Castriota sives Castriota di Albanie.
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1.  Banielo Castriota (d.1379) from Serbia, Governor of Canina 1368-1379, with issue.
1.1.1.  Costantino Castriota, (d. 1402), Signore di Signa e Croia., married Princess Elena Thopia of Albania, dsp.
1.1.2.  Giovanni Castriota, (d. 1443), Signore di Matia e Vumenestia., married to Voisava Tripalda, Signorina di Polog., with issue.  Stanisto Castriota, married to Despina Arianiti Comneno, with issue. Branilo Castriota, (d. 1463), Cr: Conte di Mat 1450., Governor of Croia, married Maria Zarderi., with issue.  Isabella Castriota, married 1518 to Guido Ferramosca, 2nd Conte di Mignano Monte Lungo.  Giovanni Castriota (d. 1514), Cr: 1494 Conte di Copertino, 1505, Duca di Ferrandina in Naples., married Giovanna Gaetani dell’Aquila d’Aragona., with issue.  Donna Maria Castriota, (d. 1560), Duchesse di Ferrandina., married to Antonio Castriota (Her Cousin).   Donna Angela Castriota, (d. 1518), married Don Ferdinando Orsini, 5th Duca di Gravina.  (illegitimate) Pirro Castriota “Migrated to Malta along with the Knights in 1530”., married to Lucia de Bruti (Cousin –, had issue.  Giovanni Fabio Castriota, married 1549 to Alfonsa Castriota (Cousin –, with issue.  Camilla Castriota., married Giovanni Castriola (Cousin –  Fra Giovanni Castriota., dunm  Fra. Alfonso Castriota.  Gaspare Castriota, “Monk”, dunm.  Giovanna Castriota, (d. 1514), Cr: Duchesse di Castellaneta., dunm.  Alfonso Castriota, Cr: 1512 Conte di Altripolda, 1513, Marquis di Altripolda., married 1518 to Camilla Gonzaga di Sabbioneta., with issue.  Isabella Castriota, married Don Francesco Acquaviva d’Aragona, 3rd Duca di Nardo. Giovanni Castriota., married Giovanna Castriota, Marchesa di Citta Sant Angelo., dsp. Antonio Castriota, (d. 1549), Marchese di Altripaldo, Duca di Ferrandina., married Donna Maria Castriota, Duchese di Ferrandina., dsp.l. (illegitimate) Alessandro de Castriota, Dejure Marchese di Altripaldo, married with issue. Cesare Castriota, (1537-1547). Achille Castriota, (1547-). Costantino Antonio Castriota, Knight of the Order of St John, (1547-1575). (illegitimate) Camilla de Castriota, married c.1530 to Giovanni Mizzi. Camilla Castriota, married 1557 to Don Ferrante Caracciolo, 4th Duca di Martina.  Costantino Castriota, Knight of St John., “Went to Malta with the Knights in 1530”., Mistress was Nobile Helene Cuzkeri., with issue. (illegitimate) Alfonsa Castriota, married Giovanni Fabio Castriota, (Cousin – (illegitimate) Giovanna Castriota, ‘Nun’, dunm.  (illegitimate) Isabella Castriota, ‘Nun’, dunm.  Ferrante Castriota, (d. 1525), Cr: Marchese di Citta Sant Angelo., married Camilla di Capua., with issue. Giovanna Castriota, Marchesa di Citta Sant Angelo., married (1) Giovanni Castriota (Her cousin), Married (2) Don Alfonso Carafa, Duca di Nocera.  Ippolita Castriota., married Clemente di Lannoy, Barone di Prata. Mariza Castriota, married 1445 to Carlo Musachi Thopia, Principe d’Albanie, with issue. Yela Thopia, Principessa d’Albania, married to Andrea Musachi, with issue. Ginno Musachi, Principe d’Albania, married with issue.  Giovanni Castriota, (d. 1514), Cr: 1485. Duca di San Pietro in Galatina, Conte di Soleto., married to Princess Irene Brankovich of Serbia., with issue.  Ferrante Castriota, (d. 1561), 2nd Duca di San Pietro in Galatina, married to Donna Andreanna Acqaviva d’Aragona., with issue.  Irene Castriota, (d. 1565), Duchesse di San Pietro in Galatina., married Don Pietro San Severino d’Aragona, 4th Principe di Bisignano.  (illegitimate) Pardo Castriota. (d. 1565), married Antonella Stefagnoli., with issue. Giovanni di Castriota, (d. 1596), married 1589 to Maria Grazia Verdesca alias Liuzzi, with issue. Pardo Castriota, (1590-). Angela Isabella di Castriota, (1562-). Alessandro di Castriota, (d. 1596), married 1590 to Laudomia Strafella, with issue. Cesare Castriota, (1591-). Lucrezia Castriota, (1593-). Pietro Castriota, (1596-). Fabio Costantino di Castriota, (1574-1615), marrried 1589 to Antonia Verdesca, with issue. Giovanna Castriota, (1601-1661), Nun. Maria Castriota, married (1) 1618 to Marco Antonio Costantino, married (2) 1628 to Giovanni Angelo Arcudi. Laudomia Castriota, (d. 1686), Nun. Vittoria Castriota, (1608-1656), Nun. Lucrezia Castriota, (1611-). Gio Francesco Castriota, (1612 -). Costantino Alessandro Castriota, (1616-1643), married to Donata Curchi, with issue (Line still active to present day). Irene di Castriota. Felicia di Castriota, (d. 1596), married to Ferdinando Russo.  (illegitimate) Achilles Castriota. (1540-1591), married 1561 to Isabella di San Severino., with issue. Ferrante Castriota, (1565-1609), married 1592 to Giulia di San Severino, with issue. Isabella Castriota, (1598 – 1645), married 1619 Salerno to Nobile Rocco de Castagna, with issue. Gio Domenico Castagna, (1620-), (Migrated to Malta), married 1641 to Clemenza Maruzza Castriota (Cousin – See below, with issue. Giulia Castagna, (1621-), Nun. Antonella Castagna, (1624-), Nun. Ferrante Castagna, (1626-), Monk. Andreanna Castriota, (1568-93), Nun. Pirro Castriota, (1569-), Barone di Ursomarso, Capitano di Cassano, married with issue. Nobile Isabella Castriota, (1594-). Nobile Antonio Castriota, (d. 1654), married (1) to Livia Cavallo Ruffo, married (2) 1620 to Vittoria Milizia, Baroness di San Demetrio, San Cosmo e Macchia, with issue (Line still active to present day). Nobile Irene Castriota, married to Carlo Castriota. Despina Castriota, (1571 – 1603), Nun. Costantino Castriota, (1572-), married to Laura Camilongo dei Baroni di Lungro, with issue.  (illegitimate) Ferrante Castriota, (1562-), married with issue. (illegitimate) Alfonso Castriota, (d. 1595).  (illegitimate) Cesare Ottavio Castriota, (1543-), married (1) Erina Curto, married (2) to Laura Longo, married (3) to Giulia Abbenante.  (illegitimate) Giovanni Annibale Castriota, (1552-), “Migrated to Malta ”., married Camilla Castriota, (Cousin – )., with issue. Ferrante Castriota., (1569-), married Stefania dei Baroni Cassares., with issue. Alvaro Castriota, (1592-)., “Monk”.,  mistress was Laura di Modica., with issue. (illegitimate) Clemenza Maruzza Castriota., married 1641 to Giovanni Domenico Castagna, (Cousin –, with issue. Rocco Castagna, married 1683 Zebbug to Valenzia Mifsud. Pietro Patrizio Castagna, married (1) 1667 Cospicua to Flora Mallia, married (2) 1676 Cospicua to Anna Mamo, with issue. (Second Marriage) Rosa Castagna, married 1709 Cospicua to Giovanni Spiteri. Flora Castagna, married 1713 Cospicua to Pietro Circhas. Giuseppe Castagna, married 1668 Mdina to Imperia Gafa, with issue. Matteo Castagna, married 1713 Zejtun to Maria Xuereb, with issue. Giacomo Castagna, married 1688 Cospicua to Caterina Cassar. Gio Domenico Castagna, married 1694 Zejtun to Maria Briffa, with issue. Lorenzo Castagna, married 1729 Zejtun to Tomaso Saracino. Teresa Castagna, married (1) 1696 Gudja to Gregorio Briffa, married (2) 1702 Zejtun to Gaetano Ciantar. Anna Maria Castagna, married 1706 Zejtun to Gaetano Vella. Paolina Castagna, married 1713 Zejtun to Francesco Caruana. Gio Domenico Castagna, married (1) 1677 Valletta to Teresa Magno, married (2) 1674 Senglea to Marietta Farrugia, with issue. (First Marriage) Michele Castagna, married 1702 Senglea to Filippa Coleiro. Nicola Antonio Castagna, married 1722 Senglea to Caterina Maria Rosa Muscat, with issue. Francesca Castagna, married (1) 1716 Cospicua to Simone Veneziano, married (2) 1721 Cospicua to Francesco Bezzina, married (3) 1730 Cospicua to Antonio Giuntini. Maria Castagna, married 1737 Cospicua to Antonio Bini, married with issue. Anna Bini, married 1758 Cospicua to Pietro Seison. Paolo Bini, married 1772 Cospicua to Francesca Farrugia, with issue. Beneventua Bini, married 1800 Cospicua to Giuseppe Camilleri. Marianna Bini, married 1803 Cospicua to Giovanni Azzopardi. Maria Bini, married 1808 Valletta to Girolamo Musi. Rosa Bini, married 1767 Cospicua to Deodato Dandaloro, married (2) 1777 Cospicua to Giuseppe Camilleri. (Second Marriage) Anna Maria Castagna, married 1690 Cospicua to Andrea Borg. Maria Castagna, married 1690 Cospicua to Andrea Borg. (illegitimateFra. Ferrante Castriota, (1615-77)., dunm. Camilla Castriota, (1593-), married Clemente dei Baroni Barberi. Antoinette Castriota, (1596-)., married 1620 Vittoriosa Mro. Luca Grech de la Cassiera, (s/o of Giovanni and Leonora de la Cassiera, a relative of the Grand Master Jean de la Cassiera), with issue. Bernardo Grech de la Cassiera, married 1651 to Speranza Sceberras, with issue. Antonio Grech, married (1) 1681 Valletta  to Anna Maria Frendo, married (2) 1709 Birkirkara to Domenica Gatt, with issue. (First marriage) Luca Grech, married 1730 Ghaxaq to Grazia Bartolo, with issue. Gio Maria Grech, married 1771 Ghaxaq to Grazia Zammit, with issue. Salvatore Grech, married 1815 Mosta to Rosa Sammut Castelletti, with issue. Quatanue Grech Castelletti, married 1845 Mosta to Giuseppe Sammut. Maria Grech, married 1800 Mosta to Giuseppe Dimech. Giuseppe Grech, married 1800 Naxxar to Clemenza Sammut. Lorenza Grech, married (1) 1769 Ghaxaq to Michele Xicluna, married (2) 1796 Ghaxaq to Salvatore Cassar. Ignazio Grech, married 1729 Ghaxaq to Teresa Caruana. Michele Angelo Grech, married 1744 Ghaxaq to Caterina Vella, with issue. Filippo Grech, married 1763 Mdina to Anna Micallef. Pietro Grech, married 1781 Vittoriosa to Maddalena Russo. Pietro Grech, married 1740 Ghaxaq Anna Gatt, with issue. Pietro Grech, married 1766 Kirkop to Lucrezia Cassar. Giuseppe Grech, married (1) 1730 Ghaxaq to Teresa Caruana, married (2) 1753 Cospicua to Veronica Farrugia, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Grech, married 1771 Cospicua to Fortunata Farrugia. Pasquale Grech, married 1764 Senglea to Teresa Pisano. Pietro Grech, married 1759 Cospicua to Giovanna Chetcuti. Maria Grech, married 1776 Zejtun to Matteo Azzopardi. Anna