The Family of Caruana – A.
This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647). 
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1. Andrea Caruana of Casal Pasqualino, (former Sephardi Jew), married to Paola N, with issue.
1.1. Leonardo Caruana Sr, married to Agnese (Manumesso), with issue.
1.1.1. Andrea Caruana, (Donation 1585 Notary Vincenzo Cagege, Testamente 1592 by Notary Giuseppe Caxaro), married 1544 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Agata Zammit, married (2) c. 1550 to Caterina N, with issue. (Second marriage) Salvatore Caruana, married 1571 to Antonella Farrugia, with issue. Lorenzo Caruana, married (1) 1609 Siggiewi to Silvana Balzan, married (2) 1610 Mqabba to Caterina Farrugia, married (3) 1618 Zebbug to Paola Gatt (d/o Giuseppe and Antonia). Domenico Caruana, married (1) 1607 Siggiewi to Donna Geronima Inguanez,  married (2) 1617 Zurrieq to Paoluccia Saliba, with issue. Giacomo Caruana, married 1624 Zurrieq to Marietta Zerafa, with issue. Gio Maria Caruana, married 1650 Zurrieq to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Rafaele Caruana, married 1670 Mdina to Caterina Caruana (See below), with issue. Maria Caruana, married 1708 Zejtun to Francesco Bonnici. Giovanni Caruana, married 1696 Zejtun to Caterina Caruana, (See above), with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1723 Zejtun to Maria d’Armenia, with issue. Antonio Caruana, married 1767 Zejtun to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1812 Zejtun to Rosaria Gemma, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1841 Zejtun to Domenica Montebello, with issue. Simone Caruana, married 1867 Zejtun to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Carmelo Gio Battista Caruana, married 1897 Zejtun to Salvatrice Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppa Caruana, (1909 Marsaxlokk – 1994), married 1929 Marsaxlokk to Nobile John Mary Cumbo. Giovanni Caruana, married 1801 Zejtun to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Angelo Caruana, married 1841 Cospicua to Concepta Dato. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1834 Zejtun to Maria Carabott. Teresa Caruana, married 1831 Zejtun to Salvatore Schembri. Aloisio Caruana, married 1803 Valletta to Anna Buffagno. Michele Caruana, married 1806 Zejtun to Caterina Gerada. Giovanni Caruana, married 1752 Zejtun to Maria de Gabriele. Pietro Caruana, married 1759 Tarxiem to Caterina Camenzuli. Angelo Caruana, married 1772 Zejtun to Maria Mangion. Andrea Caruana, married 1777 Zejtun to Maria Farrugia. Giovanni Caruana, married 1650 Zurrieq to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Grazia Caruana, married 1697 Zurrieq to Nobile Antonio Caruana, (See on this page). Clemente Caruana, married 1680 Qrendi to Caterina Agius, with issue. Lucrezia Caruana, married 1715 Mdina to Ignazio Pajas. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1718 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Gristi, with issue. Andrea Caruana, married 1737 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Cassar, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1764 Gharb Gozo to Maria Debrincat, with issue. Salvatore Caruana, married 1800 Gharb Gozo to Angelica Formosa, with issue.  