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"The Royal House of Hauteville"
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Tancred did married Twice, supposely Daughters of the Duke of Normandy.
Here's a list of Children from Litta- Famous Italian Book VI.


Tancred,  Sire de Hauteville (980-1045), Knight.,  married (1) to Duchess Mariella de Normandy, (d/o Richard I), married (2) to Duchess Frasende de Normandy, (d/o Richard I)​, with issue.
1. (First Marriage) Alvereda Beatrice de Hauteville, (1005-1101), married (1) to Armand de Mortain d'Eu, married (2) to Roger N.
2. Tancred de Hauteville, d.inf.
3. Alfredo de Hauteville, d.inf.
4. Giuditta de Hauteville, married to Robert 1 di Basseville, Conte di Conversano.
5. Alberedo de Hauteville.
6. Uberto de Hauteville, d. 1046.
7. Malgerio de Hauteville, d. 1059, Conte di Capitanata cr. 1054.
8. Robert I Guiscard, (1015-85 Cephalonia Greece), Duca d’Apulia, Calabria and Sicily., married to Princess Sigelgaita of Salerno, with issue.
8.1. Princess Elena d’Altavilla, married (1) to Jafar II, Emir of Sicily and Malta, married (2) to Ahmad al-Akhal, Emir of Sicily and Malta.
8.2. Princess Heria d’Altavilla, (1045-1104), married to Hugh III de Maine, Marquis di Este.
8.3. Prince Guido d’Altavilla, d.1102, Abbott, dunm.
8.4. Prince Roberto d’Altavilla, d. 1141, Count and Grand Constable of King Roger II., married with issue.
8.4.1. Conte Ruggiero Scaglione, d. 1228, Judge in Calabria.
8.4.2. Conte Errico Scaglione, Capitano General in Calabria., married with issue. Conte Tommaso Scaglione, Capitano delle Armi in Gaeta in 1301, married with issue.
8.5. Sybille d’Altavilla, (1058-90), married Ebles II de Roucy, Count of Roucy.
8.6. Maud d’Altavilla, (1059-83), married to Ramon Berenguer II, Count of Barcelonia.
8.7. Ruggero Borsa d’Altavilla, d. 1111, Duca di Puglia., married to Maria Quarrel Drengot, Contessa di Nocera., with issue.
8.7.1. (illegitimate) Guglielmo d’Altavilla, (1090-1150), Primo Signore di Gesualdo, married to Alberada d’Altavilla, Signora di Lucera, (See on this page​), with issue. Elia I di Gesualdo, 2nd Signore di Gesualdo, Signore di Mirabella, San Mango, Paterno, Bonito, San Lupulo, Auletta, Frigento e Lucera e Castelvetere., d. 1206, married (1) Guerriera NN, married (2) Diomeda d’Altavilla, (See on this page), married (3) Adele di Flanders., with issue. Maria Gesualdo Signora di Grottaminarda, married to Andrea d’Aquino.
8.7.2. Guglielmo d’Altavilla, d. 1127. Duca di Puglia e Calabria. , married (1) NN, Married (2) Gaitelgrima de Brienne, Married (3) Baroness Alverade de Hautveille-Apulia, (See below).
8.7.3. Altunda de Hauteville, married to Riccardo de Chiaromonte.
8.8. Bohemund I de Hauteville, (1052-1111), 1st Prince of Antioch, Duca di Calabria e Apulia, married to Princess Constance of France, with issue.
8.8.1. Bohemund II de Hauteville, (1108-31), 2nd Prince of Antoich, Duca di Calabria, married to Alix de Rethel, Princess of Jerusalem, with issue. Princess Constance de Hauteville, (1125-63), married (1) to Raimond I de Poitou, Prince of Antioch, married (2) to Renaud de Chatillon, Prince of Antioch., with issue. (First marriage) Bohemund II, Prince of Antioch (1163-1201, married 1168 to Orguilleuse d'Harence, married (2) 1175 (Div 1180), married (3) 1181 to Sibylle N, married (4) 1199 to Isabella N, with  (First marriage) Raimond de Antioch, Count of Tripoli and Prince of Antioch 1193-1199, married 1194 to Princess Alix of Armenia, with issue. Prince Raimond Rupen of Antioch and Armena, Prince of Antioch 1205-1208, (d. 1216), married 1210 to Princess Helvis de Lusignan of Cyprus, with issue. Princess Maria de Poiters, Heiress de Toron, (1215-1240), married to Philippe de Montfort, Lord of Tyrus and Toron. Princess Eschive de Poitiers, *ca 1216, +1262; m. Hethum, Seigneur de Lampron (*ca 1220 +1250) [1m.] Bohemund IV "the One-Eyed", Pr of Antioch (1201-05)+(1208-16)+(1219-33), Ct of Tripolis, *ca 1172, +III.1233; 1m: before 21.8.1198 Plaisance de Giblet (+1217); 2m: Tripolis I.1218 Melisende de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus (*ca 1200)  Raimund de Poitiers, Bailiff of Antioch, *1195, +murdered at Tortosa 1213 Bohemund V, Pr of Antioch (1233-52), Ct of Tripolis, +1252; 1m: shortly before 11.8.1225 (annulled after 5.7.1227) Adela=Alix de Champagne, Queen of Jerusalem (+1247); 2m: 1235 Lucienne di Caccamo-Segni, a great-niece of Pope Innocent III, with issue. Bohemund VI, Prince of Antiocj 1258-1268, Count of Tripolis, (1237-1275), married 1254 to Princess Sibylle of Armenia (+1290), with issue. Bohemund VII, Count of Tripolis, titular Prince of Antioch (1275-87); married to Marguerite de Brienne, (See below),  (+1328), dsp?, may have left issue in Lebonon. Peincess Isabeau de Poitiers, dunm. Princess Lucia, Css of Tripolis (1287-88), +ca 1299; 1275 Narjod de Toucy, Signore di Terza, Admiral of Sicily (+1293)  Princess Marie de Poitiers, +ca 1280; married to Nicolas de Saint-Omer (+1294) Princess Constance de Poitiers, married to Mesud Bey, Emir of Mentese. [2m.] Plaisance, Regent of Cyprus and Jerusalem (1236-61), *1235/36, +in Cyprus 22/27.9.1261, bur there; 1m: 1250 Henri de Lusignan, King of Cyprus (+1253); 2m: before 7.12.1254 (annulled 1258) Balian d'Ibelin, lord of Arsur (*1239 +1277)  King Philip of Armenia (1222-24), +of poisoning while in prison 1226; m.1222 to  Queen Zabel of Armenia (*1212/13, +1252), dsp. Henri de Poitiers, +drowned at sea 18/27/28.6.1276; m.1233 Isabelle de Lusignan, Pss of Cyprus (*after 1216, +1264); with issue [Royal House of Cyprus, Armenia and Jerusalem] Princess Marie de Pointers, married 1220 to Thors of Armenia. [2m.] Orgueilleuse, +young [2m.] Helvis de Poitiers [2m.] Marie de Poitiers, Pretender to the throne of Jerusalem (1269-77), +Castello de Canosa, Apulia after 10.12.1307 [2m.] Constance de Poitiers, +young [2m.] Manuel de Poitiers, *1176, +1211 [3m] Princess Alix de Poitiers, married 1204 to Guy Embriaco, Lord of Giblet (+ca 1233). [3m.] Guillaume de Poitiers, fl 1194 [4m.] Bohemund de Poitiers, Lord of Boutron, +1244; N Plivane, heiress of Boutron  Jean de Boutron, +in prison after 18.10.1244  Guillaume, Lord of Boutron, Constable of Jerusalem, fl 1262; married to.Agnes de Sidon-Sagette, dau.of Balian of Sidon, with issue. Jean, lord of Boutron (1258-77), +1277; 1258 Lucie de Giblet.  Jacques de Boutron; m.Clarence Hazart Rostain, lord of Boutron 1282 Guillaume de Boutron Alix de Boutron; married to Guillaume de Farabel, sn de Puy, constable of Tripolis 1282. Isabelle de Boutron; married to Meillour de Ravendel, sn de Makaclee Baldwin de Poitiers, +k.a.Myriokephalon 1176 Maria, Regent of Byzantium, *1145, +as a nun, strangled and thrown into the sea 27.8.1182; m.1161 Emperor Manuel I Komnenos of Byzantium (+1180) Philippa de Poitiers, *ca 1148, +1178, concubine to Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos; m.Humphrey, lord of Toron (+1179)
8.8.2. Elise de Hauteville, married to Raymond, Duke of Austria.
8.9. Mathilde de Hauteville, (1063-1117), married to Count Wigo III de Albon.
9. Humbert de Hauteville, Count. (1022-76).
10. Fresenda de Hauteville, (1030-97), married to Riccardo I Quarrel Drengot, 5th Conte di Aversa, 1st Principe di Capua, Duca di Gaeta.
