The Family of Assenza.

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1. Melchiorre de Asenza, of Syracuse, Sicily, married to Geronima N, with issue.

1.1. Paolo de Asenza, married 1695 Valletta to Dona Carmina Caterina Lanza, (d/o Orazio and Antonina), with issue.

1.1.1. Simone Assenza, married 1717 Valletta to Barbara Mifsud, with issue. Gio Batta Assenza., married 1739 to Columba Cappari., with issue. Fortunata Assenza., married 1784 to Raimondo Xerri. Rosa Assenza.,  married 1764 to Michele Morello., with issue. Paula Morello., married 1806 to Antonio Cilia. Aloisea Morello., married 1792 to Dr Giuseppe Rizzo JUD. Concetta Morello., married 1791 to Giuseppe Xerri. Antonia Morello., married 1798 to Gio Batta Carta. Teresa Morello., married 1810 to Gaetano Farrugia. Saveria Morello., married 1817 to Vincenzo Said, (s/o Giuseppe and Liberta Borg). Vincenza Morello., married 1800 Valletta to Giovanni Parnis., with issue. Dr Michele Parnis JUD., married 1825 to Francesca England., with issue. Calcedonio Paolo Parnis, (1826-1864), married 1855 Valletta to Maria Savarese, with issue. Carmela Parnis, married 1872 Valletta to Tancred Bartolo, with issue. Mary Bartolo Parnis, (1880-, married 1903 St Julians to Joseph Gatt Rutter. Alfredo Bartolo Parnis, (1891-1970). Giuseppe Bartolo Parnis, (1884-1905), dunm. Carlo Bartolo Parnis, (1886-1971), married 1917 to Olga Magri, with issue. Maurice Bartolo Parnis, (1917-1986), married 1942 to Marie Louise Camilleri. Phyllis Bartolo Parnis, (1919-, married 1942 to Charles Borg. Mary Barotlo Parnis, (1922-1977). Emma Bartolo Parnis, married to Alfred Bonello. Maud Bartolo Parnis, married to Costantino Magri. Alfredo Parnis, marrtied to Giulia Ferrante, with issue. Adolfo Parnis. Alberto Parnis. Giovanni Vincenzo Paolo Parnis, (1827-1829), d.inf. Carmela Parnis, (1829-1890), married 1851 Valletta to Judge Filippo Pullicino. Guglielmo Parnis, (1832-1882), Effendi, (1832-1882), Grand Officer of the Turkish Order of Medjidjie and many other orders. Legal Advisor to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, married to Rosa Lebrun, with issue. Edgar Parnis, (1857-1913). Virginia Jane Parnis, (1859-1957), married 1890 to Noel Montagu Lake, with issue. Edward Montagu Lake, (1891-1971), married 1925 London to Beatrice Elizabeth Rowland. Alfred Parnis, (1860-1946), married 1886 to Helen Ferro, with issue. Inez Parnis, (1887-1982), married (1) 1908 St Dominics Oratory to William Donough O’Brien, married (2) 1926 to Valdemar Bertie Caroe, with issue. (First marriage) Dermod Donatus O’Brien, (1909-1939), married 1935 Brompton Oratory, London to Doreen Scott-O’Conner. Sheula O’Brien, (1911-, married 1937 Brompton Oratory, London to Pierse Hayes. Lt-Col Brian Murrough O’Brien, (1913-1973), married 1941 Brompton Oratory, London to Rosa Mary Galea. William Donough O’Brien, (1915-2016), married 1943 Kensington, London to Rita Dolores Micallef. Judge Eric Parnis, (1887-1930), married 1922 Sliema to Nobile Lucy Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni, with issue. Henry Parnis, (1889-1935). Oscar Parnis, (1890-1919). William Parnis, (1893-1942), married to Grace Sheffield. Hilda Parnis, (1894-1895), d.inf. Lena Parnis, (1899-1990). Mary Parnis, (1901-1903), d.inf. Gladys Parnis, (1905-1991). Beatrice Parnis, (1862-1951), married 1901 Santa Caterina d’Italia to Charles Seaman. Giovanna Parnis., (1834-), married 1852 to Dr Antonio Rolando-Speranza JUD. Liborio Paolo Filippo Parnis, (1835-1887), married with issue. Elizabeth Parnis, (1869-1948), maried to Henry Cecil Mortimer, with issue. Mary Mortimer, (1886-1960), married 