Grech, married 1779 Zejtun to Michele Baldacchino. (Second marriage) Speranza Grech, married 1791 Valletta to Francesco Ellul. Maddalena Grech, married 1703 Valletta to Domenico d’Anna, with issue. Rosa d’Anna, married 1727 Valletta to Lorenzo Grima. Geronima Grech, married 1706 Valletta to Cristoforo Mifsud. Rosa Grech, married 1716 Valletta to Giacomo Grech. Gaspare Grech, married 1675 Birkirkara to Bartolomea Micallef. Marco Grech de la Cassiera, married 1660 Birkirkara to Margherita N. Achilles Castriota, (1570-)., married Laura dei Baroni Sardo., with issue. Fra. Ferrante Castriota, (1590-), dunm. Laura Caterina Castriota, (1591-)., married c.1610 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Portelli. Eleanore Castriota, (1593-)., married Vincenzo di Lorenzo.  Maria Castriota, (1595-), ‘Nun’, dunm. Antonio Castriota., (1596-1643 Birgu)., married 1624 to Caterina Constabile Dettore., with issue. Cav. Achilles Castriota., (1625-69)., married 1652 to Antonia Gatt., with issue. Antonio Castriota., (1654-1715)., Priest., dunm. Agatha Castriota., (1657-1749)., Nun. Stefania Castriota., (1659-1730)., married 1676 to Conte Carlo Pace. Eleanore Castriota., (1662-1708)., married 1679 to Don Stefano Inguanez. Carlo Daniele Castriota., (1668-1742)., married 1687 to Donna Domenica Sayd., married (2) 1699 to Antonia Fournier., married (3) 1720 to Antonia Maria Preziosi., married (4) 1739 to Innocenza Apap., with issue. (First Marriage) Achilles Castriota., (1690-1727)., Abbott., dunm. Fra. Antonio Castriota., (1692-1780), Knight of Malta., Last Castriota in Malta, dunm. Agatha Castriota., (1697-1746)., married 1718 to Gaspardo Sayd. (Second Marriage) Fra. Massilmiliano Castriota., (1701-56)., dunm. Carlo Castriota, (1627-84)., Abbott., dunm. Daniele Castriota., (1628-99)., Abbott., dunm. Stefano Castriota, (1629-43)., Abbott., dunm. Camilla Castriota., (1632-1710)., married Conte Luca Pace. Maria Castriota., (1635-1715)., married Ignazio D’Amico Helene Castriota., married 1612 to Antonio DeBono. Maria Castriota, (1573-)., married Antonio Axac. Alfonsa Castriota, (1575-)., married Dioniso Pace. Paolina Castriota, married 1602 Zurrieq to Gio Pietro Micci sives Mizzi.  Helene Castriota, (1577-)., married (1) 1595 to Gio Maria Borg, married (2) to Domenico Attardo, Barone di Ginelfare..  (illegitimate) Porzia Castriota, (1554-), married to Sig Matteo Brunet of Venice, with issue. Maria Brunet, married 1590 Vittoriosa to Sig Odolio Meysionat, with issue. Antonia Meysionet., married 1612 to Giacomo Agius. Valerio Meysionet., married 1616 to Girolama d’Arena., with issue. Teresa Meysionet., married 1649 Valletta to Francesco Le’Coq., with issue. Anna Le’Coq., married 1673 to Pietro Petit., with issue. Gio Batta Petit., married Teresa La Balna. Dr. Baldassare Petit JUD., married 1713 Valletta  to Polixemia Farrugia., with issue. Dr Felice Petit JUD., married 1739 Valletta to Teresa Caxaro., with issue. Calcedonio Petit-Caxaro., married 1777 Vittoriosa to Elizabetta They., with issue.. Dr Gio Andrea Petit Caxaro JUD, married 1804 to Nobile Vincenza Grognet de Vasse, with issue. Adelaide Petit-Caxaro, (died 1877), married 1822 Valletta to Notary Benedetto Pellegrini-Vidal, with issue. Pietro Paolo Pellegrini-Petit, married 1860 Valletta to Erminea Cali, with issue Notary Edoardo Pellegrini-Petit, married 1886 Valletta to Giuseppina Vella, with issue Beatrice Pellegrini-Petit, married 1909 to Prof. John Borg, MA.,MD., with issue Gemma Pellegrini-Petit, married 1912 to Robert Bencini. Carolina Pellegrini-Petit, married Pasquale Gentile, with issue Augusta Pellegrini-Petit, married (1) 1864 to Gio Pulis, (died 1865), Married (2) 1868 to Cav. Etelvaldo Ferro, with issue (Second Marriage) Charles Henry Ferro, (1877-1931), Consul for Romania. Carmela Pellegrini-Petit, married Dr. Francesco Saverio Borg Olivier, LL.D Emilia Pellegrini-Petit, married to Ettore Hector Mackenzie. Maria Teresa Petit Caxaro, married Dr Bartolomeo Stagno Navarra JUD. Maria Teresa Petit., married 1800 to Dr Bartolomeo Scifo JUD Maria Petit-Caxaro., married 1765 Mdina to Giuseppe Alford., with issue. Maria Anna Alford., married 1800 to Conte Luigi dei Conti Teuma-Castelletti. Elisabetta Alford., married 1806 to Conte Giuseppe dei Conti Teuma Castelletti Polixemia Petit-Caxaro. Com. Fra. Pierro Petit-Caxaro, Knight of Malta, dunm. Aloiseo Petit., married Giuseppina Lombardo. Rosalea Petit., married Dr Bernardo Lombardo JUD Com. Fra. Ermenegileo Petit., Knight of Malta, dunm. Odolio Meysionet, married 1661 to Domenica Mizzi, with issue. Tomasina Meysionat, married 1697 Senglea to Michele de Pares, with issue. Michele Angelo de Pares, married 1759 Senglea to Veneranda Agius, with issue. Matteo de Pares, married 1731 Senglea to Margherita d’Angelo, with issue. Giovanni de Pares, married 1770 Zejtun to Clara d’Armenia, married (2) 1772 Valletta to Modesta de Martino, with issue. (First marriage) Caterina de Pares, married 