11. Guglielmo de Hauteville, d. 1070, Conte di Principato cr. 1054, married to Princess Maria of Salerno ., with issue.
11.1. Roberto d’Altavilla, Conte del Principato.
11.2. Tancredi d’Altavilla, Conte di Siracusa.
11.3. Reinaldo d’Altavilla.
11.4. Riccardo d’Altavilla, Conte del Principato., married to Princess Fariha (Chiusa) Kalbid bin Hasan Samsam al-Dawla II of Sicily., with issue.
11.4.1. Ruggero d’Altavilla, d. 1129., married to Princess Hodierna de Rethel of Jersualem, with issue. Ugone d'Altaville (sives il Rosso), (c. 1112), married to Princess Jamal (Jane) bin Jafar VI of Sicily, with issue. Guglielmo d'Altaville Rosso. Enrico d'Altaville Rosso, created Barone delli Martini, Knight, married to Manuzza N, with issue. Riccardo Rosso, Barone delli Martini, (c. 1132). Rosso d'Altavilla, created Barone di Villa Sperlinga 1132, married to Macalda N, with issue. Rosso d'Altaville, Knight, married (1) to Giuliotta Palizzi, married (2) to N. Spadafora dei Conti di Gagliano, with issue. Milite Enrico d'Altaville Rosso, Maestro Razionale del Regno di Sicilia, created Barone di Aidone e Signore di Cirami, married to Donna Elisabetta Ventimilia, with issue. Rosso d'Altaville , (d. 1341),Barone di Aidone,  Maestro Razionale de Regno di Siciia, married to Donna Costanza de Montcada, with issue. Enrico II d'Altaville Rosso, (d. 1388), created Conte di Aidone 1350, Conte di Golisano, Barone di San Filadelfo e Scordia, Grand Ammiriraglio e Gran Cancelliere del Regno di Sicilia, Stratigo di Messina, married (1) to Donna Luchina di Chiaramonte, married (2) Donna Isabella Ventimiglia dei Conti di Gerace, with issue. Costanza Rosso, (d. 1375), married 1362 to Enrico Ventimiglia, 7th Conte di Geraci. Margherita Rosso, married to Blasco Barrese, Barone di Militello. Beatrice Rosso, married 1386 to Tommaso Spadafora, Conte di Capizzi. Enrico II Rosso, (d. 1433), 2nd Conte di Aidone, Camerlengo del Regno di Sicilia, Ambassindor of the King of Aragon to Concilio di Costanza of 1416, married to Beatrice N, dsp.l. (illegitimate) Raimondo Rosso, 'Priest, dunm. Girolamo Rosso, Grand Cancelliere del Regno di Sicilia nel 1431, married to Maria di Vassallo, with issue. Tommaso Rosso, married to Viva di Vassallo, with issue. Beatrice Rosso, married to Sigismondo de Luna e Cordova, Conte di Caltabellotta. Federico Rosso, married to Petra di Vassallo, with issue. Filippo Rosso, Barone di Callura, married to Nobile Isabella Chilia, Signorina di Buscaglia, Augusta, Sicily 1408, with issue. Antonello Rosso, Signore di Buscaglia, Augusta e Barone di Callura 1408dunm. Rosso Rosso. Vinciguerra Rosso. Damiano Rosso, Barone di Ravagliuso, Padegagi, Randaccino, Piscopo e Camitrici e Alfiere Maggiore ereditario del Regno di Sicilia, (d. 1396). Guglielmo Rosso. Raimondo Rosso. Guglielmo Rosso, Alfiere Maggiore del Regno di Sicilia nel 1366, 1st Barone di Cirami, Xirumi, Melilli, San Filadelfo e San Fratello 1371 e 1396., married Lucca Montaperto, with issue. Aloisio Rosso, married to Beatrice di Vassallo, with issue. Guglielmo Rosso, 2nd Barone di Cerami, Xirumi, Melilli, San Filadelfo e San Fratello 1396, Barone di Ravagliuso, Pedagagi, Randaccino, Piscopo, Camitrici, Alfiere Maggiore ereditario del Regno di Sicilia, married to Maria di Vassallo, with issue. Pietro Ponzo Rosso, (d. 1483), 3rd Barone di Cerami, Capitano a Guerra di Varie citta del Regno di Sicilia, married to Beatrice Barrese dei Marchesi di Pietrapersia, with issue. Enrico Rosso, 4th Barone di Cerami 1503, Capitano a Guerra di Troina nel 1480, di Mistretta nel 1481, e di Palizzi nel 1489, married to Beatrice Santapau dei Marchesi di Licodia, with issue. Guglielmo Rosso, 5th Barone di Cerami 1508, married to Donna Giovanna Vassallo, with issue. Geronimo Vincenzo Rosso, 6th Baron di Cerami, married to Isabella Larcone dei Baroni di San Vincenzo, with issue. Giorgio Rosso, 7th Barone di Cerami, dunm. Paola Rosso, (8th) Baronessa di Cerami, married to Niccolo Camolo, Knight of Messina., with issue. Girolamo Rosso e Camolo, 9th Barone di Cerami 1643, married to Donna Isabella del Carretto, with issue. Giovanni Rosso e Camolo, 10th Barone di Cerami , married to Maria Argotta, with issue. Don Francesco Rosso e Camolo, (d. 1675), 11th Barone di Cerami, created 1640 in Madrid, 1st Principe di Cerami, married (1) to Donna Alessandra Santa Colomba dei Conti d'Isnello, married (2) to Donna Antonia Landolino dei Baroni di Friddicelli, with issue. (First Marriage) Don Giovanni Rosso, (1625 - 1689), 2nd Principe e 12th Barone di Cerami, married (1) 1673 to Violante Caprini, married (2) 1678 to Remigia Scammacca dei Baroni della Bruca, with issue. (Second Marriage) Don Domenico Rosso, (1683 - 1733), 3rd Principe e 13th Barone di Cerami, married 1701 to Anna Polizzi, with issue. Don Giovanni Rosso, (d. 1768), 4th Principe e 14th Barone di Cerami, Barone della Torre e mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa, Fontana del Conte 1735, Patrican of Catania 1755, married 1729 to Donna Olivia Paterno Castello Moncada, dsp. Don Agatino Rosso, (1721 - 1779), 5th Principe e 15th Barone di Cerami, Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1768, married 1747 to Donna Anna Speciale dei Baroni di Sant'Andrea, with issue. Don Domenico Rosso, (1749-1801), 6th Principe e 16th Barone di Cerami, 3rd Barone della Torre e mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1779, married 1768 to Donna Teresa Paterno Castello dei Principi di Biscari, with issue. Don Giovanni Rosso, (1771-1803), 7th Principe e 17th Barone di Cerami, 4th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1801, married 1797 to Donna Grazia Asmundo dei Principi di Gisira, with issue. Don Domenico Rosso, (1798 -1870), 8th Principe e 18th Barone di Cerami, 5th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1803, married (1) 1814 to Corradina Tornambene, married (2) 1822 to Donna Maddalena San Martino dei Principi del Pardo, with issue. (First Marriage) Don Giovanni Rosso, (1814 -1899), 9th Principe e 19th Barone di Cerami, 6th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1870, married 1839 to Donna Rosana Paterno Castelo dei Marchesi di San Giuliano, with