (1944-73), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1063 to Benjamin Leclercq. Antoinette Giappone, (1920 Cairo - 1949), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1937 to Marchese Emmanuele Spinola (Great Grand son of Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy). Elvira Giappone, (1922 Cairo - 1953), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, 'Nun'. Vittoria Giappone, (1924 Cairo -1948), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1939 to Marchese Filippo Spinola (Great Grand son of Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy). Christiano Giappone, (1926 Cairo - 1973 Rome), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1945 to Vittoria Melzi, (Great Grand daughter of Vittorio Emanuele II, King of Italy)., with issue. Xaviero Giappone, (1945 -1991 Rome), 'Monk', Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Marie Giappone, (1947 - 2007), 'Nun', Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Rolando Giappone, (1949 Rome - 2008), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1970 Giorgiana Lacriox, with issue. Christian Giappone, (1972 -, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 2001 Paris to Alexandra de Lestrange, with issue. Rolande Giappone, (2003-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Elvira Giappone, (2005-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Thomas Giappone, (1975-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 2002 Paris to Fadila D'Salmone, with issue. Peter Giappone, (2004-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Angelo Giappone, (2006-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Anne Giappone, (2008-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Stacey Giappone, (1977-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 2000 to Paul Rousseau. Tatiana Giappone, (1951-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1973 to Giuilliame Lacroix. Leonardo Giappone, (1952-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1975 to Henrietta Stout, with issue. Charles Giappone, (1976-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 2006 to Marina Simon, with issue. Christian Giappone, (2007-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Daniele Giappone, (2009-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Chiara Giappone, (1978-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 2008 to Steven Guyet. Carlos Giappone, (1927-1950), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married but dsp. Yolanda Giappone, (1845-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1871 to Antonio Preziosi. Enrico Giappone, (1847-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1875 to Carolina Gravina Guttadiero. Luigi Giappone, (1852-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1880 to Antonio Gravina Guttadiero, with issue. Marianna Giappone, (1895 New York City -), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1920 to Giorgio Sceberras Trigona. Antonia Giappone, (1817-), "Nun", Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, dunm. Maria Antonia Giappone, (1819-)., "Nun", dunm. Adela Giappone, (1822-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married Pietro Sammut. (Second Marriage) Maddalena Giappone, (1854-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1870 to Raphael Mallia Tabone. Benedetta Giappone., married 1792 to Matteo Possielques. Antonio Giappone., married (1) 1815 to Rosanna Castagna., married (2) 1834 to Maria Schembri de Pisano de Testaferrata,., with issue. (First Marriage) Saverio Giappone, (1817-), married to Francesca Saveria Caruana Gatto., with issue. Rosanna Giappone, (1851-)., married 1874 to Carlo Mallia. Maria Anna Giappone, (1853-)., married 1873 to Vincenzo Mallia. Natale Giappone, (1856-)., married 1879 to Christina Cilia, with issue. (Monaco). Patrick Giappone, (1862-)., married 1885 to Marianna Cilia, with issue. (Nice France). Carlo Giappone, (1820-), married Maria Antonia Muscat, with issue. Antonio Giappone, (1847-)., married 1891 to Anna Alessi Fontani, with issue. (Florida USA). Giorgio Giappone, (1848-)., married 1894 to Vincenza Azopardi, with issue. (Naples Italy). Leonardo Giappone, (1851-)., married 1901 to Nicola Testaferrata, with issue. (Lyon France). Mattea Giappone, (1822-), "Nun", dunm. (Second Marriage) Alexia Giappone, (1836-), married to Marchese Constantine Testaferrata. Antonia Giappone, (1838-), married 1875 to Emmanuel Gauci. Caterina Giappone., married 1815 to Giuseppe Frangalanza. Barbara Giappone., married 1765 at Valletta to Gaetano Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Borg, married 1790 Valletta to Maria Madiona, with issue. Maria Giappone., married to Sebastiano Barra., with issue. Liberta Barra., married 1807 to Gio Costanzo Almano. Santa Giappone, married 1765 Cospicua to Antonio Pulis. Argentina Desira, married (1) to Aloysis Tabone, married (2) 1637 Senglea to Aloisio Audibert, with issue. (First marriage) Bernardina Tabone, married to Matteo Bonello. (Second marriage) Flora Audibert, married 1660 Senglea to Gregorio Guittari. Gio Paolo Desira, married 1677 Tarxiem to Alfonsa Tonna, with issue. Gio Maria Desira, married 1706 Zejtun to Maria Cassar, with issue. Caterina Desira, married 1720 Zejtun to Ugolino Busuttil, with issue. Giovanni Busuttil, married 1769 to Paola Caruana, with issue. Rosa Maria Busuttil, married 1805 to Francesco Sultana Leonardo Crispo de Sira, married 1613 Lija to Maria Seichel, with issue. Caterina de Sira, married 1647 Senglea to Giovanni Francesco Sicard of France, with issue. Elena Sicard, married 1671 Valletta to Guglielmo Arnaud, with issue. Fortunata Arnaud, married 1690 Valletta to Gio Battista Cousin, with issue. Anna Cousin, married 1710 Valletta to Gio Battista Gonzio, with issue. Pietro Paolo Gonzi., married (1) 1752 at Porto Salvo Valletta to Maddalena Mifsud-Metaxi-Petralita., married (2) 1755 to Anna Magri., with issue. (Second Marriage) Maria Teresa Gonzi., married 1800 to Gaetano Paolo Formosa. Gio Carlo Gonzi., married 1787 to Liberta Cauchi. , with issue. Pietro Paolo Gonzi, married 1808 Cospicua to Isidora Ellul, with issue. Liberta Gonzi, married 1836 Birgu to Lorenzo Buhagiar. Maria Carmela Gonzi, married 1826 Vittoriosa to Antonio Baldassare Castagna. Giuseppe Gonzi., married Caterina Rau., with issue. Marianna Gonzi., married 1807 to Antonio Sidoti of Sicily. Filippo Gonzi, married 1819 Valletta to Marianna Borg. Notary Giovanni Camillo Gonzi., married Mdina to 1750 to Geltrude Zammit (d/o Maruzzo and Anna Gristi), with issue. Michele Angelo Gonzi., married 1777 Valletta to Maria Farrugia.., with issue. Vincenzo Gonzi., married 1806 to Teresa Schembri, with issue. Maria Theresia Gonzi, married 1820 Birgu to Giovanni Orland. Antonio Gonzi, married 1804 Cospicua to Marianna Xuereb, with issue. Maria Carmela Gonzi, married 