Dukes, Prince’s of Benevento and Salerno.

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Last update: 13-03-2022.

1. Wacho, King of Lombard r. 510-539, married (1) to Princess Radegund of Thuringi, married (2) to Princess Austrigusa of Ostrogothic, married (3) to Waldrada N, with issue.

1.1. (First Marriage) Albion, (530-572), King of Lombard r. 560-72, married (1) to Princess Chlothsind of the Franks, married (2) to Princess Rosamund of Gepids, with issue.

1.2. Prince Grasulf I, Duke of Fruili (d. 571), married with issue.

1.2.1. Gisulf I, Duke of Fruili (r. 569-), married with issue. Gisulf II, Duke of Fruili, (killed 610), married to Princess Romilda of N, with issue. Taso, Duke of Fruili, (Executed 625). Cacco, Duke of Fruili, (Executed 625). Prince Radoald of Fruili, Duke of Benevento 641-647. Prince Grimoald of Fruili, Duke of Benevento 647-671, King of the Lombards 662-, married (1) to Ita N, married (2) to Princess Gumperga of the Lombards, with issue. (First Marriage) Romoald, Duke of Benevento 671-681, married to Princess Theuderada of Fruili, with issue. Grimoald II, Duke of Benevento 687- 690, married to Princess Wiglinda of Lombard, with issue. Princess Theuderada of Benevento, married to Aripert II, King of Lombards. Gisulf I, Duke of Benevento 690-706, married to Princess Winiperga of Lombard, with issue. Romoald II, Duke of Benevento 706-731, married (1) to Princess Gumperga of Lombards, married (2) to Princess Raniguna of Brescia, with issue. Gisulf II, Duke of Benevento 731-745, married to Princess Scauniperga of Lombards, with issue. Luitprand, Duke of Benevento 745-58. Princess Evanthia of Benevento, married to Grimoald III, Duke of Benevento (See below). Princess Gisa of Benevento, married to Reginabert I, King of Lombards. Prince Romoald of Benevento, married to Princess Romilda of Lombards, with issue. Princess Itta of Benevento, married to Prince Gumbert of Lombards. Arichis II, Duke of Benevento 774-787, married to Princess Adalperga of Lombards, with issue. Prince Romoald of Benevento 761-787, dunm. Grimoald III, Prince of Benevento 787-806, married to Princess Evanthia of Benevento (See Above), with issue. Prince Ermenrich of Benevento, married to Princess Gisulfa di Toscana, with issue. Grimoald IV, Prince of Benevento 808-818. Princess Itta of Benevento, married to Siconulf, Prince of Salerno, (See below). Princess Garetruda of Benevento, married to Radeldis I, Prince of Benevento 839-849, with issue. Prince Urso of Benevento, 809-50. Radelgar I, Prince of Benevento 849-854, married to Princess Tasselgarda of Salerno, (See below), with issue.. Gaideris, Prince of Benevento 878-881, married to N, with issue. Prince Radelgar of Benevento, married 880 to Princess N of Capua, with issue. Princess Arniperga of Benevento, married to Radeldus II, Prince of Benevento (See below). Princess Adeltruda of Benevento, married to Aio, Prince of Benevento, (See below). Princess Tasselgarda of Benevento, married to Mohammad, 5th Emir of Afrikiya, 3rd Emir of Sicily and Malta. Princess N of Benevento, married to Lando, Prince of Capua. Adelchus, Prince of Benevento 854-878, married to Princess Adeltruda of Salerno (See below), with issue. Radeldus II, Prince of Benevento 881-900, married to Princess Arniperga of Benevento (See above). Prince Maio of Benevento, (d. 884). Prince Magenulf of Benevento, (d. 863). Aio, Prince of Benevento 884-891, married to Princess Adeltruda of Benevento (See above), with issue. Ursus, Prince