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Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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 Pietro Paolo de Vella, Manumesso, married 1706 Valletta to Elizabetta Borg, with issue.

1. Mco Michelangelo de Vella, married 1734 Valletta to Teresa Zarb Trico, with issue.

1.1. Captain Mco Vincenzo Salvatore Vella, (Killed in January 1799 in a Skirmish against the Blockaded French Forces in Valletta), Had served as Captain in a Volunteer battalion and was wounded during the blockade. Appointed adjutant to a division of Militia. Appointed Lieutenant, Royal Regiment of Malta, April 1805 and promoted to a company in the Provincial battalion in November 1806. Appointed Captain, Royal Malta Fencible Regiment, February 25, 1815. Resigned January, 1819, – The Maltese Corps of the British Army 1798-1895, by Major A.G. Chesney), married 1770 Valletta to Caterina Spiteri, with issue.

1.1.1. Captain Salvatore Vella, married 1802 Valletta to Francesca Vidal, with issue.

1.1.1. Cav Giovanni Vella CMG 1868Collector of Taxes in Malta, married 1834 Valletta to Maria Anna Vassallo, with issue. Cav Francesco Vella CMG 1893, married 1860 Valletta to Giulia Casolani, with issue. Captain Alfredo Vella, RMA, (1862-1934), Senator in the Maltese Government 1929-1930, married 1900 Valletta to Maria Teresa Pace Stonystreet, with issue. Cav Victor George Vella OBE, CMG 1960, (1901-1963), Commissioner-General for Malta in London, married to Maud Refalo, with issue. Magda Vella, married to Roy Le Roy. Agnes Vella, married 1933 to Judge Anthony Montanaro Gauci. Louis Vella, Chairman of the former National Bank of Malta, married to Helen Rizzo Marich, with issue. Mary Vella, married 1888 Valletta to John Joseph Asphar, with issue. Helen Asphar, married to 1923 to Alfredo Cachia Zammit MP, (1890-1960). May Asphar, (1897-),  married Professor Victor Caruana Galizia. Alfred Asphar, (1889-). Agnese Asphar, (1892-). Charles Asphar, (1895-). John Joseph Asphar, (1900-). Maude Asphar, (1902-). Dr Robert Vella. Frederick Vella, married 1867 Valletta to Lucy Dunbar, with issue. Giovanni Dunbar Vella, married 1896 Valletta to Sofia Mifsud, with issue. Elisabeth Dunbar Vella, married Herbert J. Camilleri, with issue. Noyla Camilleri, married Frederick Aandeweg. Elisabeth Aandewag, married Robin Saikia. Alexander Saikia, (1998-. Sebastian Saikia, (2001-. Inigo Raphael Dunbar Saikia, (2003-. Joan Camilleri, married N.N. Muscat-Tyler. Richard Camilleri. Edward Camilleri. Joseph Camilleri. Frederick D. Camilleri, (1943-., married Annah Falzon (died 1988), with issue. Ian Camilleri, (1969- Sarah Camilleri, (1971-, married 2012 to Michael Albanozzo, with issue. Alex Frederica Albanozzo, (2010-. Duncan Camilleri, (1973- . Mabel Dunbar Vella, married to Alfred Mizzi. Sophia Dunbar Vella, married to Effie Salomone. Elizabeth Dunbar Vella, (1871-1900), married to Nobile Roger Chapelle dei Baroni di San Giovanni. Victoria Vella, married Hon Emmanuele Galizia Col. Henry Vella married to Olga Tagliaferro, with issue. Luiga Vella married to Col. Alfonso Trapani Marguerite Vella m. Capt. Edward Fiteni, with issue. Henry Fiteni married to Maud Bonello dei Conti Chapelle (parents of Madeleine wife of Col. George CAUCHI). Alexander Vella, married 1878 Valletta to Caroline Naudi, with issue. Teresina Vella, (1886-1956), married 1910 to Frank Camilleri, with issue. Virginia Camilleri, (1925-2021), married 1959 at Fort St Elmo to Major Raphael Camilleri Parlato dei Conti Ciantar Paleologo. Lieut Joseph Vella, RMA, dsp. Helen Vella, married to Major Frederick Douglas.