1826 Birgu to Antonio Battista Boffa. Salvatore Gonzi, married 1835 Birgu to Carmela Decelis, with issue. Michelina Gonzi, married 1865 Birgu to Francesco Ebejer. Margarita Gonzi, married 1867 Birgu to Gaudenico Zammit. Giuseppe Gonzi, (1840-1935), married (1) 1860 Birgu to Maria Xerri., married (2) 1882 Birgu to Margherita Tonna., with issue. (First Marriage), Zeza Gonzi, married NN Cauchi., with issue. Edwin Cauchi. Mary Cauchi. Giovanna Maria Gonzi, married to NN Spiteri., with issue. Saviour Spiteri. Emanuel Spiteri, married to Ines..., with issue. Margherita Spiteri. Pawlu Spiteri. Cetta Spiteri, married to NN Von Bergen. Michael Spiteri George Spiteri married to Cecila NN. Gerlaldu Spiteri married to Mary Pisani with issue. Lora Spiteri, married to Sammy Perciso, with issue. Joseph Perciso. Maria Perciso. NN. Perciso NN Perciso. Michael Spiteri, married NN. Pawlu Spiteri., married NN. Joseph Spiteri, married to Josephine Theuma, with issue. Dr Stephen Spiteri MD, married with issue. Jane Spiteri, married to NN. Carmen Spiteri, married to NN. Philomena Spiteri, married to Carmenu Fava, with issue. Tessie Fava, married to Joseph Mintoff, with issue. Loretta Mintoff, married to NN. Joseph Mintoff, married to NN. Carmen Mintoff, married to NN. Rita Mintoff. Maria Mintoff, married to NN Borg. Salvu Gonzi, married 1890 to Agostina Lavanzin, with issue. Carmela Gonzi, married to NN Spiteri, with issue. Dr. Joseph Spiteri Gonzi married to Elizabeth Thompson (1928 died 2/6/2004 ). Ernest Spiteri Gonzi, married to Marthese NN, with issue. Joseph Spiteri Gonzi, married to Audrianne NN, with issue. Edward Spiteri Gonzi, dunm. Sandra Spiteri Gonzi, married to Karl Diacono, with issue. Joanne Spiteri Gonzi. Peter Spiteri Gonzi. Michael Spiteri Gonzi. Anthony Spiteri Gonzi married Mariella nn with issue. Emmanuele Gonzi, married to NN. Bocca di Fuoco. Domenico Gonzi. Joseph Gonzi, married to Ursola NN. Carmenu Gonzi, married 1884 Birgu to Modesta Cachia, with issue. Agostino Gonzi, married to Martha Darmanin, with issue. Metusalem Gonzi, married to Luckie Musu, with issue. Lawrence Gonzi, married to Mary Degiorgio, with issue. Robert Gonzi, married to Catherine Zahra., with issue. David Gonzi, married to Rowna Formosa . Josette Gonzi, married to Charles Sceberras. Merkisedek "Sives Melchiorre", married to Mary Vella, with issue Martha Gonzi. Paul Gonzi. Lawrence Gonzi. Michael Gonzi. Josie Gonzi. Mary Gonzi. Caroline Gonzi. Janis Gonzi. Ruth Gonzi, (1925-2007), married to Joseph Baldacchino, with issue. Marian Baldacchino. Josephine Baldacchino. Isaila Gonzi. (Second Marriage)  Count, Sir Michael Gonzi, KBE, 1st Archbishop of Malta,(1884-1984), created a Papal Count, dunm. Maestro Lorenzo Gonzi, (1888-1934), married to Emilia Cauchi, with issue. Luigi "dei Conti" Gonzi (1921- 2010), married to Ines Galea, with issue. Dr. Lawrence Gonzi LLD, M.P, KBE, (1953- ), Prime Minister of Malta , (r. 2004-2013), married to Catherine Callus., with issue. Dr David Gonzi BA, LLD., married 2005 to Dr Melanie Miceli Demajo LLD., with issue. Thomas Gonzi, (2009-. Sophie Gonzi, (2010-. Nicholas Gonzi. Matthew Gonzi, (2015-. Mikela Gonzi., married 2006 to Notary Jojo Smith La Rosa. Dr Paul Gonzi BA, LLD, married 2011 to Dr Berta Pisani Bencini LLD, with issue. Giorgio Gonzi, (2016-. Paolo Gonzi, (2018-. Margeret Gonzi, 'Nun'. Dr. Michael Gonzi MP, MD, Married to Anne Pace, with issue. Gianluca Gonzi. Andrea