The family of Chinzi.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1. Mro Domenico Chinzi, married 1623 Safi to Agnese Falsone, with issue.

1.1. Giovanni Chinzi, married (1) 1662 or 1682 Safi to Giovanna Zahra, married (2) 1696 Ghaxaq to Evangelista Zingheir, with issue.

1.1.1. (First marriage) Grazia Maria Chinzi, married 1686 Safi to Gio Maria Marmara, with issue. Francesco Marmara, married 1718 Zejtun to Rosa Mamo, with issue. Giuseppe Marmara, married 1749 Cospicua to Maria Mallia, with issue. Felice Marmara, married (1) 1766 Cospicua to Serafina Schembri, married (2) 1770 Cospicua to Dona Rita Ximenes of Ville Sta. Maria, Aragona, Spain , (d/o Pietro and Maria Giuseppa), (same family as of the Grand Master Ximenes de Texada), with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Marmara, married 1785 Valletta to Antonia Cardona, with issue. Orsola Marmara, married 1823 Valletta to Don Filippo Monreale. Concetta Marmara, married 1825 Valletta to Aloisio Barber. Maria Anna Marmara, married 1829 Valletta to Don Pietro Paolo Nicosia of Messina, Sicily, with issue. Don Giuseppe Nicosia, (1836-1912), married to Contessa Maria Ciantar Preziosi, with issue. Rosa Marmara, married 1835 Valletta to Orazio Vella. Emmanuela Marmara, married 1816 Valletta to Antonio Caruana. Orsola Marmara, married 1801 Cospicua to Antonio Buhagiar, with issue. Michele Angelo Buhagiar, married 1830 Valletta to Rosaria Mifsud, with issue. (Second marriage) Maria Marmara, married 1787 Cospicua to Guglielmo Ellul. Aloisio Marmara, married 1810 Cospicua to Francesca Chetcuti, with issue. Giuseppa Marmara, married 1834 Cospicua to Giuseppe Scotto. Felicita Marmara, married 1838 Cospicua to Pietro Adamo, with issue. Filomena Adamo, married 1879 Cospicua to Nobile Paolo Falzon, (see on this page). Giuseppe Marmara, married 1848 Cospicua to Francesco Paolo Panzavecchia,. (see below). Rosa Marmara, married 1802 Cospicua to Salvatore Panzavecchia, with issue. Francesco Paolo Panzavecchia, married (1) 1835 Senglea to Eugenia Falzon, married (2)1848 Cospicua to Giuseppa Marmara, (see above). Maria Carmela Panzavecchia, married 1844 Senglea to Captaino Michele Angelo Ruggier. Giuseppe Panzavecchia, married 1853 Senglea to Vincenza di Giovanni. Maria Concetta Marmara, married 1809 Cospicua to Giovanni Panzavecchia, with issue. Liborio Panzavecchia, married 1859 Senglea to Caterina Cuschieri. Carmela Marmara, married 1818 Cospicua to Giovanni Vella. Caterina Marmara, married 1833 Cospicua to Salvatore Micallef. Giuseppe Marmara, married 1819 Cospicua to Rosa Schembri, with issue. Carmela Marmara, married 1852 Cospicua to Calcedonio Spiteri. Maria Concepta Marmara, married 1853 Cospicua to Giuseppe Vella. Vittoria Marmara, married 1855 Cospicua to Paolo Grech. Maria Marmara, married 1764 Zejtun to Antonio Gravino of Genoa, Italy, with issue. Giuseppe Gravino, married 1791 Zejtun to Teresa Cassar, with issue. Marco Antonio Gravino, married 1813 Zejtun to Grazia Farrugia., with issue. Giuseppa Gravino, married 1839 Zejtun to Giovanni Farrugia. Maria Teresa Gravino, married 1851 Zejtun to Michele Angelo Galea. Grazia Gravino, married 1812 Zejtun to Giuseppe Carabott. Giovanni Gravino, married 1809 Zejtun to Caterina Carabott, with issue. Antonio Gravino, married 1843 Zejtun to Caterina Galea. Aloisio Gravino, married 1800 Zejtun to Rosaria Mifsud, with issue. Alexio Gravino, married 1824 Zejtun to Angela Musci, with issue. Maria Giuseppa Gravino, married 1850 Zejtun to Aloisio Cauchi. Antonio Gravino, married (1) 1828 Valletta to Caterina Zammit, married (2) 1838 Zejtun to Angela Xicluna. Vincenzo Gravino, married 1840 Kirkop to Maria Zammit. Angelo Gravino, married 1833 Zabbar to Clara Caruana. Maria Gravino, married 1824 Zabbar to Felice Attard. Michele Gravino, married 1808 Zejtun to Marianna Mizzi, with issue. Antonio Gravino, married 1845 Zejtun to Caterina Baldacchino. Pietro Gravino, married 1851 Zejtun to Thomasina Gafa, with issue. Giovanni Gravino, married 1877 Ghaxaq to Carmela Cassar. Antonia Gravino, married 1846 Zejtun to Michele Zammit. Caterina Gravino, married 1844 Zejtun to Michele Abela. Maria Gravino, married 1836 Zejtun to Francesco Desira. Antonia Gravino, married 1830 Zejtun to Giovanni Vella. Arcangelo Marmara, married 1730 Zejtun to Anna Grech, with issue. Arcangelo Marmara, married 1776 Zejtun to Maddalena Bondi, with issue. Vincenzo Marmara, married 1806 Valletta to Angela Grima. (see below), with issue. Marianna Marmara, married 1835 Zejtun to Pietro Bugeja, with issue. Maria Bugeja, married 1865 Zejtun to Nobile Giuseppe Cumbo. Giovanni Bugeja, married 1883 Ghaxaq to Maria Dimech. Aloisio Marmara, married 1831 Zejtun to Giuseppa Farrugia. Caterina Marmara, married 1827 Zejtun to Nobile Antonio Abela. Caterina Marmara, married 1827 Zejtun to Antonio Abela. Giovanni Marmara, married (1) 1720 Zejtun to Margherita Attard, married (2) 1758 Birkirkara to Maria Delicata, with issue. (First marriage) Pietro Marmara, married 1744 Zejtun to Caterina Cassar, with issue. Maria Marmara, married 1774 Zejtun to Giuseppe Montebello. Maria Marmara, married 1746 Zejtun to Angelo de Rinaldo. (Second marriage) Vincenzo Marmara, married 1791 Valletta to Benvenuta Spiteri, Alunna, with issue. Giovanni Marmara, married 1821 Valletta to Maria Xerri, with issue. Vincenzo Marmara, married 1848 Valletta to Maria Anna Pern, with issue. Guglielmo Marmara, married 1882 Cospicua to Caterina Felice, with issue. Amalia Marmara, married 1925 Hamrun to Carmelo Mario Felice, with issue. Maria Carmela Felice, amrried 1957 Valletta to Bernard Gerald Montegue. Maria Marmara, married 1707 Zurrieq to Andrea Inguanez.

1.1.2. (Second marriage) Domenico Chinzi, married 1719 Gudja to Teresa Zahra, with issue. Evangelista Chinzi, married 1751 Safi to Arcangelo Bugeja.


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