Chco Tomaso Caruana, married 1855 Gharb Gozo to Clemenza Micallef, with issue. Angelica Caruana, married 1878 Gharb Gozo to Lorenzo Grima. Francesco Caruana, married 1652 Zurrieq to Eugenia Falzon, with issue. Filippa Caruana, married 1704 Zurrieq to Arcangelo Cutajar. Gaspare Caruana, married 1645 Valletta to Claudia Elafort, mwith issue. Antonio Caruana, married 1692 Valletta to Grazia Pullicino, with issue. Giovanni Caruana, married (1) to Domenica N, married (2) 1723 Mdina to Margherita Borg, with issue. Antonio Caruana, married 1758 Zurrieq to Elizabetta Isabella Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1806 Zurrieq to Veneranda Camilleri, with issue. Elizabetta Fortunata Caruana, married 1831 Zurrieq to Felice Farrugia. Mro Gio Paolo Caruana, married 1608 Mdina to Antonia Zahra, with issue. Gio Maria Caruana, married 1644 Zejtun to Angelica Cutajar, with issue. Alessandro Caruana, married 1674 Zejtun to Imperia Dalli, with issue. Angelo Caruana,. married (1) 1723 Zejtun to Margherita Magro, married (2) 1724 Zejtun to Grazia Gerada, (See above), with issue. (Second Marriage) Lucio Caruana, married 1758 Zejtun to Paola d’Andria, with issue. Giuseppe Caruaua, married (1) 1781 Valletta to Vincenza Tamburino, married (2) 1787 Senglea to Anna Micallef, with issue. (Second Marriage) Filippo Caruana, married 1808 Zejtun to Anna Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1856 Valletta to Maria Bonello, with issue. Calcedonio Caruana, married 1886 Vittoriosa to Carmela Nicholl, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana Nicholl. Maria Assunta Caruana Nicholl, (1892 Sliema – 1940 Gzira died in the German air Raids of WWII), married to Pietro Paolo Borg. Nazzarenu Reno Caruana Nichollmember of the Stella Band, Valletta. Paolo Caruana Nicholl. Vincenzo Censu Caruana Nicholl. Anna Caruana Nicholl. Calceondia Caruana Nicholl. Rosa Caruana Nicholl. Rosa Caruana. Carmena Caruana, married to Calcedonio Caruana. Emilia Caruana. Sunta Caruana. Giovanni Caruana, married (1) 1832 Valletta to Paola Griscti, married (2) 1833 Valletta to Calcedonia Calleja. Francesco Caruana, married 1833 Valletta to Caterina Gafan. Michele Caruana, married 1834 Valletta to Maria Anna Gabarretta. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1841 Valletta to Emmanuela Mizzi, with issue. Carmelo Caruana, married 1871 Birkirkara to Maria Vella. Giovanna Caruana, married 1873 Birkirkara to Ricardo Mifsud. Teresa Caruana, married 1810 Senglea to Marius Gay. Michele Caruana, married 1830 Senglea to Lorenza Gazzi. Carmela Caruana, married 1835 Senglea to Gioacchino Pavia. Maria Caruana, married 1786 Zejtun to Saverio Cremona. Rosa Caruana, married (1) 1802 Zejtun to Salvatore Barbara, married (2) 1807 Zejtun to Giovanni Buttigieg. Angelo Caruana, married 1804 Cospicua to Maria Grech. Nicola Paulus Nicolaus Caruana, (1729 Zejtun), married 1756 Zejtun to Margherita Caruana, with issue. Maria Caruana, married (1) 1795 Zejtun to Pietro Tabone, married (2) 1800 Zejtun to Giuseppe Attard. Philippus Jacobus Caruana, (17125 Zejtun -). Joseph Caruana, (1726 Zejtun -). Maria Alexandria sives Cassandra Caruana, (1731 Zejtun -), married 1752 Zejtun to Giovanni Bonnici Rosa Caruana, (1733 Zejtun -), married 1762 Zejtun to Giuseppe Agius. Salvator Alexander Gregorius Caruana, (1736 Zejtun -). Anna Maria Imperia sives Maria Caruana, (1739 Zejtun -), married 1763 Zejtun to Giuseppe Marmara. Laurentius Caruana, (1742 Zejtun -). Catherina Laurentia Anna  Caterina Caruana, (1744 Zejtun -), married 1777 to Giovanni Farrugia. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1720 Zejtun to Maria Carabott, with issue. Andrea Caruana, married 1777 Zejtun to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Evangelista Caruana, married 1800 Zejtun to Giovanni Bonnici. Antonio Caruana, married (1) 1724 Zejtun to Maria Attard, married (2) 1749 Cospicua to Caterina Delia. Francesco Caruana, married (1) 1713 Zejtun to Paolina Castagna, married (2) 1724 Zejtun to Grazia Grima, with issue.  (First marriage) Giuseppe Caruana, married 1785 Mosta to Teresa Grazia Camilleri,. with issue. Bernardo Caruana, married 1772 Mosta to Margherita Borg, with issue. Grazia Caruana, married 1803 Mosta to Nobile Pietro Abela. Francesco Caruana, married 1773 Mosta to Rosa Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1808 Naxxar to Maria Sammut, with issue. Francesco Caruana, married 1830 Naxxar to Maria Sammut, with issue. Carmela Caruana, married 1877 Mellieha to Nobile Michele Fenech. Salvatore Caruana, married 1734 Zejtun to Graziulla Carabott. Angelica Caruana, married (1) 1706 Zejtun to Filippo Cachia, married (2) 1720 Zejtun to Andrea Lia. Maria Caruana, married 1728 Lia to Orazio Cauchi. Caterina Caruana, married 1665 Zejtun to Mario Fenech. Evangelista Caruana, married 1673 Zejtun to Simone Spagnolo. Veronica Caruana, married 1675 Zejtun to Domenico Saliba. Clerica Caruana, married 1686 Zejtun to Tomaso Borg. Mro Publio Caruana, married 1639 Zejtun to Maria Cassar, with issue. Caterina Caruana, married (1) 1670 Mdina to Rafaele Caruana, married (2) 1674 Zejtun to Nobile Domenico Caruana. Luca Caruana, married 1667 Zejtun to Domenichella Baldacchino, with issue. Sebastiano Caruana, married 1690 Zabbar to Maria Grech. Maria Caruana, married 1686 Zejtun to Filippo Busuttil. Martino Caruana, married 1644 Zejtun to Gioannella Mifsud, with issue. Gio Battista Caruana, married 1669 Zejtun to Maria Xicluna, with issue. Domenico Caruana, (1681 Zejtun -), married (1) 1707 Zejtun to Anna Briffa, married (2) 1721 Zejtun to Rosa Bugeja, with issue. (First marriage) Maria Maddalena Caruana, (1708 Zejtun -). Gregorio Caruana, (1709 Zejtun -), married (1) 1731 Rabat Gozo to Margarita Azzopardi, married (2) 1737 Zejtun to Margarita Bonavia. Lazzarus Oratius Caruana, (1714 Zejtun -). Caterina Teresia Caruana, (1715 Zejtun -), married 1740 Zejtun to Alessandro Zammit. Caterina Fortunata Caruana, (1718 Zejtun -), married 1740 Zejtun to Alessandro Zammit. (Second marriage) Anna Gratia Teodora Caruana, (1722 Zejtun -). Giuseppe Caruana, (1723 Zejtun -), married 1750 Zejtun to Anna Abela, with issue. Paola Caruana, married 1789 Zejtun to Giovanni Busuttil, with issue. Rosa Maria Busuttil, married 1806 Vittoriosa to Francesco Sultana. Anna Benigna Benedicta Caruana, (1726 Zejtun -). Michele Angelus Joannes Baptista Caruana, (1728 Zejtun -). Angelo Caruana, married 1752 Zejtun to Grazia Abela, with issue. Caterina Caruana, married 1777 Zejtun to Giovanni Farrugia, with issue. Grazia Farrugia, married 1811 Zejtun to Vincenzo Montebello. Salvatore Caruana, (1674 Zejtun -), married 1700 Zejtun to Maddalena Pulis, with issue. Domenica Caruana, married 1727 Zabbar to Angelo Salvatore Sinagra. Anna Caruana, married 1719 Zabbar to Andrea Zahra. Silvestra Caruana, married 1737 Zabbar to Giuseppe Zerafa. Caterina Caruana, married 1739 Zabbar to Angelo Azzopard. Gio Maria Caruana, (1670 Zejtun -), married 1696 Senglea to Marcella Seichel, with issue. Filippo Caruana, married 1731 Senglea to Anna Maria Pisci, with issue. Fortunato Andrea Caruana, migrated to Spain, married 1765 Cospicua to Generosa Capello, with issue. Ana Maria Caruana Capello, (1776 Alicante, Spain -), married to Miguel Esquembre Veneciano, with issue. Miguel Esquembre Caruana, (1801-1865), married to Dolores Esqanol Veneciano, with issue. Ana Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825), married to Lorenzo Carreras Masoliver. Juan Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825), married to Vicenta Rita