1806 Senglea to Giuseppe Gliuno. Gio Battista de Pares, married 1765 Valletta to Modesta Camilleri, with issue. Giovanna de Pares, married 1796 Valletta to Salvatore Callus. Angelina de Pares, married 1796 Valletta to Saverio Mizzi. Giuseppe de Pares, married 1770 Senglea to Aloisia Xiriha, with issue. Maria Carmela de Pares, married 1803 Senglea to Gio Battista Borg. Veronica Meysionet, married 1655 Valletta to Jean Raymondin. Petronailla Meysionet, married 1647 Valletta to Giorgio Barral of France., with issue. Nicolina Margherita Barral, married 1673 Valletta to Sig Giovanni Fabre sives Favre of France, with issue. Gio Francesco Fabre sives Fabri, married (1) 1707 Valletta to Maria Bonet (d/o Giovanni and Giovanna)., married (2) 1737 Valletta to Benvenuta Mizzi, with issue. (First Marriage) Antonio Fabri, married 1735 Valletta to Angelica Palma, with issue. Gaetano ‘sives Gustavo‘ Fabri, Deputy Lieutenant of Floriana, (1815 -), married (1) 1778 Valletta to Maria Speranza Bonnici, married (2) 1800 Valletta to Romualda Debono, with issue. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Fabri, married 1832 Valletta to Maria Micallef. Lorenzo Fabri, married 1786 Valletta to Vincenza Bondi, with issue. Michele Fabri, married 1814 Valletta to Carmela Camilleri. Antonio Fabri, maried 1822 Valletta to Giovanna Farrugia., with issue. Gaetano Fabri, married 1844 Valletta to Teresa Camenzuli. Rosa Maria Fabri, married (1) 1807 Valletta to Costantino Busuttil, married (2) 1815 Valletta to Felce Baldacchino, married (3) 1830 Valletta to Giovanni Vergotti. Vittoria Fabri, married 1818 Valletta to Antonio Bongibino. Carolina Fabri, married 1824 Valletta to Enrico Wirth Giovanna Fabri m1753 Valletta to Vincenzo Fsadni. Maria Teresa Fabri, married (1) 1786 Valletta to Vincenzo Sammut, married (2) 1803 Valletta to Gio Battista de Lenda. Paolo Fabri married 1732 Valletta to Grazia Aquilina, with issue. Gio Maria Fabri married (1) 1760 to Teodora de Sciotti, married (2) 1795 Valletta to Grazia de Giovanni. Giuseppe Fabri married 1772 Valletta to Eugenia Lione. Maria Fabri married 1755 Valletta to Salvatore Cilia, with issue. Paolo Cilia, married 1787 Valletta to Eugenia Tonna, with issue. Emanuele Cilia, married 1828 Valletta to Francesca Saveria Muscat, with issue. Emanuele Cilia, married 1791 Valletta to Teresa Tonna. Gaetano Fabri married 1752 Valletta to Teresa N. Masimigliano Fabri married (1) 1761 Valletta to Eugenia Pacci, married (2) 1778 Cospicua to Rosa Bonnici, with issue. (First Marriage) Melchiorre Fabri married 1787 Valletta to Lucrezia Tanti, with issue. Eugenia Fabri married 1808 Valletta to Judge Vincenzo Caruana JUD. (Second Marriage) Maria Eugenia Fabri, married 1805 Valletta to Giuseppe Zammit. Francesco Fabri, married 1805 Cospicua to Giovanna Vella. Bernardo Fabri married 1736 Valletta to Domenica Bugeja, with issue. Felice Fabri married 1769 Valletta to Francesca Farrugia, (d/o Beltrrando Farrugia and Giuditta Casha, who was the d/o Giuseppe Francesco de Casha, Manumesso and Emerenziana Gadineo), with issue. Maria Fabri married 1804 Valletta to Michele Aquilina. Giuseppe Fabri married 1794 Valletta to Concetta de Gianson (illegitimate daughter of Fra Alessandro Gianson and Marchesa Anna Teresa Testaferrata), with issue. Vincenzo Fabri, married 1827 Valletta to Teresa Debono. Marianna Fabri. Notary Amabile Amato Fabri, married (1) 1827 Valletta to Rosa Manche, married (2) 1848 Birgu to Rosa Barbara, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Fabri, (1828-., married 1856 Cospicua to Clotilde Doublet., with issue. Mary-Mathilde (.-1943) Fabri married 1883 to Felix Badin. Eloise Fabri married (1) 1883 to Emile Le Lorieux with issue ? married (2) 1898 to Henri Deltel. (1st marriage) Marie Adele Clotilde Le Lorieux m.(1) 1907 to Charles Dormoy (1883-1916) with issue. m.(2) 1923 to Umberto Bianchi with issue. Alfred Fabri (1867-1940) m.(1) 1895 Valletta to Loreta Grech Mallia (1877-1901) with issue ? m.(2) 1903 Sfax/Tunisia to Enrichetta Gatt (1868-1936) with issue. (1st marriage) Louis Joseph Emile Fabri (1896-1971) married 1923 Sfax/Tunisia to Camille Champenois (1900-1992) with issue. Harry Alexandre Gaston Fabri (1897-1919) Dunm (WW1). Raoul Fabri (1899-1988) m.(1) 1928 to Germaine Robinet (.-1942) with issue ? m.(2) to Elvire Cassiba with issue ? m.(3) to Felicie Marchiero (-1985) (2nd marriage) Henri Fabri (1904-1904) died as infant Yolande Fabri (1905-1967) married 1940 to Pierre Dartiailh (1904-1973) with issue Germain Fernand Fabri (1906-1981) married 1933 to Marie Lortal (.-1999) with issue Marcel Adrien Rene Fabri (1908-1965) married 1934 to Anita Cormier (1910-1996) with issue. Mireille Mafalda Roxanne Fabri (1910-1911) died as infant Lucien Fabri (1912-1926), d.inf. Giuseppa Fabri, (1830 -. Paolina Fabri Antonio Fabri 1833 Giovanni Fabri 22/6/1835 Carloina Fabri 27/9/1839 Concetta Fabri 10/3/1840 Vincenzo Fabri 1841. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Fabri, married 1878 Vittoriosa to Francesca Bonavia (daughter of Filippo and Maria Lanzon), with issue. Dr. Alfred Fabri MD, (1881 – 1945), married to Mary Borda, with issue. Anthony Fabri, (died 2004), married to Teresa Torpiano (d. 2012), with issue. Anthony Fabri, (1964-. George Fabri, (1921-., married to Ines Mizzi, with issue. Alfred Fabri, married to Christine Lanfranco, with issue. Simon Fabri, married to Rosa Tascon Ortega, with issue. David Fabri Tascon. Emma Fabri Tascon. Angela Fabri, married to Simon Montanaro, with issue. Nicholas Montanaro. George Fabri, married to Josette Vassallo. David Fabri. Rosemary Fabri, (1911-1934), dunm. Francesca Fabri, (1913-1930), dunm. Violet Fabri, (1915-1923), dunm. Joseph Fabri, (1919-2003), married to Mary Bonello, with issue. Alfred Fabri, (1949-, married to Margaret Attard, with issue. Davina Fabri, (1981-. Robert Fabri, (1951-, married to Jane Zammit, with issue. Jean Paul Fabri, (1983-, married to Stephanie-Marie Cutajar, with issue. Filippo Fabri, (2021-. Tanya Fabri, (1952-2002), dunm. Noel Fabri, (1964-. “Poet”.. Giliberto Fabri d.1807 Paolo Fabri d. 1807 Vincenzo Fabri m. Teresa Debono Porto Salvo 1827 Vincenza Fabri Emanuela Fabri Fortunato Fabri Carmela Fabri Carolina Fabri Gio Carlo Fabri., married 1776 Valletta to Angelica Catania, with issue. Bernardo Fabri, married 1805 Cospicua to Graziulla Farrugia, with issue. Angelo Fabri. Carmela Fabri. Paolo Fabri, married to Carmela Tustan, with issue. Antonio Fabri. Caterina Fabri. Calcedonio Fabri. Lazzaro Fabri. Fortunata Fabri married 1732 Valletta to Francesco Vella. Michele Angelo Fabri, married (1) 1742 Birgu to Rosa Infante, married (2) 1758 Valletta to Eugenia Tosano. Emmanuele Fabri, married 1737 Valletta to Palma Mercieca. Maria Fabri married 1695 Valletta to Claudio Carlo Fovent. Anna Fabri, married 1696 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri, married 1750 Valletta to Paolica Azzopardi, with issue. Maria Camilleri, married 1784 Zurrieq to Giuseppe Abela, with issue. Giovanni Maria Abela, married 1811 Valletta to Antonia de Xicluna, with issue Clara Meysionet., married Franco Bonamico., with issue. Maria Bonamico., married 1660 Valletta to Mro Francesco Sartre. Com. Fra. Giacomo Bonamico, Knight of Malta, dunm. Dr. Gio Franco Bonamico JUD., married 1666 to Orsola Cangialanza., with issue. Anna Bonamico., married Dr Guglielmo Pipers JUD., with issue. . Elizabetta Pipers., married 1718 to Filippo Antonio Crespi. Rosalea Bonamico., married 1714 to Conte Giuseppe Preziosi., with issue. Niccolo Bonamico, ‘Abbott’, dunm. Rosa Bonamico. Lucia Bonamico., married 1643 Valletta to Giovanni Gucciardi., with issue. Dr Pietro Gucciardi JUD., married 1669 to Teodora Theuma., with issue. Veronica Gucciardi., married Baldassare Gristi., with issue. Anna Gristi., married Andrea Verano., with issue. Anna Verano., married 1709 /1713 (Notary Ignazio Debono) to Gio Antonio Crispo, with issue. Chco. Eugenio Gucciardi. Gio Batta Gucciardi., married 1703 to Francesca Revest., with issue. Partemia Gucciardi., married 1744 to Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti. Francesco Gucciardi, married 1732 to Caterina Attard. Veronica Gucciardi, married 1664 to Baldassare Gristi. Giovanni Gucciardi, married 1674 to Nataliza Barbara, 11th Baroness di Bucelli in Sicily, with issue. Maria Gucciardi, 12th Baroness di Bucelli in Sicily, married 1722 to Gaspare Signorello. (Barons of Bucelli) Pierro Meysionet, Sire de Meysionet., married Angelica Farrugia., with issue. Dr Domenico Meysionet JUD. Aloisea Meysionet., married 1647 to Battista Dorel. Persia Meysionet., married Giovanni Olivier de Puget, with issue. Angelica Olivier de Puget., married to Carlo Borg, with issue. Dr Massimiliano Olivier de Puget JUD., married 1691 to Anna Viani., with issue. Domenico Olivier de Puget., married 1732 to Bernardina Ducoss., with issue. Rosa Olivier de Puget., married 1762 to Marquis Enrico Testaferrata de Noto. Vincenza Olivier de Puget., married 1766 to Gio Francesco Bonici., 2nd Barone di Qlejjgha. Giuseppa Olivier de Puget, married to Giuseppe Rizzani, with issue. Anna Rizzani, married 1835 Valletta to Giuseppe Karraba. Melchiorre Olivier de Puget., married 1725 Senglea to Agostina Zahra. Caterina Oliver, married 1725 Birgu to Michel’Angelo Costanzo dei Duchi di Pagnicia. Maria Olivier de Puget., married 1705 to Giuseppe Preziosi, 1st Count Preziosi. Dr Giuseppe Meysionet JUD., married Agata Cassia. Giovanellara Meysionet., married Dr Massilano Balzano JUD Michele Meysionet., married Marguerite Canuili, with issue. Franca Meysionet., married 1669 to Dr Aloiseo Olivier JUD, with issue. Giacomo Antonio Olivier de Puget, married 1722 Tarxiem to Maria Angela Caruana, with issue. Caterina Olivier de Puget, married 1768 Cospicua to Giovanni Saliba, with issue. Orsola Saliba de Puget, married 1793 Senglea to Salvatore Gilio. Antonio Olivier de Puget, married 