Turkish Sultanates and Emirates

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* Mongols – Hordes of the White Sheep.

Qabul Khan, (c. 11th century), married with issue.
1. Okin-Barqaq Khan, (executed by the Chinese)., married with issue.
1.1. Sorqatu-Jurkei Khan.
2. Bartan Baatur Khan, married to Aiccigel Ujin, with issue.
2.1. Monggetu, married with issue.
2.2. Nekun Taishi, married with issue.
2.3. Yesugai Khan, (1140-1177), married (1) to Hoelun, married (2) Sucigel Eke, with issue.
2.3.1. Teujin Jenghis Khan, (1167-1227), Great Khan (r. 1206-1227), married several times, with issue. Prince Jochi Khan, (1184-1227), Ruler of Kharezm du Dechti-Kiptchak, married with issue. Prince Orda Khan, Ruler of Western Siberia, Kazakhstan and land around lower Syr Darya river, married with issue. Prince Batu, (1200-1256), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1236-1256), married to Borakchin N, with issue. Prince Sartaq Khan, (d. 1256), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1256-), married with issue. Prince Kanju Khan. Princess N. Khan, married 1257 to Gleb Vasilovich, Prince of Beloozero. Princess N. Khan, married to Kay Kawus II, (d.1234-1280), Sultan of Rum. Prince Ulaqchi Khan, (d. 1257), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1256-1257). Prince Toqoqan Khan, married to Princess Kochui Khatun of the Oyirat, with issue. Prince Bartu Khan, married with issue. Prince Tola Buqa Khan, (murdered 1291), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1287-1291). Prince Konchak Khan, dunm. Prince Mongka Tumur Khan, (d. 1281), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r.1266-1281), married with issue. Prince Alghui Khan. Prince Abachi Khan. Prince Todagan Khan. Prince Toqtai Khan, (d. 1312 Seray), Khan of the Goldern Horde, (r. 1291-1312), married (1) to Bulaghan N, married (2) to Tukuncha of the Qunqirat, married (3) 1299 to Princess Maria Paleologos, (illegit d/o Andronikos II), with issue. Prince Tukel Buqa Khan. Prince il-Kasar Khan, (executed 1312), married with issue. Prince Birkus Khan. Princess Marija Khan, married to Narimantas, Prince of Lithuania, with issue. Prince Punigailo of Lithuania, (1303-1386), Castellan of Trocki. Prince Mikhail of Lithuania, Prince of Turov and Pinsk, married with issue. Prince Vassili Mikhailovich, Prince of Pinsk 1355, married with issue. (House of Princes’ Pinsky and Kurcewicz). Prince Aleksandr of Lithuania, (d. 1386), Prince of Turov and Pinsk, (House of Princes’ of Rojinsky). Prince Yury of Lithuania, (d. 1392), Prince of Belz and Cholm 1390-1392. Prince Patrikii of Lithuania, (d. 1383), Prince of Starodub, married to Ielena N, with issue. Prince Feodor Patrikevich, (d. 1424), Ancestor of the Princes’ Khovansky. Prince Iuri Patrikevich, (d. 1447), married to Princess Anna Dmitrievna of Moscow, with issue. Prince Vassili Yurievich, (d. 1450), Prince Patrikiev, Boyar at Moscow, married to Maria N, with issue. Prince Ivan Bulgak Vassilievich, (d. 1498), Prince Patrikiev, Voivode 1481, married to Ksenia Iivanovna Vsevoloia, with issue. Prince Ivan Ivanovich, (d. 1498), Prince Bulgakov. Prince Mikhail Golitza Ivanovich, (d. 1554), Prince Bulgakov, Ancestor of the Princes Galitzin. Prince Andrei Kuraka Ivanovich, (d. 1535), Prince Bulgakovancestor of the Princes Kurakin. Prince Dmitri Ivanovich, (d. 1514), Prince Bulgakov. Prince Daniel Shchenia Vassilevich, (d. 1516), Prince Patrikiev,  ancestor of the Princes Stechnsatev. Prince Mikhail Kolyshka Vassilievich, (d. 1495), Prince Patrikiev. Prince Vassili Kossei Vassilievich, (d. 1531), Prince PatrikievMonk. Prince Ivan Yurievich, (d. 1499), Prince Patrikev, married to Ievdokia Vladimirovna Shovrina, with issue. Princess Ielena Yurievna, married to Ivan Mikhailovich Tcheliadnin. Prince Alexander Patrickievich, (d. 1443), Prince of Starodub, married with issue. Princess Agrafena Alexandrovna, (d. 1434), married 1403 to Andrei Dmitrievich, Prince of Mozhaisk and Belosero, with issue. Princess Anastasia Andreievich, (d. 1451), married to Boris Aleksandrovich, Grand Prince of Tver, with issue. Princess Maria Borisovna of Tver, (1442-1467), married 1452 to Ivan III Vasilievich, Grand Prince  of Moscow, with issue. Prince Ivan Ivanovich, (1456-1490), Grand Prince of Tver 1485, married 1482 to Princess Oleana Stefanovna of Moldavia, with issue. Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, (1483-1509). Princess N. Ivanovich, married to Prince Fedor Ivanovich Mstislavsky. Prince Ivan Andreievich, (d. 1462), Prince of Mozhaisk, married to Princess Fedorovna Vorotynskaya, with issue. Prince Andrei Ivanovich, (d. 1487), Prince of Starodub, Briansk and Novgorod-Seviersk, married to Princess Ievdokia Czartoryska, with issue. Prince Fedor Andreievich, dunm. Prince Semen Ivanovich, (d. 1505), Prince of Starodub, Gomei, Karachev and Chernigov, married with issue. Prince Vasily Semenovich, (d. 1517), Prince of Starodub, Gomel and Chernigov, married 1506 to Iurievna Saburova. Prince Mikhail Ivanovich, (d. 1486), Prince of Vereia 1432, Prince of Beloozero 1432-1486, married to Princess Elena Iaroslavna of Bobrovsk, with issue. Prince Vasily Mikhailovich, (d. 1501), Lord of Lubecz, Chojdannow and Wolotschin, Lithuania, married 1480 to Princess Maria Palaoleogos of the Byzantine, with issue. Princess Sofia Vasilievna, (d. 1549), married to Albert Gasztold, Palatine of Vilna, Chancellor of Lithuania. Prince Ivan Mikhailovich, (d. 1483). Princess Anastasia Mikhailovich, married 1448 to Iosip Andreievich, Prince of Dorogobuzh Prince Vassili Alexandrovna, ancestor of the Princes’ Korecky. Prince Semen of Lithuania, (d. 1386). Prince Sarai Buqa Khan, (executed by his brother). Prince Mulaqi Khan. Prince Qadaan Khan. Prince Qudaqai Khan. Prince Toghrilcha Khan, married to Bulughan N, with issue. (illegitimate) Prince Uzbek Khan, (1299-1341), Khan of the Goldern Horde, (r. 1313-1341), married various times including sixth marriage to Princess N. Paleologos (illegit d/o Andronikos III), with issue. Prince Timur Khan, (killed 1230). Prince Tini Beg, Khan, (killed 1342), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r 1341-1342). Prince Jani Beg Khan, (murdered 1357), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1342-1357), married with issue. Prince Berdi Beg Khan, (murdered 1359), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1357-1359). Prince Qulna Khan, (murdered 1360), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r 1359-1360), married with issue. Prince Ivan Khan, (murdered 1360). Prince Mikhael Khan, (murdered 1360). Princess N. Khan, married to Nobile Baltychak, Mongol Noble, (killed 1378), with issue. Nobile General Edege Mangit, General of Tamerlane, married to Princess N. Khan, (daughter of Toqtamysh), with issue. Nobile N. Mangit, married to Tumur Khan, Khan of the Golden Horde. Nobile N. Mangit, married to Prince Muhammed Djuqi Khan. Nobile Mansyr Murza Mangit, married with issue. Nobile Nureddin Mangit, Khan of the Nogai Horde, married with issue. Agaz, Khan of the Nogai Horde, married with issue. Musa, Khan of the Nogai Horde, married to Princess N. Khan of Tyumen Horde, with issue. Jusuf, (killed 1556), Khan of the Nogai Horde, married to Princess Bagura Khan of Uzbeks, (see on this page), with issue. Prince Il Yusupov, married to Princess N. of Crimea, (see below), with issue. Prince Seyush Yusupov, married to Princess of Crimea, (see below), with issue. Prince Dmitry Seyushevich Yusupov-Knyazhevo, (d. 1694), married (1) to Ekaterina Yakovlevna Sumarokova, married (2) to Princess Tatliana Fyodorovna Kordodinova, with issue. (Princess Yusupov in Russia). Princess Anna Maria Yusupov, (kidnapped by the Ottomans and ended up in slave trade to Malta and released with freedom, converting to Catholic), married 1683 Valletta to Mro Giovanni Micallef. Princess Teresa Yusupov, (kidnapped by the Ottomans and ended up in slave trade to Malta and released with freedom, converting to Catholic), married 1685 Valletta to Alfonso Rabier. Prince Giovanni Yusupov, (Migrated /escaped to marry his cousin to the Knights of Malta c.1630 under the surname of Russiotto), married 1637 Vittoriosa to Princess Caterina Rusina, (His cousin – see below), with issue. Gaetano sives Giorgio Russiotto, married (1) 1673 Vittoriosa to Angela Calascone, married (2) 1683 Vittoriosa to Anna Maria Grech, married (3) 1723 Vittoriosa to Margherita Ziniti, with issue. (Second marriage) Giovanni Russiotto, married 1733 Valletta to Maria Viaggio, with issue. Caterina Russiotto, married 1759 Cospicua to Giuseppe Falzon. Antonio Russiotto, married 1722 Vittoriosa to Evangelista Muscat. Gio Battista Russiotto, married 1742 Cospicua to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Caterina Russiotto, married 1757 Vittoriosa to Francesco Lubrano. Anna Maria Russiotto, married (1) 1691 Valletta to Giovanni Mileti, married (2) 1705 Valletta to Michele de Gori, Eslave. Maria Russiotto, married 1700 Valletta to Giovanni Deruglet. Antonio Russiotto, married 1684 Valletta to Domenica Minardi. Giovanni Russiotto, married 1673 Valletta to Graziulla Vella. Dr Matteo Russiotto JUD, sives Russia, married 1685 Valletta to Eugenia Cagliola, with issue. Imperia Russiotto, married 1676 Valletta to Pasquale Camilleri. Anna Russiotto, married 1631 Senglea to Giorgio Stanico of Greece, with issue. Maria Stanico, married 1683 Birkirkara to Stefano Rosselli. Domenica Russiotto, married 1644 Valletta to Gregorio Candiotto. Francesco