“The family of Casolani”

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Antonio Casalani of Bologna, (1760 San Martino Maggiore -1824), Government Account for Grand Master Hompesch, Account General of Military stores by the French, Apointed Auditor of accounts of Congress by Ball, Paymaster of the Government Treasury in 1800, (Left Siena for Malta in March 1777 age 16, arriving in Malta 8 June 1778), married 1784 Valletta to Geronima Agius, with issue.

1. Sir Vincenzo Casolani, K.C.M.G. (1785-1855), married 1806 Valletta to Antonia Mamo Mannarino, with issue. 

1.1. Mgr. Annetto Casolani, (1815-66), Bishop of Mauricastrio, dunm. 

1.2. Dr. Gian. Nicola Casolani, LL.D, married 1842 Valletta to Giuditta Izzo-Ullo, with issue.

1.2.1. Professor Riccardo Casolani, Dragoman to HM. Sultan of Turkey, married 1867 Valletta to Elvira Arpa, with issue. Alice Casolani, married 1894 Valletta to Santo Bisazza. Luigi Casolani, married 1901 Floriana to Cleria Mamo, with issue. Enrico Vincenzo Casolani, married (1) to Margherita Casolani (Cousin), married (2) 1921 Sliema to Maria Concetta Agius. Dr Riccardo Casolani MD, married 1929 Sliema to Elena Teresa sives Lilian Briffa, with issue. Louis Casolani. Theresa Casolani. Anne Casolani, (1940-2023), dunm. Elise Casolani, married 1882 to Louis Testaferrata Olivier, 5th Marquis Testaferrata.

1.2.2. Guglielmo Casolani, married 1882 to Maria Cafici, Baroness di Calaforno e Tummarello., dsp.

1.2.3. Alfredo Casolani, married 1886 Floriana to Fortunata Naudi. 

1.3. Flora Casolani, married 1859 Valletta to Carlo Casolani (Cousin).

1.4. Dr. Henry Casolani, LL.D, Artist, (1817 -1885 Winbledon, England), married 1859 to Mary Johnson, with issue. 

1.4.1. Roberto Casolani, Dragoman of England at HM, Sultan of Turkey, married to Carmela Bonnici, with issue. Luigi Casolani, (1857-1877 Istanbul, Ottoman Empire), dunm. Eduardo Casolani, (1860-). Victoria Julia Casolani, (1866-). Maria Casolani, (1873-). Margherita Casolani, (1873-), married 1901 Sliema to Enrico Casolani MBE (See below).

1.4.2. Edith Casolani. 

2. Luigi Aloiseo Antonio Casolani, (1787 -1849) Captain of Lazzaretto, married 1812 Valletta to Camilla Isouard, with issue.

2.1. Maria Casolani, married 1844 to Gio Paolo, 4th Marquis Testaferrata Olivier.

2.2. Federico Edward Casolani, (1813 – 1874), married 1856 Valletta to Filomena Mamo, with issue.

2.2.1. Notary Michele Aloisio Casolani, married 1886 Matrice Gozo to Giulia Zammit.

2.2.2. Maria Carmela Casolani, married 1902 Sliema to Leone Rocca.

2.3. Dr Carlo Casolani MD, (1815-98), married 1859 Valletta to Flora Casolani (first cousin), with issue.

2.3.1. Enrico Casolani, (1869-1940), M.B.E, [Times of Malta];, married (1) 1901 Sliema to Margherita Casolani, (See Above), married (2) 1921 Sliema to Maria Concetta Agius.

2.4. Giovanni Casolani, (1821-1894), Court Painter to the Shah of Persia, married (1) 1850 Senglea to Maria Teresa Farrugia, married (2) 1871 Tarxien to Annunziata Attard, with issue.

2.4.1. (Second Marriage) Federico Casolani, married 1905 Zurrieq to Ermina Grech, with issue. Camilla Casolani, married 1937 St Julians to John Odilone Bardon.

2.4.2. Aloisio Casolani, married 1906 Matrice Gozo to Maria Dolores Axiach.

2.4.3. Giorgio Casolani, married 1915 Valletta to Maria Concetta Borg., with issue. Enrico Casolani, (1917-99), (1) married 1944 Valletta to Ines Vassallo, (d. 1992), with issue. Sr Cecilia Mary Casolani, Nun. Julia Casolani, married 1946 Valletta to Giovanni Lopez.

2.4.4. Giulia Casolani, married 1906 Matrice Gozo to Adriano Ballucci.

2.5. Emilia Casolani, married 1860 Valletta to Francesco Vella.

2.6. Fortunato Casolani, (1819-49), Medical doctor to the Shah of Persia. 

3.  Giuseppe Casolani, married 1828 to Aloisea Slythe. with issue.

3.1. Marianna Casolani, married 1856 Valletta to Ferdinando Gilio.

3.2. Carla Casolani, married 1861 Valletta to Pietro Paolo Vassallo.

3.3. Elena Casolani, married 1869 Valletta to Nicola Giuseppe Ullo.

3.4. Eduardo Casolani, married 1879 Valletta to Maria Concetta Agius, with issue.

3.4.1. Francesco Casolani, married 1922 Valletta to Evellina Caruana Xicluna, with issue. Maria Concetta Casolani, amrreid 1950 Valletta to Victor Ragonesi.

3.4.2. Giuseppa Casolani, married 1906 Sliema to Arturo De Cesare.

3.4.3. Maria Casolani, married 1902 Matrice Gozo to Felice Mercieca. 

4. Paolo Casolani, married 1846 Valletta to Aloisia Slythe (previously married to Giuseppe Casolani), with issue.

4.1. Giuseppe Casolani, married 1872 Valletta to Girolima Gambin, with issue.

4.1.1. Aloisea Casolani, married 1890 Valletta to Giuliano Carmelo Wright.

4.1.2. Roberto Leopoldo Casolani, married 1917 Sliema to Susanna Abela.

4.1.3. Gualtiero Casolani, married 1907 Valletta to Emma Fleri, with issue. Evellina Casolani, married 1933 Valletta to Guglielmo Busietta. Roberto Casolani, married 1949 St Julians to Maria Bartolo Parnis, with issue. Angela Casolani, married 1974 Attard to Peter Balzan. Raymond Casolani, married 1980 to Roslyn Lowell. Edgardo Casolani, married 1941 Sliema to Maria Anastasi, with issue. Walter Casolani, married 1969 Sliema to Giuseppa Montanaro. Roberta Casolani, married 1974 St Julians to David Radmilli. Victor Casolani, married 1942 Sliema to Helena Conradina Sacco, with issue. Marianna Casolani, married 1973 Floriana to Alexander Tufignino. Josephine Casolani, married 1979 Valletta to Denis Calleja. Maurizio Gualtiero Casolani, married 1947 Sliema to Giuseppa Camilleri, with issue. Marcello Casolani, married 1971 Sliema to Doris Micallef. Giuseppe David Casolani, married 1972 Sliema to Maria Vittoria Vella. Anna Maria Casolani, married 1978 Birkirkara to Jacob Busuttil Reynaud. Helena Casolani, married 1942 Sliema to Giuseppe Maria Rossignaud. Giuseppa Maria Casolani, married 1944 St Julians to Maurice Gregory.

4.2. Riccardo Casolani, married 1887 Valletta to Giulia Rull.

5. Maria Giuseppa Casolani, married 1811 Valletta to Notary Didaco Vella.

6. Anna Casolani, married 1832 to Emmanuele Buttigieg. 

7. Emanuela Casolani., married 1807 to Daniele Garrone

8. Rosina Casolani., married 1819 to Vincenzo Grech.