Family of Callus.

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1.Giovanni Callus, married to Caterina N, with issue.

1.1. Pasquale Callus, married 1594 Zurrieq to Angela Farrugia, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Callus, married 1617 Zurrieq to Caterina Bartolo, with issue. Giuseppe Callus, married (1) to Caterina Bugeja, marrief (2) 1642 Qrendi to Marietta Vella, with issue. (Second marriage) Caterina Callus, married (1) 1660 Qrendi to Lorenzo Gristi, married (2) 1676 Valletta to Domenico Tonna. Bartolomea Callus, married (1) 1671 to Battista Greco, Manumesso, married (2) 1689 to Pietro Paolo Vella. Francesca Callus, married 1681 Qrendi to Antonio Tabone. Gregorio Callus, married 1688 Zurrieq to Maruzza Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Callus, married 1715 Zurrieq to Grazia Bonnici. Alberto Callus, married 1720 Zurrieq to Maddalena Debrincat, with issue. Niccolo Callus, married 1741 Valletta to Maria Cauchi. Vittoria Callus, married 1743 Zurrieq to Antonio Cassar. Giovanni Callus, married 1747 Zurrieq to Clara Zammit. Maria Callus, married 1749 Zurrieq to Giovanni Vella. Andrea Callus, married (1) 1757 Siggiewi to Rosa Cauchi, married (2) 1775 Zebbug to Caterina Cauchi, with issue. (Second marriage) Colonial Philip Alexandre Callus, (Soldier of Napoleon’s army in Egypt), later migrated to Ajaccio, Corsica, married 1802 Valletta to Therese Secondini, with issue. Caterina Callus, (1804-), d.inf. Marie Catherine Callus, (1804 Ajaccio, Corsicia -), married 1824 Ajaccio, Corsicia to Etienne Corticchiato. Dominique Callus, (1810-), d.inf. Catherine Callus, (1810 Ajaccio, Corsicua – 1842), married 1840 Ajaccio, Corsica to Ange Francois Nicolai. Andre Callus, (1817 Ajaccio, Corsicia – 1818), d.inf. Giuseppe Callus, (d. 1813), married 1810 Valletta to Anna Galea, with issue. Andrea Pasquale Callus, (1811-1898), married 1848 Constantinople, Turkey to Marie Anne Griscti, with issue. Joseph Callus, (1849-), d.inf. George Nataly Callus, (1850-1852), d.inf. Anna Maria Callus, (1853 -), d.inf. Henru Joseph Callus, (1854 Constantinople, Turkey -1930), married 1884 Constantinople, Turkey to Christina Josephine Pouhalski, with issue. Harry Mary Edward Callus, (1885-1961), married 1924 Pembroke, Wales, UK to Helen Grundy. Andrew Theodore Callus, (1886-1961), married 1913 Wigan, England, UK to Mabel Florence Devereux. Victor John Callus, (1887-1963), married 1920 Croydon, London, UK to Mary Taylor. Charles Albert Callus, (1889-1977), married 1924 Cardiff, Wales, UK to Agnes Imms. Arthur Ernest Callus, (1893-1965), married 1929 Adelaide, South Australia to Florence May Kelly. Elisabetto Amelia Callus, (1856-), d.inf. Emilia Vincentia Callus, (1857-1936). Edouard Emmanuel Callus, (1859-1887), married 1886 Chatham, Kent, England, UK to Ada Johnson, dsp. Therese Angela Callus, (1861-1948). Ernesto Joseph Callus, (1862-1914). Elisabeth Josephina Elise Callus, (1864-1941), married 1891 Galata, Constantinople, Turkey to Joseph John Calleja, with issue. Francis Xavier Calleja, (1892-1970). Elvira Calleja, (1893-1894), d.inf. Elvira Calleja, (1894-), married to Isaac Acky Beckler. Irma Lee Maria Calleja, (1896-1958), married 1926 Tendering, Essex, England, UK to Edgar L. Solomon. Edouard Andrea Joseph Calleja, (1898-1899), d.inf. Lydia Henrietta Valentina Calleja, (1902-1975), married 1922 Constantinople, Turkey to Henry Harry Spittle. Josephine Callus, (1867-1868), d.inf. Josephien Maria Callus, (1869-1942). Alexander Dominic Alfred Callus, (1871-1874), d.inf. Hortense Rosalia Ortentia Callus, (1875-1950). Teresa Callus. Anna Callus. Enziona Callus, married 1623 Mdina to Gio Maria Dalli.