Siculo Arabic family of Chiumi.

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Emirs of Sicily and Malta family breakdown;

Our data online is to share. We do appreciate if you find a connection to share your data, so it can help many others all across this planet. Nobile Chiumo bin Hakem, (1325-), married to Nobile Perona Axac, with issue. Nobile Antoni Chiumi, (1360-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420., married with issue. Nobile Antonio Chiumi, (1390-), Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420., married with issue. Nobile Carolo Chiumi, (1420-), married with issue. Nobile Roggerio Chiumi, (1460-), married with issue. Nobile Paolo Chiumi, married to Antonina N, with issue. Nobile Carolo Chiumi, married to Gioannella N, with issue. Nobile Maestro Matteolo Chiumi, (Testamento 1600), married (1) 1582 Vittoriosa to Isabella d’Armenia, married (2) 1630 (Notary Salvatore Busuttil) to Gioannella Parmigian, with issue. Captaino Maestro Nobile Olivier Chiumi, married to Caterina N, with issue. Nobile Innocenza Chiumi, married 1628 Senglea to Santoro Seichel, with issue. Caterina Seichel, married 1657 Senglea to Paolo Calleja. Carolo Seichel, married 1655 Senglea to Margherita Fireiti, with issue. Antonia Seichel, married 1706 Senglea to Gio Battista Sciapparelli. Francesco Seichel, married 1656 Zenglea to Caterina Magro, with issue. Maria Seichel, married 1703 Zeitun to Antonio Farrugia. Mro Nobile Giorgio Chiumi, married 1637 Senglea to Grazioisa Chircop, with issue Nobile Domenico Chiumi, married 1675 Senglea to Maria Pangion. Nobile Isabella Chiumi, married 1711 Senglea to Giacobo Grimani. Nobile Anna Maria Chiumi, married 1660 Senglea to Ambrosio Gafar. Nobile Paolina Chiumi, married 1663 Senglea to Desiderio di Stefano. Nobile Elizabetta Chiumi, married 1677 Senglea to Felice de Carlo, married (2) 1695 Senglea to Geronimo Vaz. Nobile Domenico Chiumi, married 1657 Senglea to Graziosa, ex wife of Giuseppe Cancellata. Nobile Veronica Chiumi, married 1630 Senglea to Aloiseo Azzopardi, married (2) 1636 Senglea to Niccolo de Rodo, with issue. (First Marriage) Aloisetta Azzopardi, married 1656 Senglea to Salvatore Fleri, with issue. Tomasica Fleri, married 1677 Senglea to Giovanni Archis, with issue. Michele Arches (Archis), married 1708 Senglea to Aloisea Lupresti. Giorgio Fleri, (1657-1741), married 1682 to Veronica Grech, with issue. Gio Nicola Fleri, (1683 -1740), married 1709 to Antonia Cannuzi, with issue. Giuseppe Cesare Fleri, (1713-14), d.inf. Enrico Fleri, (1715-., married 1740 to Grazia Parnis, with issue. Rosario Fleri, (1742-1820), maried 1767 to Maria Busuttil, with issue. Giuseppe Fleri, (1790-, married 1818 to Caterina Calleja. Gio Andrea Fleri, (1750-, married 1773 to Fortunata Grech, with issue. Margarita Fleri, (1774-1794). Teresa Fleri, (1774-1844). Angeolina Fleri, (1780-, married 1795 to Andrea Demetrio Calleja, with issue. Margarita Francesca Calleja, (1796-. Maria Teresa Calleja, (1798-1876), married 1823 to Lorenzo Tabone. Francesco Giovanni Battista Calleja, (1800-. Giovanni Giuseppe Calleja, (1801-. Saveria Rosaria Calleja, (1806-. Saverio Calleja, (1809-. Francesca Calleja, (1811-86), married 1832 to Giuseppe Lorenzo Borg. Maria Francesca Calleja, (1811-. Constanza Francesca Calleja, (1813-. Fortunato Francesco Calleja, (1816-. Maria Anna Vincenza Calleja, (1818 -. Maria Calleja, married 1828 to Vincenzo Frendo. Giovanni Fleri, (1790-, married 1815 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Darmanin. Teresa Saveria Fleri, (1790-. Maria Teresa Fleri, (1794-. Saveria Fleri, (1799-. Lorenza Fleri, married 1836 to Francesco Firggieri. Teresa Fleri, (1750-,. married 1769 to Gaetano Saija. Paolo Pedro Fleri, (1750-1821), married 1775 to Giovanna Rosalia Mugliett. Gio Battista Fleri, (1751-, married 1780 to Margarita Agius, with issue. Antonio Fleri, married 1804 to Teresa Frendo. Maria Fleri, (1752-54), d.inf. Angela Fleri, (1755-, married 1773 to Antonio Carbonese. Vincenza Fleri, (1756-. Gio Nicola Fleri, (1758 -, married 1793 to