Family of Inglott.

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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1. Antonio Inghlor of Norway, married to Guliana N, with issue.
1.1. Gio Battista Inghlor, sives Inglott, migrated to Malta, married 1726 Senglea to Maria Sciapparelli, with issue.
1.1.1. Antonio Inglott, d.inf.
1.1.2. Fortunata Inglott, d.inf.
1.1.3. Rosa Anna Inglott, married 1756 Senglea to Michele de Giovanni, with issue. Antonio Degiovanni. Gabriele Degiovanni, married (1) 1787 to Caterina Lanzon, married (2) 1798 Vittoriosa to Maria Teresa Savona, with issue. (First marriage) Giuseppe Degiovanni, married 1812 Rabat Gozo to Rosina Lanzon. (Second marriage) Antonio Degiovanni, married to Rosa Maria Francica. Caterina Degiovanni. Maria Degiovanni, married (1) 1821 Vittoriosa to Antonio Arrigo, married (2) 1839 Valletta to Dr Pietro Paolo Arrigo MD, [both sons of Giuseppe Arrigho and Maria Teresa Audran];. with issue. (First marriage) Osvaldo Arrigo, married to Susanna Grech, with issue. Edgar Joseph Arrigo, OBE, First Speaker of the Legislative in Malta, (1870-1937), [Times of Malta]; married to Marietta Peralta, with issue. Edward George Arrigo CBE, (1901-67), married to Mary Rizzo, with issue. Dr Maurice V. Arrigo, LL.D, (died 1960), married to Iris Lapira, (d. 2014), with issue Dr. Noel Arrigo LL.D, Chief Justice of Malta, (r.2002), married Contessa Maria Sant Cassia, with issue. Edward Arrigo, (1975-, married 2014 to Caroline Pace. Alexander Arrigo, (1976-. Joseph Arrigo, (1979-, married 2007 to Philippa Said, with issue. Matthew Arrigo. Francesca Maria Arrigo, (1983-, married 2017 to Conrad Chircop. Peter Arrigo, married to Mary N. Marisa Arrigo, married to Edwin Pisani. Ralph Arrigo, (1927 – 1993), married to Carmen Vincenti, (d. 2022),  with issue. Robert Arrigo, (1954-2022), MP, 1st Mayor of Sliema 1994-2003, [Wiki], married to Mary Marina Leone Ganado, 3rd Mayor of Sliema 2006-2009, with issue. Alan Arrigo, FIA, CPA, (1982-, married 2017 to Dr Paola Bonanno MD, with issue. Bettina Arrigo, (2016-. Oliver Arrigo, (2018-. Dr Andrew Arrigo LLD, LLM, (1983-. Veronica Arrigo, married to Julian Zammit Tabona. Erminia Arrigo, (1924-2023)., married to Victor Paul Amato. Arthur Arrigo. Oswald Arrigo, (1911-74), married Vanna Pace, with issue. Edgar Arrigo, (1948-, married Alice Marinelli, with issue. Anita Arrigo. Julia Arrigo. Simon Arrigo. Mark Arrigo. George Arrigo, (1956-, married Lorraine Swain, with issue. Matthew Arrigo. Luca Arrigo. Evelyn Arrigo. Mary Arrigo, married 1893 to Frans Chapelle, (1866-1934), 5th Baron of San Giovanni Anthony Arrigo, (1872-1958), married to Mabel Agius, with issue. Jane Arrigo, (1902-92), married 1929 to Anthony Calascione, with issue. John Calascione, (1929-., married(1) 1958 to Judith Lee, married (2) Nelly de Bie., with issue. (First Marriage) Johanna Calascione, with issue. Emily Calascione, (1993-. Jamie Calascione, (1998-. Piers Calascione, (1961-, married 1998 to Clare Waddington, married (2) to Helen Baldwin, with issue. (First Marriage) George Calascione, (1993-. Ivy Calascione, (2001-. Simon Tancred Calascione, (1965-85), dunm. Francis Benjamin Calascione, (1969-. Michael Calascione, (1931-, married 1960 to Shiela Gibson, with issue. Jonathan Calascione, (1960-, married 1986 to Caroline Gambier, with issue. Sarah-Jane Calascione, (1992-. Hanna Calascione, (1994-. Andrew Calascione, (1962-, married 1987 to Stephanie  Ripard, with issue. Daniel Calascione, (1987-, married to Emma Parnis England Mark Calascione, (1990-. Andrea Calascione, (1995-. Emma Calascione, (1965-, married 1985 to John Jonjon Ripard Madeleine Calascione, (1937-., married 1959 to Richard Hill, with issue. Patrick