Russiotto, married 1637 Valletta to Speranza Schembri, with issue. Maria Russiotto, married 1661 Valletta to Nicola Schocco. Gregorio Russiotto, married 1645 Vittoriosa to Maria, ex-wife of Francesco Casnarda, with issue. Anna Maria Russiotto, married 1676 Valletta to Stefano de Lucia. Anna Benedetta Russiotto, married 1680 Valletta to Giacomo Paverna. Anna Franceschitta Russiotto, married 1680 Valletta to Carlo Benoi. Prince Ibrahim Yusupov, married with issue. Prince Seyush Yusupov, married with issue. Prince Ibrahim Yusupov, later known as Nikita Yusupov-Knyashevo, (settled in Moscow), married with issue. Prince Dmitry Yusupov, (known as Demetrio Vessco, later as Mro Domenico Nigroponte in exile in Malta), married 1642 Cospicua to Grazia, former wife of Jean Binaloiti, with issue. Salvatore Nigro ponte, married 1679 Zebbug to Lorenza Tanti. Leonardo Nigro Ponte, married 1679 Valletta to Domenica Cardona. Giacomo Nigro Ponte later Negroponte de Fremaux, (adopted by a French Knight Fra Comte Sebastiano de Fremaux), married 1692 Valletta to Geronima Axisa, with issue. Clara Nigro Ponte, married 1691 Valletta to Lorenzo Nau. Princess Souyumeka Yusupov, married to Saf of Crimea Khan of the Crimea, (see below). Prince Kutum Yusupov, married with issue (Princes Koutoumov). Prince Sheidyak Yusupov, married with issue (Princes Sheidyakov). Prince Izmail, Khan of the Nogai, married to N din-Muhammed. Din-Akhmed, Khan of the Nogai, married with issue. Prince Said-Ahmed of Nagai, married with issue. Princess N. of Nagai, married to Murad, Khan of the Crimea, (see below). Prince Baiterek of Nagai, married with issue (Princes Baiterekov). Prince Urus of Nagai, (killed 1610), Tsar of Kasimov 1600-1610, married with issue. Prince Khan of Kasimov, married with issue. Prince Boris Kanmurzich Urusov, (d. 1620), married to Princess Tatiana Petrovna Tcherkasskaya. Prince Araslan of Kasimov, married with issue. Prince Piotr Araslanovich Urusov, married to Anna Grigorieva Godunova, with issue. Prince Vasily Urusov, married to Princess Stepanida Petrovna Repnina. Princess Caterina Rusina, married 1637 Vittoriosa to Prince Giovanni Yusupov, (see above). Prince Pietro Russiotta, married 1654 Valletta to Speranza, ex-wife of Matteo Farrugia, with issue. Giovanni Russiotta, married 1713 Vittoriosa to Camilla Spataro, with issue. Anastasia Russiotta, married 1689 Valletta to Giorgio di Duca. Basileo Russiotta, married (1) 1657 Senglea to Speranza, former wife of Cipriano Mirabito, married (2) 1670 Senglea to Teresa Seichel, with issue. (First marriage) Anna Maria Russiotta, married 1677 Valletta to Giuseppe Pisano.  Saty of Nagai, married with issue Princess Fatimah Yusupov, married to Mahmet Amin, Khan of Kazan, (see on this page). Princess N Yusupov, married to Sheikh Ahmed of the Horde, (see on this page). Prince Nawroz Khan, Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1360-1361), married with issue. Prince Tumur Khan, (murdered 1361). Princess N. Khan, married to a Prince Quarquare of Samtskhe, with issue. Princess N. of Samtskhe in Georgia, married to Bagrat I, King of Georgia. Prince N. Khan, married with issue. Princess N. Khan, (d. 1360 Cairo), married (1) 1320 Div 1328 to An-Nasir Muhammead, Sultan of Egypt, married (2) 1328 to Mankaliburga as-Silahdar, married (3) to Amir Susan, married (4) to Umar en-Nasir. Princess Konchaka Khan, (d. 1318), married 1317 to Iurii Danlilovich, Prince of Moscow. Princess N. Khan, married to Fedor Rostislavich, Grand Duke of Smolensk. Prince Burasinku Khan. Prince Toda-Mongka Khan, (d. 1287), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1282-1287), married to Princess Ariqach of the Qunqirat, married (2) to Princess Tora Qutlug of the Alchi Tatar, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Or Mongka Khan. (Second marriage) Prince Chechaktu Khan. (illegitimate) Prince Tobatai Khan. Prince Udaju Khan. Prince Andewan Khan. Prince Toqiqqonga Khan. Prince Abugan Khan, married with issue. Prince Singgum Khan. Prince Barka, (d. 1266), Khan of the Golden Horde, (r. 1256-1266), married with issue. Prince Hosam ud-Din Khan, (d. 1262 in Egypt). Prince Salah ud-Din Khan. Princess N. Khan, married 1263 to Kay Khusraw III, Sultan of Rum. Prince Berkajar Khan, married with issue. Prince Burkah Khan, married with issue. Prince Shaiban Khan, married with issue. (descendants are Khans of Turan, Khorezme, Samarkand and Siberia). Prince Tangqut Khan, married with issue. Prince Boqal Khan, married with issue. Prince Nogai Khan, (killed in battle on the Bug 1299), married (1) to Chubai N, married (2) to Yatlaq N, married (3) to Princess Euphrosyne Paleologo, (illegit d/o Michael VIII), with issue. (First marriage) Prince Chaka Khan, (murdered 