This page serves as a sub-index to matters related to the Nobility in Malta. 

Last Update: 03-12-2022.

Maltese Nobility – General information.

* Reassessing the reliability of older published works on the nobility of Malta.

* From the Original Volumes of the Archives of the Order: The definitive list of Titles of Nobility in Malta in Volume 627.

* An Introduction to the Maltese Nobility, with tables and illustrations.

* Old and Notable Families described by G.F. Abela in 1647 (The original Maltese Nobility).

* Maltese Noble Families living and Extinct as at 1725

* Description of the system of precedence amongst the Maltese Nobility, as established in the 18th Century

* 18th century Maltese Titles of “Most Illustrious” and “Noble” (the basis of the 19th Century sobriquet “The Most Noble”)(Malta’s historic untitled Nobility).

* The quiet usurpation of the titles “Illustrissimo” and “Nobile”, later “The Most Noble”.

* Value of private Transactions and Nominations in Maltese titles of Nobility, including case studies.

* The Battle for Representation between the “Assembly of the Maltese Nobility” and the “Committee of Privileges of the Maltese Nobility” .

* Other 19th Century Nobiliary Bodies in Malta.

* A different view of the classes of old Maltese society.

* The REAL and GENUINE nobility of Malta and Gozo confirmed by that faithful and authentic History of the Maltese Islands.

* Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to inquire into the Claims of the Maltese Nobility – pages 1- 14 pdf.

* Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to inquire into the Claims of the Maltese Nobility – pages 15- 32 pdf.

* Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to inquire into the Claims of the Maltese Nobility – pages 33- 41 pdf.

* Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to inquire into the Claims of the Maltese Nobility – pages 42- 60 pdf.

* Copies or Extracts of Correspondence with reference to the Maltese Nobility (pages 1 to 47 pdf).

* Assemblea dei Nobili – Regolamenti Generali per la formazione di un Comitato permanente dei Nobili, approvati nell Riunione Generale del 22 April 1876.

* Casino dei Nobili, regolamenti, Malta 1886.

* Regolamenti della Unione delle Nobili Maltesi, Malta 1889.

* A short sketch of the Maltese nobility, Malta 1876.

* Grievances and Claims of the Maltese nobility, 1877.

* Claims of the Maltese, 1835.

* The Appeals of the nobility and people of malta, 1811.

* Notice sur L’Occupation de Malta en 1798.

* Indirizzo al Maltesi da Parte del Loro Amico, 1835.

Maltese Nobility – Assessment of private interpretations


* “The Nobles of Malta, and The Maltese Gentry holding Foreign Titles as at present existing by Geo. G.C.’A. Crispo Barbaro Marquis of St. George” Malta:- A.D. MDCCCLXX .

* Appraisal of various publications regarding the Maltese Nobility which were published 1980-1992.

* Notes on various aspects of certain foreign titles in Malta as published 1981-1992

* Byzantine Maltese nobility?!

* Reflections on “The Scicluna Saga 1772-2008.

* Notes on published successions of titles of Nobility in Malta

* The Maltese Nobility: “Reference of pre-1800 titles with a Maltese connection AND presented for consideration by 19th century reports, i.e. not including other titles which are pre- and post-1800 which were not presented or considered by 19th century reports”.

* Five Barbaro Families.

* Three Testaferrata Cassia families.

* Three Testaferrata de Noto Families.

* Three Cassar de Sayn/Cassar Desain families.

* Three Sant Cassia families

* A Slovenian connection to Malta

* The Trials of the Bologna dynasty of Malta

* Three Inguanez families.

Maltese Nobility – Official documents

* Correspondence relating to the Grievances and Claims of the Maltese Nobility (House of Commons 1877) (follows an earlier correspondence dated 1876) .

* Maltese Nobility 1878 Correspondence Commissioners report, and Committee Reports of 1883 and 1886.

* Value of the Maltese usage of dei Marchesi, dei Conti and dei Baroni.

* Value of the titles of Marchesino, Contino and Baroncino.

* The Grand Master of Malta acknowledgement of the Conte Vassallo Paleologo‘s heritage and concessions


Maltese Nobility – Courts’ application of rules.

* Translation from Maltese to English of the 2 Court Judgments (2004 and 2009) relating to a Maltese of Nobility confirming general duty not to recognize any title of nobility

* Privy Council Judgment on Primogenitura–Descent–Construction of Deed–Per lineam masculinam– Exclusion of legitimated Children–Title through legitimated Person–Jus tertii.

* Privy Council Judgment on Primogenitura–Name clause–Construction–Modus–Contravention– Excusable error–Holder not guilty of culpa gravis–Undertaking as to future compliance–No forfeiture.

Maltese Nobility – General principles

The importance of independent legal and factual bases for titles of Nobility in Malta.

* Different rules for Different titles.

* There are supposedly 32 titles which form the “Maltese Nobility”.

Maltese Nobility – General Principles on Foreign titles.

* Debunking a Maltese myth on succession of foreign titles.

* Notes on succession of Maltese titles of Nobility since 1798.

* Notes to exclude applying foreign rules to the succession of a Maltese title of Nobility.

* Reassessing the Maltese value of the foreign title of Patrician

* A reassessment of the Maltese Nobility classifications under the government of the Order (1530-1798)

* Biographies of the Maltese Lords-Lieutenants (1815-1839).


Maltese Nobility – Application of General Principles

* Historical Context of Titles Disposable by Nomination.

* Verifying the authenticity of claims.

* PDF – Volume 548 of the Archives of the Order.

Maltese Nobility – Particular Maltese Fiefs

* Identifying the criteria adopted by the Royal Commissioners appointed to enquire into the claims of the Maltese Nobility, for rendering simple fiefs into noble fiefs.

* An act of recognition dated 1878.

* Effects of 1969 legislation on certain fiefs identified by the 1878 Royal Commissioners as “noble fiefs”

* Reassessing the traditions of Mount Sceberras. 

Maltese Nobility – Particular Maltese Titles

* The Italian wives of the Baron Testaferrata.

* The Tabria court cases (2004-2009).

Maltese Nobility – Particular Foreign Titles

* Notes on the foreign titles of Prince of Selimbria, Prince of Mystra, and the foreign titles of Duke of Mondello and Count of Santa Sofia as well as notes on “Burke’s Peerage”.

* Titles of Noble Patrician of Messina (Testaferrata).

* Maltese “Hereditary Knights of the Holy Roman Empire”

* Marchese George-Gustavo-Carl’ Antonio Crispo-Barbaro’s Opinion on the Remainder of the title of “Conte Sant”, as published in Malta in 1870.

International Criticisms of Maltese Nobility


* W. Cope Devereux’s unhappy description of the Maltese Nobility in 1884.

* Two Extracts from the Book: “A Ride in Egypt” (By W. J. Loftie, London and New York: 1886.).

* The Maltese Nobility as reported to the British Parliament, including many erstwhile unpublished facts

* International Perception of the Maltese Nobility (1907)

* Malta and Gibraltar illustrated 1915 edition on the Maltese nobility.

* Long long court case of the 20th century (in Maltese).

* Legal Case of Gera de Petri Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq vs- Malta