1.1.2. Orazio Vella, married 1835 Valletta to Rosa Marmara.

1.1.3. Claudio Vella, married (c 1845 Egypt) to Maria Anna Clary, (of the Comte de Clary of France family), with issue. Paolo Fortunato de Vella Clary, married 1861 Alexandria, Egypt to Costanza Manuh, with issue. Dr Guy (Guido) Mario de Vella-Clary LL.D, Created (6 October 1919) Conte by Pope Benedict XV, The 1919 title of Conte Vella Clary was obviously granted after the conclusion of the 1878 Commission. Therefore there can be no reference to that title in the 1878 report. It should be remembered that the purpose of that report (as the report reads) was to identify those titles which were granted or recognized by the sovereign authorities of Malta during the Government of the Knights of Saint John. Some may argue that this title is not one of those titles “recognised by the British Monarch”. That argument is flawed because the purpose of the 1878 Commission was not to “recognize” but to “identify” those titles which had already been granted or recognized during the Government of the Order (1530-1798). This is better explained by the terms of reference to the Commissioners that “the Secretary of State for the colonies decided that the heads of the families who, before the annexation of Malta to the British Dominions, obtained tiles of nobility, should in accordance with a precedent during the administration of the late Governor, Sir Henry K. Storks, have precedence of the Chamber of Commerce, and in order to ascertain (etc)”. In this case, the title of Conte Vella Clary is simply not one of those titles that were obtained during the Government of the Order. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.): see letter of Chief Secretary to Government to Commissioners dated March 8, 1877 (page 52), [Estate of Count Mario de Vella Clary], married 1894 Alexandria, to Susan Benet (d/o John Benet and Carmela Madori) of Alexandria Egypt, with issue. Conte Guido de Vella-Clary, 2nd Count de Vella-Clary, (died 1974)., married Vasiliki Constatinidis, with issue. (Only Child) Contessa Susan Maria Regina de Vella-Clary, (d. 2014), married to Wallace George Anderson., with issue. Philip Anderson, married with issue. Steward Anderson., with issue. Esther Anderson. Stephanie Anderson., with issue. Seth NN. Michelle Anderson., with issue. Micalleh NN. Luke NN. Benjamin Anderson. Rachel Anderson. Peter Anderson, married with issue. Jessica Anderson. Emily Anderson. Daniel Anderson. Kathleen Debra Anderson., married Ian Charles Russell., with issue. Ashleigh John Russell. Erin Russell. Amy Russell. Costanza de Vella-Clary, (d. 1938)., married Don Enrico Vergara Caffarelli dei Duchi di Craco e Marchese di Camignano e di Savochetta, with issue. Don Mario Vergara Caffarelli dei Duchi di Craco, (1925-1964), married 1948 to Giuseppina Petrina, with issue. Donna Maria Daniella Vergara Caffarelli dei Duchi di Craco, (1951-, [Wikipedia It}, married to Luca Giurato, with issue. Conte Edgar de Vella-Clary, married a Jewish Lady., dsp.

1.1.4. Capt Michael Vella, an officer who was killed in the same combat as his brother, (Salvatore) on a skirmish against the blockade French Forces in Valletta in January 1799.

1.1.5. Rita Vella, married 1805 Valletta to Saverio Calleja, with issue. Agostino Calleja, married (1) 1843 Birkirkara to Francesca Fenech, married (2) 1846 Valletta to Carmela Caruana.

1.1.6. Giuseppa Vella, married 1817 Valletta to Antonio Delali.

1.2. Maria Vella, married 1773 Cospicua to Pietro Mifsud, with issue.

1.2.1. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1810 Cospicua to Rosa Abela, with issue. Francesca Mifsud, married 1842 Cospicua to Salvatore Rizzo.