1300), Tsar of the Bulgarians in 1299, married 1285 to Princess N Terter of the Bulgarians, (d/o George), with issue. Prince Qara Kijak Khan. Princess N. Khan, married to Prince Ala ud-din Ali Bey of Sogut. Prince Tuga Khan, married with issue. Prince Aqtaji Khan. (Second marriage) Prince Buri Khan, (killed 1298). Princess Qiyan Khan, married to Prince Yaglaq Khan, (s/o Saljiudai Guragan). Princess Toqulta Khan, married to Prince Taz Khan, (s/o Munjak). Prince Mingqadur Khan, married with issue. Prince Chilauqun Khan. Prince Chingqor Khan, married with issue. Prince Chimtai Khan, married with issue. Prince Muhammad Khan. Prince Udur Khan, married with issue. Prince Toqa-Timur Khan, converted to Islam, married to Princess Alija of Sogut, with issue. Prince Hylas-ed-Dim Khan, (1370-1398), married to Asija N, with issue. Khan Hadji Guirey I, (1420-), 1st Khan of the Crimea 1449-1456, 1456-1466), married with issue. Khan Haydar Guirey, 2nd Khan of the Crimea 1456-1475. Khan Nurdaulat Guirey, 3rd Khan of the Crimea 1466-1467, 1474-1475, 1476-1478, Khan of Kasimov 1486-1500, married with issue. Prince Berdaulat of Kasimov, (d. 1480). Prince Satilgan of Kasimov, Khan of Kasimov 1500-1506, (d. 1507). Prince Janay of Kasimov, Khan of Kasimov 1506-1512. Khan Mengli Guirey I, 4th Khan of the Crimea 1467-1467, 1478-1514, married with issue. Prince Muhammed I of Crimea, 5th Khan of Crimea 1514-1523, married with issue. Prince Ghazi I of Crimea, 6th Khan of Crimea 1523-1524. Prince Islam I of Crimea, 8th Khan of Crimea 1532. Prince Baba of Crimea. Prince Alp of Crimea. Prince Bahadur of Crimea. Prince Uzbeg of Crimea. Princess Hadjia Giray, married to Prince Lusignano de Armenia.. Prince Bektash of Crimea. Prince Mahmud of Crimea, (fled 1493). Prince Burnash of Crimea, (fled 1502). Prince Mubarak of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Devlet of Crimea I, 10th Khan of Crimea 1551-1577, married with issue. Prince Muhammad II of Crimea, 11th Khan of Crimea 1577-1584, married with issue. Prince Janiberg of Crimea, (1555-1635), 18th Khan of Crimea 1610-1623, 1624, 1627-1635. Prince Safa of Crimea, (d. 1584). Prince Ghazi of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Inayat of Crimea, 19th Khan of Crimea 1635-1637. Prince Hassan of Crimea. Prince Saadat of Crimea. Prince Devlet of Crimea. Prince Salamat I of Crimea, 16th Khan of Crimea 1608-1610, married with issue. Prince Mubarak of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Murad of Crimea, 25th Khan of Crimea 1678-1683, (d. 1695). Prince Shahin of Crimea. Prince Kirim of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Hadji II of Crimea, 26th Khan of Crimea 1683-1684. Prince Saadat of Crimea. Prince Azamat of Crimea. Prince Safa of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Safa of Crimea, 28th Khan of Crimea 1691-1692. Prince Bahadur of Crimea, 20th Khan of Crimea 1637-1641, married to Princess Lusignana de Armenia, (d. 1600), with issue. Prince Selim I of Crimea, 24th Khan of Crimea 1671-1678, 1684-1691, 1692-1699, 1702-1704,. married with issue. Prince Qaplan Giray of Crimea, 31st Khan of Crimea 1707-1708, 1713-1716, 1730-1736, married with issue. Prince Selim II Giray, 37th Khan of Crimea 1743-1748, married with issue. Prince Qaplan I Giray, 44th Khan of Crimea 1770-), (d. 1771). Prince Azamat Giray of Crimea. Prince Salamat II Giray of Crimea, 27th Khan of Crimea 1691. Prince Shahbaz Giray of Crimea, married with issue. Prince N Giray of Crimea. Prince Saadat III Giray of Crimea, 33rd Khan of Crimea 1716-1724, (d. 1732). Prince Ghazi III Giray of Crimea, 30th Khan of Crimea 1704-1707. Prince Devlet II Giray of Crimea, 29th Khan of Crimea 1699-1702, 1708-1713, (d. 1724), married with issue. Prince Ahmed Giray, married with issue. Prince Shahin Giray. Prince Batiur Giray. Prince Devlet III Giray, 43rd Khan of Crimea 1769-1770, 1775-1777, (d. 1780), married with issue. Prince Selim Giray, married with issue. Prince Devlet Giray. Prince Adil Giray. Prince Khan Giray. Prince Selim Giray, married with issue. Prince Azamat Giray, (1828-)., married with issue. Prince Kadir Giray, (1891-1975), married to Vaguide Sheretlokov, with issue. Prince Chingiz Giray, (1921-. Prince Azamat Kadir Giray, (1924-, married (1) 1957 to Princess Sylvia Sergeievna Obolensky-Neledinskaya, married (2) 1971 to Fredericka Anne Sigrist, with issue. Prince Selima Giray, (1960-, married to Derek Goddard. Prince Kadir Giray, (1961-, married 1990 to Sarah Wentworth Stanley, with issue. Prince Genhis Karim Giray, (1992-. Princess Taja Safia Giray, (1994-. Prince Adil Sagat Temujin Giray, (1964-, married 2001 to Sarah Peto. Prince Caspian Azamat Giray, (1972-, married 2000 to Sharon Maria Murphy, with issue. Prince