of Benevento 891-892. Prince Ladelchus of Benevento, (d. 885). Princess Agetruda of Benevento, (d. 921), married to Guido III, Duke of Spoleto, (I) King of Italy, Duke of Benevento 895-921 Princess Gairichusa of Benevento. Princess N of Benevento, married to Gaito N. Princess N of Benevento, married to Gaufer, Prince of Salerno (See below). Princess N of Benevento, married to Atenolf, Count of Capua. Sico I, Prince of Benevento 769-832, married to Princess Theodorada di Toscana, with issue. Sicard I, Prince of Benevento 832-839, married to Princess Adelchisa of Salerno (See below). Prince Siconulf of Benevento, Prince of Salerno 842-849, married to Princess Itta of Benevento (See above)., with issue. Sico II, Prince of Salerno 849-855, married to Princess N of Capua, with issue. Princess Tasselgarda of Salerno, married to Radelgar I, Prince of Benevento (See above). Princess Adeltruda of Salerno, married to Adelchus, Prince of Benevento (See above). Prince Daufer of Salerno, (d. 852), married with issue. Princess Dauferada of Salerno, married to Rofrit N. Princess Adelchisa of Salerno, married to Sicard, Prince of Benevento, (See above). Prince Romoald of Salerno, (d. 840). Prince Archis of Salerno, (d. 840). Prince Grimoald of Salerno, (d. 840). Guafar, Prince of Salerno 861-880, married (1) to Princess N of Benevento (See above), married (2) to Princess Landelaria of Capua, with issue. Gauimar I, Prince of Salerno 880-901, married to Princess Itta of Spoleto, with issue. Gauimar II, Prince of Salerno 900-946, married (1) to Princess N of N, married (2) to Princess Gaitelgrima of Capua, with issue. (First Marriage) Princess Rotilda of Salerno, married to Atenolf, Prince of Capua. (Second Marriage) Gisulf I, Prince of Salerno 930-977, married to Princess Gemma of Salerno (See below), with issue. Princess Alora of Salerno, married to Prince Guido of Salerno (See below). Princess Rotilda of Salerno, married to Prince Guaifer of Salerno, (See below). Princess Gaitelgrima of Salerno, married to Ioannes, Prince of Spoleto, Count of Laurino. Prince Guido of Salerno, (d. 936). Prince Guido of Salerno, (880-940), married to Princess N of Salerno (See below), with issue. Prince Guamar of Salerno, (910-974), married to Princess Adeltruda of Salerno (See below), with issue. Prince Guaifer of Salerno, (963-984), married to Princess Rotilda of Salerno (See Above), with issue. Prince Guamar of Salerno, (991-1011), married to Princess Gemma of Salerno (See Below). Prince Guaifer of Salerno, (1018-1037), married to (Sister in law) Princess Gemma of Salerno (See Below). Prince Guido of Salerno, (d. 997), married to Princess Alora of Salerno (See Above), with issue. Prince Aidulf of Salerno, (d. 1027). Prince Astolf of Salerno, (d. 1023), dunm.l. (illegitimate with Deseia N) Gemmola di Salerno, married to Prince Lando of Salerno (See below). Prince Gisulf of Salerno, (d. 1074), married to Adeltruda di Alfan, with issue. Prince Astolf of Salerno, (d. 1087). Prince Lando of Salerno, (d. 1087), married to Gemmola di Salerno, (See Above), with issue. Prince Guido of Salerno, (d. 1087). Prince Guaifer of Salerno, (d. 1078), married with issue. Prince Guido of Salerno, (d. 1078), married to Sichelgaita d’Iaquintas, with issue. Prince Iaquintas of Salerno, (d. 1097). Princess N of Salerno, married to Nobile Romaold Conti. Prince Guaifer of Salerno, (910-981), married with issue. Prince Petrus of Salerno, (d. 974). Prince Guaimar of Salerno, (d. 1027), married with