1774 Vittoria to Felicita Ellul, with issue. Graziulla Olivier de Puget, married 1804 Vittoriosa to Michele Calleja. Giuseppe Olivier de Puget, married 1807 Valletta to Carmela Calleja. Francesca Olivier de Puget, married 1821 Senglea to Giuseppe di Giovanni. (illegitimate with Barbara Hamilton) Angelica Olivier, married 1802 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Calleja, with issue. Fortunata Calleja de Olivier, married 1822 Valletta to Giorgio Moscati. Antonina Calleja de Olivier, married 1823 Valletta to Vincenzo Bilocca. Maria Olivier de Puget, married 1759 Vittoriosa to Filippo Decovas, with issue. Caterina Decovas, married 1787 Vittoriosa to Natale Agius. Rosa Decovas, married 1791 Vittoriosa to Bartolomeo Baldacchino, with issue. Vincenzo Baldacchino, married 1812 Gudja to Caterina Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Baldacchino, married 1850 Attard to Paola Zammit. Maria Concepta Baldacchino, married 1862 Attard to Francesco Zammit. Marianna Baldacchino, married 1841 Vittoriosa to Guglielmo Baldoni, with issue. Cristina Baldoni, married 1858 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Lampier, (son of Giovanni and Elizabetta Olivier), with issue. Guglielma Lampier, married 1879 Floriana/Vittoriosa to John Philips. Filomena Baldoni, married 1870 Vittoriosa to Francesco Saverio Fenech. Enrico Baldoni, married 1880 Floriana to Anna Winkler. Maria Carmela Baldoni, married 1862 Vittoriosa to Federico William Hird. Francesco Decovas, married 1780 Vittoriosa to Margherita Barbara. Maddalena Meysionet., married 1694 to Aloiseo Sulneu. Antonio Meysionet., married 1665 to Levastuila Aqulina, with issue. Anna Maria Meysionet., married 1706 to Dr Pietro Paolo Caxaro JUD Maddalena Meysionet., married 1690 to Francesco Battaylle., with issue. Aloiseo Battaylle., married (1) 1744 Valletta to Camilla Garrone., married (2) 1756 Valletta to Maria Tanti., with issue. (First Marriage) Don Matteo Battaylle, dunm. Francesco Battaylle., married (1) 1808 Valletta Caterina Cachia, married (2) 1817 Valletta to Vincenza Aquilina, with issue. (First Marriage) Rosina Battaylle., married 1784 Gharghur to Chco. Giuliano Cachia., with issue. Felice Maria Cachia. Gio Andrea Cachia. Maria Teresa Cachia. Giuseppe 1814 Valletta to Pasqualina Farrugia. (Second Marriage) Notary Leopoldo Battaylle., married 1780 Rabat Gozo to Gisuarda Cordona., married (2) 1801 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Zammit, with issue. (First Marriage) Aloiseo Battaylle, married 1807 Valletta to Caterina Fabri, with issue. Remigio Battaylle, married 1831 Valletta to Grazia Abela. (Second marriage) Eugenia Battaylle, married 1839 Cospicua to Michele Abela, with issue. Filomena Abela Battaylle, married 1865 Valletta to Giuseppe Arrigo Calcedonia Battaylle. Antonia Battaylle. Pietro Paolo Battaylle, married 1781 Valletta to Angela Sagin. Maddalena Meysionet., married 1615 to Giovanni De Cosse sives Ducoss., with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Ducoss, married 1638 to Lorenzo Grima, dsp. Antoinette Ducoss, married 1643 to Spiro Gourgion. Aloisea Ducoss, married 1649 to Gio Batta Duriel. Michele Ducoss, married 1650 to Margherita Camenzuli, with issue. Anna Ducoss, dunm. Saverio Ducoss, married 1719 Vittoriosa to Nobile Generosa Vass (Watts), Hereditary Noble of Hungary, with issue. Nobile Michele Ducoss, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married (1) 1743 Zetjun to Maddalena Busuttil, 11th Baronessa Lemnos- Burlo- Busuttil, married (2) 1758 Valletta to Rolinda Dingli., with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Generosa Ducoss, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, 12th Baronessa Lemnos- Burlo- Busuttil- Ducoss, married 1775 Valletta to Giovanni Galea Feriol, 4th Baron di San Marciano. Nobile Antonella Ducoss, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1762 Valletta to Baron Francesco Gauci. Nobile Generosa Ducoss, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, ‘Nun’, dunm. Generosa Ducoss, married to Simon Apap. Rosalea Ducoss, married 1699 to Andrea Grech, with issue. Rosa Grech Ducoss, married 1721 Valletta to Paolo Xiberras. Margherita Grech Ducoss, married 1732 Valletta to Antonio Agius. Anna Agius Ducoss, married 1786 Birkirkara to Giovanni Spagnolo, with issue. Pietro Spagnolo Ducoss, married 1820 Valletta to Maria Anna Pace, with issue. Giuseppe Spagnolo Ducoss, married (1) 1841 Valletta to Caterina Saliba, married (2) 1856 Valletta to Maria Mifsud. Maddalena Ducoss, married 1700 to Ludovico Gatto. Ignazio Ducoss, married 1691 to Rosa di Lorenzo, with issue. Giovanna Ducoss, dunm. Bernardina Ducoss, married 1732 to Domenico Olivier de Puget, with issue. Maddalena Ducoss, dunm. Giuseppa Ducoss, ‘Nun’, dunm. Maria Ducoss, married 1684 to Sig Guiseppe de Pausier, with issue. Annetta Generosa de Pausier, married 1705 Valletta to Pietro Paolo Lazzaro de Fournier. Dr Giuseppe