Kadir Azamat Giray, (2001-. Prince Bahadur II Giray, 47th Khan of Crimea 1782-1783, 1783-1790, (d. 1790). Prince Arslan Giray, 38th Khan of Crimea 1748-1755, married with issue. Prince Ghazi Giray. Prince Kirim Giray, 40th Khan of Crimea 1758-1764, 1768-1769, (d. 1770), married with issue. Prince Muhammad Giray. Prince Bakht Giray. Prince Basht Giray. Prince Mahmud Giray, married with issue. Prince Hadji Giray. Prince Arsland Giray. Prince Faith II Giray, 35th Khan of Crimea 1736-1737, (d. 1747), married with issue. Prince Selim III Giray, 41st Khan of Crimea 1764-1767, 1770-1771, 1777-1778, (d. 1786), married with issue. Prince Sahib II Giray, 45th Khan of Crimea 1772-1775, (d. 1807). Prince Katty Giray, maried to Anna Nelson, with issue. Princess N. Giray, married to Freiherr von Gersdorff. Prince Adil Giray. Prince Mengli II Giray of Crimea, 34th Khan of Crimea 1724-1730, 1737-1739, (d. 1741). Prince Salamat of Crimea., married with issue. Prince Shahin of Crimea, 46th Khan of Crimea 1782-1783, 1783-1790, (d. 1792). Prince Islam III of Crimea, 22nd Khan of Crimea 1644-1654. Prince Muhammad IV of Crimea, 21st Khan of Crimea 1641-1644, 1654-1666, married with issue. Prince Ahmed of Crimea. Prince Mubarak of Crimea. Prince Murad of Crimea. Prince Saadat of Crimea, (d. 1591). Prince Saadat of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Muhammad III of Crimea, 17th Khan of Crimea 1610, 1623-1624, 1624-1627. Prince Faith I of Crimea, 14th Khan of Crimea 1596, married with issue. Prince Ahmed Choban of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Adil of Crimea, 23rd Khan of Crimea 1666-1671, married with issue. Prince Karadevlet of Crimea, 32nd Khan of Crimea 1716, (d. 1717). Prince Safa of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Safa of Crimea, (1624-1692). Prince Mubarak of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Janibeg of Crimea. Prince Adil of Crimea. Prince Alp of Crimea. Prince Bakht of Crimea. Prince Dervish of Crimea. Prince Islam II of Crimea, 12th Khan of Crimea 1584-1588, married with issue. Prince Muhammad of Crimea. Prince Ghazi II of Crimea, 13th Khan of Crimea 1588-1596, 1596-1608, married with issue. Prince Toktamish of Crimea, 15th Khan of Crimea 1608. Prince Inayat of Crimea. Prince Sefer of Crimea. Princess N of Crimea, married to Prince Seyush Yusupov, (see above). Princess Babinya Giray, married to Prince Christoforo de Armenia. Prince Saadat I of Crimea, 7th Khan of Crimea 1524-1532, (d. 1539), married with issue. Prince Ahmed of Crimea. Prince Ahmed of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Hemmet of Crimea. Prince Sahib of Crimea, 9th Khan of Crimea 1532-1551, Khan of Kazan 1521-1524, (d. 1552), married with issue. Prince Amin of Crimea. Prince Faith of Crimea, married with issue. Prince Safa of Crimea, Khan of Kazan 1524-1531, 1533-1546, 1546-1549, married to Soyenbika of Nogai, (see above), with issue. Prince Otemish of Kazan, Khan of Kazan 1549-1551. Prince Bulak of Kazan. Prince Mubarak of Kazan. Princess Aisha of Crimea, married to Muhammad Khan II, Grand Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Princess N of Crimea, married to Prince Sultana Muhammad Khan of the Ottoman Empire. Princess N of Crimea, married to Pr Il Yusupov, (see above). Prince Ustimar of Crimea. Prince Qutluk of Crimea. Prince Devletyar of Crimea. Prince Yagmurchi of Crimea. Prince Kildish of Crimea. Prince Devlet Khan. Princess Bkhatakhavor Khan, married 1247 to Sempad, Lord of Barba’ron, with issue. Paguran of Barba’ron, (d. 1201), Lord of Barba’ron, married to Princess Takuhi Saven Pahlavouni of Persia. Vacahk of Barba’ron, (d. 1198), married with issue. Kostandin, (1180-1263), Lord of Barba’ron and Partzerpert, married (1) to N, married (2) 1205 to Alix de Lampron, married (3) 1330 to Baitr N, with issue. (First marriage) Stephenie of Barba’ron, married 1220 to Kostandin, Lord of Lampron, with issue. Hethum of Lampron, (1220-1250), married to Eschiva de Poitiers of Antioch, with issue. Keran of Lampron, (d. 1285), married to Leo II, King of Armenia, with issue. Hethum II, King of Armenia, (r. 1289-1307)dunm 1307. Thoros III, King of Armenia, (r. 1293-1298), married (1) to Princess Margaret de Lusignan of Cyprus, with issue. Leo III, King of Armenia, (r. 1305-1307), married to Princess Agnese Marie de Lusignan of Cyprusdsp. (illegitimate) N. of Armenia, married to Prince Ertugrul of Sogut, Chief Bey Kayi in Amuca Kabilesi. Sempad, King of Armenia, (r. 1297-1299). Princess Isabella of Armenia, (1276-1323), married to Prince Amalric of Cyprus, Prince of Tyre. Constantine, King of Armenia, (r. 1299-). Princess Rita of Armenia, (1278-1333), married 1294 to Michael IX Paleologo, Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. Princess