Turkish Sultanates and Emirates

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* Sultans of Aleppo, Mardin and Meafarekin (Ortokids).

Arseb a Turkoman of Doger Tribe of the Oghuz Tribes, married with issue.
1. Zaheer-ul-Daulah Artuk Bey, Governor of Jerusalem 1085-1091, (d. 1091), married to Princess N. Diogenes, with issue.
1.1. il-Ghazi, (d. 1122), Sultan of Aleppo, (r. 1117-1122), married to Princess N. Burid of Tughtekin of Damascus, with issue.
1.1.1. Prince Aiaz of Aleppo, (c. 1112).
1.1.3. Princess Guhar Khatun, married to Dubais.
1.1.4. Prince al-Bazm of Aleppo.
1.1.5. Hossam ed-Din-Timurtash, Sultan of Aleppo, (1122-1153), married with issue. Prince Nejm ed-Din Alba of Aleppo, Emir of Mardin, married with issue. Kotb ed-Din il-Ghazi, (d. 1185), Emir of Mardin, married with issue. Hossam ed-Din Yuluk Arslan, (d. 1185), Emir of Mardin. Prince Ortok Arslan of Aleppo, (d. 1237), Emir of Mardin, married with issue. El-Malek es-Said Nejm ed-Din Ghazi, (c. 1237), Emir of Mardin. Princess N. of Mardin, married to El-Malek el-Mesoud, Emir of Meafarekin, (see below). Prince Jemal ed-Din of Aleppo. Prince Shams ed-Din of Aleppo. Prince Shehab of Aleppo, married with issue. Prince Shehab ed-Din of Aleppo, (d. 1181), married with issue. Prince N of Aleppo, (c. 1181). Princess N of Aleppo, married to Prince Kotb ed-Din Maudd Zengid, Prince of Mosul, with issue. Eimad ed-din Zenghi, (d. 1197) Prince of Mosul 1170-1197, married to Princess N ed-din Nur Zenghi, with issue. Kotb ed-din Mohammed, (d. 1219), Prince of Mosul 1197-1219, married with issue. Eimad ed-din Shahanshah, (d. 1220), Prince of Mosul 1219-1220. Prince Mahmud of Mosul, (d. 1220). Princess N. bin Kotb ed-din Mohammed Zengid of Mosel, married to El-Malek es-Saleh Naser ed din Mahmud, Emir of Meafarekin, (see below).
1.1.6. Prince Suleiman of Aleppo, (d. 1222).
1.1.7. Princess Yumna Khatun, married to Sa’d ad-Daula il-aldi of Amid.
1.1.8. (illegitimate with a Concubine) Umar bin il-Ghazi.
1.1.9. (illegitimate with a slave) Nasr bin il-Ghazi.
1.1.10. (illegitimate with a slave) Kirzil bin il-Ghazil.
1.2. Prince Sokman, (d. 1103), Emir of Meafarekin, married with issue.
1.2.1. Prince Daud of Aleppo, Emir of Meafarekin, married with issue. Prince Nur ed-Din Mohammed of Aleppo, (d. 1185), Emir of Meafarekin, married (1) to Princess N of Rum, married (2) to Princess N (d/o Daoud), married (3) to N de Toulouse, (d/o illegt of Alphonse Jourdain, Comte de Toulouse), with issue. (First marriage) Sokman ibn-Mohammed, (d. 1201), Emir of Meafarekin. (Third marriage) El-Malek es-Saleh Naser ed-Din Mahmud, (d. 1221), Emir of Meafarekin, married to Princess N. bin Kotb ed-din Mohammed Zengid of Mosel, (see above), with issue. El-Malek el-Mesoud, (d. 1231), Emir of Meafarekin, married to Princess N of Mardin, (see above), with issue. Princess N. of Meafarekin, married to Prince El-Malek el-Adel Abu Bakr of Egypt, (1216-1248), Sultan of Egypt. Princess Zuna of Meafarekin, married to Manuele Komnenos Maurozomes.
1.3. Prince Bahram of Aleppo, married with issue.
1.3.1. Balek, (killed 1125), Sultan of Aleppo, (r 1122-1125), married to Princess N of Aleppo, (d.o Fakhr al-Mulk Radwan), with issue. Princess N. of Aleppo, married to Prince Jemal ed-din Mohammad of Damascus, (see below).
1.4. Prince Abd el-Jebhar of Aleppo, married with issue.
1.4.1. Prince Suleiman of Aleppo, (d. 1123).
1.5. Princess N of Aleppo, married to Buri Taj el-Moluk, Emir of Damascus, (d. 1132), with issue.
1.5.1. Prince Jemal ed-din Mohammad of Damascus, (d. 1140), married to Princess N. of Aleppo, (see above) with issue. Prince Mojir ed-din Abak of Damascus, (d. 1154), Emir of Damascus.