Hill, (1960-., married to Sarah Braybon, with issue. Thomas Hill, (1987-. Joshua Hill, (1990-. Benjamin Hill, (1997-. Rupert Hill, (1964-, married to Gail Kirby. Matthew Hill, (1965-, married to Susanne Miller, with issue. Caitlin Hill, (1997-. David Hill, (1968-. Christopher Calascione, (1934-. Peter Calascione, (1943-., married 1976 to Tanya Buttigieg., with issue. Julian Anthony Calascione, (1978-. Paul Joseph Calascione, (1982-. Nina Calascione, (1947-., married 1967 to Nigel Lightfoot, with issue. Mark Lightfoot, (1968-, married 1999 to Michele Psaila-Manche, with issue. Emily Lightfoot, (2001-. Toby Lightfoot, (1971-, married 1996 to Katherine Wildman, with issue. Edward Oliver Lightfoot, (2000-. Emma Lightfoot, (1982-. Tancred Arrigo, (1903-75), married to Lily Caruana Galizia. Muriel Arrigo, (1905-2002), dunm. Joseph Thomas Arrigo, (1906-91), married 1937 to Mary Maria Teresa Scicluna, with issue. Jacqueline Arrigo, (1940-., married 1964 to Stephen Vassallo, with issue. Mark Vassallo, (1965-, married 1994 to Marrianne Axiak, with issue. Amy Vassallo, (1997-. Nicola Vassallo, (1966-, married 1997 to Aziz Ndiay, with issue. Diara Ndiay, (1998-. Catherine Vassallo, (1966-, married 1994 to Clive Richardson, with issue. Santiago Richardson, (1997-. Chiara Richardson, (1998-. Stefano Richardson, (2001-. Tatiana Richardson, (2002-. Emma Vassallo, (1971-, married 2003 to Hans Joerg Ennsle. Patricia Arrigo, (1908-98), dunm. Margeret”Marjorie” Arrigo, (1914-., married 1950 to Jack Morgan, with issue. David Morgan, (1952-., married 1976 to Loraine Bellisario. Michelle Morgan, (1954-., married 1977 to Andrew Stagg, with issue. Robin Stagg, (1981-. Owen Stagg, (1985-. Robert Morgan, (1955-, married to Annie N., with issue. Lewy Morgan, (1983-. Susy Morgan, (1985-. Anthony Morgan, (1958-., married Zizzie Rollins. Marcella “Celia” Arrigo, (1916-2002), dunm. Edward Arrigo, (1917-89), married 1943 to Grace Bugeja, with issue. David Arrigo, (1943-, married 1977 to Fiona Vaughan, married (2) to Felixa Halanen, with issue. (First marriage) Mark Arrigo, (1984-.  Major John Bartholomew Arrigo, (1918-2008), married 1949 to Clare dei Conti Manduca, with issue. James Arrigo (1956-., married to Angela Preca., with issue. Julia Arrigo, (1992-. Philippa Arrigo (1950-., married to John dei Duchi Mattei Caroline Arrigo, married 1854 Valletta to Raimondo Guglielmo Lateral. Gabriele Arrigo, married 1855 Valletta to Aloisia Camilleri. Michele Antonio Arrigo, married 1850 Valletta to Elisabetta Maria Raleigh. (Second marriage) Giuseppe Arrigo, married 1865 Valletta to Filomena Abela-Battaile. Michele Degiovanni. Rosanna Degiovanni.
1.1.4. Teresa Inglott, married 1767 Senglea to Giuseppe Depasquale.
1.5. Carlo Inglott, (1728-1783), married 1779 Vittoriosa to Gaetana Zammit, with issue. Maria Anna Inglott, married 1791 Vittoriosa to Emmanuele Gellel.
1.1.6. Donato Fortunato Inglott, (1730-),. married 1771 Senglea to Maddalena Zahra, with issue. Vincenza Inglott, married 1787 Senglea to Giuseppe Caruana. Rev Gerolamo Saverio Inglott, (1777-1835), Rector of the Universita. Antonio Inglott, (1774-1824), married (1) to Caterina Pellicano, married (2) to Giovanna Scicluna, married (3) to Jeannine Paris, with issue. ( illegitimate from Francesca Schembri) Luigi Inglott. ( illegitimate from Francesca Schembri) Giovanna Inglott. ( illegitimate from Francesca Schembri) Vincenzo Inglott, married 1830 Valletta to Rosolea Armino. ( illegitimate from Francesca Schembri) Fortunato Inglott, married 1848 Senglea to Maria Borg. (Second marriage) Francesco Inglott, (1794-1874), married to Francesca Calleja. Vincenzo Inglott, (1807-1850). Antonina Inglott, (1816-. Maria Inglott, (1779-1852), dunm. Giovanni Inglott, dunm.