issue. Don Domenico Rosso, (1846-1905), 10th Principe e 20th Barone di Cerami, 7th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1899, married 1872 to Isabel Alvarez Calderon dei Marchesi di Casa Calderon, with issue. Don Giovanni Battista Rosso, (1873-1917), 11th Principe e 21st Barone di Cerami, 8th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1905, married 1904 to Charlotte Heckmann, with issue. Don Domenico Rosso, (1907 - 1972), 12th Principe e 22nd Barone di Cerami, 9th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1917, married (1) 1934 to Luz Alvarez Calderon dei Marchesi di Casa Calderon, married (2) 1959 to Kristina Keller, with issue. (Second Marriage) Don Giovanni Rosso, (1960 -), d.inf. Donna Agostina Rosso, (1879-1966), married 1900 to Barone Roberto Ricciardi. Don Antonio Rosso, (1854-1918), Consul General of Peru in Catania, married 1883 to Elvira Oyague, with issue. Don Giovanni Rosso, (1885 - 1963), married 1917 to Norah Sarauw, with issue. Donna Elvira Rosso, (1919-), married 1946 to Francesco Prestifilippo. Donna Emma Rosso, (1921 -), married 1949 to Santi Corvaja. Donna Rosana Rosso, (1889-1975), married 1922 to Cesare Bruno dei Baroni di Belmonte. Donna Maria Mercedes Rosso, (1890-1967), dunm. Donna Maria Luisa Rosso, (1891 -), 'Nun'. Don Giuseppe Rosso, (1894-), succeeded as 13th Principe e 23rd Barone di Cerami, 10th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte 1972, dunm. Donna Maria Isabella Rosso, (1896 -), married 1919 to Admiral Mario Zunino. Donna Anna Maria Rosso, (1899-1960), dunm. Don Giuseppe Rosso, (1817-1866), married 1860 to Donna Ferdinanda Guttadauro dei Principi di Reburdone, dsp. Don Agatino Rosso, (1818 -), Monk. Don Antonino Rosso, (1819 -), married 1852 to Maria Eleonora Riccioli dei Baroni di Bagnara, dsp. (Second Marriage) Don Raimondo Rosso., dunm. Donna Francesca Rosso. Donna Teresa Rosso. Donna Giovanna Rosso. Donna Anna Rosso. Donna Teresa Rosso. Don Antonino Rosso, (1803-1843), married 1827 to Battistina Tedeschi dei Baroni di Villalegra, with issue. Don Giovanni Rosso, (1829-), married 1867 to Emanuela Grimaldi dei Baroni di Serravalle, with issue. Don Antonino Maria Rosso, (1869-), married 1902 to Adele Ardizzone Ursino, with issue. Don Enrico Rosso, (1903-1965), married 1932 to Francesca Castorina, with issue. Don Giovanni Rosso, (1933-., succeeded as 14th Principe e 24th Barone di Cerami, 11th Barone della Torre e Mendola, Signore di Ganno, Pietrarossa e Fontana del Conte, married 1964 to Liliana de Agostino, with issue. Don Enrico Rosso, (1966 -. Don Luigi Rosso, (1970 -. Don Francesco Rosso, (1833-). Don Agatino Rosso, (1838-). Don Ignazio Rosso, Giurato e Capitano Giustiziere di Calabria, married to N. Abbatelli dei Baroni di San Cono, with issue. (Rosso Abbatelli line). Don Francesco Rosso. Don Agatino Rosso. Don Aloisio Rosso. Don Antonino Rosso. Don Andrea Rosso. Donna Oliva Rosso. Donna Anne Rosso. Donna Alessandra Rosso. Don Andrea Rosso. Don Antonino Rosso. Don Gaetano Rosso. Donna Remiglia Rosso. Donna Gertrude Rosso. Donna Giuseppa Rosso. Don Francesco Rosso. Donna Remigia Rosso. Donna Aquilia Rosso. Donna Melchiorra Rosso. Donna Alessandra Rosso. Donna Tommasina Rosso. Donna Isabella Rosso. Donna Giuseppa Rosso. Donna Caterina Rosso. Donna Antonia Rosso. Donna Maria Rosso. Donna Lorenza Rosso. Donna Antonina Rosso. Vincenzo Rosso, married 1631 Tarxiem to Nobile Caterina Vassallo, with issue. Domenico Rosso later Ros, married 1682 Cospicua to Teresa Cicala, married (2) 1702 Gudja to Nobile Rosa Testaferrata, with issue. (Second Marriage) Chco Michele Angelo Ros Testaferrata, married 1767 Qormi to Antonia Galdies, with issue. Saverio Ros Testaferrata, married 1813 Valletta to Maria Pullicino, with issue. Gio Andrea Ros Testaferrata, married to Battistina Valenic, with issue. Francesco Ros Testaferrata, married to Carmela Axisa, with issue. Maria Ros Testaferrata, married 1927 Cospicua to Dr Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici LLD. Dr Giuseppe Ros Testaferrata LLD. Amadeo Ros Testaferrata. Pilagia Ros Testaferrata. Erminea Ros Testaferrata. Carmena Ros Testaferrata. Michelangelo Ros Testaferrata. Rosa Ros Testaferrata, married 1788 Cospicua to Aloiseo Lefevre. Giovanna Ros Testaferrata, married 1807 Cospicua to Perit Antonio Sammut. Giuseppa Ros Testaferrata, married 1801 Cospicua to Gio Domenico Muscat. Domenica Ros Testaferrata, married 1660 Valletta to Gio Domenico Muscat. Fortunata Ros Testaferrata. Maria Ros Testaferrata. Caterina Ros Testaferrata. Angelica Ros Testaferrata, married 1677 to Giorgio Solemi. Antoniuo Ros Testaferrata. Giuseppe Rosso, Bishop of Umbriatico, Legato in Poland 1635. Vincenzo Rosso. Francesco Rosso. Francesca Geronima Rosso, married 1579 Vittoriosa to Andrea della Mendola. Maria Margherita Rosso, married 1579 Vittoriosa to Pietro Azzopardi. Antonio Rosso, married 1577 Vittoriosa to Angela Cassia, with issue. Pietro Rosso, married 1601 Birkirkara to Grazia de Brincat, with issue. Geronimo Rosso, married 1625 Valletta to Andriana ex wife of Dioniso Muscato, with issue. Clara Rosso, married 1648 Valletta to Chco Gio Domenico Formosa. Caterina Rosso, married 1656 Cospicua to Lorenzo Runo of Livorni, Italy. Pietro Rosso, married 1627 Valletta to Margherita ex wife of Claudio Brodes, with issue. Alonzica Rosso, married 1634 Vittoriosa to Francesco Maina. Maria Rosso, married 1623 Valletta to Giacomo Rosso (See below). Lazzarina Rosso, sives Ros, married 1593 Cospicua to Mario Santoro Pscinga, with issue. Caterina Pscinga, married 1631 Cospicua to Antonio Camilleri, with issue. Teresa Camilleri, married 1652 Cospicua to Angelo Cangiun, with issue. Paolo Cangiun, married 1677 Senglea to Anna Maria Micallef, with issue. Rosa Cangiun, maried (1) 1707 Senglea to Gioacchino Ferrandes, married (2) 1716 Senglea to Pietro Mirapta, with issue. Giuseppe Mitapta sives Mirabita, married 1751 Senglea to Teresa Libri, with issue. Salvatore Mirabita, married 1787 Senglea to Maddalena Albanese, with issue. Rosa Mirabita, martried to Michele Bonnici. Teresa Mirabita, married 1817 Senglea to Giuseppe de Maria, with issue. Fortunata de Maria, married 