Ducoss, JUD, married 1638 to Agata Cassia, with issue. Alticunda Ducoss, ‘Nun’, dunm. Clotilde Ducoss, ‘Nun’, dunm. Santoro Ducoss, ‘Priest’, dunm. Maddalena Ducoss, ‘Nun’. Elena Brunet, married 1586 Vittoriosa to Notary Salvatore Briffa, married (2) 1593 Vittoriosa to Conte Palatine Giuseppe Giulio Castiglione, Patrizio Milanese, with issue. (Second marriage) Conte Palatine Prospero Castiglione, married 1647 Valletta to Caterina de Migliau., Alunna of Prince Hugh O’Donnell of Tyrconnell, 2nd Earl of Tyrconnell and Leonora Miglau, with issue. Contessa Flaminea Castiglione, “Nun”, dunm.l. Anna Maria di Castiglione, (Testamente 1676 Notary Gio Luca Mamo), dunm.l. Camilla di Castiglione, Alunno di Principe e Marchese Don Luigi Gonzaga 1647-1702, Knight of Malta, married 1682 to Antonio Camenzuli. Gio Battista di CastiglioneAlunno di Principe e Marchese Don Luigi Gonzaga 1647-1702, Knight of Malta, married 1691 Valletta to Domenica Seychel, with issue. Baldassare Castiglione, married 1720 Valletta to Maria Magro, with issue. Gioacchino Castiglione, married 1754 Valletta to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Baldassare Castiglione, married 1800 Valletta to Natalizia Vella. Giovanna Castiglione, married 1787 Valletta to Giuseppe Camilleri. Polissena Castiglione, married 1774 Valletta to Gioacchino Petrofila, with issue. Pasquale Petrofila, married 1806 Valletta to Liberata Sayd. Marianna Petrofila, married 1799 Gudja to Dr Pasquale Rancata MD. Giovanna Petrofila, married 1805 Senglea to Filippo Montanaro. Antonia Castiglione, married 1742 Valletta to Arnaldo Portelli. Maria Castiglione, married 1720 Valletta to Didaco Salamone. Elizabetta Castiglione, married 1681 to Fabrizio Baldassare Vella, with issue. Sig. Salvatore Vella Castiglione, married 1733 Valletta to Nobile Rosalea Vassallo,. with issue. Maria Vella Castiglione, married 1780 Valletta to Conte Luigi Ciantar Paleologo. Dr Felice Vella Castiglione JUD, married 1781 Valletta to Aloisea Tagliaferro, with issue. Vincenzo Vella Tagliaferro, married 1804 Valletta to Marianna Mangion, with issue. Vincenza Vella Tagliaferro, married 1853 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Tortell. Angelo Brunet, married 1610 Vittoriosa to Dianuzza Rossello, with issue. Onorato Brunet, married 1633 Senglea to Giovanna di Nallo, with issue. Giovanni Brunet, married (1) 1664 Senglea to Maria Carbun, married (2) 1676 Senglea to Domenica Greg, with issue. (First marriage) Michele Brunet, married 1698 Senglea to Vincenza Cavallino, with issue. Maddalena Brunet, married 1734 Cospicua to Felice de Candia. Benedetto Brunet, married 1624 Valletta to Gioannella Sarria, with issue. Giulio Brunet, married 1645 Valletta to Leonora Bionolo, with issue. Andrea Brunet, married 1667 Valletta to Domenica Cassar. Domenico Brunet, married 1653 Valletta to Maria Vella, with issue. Giovanna Brunet, married 1671 Valletta to Antonio Gravagna. Domenica Brunet, married 1676 Valletta to Claudio Vaginett. Antonio Brunet, married 1654 Valletta to Flaminea N. Antonio Brunet, married c.1615 Valletta to Caterina Cernjoevic, (See below), dsp. (illegitimate) Lucrezia Castriota, married to Cesare Barone di Diso. (illegitimate) Giovanna Castriota, married to Barone Mario Cavazza. (illegitimate) Andronica Castriota, married to Nobile Fabrizio Tresca. (illegitimate) Giorgio Castriota, (d. 1540).  Maria Castriota, married to Nobile Carlo Minutolo. Giorgio Castriota, ‘Tesoriere of the Duchy of Amalfi”., married Bernardina Coppola., with issue.  Vaissava Castriota., married Stefano Maramonte.  Maria Castriota, married Stefano Cernojevic, Grand Duke of Zeta, with issue. Ivan Cernjoevic, (d. 1490), Grand Duke of Zeta, married (1) to Gojisava Araniti, married (2) 1469 to Maria Kosaca de Santa Sava, with issue. (Second marriage) Djuradj Cernjoevic, (d. 1503 Anatolia), Grand Duke of Zeta, married (1) to Jela Thopia, married (2) 1490 to Elisabetta Erizzo, with issue. (First marriage) Solomum Cernjoevic, (killed in battle 1521), married to Elisaveta N. (Second marriage) Konstantin Cernjoevic, Patrizio Venetic 1524, married 1523 to Maria Contarini, with issue. Giovanni Cernjoevic, married (1) 1547 to Paola Alberti, married 1559 to Orsetta Valaresso, with issue. (First marriage) Vittorio Cernjoevic, married 1585 to Elena Calbo, with issue. Giovanni Cernjoevic, (d. 1660). Faustina Cernjoevic, married 1636 to Gasparo Luigi Dolfin. Caterina Cernjoevic, married (1) c.1615 Valletta to Antonio Brunet, married (2) 1618 Senglea to Pietro Leon of France, with issue. (Second marriage) Domenica Leon, married 1632 Senglea to Gio Battista Torreu of France, with issue. Giuseppe Torreu, married 1660 Zurrieq to Maria Griscti, with issue. Gio Battista Torreu, married 1683 Luqa to Maria Bianco, with issue. Giuseppa Torreu, married 1724 Tarxien to Michele Bonnici. Costantino Cernjoevic. Ivan Giovanni Cernjoevic, Prison Governor at Padua. Antonija Cernjoevic, married to Jerolim Zagurovic, Lord of Kotor. ‘Daughter‘ Cernjoevic, married. ‘Daughter’ Cernjoevic, married . Stefano Cernjoevic, Grand Duke of Zeta 1496, unsuccessfully, became a Monk. Stanisa Cernjoevic, converted to Islam, his descendants were Pashas of Skodra.  Yela Castriota, married to Ginno Musachi.  Angelica Castriota., married Vladino Golem Comneno Arianiti, Lord of Biasca and Cermenica.  Vlaica Castriota, married Stefan III Balsic, Lord of Dulcigno, dsp. Costantino Castriota, dunm.
