Laferla Family.

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1. Nicola La Ferla, married to Domenica N, with issue.

1.1. Giuseppe La Feria, married 1657 Valletta to Grazia Grech, with issue. 

1.1.1. Pietro La Ferla, married 1692 Valletta to Rosa Borg, with issue. Paolo La Ferla, married 1718 to Donna Maria Mazzara, with issue. Massmiliano La Ferla., married 1752 Valletta to Elena di Madiona with issue. Desiderio La Ferla, married 1773 Valletta to Margherita Farrugia, with issue. Vincenzo Laferla, married 1819 to Marianna Garzin, with issue. Raimondo Guglielmo Laferla, married to Carolina Arrigo, with issue. William Laferla. Josephine Laferla, married Victor Bugeja. Blanche Laferla, married Wilfred Podesta, with issue. Anna Maria Podesta, (1939 Qormi -). Edwige Laferla, married Tancredi Aquilina. Humberti Laferla, married Elizabeth Borg, with issue. Giuseppe Laferla, (1923-2018), married 1950 to Noble Doris Caruana Dingli dei Marchesi di Fiddien., with issue. Nobile Dr John Laferla LLD, (1951-2003), Hereditary Noble of Hungary, 9th Marchese di Fiddien, married to Dr Notary Jeanetta Saliba LLD, with issue. Nobile Dr Michael Joseph Laferla LLD, (1984-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary10th Marchese di Fiddien, married 2015 to Daniela Vella, with issue. Nobile Jan Laferla, Hereditary Noble of HungaryMarchesino di Fiddien, (2015-. Nobile Bertha Laferla, (1954-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, maried 1977 to Anthony Darmanin dei Marchesi Bugeja. Mary Laferla. Caroline Laferla, married 1910 to Alexander Aloisio. William Laferla. John Laferla. Guglielmo Laferla, married 1826 to Rosalia Sapiano, with issue. Emmanuele Laferla, married 1858 Valletta to Marianna Sammut, with issue. Amabile Laferla, married 1886 to Mary Laferla, with issue. William Laferla, married Carmen Cefai, with issue. Josephine Laferla, married Paul Vella. Emmanuele Laferla. Mary Laferla. Frances Laferla. Emmanuele Laferla, married Mary Whaling. Victor Laferla. Giulia Laferla, married Adolphe Parnis. Charles Laferla. Lulu Laferla. Henry Laferla. Marianna Laferla, married 1870 Birkirkara to Benjamin Martin. Marianna Laferla., married 1797 to Saverio Farrugia., married (2) 1807 to Giovanni Schembri. Aloiseo Laferla, married 1828 Valletta to Vincenza Lanfranco, with issue. Carmelo Laferla, married 1858 Birkirkara to Carmela Regnaud, with issue. Salvatore Laferla, married 1906 Birkirkara to Elena Ciantar. Giuseppe Laferla, married 1896 Birkirkara to Maria Antonia Mifsud. Antonio Laferla, married 1914 Birkirkara to Maria Cassar. Rosa Laferla., married 1769 Valletta to Chco. Filippo Perini., with issue. Massilimiliano Perini., married 1814 Valletta to Maria Rosa Benedetta Casha, with issue. Filippo Perini, married 1844 Rabat Gozo to Marianna Mizzi, with issue. Benedetta Perini, married 1876 Birkirkara to Ignazio Sammut, Chemist. Francesco Perini., married 1819 Valletta to Marianna Pace, with issue. Loretta Perini, married 1856 Birkirkara to Antonio Agius. Adelaide Perini, married 1857 Birkirkara to Francesco Casha. Emilia Perini, married 1859 Birkirkara to Paolo Formosa. Giovanna Perini, married 1864 Birkirkara to Lorenzo Muscat. Filomena Perini, married 1867 Birkirkara to Francesco Vassallo. Carmelo Perini, married 1854 Cospicua to Caterina Agius. Elena Perini., married 1826 to Emmanuele Vella. Rosa Perini, married to Major Francesco Busietta. Paolo Perini, married 1838 Valletta to Carmela Vidal, with issue. Elena Perini, married (1) 1855 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Schembri, married (2) 1868 to Dr Tancred Pace JUD. Publio Perini, married 1839 Valletta to Carmela Cordina Giuseppa Laferla., married 1771 to Francesco Zimelli. Paolo Laferla., married 1775 Valletta to Maria Pulis. Gio Batta Laferla., married 1778 Qormi to Grazia Debono. Pietro Laferla., married 1748 to Maria di Madiona.. , with issue. Clothide Laferla. Caterina Laferla, married 1781 to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. Carmelo Camilleri, married 1802 to Innocenza Gatto, with issue. Elena Laferla, married 1799 Catania, Sicily to Don Placido Nuzzo, with issue. Giuseppe Nuzzo, married 1820 Valletta to Anna Ullo, with issue. Antonia Nuzzo, married 1847 St Croix, Tunisia to Gioacchino Luigi Fenech. Domenica Maria Antonia Nuzzo, married 1838 Valletta to Domenico Giovanni Fenech. Maria Francesca Nuzzo, married 1845 Valletta to Gio Francesco Fenech. Concetta Nuzzo, married 1857 Valletta to Giovanni Xuereb. Emanuele Nuzzo, married 1848 Valletta to Emanuela Ferfaz. Michele Angelo Nuzzo, married 1851 Valletta to Anna Caruana. Michele Nuzzo, married 1837 Valletta to Giuseppa Wandersckraff, with issue. Giacinta Nuzzo, married 1863 Valletta to Gaetano Arena. Elena Nuzzo, married 1863 Valletta to Carlo Salarcano. Paolo Nuzzo, married 1848 Valletta to Louisa Marrochi, with issue. Agata Nuzzo, married 1896 Valletta to Giorgio Roncali. Maria Teresa Nuzzo, (1851-1923), Founders of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart, [Times of Malta], dunm. Filippo Nuzzo, married 1857 Valletta to Maria Aurora Morrachi. Francesco Saverio Nuzzo, married 1871 Valletta to Maria Aurora Morrachi. Paolo Laferla, married 1768 Valletta to Generosa Caloriti, with issue. Salvatore Laferla, married 1790 Valletta to Maria Anna Fenech, with issue. Emmanuela Laferla, married 1817 Valletta to Pietro Vittorio Clary. Maria Rosa Laferla, married 1817 Valletta to Giuseppe Sammut. Calcedonia Laferla, married 1813 Valletta to Francesco Borg. Antonia Laferla, married 1814 Valletta to Francesco Gianni. Carmela Laferla, married 1825 Valletta to Lorenzo Xicluna. Gaetano Laferla, married 1801 Senglea to Rosa Amaira. Pietro Laferla, married 1801 Valletta to Vincenza Grech. Vincenzo Laferla, married 1805 Valletta to Maria Concetta Sorbellon. Giuseppe Laferla, married 1781 Valletta to Teodora Aquilina, with issue. Pietro Laferla, married 1806 Valletta to Maria Anna de Battista, with issue. Emmanuela Laferla, married 1827 Valletta to Nicola Pace. Carmela Laferla, married 1829 Valletta to Pasqua Camenzuli, with issue. Vincenzo Laferla, married 1850 Valletta to Anna Calleja. Calcedonio Laferla, married 1821 Valletta to Rosa Psaila, with issue. Lorenza Laferla, married 1848 Birkirkara to Domenico Magri, with issue. Rosa Magri, married 1865 Birkirkara to Gabriele Azzopardi. Giovanna Laferla, married 1852 Birkirkara to Antonio Mangion. Giovanna Laferla., married 1756 to Carlo Cauchi., with issue. Ignazio Cauchi, married 1813 to Maria Fournier. Regina Laferla., married 1753 to Gabriele Zammit. Felicitia Laferla., married 1747 to Filippo Schembri. Gaetana Laferla., married 1747 to Francesco Zammit. Maddalena Laferla., married 1762 to Domenico Bartolo. Felice La Ferla., married 1745 to Rosa Dingli., with issue. Pietro Paolo La Ferla Dingli., married 1769 to Maria Formosa de Fremaux., with issue. Rosa Laferla., married (1) 1796 to Gio Batta Sammut., married (2) 1801 to Not. Geronimo Nani. Giuseppe Laferla., married 1781 to Teodora Aquilina., with issue. Rosa Laferla., married 1813 to Alessandro Manni. Caterina Laferla., married 1781 to Dr. Giuseppe Camilleri JUD., with issue. Carmelo Laferla., married 1802 to Innocenza Debono. Francesco Laferla., married Maria Grech. Modesta La Ferla., married 1735 to Giuseppe Attard. Giuseppe La Ferla., married 1729 to Maddalena Francesco., with issue. Concetta La Ferla, married to Conte Luigi Gaetani, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta. Concetta La Ferla, married Conte Cesare Gaetani, Capitano e Senatore di Siracusa. Anna La Ferla, married 1747 Valletta to Michele Borg. Maria La Ferla, married 1742 Valletta to Giuseppe Andre. Modesta La Ferla, married 1735 Valletta to Giuseppe Attard.