1.2.2. Liberata Mifsud, married 1805 Cospicua to Francesco Gatt. 

1.2.3. Caterina Mifsud, married 1707 Cospicua to Felice Gatt.

1.3. Clothide Vella, married 1764 Valletta to Francesco Rossignaud, with issue.

1.3.1. Dr Saverio Rossignaud MD, (1767-), married (1) 1790 Valletta to Antonia Debono Alessi, married (2) 1818 Matrice Gozo to Maria Margherita Calleja, with issue. (First marriage) Salvatore Vincenzo Ludovico Rossignaud, (1794-1874), married 1822 Nadur Gozo to Teresa Micallef, (d. 1873), with issue. Antonio Rossignaud, married 1843 Sfax, Tunisia to Jeanne Gaffiero, with issue. Joseph Rossignaud, (1849-1924), married 1894 Sfax, Tunisia to Pauline Farrugia, with issue. Jean Rossignaud, (1895-1950), married 1921 Marseille, France to Marie Maris. Caroline Rossignaud, (1897-), d.inf. Emanuele Rossignaud, (1900-), d.inf. Gaston Rossignaud, (1903-1972), married 1930 Sfax, Tunisia to Camele Buhagiar, with issue. Roger Rossignaud, (1931 Sfax, Tunisia -. Denise Rossignaud, (1932 Shanghai, China – 1986 St Priest, France), married to Simon Dominati, with issue. Jean Dominati. Alain Dominati. Michel Dominati. Yves Rossignaud, (1934 Gabes, France – 1996 Marseille, France), married to Jeanne Charlot. Andre Rossignaud, (1937 Gabes, France – 1978 Marseille, France), married1958 Montelimar, France to Lucette Gasparin, with issue. Patrick Rossignaud, (1962 Montelimar, France -, married 1985 (Div 1998) to Francine Vera, with issue. Julie Rossignaud, (1988-. Viviane Rossignaud, (1959 Lyon, France -), married 1978 (Dic 1984) to Jocelyn Zebina, with issue. Florian Zebina, (1980-. Audrey Zebina, (1983-. Nicole Rossignaud, (1945 Gabes, France -2014), married 1968 to Andre Bride, with issue. Christelle Bride, (1969 Orange, France -. Laurent Bride, (1970 Toulon, France -. Fany Josephine Rossignaud, (1905-), .d.inf. Louis Rossignaud, (1908-1989), married 1932 to Josephine Sanchez, with issue. Odette Raymonde Rossignaud, (1933-2017), married to Roger Martorella, (See below). Louis-Jean Rossignaud, (1939-, married 1964 Tarbes, France to Denise Forest, with issue. Eric Rossignaud, (1965 Tarbes, France -, married 1992 to Yolande Brundet, with issue. Laureline Rossignaud, (1993-. Elaura Rossignaud, (1995-. Philippe Rossignaud, (1969- Tarbes, France-, married 1996 to Isabella Fritisse, with issue. Alexandre Rossignaud, (1996-. Loic Rossignaud, (1999-. Ghislaine Rossignaud, (1971-. Christiane Paule Rossignaud, (1944-, married to Claude Barret. Jean Jacques Rossignaud, (1949-, married 1973 Tarbes, France to Francoise Villac, with issue. Caroline Rossignaud, (1976-. Stephanie Rossignaud, (1980-. Fernaud Rossignaud, (1916 – 2003 Lyons, France). Carmine Callogero Vincenzo Rossignaud, (1847-). Sauveur Rossignaud, (1851-1930). Pietro Damaso Rossignaud, (1858-1867), dunm. Carmela Filomena Rossignaud, (1860-1929), married 1880 to Emmanuele Farrugia, with issue. Adeilaide Farrugia, (1885-1977), married 1905 Sfax, Tunisia to Jules Martorella, with issue. Madeleine Martorella, (1906-1984), married