issue. Prince Landulf of Salerno, (d. 1018). Prince Gaimar of Salerno, (d. 1044), married with issue. Prince Gaimar of Salerno, (d. 1068), married with issue. Prince Pietro of Salerno, (d. 1068). Prince Gauifer of Salerno, (d. 1068). Princess Alfreda of Salerno, married to Prince Maio of Salerno (See below). Prince Ioannes of Salerno, (d. 1058), married to Princess N of Sorrento. Princess Gemma of Salerno, married (1) to Prince Guamar of Salerno (See above), married (2) to Prince Guaifer of Salerno (See above). Princess Veneria of Salerno, married to Attone III di Castelli. Prince Guafer of Salerno. Princess Emma of Salerno (d. 897). Princess N of Salerno, married to Pulcharus, Perfect of Amalfi. Prince Arechis of Salerno, (860-923), married with issue. Prince Gaifer of Salerno, (d. 972), married with issue. Prince Maio of Salerno, (d. 972), married to Princess Alfreda of Salerno, (See above), with issue. Princess Aloara of Salerno, married to Petrus, Gastald of Amalfi. Prince Petrus of Salerno, (d. 975). Prince Azzo of Salerno, (d. 975), married with issue. Prince Azzo of Salerno, (d. 990). Prince Daufer of Salerno, (860-928), married to Princess Imelsender of N, with issue. Prince Guafer of Salerno, (d. 928), married to Princess Radelgrima of N, with issue. Prince Daufer of Salerno, (d. 966). Princess Aloara of Salerno, married to Moncola N. Princess Imelaita of Salerno, married to Talaric N. Prince Daufer of Salerno, (d. 932). Prince Maio of Salerno, (d. 963), married to Princess Gaita of N, with issue. Prince Truppoald of Salerno, (965-980), married with issue. Prince Gaufer of Salerno. Prince Petrus of Salerno, (d. 989). Prince Maio of Salerno. Prince Alfan of Salerno, (d. 1019), married with issue. Prince Petrus of Salerno, (d. 1072), married with issue. Prince Alfan of Salerno, (d. 1079), married to Princess Aloara of N, with issue. Prince Petrus of Salerno, (d. 1084). (illegitimate) Ademar di Salerno. Princess Gaitelgrima of Salerno, (d. 1041), married to Nobile Ademar Conti. Princess Altruda of Salerno, (d. 1045), married to Drogo de Hauteville. Princess Laidelaucha of Salerno, (d. 1064), marreid to Prince Lupinus of N. Princess Aloara of Salerno, married to Adelfer, Prince of Amalfi. Prince Maio of Salerno, (965-980), married to Princess Ermesende of N, with issue. Prince Maio of Salerno, (d. 989). Prince Iaquintus of Salerno, (965-972), married to N, with issue. Princess Iaquinta of Salerno, married to Adelfer, Gastald of Moncola. Prince Guaifer of Salerno, (d. 887). Prince Maio of Salerno, (d. 839), married with issue. Daufer, Prince of Salerno (r. 861-). Princess Sichelenda of Benevento. Princess N of Benevento, married to Radelmundo of Acerenza. Prince Gisulf of Benevento. Princess Theoderada of Benevento. Princess Adelchesa of Benevento. Princess Gisa of Benevento, married to Trasimondo, Count of Capua, Duke of Spoleto. (Second Marriage) Prince Garipald of Benevento, King of Lombard 671-. Princess Appa of Fruili, married to Duke of the Alamanna. Princess Gaila of Fruili, married to Duke of Bavaria. Grasulf II, Duke of Fruili, (r. 625-651), married with issue. Prince Arichis of Fruili.

1.3. (Second Marriage) Princess Wisigarde of Lombard, married to Thedebert I, King of Austrasia.

1.4. Princess Waldrada of Lombard, married (1) to Theudebald, King of Austrasia, married (2) Chlothar I, King of the Franks, married (3) to Garibald I, Duke of Bavaria.

1.5. (Third Marriage) Waltari, King of Lombard (r. 539 -46), married with issue.