1.1.2. Eufemia La Ferla, married 1678 Valletta to Francesco Aquilina.

1.1.3. Matteola La Ferla, married 1681 Valletta to Gaetano Camilleri, with issue. Aloisio Camilleri, married 1719 Valletta to Rosa Portelli, with issue. Francesco Camilleri, married 1743 Valletta to Leopolda Ippolita Bardon, with issue. Vincenza Camilleri, married 1777 Valletta to Michel Angelo Nuzzo.

1.1.4. Maria La Ferla, married 1688 Valletta to Giuseppe Pullicino.


[1]: Giuseppe Miggiani ancestry –.

       1. Francesco Miggiani, married to Giuseppa Xuereb, with issue. (Cannot locate marriage).

       1.1. Rosario Miggiani, married (1) to N, married (2) 1909 Floriana to Anna Mifsud, with issue.

       1.1.1. Giuseppa Miggiani, married 1933 Floriana to Paul Pisano, (See above).

Anna Mifsud lineage –.

       1. Ludovico Mifsud, married to Cristina Coreschi, with issue.

       1.1. Giuseppe Mifsud, married 1884 Floriana to Carmela Borg, (daughter of Giovanni Borg and Anna Zammit), with issue.

       1.1.1. Anna Mifsud, married 1909 Floriana to Rosario Miggiani.