1849 Senglea to Vittorioa Gaffiero, with issue. Capt Michele de Maria, married 1892 Senglea to Gaetana Azzopardi, with issue. Elisa de Maria, dunm. Giuseppe de Maria, dunm. Annetta de Maria, married 1885 Senglea to Nicola Azzopardi. Salvatore de Maria, dunm. Salvatore de Maria, dunm. Claudia de Maria, dunm. Saverio de Maria, married 1862 Senglea to Maria Bonello, with issue. Toussaint de Maria, dunm. Eduardo de Maria, dunm. Achille de Maria, dunm. Giuseppe Mirabita, married 1831 Senglea to Michelina Mattei, with issue. Gio Maria Rosso, married 1585 Vittoriosa to Cornelia Palumbo, with issue. Agostino Rosso, married 1602 Tarxiem to Costanza Bonnici, with issue. Domenico Basileo Rosso, married 1622 Matrice Gozo to Marietta ex wife of Pasquale Bongibino, with issue. Domenica Rosso, married 1661 Senglea to Giuseppe Marchetti. Antonio Rosso, married (c. 1550) to Antonia N, with issue. Ciarle Rosso, amrried (1) 1591 Senglea to Barbara Carbot, married (2) 1594 Senglea to Angelica Mutard, with issue. (First Marriage) Rafaele Rosso, married 1618 Valletta to Angela ex wife of Battista Giovannelli, with issue. Michele Rosso, married 1655 Vittoriosa to Teresa d'Andreone sives d Andrea. Maria Rosso, married 1638 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Martu. Niccolo Gioacchi Rosso, married 1622 Cospicua to Teresa ex wife of Antonio Veneziano, with issue. Maddalena Rosso, married 1641 Cospicua to Nicola d'Andrea. Caterina Rosso, married 1646 Cospicua to Diego di Giuseppe. Maria Rosso, married 1654 Cospicua to Onorato Giansome. Marthe Rosso, married 1663 Cospicua to Onorato Giansome. Andrea Rosso, married 1662 Vittoriosa to Lucrezia Zammit. Antonio Rosso, married 1673 Vittoriosa to Maria Ciantar. (Second Marriage) Michele Rosso, married 1622 Vittoriosa to Costanza Anglese, with issue. Giuseppe Rosso, married 1673 Valletta to Anna Portelli. Francesco Rosso, married 1630 Lija to Laurica Mifsud, with issue. Giovanni Rosso, married (1) to Giuseppa N, married (2) 1683 Valletta to Anna Maria Manumessa. Domenico Rosso, married 1589 Cospicua to Domenica Scarlotto, with issue. Gio Domenico Rosso, married 1610 Valletta to Gioannella Portelli, with issue. Giovanni Rosso, married 1630 Vittoriosa to Aloisetta Gioanvaghan, with issue. Speranza Rosso, married 1655 Zabbar to Dioniso Grech. Generosa Rosso, married 1691 Senglea to Bernarda Saia. Vincenzo Rosso, married 1624 Tarxiem to Domenica Pinto, dsp. Sebastiano Rosso, married 1575 Vittoriosa to Enziona Burlo, with issue. Giovanni Rosso, married (1) 1595 to Vittoriosa to Bernardina Bonnici, married (2) 1616 Vittoriosa to Speranza Rosset, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Rosso, married 1631 Vittoriosa to Margherita Calabro. Antonio Rosso, married 1621 Valletta to Giacomo Bonnici, with issue. Gio Aloiseo Rosso, married 1666 Valletta to Giulia Bugeja, with issue. Raimondo Rosso, married 1716 Senglea to Caterina Agius, with issue. Rosa Rosso, married 1740 Senglea to Carlo Cremona. Olimpia Rosso, married 1685 Vittoriosa to Rafaele Risello. Giuseppe Rosso, married 1637 Vittoriosa to Caterina d'Armenia. (Second Marriage) Michele Angelo Rosso, married 1654 Valletta to Anna Alunna di Fra Don Aldobrandino Aldobrandini dei Principi di Sarsina, Knight of St John of Malta, (d. 1634) Paolina Rosso, married 1659 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Camilleri. Francesco Rosso, married 1611 Attard to Isabella Longo, with issue. Benedetto Bartolomeo Rosso, married 1624 Valletta to Maria Farina, with issue. Stefano Rosso, married 1699 Tarxiem to Florenza Barbara, with issue. Teresa Rosso, married 1720 Senglea to Antonio Giufre. Margherita Rosso, married 1711 Senglea to Alonso Giuseppe Audibert. Maria Rosso, married 1741 Vittoriosa to Francesco Assenza. Teodora Teresa Rosso, married 1721 Vittoriosa to Antonino Pace, with issue. Giuseppa Pace Rosso, married 1744 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Zammit. Teodora Pace Rosso, married 1768 Vittoriosa to Giorgio Casha. Giulio Rosso, married 1627 Valletta to Maria ex wife of Diego Gaseri. Agnese Rosso, married 1635 Valletta to Pietro Balzan. Maria Anna Rosso, married (1) 1618 Valletta to Orlando Soler, married (2) 1628 Valletta to Giacinto la Paglia. Andreanna Rosso, married 1599 Vittoriosa to Notary Ascanio Migliau, with issue. Leonora Migliau, dunm.l. (illegitimate with Prince Hugh O'Donnell of Tyrconnell, 2nd Earl of Tyrconnell) Caterina de Migliau, married 1642 Valletta to Conte Palatine Grazio Prosperio Castiglione, Estero, with issue. Margherita Migliau, married 1621 Vittoriosa to Dr Giulio Portelli JUD. Francesca Rosso, married 1574 Vittoriosa to Rafelae Vella. Matteo Rosso, married 1577 Vittoriosa to Laura Renaldo, with issue. Gabriele Rosso, married 1598 Senglea to Vittoriosa Ellul, with issue. Gio Battist Rosso, married 1622 Valletta to Giovanna Parisi, with issue. Teodora Rosso, married 1664 Valletta to Francesco Antonio Cirino. Livia Rosso, married 1631 Vittoriosa to Francesco Grasso. Giacomo Rosso, married 1623 Valletta to Maria Rosso (See above), with issue. Teresa Rosso, married 1649 Vittoriosa to Antonio Michele Gallo. Giovanni Rosso, married 1664 Valletta to Clara Sommis, with issue. Matteo Fabrizio Rosso, married 1697 Valletta to Clara Maria Camilleri, with issue. Francesco Paolo Rosso later Rossi, married 1723 Cospicua to Rosaria Camilleri, with issue. Costani Uccino Rossi, married 1757 Valletta to Violante Satariano, with issue. Stefano Rossi, married (1) 1777 Rabat Gozo to Ubaldesca Mizzi, married (2) 1785 Nadur Gozo to Anna Cauchi, married (3) 1805 to Paola Bugeja, with issue (Third marriage issue here). (Second Marriage) Maria Rossi, married 1809 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Bartolo. Giuseppe Rossi, married 1809 Nadur Gozo to Maria de Manuele. Francesca Rossi, married to Dr Nicola Randon JUD. Rosa Rosso, married 1759 Valletta to Bernardo Giammalva. Teresa Rosso, married 1763 Valletta to Giuseppe Cousin. Antonio Rosso, married 1770 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Maurin. Michele Angelo Rosso, married 1759 Valletta to Maria Bosco, with issue. Antonio Rosso, married 1804 Senglea to Rosa Maria