Gonzi. Paulanne Gonzi, married to Marcel Dalli, with issue. Rebecca Dalli. Rachele Dalli. Mattias Dalli. Margaret Gonzi, dunm. Michael Gonzi, married to Lordes Mercieca, with issue. Silvana Gonzi. Maurice Gonzi, married to NN, with issue. James Gonzi. Joseph Gonzi, married to Rosemarie Grech, with issue. Michael Gonzi. Mariella Gonzi, d.inf. John Gonzi. Mariella Gonzi. Giorgio Gonzi., married to Gaetana Fiott., with issue. Nicolao Gonzi., married 1797 to Vincenza Xicluna. Giovanni Gonzi, married 1829 Valletta to Orsola Scifo. Paula Saveria Gonzi., married 1777 to Etienne Eynaud, with issue. Maria Eynaud., married 1811 Valletta to Carlazzo Micallef. Comdr delli Uspdali Civili, with issue. Stefano Micallef Eynaud., Consul for Mexico and member of Borsa in Malta., married 1850 to Teresa Micallef., with issue. Stefano Micallef Eynaud., Member of Gozo Legislative Assembly. (1851-1927)., married 1880 to Anna Floeck., with issue. Herbert Maximilian Micallef Eynaud., (1884-1918)., married 1917 to Teresina Tortell., with issue. Amy Micallef Eynaud., "Nun". Major Maurice Micallef Eynaud MBE., married 1947 to Lilian Debono., with issue. Mark Micallef Eynaud. Martin Micallef Eynaud., married Serena Debono., with issue. Caroline Micallef Eynaud. Lisa Micallef Eynaud. Alice Micallef Eynaud. Peter Micallef Eynaud. Paul Micallef Eynaud. Stefanie Micallef Eynaud. Marigold Micallef Eynaud, married 1961 Sliema to Vincent Bonnici, with issue. Martin Bonnici, married to Gail N. Nicholas Bonnici, married to Denise N. Peter Bonnici. Philippa Bonnici., married to Richard Mifsud. Helen Micallef Eynaud, married to Godwin John Lowell, with issue. Roslyn Lowell, married to Raymond Casolani. Susan Lowell, married to N. Rizzo. Christopher Lowell, married to Joanna N. Ian Lowell. Giuseppa Micallef-Eynaud., married 1831 Valletta to Giuseppe Francesco Naudi. Virginia Micallef-Eynaud, married 1837 Valletta to Saverio Spiteri. Antonio Micallef-Eynaud. Maria Concetta Micallef-Eynaud. Annetta Micallef-Eynaud. Giuseppe Micallef-Eynaud. Camilla Eynaud., married 1810 to Giuseppe Montanaro. Rosaria Eynaud., married 1808 to Giuseppe Pulis., Consul for the USA and later Denmark. Antonio Eynaud., married 1813 to Caterina Giammalva., with issue. Saverine Eynaud., married 1841 to Giuseppe Papagiorcopulo, with issue. Carmela Eynaud, married 1866 Valletta to Paolo Parlato of Sicily, with issue. Arturo Parlato, married to Nobile Violanta Sceberras Trigona, with issue. Enrico Parlato, married 1899 Naxxar to Nobile Maria Milanesi dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo, with issue. Helena Parlato, married to N. Conti. Carlo Parlato. Maria Eynaud., married 1838 to Aloiseo Eynuad, (see below). Luigi Eynaud. Francesco Eynaud. Pietro Paolo Eynaud, (died 1840)., married Anne.., with issue. Pietro Eynaud., dunm off the Coast of Liberia serving US. Navy Patamac. Sophia Susan Eynaud., (1818-95). Louisa Emilia Eynaud., (1829-. Matilda Frances Eynaud., (died 1893). Anna Georgina Eynaud., (1826-90)., married 1848 to Gabriel Johnston, with issue. William Queade Johnston, (1851 Malta -). Georgina Ann Johnston, (1853 Malta -). Louise Grace Amelia Johnston, (1865 Plymouth Devon UK -). Charles Eynaud Gabriel Johnston, (1863 -). Francis Lewis Johnston, (1864 -). Carlo Breed Eynaud., (died 1891), married 1864 to Isabella Staples of New York, USA., with issue. Maud Emily Eynaud., (1865-. Charlotte Eynaud., (1822-. Dorcas Smith