The family of Schranz.
Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.
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Note: Not all descendants are listed.
1. Giovanni Schranz, married 1833 Valletta to Concetta Scolaro, with issue.
1.1. Melita Schranz (1834-1914) married 1852 to Professor. Nicola Zammit with issue
1.1.1. Giulia Zammit.
1.1.2. Ernesto Zammit (1860-1861), d.inf.
1.1.3. Giuseppe Zammit.
1.1.4. Paulus Enrico Zammit, (0b.1862-1862), d.inf.
1.1.5. Giorgina Zammit, (1862-),  married 1891 Pio Scortino with issue. Leila Sciortino, (1919 – ) d. in her 20’s, dunm. Violet Scortino,  (1897-1978) married to Godfrey Serge with issue. Yvette Serge,  (1924-2016) married 1945 to Carlo Cali. Joseph Serge married Lee Morgan with issue. Karen Serge married Anthony Diacono with issue. Emma Diacono. Sarah Diacono. Christopher Diacono. Benjamin Diacono. Jeffrey Serge, dunm. Loris Serge,  married to  Connie Attard with issue. Simon Serge, (1967-), married 2014 Valletta to May Anne Sarmiento, with issue. Giulia Serge, (2019-.
1.1.6. Giovanni Zammit M.D.married with issue. Millie Zammit. Lucy Zammit.
1.1.7. Nicholas Paul Zammit, (1864-).
1.1.8. Adelina Zammit,  (1865-1900).
1.2. Rinaldo Schranz (1835-1865).
1.3. Adelaide Schranz, (1837-) d, inf.
1.4. Costantino Schranz, (1839-1865).
1.5. Antonio Schranz Jr., ( 1841-1842).
1.6. Adelaide Anne Schranz,  (1843-1914) married 1873  to Giuseppe Camilleri with issue. 
1.6.1. Rinaldo Camilleri,  (b1873-1928),  married 1909 to Christine Micallef Hawkes. May Camilleri, (b1913-2006),  married to Salvino Mallia Pulverenti, with issue. Marie Mallia Pulverenti,  married Dominique Cabourdin (sep), with issue.  Marc Cabourdin married Joanna Frendo Jones. Emma Cabourdin. Jacques Cabourdin. Sabine Carbourdin LL.D,  married to  Neville Agius, with issue. Luc Agius. Kay Agius. Victor Camilleri, married 1944 to Carmen Rizzo, with issue. Simone Camilleri,  married (Div) to  Hans Meier,  married (2) to  Michael Camilleri, with issue. (First marriage) Christian Meier, married to Lida Dalian, with issue. Alexandria Meier. Thelma Camilleri, married to Edwin Cilia, with issue. Christina Cilia,  married to Steven Borg, with issue. Andrew Borg. Alix Borg. Nicole Cilia,  married to  Jean Borg, with issue. Sophie Borg. Nina Borg. Joe Camilleri, married 1955 to  Franca Bonello, with issue. Olga Camilleri. Alfred Camilleri,  married 1995 to M’Dolores Bartolo. Yvonne Camilleri.