Spiteri. Vincenza Rosso, marreid 1684 Cospicua to Andrea Ciantar. Domitilla Rosso, married 1691 Senglea to Pietromo Coloma. Aloiseo Rosso, married 1714 Valletta to Maria Victoria Schembri, with issue. Francesco Rosso, married 1750 Mdina to Maria Ventura Fsadni, with issue. Costanzo Rosso, married 1793 Valletta to Giovanna Busuttil. Gio Battista Rosso, married 1753 Cospicua to Margarita Lia, with issue. Felice Rosso, married 1801 Senglea to Rosa Frendo. Maria Rosso, married 1735 Valletta to Francesco de Guglielmo of Padova. Antonia Rosso, married 1744 Mdina to Dr Giuseppe Abela JUD. Marietta Ros sives Rosso, married 1610 Cospicua to Gio Domenico de Candia, with issue. Benedetto Bernardo de Candia, married 1610 Cospicua to Caterina Rapa, with issue. Pasquale Grazio de Candia, married 1681 Zabbar to Giuseppa Gilvau, with issue. Maddalena de Candia, married 1721 Vittoriosa to Michele Grillo of Modica, Italy, with issue. Maria Grillo, married 1758 Cospicua to Felice Bartolo. Mro Giovanni Rosso, married 1594 Vittoriosa to Argenta Vella, with issue. Grazio Rosso, married 1624 Cospicua to Barbara Fiteni, with issue. Caterina Rosso, married 1656 Cospicua to Nobile Lorenzo Rossi di San Secondo of Livorne, Italy, with issue. Nobile Gioacchino Rossi dei San Secondo, married 1679 Senglea to Maria de Candia, with issue. Nobile Margherita Rossimarried 1711 Senglea to Aloisio Giuseppe Audibert sives Aldiston of Lille, Mili, France, with issue. Giuseppe Aldiston, married 1739 Cospicua to Anna Dainier, with issue. Elizabetta Aldiston, married 1738 Cospicua to Giuseppe Portelli, with issue. Margarita Portelli, married 1769 Cospicua to Giuseppe Schembri. Beatrice Laura Rosso, married 1586 to Gio Maria Cassia, Barone di Ghariexem e Tabia. Teodora Caterina Rosso, married 1578 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Cipriotto, married 1594 Vittoriosa to Antonio Cassia. Veronica Rosso, married 1582 Vittoriosa to (Uncle) Lorenzo Ross sives Ros, (see below). Lorenzo Rosso sives Ros, married 1582 Vittoriosa to (Neice) Veronica Rosso (See above), with issue. Argentina Ros, married 1605 Valletta to Fabrizio Soltana. Bernardino Ros, married 1610 Vittoriosa to Maria Hellul. Angela Rosso, married to Giovanni Gallego. Lauricella Rosso, married 1595 Valletta to Attilio Micallef. Isabelluzza Giovannella Rosso, married 1559 Vittoriosa to Giulio Franco. Agata Rosso. Paola Rosso. Caterina Rosso, married to Baldassare Paterno, Barone di Pantano Salso. Vito Pietro Rosso, 13th Barone di Xirumi 1541, married to Genevra Ruggieri, with issue. Battistina Ros, married 1574 Vittoriosa to Aloiseo Talavera, with issue. Pompeo Talavera, married 1609 Valletta to Clerica Fiorelli, with issue. Maria Talavera, marreid 1629 Valletta to Antonio Lanfranco. Camillo Rosso, married to Marietta Talavera, with issue. Lucrezia Rosso, married 1594 (Notary Andrea Albano) to Mco Attilio Micallef. Niccolo Rosso, married 1583 to Nobile Argenta Micallef. Benedetto Ros, married to Agnese Psinga, (Testamente 1612 by Notary Aloisio Fallan), with issue. Maria Girolama Ros, married 1617 Cospicua to Pietro Hellul. Enrico Rosso, 14th Barone di Xirumi 1542, married with issue. Carlo Ottaviano Rosso, 15th Barone di Xirumi 1568, married with issue. Enrico Rosso, (1560-1599), 16th Barone di Xirumi 1592, married with issue. Carlo Rosso, (1590-), 17th Barone di Xirumi 1599, married to Nobile Dorotea Landolina, with issue. Nobile Girolama Rosso, (1612-1686), 18th Baronessa di Xirumi 1621, married 1628 to Nobile Giovanni Grimaldi, 2nd Signore di Randello e San Giovanni, with issue. Nobile Rosalia Grimaldi, (1670-1761), married to Don Giuseppe Celestri, 6th Marchese di Santa Croce, with issue. Donna Concetta Celestri, (1706-1779), married to Don Pietro Ardoino, 5th Principe di Alcontres, 6th Marchese di Floresta e di Roccalumera, with issue. Donna Girolama Ardoino, (1740-), married 1763 Piazza Armerina, Sicily to Don Ottavio Maria Trigona, 7th Marchese di Floresta. Antonio Rosso, (1562-). Francesco Rosso, (1564-). Paola Rosso, married 1511 to Nobile Giacomo de Vaccaro. Laura Rosso. Beatrice Rosso, married to N. Ramondetta. Cecilia Rosso. Lucrezia Rosso, married to Antonio Gallo of Calabria, with issue. Imperia Gallo, marrioed 1545 to Nobile Tomaso Testaferrata. Marco Gallo, married 1538 to Imperia de Laimo, with issue. Beatrice Gallo, married 1538 (Notary Niccolo de Agatis) to Nobile Tomaso Xicluna. Isabella Rosso. Giovanni Rosso. Antonio Rosso. Beatrice Rosso, married to Giovanni Branciforte, 7th Barone di Mazzarino. Giovannuzzo Rosso. Grazzuccia Rosso. Anastasia Rosso. Damiano Rosso, Signore di Militello. Francesco Rosso. Cataldo Rosso, Ambassindor dei Baroni Siciliani a Giacomo II of Aragona in Barcelonia 1293. Perrone Rosso, (d. 1282 in the battle of Milazzo). Niccolo Rosso, (d. 1282 in the battle of Milazzo). Federico Rosso, (d. 1299 in the Naval battle of Capo d'Orlando), Ambassindor dei Siciliani a Giacomo II of Aragona in Barcelonia 1393., married to Margherita di Vassallo, with issue. Andrea Rosso, Gran Camerlengo del Regno di Sicilia 1330., married to Luisa di Vassallo, with issue. Filiipo Rosso, Barone della Biscaglia 1406, with descendants (Rosso of Caltagirone). Bartolomeo Rosso, Barone della Lamia e di Palazzo Adriano 1392, Maestro Razionale del Regno di Sicilia 1406. Guglielmo d'Altavilla, Knight 1188.
12. Roger I de Hauteville, Count of Sicily, (1031-1101 Mileto Calabria), married (1) Giuditta de Evreux, married (2) Eremburga de Mortain, married (3) Adelaide di Savona, with issue.
12.1. (First Marriage) Grateria de Hateville, married to Conte Landone III d'Aquino.
12.2. Matilda de Hauteville, (1062-94), married to Raymond IV de Saint Gilles, Count of Tolosa e Tripoli .
12.3. Emma de Hauteville, (1063-1119), married to Guglielmo IV de Auvergne, Count of Clermont., married (2) Roldolfo Maccabeo, Conte di Montescaglioso.
12.4. Goffredo de Hauteville, d. 1120, Conte di Ragusa. Married to NN del Vasto.
12.5. NN de Hauteville, married to Ugo di Gircaea.
12.6. Adelisa de Hauteville, d.1096, married to Enrico, Conte di Monte Sant’Angelo.
12.7. (Third Marriage) Matilda di Sicilie, married to Guigues VI d’Albon, Conte d’Albon.