1.1.7. Felice Inglott, (1733-), married 1768 Senglea to Anna Camilleri.
1.1.8. Gian Battista Felice Inglott, (1738-1778), dunm.
1.1.9. Giuseppe Inglott, (1739-1825), dunm.
1.1.10. Giovanni Battista Inglott,  (1739 -), married 1768 Senglea to Anna Gilibert, with issue. Maria Anna Teresa Inglott, (1679-1770). Caterina Inglott, (1771-1799), married 1795 Cospicua to Gio Battista Romano. Marianna Barbara Caterina Fortunata Inglott, (1772-1796), dunm. Paola Marianna Rosa Inglott, (1774-1871), married 1802 Cospicua to Gaetano Olivier. Michele Inglott, (1774-1849) Giuseppe Lorenzo Gaetano Inglott, (1777-1780), dunm. Marianna Usula Felicita Inglott, (1779-1780), d.inf. Captaino Felice Vincenzo Luigi Inglott, (1781-1841), married 1800 Axiaq to Caterina Albanese., with issue. Maria Concetta Inglott, (1807-1883), married 1827 Cospicua to Luigi Pisani. Rev Giovanni Inglott, (1804-), Priest. Maria Teresa Inglott, (1809-1851), married 1839 Cospicua to Captaino Vincenzo Micallef, with issue. Giovanna Micallef, married (1) to F. Marmara, married (2) to Dr Engerer. Maria Micallef. Fr Salvatore Inglott, (1810-1859), OFM, Padre Buonaventura, dunm. Giuseppe Inglott, (1812-1908), married 1839 Cospicua to Maria Mallia, with issue. Francesco Saverio Inglott, (1839-. Giovanni Felice Inglott, (1840-, married 1865 Cospicua to Caterina Rossignaud, with issue. Maria Inglott, (1866-. Emanuele Inglott, (1868-1873), dunm. Giuseppe Napoleone Inglott, (1869-1870), d.inf. Ermina Inglott, (1871-, married to Enrico Cauchi, with issue. Ramiro Cauchi Inglott. Joseph Inglott, (1872-. Amalia Inglott, (1875-, married to Joseph Muscat, with issue. Robert Muscat Inglott. John Muscat Inglott. Frank Muscat Inglott. Alexander Muscat Inglott. Victor Muscat Inglott. Emanuele Inglott, (1876-. Laura Inglott, (1878-. Giovanna Inglott, (1881-. Maria Carmela Inglott, (1844-, married 1864 Cospicua to Adolfo Ruggier, with issue. Maria Carmela Ruggier, (1865-. Antonio Ruggier, (1867-. Giuseppe Ruggier, (1870-. Dr Roger Ruggier, MD, (1888-, married to Elizabeth Cole. Gianna Ruggier. Fr Emanuele Inglott, (1846-. Alfredo Inglott, (1848-, dunm. Maria Concetta Inglott, (1851-, married to Captaino Vincenzo Borg. Paolo Inglott, (1853-. Marianna Inglott, (1855-1857), d.inf. Salvatore Inglott, (1858-. Antonia Inglott, (1814-1815), d.inf. Antonia Inglott, (1816-), married 1837 Cospicua to Felice Stivala, with issue. Salvatore Stivala, (1838-1840), d.inf. Marianna Stivala, (1839-. Maria Concetta Stivala, (1843-, married 1856 Cospicua to Giuseppe Famolaro. Giuseppe Stivala, (1844-. Salvatore Stivala, (1845-. Carmela Stivala, (1848-1851), d.inf. Emanuele Stivala, (1851-1858), dunm. Caterina Stivala, (1853-1854), d.inf. Giovanni Felice Stivala, (1854-, married to Bezzy Ospinal. Dr Pietro Paolo Inglott, (1819-1892), married 1845 to Maria Antonia Rosso, with issue. Chevalier Giuseppe Emilie Inglott, (1847-1931), married (1) 1875 Cospicua to Antonia Farrugia, married (2) 1902 Sliema to Carmela Falzon, with issue. (First marriage) Paolo Inglott, (1888-1945). Joseph Leo Inglott, (1888-1945). Carmelo Salvatore Inglott, (1894-1938), married 1917 Sliema to Maria Stella Zarb, with issue. Joseph Inglott, (1925-2011). Dorothy Mary Inglott, (1929-2009), married to Paul Joseph Zammit. Lillian Inglott, (1930-1988). Rose Inglott, (1935-2000). Antonia Inglott, dunm. Amadeo Francesco Inglott, dunm. Maria Inglott, dunm. Fortunata Inglott, dunm. Teresa Inglott, dunm. (Second marriage) Anthony John