“Bianchi/Bianco di Lavagna Family”

Copyright: This image belongs to His Most Nobile, the Count Sant Fournier Archives.
Copyright: This image belongs to His Most Nobile, the Count Sant Fournier Archives.

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1. Enrico Bianchi o Fieschi, (d. 1145), Conte di Lavagna, married with issue.

1.1. Enrico Bianchi, (d. 1171), Conte di Lavagna.

1.2. Martino Bianchi, (d. 1213), Conte di Lavagna, married with issue.

1.2.1. Ugolino Bianchi, (c. 1213), Conte di Lavagna.

1.2.2. Enrico Bianchi, (c. 1213), Conte di Lavagna, married with issue. Ugone Bianchi, (1259), Conte di Lavagna, married to Simona Guercio, with issue. Margherita Bianchi, (d. 1298), married to N. Guaracco. Agata Bianchi, (d. 1298), ‘Nun’. Caracosa Bianchi, (c. 1298), married to Manuele Zaccaria, (d. 1288), Cr: Lord of Phocea, with issue. Tidisino Zaccaria, (d.1313), Governor of Phocea 1302-07., Lord of Thasos 1306-13., married to Benedetta Farmasi. Odoardo Zaccaria. Guglielma Zaccaria, married to Kalem Bey, 1st Emir of Karasi. Maria Zaccaria, married to Muharizalsin Gazi Mehmed Bey, Emir of Aydin. Maria Bianchi, (c 1298), married to Maglio Villemuccio di Firenze. Agnese Bianchi, (c. 1298), married to Bertolino Giudice. Pietro Bianchi, (1259 – 1292), ‘Conte di Lavagna, ‘Canon’, dunm.l Ottobono Bianchi, (1298 – 1306), married to Giacoba de Naulo. Bonifaco Bianchi, Conte di Lavagna, married with issue. Andreolo Bianchi, Conte di Lavagna, (1271 – 1319), married with issue. Ardoino Bianchi, Conte di Lavagna, (c 1357), married with issue. Nicolo Fiesco o Bianchi da Caneto de Casanova, Deputy of Chios 1362, died 1363, married to Nicolosina di Negro, with issue. Bartolomeo Flesco, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna, died 1395, married to Margherita Adorno, with issue. Nicolo Fiesco, 1395, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna. Domenico Fiesco, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna, died 1412. Francesco Fiesco 1412 -1416, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna, married to Catalina Lercari, with issue (other issue not noted). Margherita Fiesco, (c. 1456), Hereditary Contessa Palatine de Lavagna, married to Nobile Tommaso Cappello. Silvestro Fiesco, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna. Jacopo Fiesco, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna, Viceroy of Naples, married to Francesca Negro, with issue. Saint Caterina Fiesco, (1447-1510), Nun, became a Saint 1737 by Pope Clement XII, married to Giuliano Adorno, dsp. Andriolo Fiesco, Hereditary Conte Palatine de Lavagna. Antonio Nicolo Fiesco. Giovanni Bianchi, Conte di Lavagna, (c. 1360). Antonio Bianchi,. Conte di Lavagna, (c. 1360). Enrico Bianchi, Conte di Lavagna, married to Caterina de Carmo, married (2) to Manfreda N, with issue. (First Marriage) Andreotto Bianchi, Conte di Lavagna, (d. 1357), married to Ginevra de Castelano, with issue. Maria Bianchi, (c. 1380). Lorenzo Bianchi, (c 1380). Enrico Bianchi, (1380). Visconte Bianchi, (c 1380). Bianca Bianchi. Visconte Bianchi. Giovanni Bianchi, married to Letizia Usodimare, with issue. Alberto Bianchi, (c 1367). Isolta Bianchi, (1367). Luchino Bianchi, (1387 -1400)., married with issue. Cipriana Bianchi, (d. 1393), married to Giorgio Pallavicino. Facino Bianchi, married with issue. Giovanni Bianchi, (1323), married to Teodora Malocello, with issue. Giacomo Bianchi, (c 1357)., married with issue. Pomella Bianchi, married to Barnaba Vivaldo. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c 1357), married with issue. Giorgio Bianchi, (c 1386). Paris Bianchi, (c. 1389). Giovanni Bianchi, (1444)., married with issue. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (d. 1444), married with issue. Battista Bianchi, (c. 1451). Niccolo Bianchi, (1451). Cucurnino Bianchi, (1451), married with issue. Battista Bianchi, married with issue. Benedetto Bianchi, (c 1552), married with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (d. 1605), married with issue. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1651), married to Maria N, with issue. Battista Bianchi, (c 1670), married with issue. Francesco Bianchi (c. 1670, 1687), married to Maria Monteverde, with issue. Sebastiano Bianchi, (c. 1703, 1710), married to Maddalena Castagnino, with issue. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1733), married to Maddalena dell’Orso, with issue. Sebastiano Bianchi, (c. 1744), married to Giulia N, with issue. Angela Bianchi. Girolamo Bianchi, (c 1728), married to Angela Maria Questa, with issue. Giulia Bianchi. Francesco Bianchi, (c. 1760 -1775), married to Teresa Questa, with issue. Gaetana Bianchi. Domenico Bianchi, married to Bendetta N, with issue. Francesco Bianchi. Tommaso Bianchi of Imola Italy, married to Maria Fabbi, with issue. Filippo Bianchi, (1822 Imola Italy – 1892 Tunis), married 1863 Malta to Carmela Caruana, (1844-1938), with issue. Virginia Bianchi, (1863 Malta -1913 Tunis), married 1901 Cathedral, Tunisia to Albert Lhomme, with issue. Marcelle Lhomme, married 1929 to Louis-Philippe de Matteis. Jean Lhomme, married 1930 Le Bardi, Tunisia to Marcelle Davin. Lisa Marie Angelica Lhomme, married 1921 Notre Dame, Tunisia to Alfred Damase Colin. Icilio Raffaele Bianchi, (1865 Malta – 1935 Malta), married to Fortunata Peralta, with issue. Filippo Nicola Bianchi, (1893 -1967 Malta), married to Alice Micallef, with issue. Rolande Bianchi, (1921-26), d.inf. Helen Bianchi, (1922-., married (1) to Denis Philippopulous, married (2) 1946 Alexandra Egypt to George Mavrides, with issue. (First Marriage) Aliki Philippopulous, (1947-, married to Nicholas Logothetis, with issue. Stathis Logothetis, married to Eleni NN, with issue. Aliki Logothetis, (2006-. Dionysis Logothetis, married to Angela NN, with issue. Nicolas Logothetis, (2000-. Eleana Logothetis. Maria Philippopulous, (1949-, married to Sakis Economopoulos, with issue. Dimitrus Economopoulos. Christina Economopoulos, married 2005 to Panayiotis NN. Alexandros Economopoulos. Vivian Bianchi, (1924- Alexandria Egypt -., married 1948 to Blanche Ayoub, with issue. Patricia Bianchi, (1949- Egypt -, married to Marchese Michael Apap Bologna dei Marchesi di Gnien is Sultan, , Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Ralph Bianchi, (1952- Egypt -, married 1977 to Dona Elizabeth de Piro d’Amico Inguanez dei Marchesi e Baroni de Piro, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Giulia Bianchi, (1987-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Mark Bianchi, (1980-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Philippa Bianchi, (1982-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Michael Bianchi, (1956-, married (Div) to Prof. Petra Erika Busuttil D.Phil (Oxon), with issue. Philip Bianchi, (1992-. Sophia Bianchi, (1995-. Cecil Bianchi, (1925-26), d.inf. Gladys Bianchi, (1927 Egypt -., married to Ugo Camilleri, with issue. Sandra Camilleri, (1953 Lausanne  -. Luigi Camilleri, (1955-, married to Marjoline de Groot. Gilbert Bianchi, (1928-29), d.inf. Dorothy Bianchi, (1924 Egypt -., married to Conrad Nagel. Paolino Bianchi, (1896-1926 Malta), married 1898 to Mary Edwige Huber, with issue. Gaston Bianchi, (1922-70), married to Alice Turner, with issue. Paul Bianchi, (1952-97), married to Dona Margaret de Piro d’Amico Inguanez dei Marchesi e Baroni de Piro, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Catherine Bianchi, (1979-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 2001 to Justin Zammit