Theophanu of Armenia, (1279-1296), engaged to Theodore Doukas of Thessaly. Prince Nerses of Armenia, (1279-1301), Priest. Oshin, King of Armenia, (r. 1308-1320), married (1) to Princess Isabella of Korikos, (see below), married (2) to Princess Isabella de Lusignan of Cyprus, married (2) to Princess Joan of Naples-Taranto, with issue. (First marriage) Leo IV, King of Armenia, (1320-1341), married (1) to Alice of Korikos, (see below), married (2) to Princess Constance of Sicily, with issue. (First marriage) Prince Hethum of Armenia, (d. 1331), dunm. (Third marriage) Prince George of Armenia, (1317-1323), d.inf. Princess Alinakh of Armenia, (1283-1310), dunm. Alice of Lampron, married to Balian d’Ibelin. Rita of Lampron, married 1261 to Kostandin of Barba’ron, Lord of Saravantika, (see on this page). Alice of Lampron, married to Oshin, Lord of Korokos, (see below). (Second marriage) Smbat, (d. 1275), Lord of Barba’ron, married (1) to Theopano N, married (2) to Bkhatakhavor Kathun,. (d/o Batu Khan), with issue. (First marriage) Hethum of Barba’ron, (d. 1269). Kostandin of Barba’ron, (d. 1267). Lewon, (d. 1296), Lord of Barba’ron, married to Princess N. of Sogut, with issue. Smbat, (d. 1320), Lord of Barba’ron. Marie of Barba’ron, (d. 1352), married to Baudouin, Lord of Neghir. Oshin of Barba’ron, (d. 1307). (Second marriage) Vasil of Barba’ron, (1251-1269). N of Barba’ron, married to Vahran, Lord of Harmonss and Thil. Hethum of Barba’ron. (1215-1270), King of Armenia 1226-1270), married to Zabel, Queen of Armenia, with issue. Prince Baudoin of Armenia, (d. 1336), married to Marie of Barba’ron, (see below), with issue. Princess Alex of Armenia. Kostandin III, King of Armenia 1344-1362, married 1340 to Marie of Korikos, (see below), with issue. Prince Oshin of Armenia, (1345-1356), dunm. Prince Lewon of Armenia, (1338-1357), dunm. Prince Smat of Armenia, (d. 1325), dunm. Princess Eupheme of Armenia, (1325-1381), married (1) 1340 to Bohemond de Lusignan, Lord of Korikos, married (2) 1374 to Soherius of Sarto, Count of Korikos. Prince Vacahk of Armenia, (d. 1328), Lord of Gantschi. Prince Hethum of Armenia, (d. 1356), Lord of Neghir, married with issue. Prince Geoffrey of Armenia Neghir, (1323-1357). Kostandin IV, King of Armenia 1365-1373, married 1369 to Marie of Oghruy, (see below). Oshim of Barba’ron, (d. 1265), Lord of Korikos, married to Alix of Lampron, with issue. Grigor of Korikos, (d. 1280), Lord of Korikos. Hethum of Korikos, (d. 1294), Lord of Korikos, married 1285 to Isabella d’Ibelin, with issue. Zabel of Korikos, (d. 1310), married Oshin, King of Armenia. Oshin, (d. 1329), Lord of Korikos, married (1) to N, married (2) 1311 to Marguerita d’Ibelin, married (3) 1320 to Princess Jeanne of Tarento, with issue. (First marriage) Alix of Korikos, (d. 1329), married 1321 to Lewon IV, King of Armenia, (see abovei). Hethum of Korikos, (d. 1325). (Second marriage) Marie of Korikos, married 1340 to Kostandin, Lord of Neghir. N of Korikos, married with issue. Ashot of Korikos, (d. 1387), Pretender to the throne of Armenia. Marie of Korikos, (d. 1377), married (1) 1369 to Kostandin IV, King of Armenia, (see above), married (2) 1374 to Matthieu Chiappes. Kostandin of Korikos, (d. 1329). Lewon of Korikos, (d. 1325). Baudouin of Korikos, (d. 1330). Guy of Korikos, (d. 1320). Oshin of Korikos, (1294-1295), Lord of Gobidar and Gantschi. Basil of Barba’ron., (d. 1275). Lewon of Barba’ron, (d. 1259). Kalamaria of Barba’ron, married 1237 to Jean Ibelin. Stephanie of Barba’ron, married 1237 to Henry I, King of Cyprus. Hripsimeh of Barba’ron, (d. 1241). (Third marriage) Yovhanes of Barba’ron, (d. 1289). Vacahk of Barba’ron, Lord of Gantschi, married with issue. Hetheum of Gantschi. Kostandin of Gantschi, (1260-1300). Licos of Barba’ron, (d. 1266), married to Agatha N, with issue. Lewon of Barba’ron. N. of Barba’ron, married to Simon Mansel, Constable of Antioch. Kostandin of Barba’ron, Lord of Neghir and Pertzerpert. Smabt of Barba’ron, Lord of Saravantikar, (d. 1199), married to Princess N. of Sogut, with issue. Djoffret, (d. 1261),. Lord of Saravantikar, married (1) to Alix N, married (2) to Kyr Anna of Lampron, with issue. Kostandin, (d. 1274), Lord of Saravantikar, married 1261 to Princess Rita of Lampron, with issue. Oshin, Lord of Saravantikar. Princess Hulufira Niufer Khanim of Saravantikar, married 1299 to Sultan Orkan Khan of the Ottoman Empire. Smbat, (d. 1298), Lord of Saravantikar, married to Isabella d’Ibelin, with issue. Isabella of Saravantikar. Marie of Saravantikar. Oshin,. Lord of Saravantikar, married with issue. Zabel of Saravantikar, married 1290 to Thoros d’Ibelin. Halgam of Barba’ron, Archibishop of Tarse. Rita of Barba’ron, (d. 