Eynaud., (1830-. Francesco Edwardo Eynaud., married 1865 to Camilla Eynaud. Luigi Eynaud., married Maria ..., with issue. Camilla Eynaud., married 1865 to Francesco Edwardo Eynaud. Andrea Eynaud., married 1811 to Teresa Giammalva., with issue. Aloiseo Eynaud., married 1838 to Maria Eynaud, (see above). Stefano Eynaud., married (1) to NN Montanaro, married (2) 1840 to Filippa Portainer. Filippo Eynaud. Luigi Eynaud. Marianna Eynaud. Francesco Eynaud. Santoro Eynaud., married 1821 to Giuseppa Chircop, with issue. Santorio Eynaud, married 1873 Birkirkara to Crucifia Calleja. Riccardo Eynaud. Giorgiana Eynaud. Camilla Eynaud. Giueppe Eynaud, dunm. NN. Eynaud. Anna Maria Gonzi, married 1770 Senglea to Pasquale Borda. Maria Fortunata Gonzi, married 1771 Senglea to Salvatore Farrugia., with issue. Rosa Farrugia, married 1810 Senglea to Saverio Giacomo of Sorrento, Italy, with issue. Laura Giacomo, married 1833 Senglea to Pietro Paolo Decesare sives de Cesaris of Naples, Italy, with issue. Mastro Francesco Saverio Decesare, (1837 Senglea - 1905 Sliema). Regina Giacomo, married 1841 Cospicua to Giovanni Cachia. Carmela Giacomo. Antonio Gonzi of Cospicua, married 1787 Cospicua to Maria Magrin (d/o Andrea and Imperia), with issue. Camillo Gonzi, married 1814 Zeitun to Agata Pulis (d/o Giuseppe and Teresa Caruana)., with issue. Giuseppe Gonzi. Pietro Paolo Gonzi, married 1845 Birgu to Rosa Laguna, with issue. Guiseppe Gonzi, (1854-1926 Alexandria, Egypt married to Concetta Aquilina, (1852-1926), (Sister to Giovanna, who is married to Lorenzo Pisani), with issue. Katherine Gonzi, married to Paul Ebeyer, with issue. Anthony Ebeyer, married to Grazia Zucharo, with issue Edgar Ebeyer, married to Barbara Gaff., with issue. Michael Ebeyer. Susan Ebeyer. Geoffrey Ebeyer. Catherine Ebeyer, married to Phillip Randon, with issue. Stephen Randon. Thomas Randon. Joseph Ebeyer, married (1) to Mary NN, married (2) to Mary Farrugia, with issue. (1st Marriage) Edgar Ebeyer. William Ebeyer. (2nd Marriage) Catherine Ebeyer, married to Jim Plueckhahn, with issue. Kristern Plueckhahn. Aaron Plueckhahn. Joel Plueckhahn. Robbie Ebeyer, married to Mary Bonello, with issue. Rita Ebeyer, married to Darryl Reynolds, with issue. Jason Reynolds. Nicole Reynolds, married to NN Hollings, with issue. Wayne Hollings. Paul Ebeyer, married to Margaret Naughton, with issue. Clara Ebeyer. Felix Ebeyer, married Jeannie Lee, with issue. Brandt Ebeyer. Marco Ebeyer. Peter Ebeyer, married to Lauriane Harty., with issue. Anthony Ebeyer, married to Janine Granger. Joseph Ebeyer, married to Deborah Brown, with issue. Clint Ebeyer. Jade Ebeyer. Maria Ebeyer. Edith Gonzi, married to Polycarpio Visciglio Elizabeth Gonzi, married to Nobile Albert Sceberras Trigona dei Baroni di Castel Cicciano , with issue. Edward Gonzi, married to Guiseppina NN., with issue. George Gonzi, married to Phrynie Vescotto, with issue. Norman Gonzi, married to Marie Louise Busuttil. Clothilde Gonzi, married to Oscar Hendren, with issue. Joyce Hendren, married to Peter Patchett., with issue. Susan Patchett (d. 2007), married (1) to Derek Dransfield, married (2) to Robert Jeffcoate, with issue. (1st marriage) David Dransfield, married to Sarah Bryne, with issue. Connor Dransfield. Beth Dransfield. Rosie Elisabeth Dransfield. Mark Dransfield., married to Anne Hellowell. Mark Patchett, married to Julie Wilson, with issue. Benjamin Patchett. Lewis Patchett. Egizia