Tabona, with issue. Alexander Bianchi, (1982-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary., married to Rachelle Mifsud, with issue. Benjamin Paul Bianchi, (2011-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Angela Bianchi, (1985-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. James Bianchi, (1988-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Jean-Marc Bianchi, (1957-, married to Carole Zammit Tabona, with issue Symira Bianchi. Sebastian Bianchi. Amelia Bianchi. Antoine Bianchi, (1923-95),  married 1959 Stella Maris Sliema to Nobile Nathalie Trapani Galea Feriol dei Baroni di San Marciano, with issue. Nicholas Bianchi, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1986 to Marchesa Marie Testaferrata Bonici, with issue. Pierre Bianchi, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Robert Bianchi, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Andre Bianchi, (1962-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary. Anne Marie Bianchi, (1967-, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 2006 to Dr Anton Tabone LLD.. Louis Bianchi, (1898-1942), married to Maria Pace Balzan, with issue. Dr Marcel Bianchi LLD, (1921-71), married to Maud Peralta, with issue. Louis Bianchi, (1946-, married to Henrietta Sammut, with issue. Dr Daniel Bianchi, LLD, LLM (Edinburgh), MA (Manchester), Ph.D in Biothics and Medical Juris (Manchester), (1980-. Madeleine Bianchi, (1950-, married to John Aquilina, with issue. Jonathan Marcel Aquilina, (1987-. Audrey Madeleine Aquilina, (1989-. Veronica Bianchi, (1954-., married to Ramon Rossignaud. Marie-Louise Bianchi, (1922-23), d.inf. Loris Bianchi, (1923-2017), married to Yvonne Ganado, with issue. Adrian Bianchi, (1948-, married to Claire Sammut, with issue. Stephen Bianchi, (1971-, married to Pamela Clitheroe, with issue. Isabella Rachel Bianchi, (2002-. Charlotte Jayne Bianchi, (2006-. Sean Bianchi, (1973-, married to Teresa Gyves. Lynne Bianchi, (1974-, married to John Pessagno, with issue. Eve Elisabeth Pessagno, (2005-. Dr Philip Bianchi, LLD, (1949-, married to Felicity Mercieca, with issue. Dr Matthew Bianchi, LLD, (1976-, married 2005 to Sara Soler, with issue. Mattea Bianchi, (2006-. Mark Bianchi, (2009-. Alexander Bianchi, (2011-. Christopher Bianchi, married 2010 Appenzell, Switzerland to Stephanie Alix von Reiswitz. Michael Bianchi, married 2009 Gharghur to Sarah Zammit, with issue. Francesca Bianchi, (2011-. Edward Bianchi, (2014 -. Anne Bianchi, (1951-., married to Paul Pullicino, with issue. Peter Pullicino. Marguerite Pullicino. Sr Veronica Bianchi, (d. 2016), Nun. Guglielmo Bianchi, (1867-1947 Malta), married to Augusta Lausberg, with issue. Carmen Bianchi, (1897 Swathmore Pennsylvania USA-, married to NN. Hiscox, with issue. Carmen Hiscox. Albert Bianchi, (1900-, married to Gladys Wilckes, with issue. William Bianchi, (1927-, married with issue. Libby Bianchi, married to Sam Edelman, with issue. William Bianchi, married to Penny NN, with issue. Ashley Bianchi. Brian Bianchi. Philip Bianchi, (1931-, married (1) 1961 to Jennifer M.A. Ratcliff,  married (2) 1976 to Marion Bigelow,  with issue. (First Marriage) Felicia Anne Bianchi, (1962-. Elizabeth Alexandra Bianchi, (1966-. Icilio Bianchi, (1902 Pennsylvania USA – 1990 New York USA), married with issue. David Winthrop Bianchi, (1954-., married Julia NN, with issue. Trent Bianchi, (2001-. Daniel L. Bianchi, (1956-. Michael Bianchi, (1958-, married to Kristin NN, with issue. Kyle Bianchi, (1996-. Erica Bianchi, (1995-. Susan Bianchi, (1964-, married to Bruce Roper, with issue. Ryan Roper, (1993-. Michael Roper, (1995-. Amelia Bianchi, (1869 Malta -1933 Tunis), married 1889 Tunis to Wladislaw Drzyzinski, with issue. Robert Ladislas Drzyzinski, (1893 