The Veneziano family.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.


Francesco Veneziano, married with issue.

1. Giacomo Veneziano, married 1626 Zurrieq to Marietta Sant, with issue.

1.1. Alessandro Veneziano, married 1652 Cospicua to Donna Evangelista Inguanez, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Veneziano, married 1678 Ghaxaq to Margherita Caruana, with issue. Rosa Veneziano, married 1708 Cospicua to Diego Brignone of Santoleria, Italy, with issue. Giuseppe Brignone, married 1741 Cospicua to Aloisia Billardelli, with issue. Salvatore Brignone, married 1779 Senglea to Maria Santo Chierco, with issue. Barbara Brignone, married 1801 Senglea to Giuseppe Cefai. Giuseppe Brignone, married 1801 Senglea to Rosalia Cefai, with issue. Salvatore Brignone, married (1) 1833 Cospicua to Maria Palma Diangeli, married (2) 1841 Senglea to Maria Longobardo. Clara Brignone, married 1841 Senglea to Bernardo Longobardo.

2. Zannetto Veneziano, married (1) 1601 Cospicua to Caterina Pace, married (2) 1603 Cospicua to Florenzica Pace, with issue.

2.1. (First marriage) Margherita Veneziano, married to Paolo Bonavita.
2.2. Matteo Veneziano, married 1736 to Caterina N, with issue.
2.2.1. Marietta Veneziano, married 1666 Senglea to Antonio Treti, with issue. Giacobina Treti. Saverio Treti, married to Maria N, with issue. Gaetano Treti. Veneranda Treti. Maurilla Treti. Giuseppa Treti. M’Anelo Treti., married to Maria N, with issue. Giuseppe Treti. Giuseppa Treti. Tomaso Treti, married 1722 Senglea to Modesta Saliba, with issue. Maria Treti, married 1747 Borgo to Aloiseo Abeyer. Rosa Treti, married 1765 Micabiba to Michele Galea. Filippa Treti, married 1753 Senglea to Fortunato Agius, with issue. Teresa Agius. Francesco Agius, married 1774 Cospicua to Caterina Zahra. Filippo Treti, married 1728 Senglea to Teresa Carbon. Maddalena Treti. Camillo Treti, married to Pasquala Fecia, with issue. Elizabetta Treti. Giuseppe Treti. Maria Treti, married 1739 Cospicua to Giovanni Bonnici, with issue. Benedetto Bonnici, married 1769 Senglea to Teresa Angilotti, with issue. Maria Bonnici. Maddalena Treti. Caterina Treti, married to Domenico Corcagna, with issue. Marietta Corcagna, married to Bartolomeo Seychell. Michele Angelo Treti, married 1704 Senglea to Maria Piscionni, with issue. Filippo Treti, married 1728 Senglea to Teresa Carbone, with issue. Filippo Treti sives Preti, married 1755 Valletta to Aloisia Dalgado, with issue. Salvatore Preti, married 1788 Senglea to Filippa Falzon. Regina Preti, married 1791 Senglea to Michele di Giovanni. Maria Teresa Preti, married 1777 Valletta to Giuseppe Formosa, with issue. Vincenza Preti, married 1801 Senglea to Francesco Glivau, with issue. Giovanni Gilvau, married 1829 Senglea to Teresa Baghett. Giuseppe Gilvau, married (1) 1839 Senglea to Rosala Chetcuti, married 1841 Cospicua to Caterina Minuti. Anna Preti, married (1) 1801 Senglea to Ludovic Grech, married (2) 1822 Senglea to Paolo Pace, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Grech, married 1830 Senglea to Grazia Baghett. Ignazia Preti, married 1738 Valletta to Antonio Leone of Naples, with issue. Fioralba Leone, married 1765 Valletta to Marco Antonio Borg. Rosa Preti, married 1765 Mqabba to Michele Galea.
2.2.2. Grazio Veneziano married 1671 Tarxiem to Petronilla Farrugia, with issue. Pasquale Veneziano, married 1711 Tarxiem to Eufemia Ellul, with issue. Domenico Veneziano, married 1743 Curmi to Maria Galea. Francesco Veneziano, married 1733 Tarxiem to Grazia Mifsud, with issue. Gio Batta Veneziano, married 1751 Tarxiem to Caterina Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Veneziano, married 1786 Tarxiem to Maria Zahra. Modesta Veneziano, married 1777 Tarxiem to Pasquale Bonnici. Tommaso Veneziano, married 1710 Tarxiem to Andrianna Bugeja, with issue. Saverio Veneziano, married 1733 Tarxiem to Evangelista Biduco, with issue. Maria Veneziano, married 1761 Tarxiem to Giuseppe Zammit. Isabella Veneziano, married 1770 Tarxiem to Giovanni Barbara. Giuseppe Veneziano, married (1) 1697 Tarxiem to Teresa Farrugia, married (2) 1717 Zebbug to Domenica Magro, with issue. (First Marriage) Petronilla Veneziano. (Second Marriage) Maria Veneziano, married 1722 to Salvatore Camenzuli. Giovanni Veneziano, married to Rosa N. Filippo Veneziano, married 1712 Tarxiem to Maria Vella, with issue. Paolica Veneziano. Serafina Veneziano, married 1745 to Giovanni Spiteri. Rosa Teodora Veneziano, married 1737 to Gio Batta Balzan, with issue. Giuseppe Balzan, married 1770 Zeitun to Geronima Flamingo. Maria Balzan, married 1776 to Giuseppe Xicluna. Vittoria Balzan, married 1785 to Antonio Gerada. Grazio Veneziano.