1.1.3. Orietta Castriota, married to Antonio de Bruti, Capitano de Durazzo, with issue. Cristoforo de Bruti. Oria de Bruti, married to Giovanni Dukaina. Marco de Bruti. Maria de Bruti, Nun. Barnaba de Bruti, married to Giovanna Capellichio, with issue Lucietta de Bruti, married to Marco d’Abri. Bartolo de Bruti, married to Maria da Plebe, dsp. Ilarietta de Bruti, married to Demostenio Carerio, Ventian Merchant. Cristoforo de Bruti. Antonio de Bruti, (1518-1571), created Chevalier in Venice, married to Maria Bruni (d/o Matteo dei Signori de Skodra), with issue. Christoforo de Bruti, Noble of Capodistria 1575Dragoman of Venice 1587 Benedetto de Bruti, Noble of Capodistria 1575, (d. 1618 Corfu), Drogoman of Venice. Giacoma de Bruti, married to Pietro Borisi d’Antivari, Noble of Istrie, with issue. Bernardo Borisi, Noble of Istrie, (c. 1613-1616) Francesco Borisi, Noble of Istrie, (Descendants later became Comtes Borisi di Fontane). Marco Antonio Borisi, Noble of Istrie, (d. 1620), Dragoman of Venice, married to Cassandra Peron, Noble of Capodistria, with issue. N. Borisi, married to Hans Andreas Skovgaard, Doctor to the Sultans, with issue. Elena Skovgaard, married 1656 to Giovanni Mascellini, Noble of Pesaro, with issue. Laura Marcellini, married to Jacopo Tarsia. Cecilia Borisi, married to Pantaleone Mamuca della Torre Giustinani, Noble of Genoa, de Chio, with issue. Victoria Mamuca della Torre, married to Carl Christophe, Comte von Watzdorff. Girolama Mamuca della Torre, married to Hendrik Hennings, Merchant from Holland. Marcantonio Mamuca della Torre, Noble of Genoa e de ChiosDragoman of Austria, created Count 1701 in the Austrian Empire, married to Giustiniana Tarsia, (Cousin), with issue. Contessa Victoria Mamuca della Torre, (1678-). Contessa Maria Francesca Mamuca della Torre, (1679-), married(1) to Adam, Comte Kalnoky, married (2) to Costin Neniul, Bayard Moldova Contessa Lucia Mamuca della Torre, (1680-). Conte Christoforo Mamuca della Torre de Bruti, (1681-1760 Trieste), Consul General of Austria in Triestemarried to Countess Maria Judith Khuen de Belasi, with issue. Conte Johann Michael Manuca della Torre de Bruti, (1737-). Conte Johann Veit Mamuca della Torre de Bruti, (1739-1744), dunm. Contessa Josepha Franziska Mamuca della Torre de Bruti. Contessa Maria Jospha Mamuca della Torre de Bruti, married to Franz Sigmund, Comte von und zu Wagrain. (illegitimate with Maria Tarsia) Lucia de Bruti, (1705-), married 1722 to Captaino Luigi Preziosi. N. Borisi, married to Gaspar Graziani, Prince of Moldavia 1619-1621. Antonio de Bruti, Archibishop of Antivari. Giacomo de Bruti, Noble of Capodistria, married to Bradamante da Verzi, with issue. Angela de Bruti, married to Agostino, Comte Tarsia d’Istrie, with issue. Cristoforo, Comte Tarsia de Bruti, (1600-1673), Dragoman of Venice, married Battista Guinetti, Noble of Capodistria, with issue. Contessa Giustiniana Tarsia, married 1673 to MarcAntonio Mamuca della Toree (See Above). Tommaso, Comte Tarsia de BrutiDragoman of Venice. Giacomo, Comte Tarsia de Bruti, married to Laura Mascellini (See Above), with issue. Contessa Maria Tarsia, (1688-), mistress to Christoforo Mamuca della Torre de Bruti (See Above). Contessa Angela Tarsia, (1691-1692), d.inf. Giacomo Tarsia, (1692-), Comte Tarsia. Contessa Angela Maria Tarsia, (1693-1695), d.inf. Contessa Maria Louisa Tarsia, (1694-). Contessa Angela Tarsia, (1695-, married to Nicolas Theys, Merchant from Holland. Contessa Angela Tarsia, married to Ambrosio Grillo.. Contessa Bradamante Tarsia, married to Girolamo Carli, Nobile di Capodistria, with issue. Gian-Rinaldo Carli, Nobile di CapodistriaDragoman of Venice, married to Caterina Negri. Stefano Carli. Oria de Bruti. Bradamante de Bruti. Cristoforo de Bruti. Antonio de Bruti. Bartolo de Bruti. Barnaba de Bruti, (1583-1660), Chevalier de l’Eperon d’Oro, married (1) to Maria Civran, married (2) to Paola Vergerio, dsp. Bartolomeo de Bruti, (d. 1592 Killed by the Turks), Dragoman of Venice in Poland, married to N. de Faro, with issue. Antonio-Standislao de Bruti, (1578-), Abbott. Marco de Bruti, (d. 1571 Killed by the Turks). Caterina de Bruti, married to Rizzardo de Verzi. Giacoma de Bruti, married to Pietro Bensa. Lucia de Bruti, married to Pirro Castriota (Cousin – Benedetto de Bruti. Barnabo de Bruti. Bona de Bruti, married to Lavio Suina. Pietro de Bruti. Lucia de Bruti, married to Stefano Bruni.

Reference: Castriota family legacy 1602 Birgu, later updated in 1720.