Gonzi. Antonio Gonzi, (1855-., married Carmela de Giorgio, (lived at Port Said), with issue. Giovanni Gonzi, (1895-, married at Port Said to Maria Caruana., with issue. Carmelina Gonzi, d.inf. Anthony Gonzi, d.inf. Hilda Gonzi, married Aldo Petrini, with issue. Roberto Petrini Denise Petrini Geraldine Petrini Joanne Petrini Rose Gonzi, ( 1929- Port Said, married Emmanuel "Noel" Said, with issue. Mary Anne Said. Anthony Said. Yvonne Said. Michael Said. Jennifer Said Helen Said Lynette Said Julie Said Peter Said Ines Gonzi, married Michael Gilles., with issue. Joseph Gilles. John Gilles. Geoff Gilles. Michelle Gilles. Nelly Gonzi, married Vittorio Trovato., with issue. Roberto Trovato. Richard Trovato. Maria Trovato. Vanda Gonzi, married Francis Coure., with issue. Kathryn Coure. Gregory Coure. Therese Gonzi, married Raymond Boniface., with issue. Christopher Boniface. Kenneth Boniface. Ian Boniface. Giuseppina "Peppa" Gonzi, married Giovanni Bassi., with issue. Thomas Bassi. Vincenza Gonzi., married Angelo de Giorgio., with issue. Nicoletta de Giorgio, married James Inglis., with issue. Anne Inglis. James Inglis. Antonietta de Giorgio., "Carmelite Nun'. Giuseppe Maria Gonzi, married 1892 Birgu to Maria Carmela Schembri. Maria Carmela Gonzi, married 1896 Birgu to Giovanni Pule. Grazia Gonzi, married 1808 Cospicua to Antonio Garzolio. Gio Batta Gonzi., married 1788 Valletta to Costanza de Fournier, with issue. Maria Gonzi, married 1810 Birgu to Felice Lopez. Antonio Gonzi, married 1820 Birgu to Maria Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppe Gonzi, married 1821 Cospicua to Consolata Farrugia, with issue. Leonardo Gonzi, married 1854 Zabbar to Carmela Schembri, with issue. Maria Concetta Gonzi, married 1877 Zabbar to Rosaria Spiteri, with issue. Emmanuela Gonzi, married Zabbar to Felice Tabone, with issue. Giuseppe Tabone, married 1955 Zabbar to Rosaria Pompea Grech, with issue. Emanuela Tabone, married 1981 Floriana to Joseph Borg, with issue. Rosalind Borg. Kristyl Borg. Filippo Gonzi, married 1734 Valletta to Vittoria Ubaldi, with issue. Emmanuele Gonzi, married 1776 Valletta to Regina Galea. Pasquale Gonzi, married 1760 Birkirkara to Anna Cassar, with issue. Filippo Gonzi, married 1795 Valletta to Saveria Ricca. Francesco Cousin, married 1716 Valletta to Eugenia Rigord. Baldassare Cousin, married 1716 Valletta to Antonia Rigord, with issue. Sigismondo Cousin, married 1718 Valletta to Antonia Raimonda Rigord, with issue. Nicola Giovanni Cousin, married 1739 Valletta to Elena Rapinett , with issue. Antonio Cousin, married 1774 Valletta to Carmela Parnis. Barbara Cousin, married 1751 Valletta to Francesco Azzopardi. Antonio Ariandi Crispo de Sira, married 1579 Vittoriosa to Caterina de Alonso, with issue. Giovanni Crispo de Sira, married 1618 Senglea to Innocenza Messina. Florenza Crispo de Sira, married 1618 Senglea to Sig. Francois Thomas of France, with issue. Caterina Thomas, married 1662 Valletta to Giovanni di Lorenzo. Francesca Thomas, married 1655 Valletta to Philippe Mizzia of France. Pauline Thomas, married 1652 Valletta to Gio Battista Gay, with issue. Gioannella Gay, married 1675 Valletta to Giovanni Vanlao. Teresa Gay, married (1) 1683 Valletta to Gaetano Camenzuli, married (2) 1694 Valletta to Claudio Grut. (First Marriage) Anna Camenzuli, married 1717 Gharb Gozo to Michele Galea. Sig. Spirito Thomas, married 1653 Valletta to Aloisia Muglett. Stefano