2.3. (Second marriage) Matteo Veneziano, married to Caterina N, with issue.
2.3.1. Grazio Veneziano, married 1671 Tarxien to Petronilla Farrugia, with issue. Tomaso Veneziano, married 1710 Tarxiem to Andrianna Bugeja, with issue. Saverio Veneziano, married 1733 Tarxien to Evangelista Bianco, with issue. Maria Veneziano, married 1761 Tarxien  to Giuseppe Zammut., with issue. Cristina Zammut, married 1782 Tarxiem to Paolo Tonna. Francesco Veneziano, migrated to Spain, married (1) 1760 Luqa to Anna Spiteri, married (2) to Josefa Tedesco, with issue. (First marriage) Ana Maria Veneciano Spiteri, (1760-1819 Alicante), married to Juan Espanol Galia, with issue. Dolores Espanol Veneciano, (1805-1885), married to Miguel Esquembre Caruana. Francisco Espanol Veneciano, (1808-1871), married (1) to Maria Teres Gras, married (2) to Maria Aznar. Miguel Espanol Veneciano, (1810-), married to Josefa Gras Puerto. Jose Espanol Veneciano, (1810-). Juan Lorenzo Espanol Veneciano, (1810-), married to Maria Antonia Elull Alcaraz. Ana Maria Espanol Veneciano, (1813-1864), married to Jose Bonavia Caruana. Maria Veneciano Spiteri, (1760-), married to Jaime Esquembre Aquilina. (Second marriage) Francisca Antonia Veneciano Tudesco, (1775-1863), married to Julian Preito. Francesco Veneziano, married 1723 Tarxien to Grazia Mifsud. Maria Veneziano, married (1) 1702 Tarxien to Claudio Cimini, married (2) 1716 Tarxien to Giuseppe Camilleri, with issue. (First marriage) Eufemia Cimino, married to Tommaso di Giovanni. Filippo Veneziano, married 1712 Tarxien to Maria Vella. Pasquale Veneziano, married 1711 Tarxien to Eufemia Ellul. Giuseppe Veneziano, married 1697 Tarxien to Teresa Farrugia.
2.3.2. Francesco Veneziano, married 1639 Cospicua to Domenica Abela, with issue. Antonia Veneziano, married to Giorgio Grech, with issue. Argenta Grech. Maddalena Grech, married to Andrea Corfu, with issue. Anna Corfu. Francesco Corfu, married 1716 Borgo to Florinda N. Clemente Grech, married to Margherita Grima, with issue. Anna Grech, married 1703 to Alessandro Bonnici. Ubaldesca Grech, married 1713 Borgo to Domenico Buongiorno, with issue. Maria Buongiorno, married 1731 Valletta to Gio Paolo Montosin. Rosa Grech, married 1721 Borgo to Orlando Cimsolla. Evangelista Veneziano, married 1663 to Ludovico Gafa, with issue. Anna Gafa. Eugenia Gafa, married to Alonso Xiriha, with issue. Maria Xiriha, married to Alessandro Baron. Graziulla Xiriha, married 1712 Cospicua to Giovanni Ciumi. Demetrio Veneziano, married 1635 Valletta to Geronima de Torres.6th Baroness di Fiddien, with issue. Lazzaro Veneziano, 7th Barone di Fiddien, married 1651 Valletta to Princess Marietta Rosa Paleologo, with issue. Giuseppe Veneziano, 8th Barone di Fiddien, (Sold title/fief to the Grand Master of St John in 1723), married (1) 1669 Valletta to Giovanna di Maggio of Syacusa, Sicily, married (2) 1704 Valletta to Domenica Tanti, with issue (in Sicily and in Malta). Nobile Maria Veneziano, married (1) 1700 Valletta to Antonio Attard, married (2) 1709 Valletta to Gisueppe Ferrera, with issue. (First marriage) Mro Salvatore Attard, married (1) 1727 Cospicua to Rosalia Bruno, married (2) 1729 Valletta to Rosa Fenech. (Second marriage) Agostino Ferrera, married 1740 Valletta to Aloisea Sammut, with issue. Caterina Ferrera, married 1761 Cospicua to Gio Battista Camilleri, with issue. Anna Maria Camilleri Ferrera, married 1783 Cospicua to Claudio Albanese. Maria Ferrera, married 1762 Valletta to Giuseppe Giano.