to Emile Trione, (See below), with issue. Francoise Trione. Louis Trione. Emma Martorella, (1909-1913), .d.inf. Raymonde Martorella, (1911-1916), d.inf. Jean Martorella, (1914-1999), married to Raquel Papalia. Andree Martorella, (1920-), married to Georges Roumens. Edouard Martorella, (1923-., married to Francine Zammit. Roger Martorella, (1927-, married to Odette Rossignaud, (See above). Francoise Mathilde Farrugia, (1885-). Agnes Farrugia, married to N. Libarelli, with issue. Yvonne Libarelli, married to Fernand Alric. Suzanne Libarelli, married to Lucien Monard. Renee Libarelli, married to Rene Vadon. Joseph Jean Pascal Farrugia, (1888-1974), married 1914 Sfax, Tunisia to Fortunee Deguara, with issue. Suzanne Farrugia, (1915-, married to Louis Souche. Renee Farrugia, married to N. Tridon. Jacqueline Farrugia, married to N. Roy. Helene Farrugia, (1925-, maried to N. Molinari. Roger Farrugia, (1927-, married to Colette Bournot. Edouard Farrugia, (1893-. Antoine Francois Farrugia, (1882-. Concetta Rossignaud, (1861-1867), d.inf. Rosa Rossignaud, (1865-1941), married 1883 to Joseph Galea, with issue. Emilie Galea, (1883-1952), married 1900 to Francois Trione, with issue. Emilie Trione, (1904 -, married to Madeleine Martorella, (See above). Angele Trione, (1901-. Adele Marie Galea, (1898-1966 Lyon, France), married to Andre Montano, with issue. Philippe Montano. Henri Montano. Marinette Montano. Joseph Montano. Eulalie Galea, (1890-1956), married 1923 to Sauveur Trebastone, with issue. Francois Trebastone. Georgette Trebastone. Francois Galea, (1887-1914 died in WW1 in Belgium)., dunm. Charles Galea, (1892-, married to Rosalie Mazzara, with issue. Francois Galea. Marie Galea. Luciene Galea. Sauveur Galea. Denise Galea. Antoinette Galea. Antoinette Antonia Galea, (1897-., married to N. Azzopardi. Marcel Galea, (1907-1973), married 1932 to Lucie Mazzara, with issue. Sauveur Galea. Jeannette Galea, married to Andre Vial. Joseph Ange Galea. Francois Galea. Solange Galea. Christiane Galea. Jean Claude Galea. Gaston Galea, (1911-1980), married 1941 to Marie Borg, with issue. Jean Claude Galea. Roland Galea. Rose Galea. Helene Galea. Robert Galea. Jean Galea, (1896-), d.inf. Alphone Galea, (1894-), d.inf. Jeanne Galea, (1896-), d.inf. Antoinette Galea, (1900-), d.inf. Elvira Marie Galea, (1905-), d.inf. Fortunato Rossignaud, (1824-1873 Tunisia), married 1851 Sfax, Tunisia to Concetta Maria Caruana, with issue. Carmina Rossignaud, (1852-), d.inf.. Giuseppe Rossignaud, (1853-), married (1) 1873 to Domenica Saliba, married (2) 1877 to Vittoria Saliba. Salvatore Felice Rossignaud, (1854-), d.inf. Carmena Felicina Rossignaud, (1855-). Maria Maddalena Rossignaud, (1857-). Saverio Giuseppe Rossignaud, (1859-), .d.inf. Francesco Saverio Rossignaud, (1860-1883). Luigi Rossignaud, (1864-1865), .d.inf. Emmanuele Vittorio Providenzio Rossignaud, (1962-). Vincenza Rossignaud, (1827 Rabat Gozo -), married 1846 St Croix, Tunisia to Nicolas Lucci, with issue. Carmine Francesco