Maria Tabone, with issue. Michel Angelo Fleri, (1794 -, married 1816 to Vincenza Xicluna. Generosa Elisabetta Fleri, (1717-18), d.inf. Maddalena Margarita Fleri, (1717-18), d.inf. Giuseppe Fleri, (1720-, married 1751 to Maria Bonnici. Gabriele Fleri, (1692-1728), married 1740 to Clara Spiteri., with issue. Caterina Fleri, (1742-). Caterina Fleri, (1700-., married 1720 to Saverio Adamo. Mario Carlo Fleri, married 1694 to Maria Chetcuti, with issue. Domitilla Fleri, married 1714 to Michele Spiteri. Filippo Fleri, married (Mistress then married later) 1750 Cospicua to Lucrezia Muscat, with issue. Antonio Fleri, married 1761 Valletta to Annunziata Sarafone, with issue. Rosa Maria Fleri, married 1783 Valletta to Gabriele Zarb. Vincenza Preti sives Preto, married 1790 Valletta to Antonio Gaza. Modesta Preti, married 1791 Valletta to Vincenzo Pace. Federico Fleri, married 1770 Vittoriosa to Elizabetta Baldacchino, with issue. Stefano Fleri, married 1805 Cospicua to Evangelista Ellul, with issue. Ludovico Fleri, married 1838 Vittoriosa to Michela Fiteni, with issue. Stefano Raffaele Fleri, married 1868 Vittoriosa to Aloisia Maria Maddalena Soler, with issue. Giuseppe Fleri Soler, married 1898 Vittoriosa to Maria Concetta Vella. Carmela Fleri Soler, married 1888 Vittoriosa to Guglielmo Gollcher. Tancred Stefano Fleri Soler, married 1895 Vittoriosa to Maria Staines. Michele Fleri Soler, married 1892 Vittoriosa to Teresa Beck. Giuseppe Fleri, married 1861 Vittoriosa to Lutgarda Soler, with issue. Maria Carmela Fleri Soler, (d. 1894), married 1891 Vittoriosa to Spiridione Sultana. Maria Concepta Fleri Soler, married 1895 Vittoriosa to Spiridione Sultana, (brother in-law). Publio Fleri, married 1830 Valletta to Emmanuela Pepe, with issue. Aloisio Fleri, married 1834 Senglea to Maria Carmela Famularo. Giuseppe Fleri, married 1861 Vittoriosa to Maria Concepta Dimech. Vincenza Azzopardi, married 1648 Senglea to Giulio d’Daniele. Antonio Azzopardi, married 1677 Mdina to Maria Magro. (Second Marriage) Tomasa de Rodo, married 1652 Cospicua to Giovanni Massello of Cyrpus. (Second marriage) Nobile Agnese Chiumi, married 1653 Senglea to Agostino Favre. Nobile Maestro Carolo Chiumi, married (1) 1657 Senglea to Gioannella Rosetta, married (2) 1678 Senglea to Veronica Gafa, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Gaetano Chiumi, married 1683 Valletta to Ninfa de Angelo, with issue. Nobile Vincenzo Chiumi, married 1719 Senglea to Rosaria Ferro, with issue. Nobile Francesca Chiumi, married 1747 Senglea to Tomaso Bellia. Nobile Anna Maria Chiumi, married 1756 Cospicua to Michele Angelo Cachia, with issue. Vittoria Cachia, married 1784 Cospicua to Giuseppe Mangion. Nobile Teresa Chiumi, married (1) 1733 Senglea to Sebastiano Baron, married (2) 1743 Senglea to Mario Mallia. Nobile Cristina Chiumi, married (1) 1703 Senglea to Gio Battista Cordina, married (2) 1711 Valletta to Gio Battista Camilleri. Nobile Anna Chiumi, married 1714 Valletta to Michele Axisa. Nobile Matteolo Chiumi, married 1685 Valletta to Maddalena de Angelo. Nobile Carolo Chiumi, married 1705 Senglea to Domenico Lavano. (Second marriage) Nobile Gioannella Chiumi, married 1702 Senglea to Gregorio Zammit. Nobile Francesca Chiumi, married 1669 (Notary Gio Domenico Pace) to Demetrio Micallef. Nobile Gio Battista Chiumi, married 1660 Senglea to Francesca Azzopardi, with issue. Nobile Teresa Chiumi, married 1675 Senglea to Michele Attard. Nobile Domenico Chiumi, married 1673 Senglea to Eugenia Azzopardi. Nobile Lorenzo Chiumi, married 1628 Senglea to Francesca Buttigieg, with issue. Nobile Demetrio Chiumi, married 1668 Cospicua to Vincenza Borg, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Giuseppe Chiumi, married 1680 Senglea to Graziella Gafa. Nobile Geromino Chiumi, married 1654 Cospicua to Imperia Borg, with issue. Nobile Anna Chiumi, married 1689 Cospicua to Giovanni Dimardes. Nobile Mro Biagio Blasio Chiumi, married 1540 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Vennera Caterina Vella, with issue. Nobile Leonardo Chiumi, married (1) 1596 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Nobile Vincenza Agostina Hachem, married (2) 1602 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Enziona Xicluna, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Constantino Chiumi, (d. 1647), Hereditary Pretender of the Emirates of Malta (1638-1647), married 1616 Vittoriosa to Agata Azzopardi, with issue. Nobile Lucrezia Chiumi sives Ciumi, married 1630 Vittoriosa to Gio Domenico Dumes, with issue. Giulio Cesare Dumes, (d. 1688), Hereditary Pretender of the Emirates of Malta (1647-1688), married 1658 Valletta to Giulia Farrugia, dsp. Nobile Eugenia Dumes, married 1651 Vittoriosa to Francesco Barbara, (Hereditary Pretender of the Emirates of Malta furthers down to). Nobile Graziulla Dumes, married 1658 Vittoriosa to Daniele Debono, with issue. Evangelista Debono, married 1678 Vittoriosa to Bernardo Borg. Andreanna Debono, married 1689 Vittoriosa to Bartolomeo Oliva. Nobile Augustina Chiumi sives Ciumi, married 1635 Vittoriosa to Stefano Mifsud. (Second marriage) Nobile Angelica Chiumi, married 1635 Valletta to Domenico Abela. Nobile Gio Maria Chiumi, married 1596 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) 1597 Valletta to Marietta Garia, with issue. Nobile Domenico Chiumi, married 1643 Valletta to Isabella Bonnici, with issue. Nobile Petronilla Chiumi, married 1665 Valletta to Alessio Azzopardi. Nobile Petruzza Chiumi, married 1628 Valletta to Pietro Sabuco, married (2) 1657 Valletta to Diego Gallietto. Nobile Isabella Chiumi, married 1636 Valletta to Poaluccio Schembri. Nobile Caterina Chiumi, married 1640 Valletta to Francesco Lamotta. Nobile Muna Chiuma, married (cousin) to Nobile Giovanni Chiumi, (see below). Nobile Lorenzo Chiumi, married (Cousin) to Nobile Anna Chiumi (see below) with issue. Nobile Mro Geronimo Chiumi, married to Imperia Borg, with issue. Nobile Caterina Chiumi, married 1700 to Antonino La Sala. Nobile Lorenzo Chiumi, married 1639 (Notary Gio Domenico Pace) to Margherita Azzopardi. Nobile Rosa Agata Vittoria Chiumi, married (1) 1576 to Brandino Xiriha, married (2) 1596 Zejtun to Angelo Greco, with issue. (Second marriage) Antonio Grech, married 1631 Rabat Gozo to Gioannella Ciantar, with issue. Vittorio Grech, married 1655 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Carceppo, with issue. Natale Grech, married 1693 Rabat Gozo to Natalizia Curmi, with issue. Policarpio Grech, married 1737 Rabat Gozo to Maria Mizzi., with issue. Michelangelo Grech, married 1778 Cospicua to Caterina Abela, with issue. Paolo Grech married 1794 Cospicua to Marguerite Buttigieg, with issue. Michele Grech, married 1830 Zejtun to Caterina Zammit. Natale Grech, married (1) 1760 Rabat Gozo to Agata Casha, married (2) 1796 Sannat Gozo to Grazia Agius. Gio Maria Grech, married (1) 1762 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Farrugia, married (2) 1780 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Ciappara, with issue. (First Marriage) Paola Grech, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Calleja. Maria Grech, married 1783 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Zammit. Grazia Grech, married 1787 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Pisani. Giuseppe Grech, married 1789 Sannat Gozo to Grazia Attard, with issue. Salvatore Grech, married 1816 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Cutajar. Carlo Grech, married 1826 Rabat Gozo to Maria Galea. Michele Grech, married 1831 Rabat Gozo to Maria Farrugia. Gio Maria Grech, married 1833 Rabat Gozo to Regina Mizzi. Giorgio Grech, married 1835 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Vella. Paolo Grech, married 1814 Rabat Gozo to Marianna Gambin, with issue. Grazia Grech, married 1842 Rabat Gozo to Felice Tabone. Salvatore Grech, married 1797 Rabat Gozo to Anna Spiteri, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1827 Rabat Gozo to Anna Maria Vella. Francesco Grech, married 1823 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Parnis. (Second Marriage) Michel’Angelo Grech, married (1) 1805 Gharb to Natala Calleja, married (2) 1834 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppina Mintuf, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Grech, married 1834 Rabat Gozo to Rosaria Gauci. Alfonso Grech, married 1737 Xaghra to Orsola Teuma, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1766 Xaghra to Giuliano Tabone. Rosa Grech, married 1771 Xaghra to Nicola Vella. Maruzzo Grech, married 1681 Rabat Gozo to Benedetta Mercieca, with issue. Francesco Grech, married 1713 Xaghra Gozo to Aloisea Sultana, with issue. Geronimo Grech, married 1739 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Cachia. Alessio Grech, married 1748 Mdina to Maria Grima, with issue. Francesco Grech, married 1770 Valletta to Rosaria Cardona, with issue. Filippo Grech, married 1797 Valletta to Margherita Formosa, with issue. Publio Grech, married 1827 Valletta to Giuseppa Cassar. Vincenzo Grech, married 1829 Valletta to Giovanna Graziani. Paolo Grech, married 1835 Valletta to Fortunata Felici. Concetta Grech, married 1843 Valletta to Salvatore Cini. Gaetana Grech, married 1802 Valletta to Giuseppe Cauchi-Attard. Modesta Grech, married 1804 Valletta to Clemente Cauchi-Attard. Emmanuele Grech, married 1779 Valletta to Teresa Falzon, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1803 Valletta to Lorenza Bugeja. Maria Grech, married (1) 1797 Valletta to Andrea Borg, married (2) 1814 Valletta to Lorenzo Tanti. Liberta Grech, married 1803 Valletta to Angelo Attard. Vincenza Grech, married 1809 Valletta to Angelo Dimech, with issue. Carmela Dimech, married 1841 Valletta to Giuseppe Coleiro. Romano Grech, married 1753 Xaghra Gozo to Rosalia Attard, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1779 Xaghra Gozo to Francesco Sacco, with issue. Grazia Sacco, married 1815 Xaghra Gozo to Angelo Rapa. Orsola Grech, married 1780 Xaghra Gozo to Michele Borg. Alphonsa Grech, married 1790 Xaghra Gozo to Coronato Sultana. Angelo Grech, married 1793 Xaghra Gozo to Giuseppe Bajada. Casmiro Grech, married 1770 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanna Mercieca, with issue. Maria Grech, married (1) 1791 Valletta to Giovanni Zammit, married (2) 1801 Valletta to Francesca Saguna. Orsola Grech, married 1745 Xaghra Gozo to Paolo Stivala. Felice Grech, married 1737 Gharb Gozo to Flaminea Cassar, with issue. Michele Grech, married 1789 Sannat Gozo to Grazia Agius. Domenica Grech, married 1728 Matrice Gozo to Franco Vella. Vittorio Grech, married 1710 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Pace, with issue. Filippo Grech, married 1743 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Cassar, with issue. Cecilia Grech, married 1765 Rabat Gozo to Gio Maria Pace. Giovanni Grech, married 1688 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Bajada, with issue. Ignazio Grech, married 1717 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Grech (d/o Antonio and Angelica). Lorenzo Grech, married (1) 1693 Xaghra to Caterina Bajada, married (2) 1740 Rabat Gozo to Ugolina Vella, with issue. (First Marriage) Bartolomeo Grech, married 1738 Matrice Gozo to Anna Vella, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1769 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Mifsud. Angelica Grech, married 1730 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Tabone. Giuseppe Grech, married 1694 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Sultana, with issue. Aloiseo Grech, married 1717 Rabat Gozo to Graziulla Galea. Pietro Paolo Grech., married 1718 Rabat Gozo to Maria Gatt. Ferdinando Grech, married 1723 Matrice Gozo to Margherita Spiteri, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married (1) 1744 Rabat Gozo to Maria, Alunna di Fra Marcel de Vintimille, married (2) 1745 Rabat Gozo to Geronima Azzopardi, with issue. (First Marriage) Paola Grech, married 1768 Xewkija Gozo to Salvatore Cachia. Teodora Grech, amrried 1779 Xewkija Gozo to Grazio Valletta. Eugenia Grech, married 1762 Mosta to Salvatore de Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Grazia