1.6.2. Maria Camilleri.
1.6.3. Dida Camilleri.
1.7. Elizabeth Schranz, (1845-),  married 1864 to Salvatore Fiamingo, with issue.
1.7.1. Paolo Maria Fiamingo, d.inf.
1.7.2. Marita Fiamingo.
1.7.3. Eduardo Fiamingo,  married to  Edwige Caruana, with issue. Ines Fiamingo, d.inf.
1.8. Elvira Agatha Schranz,  (1845-1914),  married 1876 to Dr Enrico Semini LL.D. with issue.
1.8.1. Helen Semini married Major Joseph DeDomenico, with issue. Josephine DeDomenico sive Gene married to Capt. Joseph Ullo OBE. Adelaide DeDomenico, (1900-). Edith DeDomenico,  married to Bernard Hobrow. Frank DeDomenico, married to Angela Psaila, with issue.. Ivan DeDomenico MD, FRCS(C), FRCS, married to N, with issue.. John DeDomenico. Jerry Dedomenico. Jamie Dedomenico. Jenny Dedomenico. Louis Dedomenico. Gerald Dedomenico (sive Aldo). Gerald Dedomenico. Helen Dedomenico, married (1) 1958 to  Doreen Clare Tambling (Canada), married (2) to  Mary Holland. Mary Dedomenico, (1908-),  married Brigadier George Caruana Dingli RMA. Lina Dedomenico,  married to Lionel Jones, with issue. Peter Jones. Tony Jones. David Jones. Harriet Dedomenico, (1912-),  married to Frank Fabri, with issue. MaryAnne Fabri. Valerie Fabri. Louise Fabri,  married to Lawrence Coppini, with issue. Coppini. Coppini. Nikki Coppini. Margaret DeDomenico known as Hilda, married to George Vassallo LL.D. Anthony DeDomenico, married to Yvonne Muscat, with issue.. AndrewDeDomenico,  married 1965 to Madeleine Azzopardi, with issue. Deborah DeDomenico. Darien DeDomenico. Adam DeDomenico. Steve DeDomenico. Kathleen DeDomenico,  married to Norbert Knopp, with issue. Sebastian Knopp. Marie Therese Knopp, married to Michele D’Accordi, with issue. Eleonora D’Accordi. Maddalena D’Accordi Francesca Isabella Knopp,  married to Martin Orbegozo, with issue. Matteo L. Orbegozo. Pilipa Orbegozo. Caeilia Felicitas Knopp. Elizabeth DeDomenico. Nathalie DeDomenico,  married (sep) to Charles Borg Barthet, with issue. Christianne Borg Barthet. Philip Borg Barthet,  married to Mikaela Stroud, with issue. Sean Borg Barthet. Jamie Borg Barthet. John Borg Barthet. Alexandra DeDomenico,  married to Henrik D’Amato, with issue. Karl D’Amato. Rachel D’Amato. .Greta D’Amato. Victor Dedomenico,  married to Evelyn Borg, with issue. Margaret DeDomenico,  married to N. Whisker. Philip DeDomenico,  married to Vicky Stubbs. Angela DeDomenico, married to Mark Castillo. Tessa DeDomenico, (1918-).  married to Major. Kenneth Wright,  Dorset Regiment, with issue. Louis Wright,  killed in action WWII.. Bella Dedomenico, (killed with her infant son Simon in airplane crash at Gibraltar),  married to Capt. William Aston RM. Yvonne DeDomenico , d.inf. Colonel John DeDomenico, RCHA,  married  to Madge Shapcolt, with issue. Mark Dedomenico.
1.8.2. Maria Semini, married 1906 to George Engerer, with issue. Rose Lucy Engerer. Henry Harry Engerer (1915 Malta -.1998 California).