Lucci, (1847-. Vincenzo Giorgio Rossignaud, (1830 Rabat Gozo -), d.inf. Aloisio Giorgio Rossignaud, (1831 Rabat Gozo-). Vincenzo Giorgio Rossignaud, (1831 Rabat Gozo -). Giovanni Michele Angelo Rossignaud, (1833 Rabat Gozo -). (First marriage) Clotilde Rossignaud, (1792-), married 1819 Rabat Gozo to Andrea Falzon. (Second marriage) Francesco Giuseppe Michele Rossignaud, (1824-). (First marriage) Antonio Giuseppe Giacomo Aloiseo Rossignaud, (1798-. (First marriage) Salvatore Rossignaud, (1791-1795), d.inf. (Second marriage) Antonio Gaetano Vincenzo Rossignaud, married 1860 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppa Bezzina, with issue. Vincenzo Rossignaud, (1862-), married 1906 to Amelia Cerrito (Cantatrice), with issue. Maria Rossignaud, (1908-), married to Giovanni Onorato, with issue. Guido Onorato, (1945-. Amelia Onorato, (1940-. Franco Onorato, (1936-, married to Anna Agnesi Edgardo Rossignaud, married to Ida Thew, with issue. Maria Barbara Rossignaud, married to Vittorio Parello. Riccardo Rossignaud, (1906 Naples-), married to Maria N, with issue. Amelia Rossignaud, married to Angelo Iammaccone. Antonio Rossignaud, (1934 Naples-), married 1959 to Luisa Arpino, with issue. Maria Pia Rossignaud, (1959-), married 1988 to Antonio Irlando. Daniela Rossignaud, (1962-), married 1996 to Alberto Perin, with issue. Marta Perin, (1997-. Riccardo Perin, (2000-. Paola Rossignaud, (1964-, married 1988 to Mario Vanni, with issue. Maria Luisa Vanni, (1989-. Leonardo Vanni, (1991-. Gaetano Rossignaud, (1864-1941), married 1896 to Saveria Sapienza, with issue. Mary Rossignaud. Evelyn Rossignaud. Stella Rossignaud. Joseph Rossignaud, (1911-1999), married 1942 Sliema to Helen Casolani, with issue. Margherita Rossignaud, married to Franco Despasquale. Martin Rossignaud, (1945-, married 1970 to Myriam Pellegrini Petit, with issue. Michele Rossignaud, (1977-. Jacques Rossignaud, (1974-. Andre Rossignaud, (1981-. Edgar Rossignaud, (1946-, married 1974 to Maddaleine Psaila, with issue. Rene Rossignaud, (1980-. Raisa Rossignaud, (1990-. Helen Rossignaud, married to Ambrose Lonharo Mifsud. Marie Louise Rossignaud, married to Jeffrey Cutajar. Victor Rossignaud, (1914-1989), married 1944 to Maria Aquilina, with issue. Norman Rossignaud, (1945-2013), married 1971 to Margaret Pace, with issue. Yvette Rossignaud, (1977-. Claude Rossignaud, (1979-. Ramon Rossignaud, (1948-, married 1976 to Veronica Bianchi, with issue. Vanessa Rossignaud, (1978-. Stephanie Rossignaud, (1988-. Rudolph Rossignaud, (1950-, married 1977 to Pamela Zammit, with issue. Neil Rossignaud, (1980-. Erika Rossignaud, (1984-. Edgard Rossignaud. Melita Rossignaud. Francesco Saverio Rossignaud, dunm. Maria Dolores Rossignaud, dunm. (Second marriage) Maria Rossignaud, (1818 Sannat, Gozo-). (Second marriage) Maria Benedetta Antonia Anna Rossignaud, (1820 Rabat Gozo-). (Second marriage) Angela Antonia Vincenza Fortunata Rossignaud, (1822 Rabat Gozo -). (Second marriage) Emmanuele Aloisio Rossignaud, (1819 Rabat Gozo -).