Tunis – 1937 Feriana Tunisia), married 1920 Tunis to Clotilde Gauci, with issue. Madeleine Drzyzinski, (1921-, married 1941 Tunis to Gilbert Fieve, with issue. Jean-Marc Fieve, (1942 Alger -., married 1965 Le Cannet France to Genevieve Arneguy with issue. Stephanie Fieve, (1966-, married to NN Guessoum, with issue. Omeya Guessoum, (1998 Paris France -. Jean-Christophe Fieve, (1967 Tunis -, married 1993 Paris France to Yoshie Wada, with issue. Victor Takeru Fieve, (1998 Paris France -. Delphine Fieve, (1971 Mulhouse France -. Isabella Fieve, (1945 Tunis -, married (1) Boulogne-Billancourt France 1968 to Claude Poitevin (d.1995), married (2) 2001 Cannes France to Marc Beauvios., with issue. (First Marriage) Stephane Poitevin, (1969 Cannes France -. Caroline Poitevin, (1974 Cannes France -. Ladislas Charles Drzyzinski, (1922 Tunis -, married (1) Tunis 1947 to Nicole Planchon, married (2) 1975 to Simone Drapier, with issue. (First Marriage) Frederique Drzyzinski, (1952 Tunis -, married 1973 Tunis to Cesare Orlandini del Beccuto, with issue. Laetitia Orlandini del Beccuto, (1974 Rome Italy -. Fabio Orlandini del Beccuto, (1978- , married 2005 Rome Italy to Diana Luna. Christophe Drzyzinski, (1957 Tunis -., married 1980 Saulx-Marchais France to Catherine Duchemin, with issue. Ladislas Drzyzinski, (1983 Rome Italy -. Alexia Drzyzinski, (1991 Rome Italy -. Jules Drzyzinski. Josephe Drzyzinski, (1890 Tunis – 1963 Magland France), married 1963 to Madeleine de Matteis, with issue. Marie-Josephe Drzyzinski, (1939 Tunis -, married 1968 France to Alexandre Grigoriantz, with issue. Pierre Grigoriantz. Elisabeth Grigoriantz, (1970-, married to Francois Rivasseau, with issue. Thomas Rivasseau, (1998-. Matthiew Rivasseau, (1999-. Marc Rivasseau, (2005-. Francoise Drzyzinski, (1940 Tunis -. Philippe Drzyzinski, (1892- dying at Marseille France), married to Hortese Repetto. Ettore Bianchi, (1871 Malta – 1954 Tunis), married 1914 Tunis to Jeanne Py, dsp. Temistocle Bianchi, (1874-1959 Malta), married to Rosina Zammit Cutajar, with issue. Ines Bianchi. Augusta Bianchi, (1903 Malta -., married to James Naudi., with issue. Frank Bianchi, (1908-98), married 1936 to Blanche Muscat, with issue. Alfred Bianchi, (1937-, married 1968 to Maria Calleja, with issue. Francesca Bianchi, (1969-, married to Nobile Andrew Said dei Marchesi Cassar Desain, with issue. Elena Bianchi, (1972-, married to Nicholas Tavanti, with issue. Samuele Bianchi, (2005-. Margaret Bianchi, (1939-2017), married 1963 to Henry Galea Souchet, with issue. Pierre Galea Souchet, (1965-, married 1990 to Kari Sorlein, with issue. Andrea Galea Souchet, (1990-. Jean Galea Souchet, (1967-, married 2000 to Daniela Calamatta, with issue. Jacques Galea Souchet, (2003-. Benjamin Galea Souchet, (2003-. David Bianchi, (1942-2016), married Marga La Rosa, with issue. Sandro Bianchi, (1965-, married 1985 to Simone Naudi Manche, with issue. Andrea Bianchi, (1986-, married to Daniella Camilleri, with issue. Francesca Bianchi, (2004-. Matteo Bianchi, (1987-. Michela Bianchi, (1990-. Michelle Bianchi, (1968-, married Adrian Cachia, with issue. Daniella Cachia, (1992-. Alexia Cachia, (1993-. Anna Cachia, (1997-. Daniela Bianchi, d.inf. Gabriella Bianchi, (1979-, married 1999 to Dennis Calleja, with issue. Sean Calleja, (1998-. Marie Bianchi, (1945-, married 1971 to Emmanuel Debattista, with issue. Kurt Debattista, (1975-. Monica Bianchi, (1947-, married 1969 to Ettore Calleja (d. 1996), with issue. Roberto Calleja, (1969-. Victor Bianchi, (died in Zurich). Philip Albert Bianchi, (died at the age of 3). Carmen Bianchi, (1917-., married to Victor Anastasi. Carolina Bianchi, (1876 Tunis -1908 Tunis), married St Croix, Tunisia to Raphael Calo (d. 1908), with issue. Armando Calo, (1895 