Navarro. Jose Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Francisco Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Angel Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Dolores Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Hermógenes Ramon Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Maria Virtudes Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Antonio Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Maria Dolores Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1825). Miguel Julian Esquembre Espanol, (d. 1826). Francisco Esquembre Caruana, (1805-), married to Maria Vicenta Alberola, with issue. Francesco Juan Esquembre Alberola, (1825-). Miguel Manuel Esquembre Alberola, (1827-), married to Carmen Pujalte Asencio. Maria Vicenta Esquembre Alberola, (1830-), married to Francisco Hernandez Pireto. Esquembre Alberola, (1840-), married to Jose Torregrosa Sanchis. Maria Nieves Esquembre Caruana, (1810-), married 1830 to Tomas Sepulcre Amoros., with issue. Lorenzo Sepulcre Esquembre, (1830-), married 1857 to Maria Dolores Llorens Sanchez. Maria Josefa Esquembre Caruana, (1810-). Salvador Tomas Esquembre Caruana, (1814-), married to Maria Vicenta Cremades Prieto, with issue. Maria Vicenta Esquembre Cremades, (1839-). Antonio Caruana Capello, (1778 Alicante, Spain -), married to Isabel Juana Esquembre Veneciano, with issue. Antonio Jaime Caruana Esquembre, (1804-). Margarita Caruana Capello, (1784 Alicante – 1852), married to Lorenzo Felix Raymundo Sicluna Fenech. Agata Caruana, married (1) Giuseppe Xeberras., married (2) Paolo Deblasco., with issue. (First Marriage) Fortunato Xeberras., married Grazuilla Sapiano. Antonio Caruana., married Teresa Borda., with issue. Salvatore Caruana., married Agata Xicluna.., with issue. Serafina Caruana., married 1849 to Angelo Inguanez. Maria Anna Caruana., married 1857 Senglea to Pasquale Xerri. Rosalea Caruana., married 1813 to Antonio Sposito., with issue. Teresa Sposito. Benvenuta Sposito., married 1840 to Salvatore Vella. Fortunato Caruana. Filippo Caruana. Giovanni Caruana. Marcella Caruana., married Vincenzo Gucciardi., with issue. Giuseppe Gucciardi. Salvatore Gucciardi. Filippo Gucciardi. Francesco Caruana., with issue. Giuseppe Caruana. Anton Caruana. Filippo Caruana. Clara Caruana., married 1716 to Giuseppe Grech., with issue. Felice Grech. Gio Andrea Grech., with issue. Giuseppe Grech. Teresa Grech., married 1759 to Gusmano Scolavo., with issue. Michele Scolavo. Clara Scolavo. Maria Scolavo., married 1788 to M’Andrea Balzon. Rosa Caruana, married 1725 Senglea to Carmino Passinesa., with issue. Matteo Passinesa. Carlo Passinesa., married Giovanna .., with issue. Michele Passinesa. Maria Passinesa. M’Antonio Passinesa. married 1752 at Cospicua to Maria Mallia, with issue. Rosa Passinesa. Liberata Passinesa., married 1773 Cospicua to Fortunato Debrincat. Cleria Caruana, (1672 Zejtun -). Antonio Caruana, (1676 Zejtun -), married 1703 Zabbar to Domitilla Fetini. Caterina Caruana, (1683 Zejtun  -), married 1697 Zejtun to Giuseppe Mifsud. Grazia Caruana, (1685 Zejtun -), married 1702 Zejtun to Giacomo Barbara. Maria Caruana, married 1679 Zejtun to Filippo Briffa. Minicuzzio Mancutius Caruana, married 1668 Zejtun to Caterina Attard. Diana Caruana, married 1666 Zejtun to Francesco Attard. Imperia Caruana, married 1635 Zejtun to Angelo Cachia. Domenico Caruana, married 1636 Zejtun to Isabella Cassar. Grazio Caruana, married 1650 Cospicua to Maria Chetcuti. Gabriele Caruana, married 1653 Zejtun to Margarita Portelli, with issue. Teresa Caruana, married 1677 Senglea to Baldassare del Ceppo, with issue. Giuseppe del Ceppo, married (1) 1699 Senglea to Maria Borg, married (2) 1717 Cospicua to Maddalena Ellul, with