The Family of Magro.

Reference: Charles A. Gauci. “An Illustrated Collection of the Coats of Arms of Maltese Families – Stemmi Maltesi” Publishers Enterprises Group (PEG) Ltd, Malta 1989.

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Note: Not all descendants are listed.

1. Francesco Magro, married 1600 Mqabba to Agata Filippone, with issue.

1.1. Andrea Magro, married 1637 Cospicua to Diana, former wife of Gregorio Calleja, with issue.

1.1.1. Domenico Magro, married 1663 Valletta to Maddalena Ralli, with issue. Salvatore Magro, married 1700 Safi to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Felice Magro, married 1733 Valletta to Clara Portelli, with issue. Francesco Magri, married 1764 Tarxiem to Anna Mifsud, with issue. Felice Magri, married 1796 Valletta to Rosa Attard, with issue. Salvatore Magri, married 1840 Valletta to Nobile Marianna Debono von Schiffer, with issue. Tancredi Magri, married 1879 Floriana to Carmela Bartolo, with issue. Alessandro Magri, married 1914 Alexandria, Egypt to Carmela Cremona, with issue. Mary Evelyn Magri, married 1939 Valletta to Conte Giovanni Chapelle Paleologo. Costantino Magri, married 1882 Birkirkara toi Maddalena Pace. Caterina Magri, married (1) 1875 Birkirkara to Andrea Grech, married (2) 1894 Birkirkara to Giuseppe Borg. Carmela Magri, married 1879 Birkirkara to Carmelo Borg. Elena Magri, married 1888 Birkirkara to Pietro Micallef. Maria Carmela Magri, married 1889 Birkirkara to Giovanni Micallef. Vincenza Magri, married 1908 Birkirkara to Spiridion Calleja. Giuseppe Magri, married 1828 Valletta to Fortunata Spiteri. Rosa Magri, married 1815 Xewkija, Gozo to Lorenzo Pisano. Vittorio Magro, married 1749 Valletta to Anna Maria di Giovanni, Alunna di Fra Claude de Rouvroy de Saint-Simon, 1694-1712, with issue. Giorgio Magro, married 1773 Valletta to Elizabetta Magri (See below), with issue. Gio Antonio Magro, married 1797 Qormi to Maria Borg, with issue. Giorgio Magro, married 1819 Valletta to Maria Barbara. Caterina Magro, married 1839 Valletta to Francesco Mallia. Maria Magro, married 1803 Valletta to Pietro Paregin. Rosa Magro, married 1815 Valletta to Raffaele Bambi of Augusta, Sicily. Felice Magro, married 1775 Valletta to Teresa Attard, with issue. Rosa Magro, married 1797 Valletta to Giovanni Xicluna. Gio Antonio Magri, married 1733 Valletta to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Elizabetta Magri, married 1773 Valletta to Giorgio Magro (See above). Imperia Magro, married 1713 Ghaxaq to Francesco Agius. Maddalena Magro, married 1719 Valletta to Aloisio Agius. Orsola Magro, married 1725 Valletta to Giacomo Canzuch. Teresa Magro, married 1735 Valletta to Giuseppe de Montanaro.