The family of Ventura,

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.


Stamatello Ventura, married 1640 to Ursula de Cassia, with issue.
1. Panafotti Ventura, married 1683 to Domitilla N, with issue.
1.1. Francesco Ventura, married 1732 Cospicua to Teresa di Antonio, with issue.
1.1.1. Giovanni Ventura, married 1778 Cospicua to Anna Cassar, with issue. Luigi Ventura. Francesco Ventura, married N. Caruana, with issue. Giuseppe Ventura. Michael Angel Ventura, married to Giovanna Meilak, with issue. Carmelo Ventura, (d. 1944), married to Carmela Grima, dsp. Giuseppe Ventura RN., dunm. Maria Ventura, dunm. Filomena Ventura, married to William Coster RN. Michele Ventura, (1871-1942), married to Angelica Aquilina, with issue. George Ventura, (1912-., married with issue. Anthony Ventura, (1950-, married to Giorgina Camilleri, with issue. Giogette Ventura, (1978-, married to Adrian Grech., with issue. Joseph Grech, (2002-. Anthony Ventura, (1985-. Angelica Ventura, (1945-, married to Joseph Galea, with issue. Anabelle Galea, (1969-, married to Ivan Fsadni. Josette Galea, (1966-. Michael Ventura, d.inf. Josephine Ventura, (1944-. Francis Ventura, dunm. Giuseppe Ventura, d. 1944, married 1942, dsp. Salvatore Ventura, (1903-). BEM., married to Fortunata Portelli, with issue. Concetta Ventura, (1928-, married to Paul Chircop, with issue. Francis Chircop Ventura, (1953-, married to Speranza Attard, with issue. Jacqueline Chircop Ventura, (1983-. Ninette Ventura, dunm. Josephine Ventura, (1931-, married to Joseph Galea, with issue. Raymond Galea, (1958-, married to Mariella Bilocca, with issue. Claire Galea, (1966-. Joanna Galea. Francis Ventura, d.inf. Carmen Ventura, (1939-, married to Henry Formosa, with issue. Kenneth Formosa Ventura, (1972-, married 2000 to Ruth L. Muscat, with issue. Luigi Formosa Ventura, (2001-. Charles Ventura, d.inf. Elizabeth Ventura, d.inf. Angelica Ventura, (1932-, married 1954 to Michael Savona. Francesco Ventura, (1862-), married to Marianna Mamo, with issue. Giovanni Ventura, died in Turkey, dunm. Paolo Ventura, (1908-35), married 1935 to Martha Stilato, with issue. Anthony Ventura., (1937-, married 1970 to Dorothy Grech Sant, with issue. Lilian Claire Ventura, (1978-, married to N. Pace Balzan. Mary Rose Ventura, (d. 1983), married to John Catania, with issue. Conrad Catania. Adrian Catania. Angela Ventura, (1895-1984), married to Emidio Chetcuti, with issue. Monica Chetcuti. Marie Chetcuti., (1933-, married 1959 to Ignatius Borg, with issue. John Borg, (1960-, married 1987 to Mariella Zammit. Veronica Borg, (1963-, married 1993 to Anthony Bezzina. Anthony Borg, (1965-. Paolina Ventura, (1896-1954), married 1918 to Anthony Zahra, with issue. John Zahra., (1921-72), married to Mary Demicoli, with issue. John Zahra, married with issue. John Zahra. Mary Anne Zahra. Pauline Zahra, (1956-. Josette Zahra. Mary Anne Zahra., (1924-88), married 1946 to Joseph Mary Galea, with issue. Edwin Galea, (1948-, married 1946 to Maria Ganado, with issue. Anthony Galea, (1978-. Anna Galea, (1980-. Angela Galea, (1983-. Adrian Galea, (1985-. Adreana Galea, (1990-. Dr Philip Galea LLD., (1951-, married to Caroline Mercieca, with issue. Christina Galea, (1979-. Julian Galea, (1981-. Camilla Galea, (1989-. Joanna Galea, (1953-, married 1978 to Edgar Brincat, with issue. Sarah Brincat, (1980-. Paul Galea, (1956-, married 1980 to Anne Staines, with issue. Robert Galea, (1981-. Rachel Galea, (1983-. Joseph Galea, (1988-. Paula Antonia Zahra., (1927-, married 1955 to Mark Albert Vella, with issue. Dr Mark Anthony Vella MD, married 1984 to Patrica Burrows, with issue. James Jonathan Vella Burrows, (1986-. Nicola Kate Vella Burrows, (1988-. Raymond Mario Vella, (1958-, married 1981 to Lucienne Blake, with issue. Francesca Paula Vella Blake, (1985-. Jonathan Mark Vella Blake, (1988-. Emmanuele Ventura, (1898-1988), married 1928 to Evelyn Borda, with issue. Joseph Ventura, married 1956 to Josephine Vassallo, with