1.9. Giuseppe Giovanni Schranz, (1850-1915) married 1877 to Clorinda Engerer with issue.
1.9.1. Albert G. Schranz,  (1878 Crete -),  married 1901 to Nobile Jane Grungo,  with issue. Maud Schranz,  (1901-1977),  married 1929 to Dr. Antonio Busuttil M.D, .with issue. Mary Busuttil, (1930-),  married to  Edgar Spiteri Staines with issue. Tony Spiteri Staines, married to Tracy Micallef, with issue. Cyril Spiteri Staines, married to Claire Fsadni, with issue. Nicole Spiteri Staines. Amy Carole Spiteri Staines. Marie Spiteri Staines. Julian Spiteri Staines. Helen Busuttil. Tessie Busuttil,  married to Salvatore Sortino LL.D. Carmelina Busuttil. Mons Joseph Busuttil, (1935-1962), dunm. Jane Busuttil,  married to Gordon Knudsen, (Canada),  with issue. Christopher Knudsen. Erik Knudsen. Victor Busuttil,  married to Antonietta Gaggino, (Canada), with issue. Linda Luisa Busuttil. Christine Busuttil. Elizabeth Busuttil. Herbert Schranz,  married 1931 to Mary Rossignaud, with issue. Melita (sive Milly) Schranz, married 1960 to Dr Charles Boffa Edith Schranz. Albert Schranz, married 1957 to Doris Pace, with issue. Peter Schranz M.D,. married to Ann Micallef, with issue. Nicola Schranz, married to Richard Stanley, with issue. Thomas Peter Stanley. Katherine Schranz,  married to Wesley Cutler. Jonathan Schranz 2. Marina Schranz, married to Marnix Van Gemert, with issue. Roxanne Van Gemert. Ian Van Gemert.  Suzanne C. Schranz, married to Albert Calleja, with issue. Rachel Calleja. Andrew Calleja. Stephanie Schranz. Major Anthony Schranz RMA., married 1960 Helen Darmanin, with issue. Giselle Schranz, married to Robin Fraser, with issue. Alister George Frazer. William Ian Frazer. Maria Helen Frazer. Sophie Ann Frazer. Carl Schranz, married 2004 to Rachel Holder, with issue. Mark Julian Schranz. Rosemary Schranz, married 1971 to Bernard Borda, with issue. Bernard Borda. James Borda,  married to Lydia N, with issue. Matthew Borda. Julia Borda. Sandra Borda, (1967-.,  married to Stephen Pandolfino, with issue. Kristina Pandolfino, (1990-. Andrew Pandolfino, (1993-. Frances Schranz,  married 1973 to Vincent Bugeja, with issue. Karen Bugeja. Katya Bugeja married to Kevin Spiteri., with issue. Martina Spiteri. Francesco Spiteri. Fredrick Schranz, married 1937 to Carmela Camilleri, (d. 2023), with issue. Edward Schranz,  married to Renate Weeber, (Canada), with issue. Eric Paul Schranz (Canada). Carol Schranz., (Twin) Christopher Schranz,  (Twin) Joan Schranz (1939-2008). Richard Schranz,  married 1966  to Monica Briffa, with issue. Dr Martin Schranz M.D.,  married to Corinne Wood M.D. with issue=. Lisa Schranz. Philip Schranz. Gavin Schranz. Sean Schranz. Kian Schranz. Helga Schranz, married 1993 to Edward D’Alessandro, with issue. Sarah D’Alessandro. Miguel D’Alessandro. Mark Schranz, married 2008 to Debbie Gingle LittleJohn, with issue. Zac Schranz. Benji Schranz. Albert Schranz, married 1965 to Brenda Townsend, with issue. Debbie Schranz, married 1991 to David Westwood, with issue. Chelsea Westwood. Matthew Westwood. Alexandria Schranz. Kristina Schranz, married 2010 to Matthew Bianco, with issue. Naomi Bianco. Sienna Bianco. Maximillian Bianco. Maryann Schranz, married 1966 to Gerald Axisa, with issue. Johanna Axisa, married (1) 1989 Bernard Briffa, married (2) 2011 Eric Macrae, with issue. (First marriage) Jessica Briffa, (1991-. (Second marriage) Kenneth Macrae. Rory Macrae. Karen Axisa. Edward Axisa, married 2008 to Diana Bughagar , with issue. Fabienne Axisa. Lauren Rory Axisa. Catherine Schranz,  married 1973 to Frank Falzon, with issue. Erika Falzon,  married 2010 to Mark Gatt Sebastian Gatt. Gianni Gatt. Karl Falzon. Joseph Schranz,  married 1981 to Monica Camilleri, with issue. Stephanie Schranz. Christian Schranz. Austin Schranz, (1952-2021), dunm. Hilda Schranz, (1905-),  married to Arturo Zammit A&CE, dsp. Nello Schranz, (1914-),  married to Mary Ellul, dsp.