12.8. Roger II de Hautville, (1095-1128), Count and 1st King of Sicily, married to Princess Elvira of Leon and Castile, with issue.
12.8.1. King Guglielmo I of Sicily. , (r. 1128-66), married to Princess Margarita of Navarre, with issue. Prince Ruggero of Sicily, Duca di Puglia, d.1161, married to Princess Ghayoor (Bianca) bin Jafar VI of Malta, with issue. Princess Veronica of Sicily Puglia, married to Milite Damiano Palizzi. Princess Farah of Sicily Puglia, married to Milite Roberto Palizzi. King Guglielmo II of Sicily, (r. 1166-89), married (1) to Princess Maria Comnene of the Byzantine Empire, married (2) to Princess Joan Plantagenet of England, with issue. (Second marriage) Prince Enrico of Sicily, Principe di Capua, d.inf. (illegitimate) Marina Bastarde d’Altavilla, married to Margaritone di Brindisi,  Count of Malta, Grand Admiral of Sicily, Signore delle Isole Ionie e di Durazzowith issue. Guglielmo di Brindisi, Conte di Malta r. 1197-1204., married with issue. N.N. di Brindisi, married Enrico Pistore "de Castro", Grand Admiral of Sicily, Conte di Malta r. 1204-65, with issue. Andrea Pistore, Conte di Malta, (1285-1300) Perino Pistore, (died 1281), married Aloisea Fimetta, with issue. Nicolo Pistore, Conte di Malta r. 1265-66 Lucina Pistore, Contessa di Malta r. 1266-96 Margherita "Grasso" Pistore, married c.1260 to Judge Roberto de Vassallo di Bauvso. Guglielmo Pistore (died 1299), married Clara de Rocka, with issue. Luccina Pistore, married Guglielmo Raimondo Moncada, Marchese di Malta N. di Brindisi, married to Maio I Orsini, Cr: 1194 Count of Kefalonia, (d. 1238), with issue. Mai II Orsini, (d. 1259), Count of Kefalonia, married 1228 to Anna Comenus Angelos, with issue. N. Orsini, married to Guillaume de Mery. Riccardo Orsini, (d. 1304), Count of Kefalonia., married (1) N, married (2) 1299 to Marguerite de Villehardouin, Lady of Matagriphon and Katochi, with issue. Giovanni Orsini, (d.1317), Count of Kefalonia, married 1293 to Maria Comneus Ducas, with issue. Niccolo Orsini, (d. 1332), Count of Kefalonia., , married 1318 to Princess Anna Paleologo of Byzantine Empire. Giovanni Orsini, (d. 1335), Lord of Epirus, Count of Kefalonia., married to Princess Anna Paleologo of Byzantine Empire, with issue. Nikephoros II Dukas Orsini, (d.1359), Lord of Epirus, Count of Kefalonia, married 1342 to Princess Maria Cantakuzene, with issue. Antonia Cantakuzene Orsini, (d.1400), Lord of Epirus, Count of Kefalonia, died as a Monk. Tomaida Comenus Orsini, married to Symeon Uros Nemanjic, King of Serbia. Guido Orsini, (d.1324), married with issue. Joannes Tsaphas Orsini Dukas, titular Count of Leukas. Margherita Orsini, (d. 1339), Lady of Zante, married 1311 to Guglielmo II Tocco. "Daughter" Orsini, married to Engelbert van Liedekerke. "Daughter" Orsini, married to Jean de Tournay, Baron of Kalavryta. Guglielmo Orsini, (d.1305). Guillerme Orsini, (d.1317), married (1) to Jean Chauderon, Barone of Estamira and Roviata., Grand Constable of Achaia., married (2) Nicolas III de Saint-Omer. Agnese Orsini, (d. 1316), married (1) to Jean de Clery, married (2) Amaury de Saint-Clair, married (3) Geoffrey de Milly, married (4) 1300 to Gaucher de Noyors. "Daughter" Orsini. Antonia Orsini, married to Nobile Mattia Caetani. Benedictus Orsini, First Bishop of Kefalona 1207, Bishop of Zante 1222. Teodora Orsini, Greek Patriarch of Antioch. N. Orsini, married to Baudouin d'Aine. Ruggero di Brindisi, Viceammiraglio, ottenne la terra di tripo, gia apparetenuta al Loria. Va identificato col frate Ruggero de Brundiso dell'ordine Sacre Domus Militie Templi che nei primi mesi del 1302, per le scorrerie che compiva, determino le lamentele di re Giacomo II d'Aragona, e con Ruggero de Flor, che fu a capo della compagna degli almogaveri che si trasferi nel l'oriente bizantino, sotto le insegne del sovrano di Sicilia.
12.8.2. Prince Roger of Sicily, (1123-48), Duca di Apuliamistress to Emma Contessa di Lecco, with issue. (illegitimate) King Tancred I of Sicily, (r. 1189-94), married to Sibilla d’Aquino, with issue. Roger III di Altavilla, (1175-1193), King of Sicily r.1193, married to Princess Irene Angelina of the Byzantine Empire, dsp. William III di Altavilla, (1186-1198), King of Sicily r. 1194., dunm. Elvira di Altavilla, Contessa di Lecce, married (1) to Walter III, Comte de Brienne, married (2) to Giacomo Sanseverino, Conte di Tricario, married (3) to Tigrini Guidi, Conte di Modigliano, with issue. Gautier IV de Brienne, (1205-1251), Comte de Brienne et de Jaffa, married 1233 to Princess Marie de Cyprus, with issue. Jean II de Brienne, (1234-1260), Comte de Brienne, married 1316 to Marie de Rethel, dsp. Hughes I de Brienne, (1240-1296), Comte de Brienne et de Lecce, Signore de Conversano, Capitano General de Brindisi, Otrante et d'Aquila, married (1) 1270 to Isabella de la Roche, married (2) 1291 to Princess Helena Angelina Komnene Dukaine Comnene, with issue. (First marriage) Guautier V de Brienne, (d. 1311), Comte de Brienne, et de Lecce, Duc de Athens, married 1305 to Jeanne de Chatillon, with issue. Gautier VI de Brienne, Comte de Brienne, Lecce et Conversano, Duc titular de Athens, Military Governor of Florence, Connetable de France, married (1) 1325 to Princess Margherita de Tarento, married (2) 1342 to Jeanne de Brienne, with issue. Gautier VII de Brienne, d.inf. Jeanne de Brienne, dunm. Margherita de Brienne, dunm. Isabeau de Brienne, (1305-1360), Comtesse de Brienne, Lecce et Conversano, married 1321 to Gauthier d'Enghien, Seigneur d'Enghien, with issue. Gauthier d'Enghien, (1322-1340), dunm. Isabeau d'Enghien, (d. 1357), Nun. Sohier II d'Enghien, (1324-1364), Comte de Brienne, Consersano and Duc titulaire d'Athens, married to Jeanne de Conde, with issue. Wauthier IV d'Enghien, (1360-1381), Seigneur d'Enghiendunm.l. (illegitimate) Colart, Batard d'Enghien, (1346-1398), Seigneur d'Arbe, Mares, Wanbroek, du Manior, married Juliana van Beringen, with issue. (illegitimate) Wauthier, Batard d'Enghien, married to Clara van Dilbeeke, with issue. Antoine d'Enghien, Seigneur d'Indeveid. (illegitimate) Jean, Batard d'Enghien, married Liesbeth Smuls. (illegitimate) Gerard, Batard d'Enghien, (d. 1381). Jean d'Enghien, (d. 1380), Comte di Leece e di Castro, Duc titulare d'Athens, married to Blanche des Baux, with issue. Englebert d'Enghien, d.inf. Pierre d'Enghien, (d. 1384), titular Conte di Leece e di Castro, married 1377 to