issue. Anthony Mary Ventura, (1957-. Ivan Paul Ventura, (1959-. Marie Simone Ventura, (1961-, married to Anthony James Chase. Rita Lorraine Ventura, (1964-. Carmela Ventura, (1929-. Marie Louise Ventura, (1935-. Attilio Ventura, (1931-, married 1957 to Nathalie Spiteri Fiteni, with issue. Attilo Massimo Ventura, (1959-, married to Donna Calendar. Maria Pia Ventura, (1962-, married to Andrew Boyd. Roberta Anna Ventura, (1958-, married 1989 to Alexander Kohn. Anthony Ventura, dunm. Lucia Ventura, dunm. Gaetano Ventura, (1910-), dunm. Carnela Ventura, (1906-), dunm. Carmelo Ventura, (1914-99), married to Mary Micallef, with issue. Marion Ventura., married to Alfred Guillaumier. Carmen Ventura. Joseph Ventura., d.inf. Giuseppe Ventura, (1904-82), married 1942 to Mary O’Brien, with issue. Katheleen Ventura, (1945-., married 1978 to John Borg. Charles Ventura (1948-., married 1992 to Wilma Grech. Monica Ventura, (1946-, married 1972 to Charles Fenech. John Ventura, (1953-. Maryanne Ventura, (1950-. Francis Ventura B.Sc, (1943-, Married 1972 to Miriam Borg, with issue. Antonelle Ventura, (1973-. Dr Vanessa Ventura MD., (1975-. Adrian Ventura, (1981-. Elizabetta Ventura, married 1768 Cospicua to Paolo Gucciardi ‘sives Cucciardi’, with issue. Francesco Cucciardi, married 1794 Cospicua to Brigita Schembri, with issue. Paolo Cucciardi, married 1821 Zejtun to Concetta Marmara. Maria Rosaria Cucciardi, married 1840 Cospicua to Salvatore Farrugia. Graziulla Ventura, married 1773 Cospicua to Gio Domenico Buda.
1.1.2. Elizabetta Ventura, married 1768 Cospicua to Paolo Giucciardi sives Ciucciardi.
1.2. Paolo Ventura, married 1729 Cospicua to Maddalena Lautier.
1.3. Angelo Ventura, married 1762 Valletta to Anna Maria Fenech.
2. Giulia Ventura, married 1668 to Candiano di Roma, (1635-), Receiver of Imports in Moree, with issue.
2.1. Francesco di Roma, (1670-1742), Defended Corfu in 1716, 1727 and 1731. Created Conte 1723 by the Venetian Empire and a Colonel, married 1724 Birgu Malta to Faustina Serra, with issue.
2.1.1. Conte Giorgio di Roma, (1725-96), Senator of Venice, Consul of Venice in Arcadia 1780., married 1767 to Diamantina dei Conti Capnissi, with issue. Conte Dionyssios di Roma, (1771-1857), Consul of Venice in Moree, Ambassador in Paris 1810., married 1797 to Adriana Stavraki-Locatelli, with issue. Conte Giorgio-Candiano di Roma, (1798-1860), created “d’Altresse”., married to Orsola dei Conti Balsamo, with issue. Conte Nicolas di Roma, (1823-75), Greek Army, married to Roxanne Spiro-Paul, with issue. Conte Camillo di Roma, (1825-), married to Adele Knekitch, (sister of the Princess of Montenegro), dsp. Conte Spiridion di Roma, (1826-81), Deputy of Zante, married to Princess Aspanie Mourousi, with issue. Contessa Orsola di Roma, (d. 1940), married to Cyriague Mavromichalis, Prime Minister of Greece, with issue. Conte Candiano-Cesar di Roma, (1827-92), ADC to King Otto of Greece, married to Maria Kosaki Tipaldo, with issue. Conte Giorgio di Roma, (1832-1910), dunm. Conte Pierre di Roma, (1833-1914), Deputy in Braila in Roumania, married (1) to Princess Sophia Ypsilanti, married (2) to Princess Marie Vogoridi, with issue. Conte Robert di Roma, (1834-1920), Deputy in Zante, dunm. Contessa Diamantina di Roma, (d. 1893), married 1856 to Sir George Ferguson Bowen GCMG, 1st Governor of Queensland, Australia 1859 -1868, 5th Governor of New Zealand 1868-1873, 5th Governor of Victoria, Australia 1873-1879, 13th Governor of Mauritius 1879 -1883, 9th Governor of Hong Kong, 1883 – 1887, with issue. Conte Giorgio-Demetrio di Roma, (1806-74), Professor in Bologna, Deputy in Zante, married to Luisa de Rossi, with issue. Contessa Susanne di Roma, (1846-1903), married to Conte Giovanni Comuto. Conte Ludovico di Roma, (1848-1907), Deputy in Zante, dunm. Contessa Chryssula di Roma, married to Antonio Micalizzi.
2.1.2. Conte Zan-Dario di Roma, (1728-31), d.inf.
2.1.3. Contessa Maria di Roma, (1737-), married 1759 to Nicolo Siguro.