The Serracino Family.

Last update; 13-02-2024.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed here.

1. Giuseppe Carlo Saracino, marriried 1685 Matrice Gozo to Anna Vella, with issue.
1.1. Tomaso Saracino, married 1729 Zejtun to Lorenza Castagna, with issue.
1.1.1. Felice Saracino, married (1) 1766 Vittoriosa to Anna Camenzuli, married (2) 1782 Mdina to Rosa Micallef, with issue. (Second marriage) Vincenzo Saracino, married 1815 Cospicua to Anna Maria Cassar, with issue. Felice Seracino, married 1860 Vittoriosa to Maria Antonia Gatt, with issue. Calogero Seracino, married 1899 Vittoriosa to Lorenza Letrizza-Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Seracino, married 1929 Vittoriosa to Carmela Ambrogo. Filippo Giuseppe Seracino, married 1887 Vittoriosa to Lorenza de Gabriele, with issue. Maria Antonia Seracino, married 1923 Vittoriosa to Carmelo Borg. Feliciana Seracino, married 1917 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Darmanin. Maria Carmela Seracino, married 1887 Vittoriosa to Carmelo Boffa. Anna Seracino, married 1891 Vittoriosa to Clemenzo Vella. Giuseppe Saracino, married 1828 Cospicua to Evangelista Franceschini, with issue. Angelo Seracino, married (1) 1853 Vittoriosa to Sapienza Patinott, married (2) 1857 Cospicua to Marianna Spiteri, with issue. (Second marriage) Antonio Serracino, married to Pia Inglott, with issue. Erin Serracino Inglott, (1904-1983), married to Leonilda Gatt, (d. 1977), with issue. Mario Serracino Inglott, (1934-, married 1960 to Joan Antilda Fsadni, with issue. Lara Serracino Inglott. Vanda Serracino Inglott. Laura Serracino Inglott, married to Dr George Boffa MD, OAM, KM. Aldo Serracino Inglott. Selma Serracino Inglott. Oscar Serracino Inglott, (1905-1957), married to Mary Calamatta, with issue. Rev Professor Peter Serracino Inglott, KOM, (1936-2012), dunm. Miriam Serracino Inglott. George Serracino Inglott. Carmelo Serracino Inglott, (1944-, married 1969 to Eileen Camilleri, with issue. Kerstin Serracino Inglott, married to Christopher Rizzo, with issue. Timmy Rizzo, (2004-. Martina Rizzo, (2006-. Gretchen Serracino Inglott, married to Michael Mifsud, with issue. Nicholas Mifsud, (2003-. Sarah Mifsud, (2006-. Josephine Serracino Inglott, (1941-, married to Vincent Bonett, with issue. Elizabeth Bonett. Monica Bonett, B.Pharm (Hons), M.Sc (York), married 2002 to Dr David J. Duke, B.Sc (Hons), Ph.D. Pierre Bonett. Michael Bonett. Professor Anthony Serracino Inglott, married to Imelda Cachia. Franco Serracino Inglott, (1948-2002), married 1974 to Carmen Degiorgio, with issue. Nicolette Serracino Inglott, (1975-, married 1998 to Christopher Bezzina, with issue. Paolo Bezzina, (2001-. Benjamin Bezzina, (2001-. Simeon Bezzina, (2007-. Stephen Serracino Inglott, (1978-, married 2008 to Els Goes. Clementina Serracino Inglott, married to Louis Pisani. Lucy Serracino Inglott. Ido Serracino Inglott, (1910-1964), dunm. Hilda Serracino Inglott, (1912-1978), married to N. Bonnici. Sofia Serracino Inglott, (1915-1961), married to N. Cardona. Rev Ugo Serracino Inglott, (1917-1983), dunm. Vincenzo Seracino, married 1854 Cospicua to Margherita Mallia, with issue. Carmela Seracino, married 1879 Vittoriosa to Gio Battista Borg. Rosina Seracino, married 1883 Vittoriosa to Samuele Harrison. Virginia Seracino, married 1893 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Fountain. Evangelista Seracino, married 1896 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Inguanez. Gaetano Saracino, married (1) Dianora Spiteri, married (2) 1845 Vittoriosa to Anna Vincenti, married (3) 1851 Vittoriosa to Margherita Caruana, with issue. (First marriage) Marianna Saracino, married 1860 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Vella. (Third marriage) Maria Dolores Saracino, married 1876 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Waddel. Domenica Saracino, married 1885 Vittoriosa to George Nichols of UK. Maria Saracino, married 1809 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Tanti. Lorenza Saracino, married 1814 Vittoriosa to Gio Andrea Baghett. Cristina Saracino, married 1814 Vittoriosa to Francesco Vassallo.
1.1.2. Antonio Saracino, married 1756 Vittoriosa to Maria Stellini, with issue. Andrea Saracino, married 1789 Valletta to Caterina Zarb. Giuseppa Saracino, married 1777 Valletta to Michele Saccasan. Caterina Saracino, married 1788 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Libreri. Calcedonia Saracino, married 1785 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Farrugia.
1.1.3. Francesco Saracino, married (1) 1762 Vittoriosa to Maria di Giorgio, married (2) 1791 Vittoriosa to Maria Tonna, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Saracino, married 1788 Vittoriosa to Silvestro Gatt. Antonio Saracino, married 1791 Vittoriosa to Antonina Cordina, married 1807 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Schembri. Liberata Saracino, married 1791 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Grima. Lorenza Saracino, married 1810 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Pace.
1.1.4. Carlo Saracino, married 1764 Vittoriosa to Margherita Micallef, with issue. Tomaso Serracino, married 1796 Vittoriosa to Anna Vella. Sancto Serracino, married (1) 1804 Vittoriosa to Nobile Teresa Ellul dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married (2) 1830 Vittoriosa to Grazia Caruana, married (3) 1849 Gharb Gozo to Evangelista Borg, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Carlo Serracino dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1827 Vittoriosa to Rosanna Farrugia, with issue. Nobile Aloisio Serracino dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1845 Vittoriosa to Giuseppa Borg. Nobile Margherita Serracino dei Baroni di Benwarrad, married 1830 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Calleja. Lorenzo Serracino, married 1796 Vittoriosa to Caterina Fucar, with issue. Giuseppe Serracino, married 1828 Vittoriosa to Teresa Rodo. Gio Nicola Serracino, married 1832 Vittoriosa to Maria Carmela Sultana, with issue. Giuseppa Serracino, married 1857 Vittoriosa to Giovanni de Lorenzo.

1.1.5. Maria Saracino, married 1772 Vittoriosa to Salvatore Farrugia.
1.2. Margherita Saracino, married (1) 1699 Cospicua to Francesco Rebello, married (2) 1735 Vittoriosa to Nicola Giammello.