Marguerite de Luxemboug, dsp. Marie d'Enghien, (1367-1446), titular Contessa di Leece e di Castro, married (1) 1386 to Raimondo Orsini, Principe di Tarento, Duca d'Andria, married (2) 1407 to Ladislas, King of Naples, Sicily and Hungary. Marguerite d'Enghien, married to Pierre de Preaux. Louis d'Enghien, (d. 1394), Comte de Brienne, Conte titulair di Conversano, Duc titlular d'Athens, Pretender of Naples and Sicily, married to Giovanna di San Severino, with issue. Antoine d'Enghien, dunm. Marguerite d'Enghien, (1365-), Comtesse de Brienne e Conversano, married (1) to Pierre des Baux, married (2) to Giacopo di San Severino, married (3) to Jean de Luxembourg, Seigneir de Beaurevoir et de Richebourg. Yolande d'Enghien, Comtesse de Brienne, married 1384 to Philippe de Bar. Isabeau d'Enghien, married 1355 (Div 1362)  to Guillaume I de Gavre, Seigneur de Herimez, Steemkereke, Brugelette et Harchies. Helene d'Enghien, (d. 1459), married to Pierre d'Acigne, Vicomte de Reillane, Senechal de Provence. Jacques d'Enghien, Canon of Liege, Prince-Bishop of Liege 1355. Guy d'Enghien, (d. 1371), Signore d'Argos et de Kiverion, married to Bonne de Foucherolles, with issue. Jacques d'Enghien, dunm. Marie d'Enghien, (1364-1393), Signora d'Agros et de Kiverion, married (1) 1377 to Pietro Cornaro, married (2) to Pasquale Zano. Englebert I d'Enghien, (1330-1402), Seigneur de Ramerupt, married (1) 1366 to Marguerite de Longueval, married (2) 1384 to Marie de Lalaing, with issue. (First marriage) Englebert II d'Enghien, (d. 1463), Seigneur de Ramerupt, married 1415 to Marie d'Antoing, Baronne de Haverskerke, with issue. Louis d'Enghien, (d. 1487), Seigneur de Ramerupt, married to Louise de Marbaix, with issue. Englebert d'Enghien, Barone de Heverskerke, Seigneur de Briffeuil et de La Follie, married to Anne de Faucuwez, with issue. (illegitimate) Marguerite, Bastard d'Enghien, married to Paul Ooghe, Bali of Brabant Wallon. (illegitimate) Jean, Batard d'Enghien. (illegitimate) Jeanne, Batard d'Enghien. Jacques d'Enghien, (d. 1422), Seigneur de Clery-sur-Somme et de Tubize. Martin d'Enghien. Jeanne d'Enghien, married (1) to Renaud d'Argenteau, Seigneur de Houffalize, married (2) to Jean de Breles. Elisabeth d'Enghien, married to Jean de Barbencon, Seigneur de Donstiennes. Marie d'Enghien, (d. 1462), married to Jean de Chalon, Seigneur de Viteaux, Berche, L'Isle-sous-Montreal, Chavannes, Lormes et Cuiseaux. (illegitimate) Guillaume, Bastard d'Enghien, knight of the Order of Saint-Antoine en Barbefosse, married to Marguerite van Bautersem, with issue. (illegitimate) Jeanne, bastard d'Enghien, married (1) to Etienne Le Couvreur, married (2) to Willaime Caille, married (3) Jean des Periers, Receveur de Seneffe. (illegitimate) Wauthier, Bastard d'Enghien, Abbott de Grimbergen. (illegiitmate) Isabeau, Bastard d'Enghien. (Second marriage) Marguerite d'Enghien, married to Gilles de Marbais. Yolande d'Enghien, married to Pierre d'Ailly. Jossine d'Enghien, married to Francois de la Haye, Seigneur de Ligny. (illegitimate) Marie, Bastarde d'Enghien, married to Gerard d'Ittre, Seigneur d'Ittre, Thybermont, Saumme, du Sars, Grand Bali de Nivelles, Governor d'Ath. Francoise d'Enghien, married to Pietro, Comte di Montebello, Governor of Salerno. N. d'Enghien, married to Eustache du Roeulx. Jeanne d'Enghien, Nun. N. d'Enghien, Nun. Agnese de Brienne, married 1297 to Jean II de Joigny. Jeanne de Brienne, married to Niccolo Sanudo, Duc de Naxos. Marguerite de Brienne, Mistress to Emperor Frederick II Barbarossa, married to Balian I, Seigneur de Sagette. Constance di Altavilla, married to Pietro Ziani, Doge of Venice. Medania di Altavilla, married to Giovanni Caetano. Valdrada di Altavilla, married to Giacomo Tiepolo, Doge of Venice, dsp. (illegitimate) Guglielmo di Altavilla, d. 1161, married to Elisabetta di Blois Champagne, with issue. Emma di Altavilla, married to Landolfo I de Albeto d'Aquino. Medama di Altavilla, married to Prince Giovanni of Gaeta.
12.8.3. Prince Tancred of Sicily, d. 1143. Principe di Bari.
12.8.4. Prince Alfonso of Sicily, d.1144. Principe di Capua, Duca di Napoli.
12.8.5. Prince Enrico of Sicily, d.1145.
12.8.6. Princess Adelina of Sicily, d. 1169., married to Joczolino Conte di Loreto.
12.8.7. Princess Constance of Sicily, (1154-98), married to Emperor Henry VI of the Holy Roman Empire .
12.8.8. Princess Clemenza of Sicily, married to Ugone di Roane, Conte di Molise.
12.8.9. Prince Simon of Sicily, Principe di Tarento, married to NN, with issue. Prince Roger of Sicily, Principe di Tarento.
12.8.10. Princess Una of Sicily, married to Adamo dell’Aquila, Conte di Avenel, di Collesano (brother of Matilde who married Costantino II Paternò), with issue. Ruggero dell'Aquila, Conte di Avenel, Collesano e di Adriano, married to N. di San Severino, with issue. Perrona dell'Aquila, married to Ruggerio di Castelevetere, Signore di Tavrasi e Rocca San Felice.
12.9. Flandina de Hauteville, Contessa di Paternò married to a) Ugone di Circea b) Enrico del Vasto
12.9.1 (First Marriage) Maria, Contessa di Paternò who probably married Costantino I Paternò (son of Roberto d’Embrun of the Royal Family  Barcellona-Provenza, who arrived in Sicily with Count   Ruggero and was  the founder of the Princely Sicilian family  Paternò)
12.10. Simone de Hauteville, Conte di Sicily, d. 1105.
12.11. Matilde de Hauteville, d. 1139. Contessa di Collesano ed Adrano, married to Rainulfo Quarrel Drengot, Conte d’AlifeDuca di Puglia, e Avellino. Conte di Montescaglioso
12.11.1. Adelicia, Contessa di Collisano ed Adrano, married to Rainaldo dell'Aquila, Conte di Avenel Matilde dell'Aquila, Contessa di Avenel, married to  Costantino II Paternò, Conte di Butera e Conte di Martana
12.12. Maximilla de Hauteville, married to Ildebrando IV Aldobrandeschi.
12.13. (Second Marriage) Maximilla de Hauteville, d. 1138, married to Conrad di Franconia, King of Italy.
12.14. Goffredo de Hauteville, married to NN di Savona.
12.15. Malgerio de Hautville, d. 1098, married to Conte Dominus Pandolfo I d'Aquino.
12.16. Matilde de Hauteville, married to Roberto d’Eu,.
12.17. Muriella de Hauteville, d. 1119., married to Gosberto di Lucy.
12.18. Felicia de Hauteville, d.1102., married to Koloman, King of Hungary.
12.19. Giuditta de Hauteville, d.1134, married to Roberto di Bassevilla, Conte di Conversano.
12.20. (illegitimate) Giordano de Hauteville., married to NN di Savona.