Tunis-., married 1921 Cathedral, Tunisia to Marcelle Gauci, with issue. Micheline Calo, (1923 Tunis – 1999). Xaviere Vincente Calo, (1897 Rosaine, Tunisia -). Elise Bianchi, (1879 St Croix, Tunis -), married 1901 Rosaire, Tunis to Francois Raphael. (Unknown father) Marietta Bianchi, (1899 Cathedral, Tunisia -. Marie Raphael, married (1) 1924 Thibar, Tunisia to Auguste Ovali, married (2) 1936 Thibar to Calogero Alio. Louise Raphael, married 1938 Djerissa, Tunisia to Charles Zammit. Simone Raphael, married 1945 Thibar, Tunisia to Emile Ayme. Rosa Bianchi, (1879 St Croix, Tunis -), married (1) 1899 Le Kef, Tunisia to Dominique Martini, married (2) 1943 Jeanne d’Arc, Tunisia to Antalole Svetoslavsky. (First marriage) Ange Martini, (1900-), married (1) 1919 Tunisia to Toussainte Mouret, married (2) 1936 Thibar, Tunisia to Caologero Alio. Pierre Francois Martini, (1906 Mateur, Tunisia -), married 1936 Jeanne d’Arc, Tunisia to Marie Louise Leca. Marie Martini, (1902-), married 1922 Ferryville to Georges Magoroglov. Clelia Bianchi, (1883 Tunis -1977 Tunis). Giacinto Bianchi. Gio Batta Bianchi, (c. 1700-1711), married to Caterina Devoto, with issue. Giuseppe Bianchi, (c. 1745), married to Maddalena Raffo,. with issue. Gaetano Bianchi, (c. 1775). Francesco Bianchi, (c. 1734, 1769), married to Caterina Gaiardi, with issue. Giuseppe Bianchi, (c. 1761, 1776), married to Gironima Patrone, with issue. Caterina Bianchi. Gio Batta Bianchi. Brigida Bianchi. Rosa Bianchi. Rocco Bianchi, (c. 1769, 1776), married to Teresa Torriglia, with issue. Fra. Antonio Bianchi. Andrea Bianchi, (c. 1776). Girolamo Bianchi, (c. 1730, 1765), married to Gaetana dell’Orso, with issue. Gio Batta Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1769), married to Maddalena Badaracco, with issue. Girolamo Bianchi. Caterina Bianchi. Giuseppe Bianchi. Lorenzo Bianchi. Gio Maria Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Andrea Bianchi, (c. 1733), married (1) to Giulia Sanguineti, married (2) Maddalena Pino, with issue. (First marriage) Giacomo Bianchi, (c. 1768, 1775), married to Caterina Raffo, with issue. Benedetta Bianchi. Francesco Bianchi. Lorenzo Bianchi. Dionisio Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1687), married with issue. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1726), married to Benedetta Questa, with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1750, 1752), married to Giulia N, with issue. Tommaso Bianchi. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1775). Rosa Bianchi. Sebastiano Bianchi, (c. 1710), married with issue. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1733), married (1) to Maria Caterina N, married (2) to Maddalena dell’Orso, with issue. (First Marriage) Agostino Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1702), married to Francisca N, with issue. Gio Antonio Bianchi. Antonio Bianchi, (c. 1690), married to Maria N, with issue. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1727), married to Girolima N, with issue. Caterina Bianchi. Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1750, 1759), married to Ortenzia N, with issue. Gironima Bianchi. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1776). Pietro Bianchi, (c. 1776). Andrea Bianchi. Lorenzo Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Stefano Bianchi, married with issue. Andrea Bianchi, married with issue. Tommaso Bianchi, (1754 -1775), married to Maria Zolesi, with issue. Caterina Bianchi. Giuseppe Bianchi. Francesco Bianchi, married to Teresa Lanata, with issue. Gio Batta Bianchi. Pier Maria Bianchi. Michele Bianchi. Tommaso Bianchi. Giuseppe Bianchi. Giulio Bianchi. Andrea Bianchi. Angela Bianchi. Emanuele Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1766). Caterina Bianchi. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1766), married to Maria N, with issue. Maddalena Bianchi. Matteo Bianchi, (c. 1754). Andrea Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1776), married to Giulia Canepa, with issue. Giacomo Bianchi, married to Maddalena N, with issue. Andrea Bianchi. Giacomo Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Giulia Bianchi. Maddalena Bianchi. Giovanni Bianchi. Giulia Bianchi. Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1779), married to Bianca Ravenna, with issue. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1786), married to Santina Gerlini, with issue. Adriana Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1720, 1754), d. 1775, married to Giulia N, with issue. Giuseppe Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1776). Lucrezia Bianchi. Caterina Bianchi. Andrea Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1775), married to Benedetta de Marini, with issue. Giuseppe Bianchi, married to Maria N. Chiara Bianchi. Tommaso Bianchi, (c. 1754, 1775), married to Giulia de Marini, with issue. Maria Bianchi, (c. 1748), married to Gio Paolo dell’Orso. Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1605), married with issue. Pier Francesco Bianchi, married (1) to Livia Torre, married (2) Angela Beale, with issue. (First Marriage) Giacomo Bianchi, ‘Priest’. Maddalena Bianchi, married to Genesio Cicchero. Gio Antonio Bianchi, (c. 1673), married (1) to Francisa Vassallo, married (2) Giovanna N, married (3) Maria Felice, with issue. (First Marriage) Chiara Bianchi. Giovanna Bianchi, ‘Nun’. Gio Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1725), married to Giovanna N, with issue. Cristina Bianchi, ‘Nun’. Margherita Bianchi, married to Gio Batta Mongiardino. Pier Francesco Bianchi, (c. 1725), married to Teresa Pizzorno, with issue. Giovanna Bianchi. Tommasina Bianchi. Gio Antonio Bianchi. Gio Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1751), married to Maria Maddalena Pisoni, with issue. Giuseppe Maria Bianchi, (c. 1782, 1824), married to Anna dell’Orso, with issue. Maria Maddalena Bianchi. Gio Stefano Bianchi. Pier Francesco Bianchi. Pier Francesco Bianchi. Angela Bianchi. Geltrude Bianchi. Gio Antonio Bianchi. Sorelle Bianchi, ‘Nun’. Antonia Bianchi, ‘Nun’. Gio Antonio Bianchi, ‘Monk’. N. Bianchi, ‘Nun’. Andrea Bianchi, married to Nice Pedemonte. Gregorio Bianchi, married with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1656, 1683), married to Giulia Ravenna, with issue. Gregorio Bianchi, married to Barbara Morchio, with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1724), married with issue. Barbara Bianchi, married to Gio Batt Capello. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (d. 1776), married to Maddalena N, with issue. Gironima Bianchi, (c. 1770). Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1770, 1776). Giulia Bianchi, married to Antonio Casereto. Gio Batta Bianchi, (c. 1724), married with issue. Gregorio Bianchi. Antonio Bianchi, married with issue. Bernardo Bianchi, (c. 1765), married with issue. Giuseppe Bianchi, (c. 1765, 1775), married to Francisca N, with issue. Giacomo Bianchi, (c. 1770). Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1770). Francesco Bianchi, (c. 1770). Gentile Bianchi, (c. 1770), married to Bernardo Conforio. Andrea Bianchi, (c. 1765, 1775), married (1) to Caterina N, married (2) Teresa Sanguineti, with issue. (First Marriage) Niccoletta Bianchi, (c. 1770). Pellegra Bianchi, (c. 1770), married to Antonio Ottone. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1770), married to Maddalena Finochietti, with issue. Angela Bianchi. Andrea Bianchi. Sebastiano Bianchi. Maria Bianchi. Giuseppe Bianchi, (c. 1770, d. 1790), dunm. (Second Marriage) Bernardo Bianchi. Gentile Bianchi, (c. 1770), married to Giulio Sanguineti di Chiavari. Antonio Bianchi, (c. 1779, 1775). Gio Maria Bianchi, (d. 1775), married with issue. Bernardo Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1765, 1775), married (1) to Bedenetta Chiarella, married (2) N, with issue. (First Marriage) Bernardo Bianchi, (c. 1765, 1770), married to Angela Raggio, with issue. Giuseppe Bianchi. Giulio Bianchi. Stefano Bianchi. Angela Bianchi. Giovanni Bianchi. Agostino Bianchi. Michele Bianchi, (c. 1765, 1775), married (1) to Angela Rezzo, married (2) to Maddalena Tiscornia, with issue. (First Marriage) Pellegra Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi. Giulia Bianchi, married to Giuseppe Frugone. Caterina Bianchi, married to Stefano Raffo. Angelo Bianchi, (c. 1765, 1775), married to Anna Maria N, with issue. Giulia Bianchi, (c. 1770). Gentile Bianchi, (c. 1770). Caterina Bianchi, (c. 1770). Benedetta Bianchi, (c. 1770). Bernardo Bianchi, married with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1765, d. 1766), married with issue. Bernardo Bianchi, (c. 1757, 1766, 1775), married to Pellegra Tiscornia, with issue. Stefano Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi. Vittoria Bianchi, (c. 1757), married to Gio Battista Tiscornia. Giulia Bianchi, (c. 1754), married to Tommaso Tiscornia. Margherita Bianchi, married to Battista Codevilla. Giulia Bianchi, married to Gio Batta Trabucco. Maria Bianchi, married to Giorgio Repetto. Angelo Bianchi, (d. 1775), married with issue. Giulia Bianchi, married to Angelo Isetto. Bernardo Bianchi, (c. 1775), married to Tommasa Codevilla, with issue. Chaira Bianchi. Angelo Bianchi, (c. 1776), married to Angela Sbarbora, with issue. Stefano Bianchi. Camilla Bianchi, married to Tommaso Castagnola. Maddelana Bianchi, married to Visconte Isetto. Francisca Bianchi, married to Michele Capello. Stefano Bianchi, (c. 1766), married to Camilla Filipazzo, with issue. Maddalena Bianchi, married to Francesco Borzone. Bernardo Bianchi. Giulia Bianchi. Giuseppe Bianchi. Benedetto Bianchi. Giacomo Bianchi, (c. 1591, 1615), married to Francisca Pieve Tecli, with issue. Francesco Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1632), married to Bartolomea N, with issue. Angelo Bianchi, (c. 1668), married to Angela N, with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1703), married to Angela N, with issue. Niccolo Bianchi. Gio Tommaso Bianchi. Luca Bianchi, married with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, married with issue. Angelo Bianchi. Gio Batta Bianchi. Cristoforo Bianchi. Giacomo Bianchi. Angelo Bianchi. Battista Bianchi, (c. 1552, 1605), married with issue. Leonardo Bianchi, (c. 1609), married to Antonia Castagnola, with issue. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1609), married with issue. Gio Maria Bianchi, (c. 1699), married to Vittoria N, with issue. Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1765), married to Angela N, with issue. Caterina Bianchi. Leonardo Bianchi, (c. 1732, 1765, 1775), married (1) to Diana N, married (2) to Chiara N, with issue. (Second Marriage) Gio Maria Bianchi, (c. 1778, 1788), married to Caterina Pino, with issue. Maria Bianchi. Antonio Bianchi. Giacomo Bianchi. Andrea Bianchi.  Maria Francisca Bianchi. Gio Batta Bianchi, (c. 1776, 1778), married (1) to Teresa Guiardi, married (2) to Livia Raffo, with issue. (First Marriage) Niccolo Bianchi. (Second Marriage) Francisca Bianchi. Giuseppe Bianchi. Leonardo Bianchi. Giulia Bianchi. Francesco Bianchi, (c. 1776, 1782), married to Caterina Deveto, with issue. Leonardo Bianchi. Angela Bianchi. Pasquale Bianchi. Gio Antonio Bianchi, (c. 1765). Simone Bianchi, (c. 1451). Luchetto Bianchi, (c. 1451). Crescino Bianchi, (d. 1444), married with issue. Maria Bianchi, (c. 1444). Benedetto Bianchi, (c. 1444, 1450, d. 1460), married with issue. Giovanni Bianchi, (c. 1464). Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1458). Visconte Bianchi, (d. 1444), married with issue. Gio Antonio Bianchi, (c. 1444, 1457, 1460). Francesco Bianchi, (c. 1444, 1460). Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1444, 1467). Pietro Bianchi, (c. 1444, 1462, 1480). Francisca Bianchi, (c. 1394), married to Antonio Salvago. Leone Bianchi, married with issue. Giacomo Bianchi, (c. 1397), married to Lina Italiano Lavaggi, with issue. Bonifacio Bianchi, (c. 1397, 1448), married to Maria di Negro, with issue. Isolta Bianchi, (c. 1448), married to Antonio Imperiale. Lino Bianchi., (c. 1448). Giovanni Bianchi, (c. 1448, 1457), married to Maria de Marini, with issue. Benedetta Bianchi, (c. 1484), married to Quilico di Negro. Bonifacio Bianchi, (c. 1457). Pantaleo Bianchi, married with issue. Niccoletta Bianchi, (c. 1515), married to Simone Gentile. Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1457, 1484). Bianca Bianchi, (c. 1457), married to Giovanni Chiesa of Milan. Gaspare Bianchi, (c. 1484). Caterina Bianchi, (c. 1397). Leone Bianchi, (d. 1397), married with issue. Maddalena Bianchi, (c. 1397). Preziosa Bianchi, (c. 1397). Giovanni Bianchi, (c. 1397, 1423), married to Corradina Camilla, with issue. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1447, 1453), married with issue. Pier Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1483, 1497), married to Peretta Doria, with issue. Giovanni Bianchi, (c. 1483, 1515). Bartolomeo Bianchi, (c. 1483). Tommaso Bianchi, (c. 1483, 1515), married to Peretta Doriaa, with issue. Pier Antonio Bianchi. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1483). Gironima Bianchi, (c. 1483, 1526), married (1) to Giacomo de Monti, married (2) Bartolomeo Mignardo. Isabella Bianchi, (c.1453, 1470), married (1) to Cosmo Anfosso, married (2) to Gherardo Grillo. Leonello Bianchi, (c. 1457), married to Pometta Lercari, with issue. Chiara Bianchi, married to Paolo N. Giorgio Bianchi, (c. 1509). Teramo Bianchi, married to Maria Cattaneo, with issue. Bianca Bianchi, (c. 1514), married to Niccolo Lecavello. Agostino Bianchi, married to Gironima Gentile. Brigida Bianchi, married to Antonio Centurione. Lodisio Bianchi, (c. 1494, 1514), married to Gironima Grillo. Domenico Bianchi, (c. 1509). Niccolosia Bianchi, (c. 1423, 1448), married (1) to Giovanni Corradengo, married (2) to Raffaele Guano. Lodisio Bianchi, (c. 1448, 1460)., married (1) to Pomella Salvago, married (2) to Niccoletta di Negro, with issue. (First Marriage) Andreola Bianchi, (c. 1475). (Second Marriage) Agostino Bianchi, (c. 1475). Bertino Bianchi, (c. 1475, 1520), married to Caterina N, with issue. Lodisio Bianchi, (c. 1553), married to Maddalena Vivaldo, with issue. Pellegra Bianchi, (c. 1581, 1588), married to Battista Spinola. Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1597). Paolo Batta Bianchi, (c. 1597, 1607), married to Giulia Spinola. Franca Bianchi, (c. 1597). Catetta Bianchi, (c. 1597). Gio Agostino Bianchi. Colomba Bianchi, (c. 1475), ‘Nun’. Gregorio Bianchi, (c. 1457), married (1) to Maria Ricci, married (2) Maria Cassano, with issue. (Second Marriage) Gregorio Bianchi. Giberto Bianchi, (c. 1252), married to Matilde N, with issue. Salvo Bianchi, (c. 1252). Ardoino Bianchi, (c. 1252). Rolando Bianchi, (c. 1252). Guidone Bianchi, (c. 1252). Bianco Bianchi, (c. 1252). Enrico Bianchi, (c. 1252). Casiccio Bianchi, (c. 1252). Niccolo Bianchi, (c. 1252).

1.3. Ugolino Bianchi, (c. 1171).

Reference: Genealogie delle Famiglie Nobili di Genova by Natale Battilana, 1825.