Thomas, married 1659 Senglea to Anna Fenech. Bartolomeo Crispo de Sira, married (1) 1596 Cospicua to Nobile Antonia Bartolo, married (2) 1596 Cospicua to Antonia Alunna di Don Giam Piero Sayd. (illegitimate) Agnese de Sira, married 1602 Cospicua to Francesco Micallef. Fiorenza Crispo, married to Marco II Crispo, Seigneur de Nio e de Therasia, (see below). Margarita Crispo, married (1) Marco Quirini, Married (2) Ambrogin Contarini. Caterina Crispo, married 1429 to Angelo II Gozzadini, Seigneur. Lucrezia Crispo, married Leone Malipiero. Petronilla Crispo, married 1437 to Jacobo Priuli. Maria Crispo, married Nicolo Balbi. Fiorenza Crispo, married Marco Cornaro. Valenza Crispo, married Giovanni Loredano. Marco Crispo, Knight of St John, with several natural issues. Violanta Crispo, married Caterino Zeno. Antonio Crispo, Seigneur de Syria Island, (1429 - 1476), married N.N. de Paterno, with issue. Maria Crispo, (c. 1477), Signorina de Syria,  Mistress to Giovanni III, Duc de Naxos (see above). Margherita Crispo, (c. 1477). Marco I Crispo, Seigneur de Nio, (died 1450), with issue. Jacopo Crispo, Seigneur de Nio, (r1450-52), dunm. Francesco Crispo, Seigneur de Nio e de Therasia, married 1473 to Lucrezia Loredano, with issue. Marco II Crispo, Seigneur de Nio e de Therasia, (r1494-1508), married to Fiorenza Crispo, (see above), with issue. Adriana Crispo, Seignorina de Nio e de Therasia, married 1508 to Alessandro Pisani, with issue. Caterina Crispo, married 1519 to Giovanni Luigi Barozzi.
1,1,1,1,1,4,1, Virginia Crispo, married to Prince Bernardo de Armenia. Soffredo Crispo, Seigneur de Nisyros, married to Eleanore de Lusignan Marco Crispo, married Agnese Gavala, with issue. Nicolo Crispo, (1493-1546), with issue. Moise Crispo, married Petronilla Sirigo, with issue. Nicolo Crispo, with issue. Moise Crispo, (1619), with issue. Isabella Crispo, married Vincenzo Tubino. Agnese Crispo, married to N. Wizzini 'sives Vizzini', with issue. Michele Wizzini, migrated with the Paleologos family to Malta, married 1601 to Caterina Stafrach Paleologos, with issue. Domenico Crispo, (died 1500), with issue. Domenico Crispo, married Margherita ..., with issue. Marco Crispo, (c1545), with issue. Domenico Crispo, (died 1589), with issue. Marco Crispo, married Maria de Cigala, with issue. Domenico Crispo. Vettore Crispo, married Alessandra Venier. Francesco Crispo, (died 1656), married to Rabella Gozzadini, with issue. Giovanni Crispo, married 1669 to Caterina Giustiniani. Calizza Crispo, married Stamati Scannagallo. Battista Crispo. Pietro Crispo, (1397-1440), with issue. Giovanni Crispo, Knight of St John, (died 1475). Pietro Sanudo, Knight of St John, dunm. "Daughter" Sanudo, married to Pietro Dandolo. Marco Sanudo, (d 1349), Lord of Griffa, married with issue. Guglielmo Sanudo, Lord of Griffa, married with issue. Niccolo Sanudo, (d. 1374), Lord of Griffa, married (1) N, married (2) Fiorenza Sanudo, Duchess of Naxos., with issue. (First Marriage) Angeletto Sanudo, Lord of Chios, married to Alice Premarin, with issue. Filippa Sanudo, married to Nicolo Gozzadini, Lord of Thermia. Francesca Sanudo, married to Count Giovanni de Vassallo-Paleologo "Daughter" Sanudo, married to Paolo Navigajoso, Mexa Dux of the Byzantine Empire. Marino Sanudo, Lord of Paros and Antiparos, married to Porzia da Verona.
1.1.2. N. Sanudo, married with issue. Marino Sanudo. (c. 1333).

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