1.9.2. Arthur Fredrick Schranz,  (1879-1939), married 1906 Elizabeth Geddes with issue. Arthur Colin Schranz. Elizabeth A. Schranz, married 1932 to Philp Birch, with issue. Ann Birch. Josephine A. Birch,  married 1961 to Thomas E. Carr, with issue. Gerard T. Carr, married 1998 to Dawn E. Anderson, with issue. Kieran Carr. Judith Birch, married to Gerald Wilkin with issue. William Arthur Schranz, married 1935 to Evelyn Grinlaw, with issue. William A.C. Schranz, married 1960 Ann Pick., with issue. Paul A. Schranz, married 1987 to Janet Smith, with issue. Abbie Schranz. Anna Schranz. Karl Lindon Schranz, married 1989 to Claire Nettleton, with issue. Mike Karl Schranz. Craig M. Schranz. Liam C. Schranz. Matthew L.Schranz. Trevor Andrew Schranz, (.1942 –1977),  married 1970 to Christine Fletcher. Stuart I. Schranz, married 1966 to Stuand Laura A. Beed, with issue. .Emma Schranz. Samantha Schranz. Neil Schranz, married to Julie N., with issue. Scott Schranz. Melanie Schranz. Rebecca Schranz. Elliott Schranz. Glynis E. Schranz, married to Allen Murray with issue. Alan Murray. Adele Murray. Simon Schranz, married 1980 (Div) to Christine A. Eagle, married (2) 1997 to Leeann Nicol with issue. (First marriage) Jay Jarrod Schranz. Laurence Schranz. (Second marriage) Ruby Schranz. Jake Schranz.
1.9.3. John Paul Schranz, (1884-1933) married 1904 to Nobile Josephine Grungo, (1882-1940), with issue. Emanuel Schranz, married to May Soler, with issue. Antoine Schranz M.D,  married 1971 to  Frida Nicolas, with issue. Karen Schranz. Rowina Schranz,  married 2017 to Sven Palm. Joe Schranz, (1946-2001) married 1978 to Marguerite Bencini, with issue. Karl Schranz, married 2014 to Claudia Farrugia. Lara Schranz, married 2016 to Alan Cassar, with issue. Noah Cassar. Louis Schranz, (1953-2021), married 1980 to Simone Grima, with issue. Celine Schranz A&CE. Josie Schranz, (1907-1969),  married 1938 to Evelyn Gulia, with issue.  Joan Schranz,  married 1967 to Francis Consiglio M.D., with issue. Gillian Consiglio, married 1995 to Michael Darmanin, with issue. Faye Darmanin. Max Darmanin. Giselle Consiglio,  married 2001 to Adrian Camilleri, with issue. Leah Camilleri. Marcus Camilleri. Anthony Schranz, married 1964 to Victoria Xuereb, with issue. Steven Schranz,  married 1994 to Cynthia Valenzia, with issue. Stefanie Schranz. Mark Schranz. Conte David Schranz,  married 1996 to Karen Pisani, with issue. Oxy Schranz. Nikki Schranz. Lily Schranz. Ian Schranz. (issue from Barbara Stramska) Victoria Schranz, (.2015-. Irene Schranz,  married 1964 to Wilfred Naudi, with issue. Nicholas Naudi,  married 2003 to Monica Abdilla, with issue. Adam Naudi. Lorraine Naudi,  married 1992 to Adrian Vella, with issue. Rachel Vella. Daniel Vella. Daphne Naudi,  married 2000 to  John Gatt, with issue. Ella Gatt. Sarah Gatt. Simon Gatt. Nathalie Schranz,  married 1967 to John Pace Balzan MD FRCS. John Schranz, (1908-1985),  married 1941 to Josephine Guillaumier, with issue. John Schranz,  married 1974 to Marlene Psaila, with issue. Marja Schranz,  married 2010 to Alex Tortell, with issue. Sebastian Tortell. John Schranz,  married to Csilla Der, with issue. Tristan Schranz.  