1.3.2. Gaetano Rossignaud, (1779-), married 1822 Valletta to Emmanuela Curmi.

1.3.3. Stanislao Rossignaud, (1774-), married 1801 Valletta to Maria Teresa Busuttil, with issue. Maria Carmina Clothilda Caetana Antonia Francesca Rossignaud, (1806 Valletta -), married 1822 Vittoriosa to Emmanuele Piott sives Ghiott. Emmanuele Julian Vincenzo Caejantus Rossignaud, (1802 Valletta -), married 1832 Cospicua to Maria Loffreda. Gaetano Deodato Emmanuele Vincenzo Antonio Rossignaud, (1804 Valletta -). Vincenzo Ignazio Giovanni Francesco Rossignaud, (1808 Valletta -). Salvatore Andrea Pietro Filippo Casmiro Rossignaud, (1810 Valletta -).

1.3.4. Luigi Rossignaud, (1770 -), married 1795 Valletta to Vincenza Debono.

1.3.5. Maria Rossignaud, (1782-), married 1803 Valletta to Dr Giovanni Vella JUD.

1.3.6. Ignazio Rossignaud, (1771-), married 1795 Valletta to Maria Debono Alessi, with issue. Dr Salvatore Rossignaud MD, (d. 1874), married (1) 1816 Valletta to Melita Gravagna, married (2) 1851 Valletta to Francesca Vassallo, with issue. Clothilde Carmela Francesca Rosa Diana Rossignaud, (1796 -1797), d.inf. Carmela Leonarda Costanza Giuseppa Rossignaud, (1797-), d.inf. Giuseppe Rossignaud, (1796-), d.inf.