1210), married 1143 to Stepane, Lord of the Mountains. Prince Chagatai Khan, (1185-1242), Ruler of Uighur and Khitai Territories, (r. 1226-1242), with issue. Prince Baidar Khan, (c. 1247), married with issue. Prince Yesu Mongke Khan, Khan of the Chagatai Khanate (1246-1252). Prince Yesunto’a Khan, Founder of the Chagatai Khanate,  married with issue. Prince Ghiyas-ud-din-Baraq Khan, Khan of the Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1266-1271), married with issue. Prince Duwa Khan, Khan of the Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1282-1307), , married to Yeliyiheimishi Beki of Qocho, with issue. Prince Esen Buqa I Khan, Khan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1310-1318), married with issue. Prince Tughlugh Timur Khan, Khan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1360-1363), Khan of Moghulistan (r. 1347-1360), with issue. Prince Ilyas Khoja Khan,  Khan of Moghulistan, (r. 1363-1368). Prince Khizr Khoja Khan,  Khan of Moghulistan, (r. 1390-1399), married with issue. Prince Shams-i-Jahan Khan,  Khan of Moghulistan, (r. 1399-1408), married with issue. Prince Muhammad Khan,  Khan of Moghulistan, (r. 1408-1415), married with issue. Princess Tukal Khanum. Princess Malikat Agha, married (1) to Prince Umar Shaikha Mirza I, married (2) to Sultan Shah Ruhk of the Timurid Empire. Princess Miz Ga La Khatun married to Sher Ali Oglan, with issue. Prince Uwais Khan, Khan of Moghulistan (r. 1418-1421), married to Daulat Sultan Sakanj, with issue. Prince Yunis Khan, Mogul Khan of Mogulistan, (r. 1462-1487), married (1) to Aisan Daulat Khanum, married (2) to Shah Begum, with issue. (First marriage) Princess Mihr Nigar Khaum, (1457-), married to Sultan Ahmed Mirza, King of Samarkand and Bukhara Princess Qutlugh Nigar Khanum, (1459-), married to Umar Shaikj Mirza II, Ruler of Ferghana (r. 1469-1494),  founder of the Mughal Empire, with issue. Prince Bagur of Kabul, (1483-1530), 1st Mughal Emperor (r. 1526-1530), married with issue (Mughal Empire). Princess Khanzada Begum, (1478-1545), married (1) to Shaybani Khan, Khan of Uzbeks, married (2) to Sayyid Hada, married (3) to Mahdi Khwaja, with issue. Princess Bagura Khan of Uzbeks, married to Jusuf, (killed 1556), Khan of the Nogai Horde, (see on this page). Princess Khub Nigar Khanum, (1463-), married to Muhammad Hussain Mirza Kurkan. (Second marriage) Sultan Mahmud Khan, (1462-, King of Western Moghulistan, (r. 1487-1508), married with issue. Sultan Ahmad Khan, King of Eastern Moghulistan, (1487-1503), married with issue. Sultan Nigar Khanum, married to Sultan Mahmud Mirza, King of Samarkand. Daulat Sultan Khanum, married to Timur Sultan Uzbeg. Prince Esen Buqa II Khan,  Khan of Moghulistan (r. 1429-1462), married with issue. Prince Kebek Khan, Khan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1309-1310. 1318-1325). Prince Konchek Khan, Khan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1307-1308). Prince Yasvur Khan. Prince Elijigidey Khan, Khan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1326-1329). Prince Duwa Temur Khan, Khan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1329-1330). Prince Tarmashirin KhanKhan of Chagatai Khanate, (r. 1331-1334). Prince Alghu Khan, (d. 1265), Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, (1260-1265). Prince Ogodai, (1186-1241), Great Khan 1229-1241, married to Torgane Khatun of the Markit, with issue. Prince Guyuk, (1206-1248), Great Khan 1246-1248, married to Oghul Qaimish Khatun, with issue. Prince Khwaja Oghul, married with issue. Prince Naghu, married with issue. Prince Chabat Khan. Prince Hoqu Khan, married with issue. Princess N. Khan, married to Tanggiz Guragan, with issue. Qutlugh Khatun, married to Arghun il-Khan of the Ongutt Tribe. Prince Kotan, (d. 1251), Khan of Kansu, married with issue. Prince Kochu, (killed 1236), married to Princess Qataqash of the Qunqirat tribe, with issue. Prince Shiremun, (executed 1252), married with issue. Prince Bulauchi Khan, married with issue. Prince Sose Khan. Princess Am-Tou Hatun, married to Prince Sartaq Khan, (s/o Batu Khan). Prince Qarachar Khan, married with issue. Prince Toqto Khan, married with issue. Prince Uzbek Khan. Prince Saram-Dorji Khan. Prince Qashin Khan, (d. 1235), married to Sanga Khatun, with issue. Prince Kaidan Khan, (d. 1301), Khan of Transoxiana 1265-1301, married to Princess N. of Sogut, with issue. Prince Danishmenje Khan, married with issue. Prince Suyur Gatmish Khan, (d. 1388), Khan of Chagatai, married with issue. Prince Mahmud Sultan, Khan of Chagatai. Prince Qadaan Khan, married with issue. Prince Malik Khan, married with issue. (Princes of Yang-Chai). Prince Tolui, (1190-1232), married various times with various issue. Prince