Grech, married 1782 Sannat Gozo to Michel’Angelo Galea. Gregorio Grech, married 1726 Matrice Gozo to Maria Vella, with issue. Francesco Grech, married 1777 Matrice Gozo to Maria de Brincat, with issue. Alonza Grech, married 1808 Xaghra Gozo to Giovanni Cassar. Giuseppe Grech, married 1796 Nadur Gozo to Grazia Debono, with issue. Teresa Grech, married 1815 Rabat Gozo to Gio Maria Mangion. Gerolina Grech, married 1753 Rabat Gozo to Benigno Farrugia. Teresa Grech, married 1760 Rabat Gozo to Matteolo Saliba. Rosa Grech, married 1765 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Tabone. Orazia Grech, married 1771 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Chetcuti. Paulica Grech, married 1713 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Falzon. Maria Grech, married 1715 Rabat Gozo to Lorenzo Zerafa. Antonio Grech, married 1700 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Mercieca, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1724 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Pace, with issue. Antonio Grech, married 1780 Valletta to Maria Felici. Candeloro Grech, amrried 1725 Matrice Gozo to Clemenza Xuereb, with issue. Gio Maria Grech, married 1757 Valletta to Paola Musci, with issue. Teresa Grech, married 1791 Valletta to Francesco Calleja. Giuseppe Grech, married 1757 Rabat Gozo to Angelica Debono, with issue. Caterina Grech, married 1791 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Borg. Francesco Grech, married 1797 Xewkija Gozo to Orsola Galea, with issue. Giorgio Grech, married 1826 Valletta to Teresa Bezzina. Aloiseo Grech, married 1795 Gharb Gozo to Grazia Vella, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1821 Rabat Gozo to Paolo Stellini. Anna Grech, married 1826 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Hili. Salvatore Grech, married 1819 Rabat Gozo to Rosina Abela. Antonio Grech, married 1787 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1809 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Saliba. Michele Grech, married 1835 Valletta to Rosa Grech (d/o Carlo and Vittoria Debono). Maria Grech, married 1796 Rabat Gozo to Michele Ellul. Benigno Grech, married (1) 1774 Rabat Gozo to Theresia Vella, married (2) 1777 Rabat Gozo to Anna Buttigieg. Angelo Grech, married 1778 Valletta to Teodora Bellia. Orsola Grech, married 1756 Rabat Gozo to Felice Grech (s./o Gio Maria and Angelica). Orazia Grech, married 1762 Rabat Gozo to Benegno Formosa. Domenico Grech, (Migrated to the Lipari Islands), married (1) 1692 Lipari Islands, Italy to Angela Lo Giudice, married (2) 1706 Rabat Gozo to Generosa Abela. Giovanni Maria Grech, married 1661 Rabat Gozo to Minichella Caruana. Alessandro Grech, married (1) 1653 Rabat Gozo to Padievia Xeberras,. married (2) 1653 Rabat Gozo to Margherita Fenech. Angelica Grech, married 1657 Rabat Gozo to Alessandro Farrugia, with issue. Giovanni Farrugia, married 1693 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Galea, with issue. Clara Farrugia, married 1709 Matrice Gozo to Nobilis Tomaso Pace. Paoluccio Grech, married 1638 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Vella. Lorenzo Grech, married 1633 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Abela, with issue. Poalucca Grech, married 1656 Rabat Gozo to Tomaso Mizzi. Angelo Grech, married (1) 1665 Rabat Gozo to Maria Vella, married (2) 1689 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Fenech, with issue. (First Marriage) Lorenzo Grech, married 1694 Matrice Gozo to Anna Fenech, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1723 Valletta to Domenico Gusman. Grazio Grech, married 1714 Senglea to Rosa Spagnol, with issue. Margherita Grech, married 1788 Cospicua to Giuseppe Saliba. Giorgio Grech, married 1699 Matrice Gozo to Maddalena Schembri. Vittoria Grech, married 1691 Matrice Gozo to Alessandro Pace. Bridga Grech, married 1699 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Cassar. Orlando Grech, married 1620 Rabat Gozo to Maria Agius, with issue. Giacomo Grech, married 1653 Cospicua to