issue. (First marriage) Domenica del Ceppo, married 1722 Senglea to Pietro Ellul. Maddalena del Ceppo, married 1732 Senglea to Giuseppe Gua. Margarita del Ceppo, married 1734 Senglea to Salvatore Spina. (Second marriage) Claudio del Ceppo, married 1735 Cospicua to Marcella Scincotta, with issue. Giovanna Rosa del Ceppo, married 1754 Cospicua to Giuseppe Isuard sives Zouard of Switzerland, with issue. Giuseppe Isuard, married 1775 Valletta to Vincenza Alunna. Caterina del Ceppo, married 1767 Cospicua to Giuseppe Spiteri. Baldassare del Ceppo, married 1738 Cospicua to Anna Maria Gherra, with issue. Giuseppe del Ceppo, married 1766 Siggiewi to Maria Farrugia. Caterina del Ceppo, married 1760 Valletta to Gio Battista Pira of Sardina. Teresa del Ceppo, married 1765 Valletta to Rocco Busuttil. Maddalena del Ceppo, married 1770 Cospicua to Giovanni Mallia. Santo del Ceppo, married 1747 Senglea to Anna Papaleo. Giacomo del Ceppo, married 1754 Senglea to Rosa Romano. Gio Andrea del Ceppo, married 1719 Senglea to Teresa Caruana, with issue. Pasquale del Ceppo, married (1) 1762 Cospicua to Maddalena Glivau, married (2) 1789 to Vincenza Alunna, former wife of Giuseppe Isuard, with issue. (First marriage) Francesco del Ceppo, married 1778 Cospicua to Maria Vella, with issue. Vincenzo del Ceppo, married 1803 Cospicua to Concetta Falzon, with issue. Giovanni Delceppo, married 1839 Cospicua to Caterina Camenzuli. Francesco Delceppo, married 1839 Cospicua to Maria Schembri. Teresa del Ceppo, married 1801 Cospicua to Francesco Mangion. Salvatore del Ceppo, married 1780 Cospicua to Maria Gambin, with issue. Michele del Ceppo, married 1805 Cospicua to Angela Olivier. Paola del Ceppo, married (1) 1746 Senglea to Giuseppe Sguro, married 1755 Valletta to Michele Antonio Genesi. Gabriele del Ceppo, married 1719 Birkirkara to Maria Micallef, with issue. Pasquale del Ceppo, married 1747 Cospicua to Margarita Bonel, with issue. Maria del Ceppo, married 1776 Cospicua to Giovanni Marchesan. Benedetta del Ceppo, married 1786 Cospicua to Saverio Vella. Pietro del Ceppo, married 1724 Cospicua to Francesca Parnis. Matteo del Ceppo, married 1703 Senglea to Graziulla Ellul. Clara del Ceppo, married 1699 Senglea to Gaetano Borg. Antonio Caruana, married 1593 Cospicua to Donna Caterina Inguanez. Margareta Caruana, married 1564 (Notary Matteo de Brincat) to Didaco Abela. Barbara Caruana, married 1568 (Notary Giuseppe Caxaro) to Giorgio Farrugia. Enziona Caruana, married 1573 (Notary Vincenzo Cagege) to Gusmando Abela. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1578 (Notary Vincenzo Cagege) to Bartolomea Farrugia, with issue. Giovannella Caruana, married 1604 Zurrieq to Mro Antonio Cassar. Domenica Caruana, married 1608 (Notary Bernardo Bezzina) to Mro Giovanni Barbara. Caterina Caruana, married 1617 Zurrieq to Mro Francesco Barbara. Mro Agostino Caruana, (Testamente 1676 Notary Gio Domenico Camilleri), married 1630 Zurrieq to Caterina Callus. Giovanni Caruana, (Cite et Vivant dans un Testamente Notary Bernardo Azzopardi 1608). Mariano Caruana, (Cite et Vivant dans un Testamente Notary Giuseppe Caxaro 1592), married to Vennera Farrugia, with issue. Caterina Caruana, married 1596 (Notary Ferdinando Ciappara) to Antonino Agius. Nicola Caruana, married 1599 (Notary Francesco Falzon) to Caterina Farrugia. Agostina Caruana, (Cite et Vivant dans un Testamente Notary Bernardo Azzopardi 1600). Vittorio Caruana, (Cite et Vivant dans un Testamente Notary Bernardo Azzopardi 1600), married (1) 1608 Siggiewi to Paolina Bonello, married (2) 1615 Siggiewi to Paoluccia Pace.
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