Maxime Schranz. Rosemarie Schranz,  married 1984 to Michael Skaletz, with issue. Marina Skaletz. Nathalie Skaltz. Mary Schranz, (1909-2005), married to Agostino Depasquale, with issue. Antoine Depasquale, married 1957 to Carmen Cutajar, with issue. Ettiene Depasquale,  married 1994 to Miriam Azzopardi, with issue. Maximillian Depasquale. Marjan Depasquale. Helena Depasquale. Victoria Depasquale,  married 2004 to Ian Mifsud, with issue. Ann Mifsud. John Mifsud. Marthese Depasquale. Joseph Depasquale Shranz, (1946-2022), married 1972 to Rosette Gaffiero, with issue. Andrea Depasquale Schranz. Christina Depasquqle Schranz, married to Niki Bilocca, with issue. Julian Bilocca. Michael Bilocca. Edward Depasquale, married 1976 to Marianne Debrincat, with issue. David Depasquale,  married to Denise Zerafa, with issue. Damian Depasquale. Demi Ann Depasquale. Emily Depasquale,  married 1980 to Allesandro Amatulli. Doreen Depasquale, married 1974 to Eric Psaila, with issue. Johnatan Psaila. Anna Depasquale (1951 – 2017), dunm. George Schranz,  (1910-1991),  married 1940 to Maria Tabone, with issue. Marina Schranz,  (1941-1987),  married to Norman Mifsud, with issue. Caroline Mifsud, married to Mark Miggiani LL.D, with issue. Jimmy Miggiani. Cristina Miggiani.  John Schranz,  married to Mabel Cassar, with issue. Kimberly Schranz. Tony Schranz, married to Wendy N., with issue. Karl Schranz. Victor Schranz,  (1948-2013),  married to Anne Salomone, with issue. Elizabeth Schranz,  married 1999 to Alex Meilak, with issue. Robert Meilak. Michelle Meilak. Susan Schranz,  married 2005 to Peter Mercieca, with issue. Michael Mercieca. Pippa Mercieca. Karl Schranz,  married 2012 to Lara Chetcuti, with issue. Hugh Schranz. Eric Schranz. Leah Schranz Herbert Schranz,  married to Gerda N, with issue. Laura Schranz,  married to NN, with issue. Marina N. Giselle Marie N. Josianne Schranz,  married 1976 to Denis Cirigotti , with issue. Janice Cirigotti,  married to A. Natali, with issue. Marcello Umberto Natali. Elizabeth Schranz,  married to Anthony Muscat, with issue. Chris Muscat,  married 2000 to Janine Borg Cardona, with issue.  Zak Muscat. Yazmin Muscat. Jake Muscat. Faye Muscat. Malchom Muscat, married to Joanna Abela, with issue. Kyle Muscat. Matthew Muscat. Kyra Muscat. Maia Muscat. Eliza Muscat, married 2012 to Mark Montebello, with issue. Emma Montebello. Edward Montebello. Violet Schranz, married 1948 to Guze`Cardona, with issue. Marie Antoinette Cardona. George Cardona, married 1977 to Joyce Duncun, with issue. Johann Cardona married 2011 Annamaria Sciberras, with issue. Elisa Cardona. Giulia Cardona. Charles Schranz, (1918-1971), married to Mary Antoinette Migneco,  (emigrated to USA 1952), with issue. Herman Schranz, married (1) Janet Ellen Webber (2) remarried Cher N, with issue. (First marriage) Catherine M. Schranz,  married to Russell W. Berzansky, with issue. Nicole Berzansky,  married to Dan W. Sanders, with issue. Tanner W. Sanders. Rylee Berzansky. Erik G. Schranz,  married to Margaret A.Spalinger. Arnold Schranz,  married to Maryann Price, with issue. Laurinda A. Schranz,  married to Don Eugene Dawes, with issue. Tayler A. Dawes. Gracielyn F. Dawes. Jennifer L. Schranz,  married to Christopher Tobin, with issue. Gabriel M. Tobin. Isabelle A. Tobin. Emma L. Tobin. Richard C. Schranz. Christine Ann Schranz,  married (1) (Div) to Harold Seaman, married (2) to Gray Wayne Halsey, with issue. (First marriage) Charlene M. Seaman. Jason Leroy Seaman. Tania Marie Seaman,  married to David Tuller, with issue. Ethan Albert Tuller. Evan Wayne Tuller. Charlotte Schranz,  married (1) (Div) to Mark Robert Kik, married (2) to Manuel Hernandez, with issue. (First marriage) Robert Earl Kik,  married (1) (Div) to Vanessa R. Jones, married (2) 2005 to Michelle Aceves, with issue. (First marriage) Kylie J.Kik, (1995-). Cherly Lynn Kik,  married to Christoper Lomax, with issue. Reed C. Lomax. John Paul Schranz. Jamie Marie Schranz. John-John Charles Schranz Joshua A. Schranz Erick A. Schranz, married to Kim Marie Cassetta, with issue. Lisa Marie Schranz,  married to Eric A. Warmhoven. Stephanie L. Schranz. Carmelo Schranz,  married Mary R. Borg, with issue. Noel Schranz, (Tunis-),  married to Carolyn L.Raney, with issue. Michael J. Schranz,  married to Kristen N., with issue. Odin Sky Schranz. Stephen M.Schranz,  married 2010 to Crystal D. Williams, with issue. Amber D.Schranz. Ronald Schranz, married (Div) to Janice M. Emerson, with issue. Shannon M. Schranz,  married 2012 to Gordon Reis, with issue. Makananaikalabi Reis, (Hawaii-). Makena Reis, (Hawaii-). Kainoa Reis. Maurice Schranz, (1950 California -), married 1985 to Diane G. Anderson, with issue. Simon C. Schranz, (1985-2003), dunm.l. Gabriel H. Schranz. Sarah R.Schranz. Rosemarie Schranz, married 1978 to Michael James, with issue. Brian J. James,  married to Amy Elizabeth N, with issue. Casper J. James. Deagan B.James. Michelina James. Elizabeth M. Schranz,  married 1977 (Divi) to Joseph M. Shearer, married (2) 2000 Steven Kashitani, with issue. (First marriage) Nicholas S. Shearer, (1981-. Kenneth C. Shearer, (1983-. Thomas M. Shearer, (1986-. (Second marriage) Myles A. Kashitani, (1995-. Twanny Schranz, – Franciscian Father (1921-2010), dunm.
1.9.4. Edgar Schranz, married 1919 to Mary Engerer,  (1891-1974), with issue.
1..9.4.1. Hugh Schranz. Blanche Schranz, dunm. George Schranz, (1928-1981),  married 1960  to Mary Bugeja, with issue. Claire Schranz. Bernard Schranz. Kenneth Schranz. Celine Schranz. Rose Schranz,  (1929-2005),  married to Joe Calleja, with issue. Edward Calleja,  married to Una Saliba,  with issue. Michaela Calleja,  married to Julian Borg. Alan Calleja. Giulia Calleja. Claude Calleja,  married to Angele Mizzi with issue. Nicholas Calleja. Michael Calleja. Susanne Calleja,  married to Henri Mizzi,  with issue. Andrew Mizzi. Peter Mizzi.
1.9.5. Beatrice Schranz , (1881-),  married 1906 (1) married to Henry Grant, married (2). Carlo Farrugia, with issue. (First marriage) Josephine Grant. Nellie Grant. Evelyn Grant.
1.9.6. Margareta Schranz,  married 1918 to Nobile Pasquale Grungo.
1.9.7. Charles Schranz,  (1890 -1973),  emigrated to USA1912 (changed name to Hugh Henry),  married 1916 to Prudence Melo, with issue. Rowan Henry Schranz, . married to Florence May Traikoff, with issue. Scott A. Henry, married 1984 to Flora N, with issue. David Samuel Henry. Janice L. Henry,  married 1989 to Paul E. Joseph. Rowanne Henry,  married 1997 to Bruce Jugan, with issue. Henry Jugan. Nikki Jugan. Howard Henry Schranz,  married to Patricia N, with issue. Joseph Henry. Susan Henry.
1.9.8. Mary Schranz,  (1898-1973), married 1919 to Edward DeMartino with issue. Oliver DeMartino, d.inf.. Joe DeMartino M.D,  (1927-1965), .married 1958 to Josephine Fenech Soler, with issue. Sandra DeMartino, married 1983 to Marchese Mario Sammut Alessi. Kenneth DeMartino,  married 1990 to Madeleine Busuttil, with issue. Rachel DeMartino. Steffi DeMartino. Martina DeMartino. Lexi DeMartino.
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