Value of the Maltese usage of MarchesinoContino and Baroncino

      The following notice appeared in the “Malta Government Gazette”, of 27th August 1881 (2918):   With reference to the Government Notice No. 5 of the 7th January 1879, His Excellency the Governor is pleased hereby to direct, in accordance with instructions from Her Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for the Colonies that the designation of “Marchesino”, “Contino”, or “Baroncino” used by the eldest sons and presumptive heirs of “Marchesi”, “Conti” or “Baroni” be also admitted in documents emanating from the Government; but in allowing that designation to be continued, the Government merely declines to interfere with existing practice, and does not recognize any legal right to the use of it.  

By Command

Palace, Valletta,                   F.P. Hoare August 27, 1881                   Acting Chief Secretary to Government”