13. (Second Marriage) Guglielmo de Hauteville, Conte di Puglia, d.1046., married to Princess Marie of Salernodsp.
14. Drogo de Hauteville, 2nd Conte di Puglia, d.1051, married (1) to  Princess Altruda of Salerno, married (2) to Princess N of Salerno, with issue.
14.1. Riccardo d’Altavilla, (1047-1125), married (1)  to Altruda de Chiaromonte, married (2) to Albereda di Pomareda, with issue.
14.1.1. Marie d’Altavilla, married to Joscelin de Coutenay, Count of Edessa.
14.1.2. Roger d’Altavilla, Prince of Antioch and Salerno, (r.1112-19), married to Princess Hodierne de Rethel of Jerusalem .
14.2. Rocca d’Altavilla, (d. 1115), married to Roberto Carreaux, with issue.
14.2.1. Eloisa Carreaux d'Altavilla, Signorina di Geraci, married to Ruggero di Bernaville, Signore di Geraci (c. 1095), with issue. Rinaldo di Bernaville, SIgnore di Geraci, (confiscated). Rocca di Bernaville, (d. 1142), married to Guglielmo de Creon, Signore di Geraci 1105, with issue. Ruggero de Creon, Signore di Geraci, (d. 1142), married to Margherita N, with issue. Guerrera de Creon, Contessa di Geraci, 1195, married to Don Alduino de Candida, Conte d'Ischia, with issue. Don Ruggero de Candida, Conte d'Ischia e di Geraci, married to Isabella Parisio, with issue. Don Alduino de Candida, Conte d'Ischia e di Geraci, (d. 1234), married to Isabella Cicala dei Signori di Polizzi, with issue. Donna Elizabetta de Candida, created Contessa di Geraci e di Ischia Maggiore, Signora di Buscemi, (1226-1266), married 1242 to Don Enrico I Ventimiglia, Conte di Ventimiglia, 1st Conte di Geraci.
14.2.2. Alessandro d'Altavilla, (d. 1108 Bari), married to Avenia di Chiaramonte, (d/o of Hugh).
14.2.3. Niccolo d'Altavilla, (d. 1108).
14.2.4. Guglielmo d'Altavilla, (d. 1112).
14.2.5. Drogo d'Altavilla, (d. 1112).
14.2.6. Umberto d'Altavilla.
14.2.7. N d'Altavilla, married to Roger II de Barneville.
14.2.8. N d'Altavilla.
14.3. Ermemburga d'Altavilla, (d. 1101).
14.3. Eremburga d’Altavilla, d.1100,  Signora di Alcune, married to Hughes I de Chiaromonte.
14.4. Geltrude d’Altavilla, married to Auripione Grifeo.
14.5. Clemenza d'Altavilla, married to Conte Adenolfo IV d'Aquino, Duca di Gaeta.
15. Umfredo de Hauteville, Conte di Lavello, Lesina, 3rd Conte di Pulia., d. 1057., married to Matilde Quarrel Drengot di Conte di Acerenza., with issue.
15.1. Abelardo d’Altavilla, (d 1082 Constantinople), married to NN di Bari.
15.2. Riccardo d’Altavilla, Conte di Sarno, married with issue.
15.2.1. Riccardo d'Altavilla, Conte di Sarno, married to Agnese N, with issue. Henri d'Altaville, Conte di Sarno 1134.
15.2.2. N. di Altavilla, married to Robert de Molise, (see belowi).
15.3. Valdella d’Altavilla, d.1079., married to Giovanni Grifeo, Signore di Partanna.
15.4. Umfreda d’Altavilla, married to Basileo Spadafora.
15.5. Frasende d'Altavilla, mistress to HRH, Prince Edgar Aetheling of England.
15.6. Geoffroi d'Altavilla.
16. Serlone de Hauteville, (1005-1072 Normandy), married to NN de Beja, with issue.
16.1. Eliusa d’Altavilla, married to Ruggero di Bernaville.
16.2. Serlone d’Altavilla, (killed in Nicosia, Sicily 1072), married (1) to Aldruda de Moulins, Signora di Geraci, (see on this page), married (2) to Ingilmar N.
16.2.1. Sarlo III d’Altavilla, left descendants House of Sarlo in Reggio Calabria.
17. Geoffrey de Hauteville, Conte di Conversano, d.1063, married (1) to Princess N. Kalbid of Sicily, married (2) to Princess Theodora of Salerno, with issue.
17.1. (First marriage) Sibylla di Conversano, (1069-1103), married to Robert II, Duke of Normandy.
17.2. Sylvestre di Conversano, (1045-1100), Conte di Marsico, married to Princess Muna Kalbid of Sicily, with issue.
17.2.1. Alessandro d’Altavilla, Conte di Nardo e Conversano.
17.2.2. Tancredi d’Altavilla, d.1148.
17.2.3. Geoffrey d’Altavilla, Conte di Marsico, d.1139, married to Princess Teodora of Salerno, with issue. Silvestro d’Altavilla, Conte di Marsico, d. 1166., married to NN d’Altavilla., with issue. Isabella de Hauteville, Contessa di Marsico, married William, Signor di San Severino, issue. Teodora de Hauteville, married to Roberto I de Chiaromonte. N. de Altavilla, married to Hughes II de Molisio, Conte di Boiano, (See below). Adelaide di Altavilla, married to Hughes II de Molisio, Conte di Boiano, (See below).
17.2.4. Cassandra d'Altavilla, married to Jafar V, Emir of Malta.
17.3. Emma d’Altavilla, married 1045 to Rainulf II d'Aversa Drengot Quarrel, married (2) 1048 to Guimond I de Moulins, Seigneur de Moulins, with issue.
17.3.1. (First marriage) Guillaume d'Aversa Drengot Quarrel, (d. 1082).
17.3.2. (Second marriage) Raoul I de Molise, Signore di Boiano, (d. 1092), married to Alferada de Guardia, with issue. Hughes de Molise, (d. 1105), Signore di Boiano, married with issue. Simone I de Molise, (d. 1118), Signore di Boiano. Hughes II de Molise, Conte di Boiano, (d. 1156), married (1) to N. di Altavilla, (See above), married (2) Adelaide di Altavilla, (See above), with issue. Guillauma de Molisio di Boiano, married to Milite Silvestro II de Lorenzo, 4th Barone di Milacco di S.Lorenzo. N. de Molise, Mistress to Roger II, King of Sicily. Robert de Molise, (d. 1092), married N. di Altavilla di Sarno, (see above), with issue. Roger de Molise, (d. 1092). Robert de Molise, (d. 1092). Raoul de Molise, (d. 1092). Guillaume de Molise, (d. 1092). Sichelgaita de Molise, (d. 1101). N. de Molise, (d. 1073), married to Serlon II de Altavilla, (See above), married (2) 1073 to Angelmar de Altavilla, (See above). Adelise de Molise, (d. 1092). Beatrice de Molise, (d. 1092). N. de Molise.
17.3.3. Robert de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.4. Antoine de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.5. Guimond de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.6. Hughes de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.7. Alain de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.8. Guillaume de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.9. Toresgaud de Molise, (d. 1053).
17.3.10. Albreda de Molise, married to Guillaume de Falaise, Seigneur de Moulins la Marche, with issue. Guillaume de Falaise, Seigneir de Moulins la Marche, married to Doda de Meulan, with issue. Simon de Falaise, (d. 1129). Hughes de Falaise. Robert I de Falaise, (d. 1125), married 1115 to Agnes de Grantmesnil.
17.4. Godefrio d'Altavilla, (d. 1063).

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