Mongka Khan, (1209-1259), Great Khan 1250-1259, married various women, with issue. Prince Baltu Khan. Prince Bayalun Khan, married to Marik Guragan Hatun. Prince Urungstash Khan, married with issue. Princess Shirin Hatun, married to Chochimatai, Khan of the Olqunuut. Princess Bichqa Hatun, married to Chochimatai, Khan of the Olqunuut. Prince Shiragi Khan, Prince of Ho-Ping 1265, married with issue. (Princes of Ping and Princes of Ki-yang). Prince Asutai Khan, married to Taika Hatun, with issue. (Princes of Wei-an). Prince Qubilai Khan, (1215-1294), Great Khan 1259-1294, married various women, with issue. Prince Dorji Khan, dsp. Prince Jingim Khan, (1243-1285), married to Kokachin Khatun Egechi of Kunkurat tribe, with issue. (Chinese Emperors of the Yan Dynasty, Princes of Chin, Liang, and Siang-ning). Prince Mangqala Khan, (d. 1278), Prince of An-hsi 1272, Prince of Chin 1273, married to Putri Noyan, with issue. (Princes of Chin and An-hsi). Prince Nomoghan Khan, (1292-1301), Prince of Pei-Ping, with issue. Prince Hurachi Khan, Prince of Yun-an,. with issue. (Princes of Yun-an). Prince Oqruqchi Khan, Prince of Hsi-ping 1269, Khan of Tibet, married with issue. Prince Ayachi Khan, married with issue. Prince Kokochu Khan, Prince of Ning, married with issue. Prince Qutkuq Timur Khan, married with issue. Prince Toghan Khan, Prince of Ning, married with issue. Prince Tamachi Khan. Princess Quduluq Kalmish, married to Sim, Prince of Korea. Princess Oljei Hatun, married to Olochin, Khan of the Onggirat. Princess Unegjin Hatun, married to Olochin, Prince of Chi-ning, married (2) tio Timur, Prince of Chi-ning. Princess Miao-yen Hatun, Nun. Prince Hulagu Khan, (1217-1265), Il-Khan (r. 1258-1265), married various times with various issues. Prince Jumghur Khan, (1234-1265), married to Tolun Khatun Timur, with issue. Prince Jushkab Khan, (executed 1289), married to his Stepmother, Tolun Khatun Timur. Prince Kingshu Khan, married to El-Qutlugh Hatun, with issue. Prince Shiramun Khan. Prince Toghachaq Khan, (executed 1291). Princess Orghutaq Hatun, married to Shadai Guragan Khan. Princess Buluqan Agha Khan, married to Joma Guragan. . Prince Abaqa Khan, (1234-1282), Governor of Khorasan and Mazandaran, il-Khan, (r. 1265-1282), married amongst many wives, one was Princess Maria Paleologos (illegit d/o Michael VII), with various issues. Prince Arghun Khan, (1261-1291), il-Khan 1284-1291, married various women, with issue. Prince Ghazan Khan, (1272-1305), il-Khan 1295-1305, married various women, with issue. Princess Oljai Qutlugh Hatun, married to Prince Bistam Khan, (See below). Prince Oljaitu Khan, (1282-1316), il-Khan 1295-1316, married various women, with issue. Prince Bistam Khan, married to Princess Oljai Qutlugh Hatun, (see above), dsp. Prince Abu Said Khan, (1305-1335), il-Khan 1316-1335, Ala-al-Din 1317 -1335, married various women, dsp. Princess Dulandi Hatun, (d. 1314), married to Chupan, Khan of the Suldus tribe. Princess Sati Beg Hatun, (d. 1345), Ala-al-Din 1338-1345, married (1) 1319 to Chupan, Khan of Suldus tribe, married (2) 1336 to Arpa Kaun il-Khan, married (3) to Sulayman il-Khan. Princess Oljatai Khan, (d. 1302), married (1) 1289 to Vakhtang II, King of Kaketi and Karti, married (2) 1292 to David VIII, King of Kaketi and Karti, with issue. (Second marriage) Giorgio IV, King of Kakheti and Kartli 1308-1313dunm. Prince Ghaikkatku Khan, (1271-1295), Joint Governor of Rum, il-Khan 1291-1295, married various women, with issue. Prince Alafrang Khan, (executed 1304), married to Nani Hatun, with issue. Prince Jahan Timur Khan, (d. 1340), il-Khan 1339-1340. Princess N. Hatun, married to Eljidai Quschichi. Prince Fujin Beki. Prince Chachay Igan, married with issue. Prince Alaqai Beki.
2.3.2. Jochi-Qaisar, married with issue.
2.3.3. Qaciun, married with issue.
2.3.4. Temuge Otichin, (d. 1241), married with issue.
2.3.5. Temulun, married to Butu of the Ikeres, with issue.
2.3.6. Begter, (killed by Temujin).
2.3.7. Belgutei, married with issue.
2.3.8. N. Khan, married to Konheck, Khan of the Cumans (r. -1225), with issue. Koten, Khan of the Cumans, (r. 1225-1241), married to Princess Eudokia Doukaina Laskarina, with issue. Prince Daniele of the Cumans. Prince George of the Cumans. Princess Elizabeth of the Cumans, (1244-1290), married to Stephen V, King of Hungary. Princess N. of the Cumans, married to Narjot III de Toucy. Princess Maria of the Cumans, married to Mstislav Mstislavich, Prince of Kievan Rus. Princess N. of the Cumans, married to Gregory Monoszlo, dsp.
2.4. Daritai Otchigin, married with issue.
3. Qutugu-Monggur, married with issue.
3.1. Buri.
4. Qutula Khan, (killed in battle), married with issue.
5. Qualan, married with issue.
6. Qadaan.
7. Todoen Otchigin.