Earldom of Dundee, Viscount Eythorn in the Kingdom of Scotland, 1705, known as the Jacobite Peerage.
Online: 13-11-2021.
Granted to Conte Giovanni Battista Gualtieri.
By: James III, de Jure King of England and Scotland.
On: 12 November 1705 Rome, Italy.
With Remainder tofor himself and his successors (the extent of this remainder is uncertain; however it is probable that under Scottish Peerage Law it meant heirs-general, i.e. mixed male and female succession).
List of Title holders
1. Conte Giovanni Battista Gualtieri, 2nd Marchese di Orvieto, Duca della Camie, 1st Earl of Dundee, 1st Viscount Eythorn, (d. 1740) succeeded by his eldest son.
2. Conte Cardinal Ludovico Gualtieri, 3rd Marchese di Orvieto, 2nd Duca della Camie, 2nd Earl of Dundee, 2nd Viscount Eythorn, (1706-1761 Rome, Italy), succeeded by his "legal" son.
3. Conte Rev. Giovani Battista Gualtieri, 4th Marchese di Orvieto, 3rd Duca della Camie, 3rd Earl of Dundee, 2nd Viscount Eythorn, (1740-1762 Rome, Italy), succeeded by his sister.
4. Contessa Carolina Gualtieri, (1741 Rome - 1812 Mosta, Malta), 4th Countessa of Dundee, 4th Viscountess Eythornsucceeded by her eldest son.
5. Capt Augusto Bonici Gualtieri dei Baroni di Qlejjgha, (1759 - 1826 Messina, Sicily), 5th Earl of Dundee, 5th Viscount Eythorn, succeeded by his eldest son.
6. Nobile Gio Battista Bonici Gualtieri, (1806-1878), 6th Earl of Dundee, 6th Viscount Eythorn, succeeded by his only son.
7. Nobile Augusto Bonici Gualtieri, (1834-1882), 7th Earl of Dundee, 7th Viscount Eythornsucceeded by his nephew.
8. Nobile John Somerville-Bonici, (1871-1943 Egypt), 8th Earl of Dundee, 8th Viscount Eythornsucceeded by his eldest son.
9. Nobile John Somerville, (1904 Egypt - 1974 Melbourne, Australia), 9th Earl of Dundee, 9th Viscount Eythornsucceeded by his eldest son.
10. Nobile John IV Somerville, (1925 Port Said, Egypt - 2009 Mornington, Victoria, Australia), 10th Earl of Dundee, 10th Viscount Eythornsucceeded by his eldest son.
11. Nobile John V Somerville, (1959 -, 11th Present Earl of Dundee, 11th Viscount Eythorn.
Heir: (Brother) - Hon Andrew SomervilleViscount Eythorn, (1962-.
Heir general (SonHon Russell Somerville, (1990-
Line of Succession:
3. Marchese John VI Somerville Fontani, (2017-.
4. Marchese Alexander Somerville Fontani, (2019-.
5. Marchesa Olivia Sommerville Fontani, (2021-.
5. Marchesa Ursula Fontani, Countess Palatine Fontani, (1990 -.
6. Marchese Ben Fontani, Hereditary Count Palatine Fontani, (2015-.
7. Marchese Charles Fontani, (2017-.
8. Giovanni La Rosa, (1955-.
9. Andrew La Rosa, (1990-.
10. Nathan La Rosa, (2013-.
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