Isabella Condorato, with issue. Maddalena Grech, married 1665 Cospicua to Michele Malaxio. Domenica Grech, married 1652 Cospicua to Giovanni Cassar. Lazzaro Grech, married 1634 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Attard, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1659 Rabat Gozo to Marietta Cassar, with issue. Domenico Grech, married 1691 Rabat Gozo to Lazzara Caruana, with issue. Battista Grech, married 1733 Xaghra Gozo to Anna Refalo, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1768 Rabat Gozo to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Emmanuele Grech, married 1806 Valletta to Caterina Xicluna, with issue. Giovanni Grech, married 1837 Valletta to Grazia Camilleri. Lazzara Grech, married 1809 Valletta to Salvatore Vella. Michele Grech, married 1782 Matrice Gozo to Calcedonia Vassallo, with issue. Francesco Grech, married 1802 Valletta to Maria Grech (d/o Francesco and Margherita Galea). Maria Grech, married 1780 Matrice Gozo to Michele Xicluna. Pietro Grech, married 1693 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Mercieca. Paulica Grech, married (1) 1659 Matrice Gozo to Angelo Pace, married (2) 1674 Rabat Gozo to Grazio Mifsud. Salvo Grech, married 1647 Zebbug Malta to Valenza Zahra, with issue. Domenico Grech, married 1674 Zebbug Malta to Margareta Caruana, with issue. Giusto Grech, married 1690 Mdina to Natalizia Bonello, with issue. Domenico Grech, married 1739 Valletta to Angela Pace. Anna Grech, married 1714 Mdina to Giuseppe Bugeja. Giovanni Grech, married 1689 Mdina to Margherita Attard. Maria Grech., married 1693 Valletta to Pietro d’Amellis. (First marriage) Orlando Grech, married 1616 Matrice Gozo to Geronima Gauci. (First marriage) Alfonso Grech, married 1621 Matrice Gozo to Gioannella Abela. (First marriage) Elizabetta Grech, married 1620 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Gatt. (First marriage) Paolina Grech, married 1633 Matrice Gozo to Salvatore Decace. (First marriage) Geronima Grech, married 1625 Rabat Gozo to Gio Maria Vassallo. Nobile Biasi Chiumi, married 1598 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Antonina Azzopardi, married (2) 1618 Valletta to Caterina, former wife of Giorgio Sicili, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Mro Giovanni Chiumi, married to Claretta Buttigieg, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Chiumi, married 1673 Valletta to Mca Elena Mistre. Nobile Dianora Chiumi, married 1671 Valletta to Giovanni de Naso. Nobile Pasquale Pietro Chiumi, married 1542 (Notary Niccolo de Agatis) to Agata Staferrata, with issue. Nobile Margherita Chiumi, married 1586 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Paoluccio Dalli. Nobile Giorgio Chiumi, married (cousin) to Nobile Elena Chiumi, (see below), with issue. Nobile Giovanni Chiumi, married (cousin) to Nobile Muna Chiumi (see above), with issue. Nobile Mro Carlo Chiumi, married 1588 Zejtun to Giulia Darmenia, married (2) 1594 Zejtun to Nobile Valenza Ellul, with issue. (First marriage issue – Lusignan page). (Second marriage) Nobile Alessandro Chiumi, married 1631 Vittoriosa to Sofia Del Zante. Nobile Elizabetta Chiumi, married 1599 (Notary Gio Domenico Pace) to Felice de Carlo. Nobile Laurenzio Chiumi, married to Lucia N, with issue. Nobile Agata Chiumi, married 1545 (Notary Don Brandino Caxaro) to Zaccaro Baldassan. Nobile Antonio Chiumi, married to Bernarda Imbroll, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Chiumi, married to Ippolita Marsiglia, (Testamento 1612 by Notary Giovanni Simone de Lucia). Nobile Bernardino Chiumi, married 1596 (Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Agata Micci. Nobile Anna Chiumi, married (cousin) to Nobile Lorenzo Chiumi, (see above). Nobile Elena Chiumi, married (cousin) to Nobile Giorgio Chiumi, (see above). Nobile Milite Lenzu Chiumi, Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420. Nobile Milite Lukimu Chiumi, Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420. Nobile Milite Micheli Chiumi, Listed in the Milita List 1419-1420.