1918 Sliema Peter John McCarthy, with issue. Elizabeth Mary McCarthy, (1919-2005). Joan Millicent McCarthy, (1921-1976). Marjorie McCarthy, (1922-1965). Edward Mortimer, (1888-, married to Winnie Stephenson, with issue. Kenneth Mortimer. Henry Mortimer, (1890-1918), dunm. Mabel Mortimer, (1891-1979). Emily Mortimer, (1892-1987). Antonia Mortimer, (1897-1980), married to W. Ernest Butcher. Arthur Mortimer, (1907-1986), married 1937 Valletta to Maria Louise Briffa. Margaret Mortimer, (1911-. Matilde Parnis, married to Peter Paul Cassar, with issue. Carmelo Cassar Parnis. Francis Cassar Parnis. Mary Cassar Parnis, married to Carmelo Casareso. Teresa Cassar Parnis. Giuseppe Parnis. Charles Parnis. Alexander Parnis, married to Hetty N, with issue. Alexander Parnis, (1911-1994). Georgina Parnis, married to John Borg Olivier. Carmelo Francesco Parnis, (1838-. Alfonso Parnis, (1840-1845), dunm. Rainier Stephen Parnis, (1841-. Paolo Parnis England, (1844-1894), married 1868 Valletta to Erminia Nani, with issue. Henry Parnis England, (1871-1931), married 1893 Sliema to Louisa Eynaud, with issue. Francis Parnis England, (1894-1943), married to Pauline Demajo. Robert Parnis England, (1895-), d.inf. Joseph Parnis England, (1895-), d.inf. Hilda Parnis England, (1897-1981), married 1926 Vittoriosa to Joseph Henry Bonello. William Parnis England, married to Erminia Terreni, with issue. Harold Parnis England. Stanislaus Antonio Parnis, (1845-1872), dunm. Paola Filomena Maria Anastasia Parnis, (1848-1888), married to Joseph Grant. Giorgio Anmetto Parnis, (1848-1888), married to maria Antonia Degiorgio, with issue. Carmelo Parnis, (1880-1948). Maria Parnis. Roberto Parnis. Giuseppina Parnis. Annetta Maria Concetta Parnis, (1849-, dunm. Paolo Parnis, married 1841 Valletta to Vincenza Zammit.  Maria Teresa Parnis., married 1837 to Giovanni England., with issue. Giovanna England., married 1863 Valletta to Francesco Cauchi. Giuseppa Morello., married 1802 Valletta to Antonio Xerri. Simon Assenza, (d. 1810),  migrated to Imperia Russia and Created BARON ASSENZAOV and to his descendants by Tsar Paul I 1799 and Knight of St George of Russia and St John of Malta, married 1799 to Baroness Tatiana von Koskull., with issue. Francesco Aloisio Assenza., married (1) 1747 Valletta to Maria Teresa Schembri, married (2) 1766 Valletta to Olimpia Schembri, with issue. (First Marriage) Dr. Stefano Assenza JUD. Uditor to Grand Master of Malta ,  married (1) 1766 to Francesca Locano. , married (2) 1801 to Anna Fenech., with issue. (First Marriage)  Emanuela Assenza., married 1794 to Dr Emmanuele Locano JUD Gio Batta Assenza., married 1801 to Margherita Mirabella. Maria Assenza., married 1794 Valletta to Dr Salvatore Cutajar JUD. Giovanna Assenza., married 1805 Valetta to William John Stevens of England, Merchant and Consul for USA, Holland and Denmark, [Anglo Maltese connection], [The Stevens family has been traced back to the town of Reading in England. William Stevens was born there in 1774 but by 1803 he was a resident of Malta where he remained until his death in 1854. In 1805 he married Giovanna (Pinta) Assenza who, between 1806 and 1827 produced 15 children, eight girls and seven boys. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she predeceased her husband and died in 1837, aged just 46. Family tradition had it that William went to Malta as a Prize Officer during the Napoleonic wars, but this is to slightly exaggerate what he did there. His principal job was as a solicitor, although he did also hold the post of Deputy Registrar with the court of vice-admiralty at Malta. This court had responsibility for allocating prize money, hence presumably, the family tradition. William remained in Malta but at least five of his children; Francis, Richard and George and, at least, two of their sisters left to go to the Black Sea coast of Turkey. » (source : Bridget Gallagher) All three brothers were later to be associated with Brant in developing trade with Persia (Sir Dennis Wright, The English Amongst the Persians) [ref], with issue. William John Stevens, (1807-1881), Consul for Denmark, Persia and Mecklenburg, dunm. Richard Stevens, (1816 Malta – 1864 Pakistan), married to Regina N, with issue. Marie Louise Stevens, married to Henry Suter. Caroline Stevens. Augusta Stevens. Richard George Stevens. Francis Illif Stevens, (1817 Malta – 1877 Smyra, Turkey), UK Consul of Turkey, married to Adelaide Chanaud, [ref], with issue. Eugenie Jane Stevens, (1850-). Adelaide Bebine Stevens, (1852-). Alma Stevens, (1855-). Hildebrand Stevens, married 1879 Izmir, Turkey to Euphrasie Fanny Marraccini, with issue. Maria E. Stevens, (1891-). Charles Stevens. Edward Stevens, (d. 1919), married 1878 Ismir, Turkey to Anna Maria Vittoria Marraccini, with issue. Hildebrand Stevens, (1879-). George Stevens, (1880-1967), married to Elise Moreau, with issue. Suzanne Stevens. Franck Stevens, married 1886 Bornova, Ismir, Turkey to Anna Joly, with issue. Muriel Marie Adelaide Stevens, (1900-), married 1918 Smyrne, Izmir, Turkey to Costantino Giorgio Michele Reggio, with issue. Carmen Anna Reggio, (1919-1979), married 1939 Ismir, Turkey to Christian Charles Reggio, with issue. Daniela Reggio. Francesco Frank Reggio, married to Flavia Noela Pennetti, with issue. Costantino Tino Reggio. George Alexander Stevens, (1825-1879). Enrico Stevens., married 1834 Valletta to Antonia Bonanno. Cmdr Frederick Hildebrand Stevens RN, (1823-), Governor of Naval Prisons in Malta 1854 -, married 1851 to Augusta Croft, with issue. Alice Mary Stevens, (1857-1947), married 1879 to William Thomas Preston, with issue. Gertrude Frances Croft Preston, married 1909 to Bertie Bowman Barton. Violet Madge Preston, married to Cape Cyril Gascoigne Lloyd, with issue. Rosemary Gascoigne Lloyd, (1929-2017), married 1959 to Carleton John Richard Tufnell. Barbara Ann Gascogne Lloyd, (1932-, married 1967 to Andrew Edward to Buxton. Sir Thomas Hildebrand Preston, 6th Baronet, (1880-1976), married 1913 to Ella Henrietta von Schickandantz, with issue. Sir Ronald Douglas Hildebrand Preston, 7th Baronet, (1916-1999), dsp. Tatiana Stella Preston, (1920-, married 1962 to Ralph Eugene Hartzell. Ellena Georgiana Stevens, (1823-1889), married to Frederick Guarracino. Augusta Stevens, (1814-), married to Nobile Constantine Said dei Signori di Fontani. Eliza Stevens. Rosina Stevens. Antonia Assenza., married 1806 to Marchese Gio Battista Cassar Desain., married 1814 Valletta to Sig Vincenzo Dalmas. Luca Assenza., married to Maria.., with issue. Feliciano Assenza., married 1786 to Calcedonia Grech., with issue. Giovanni Luigi Assenza., married 1813 Valletta to Colomba Galea., with issue. Giuseppe Assenza. Napoleone Assenza. Enrico Assenza. Angela Assenza., married 1768 to Chco. Gius Bonici. Margherita Assenza., married 1776 to Marcello Pace of Gozo. Aloiseo Assenza., married 1747 to Maria Schembri.

1.1.2. Francesco Assenza, married 1716 Valletta to Angela Tagliana, married (2) 1741 Vittoriosa to Maria Rossi, married (3) 1745 Cospicua to Caterina Maddalena Bruno, with issue. (Third marriage) Angela Assenza, married 1768 Senglea to Notary Giuseppe Aloisio Bonnici. Maria Anna Assenza, married 1771 Valletta to Dr Lorenzo Grima JUD.