Inglott, (1904-1986), married (1) 1933 Valletta to Anna Sapia, married (2) 1958 to Paulette C.J. Ribier, with issue. (First marriage) Bianca Edita Maria Inglott, (1934 London – 2010 England). Dr Giovanni Felice Inglott MD, (1848-1919), married to Marta Mifsud Tommasi, with issue. Lucia Inglott, married to Agostino Levanzin. Pia Inglott, (1879-1944), married to Antonio Serracino, (d. 1942). Victor Inglott, (1881-, married 1912 Sunderland, Durham, UK to Madge Mackay, with issue. Rita Catherine Inglott, (1916 Newtown, Massachusetts -. Thomas Joseph Inglott, (1920 Altantic, Massachusetts, USA -1992 Orange, USA). Dr Joseph Inglott, MD, (1886-1928). Louis C. Inglott, (1889-1957 Sheridan, Wyoming, USA), married 1924 Billings, Yellowstone, Montana to Ethel Rosetta Steinhilber. George Inglott, (1893-, married to Assunta Carmela Castaldi, with issue. Victor George Inglott, (1915 Manitoba, Canada -, married 1966 Ada, Idaho, USA to Irene Wilson King. Alice May Inglott, (1917-2009 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), married (1) to Edward William Linda, married (2) to Joseph Roberts. Mary Inglott, (1919-. Daisy Inglott, (1921-. Ercole Inglott, married to Olympia Demajo. Ellen Inglott, married to Luigi Pace, with issue. Maria Pace. Rosa Inglott, (1856-, married 1886 Cospicua to Andrea Sammut. Luigi Inglott, (1851-. Ruggiero Inglott. Rev Emmanuele Inglott, (1854-1902), Priest. Alfredo Inglott, (1862-1919), married to N. Doublet, with issue. Giuseppe Ovidio Inglott, married to Annetta Raffaele, with issue. Anton Inglott, (1915-1945), married to Mary Pitre, (d. 2009), with issue. Bernardette Inglott, (1945-, married to Anthony Vella Gera, with issue. Alexander Vella Gera, married to Helga Portanier, with issue. Mikiel Vella Gera. Guze Vella Gera. Anatole Vella Gera, married to Stephanie Meli. Maria Carmela Inglott, married to Oliver Agius. Carmela Inglott. Maria Concetta Inglott. Elvira Inglott, (1867-1868), d.inf. Enrico Inglott, (1869-1870), d.inf. Marianna Inglott, (1821-1872), married 1843 Cospicua to Captaino Francesco Azzopardi. Antonio Ferdinando Inglott, created Bey of Egypt, (1831-1906 Alexandria, Egypt), married to Adele Letand de Beauvert, with issue. Vincent Nicholas Inglott, (1850 Alexandria, Egypt-1920 Montreaux, Switzerland), with issue. Walter Peter Inglott, (1883 Alexandria, Egypt – 1956 Worthing, West Sussex, England), married 1908 Namirembe, Uganda, to Bertha Elizabeth Mill, with issue. Marjorie Inglott, (1908-, married to Ernest D.S. Roberts. Ralph Ernest Walter Inglott, (1910 Port Sudan, East Africa -1995 South-on-Sea, Essex, England), married (1) 1931 London to Elsie Lilian Ghysbrecht, married (2) 1940 to N, with issue. (First marriage) Roger Edward Inglott. Nazzarena Inglott, d.inf. Giuseppe Lorenzo Gaetano Inglott, (1782-1850), married 1805 Vittoriosa to Modesta Ebejer, with issue. Marianna Inglott, (1810-1839)., dunm. Sir Ferdinand Inglott K.C.M.G, (1820-93), married to Catherine Bonavia, with issue. Luisa Inglott, married to Dr Felice Mifsud Bonici MD. Luisa Inglott. Giovanni Inglott. Lorenza Inglott. Antonia Inglott. Fortunata Inglott, (d. 1850). Giovanna Inglott, married 1844 at Valletta to Tommaso Micallef. Aloisea Inglott, dunm. Lorenzo Antonio Giuseppe Gaetano Inglott, (1782-1850). Deodato Vittorio Giovanni Michelangelo Inglott, (1789-1849). Fortunata Vittoria Rosalia Inglott, (1789-). Maria Anna Inglott, (1796-), d.inf. Maria Antonia Inglott, (1796-), married 1819 Senglea to Baldassare Caruana.