1.3.7. Giuseppe Rossignaud, married 1790 Valletta to Vincenza Delicata, with issue. Dr Emmanuele Rossignaud JUD.

1.3.8. Maddelana Rossignaud, married to Giuseppe Soler of Balearic Islands, Spain, with issue. Giuseppe Soler, married to Teodora Angelina Pace, with issue. Riccardo Soler, (1838-1922), married to Adelaide Soler, (See below), married (2) to Emanuela Buhagiar, with issue. (First marriage) Guglielmo Soler, (1869-1953). Paolo Soler, (1872-1889), dunm. Giulia Soler. (Second marriage) Georgina Soler, (1877-1956), married to Albert Grixti, with issue. Francesco Griscti-Soler, BE&A, A&C.E, (1905-1982), married to Maria Josefa Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Dr Norman Griscti-Soler, (1942-2014), married to Dr Sue Narraway, with issue. Richard Griscti-Soler. Dr Anthony Griscti-Soler. Alice Griscti-Soler, (1914-1915), d.inf. Jane Griscti-Soler, married to Peter Agius. Paulina Griscti-Soler, married to Uldrich Medati, with issue. Carol Medati. Mildred Medati. Mary Gristcti-Soler, married to Renzo Abela, with issue. Lilian Abela, (1941-. Adelaide Soler. Alessandro Soler. Maddalena Soler, married to Vincenzo Farrugia, with issue. Carmela Farrugia., married to Giovanni Battista Fenech Emilia Farrugia, married to Giuseppe Aloisio. Elisa Farrugia, married to Giovanni Micallef, with issue. Giuseppina Micallef. Giovanni Micallef. Eleamara Farrugia, married to Sebastiano Oliva. Ruggiero Farrugia, married to Giuseppina Grixti. Egisia Farrugia, married to James Wyatt. Achille Soler, married to Feliciana Marengo, with issue. Carlo Soler, married to Assunata Calleja. Benedetto Soler, married 1825 Valletta to Teresa Fiott, with issue. Francesco Soler, married 1865 Vittoriosa to Maria Francesca Grima, with issue. Giovanni Soler, married 1897 Vittoriosa to Margarita Brincat, with issue. Antonio Soler, married 1918 Vittoriosa to Carmela Gauci. Francesco Soler, married 1921 Vittoriosa to Domenica Caruana. Benedetto Soler, married 1902 Vittoriosa to Rosa Baron. Carmela Soler, married 1905 Vittoriosa to Salvatore Brincat. Adelaide Soler, married 1865 Vittoriosa to (Cousin) to Michele Joseph Cesar Soler, (See above. Ludgarda Soler, married (1) 1861 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Fleri, married (2) 1870 Vittoriosa to Michele Joseph Cesar Soler, (see below). Salvatore Soler, married 1848 Vittoriosa to Maria Taylor, with issue. Amabile Soler, married 1877 Cospicua to Maria Carmela Pace. Enrico Soler, (1801-1868), married to Vincenza Cila, with issue. Carolina Soler, (1837-1877), married 1862 Vittoriosa to Fortunato Vitale, with issue. Dolores Vitale, married (1) to Vincenzo Mercieca, married (2) to Salvatore Meilak. Giuseppina Vitale. Vincenzo Vitale, married to Antonia Ciantar. Rosina Vitale, married to Carmelo Farrugia. Marietta Vitale, married to Carmelo Ritchie. Enrico Vitale, married to Grazia Arena. Salvatore Vitale, married to Caterina Camilleri. Carmela Vitale, married to Carmelo Agius, with issue. Carlo Agius, (died age 13), dunm. Michele Soler, (1839-1902). Giovanni Soler, (1841-1897), married to Emilia Nicolich, with issue.,3.1. Enrichetta Soler, (1869-1924), married to N. Mallia Milanes. Clorinda Soler, (1877-1939), married to 1896 to Nobile Giuseppe Manduca. Marietta Soler, (1878-1978), married to N. Ellul. Emily Soler, (1883-1963), married to Francesco Bonnici. Costanza Soler, (1869-1964), married to N. Wells. Rinaldo Soler, (1873-1927). Edwin Soler, (1880-1966), married to Carmela Calleja, with issue. Edgar Soler, (1912-1992), married to Ria Muller. Violet Soler, (1913-1993), married to Joseph Flores Martin, (see on this page), with issue. Frederick Flores Martin. William Flores Martin, (1953-), d.inf. Ivo Flores Martin. Robert Soler, (1916-1994), married to Annie Doublet. Victor Soler, (1922-2014), Priest, dunm. Joseph Soler, (1926-2010). John Soler, (1885-1944). Albert Soler, (1889-1971). Gustav Soler, (1891-1955). Giuseppe Soler, d.inf. Enrico Soler. Michele Giuseppe Soler, (1839-1902), married 1870 Vittoriosa to Ludgarda Soler, (see above), with issue. Giovanni Gustave Soler, married 1902 Vittoriosa to Emilia Beck, with issue. Alfred Soler. Rose Soler, married to Robert de Marco. Aristea Soler, married to Dr Ruggiero Busuttil MD. George Soler, married to Giulietta Sapiano. Paolo Raphael Soler, d.inf. Adelaide Soler, married to Antonio Chetcuti. Aloisia Soler, married 1868 Vittoriosa to Stefano Fleri. Benedetto Soler, married 1867 Vittoriosa to Lorenza Vitale.

1.4. Giuseppa Vella, married 1778 Valletta to Antonio Ullo.

1.5. Antonia Vella, married 1784 Valletta to Aloisio Rigord, with issue.

1.5.1. Polixenna Rigo, married 1816 Valletta to Giuseppe Farrugia di Pasquale.

2. Maria Vella, married 1746 Valletta to Paolo Camenzuli, with issue.

2.1. Gaetana Camenzuli, married 1776 Valletta to Gio Carlo Cassar, with issue.

2.1.1. Carmela Cassar, married 1809 Valletta to Giuseppe Raimondo.

2.1.2. Maria Anna Cassar, married 1816 Valletta to Carlo Farrugia.